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PS0000 HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions) PS0000_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0000 (Actions) PS0000_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0000_ABA PS0001 HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PS0001_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PS0001_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0001_ABA PS0001_SAP HR Master Record: Infotype 0001 (Org. Assignment) PS0002 HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) PS0002_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0002 (Personal Data) PS0002_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0002_ABA PS0003 HR Master Record: Infotype 0003 (Payroll Status) PS0004 HR Master Record: Infotype 0004 (Challenge) PS0005 HR Master Record: Infotype 0005 (Leave Entitlement) PS0006 HR Master Record: Infotype 00060006 (Addresses) PS0006_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype (Addresses) PS0006_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0006_ABA PS0007 HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time) PS0008 HR Master Record: Infotype 0008 (Basic Pay) PS00 HR Master Record: Infotype 00 (Bank Details) PS0010 HR Master Record: Infotype 0010 (Capital Formation) PS0011 HR Master Record: Infotype 0011 (Ext.Bank Transfers) PS0012 HR Master Record: Infotype 0012 (Fiscal Data -Germany) PS0013 HR Master Record: Infotype 0013 (Social Insurance D) PS0014 HR Master Record: Infotype 0014 (Recur. Payments/Deds.) PS0015 HR Master Record: Infotype 0015 (Additional Payments) PS0016 HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PS0016_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PS0016_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0016_ABA PS0017 HR master record: Infotype 0017 (Travel Privileges) PS0017_APPEND Enhancement for PS0017 in Extension System PS0019 HR Master Record: Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Tasks) PS0020 HR Master Record: Infotype 0020 (DEUEV) PS0021 HR Master Record: Infotype 0021 (Family) PS0021_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0021 (Family Member/Dependents) PS0021_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0021_ABA PS0022 HR Master Record: Infotype 0022 (Education) PS0023 HR Master Record: Infotype 0023 (Other/Previous Employers) PS0024 HR Master Record: Infotype 0024 (Qualifications) PS0025 HR Master Record: Infotype 0025 (Appraisals) PS0026 HR Master Record: Infotype 0026 (Company Insurance) PS0027 HR Master Record: Infotype 0027 (Cost Distribution) PS0028 HR Master Record: Infotype 0028 (Int. Medical Service) PS0029 HR Master Record: Infotype 0029 (Workers' Compensation) PS0030 HR Master Record: Infotype 0030 (Powers of Attorney) PS0031 HR Master Record: Infotype 0031 (Reference Pers.Nos.) PS0032 HR Master Record: Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) PS0032_ABA HR Master Record: Infotype 0032 (Internal Control) PS0032_ABA_APPEND Append structure for PS0032_ABA PS0033 Infotype 0033: Statistics Exceptions PS0034 HR Master Record: Infotype 0034 (Corporate Functions) PS0035 HR Master Record: Infotype 0035 (Spec.Instructions) PS0036 HR Master Record: Infotype 0036 (Social Insurance CH) PS0037 HR Master Record: Infotype 0037 (Insurance) PS0038 HR Master Record: Infotype 0038 (Fiscal Data CH) PS0039 HR Master Record: Infotype 0039 (Add. Org. Assignment CH) PS0040 HR Master Record: Infotype 0040 (Objects on Loan) PS0041 HR Master Record: Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) PS0042 HR Master Record: Infotype 0042 (Tax Austria)


PS0042K Repeating Group IT0042 Children for Child Bonus PS0043 HR Master Record: Infotype 0043 (Family Allowance -A) PS0044 HR Master Record: Infotype 0044 (Social Insurance -A) PS0045 HR Master Record: Infotype 0045 (Company Loans) PS0045_NAT historical fields for IT0045 ---do not change PS0046 HR Master Record: Infotype 0046 (Company Pension Fund CH) PS0048 HR Master Record: Infotype 0048 (Residence Status -CH) PS0049 HR Master Record: Infotype 0049 (Red.Hrs./Bad Weather) PS0050 HR Master Record: Infotype 0050 (Time Recording Info.) PS0051 HR Master Record Infotype 0051 (VBL/SPI Data) PS0052 HR Master Record: Infotype 0052 (Wage Maintenance) PS0053 HR Master Record: Infotype 0053 (Company Pension) PS0054 HR Master Record: Infotype 0054 (Works Council Pay) PS0055 PS0056 PS0057 PS0058 PS0059 PS0060 PS0061 PS0062 PS0063


