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Zeina Yacoub
ENGL 493
Linda Andrews
SWOT Analysis
I will be doing a SWOT analysis specifically about potentially starting my career at Technomic.

o I already have my foot in the door; I am interning at the company and my
supervisors know what my skillset is as well as how I might contribute to the
success of the company in its editorial department.
o I know exactly what the company specializes in, as well as the standard that their
clientele holds. Therefore, if I am to get hired there full time, I would not have to
go through basic training once again as I am familiar with what constitutes good
quality work at Technomic seeing as I work there as an intern already.
o Technomic is a rapidly-growing company, which means that they will most
probably be on the lookout for new employees to join the company full-time in
the near future. I also have a leg up compared to other applicants because a
company is more likely to hire and promote from within rather than go through
the process of hiring someone who is entirely new to the company.
o Working at Technomic is teaching me a lot about the foodservice industry; which
is ever-growing and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The knowledge
that I am gaining could help me establish myself in foodservice research, which is
a field that is quite in-demand.


o There is no real guarantee that I will be hired right after graduation.
o There is a relatively large number of interns working at the company, so even if
they were hiring full-time, I would be facing a significant amount of competition.

o Since Technomic’s editorial department highly values concise and journalistic
language, I find that my freelance editing and proofreading job really helps me
improve of this skill and self-edit my work to increase my efficiency.

o Balancing work and school. I sometimes find myself feeling too exhausted to
keep track of both simultaneously, and sometimes it feels like it decreases the
quality of my work while I am at Technomic.

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