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José Arturo Torres Ochoa

There are too much people who don’t believe in success. We are going to talk
about success; achieve success in life, at the work and marriage, there are three
main qualities necessary for success: Be patient, have talent, and good
communication. For success in each of these aspects, we need to follow these
As first we are going to talk you about get success in life. We need to be a positive
person, positivism must be a habit. Be patient, patience is know that thinks can’t
get from day to the next. Persistence, when you’re persistent, the results will come
out quickly, if results are positive, you’ll feel more motivated to continue working.
Discipline; as Leonardo Da Vinci said, “Who can’t set dominion over himself, will
have no dominion over others”.
Now, how to achieve success at your workplace. You need have talent for this,
talent is essential. Feel passion for your job is paramount; this helps to perform
better at work. Ambition, be ambitious at work help us to achieve our dreams.
For last, success at marriage. Nowadays marriage is a serious business. Before
marriage you must think very well this, think about de future of the couple, and if it
is the right person. When you get married, you need to be very patient whit your
couple. Mutual support, good communication, honestly between both, and the most
important, love each other very much. All these are the key for success at
To conclude, the key of success is in oneself, everyone is able to achieve their
dreams, always acting in a positive way, and doing what you love.

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