Steven Mihalcik for Amherst Council

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The one area of most concern to all citizens of the City of Amherst like most communities is taxes and if they are being handled efficiently. The ongoing lack of support with subsidizes from State and Federal sources continue to fall way short. The City of Amherst budget is holding its own staying in the black with continued and conscientious work from the Administration and Council. Ongoing diligence needs to continue for we are still in tough economic times in my opinion and to raise any type of tax or fee to aid the city coffers is inappropriate without very very sound arguments’. The second area of concern in the City of Amherst is to go through our Codified Ordinances, particularly those concerning land usage and zoning. Amherst was established in 1811 and since then there are many outdated statutes that have passed time of usefulness that need addressed. With permanent staff in place now at the Building Department, their recommendation’s to Council concerning such items as Inner Urban Care of Non-Typical Animals to Home Business all need careful reconsiderations’. A third item of concern to many is the City of Amherst’s identity. “The Sandstone Center of the World” this term was coined in 1910 by businessman O.H.Baker and has stuck ever since. Various types of signage have been in place by City Hall proclaiming this moniker for many decades but had been removed for renovation of City Hall grounds a few years back, currently in place on the grounds a State of Ohio marker and Sandstone Monument. A civic-minded group “Save Our Sign” has been pursuing the return of a sign to the same location as communicability historical. This Identity needs location somewhere within the City of Amherst, compromise all. A fourth item I would like to address as I’ve been canvassing the city is tenants criticizing their landlords as to not allowing political yard signage. Also a Homeowners Association having the same in their deed restrictions. This is nothing but putting a muzzle on Free Speech not allowing individualism.

I should be re-elected because I bring straightforward talk and straightforward facts to the table, being knowledgeable and experienced with merely good sense and down to earth thinking in hard decision making. Keeping the city fiscally accountable and services maintained are responsibilities not just goals. I will continue in making the City of Amherst a great place to live for all our good people, good schools and good businesses with continued good and better government.

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