Master Master Master Master Master Master Master master Master

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Record: Employer -A) Record: Infotype Infotype 0055 0056 (Previous (Sick Certificates A) Record: Infotype 0057 (Membership Fees) Record: Infotype 0058 (Commuter Rate -Austria) Record: Infotype 0059 (Social Insurance -NL) Record: Infotype 0060 (Fiscal Data -NL) Record Infotype 0061 (Social Insurance -Spain) record Infotype 0062 (Tax -Spain) Record: Infotype 0063 (Social Fund -NL)


Table Name Short text PS0064 Infotype 0064 : social insurance -France PS0065 HR Master Record: Infotype 0065 (Tax -GB) PS0066 Garnishment order PS0067 Garnishment debt PS0068 Garnishment adjustment PS0069 HR Master Record: Infotype 0069 (Nat. Insurance -GB) PS0070 HR Master Record: Infotype 0070 (Court Orders -GB) PS0071 HR Master Record: Infotype 0071 (Pensions Admin. GB) PS0072 HR Master Record: Infotype 0072 (Fiscal Data -DK) PS0073 HR Master Record: Infotype 0073 (Private Pensions -DK) PS0074 HR Master Record: Infotype 0074 (Leave Processing -DK) PS0075 Pension -DK) PS0076 HR HR Master Master Record: Record: Infotype Infotype 0075 0076 (ATP (Workers Compensation NA) PS0077 HR Master Record: Infotype 0077 (Additional Personal Data) PS0078 HR Master Record: Infotype 0078 (Loan Payments) PS0079 Infotype SI Additional Insurance -D PS0080 HR Master Record: Infotype 0080 (Maternity Protection) PS0081 HR Master Record: Infotype 0081 (Military Service) PS0082 HR Master Record: Infotype 0082 (Additional Absence Data) PS0083 HR Master Record: Infotype 0083 (Leave Compensation) PS0084 HR Master Record: Infotype 0084 (SSP Control -GB) PS0085 HR Master Record: Infotype 0085 (Work Incapacity Periods GB) PS0086 HR Master Record: Infotype 0086 (SSP/SMP Exclusions GB) PS0087 HR-GB: Working Family Tax Credit/Disabled Persons Tax Credit PS0088 HR-GB: Statutory parental leave & payments (SMP, SPP & SAP) PS00 HR Master Record Infotype 00 (Additional Income) PS01 HR Master Record Infotype 0045 (Loans), Add-On for Denmark PS02 HR master record Infotype 02 (Seniority Spain) PS03 HR Master Record: Infotype 03 (Previous Employers -D) PS04 HR Master Record: Infotype 04 (Residence Status -NA) PS05 HR Master Record: Infotype 05 (Tax Canada) PS06 HR Master Record: Infotype 06 (Tax -USA) PS08 Infotype 08 (profit sharing -France) PS0100 HR Master Record: Infotype 0100 (Social Insurance B) PS0101 HR Master Record: Infotype 0101 (Tax B) PS0102 HR Master Record: Infotype 0102 (Grievances NA) PS0103 HR Master Record: Infotype 0103 (Bond Purchases NA) PS0104 HR Master Record: Infotype 0104 (Bond Denominations NA) PS0105 HR Master Record: Infotype 0105 (Communications) PS0106 HR Master Record: Infotype 0106 (Related Persons NA) /14 13:00:24


