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what is substitution



A substitution is employee working time that deviates from planned working time and/or is paid at a different rate because the employee works at an alternative position. Substitutions allow short-term deviations to personal work schedules, as well as different payment for an employee, to be recorded in the system. Substitutions can be set up regardless of whether the absent person is actually being replaced or substituted for temporarily. What is Availability? Description of when a service employee is or is not available. The resource planner uses availability as background information when scheduling a service employee. What are Attendance & Absence Types? Grouping together of employees’ scheduled attendances and actual attendances according to the reason for the attenance. Attendances canalso be grouped for other personnelrelated reasons, such as for employee time accounts and for valuation of personnel times. How do we record a Overtime? Overtime approvals can restrict the amount and the exact point in time when working time is recognized as "overtime." The type and amount of overtime compensation also depends upon this criteria. The normal working time of an employee is used to determine overtime. Normal working time can also be calculated according to the specific time periods used to perform weekly or monthly overtime calculation analyses.

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