Statutory Compliance

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S.No Name of the Licence 1 Labour Licence 2 FSSAI 3 Running Licence (From Corporation) 4 Sanitary Licence 5 Fire Licence 6 Weighing Machine Licence

S.No Name of the Taxes Professional Tax 1

2 Sales Tax

3 Property Tax 4 Central Exise Tax

1 Employee State Insurance 2 Employee Provident Fund 3 Labour Welfare Fund

1 Maintenance Department Electricity Bill Freezer Maintenance

Air Conditioner Cleaning Furniture and Fixture Genset Oil Service Washbasin Taps General Maintenance AMC Followup Telephone Instruments 2 EDP Department Computer Printers Swiping Machine Server Maintenance Software Complaints

3 HR Department Staff Welfare ( Uniform, Shoes) Leave Policy Medical Facility Canteen Facility General Administration

4 Production Department All functions related to Production Department Transport 5 Purchase Department All functions related to Purchase Department 6 Sales Unit Manager Responsibilities The separate JD is given to Managers

LICENCES, TAXES, STATUTORY COMPLIAN LICENCE Purpose of Licence To Recruit and staffing the employees Food Safety and Food Standard To run the organization with machineries and equipments (This licence Contains Genset Maintenance, Air Condition, Machineries and How much EB Consumption unit we obtained from Electricity Department) For Maintaining Drainage Facilities For Safety Purpose (Maintaining Fire Extinguishers, Exit, Fire Safety Measures etc) For maintaining and keeping Weighing Machine on govt approved weight measures taken

TAXES(in Cer Purpose of Licence To run the BusinessProfessional Tax is tax imposed on the salaried people working govt.or nongovt offices. professionalTax deducted from the salary is payable to the State Govt where the employees office / company situated sales is a tax one pays when one buys an item[be it food from restaurant or furniture etc.] just like any other tax sales tax is used in the development of country, towards defense, road building & maintenance etc. so it is important that one pays bill & take a receipt
Property tax is a levy issued by a government on a person's real or personal property. Theproperty is assessed to give it a value, and then that value is taxed. The amount of tax owed is determined by multiplying the fair market value of the property by the current tax rate.

STATUTORY COM The payment is paid through online for Monthly Contributions, Return of Contributions, Annual Returns on The payment is paid through online for Monthly Contributions, Return of Contributions, Annual Returns on


To provide better life and Health to the Worker

oduction Department

rchase Department

o Managers

TORY COMPLIANCES RELATED TO PUPPY'S BAKERY LICENCES Year & Date of Renewal Every Year with in December Month Every Year with in March Month Every year within February Month There is no renewal once we obtained from Govt Every year Within May Month Every year within December Month

TAXES(in Certificate) Year & Date of Renewal

Yearly twice at Februay and August There in no renewal, whenever Government amend the new rate in Sales tax, according to Govt Rules, we have to modify our Sales Tax percentage

STATUTORY COMPLIANCE , Annual Returns on Every Month , Annual Returns on Every Month Every year within December



To whom contact (Govt) Assistant Inspector of Labour Designated Officer Health or Sanitary Inspector City Health Officer Fire Station Officer Assistant Inspector of Labour - Weighing

To whom to contact (Official) Mr.Jason Sugumar Mr.Jason Sugumar Mr.Jason Sugumar Mr.Jason Sugumar Mr.Vijayabaskar Mr.Jason Sugumar

To whom contact (Govt)

To whom to contact (Official)

Health Inspector

Mr.Jason Sugumar


Property Owner

Assistant inspector of Labour - Welfare

Mrs. Ruby Mrs. Ruby Mr.Jason

Mr.Ravindran - GME through the respective Electrical Supervisor

Mr.K.Anvardeen - IT Executive

Mr.C.Anandaraja - GHRM through HR Executives

Mr.M.Sivakumar - Executive Chef

Mr.Patchiyappan - Materials Executive

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