Table Name Short text PS0107 HR Master Record: Infotype 0107 (Work Schedule B) PS0108 HR Master Record: Infotype 0108 (Personal Data B) PS01 HR Master Record: Infotype 01 (Contract Elements B) PS01_PS Contract Elements (Public Sector Belgium) PS0110 HR Master Record: Infotype 0110 (Pensions NL) PS0111 HR Master Record: Infotype 0111 (Garnishment/Cession -D) PS0112 HR Master Record: Infotype 0112 (Garnishment Claim -D) PS0113 HR Master Record: Infotype 0113 (Garnish. Interest -D) PS0114 HR Master Record: Infotype 0114 (Garnishment Amount D) PS0115 HR Master Record: Infotype 0115 (Garnishment Wages D ) PS0116 HR Master Record: Infotype 0116 (Garn. Transfer D) PS0117 PS0118 PS0119 PS0120 PS0121 PS0122 PS0123 PS0124 PS0125 PS0126 PS0127 PS0128 PS0129 PS0130 PS0131

HR HR Master Master Record: Record: Infotype Infotype 0117 0118 (Garn. (Child Compensation Allowance D) D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0119 (Annual Income CA D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0120 (Pension Fund Trans. CH) HR Master Record: Infotype 0121 (RefPerNo Priority) Child allowance bonus HR Master Record Infotype 0123 (Default Disrupt. Ev. SI ITD) HR Master Record Infotype 0124 (Disruptive Events D) HR Master Record: Infotype 0125 (Garnishment B) Infotype: Supplementary Pension Germany HR Master Record: Infotype 0127 (Commuter Traffic NL) HR Master Record: Infotype 0128 (Notifications) HR Master Record: Infotype 0129 (Text Number Assign.) HR Master Record: Infotpye 0130 (Checking Procedures) HR Master Record: Infotype 0131 (Garnishment/Cession A)

PS0132 PS0133 PS0134 PS0135 PS0136 PS0137 PS0138 PS0139 PS0140 PS0141 PS0142 PS0143 PS0144 PS0145

HR Master Record: Infotype 0132 (Garnishment Claim A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0133 (Garn. Interest A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0134 (Garnishment Amount A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0135 (Spec. Garn. Cond. A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0136 (Garn. Transfer A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0137 (Garn. Compensation A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0138 (Family/Ref.Pers. B) Infotype 0139 (Employee's Applicant Number) HR Master Record: Infotype 0140 (SI Basic Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0141 (SI Premium Data JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0142 (Residence Tax JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0143 (Life Insurance JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0144 (Property Accum. JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0145 (Personnel Tax Status JP)

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Table Name Short text PS0146 HR Master Record: Infotype 0146 (Y.E.A. Data JP) PS0147 HR Master Record: Infotype 0147 (Pers. Appraisals JP) PS0148 HR Master Record: Infotype 0148 (Family JP) PS0149 Infotype Taxes (SA) PS0150 Infotype Social Insurances (SA) PS0151 RSA Infotype External Insurances/Memberships PS0154 HR Master Record: Infotype 0154 (Social security data) PS0155 HR Master Record: Infotype 0155 (Additional PS0156 HR master data, infotype 0156 (Tax deduction). PS0157 HR Master Record: Infotype 0157 (User administration data) PS0158 HR Master Record: Infotype 0158 (amounts paid by 3rd party) PS0159 PS0160 PS0161 PS0162 PS0165 PS0166 PS0167 PS0168 PS0169 PS0170 PS0171 PS0172 PS0173 PS0177 PS0179

HR HR master master HR Master HR Master HR Master Dummy HR Master HR Master HR Master HR Master HR Master HR Master HR Master HR Master Personnel

