Stock Bands Strength and Resistance

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Understanding Swing Structure
When it comes to trading, at the very top of your list should be swing structure. Swing trading and
swing structure are the cornerstone “Ebb and Flow” of all markets, in all time frames. yes its true price
can rocket in one direction or another at times but for the most part the things you look for !"#E$
"E%E"S!&S and '()$*)+!$*()S are defined and preceded by and *ll ,ust say it swing structure
will pinpoint these areas on a chart and allow you to develop a strategy for identifying low risk, high
odds trade entry.
$o really understand and begin to apply the principles of identifying low risk entries through swing
structure one must look at and study a typical -or not so typical. market reversal. /y studying the
swings that make up a reversal you are able to see where the trend began to slow, where it confirmed its
act of reversing and ultimately where it reversed. #eep in mind this “reversing” doesn0t constitute a
trade entry by any means its simply being observant of a reversal at hand.
* said your understanding of this doesn0t constitute a trade entry. $here is still much more involved in
identifying a low risk high odds entry. See my article for more information about that. $his is the
beginning of a solid highly profitable trading strategy, its the core of all market movement. +nderstand
and apply swing structure to your trading and you will make less mistakes and better trades. !pply my
principles of low risk high odds and you are off to the races so to speak.
Swing lows in this image are denoted by S&, and swing highs by S1. )otice where * have marked the
double bottom with the word '&+E. $hat second S& failed to make it lower as did all the other S&0s 2
you see that3 $his is the first clue that the downtrend might be over.
4ood confirmation of this was when the ne5t swing high -S1. e5ceed the prior.
$his isn6t e5actly how price prints a reversal all the time, in fact its rare that its this pretty and this easy,
but in order for you to understand the components of a reversal simplicity is necessary.
$o really harness the true power of /ollinger
bands you need to combine...
7. Swing structure
8. Support and "esistance
9. $rend lines
-and a few other cool things *6ll hold back on
for now..
What * want to do in this email is show you a picture
perfect /ollinger band set:up that combine everything.
-See attached..
;lus pretty soon *6m revealing a little secret * haven6t even mentioned
yet : a secret that will allow you to reduce your risk so
dramatically you will giggle yourself to sleep at night because
you can6t wait to trade tomorrow.
;rint this .pdf out read my notes : this is the beginning of
what *6m talking about when * say using /ollinger bands ;(WE"F+&&<=
Bollinger Bands Part 3 Copyright 2011 /
On the following page I’e circled the actual !ollinger band set"up. #he bottom line is we
are hitting a downward moing !ollinger band directly. $ou see when price is right up
against a band and it’s not %ust &at but 'O()(*R' +in the case of an upper band, it
almost puts a -.*R*)#// on the isible trend line resistance and hori0ontal resistance.
(e can almost be assured of a moe down. Bollinger Bands Part 3
Copyright 2011 / Bollinger
Bands Part 3 Copyright 2011 /
#he predicted moe down1
*n order to proceed and have this really stick,
you need to understand a few things about
/ollinger bands.
#eep in mind /ollinger bands measures
%olatility. %olatility literally means..
(%EE)$ or "!)4E
*f price is moving a little bit, /ollinger bands
will tighten up and get narrow.
*f price is moving a lot, and more accurately
in a larger range, /ollinger bands will e5pand.
(ne of the things we key in on, is in:between these times.
When /ollinger bands is >uiet and narrow, it will almost
always be followed by e5pansion and more movement : which
e>uals potential profits.
&ikewise after a strong period of e5pansion and
a lot of movement a >uiet time usually follows.
("E ;"E?*'$!/&E $1!) ;"*'E *$SE&F=
$his back and forth of high and low volatility
is more predictable then price action itself
and this is where the power of /ollinger bands
(nce you understand how to interpret this
/ollinger band action you can combine it with
the other elements *6ve introduced you to and
build [email protected] trades.
$rades that go on to make huge profits.
Where this really gets !WES(E is when you learn how to combine
these in 9? using more than 7 time frame.
$his particular image is a 7 hr. chart a prefect longer term
outlook on a Fore5 pair.
