SWOT Analysis

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SWOT Analysis
A) Strengths Brand Building. Sleeve-Up is known for selling laptop sleeves that have an envelope design. What makes the product unique is the interchangeable flap that it has. This is one of the things that the competitors do not have. In the upcoming products, the sense of the ability to interchange a certain part of the product will still remain since it is the competitive edge of the company. The company is also targeting the young professionals, students, and tech-savvy people. Incorporating the theme that Sleeve-Up mixes function with style, enables the people to add a personal style on their things. The usual laptop sleeves are black or have a dull color. Those that do have a good print design are usually too expensive. Sleeve-Up makes ends meet for the market by creating products that are stylish and functional. B) Weaknesses Place. Sleeve-Up Marketing has no existing stall. Sleeve-Up distributes its products through direct selling and online shopping. The company has a couple of online accounts where the products are posted and where transactions with the clients occur. These online accounts have converted into sales for the company. People, still order via online. Also, the company promotes the fairs they attend on its social accounts. Just like what happened on the 8th Entrepreneur’s fair, the company was able to get messages from clients about ordering. So that our customers could see our product on hand and can pick from a wider variety, we invited them to the Entrepreneur’s Fair. Sleeve-Up purchases the different kinds of cloth needed for production from Cebu Progress Marketing and Chester Enterprises. Cebu Progress Marketing monopolizes the Cebuano market for industrial cloth; thus, creating a problem for Sleeve-Up since there will be no other supplier from which the company can buy from. Cebu Familia House, and Carolina’s are some of the other establishments that sell the same merchandise; however, they do not fall under the quality and standards of Sleeve-Up. Manpower and Skills Requirement (Actual) For the month of August, Sleeve-Up opted to slowly do the production themselves in order to eliminate the sewer’s production time. They started with the purchasing and cutting of cloth. Unfortunately, it resulted to more costs and wastes (cloth, time, and effort). OTHER WEAKNESSES:  Lack of accuracy of forecasted sales  Marketing strategies like events that were to boost the sales of the company was not very effective due to lack of planning and control during the event.  Loss of confidence by costumers  Rapidly changing needs and wants of the costumers  Quality problems  Lack of human resource  Increasing prices C) Opportunities

The company will cater more to consumer’s preferences by having more variety of colors for our sleeves and give them names that consumers would enjoy – i.e. sunset red, sunrise pink, cactus green, desert rise, and river rock gray, among others. Popular and trendy designs would also be incorporated into our sleeves and flaps such as leopard prints, galaxy, aztec, etc. Technology is a fast growing industry; to keep up with the pace, Sleeve-Up shall monitor the trends in the industry. The company will take note of the new gadgets available in the market. As of now, ipad minis and tablets that are at least seven inches small are very saleable in the market. The company’s response for this new technology is by creating smaller sized sleeves to cater to the demand of the market. If ever another new technology arises, the company will ensure to have a respond for it.

D) Threats Financial Risks  Not being able to reach the breakeven point or projected sales o Bulk buyers can get a discount, which can go as low as the old pricing o Look for better designs to entice people o Innovate the sleeves (i.g. colored or printed bodies) Too many expenses, not enough sales o Canvass properly o Find ways to lessen the unexpected expenses; make use of miscellaneous expense and the company’s contingency plan o Recycle some collaterals (i.g flyers and posters) to reduce cost Loss due to marketing activities (i.g fairs with registration) and minimal sales o Choose activities carefully o Choose fairs relevant or closely relevant to product

Operational Risks      Shortage in materials o Contact possible alternative suppliers immediately. Delay in making the production order to the sewer for the month, which then affects all processes thereafter. Sickness or injury of sewer may result to delay of production of product Natural calamities (i.e. rain, floods) can hinder the members from going to the production area Inventory complications o Design a systematic process flow to ensure correct inventory check.

Strategic Risks

  

Delay of production could affect the sales for the month, which can cause financial troubles and may ultimately halt the production for the succeeding month Expanding the company’s product line by not only focusing on laptop sleeves alone (i.e bags, iPhone cases, iPad cases) Expanding the primary target market to increase sales o Approach individuals such as professionals, BPOs, and the like. o Submit and present product proposals to companies (i.e. insurance and computer companies). Unsuccessful participation in fairs and conventions o Assess whether there really is a market during the event to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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