PS0180 PS0181 PS0182 PS0183 PS0184 PS0185 PS0186 PS0187 PS0188 PS0189 PS0190 PS0191 PS0192 PS0194

Alternative Address Information (Thailand) Personal master record Infotyp 0181 (Add. Funds/SG) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0182 (Alternative Names) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0183 (Awards) Personell master record infotyp P0184 (Resume text) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0185 (Identification SEA) Personal master record Infotyp 0186 (SV Singapore) Additional family Data (Thailand) Tax (Australia) HR Master Record Infotype 0189 (Construction Pay: SI Fund) Construction Pay: Previous Employer Data Constr. Ind.: Meal Allowance/Travel Costs/Separation Allow. HR Master Record IT 0192 (Construction Pay: Assignment) HR Master Record Infotype 0194 (Garnishment Document)

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record, record, Record: Record: Record:

infotype 0159 Seniority IT 0160 Family allowance(IT) (IT) Infotype 0161 (IRS Limits US) Infotype 0162 (Ins. Y.E.T.A Data JP) Infotype 0165 (Limits Deductions)

Record: Infotype 0167 (Health Plans) Record: Infotype 0168 (Insurance Plans) Record: Infotype 0169 (Savings Plan) Record: Infotype 0170 (Flexible Spending Accounts) Record: Infotype 0171 (Gen. Benefits Information) Record: Infotype 0172 (FSA Claims) Record: Infotype 0173 (Tax card information) Record: Infotype 0177 (Reg.of Country of Birth NL) Master Record Infotype 0179 (Tax Singapore)


Table Name Short text PS0195 HR Master Record Infotype 0195 (Garnishment Order) PS0196 HR Master Record:Infotype 0196 (Employee Provident Fund MY) PS0197 HR Master Record:Infotype 0197 (SOCSO Contributions MY)? PS0198 Sheduled Tax Deduction Information Malaysia PS0199 Tax deduction CP38 / Additional amt / Bonus -Malaysia PS0200 HR Master Record, Infotype 0200 (Garnishments DK) PS0201 HR Master Record Infotype 0201 (Basic Pension Payments) PS0202 HR Master Record Infotype 0202 (Entitlements) PS0203 HR Master Record IT 0203 (Pension/Reserve Status) PS0204 HR Master Record, Infotype 0204 (DA/DS Statistics DK) PS0205 Tax card Information for Finland (IT0205) PS0206 Social Insurance Infotype PS0207 Finnish HR Master Record: Infotype 0207 (Resident Tax Area -USA) PS0208 HR Master Record: Infotype 0208 (Work Tax Area -USA) PS02 HR Master Record: Infotype 02 (Unemployment State -USA) PS0210 HR Master Record: Infotype 0210 (W4/W5-USA) PS0211 HR Master Record: Infotype 0211 (COBRA Beneficiaries) PS0212 HR Master Record: Infotpye 0212 (COBRA Health Plan) PS0213 Additional family information -Malaysia PS0214 Additional Danish Infotypes (Infotype View) for IT45, Loans PS0215 Construction Pay Transaction Data PS0216 Garnishment Adjustment PS0217 Infotype 0217 (qualification & elections) PS0218 Infotype 0218 (Pension fund no.) PS0219 HR Master Record: Infotype 0219 (External Organizations) PS0220 Superannuation (Australia) PS0221 PS0222 PS0224 PS0225 PS0227 PS0228 PS0229 PS0230 PS0231 PS0232 PS0233 PS0234 PS0235 PS0236

Manual Checks HR Master Record for Infotype 0222 (Company Cars GB) Tax information of Infotype 0224 -Canada HR Master Record for Infotype 0225 (Company Cars GB 2) Tax File Number (Australia) Garnishments Finland Value Types of CPS HR Master Record: Infotype 0230 / View for 0008 (PSG) HR Master Record: Infotype 0231 / View for 0001 (PSG) HR Master Record Infotype 0232 (Child Allowance) (D) Infotype 0233 'Bilan Social' HR Master Record: Infotype 0234 (Add. Withholding -USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0235 (Other Taxes -USA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0236 (Credit Plans)

