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Sus ta ina bi li ty
How does this effect the Leisure and Tourism Industry?

Su st ain abili ty
 Try and write a meaning for this key concept with your partner  To be able to maintain something in the future.

En vir onmental Su st ain abili ty
 How does sustainability apply to National Parks and areas of countryside?  Give 5 management solutions for Malham to enable it to develop sustainably.

Ma lh am
 Park and ride schemes to stop traffic entering the village  Improve the public transport links  Use parking fees to repair footpaths from erosion  Educational schemes and advice for visitors  Priority housing for locals and key workers to stop the rise in second homes

Ec onomic Su st ain abili ty
 This is about making sure that economic growth (jobs and money) can continue.  Often facilities have to keep offering new attractions so that visitors keep attending.  Trying to get job opportunities for people to be whole year, not just seasonal.

Ex am Qu estio n
 How can Theme parks be developed in a sustainable way?  Think about how the impacts on people and places can be reduced?
    Height of rides Noise levels Recycling Public transport – bus and train

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