Steve Hotze Smitherman Endorement

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U.S. Rep Dist. 36 John Amdur John Manlove l        i         c      Kim Morrell a      Doug Centilli  n  s Jim Engstrand   Pat Kasprzak   o  f   Brian Babin   T    e Phil Fitzgerald     x      a      s Dave Norman Chuck Meyer ✔  Ben Streusand



Justice Supreme Court Place 7 ✔  Jeff Boyd Justice Supreme Court Place 8 ✔  Phil Johnson Sharon McCally


State Rep Dist. 134 Sarah Davis ✔  Bonnie Parker ✔ 

Court of Criminal Appeals Place 3 ✔  Bert Richardson

State Rep Dist. 133 Jim Murphy

State Rep Dist. 135 Gary Elkins


Dist. Judge 183rd Vanessa Velasquez


Dist. Judge 280th Lynn Bradshaw Hull


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #3 Natalie C. Fle Fleming ming


Dist. Judge 184th Jan Krocker


Dist. Judge 281st Sylvia Matthews


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #4 John Clinton

Dist. Judge 185th ✔  Susan Brown

Dist. Judge 295th ✔  Caroline E. Baker

Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #5 ✔  Margaret Stewart Harris

State Rep Dist. 137 ✔  Morad H. F Fiki iki


Dist. Judge 189th Bill Burke


Family Dist. Judge 308th James Lombardino


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #6 Larry Standley

State Rep Dist. 138 ✔  Dwayne Bohac


Dist. Judge 190th Patricia J. Kerrigan


Family Judge 309th Sheri Y Y.Dist. . Dean


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #7 Pam Derbyshire

State Rep Dist. 144 ✔  Gilbert Pena


Dist. Judge 208th Denise Collins


Family Dist. Judge 310th Lisa A A.. Mil Millard lard


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #8 Jay Karahan

State Rep Dist. 148 Court of Criminal Appeals ✔  Chris Carmona Place 9 ✔  W.C. ”Bud” Kirkendall State Rep Dist. 149 David Newell ✔  Al Hoang Nghi T. Ho State Board of Education Dist. 4 State Rep Dist. 150


Dist. Judge 209th Mike McSpadden


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #9 Analia Wilkerson


Dist. Judge 228th Marc Carter


Dist. Judge 230th Brad Hart


Dist. 232nd MaryJudge L Lou ou Keel

County School Trustee At Large Place 5 ✔  R.W. Bray Mike Wolfe County School Trustee At Large Place 7 Dianne Williams ✔  Don Sumners County Commissioner Pct. 2 ✔

Primary Election

RobinCornyn Riley John ✔ 

March 4, 2014 Early Voting by Personal Appearance Feb. 18 to 28


Governor Greg Abbott Miriam Martinez SECEDE Kilgore Lisa Fritsch Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Todd Staples Jerry Patterson David Dewhurst

Barbara Walther Court of Criminal Appeals Place 4 Richard Dean Davis Yeary eary ✔  Kevin Patrick Y Jani Jo Wood

  Dorothy Olmos State Senator Dist. 7 James Wilson ✔  Paul Bettencourt ✔ 



State Senator Dist. 15 Ron Hale State Senator Dist. 17 Joan Huffman Derek Anthony


Tony Noun Debbie Riddle


U.S. Rep Dist. 2 Ted Poe U.S. Rep Dist. 7 John Culberson

U.S. Rep Dist. 8 ✔  Kevin Brady Craig McMichael ✔ 

Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #10 Tonya Rolland McLaughlin ✔  Dan Jeffrey Sp Spjut jut Ken Wenzel Family Dist. Judge 312th ✔  Mary Heafner ✔  David Farr ✔ 

Chief Justice 14th Court of Dist. Judge 234th Appeals ✔  Wesley Ward ✔  Kem Thompson Frost Dist. Judge 245th ✔  Roy L. Moore Justice 1st Court of Appeals Place 3 Dan Linebaugh Dist. Judge 246th ✔  Charley Prine Chad Bridges ✔  Russell Lloyd Angelina D. A. Gooden Justice 1st Court of Appeals Place 5