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Table Name Short text PS0237 HR Master Record: Infotype 0237 / View for 0052 (PSG) PS0241 Indonesian Tax Data PS0242 Indonesian Social Insurance Data PS0261 Loading Leave Balances Australia PS0262 Retroactive Accounting Infotype PS0263 HR Master Data Record for Infotype 0263 (Deferred Compens.) PS0264 HR Master Record: Infotype 0264 (Family NL) PS0265 HR Master Record Infotype 0265/Special Regulations PSG PS0266 HR Master Record: Infotype 0266 / View for 0027 (PSG) PS0267 HR Master Record: Infotype 0267 (One time payment off-cycle) PS0268 HR Master Record: Infotype 0268 (Company Loans JP) PS0269 PS0270 PS0271 PS0272 PS0273 PS0274 PS0275 PS0276 PS0277 PS0278 PS0279 PS0280 PS0281 PS0283 PS0288

HR Infotype 0269 (ADP HR Master Master Record: Data Record: Infotype 0270 Information) (COBRA Payments) HR Master Record: Infotype 0271 (Public Sector Statistics) Garnishment (FR) HR Master Record: Infotype 0273 (Tax -SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0274 (Insurances -SE) NOT USED!! HR Master Record: Infotype 0275 (Garnishments -SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0276 (Insurances -SE) NOT USED!! HR Master Record: Infotype 0277 (Exceptions -SE) HR Master Record: Infotype 0278 (Basic Data PF [CH]) HR Master Record: Infotype 0279 (Individual Values PF [CH]) HR Master Record Infotype 0016 (Supplement for GB) HR Master Record Infotype 0045 (Supplement for GB) HR Master Record for Infotype 0283 (Archiving) HR CH: HR Master Record Infotype 0021 (Suppl. Switzerland)

PS0290 HR Master Record: Infotype 0290 -Identity card CIS PS02904 HR Master Record: Infotype 0294 -WehrDienst CIS PS0291 HR Master Record: Infotype 0291 -Taxes CIS PS0292 HR Master Record: Infotype 0292 -Social Insurance PS0293 Pers.Master Record: Infotype 0293 (Previous Employer CIS) PS0294 Service book PS0295 HR Master Record Infotype 0295 (Garnishment Order) PS0296 HR Master Record Infotype 0296 (Garnishment Document). PS0297 HR Master Record: Infotype 0297 Work conditions PS0298 HR Master Record: Infotype 0298 -Prikaz CIS PS0299 HR Master Record: Infotype 0299 (Tax privileges) PS0302 HR Master Record: Infotype 0302 (Additional Actions) PS0303 HR Master Record: Infotype 0303 (Premium Reduction NL) PS0304 Additional Information: Basic Pay /14 13:00:24


Table Name Short text PS0305 HR Master Record: Infotype Previous Employer 0305 (Italy) PS0306 HR Master Record: Infotype Family data for Italy (0306) PS03 IRD Number Infotype NZ PS0310 Superannuation NZ PS0311 Leave Adjustments -New Zealand PS0312 Leave History Adjustments -NZ PS0313 Employee Taxation Details Infotype NZ PS0314 Days for Vacation Bonus and Salary Deducs.(DK/N) PS0315 CATS: Sender Information PS0316 CATS: Authorization PS0317 HR Master Record: Infotype 0317 (Special Provisions) PS0318 PS0319 PS0320 PS0321 PS0322 PS0323 PS0326 PS0329 PS0330 PS0331 PS0332 PS0333 PS0334 PS0335 PS0336

Additional Family Data (Indonesia) Private Social Insurances Data -Indonesia Official Housing Employee Accommodation Pension for Retired Civil Servants HR Master Record IT 0323 (Pension Plan) HR-PSG: Pension -Pension Imputation HR Master Record: Infotype 0329 (Sideline Job) Infotype 0330 (Non-Monetary Remuneration) HR Master Record: Infotype 0331 (Tax -PT) HR Master Record: Infotype 0332 (Social Security -PT) HR Master Record: Infotype 0333 (Challenge -PT) HR Master record: Infotype 0334 (infotype 0016 view -PT) HR Master Data: Infotype 0335 (infotype 21 view -PT) HR Master Data: Infotype 0336 (infotype 2 view -PT)

