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Supply Chain Of IOCs in
This study was undertaken to identify opportunities within the supply chain of select
international oil companies operating in the Australian shale gas sector, wherein Alberta-based
oil and gas services firms can leverage their extensive expertise to find new growth avenues and
at the same time support the Australian industry as it embarks on the shale gas exploration within
The scope of the study is limited to the upstream stages of the unconventional gas development;
namely, the pre-drilling and drilling oilfield services sector. While carrying out our research we
have identified secondary opportunities in the areas of coal seam gas (CSG) and tight gas that
could be useful for the Alberta-based firms to establish their footprint in Australia, howeverthe
primary emphasis of the study will be shale gas1 that was identified with the client as the primary
approach to analyzing the unconventional oil and gas industy.
One of the objectives that was identified after discussions with the client, and included in the
project charter, was to provide a broad market-entry strategy guide, as opposed to a marketing
strategy that tends to be very specific and can only be useful for a narrow section of the oil and
gas industry; the market entry strategy guide, provided in the report, includes the key factors
required for Alberta-based oil and gas services companies for contracting opportunities with the
International Oil Companies (IOCs) and their prime contractors).
As per our additional objective that was outlined with the client, we are providing interview
details with selected IOC executives regarding estimated costs, opinions and issues and problems
faced in developing the market for unconventional product and services in Australia.
While, we have provided references in our report to several basins and states in Australia for a
basic overview of the industry, however for detailed analysis, we have limited our extensive
research work and reporting to Queensland, primarily because this state has been a hotbed of
activities for unconventional resource development. It is also the location with the greatest
opportunity for new entrants into the Australian oil and gas industry.

1 For definitions of these forms and other items discussed in this report, see Appendix A, Glossary of

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