State Rep Dist. 126 Patricia Harless ✔


Justice of the Peace Pct. 2, Place 2 ✔  Leonila Olivares-Salazar Justice of the Peace Pct. 4, Place 2 Lena Engelage Laryssa Korduba Nasir H. Malik

Attorney General Dan Branch Ken Paxton ✔= Recommendation for ✔  Barry Smitherman the best qualified conservative candidate. Comptroller Glenn Hegar Debra Medina U.S. Senator ✔  Harvey Hilderbran ✔  John Cornyn Raul Torres Reid Reasor Curt Cleaver Land Commissioner Linda Vega David Watts Steve Stockman ✔  George P P.. Bush Ken Cope Chris Mapp Dwayne Stovall

Family Dist. Judge 311th Donna Detamore ✔  Denise Pratt Alicia Franklin Philip Placzek Anthony Magdaleno

  Jack Morman County Commissioner Pct. 4 ✔  R. Jack C Cagle agle

Agriculture Eric Opiela Commissioner J. Allen Carnes Tommy Merritt Joe Cotten ✔  Sid Miller

State Rep Dist. 127 ✔  Dan Huberty

Railroad Commissioner Malachi Boyuls Wayne Christian ✔  Ryan Sitton Becky Berger

State Rep Dist. 129 Mary Huls Brent Perry ✔  Dennis Paul Sheryl Berg Briscoe Cain Chuck Maricle Jeff Larson

U.S. Rep Dist. 10 Michael McCaul

Chief Justice Supreme Court

State Rep Dist. 128 ✔  Wayne Smith

  Laura C Carter arter Hi Higley gley Justice 14th Court of Appeals Place 4 ✔  Marc Brown Justice 14th Court of Appeals Place 7 ✔  Ken Wise Dist. Judge 55th ✔  Jeff Shadwick ✔ 

Dist. Judge 247th Melanie Flowers

Dist. Judge 113th Michael Landrum



Cty. Crim. Diane BullCt. at Law #11

Dean Combs Louis Guthrie

Justice of the Peace Pct. 5, Place 2 ✔  Jeff Williams Erik Michael Hassan Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #13 Family Dist. Judge 315th ✔  Don Smyth ✔  Michael ”Mike” Schneider Justice of the Peace Pct. 8, Place 2 Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #14 Dist. Judge 334th, ✔  Mike Fields ✔  Louie Ditta Unexpired Term Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #15 ✔  Grant Dorfman Harris County Republican ✔  Jean S Spradling pradling Hughes Party Chairman District Attorney ✔  Jared Woodfill Family Dist. Judge 314th ✔  John F. Phillips


Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #12 Robin Brown


Cty. Probate Loyd Wright Court No. 1


Cty. Probate Court No. 2 Mike Wood


Cty. Probate Court No. 3 Rory Rob Robert ert Olsen


Cty. Probate Court No. 4 Christine Riddle B Butts utts

  John Schmude M L Walker ✔ 

Family Dist. Judge 313th Glenn Devlin

Dist. Judge 248th Katherine Cabaniss Dist. Judge 257th Judy Warne

  Devon Anderson County Judge ✔  Ed Emmett Cty. Civil Ct. at Law #1 ✔  Debra Ibarra Ma Mayfield yfield

Dist. Judge 262nd ✔  Denise Bradley


Dist. Judge 263rd ✔  Jim Wallace Robert Summerlin


Cty. Civil Ct. at Law #2 Theresa Chang Cty. Civil Ct. at Law #3 Linda Storey Cty. Civil Ct. at Law #4

Dist. Clerk Chris Daniel ✔  Court Koenning

Paul Simpson Wendy McPherson Berry


✔ ✔ 

U.S. Rep Dist. 18 Sean Seibert U.S. Rep Dist. 22


Nathan Talton Hecht Robert ✔ 

Justice Supreme Court Place 6

State Rep Dist. 130 Allen Fletcher State Rep Dist. 132


Dist. Judge 157th Randy Wilson Dist. Judge 180th


Dist. Judge 269th Dan Hinde John Wittenmyer

  Roberta Lloyd Cty. Crim. Ct. at Law #1 ✔  Paula Goodhart


County Clerk Stan Stanart County Treasurer

Conservative Republicans of Texas One Greenway Plaza Ste 225 Houston, TX 77046

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