PS0337 PS0338 PS0341 PS0342 PS0343 PS0344 PS0345 PS0346 PS0347 PS0348 PS0349 PS0351 PS0352 PS0353

HR Master Record: Infotype 0337 (Prof.Classification -PT) HR Master Record: Infotype 0338 (Absence pay.clearing -PT) HR Master Record Infotype 341 (DUEVO Start) HR Master Record: Infotype 0342/0002 (HK personell data ) HR Master Record: Infotype 0343/0016 (HK Contract elements) HR Master Record: Infotype 0344/0021 (HK Family members) HR Master Record: Infotype 0345 (HK Tax) HR Master Record: Infotype 0346 (Contribution plan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0347 (Entitlement plan) HR Master Record: Infotype 0348 (HK Appraisal and bonus) HR Master Record: Infotype 0349 (Eligibility grouping) HR Master Record: Infotype 0351 (Country information) NHI for Family member (TW) Income Tax Taiwan

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Table Name Short text PS0354 Labor Insurance Taiwan PS0355 National Health Insurance Taiwan PS0356 Employment Stabilization Fund (TW) PS0357 Saving Plan (TW) PS0358 Employee Welfare Fund (TW) PS0359 HR Master Record : Infotype 0359 (Tax -IE) PS0360 HR Master Record: Infotype 0360 (PRSI -Ireland) PS0361 HR Master Record : Infotype 0361 (Pensions Admin. -IE) PS0362 Additional Membership Information (Indonesia) PS0363 Prev.Emp.Period PS0364 Infotype Tax TH PS0365 Social Security TH PS0366 Provident Fund THAILAND PS0367 HR Master Record: Infotype 0367 (SI Notification Suppl. A) PS0367_PS ELDA BVA Insured Persons Notific. (Public Sector Austria) PS0368 Rehabilitants PS0369 Master data: Infotype 0369 (IMSS data) PS0370 Master data: Infotype 0370 (INFONAVIT/FONACOT Credits) PS0371 Master Data: Infotype 0371 (Tax on previous employment) PS0372 Integrated Daily Wage PS0373 HR loan repayment plan JP (for P0268) PS0374 Infotype 0374: General Eligibility PS0375 HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0375 (Add. Benefits Inform.) PS0376 HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0376 (Medical Benefits Info) PS0377 HR Master Record: Infotype 0377 (Miscellaneous Plans) PS0378 HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0378 (Benefit Adj. Reason) PS0379 PS0380 PS0381 PS0382 PS0383 PS0384 PS0386 PS0387 PS0388 PS0389 PS0390 PS0391 PS0392 PS0393

HR Master Record: Infotype 0379 (Stock Purchase Plans) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0380 (Comp. Adjustment) HR Master Record Infotype 0381 (Comp. Plan Eligibility) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0382 (Stock) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0383 (Compensation Package) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0384 (Compensation Package) HR Master Record: Infotype 0386 (VHI Scheme) HR Master Record : Infotype 0387 (Starter's Details) HR Master Record: Infotype 0388 (Union JP) Income Tax: General indicators Income Tax: Deductions Income Tax: Information on other employers Social Security: General data Family data: Calendar year schooling assistance

