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Substitute Information

Ms. Lynch GFHS Room A-118

Substitute Information Table of Contents My Schedule Attendance Procedures Hall Passes Discipline Procedures Course Syllabi
(include classroom rules, policies, and course SOLs)

Class Rolls Seating Charts Office Referrals Emergency Lesson Plans

Attendance Procedures At the beginning of every class period, take attendance. Please mark attendance on the rolls in this binder so that that I will have an accurate record. Also write down the names of absent students on the attendance slip and place outside the door in the window by 9am. Hall Passes Students may leave class only in emergency situations. When students leave class to visit the RESTROOM, they should take a completed hall pass. Students have already been given their hall passes for the six weeks, so please do not issue a RESTROOM pass to anyone. Have the student fill out the information, then sign the pass before sending the student. Students who leave to go elsewhere, even if called out by security or the office, must have a hall pass. Use the ones attached to the seating chart. Discipline Procedures All referrals should be written with specific details, according to administration. Referrals are located in a sheet protector at the back of this binder. Additional forms are available from the office, security desk, or from another teacher. If a serious problem arises, do not hesitate to inform security or another faculty or staff member. I would greatly appreciate your documenting all situations with students, even if they do not result in disciplinary action. Any disrespect, especially, should be noted.

Below are a list of students in each bell that you can trust to help you :

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