*f it were +S stocks we would use a ?!*&< chart.
*n this email * want to begin to talk about
how to use /ollinger bands effectively.
1ow to use the bands to find trades : more specifically signals.
! signal is an AalertA to a potential trade,
a AtriggerA is when we actually enter a trade.
So here we go...
/ollinger bands tells us the following...
7 : When price is in an e5treme condition.
8 : When price is trending.
9 : When price is consolidating.
9 : When price is speeding up.
B : When price is slowing down.
$his is what /ollinger bands can tell us but
that doesn6t constitute a trigger or signal
,ust yet, here6s where we get signals.
/ollinger band signals
7 : E5treme6s
8 : ean -middle.
9 : E5pansion
$hat6s it, and that6s one of the reasons /ollinger bands is
so powerful, there are really ,ust 9 singals to look for.
?on6t get me wrong there6s more to do, but all we are looking
for are /ollinger band e5treme6s, /ollinger bands at the mean,
-middle. and were looking for e5pansion=
$hese 9 signals make up the core of a powerful /ollinger band
system that works on any financial instrument. Stocks, Fore5,
Futures or whatever : even foreign markets.
8 time frames
*n my ne5t email * want to show you how to do this with more
than 7 time frame : this is the ultimate tool when it comes
to getting your accuracy through the roof : to the point
that your profits outweigh your risk so dramatically that
its funny.
$his stuff is going to allow you to go to a level in your
trading you never even considered before.
&et me ask you a >uick >uestion33 1ow would you feel if you
were able to make 8C trades this week and have 88 or 89 of them
* know it sounds impossible now, but ,ust wait and see. For
now print out the attachment and take a look at it : this is
what we get from /ollinger bands as well as our signals.
?on6t forget ne5t email * still haven6t disclosed my surprise :
the one that finds trades with /ollinger bands that always win,
and * do mean always : !)? *6m going to show you how to use
it step by step.
!lso ne5t email will begin our 9 dimensional approach and
*6ll show you how two time frames can add to /ollinger band power=
DDD/ollinger band set:ups and my guarded secret : ;*%($S=
/ut first * need to answer a >uestion...
(ver the last few days * have been getting
a lot of >uestions about e5plicit details on
this /ollinger band system.
So for those of you who want a 1!)? 1E&? coach
if you will to cover this stuff in the smallest
detail * have created an online ?%? called :
/ollinger /and $imer System 8E77
*ts literally my ?%? in an online version that you can watch and download
in a real cool members area that * update regularly.
*ts a nice cheap way for me to give you tons of valuable content
delivered instantly=
1ere6s the link :
httpFGGclicks.aweber.comGyGctG3lH!cb4wImH&[email protected]'sJong18$v+r;sKL
!gain this information isn6t available anywhere.
*n this email * want to show you a special
video that puts the pieces together in such
a way that the potential for profit is
literally A! ?()E ?E!&A
-$his is ,ust the start of A?()E ?E!&A style trades..
$his video shows 9 time frames, strong /ollinger band resistance
and a ?!*&< ;*%($=
httpFGGclicks.aweber.comGyGctG3lH!cb4wImH&fJaecWdhs9rE?IbHME4owbN,f$!'O([email protected]'w
;lus * have attached an image from
yesterdays part AEA where we got an EN$"EE
reading from /ollinger bands. $ake a look
at the move that followed. -$his is ,ust the start of that move=.
(ver the ne5t few emails *6m going to focus
on putting the pieces together. <ou don6t
need them all, but if you can combine these
tools and let the trades come to you you can
nail 7E in a row in a consistent basis==
7E, 7E, 7E, 7E, : imagine that=
?on6t forget to watch the video and look at the e5treme long
trigger image attached.
%ideo and .pdf included here...
1ere are your /ollinger band triggers...
1i %ic,
$his email is loaded, the video that goes with it is so important to
your trading ;&E!SE take the time for both. -$his will help your trading..
/efore * tell you about the $"*44E"S let me e5plain something...