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Table Name Short text PS0394 Family data: Additional information PS0395 HR Master Record: Infotype 0395 (External Org.Assignment) PS0396 HR Master Record: Infotype 0396 (Expatriate Attributes) PS0397 Infotype 0021 (Relatives/Dependents) (Relatives/Dependents) PS0398 Infotype 0016 (Contract Elements) PS0399 HRMS-VE: Structure for Income Tax Infotype (IT0399) PS0400 HRMS-VE: SSO Infotype Structure (IT0400) PS0401 HRMS-VE: Structure of Severance Payments Infotype (IT0401) PS0402 Payroll Infotype PS0403 Payroll Infotype PS0404 HR Master Record: Infotype 0404 (Military Service Taiwan) PS0405 HR Master Master Record: Record: Infotype (Absence Information) Event) PS0406 HR Infotype 0405 0406 (Pension PS0407 Additional information, infotype P0407 (prot. pers. actions) PS0408 HR Master Record: Infotype 0408 (CBS NL) PS04 HR Master Record: Infotype 04 (External Agencies NL) PS0410 Infotype 0410 (Transportation Ticket) PS0411 Taxation Philippines infotype PS0412 Additional family data PS0415 HR master data infotype 0415 (Export status) PS0416 Time Quota Compensation Infotype PS0419 HR Master record: Manual tax reporting information -Norway PS0421 Structure for infotype 421 Special remunerations PS0422 Philippines Social Security -SSS PS0423 Philippines Home Development Management Fund PS0424 Information for French sick/maternity leave PS0425 PS0426 PS0427 PS0428 PS0429 PS0430 PS0431 PS0432 PS0433 PS0434 PS0435 PS0436 PS0437 PS0438

Data Entry of Per Diem Sick Pay Summary Garnishment Debts by garnishment Beneficiary data (Additional information Infotype 0021) Administrative Position Infotype HR Master Data Infotype 0021 (France) HR Master Record for Infotype 0431 / View 0008 HR Master Record Infotype 9 (Supplement for GB) HR Master Record Infotype 11 (Supplement for GB) ADP 3 Free Format ADP 4 Free Format Multiple employment HR Master Record: Infotype 0438 (Annual Tax Statement -SE)

/14 13:00:24 10/40


Table Name Short text PS0439 HR Master Record Infotype 0439 (Data Transfer Admin.) PS0440 HR Master Record: Infotype 0440 (Receipt of Rent or OS Trl) PS0442 Company cars PS0446 Payroll Infotype: US Fed Taxes PS0447 Accounting infotype PS0448 Accounting infotype PS0449 Payroll infotype: US Fed taxes YTD PS0450 Payroll infotype: US State taxes PS0451 Payroll infotype: US State taxes MTD PS0452 Payroll infotype: US State taxes QTD PS0453 Payroll infotype: US State taxes YTD PS0454 PS0455 PS0456 PS0457 PS0458 PS0459 PS0460 PS0461 PS0462 PS0463 PS0464 PS0465 PS0467 PS0468 PS0469

Payroll taxes MTD Payroll infotype: infotype: US US Locality Locality taxes Payroll infotype: US Locality taxes QTD Payroll infotype: US Locality taxes YTD Payroll Infotype: Monthly Cumulations Payroll Infotype: Quarterly Cumulations Payroll Infotype: Annual Cumulations HR Master Record: Infotype 0461 (Tax Assignment CA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0462 (Provincial Tax CA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0463 (Federal Tax CA) HR Master Record: Infotype 0464 (Additional Tax Data CA) HR master record infotype 0465 (Documents) HR Master Record: Infotype 0467 (Add'l SI Notif. f.Comp A) Not specified Not specified

PS0470 HR Master Record Infotype 0470 (Travel Profiles) PS0471 HR Master Record Infotype 0471 (Flight Preferences) PS0472 HR Master Record Infotype 0472 (Hotel Preferences) PS0473 HR Master Record Infotype 0473 (Rental Car Preferences) PS0474 HR Master Record Infotype 0474 (Train Preferences) PS0474_2 Extension for Infotyp 0474 (Train Preferences) PS0474_EXT Extension for Infotyp 0474 (Train Preferences) PS0475 HR Master Record Infotype 0475 (Customer Programs) PS0476 HR master data: Infotype 476: Garnishments: Order PS0477 Garnishments: Debt PS0478 Garnishment Adjustments PS0480 Contract extensions (HRMS-ES) PS0482 HRMS-VE: Add. data from IT Family/Related Person (IT0021) PS0483 Infotype 0483 -Data entry from CAAF -Italy only /14 13:00:24 11/40


