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Jumruswitthaya School Anuban Weekly Outline Teacher: Zhel

This week we are learning:

Class: EP 3/2 Star

Week: 5

Town /Country /Locations

Circle Time Review

This week we will Review the animals and their young and the different animals found in the farm.

This week we will learn the at , an, am, ap word family.

Dates: 06/06/2016-10/06/2016

Activity Time

Vocabulary: town, country, bus, building, hospital,school,market,bank,church,fire station,zoo,playground Sentence structure: Where do you live? Where is the market? Where do you study? Songs: Wheels on the bus Activities: Story Telling “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” Games: Pantomime games, Places picture guessing. Assessment: Worksheet will be given to assess the student’s comprehension about the topic. New (letters/sounds/vocabulary)

Locations : Town/ Country Students will learn to distinguished different Places and Locations Locations of things – are they in the town or the country?

This week we will be introducing new vocabularies Country and towns. Hospital, schools hospital, school, market, bank, church, fire station, zoo, playground

Homework/ Craft Work This week the students will draw a map of the school.

Parent Follow Up / Useful Websites / Homework: This week we will learn the different places that is found in our community this link will be helpful for your child to understand our topic. T. Zhel

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