&ast week * had someone ask me the following about my /ollinger
band system...
LuestionF *f your /ollinger band system is so good why would
you sell it for ,ust PMM dollars3
!nswerF ;art 7 of my answer is this. ost of the information
*6m giving away in these emails. $he details, set:up and hand
holding is where the PMM comes in. : ;art 8 is, if * handed
you my system * would charge you PC,EEE because * would have
to develop a new one=
1ere6s the truth : What *6m showing you in these emails,
what6s on my ?%? is the low risk, high odds trading opportunities
/ollinger bands presents.
*t6s up to you to take that information and turn it into an
E)$"< and a profitable EN*$. -/ut don6t worry * show you how..
(ut of every 7EE of you there will be !)< variations. Especially
when we combine this information with our own systems and
e5perience that we have now.
<ou follow me3
For the sake of this making perfect sense let me ,ust say that
all systems that make a killing eventually fail=
<ES they do= !ny market adapts, stuff that worked 9 years ago
and 7E years ago doesn6t work today.
1ell Qesse &ivermore and the greats of his time used a !'? and
thats all they needed to time their entries : they made F("$+)ES
with a !'?==
1ows that !'? working today3 *t6s hit or miss=
Qesse &ivermore eventually killed himself in the mens room of a
)ew <ork restaurant over his mounting losses : proof that systems fail.
<our perfect system today will slowly depreciate in value F:.
$he good news is this is E%E" E%(&%*)4 so it goes full circle, and
what sucked yesterday at 'hristmas may be perfect in the springtime
and vice:versa.
* almost got rich on 7 set up that * called "E$+") $( $"E)? :
*t was a /ollinger band set:up that pulled back to a Fibonacci
level : *t consisted of 8 lower swing highs to a certain retracement
level and a highly overe5tended condition.
* made P8E,EEE a month with options and this set:up. Eventually
it >uit working.
* later figured out it was the market condition itself that allowed
that particular set:up to prosper, and that one day those conditions
would come around : in the mean time * tucked that set:up away for a bit.
*n this email *6m going to show you the triggers : the reasons we
enter, but keep in mind they are actually only signals until we confirm
a few things, so really although * consider them triggers : they aren6t
that ,ust yet.
/ollinger /and $riggers
/efore we start * want you to think of the bands and the mean as opposite
polarity magnets.
1ave you ever tried to push opposite polarity magnets together3
"emember how they push away from each other3
!s price approaches a band, and the mean, think of that way, and imagine
price being pushed away from both=
)ow lets say price approaches the upper band and ?(ES)6$ get pushed back
what has to happen then is the band will ;+&& +; because something has got
to give : price or the band. *f price approaches the band and the band
holds strong you can bet money that price will revert to the mean.
&ike wise if price approaches the mean -middle. and doesn6t pull away
then there is strength in that direction : if only for now.
D*F ()&< F(" )(W
)ow stay with me...
/(+)'*)4 () E!) H $"E)?
/(+)'*)4 () $1E 7EE! H S$"()4E" $"E)?
;E)E$"!$*)4 $1E E!) H S&(W (" S$(; *) $"E)?
;E)E$"!$*)4 $1E 7EE! H S*4) (F WE!#)ESS
DD *F $1E E!) (" 7EE! ?(ES)6$ 1(&? *) E*$1E"
?*"E'$*() WE 4E$ '()S(&*?!$*() : (" ! '1!))E&=
D *F ()&< F(" )(W==
)ow as for specific triggers we have...
7. /ollinger band e5treme triggers.
8. /ollinger band mean triggers.
9. /ollinger band e5pansion triggers.
B. /ollinger band 7EE! triggers.
-* added the 7EE! because its a great trend strength tool..
$his is getting long so check out this video on my magnet
theory and bouncing vs. penetrating and in our ne5t email
we will get into trigger detail=
/ye for now=
1ere6s the video...
/ollinger bands : When to pull the trigger and put your
cash on the line =
$his email is responsible for more breakthroughs for traders then any
in this series -accept maybe a few that are coming shortly=.
/efore * forget here6s the link to my A/ollinger band coachingA
?%? online version : you get instant access :::
)ow lets talk about entry. ore specifically lets cover
the 7 to 9 entry candles, price action, and then the /ollinger
band set:up itself.
When you enter a trade it happens with 7 candlestick right3 * mean
you could be watching 7EE candlesticks form, but when you finally enter,
you do so during the printing or closing of one candlestick. aybe
even the opening of the ne5t3 -/ut in the end its 7 single candlestick.
$hink about that= 1ow important is that candlestick, and shouldn6t
some thought go into, and some strategy be behind this single
!)SWE" : <ES : <ou better well have some strategy behind the candle
that gets you into the trade that puts your money on the line=
So the candlestick itself has it6s own uni>ue set:up=
We also have...
7. "!W price action set:ups.
8. $he /ollinger band set:ups.
So when we finally get into the trade we have :
Entry 'andle, ;rice !ction and /ollinger bands 'ombined=
-)ot to mention swing structure and support and resistance..
$o facilitate our &(W "*S#, 1*41 (??S entry=
$his is good stuff, this is the real deal, this is the difference between
success and failure as a trader.
*magine we were initiating a long trade : lets skip /ollinger
bands for now and lets look at price action and support only.
$ell me which one provides the best entry with regard to risk and
high odds that the trade will ;+S1 up and away from your entry.
!, /, ' or ? 3 -see attached image.
)ow *6ll give you a hint, and *6ll also say that * haven6t given you
E%E"< possible option when it comes to the entry candlestick, but this
represents a good basket of possibilities.
$he hint isF $here is of course more than 7 good possibility here,
and each one has its own particular entry set:up.
$his email is going to ingrain *) <(+ that not only do we re>uire
/ollinger bands to set:up, but we re>uire ;"*'E to set:up as well.
/ollinger bands can be perfect, but if we don6t know, and if we don6t have
clear rules on price action and our entry candlestick we could be chasing
1*41 "*S# trade, after 1*41 "*S# trade, and that6s a short term strategy,
trust me on this one.
;S : 4o ahead and shoot me an empty email with !,/,' or ? in the sub,ect
line. Qust pick one, pick the one you think is best.
* won6t answer you, but * will read your answer.
DDD *n tomorrows email we6ll dive into this even further, we6ll get into
how to respond to a killer price set:up and what to look for from /ollinger
bands to keep the risk at a minimum and the likeliness of a move at !N=
;SS : )otice in the image ! has two pictures, that6s because * wanted
you to see that at some point although ! closes above support it looked
like that on the right hand side at some time during that candlestick.
)ow for some /ollinger /and secrets...
/ut first * gotta say, it was [email protected] to see everyone6s responses,
and ,ust about every one was different : * will say most of you picked A/A
*n order to e5plain this to you a little * made a video.
#eep in mind that although there was 7 wrong answer for low
risk reasons most trade e5amples had potential in some form.
;rovided you understand the nature and characteristics that
taking one set:up or the other entails.
So lets talk about that and your first set of /ollinger band secret===
8 time frames and over e5tended conditions H 7CEE no risk pips in
7 months time : 7 pair, 9 trades, 7CEE pips : -&ots o time for golfing
and hunting=.
%ideo &ink :
)ow in your ne5t video *6m going to prepare a .pdf for you
with a ton of e5amples of /ollinger band set:ups and all of
this stuff combined together to allow you to find and stomp
on unlimited trading opportunities with very very limited risk :
Sound good3
;S : !lthough we are nearing the end of my Afast trackA to low
risk high odds /ollinger band set:ups * want you to know *6m not
done yet. $he best is yet to come really, * ,ust had to lay some
ground work so that you really AgetA this : this is e5tremely
powerful stuff if you understand the details.
!lso you need to get the ?%? %ic, * have no doubt in my mind
that when you learn all the stuff * have on /ollinger bands you will
be able to crank out as much moola from your trades as you desire.
?%? &ink -online version. :
!ll you gotta do is make a plan and stick to it=
?o you want to know how to plan for huge success333
&emme know k3

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