Table Name Short text PS0484 HR Master Record Infotype 0484 (Joint Taxation A) PS0485 Probation PS0486 HR-SG-PS: Master Data (National Service) PS0487 HR-SG-PS: Security / medical Clearance PS0488 HR-SG-PS: Leave scheme infotype PS0489 HR-SG-PS: Voluntary Service / ECA PS0490 HR-PS-SG:Employee Suggestion Scheme PS0491 Payroll Outsourcing PS0492 HR-SG-PS: Extension for infotype 0021 PS0493 HR-SG-PS: Extension of infotype 0022 PS0494 HR-PS-SG:Employee Suggestion Scheme -Evaluation Results PS0495 HR-PS-SG: Pensions Scheme PS0496 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data -Per Pay Period PS0497 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data -MTD PS0498 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data -QTD PS0499 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data -YTD PS0500 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data in Arrears (ARRRS) PS0501 Payroll Infotype: US Benefits Data in Ded Not Taken (DDNTK) PS0502 PS-SG: Letter of appointment details PS0503 Pensioner's Definition PS0504 Pensioner's Advantage B PS0505 Holiday certificate IT0505 (B) PS0506 Tip Indicator PS0507 HR-AU-PS: Master Data (Superannuation) PS0508 HR-AU-PS: Master Data (Prior Service) PS05 HR-AU-PS: Master Data (Higher Duty Allowance) PS0510 PS0511 PS0512 PS0521 PS0525 PS0526 PS0527 PS0528 PS0529 PS0530 PS0531 PS0532 PS0533 PS0534

HR Master Record: Infotype 0510 (Tax-sheltered annuity) Infotype Cost-of-Living Allowance/Office (0511) Exemption Certificate for Part-Time Employees HR Master Record: Infotype 0521 (Semiretirement D) Childcare HR Master Data Record Infotype 0526 (Work Confirmations A) HR Master Record: Infotype 0527 (Payment Upon Leaving) HR Master Record: Infotype 0528 (Family information) HR Master Record: Infotype 0529 (Add. Personal Data CN) HR Master Record: Infotype 0530 (Public Housing Fund) HR Master Record: Infotype 0531 (Income Tax) HR Master Record: Infotype 0532 (Insurance) HR Master Record: Infotype 0533 (Personal File Management) HR Master Record: Infotype 0534 (Party Infomation)

/14 13:00:24 12/40


Table Name Short text PS0535 HR Master Record: Infotype PS0536 HR Master Record: Infotype PS0537 HR Master Record: Infotype PS0538 Sepration payment KR PS0539 infotype view of I0002 PS0540 Family KOR PS0541 Tax basic KR. PS0542 HR Master Record: Infotype PS0543 SI Entitlement (KOR) PS0544 SI Premium (KR) PS0545 Disciplinary measure

0535 (Project & Achievement) 0536 (Administration) 0537 (Going Abroad Information)

0542 (Y.E.A. Data KR)

PS0546 PS0547 PS0548 PS0549 PS0551 PS0552 PS0553 PS0554 PS0555 PS0556 PS0557 PS0559 PS0560 PS0561 PS0565

HR-SG: Infotype 0546 (Termination Data) BIK Infotype for Malaysia Infotype 0548 -Supplementary Social Security funds (IT) HR-SG: reserved for Singapore Termination of contract: General data HR Master Data Record Infotype 0552 (Time Specs/Emp. Period) HR Master Data Record Infotype 0553 (Employment Period Calc) Infotype 0554 (Hourly Rate Per Assignment) Military Service KR Tax treaty Additional Personal Data HR Master Record: Infotype 0559(Commuting allowance info JP) HR Master Record: Infotype 0560 (Overseas pay) Data for tax HR Master Record: Infotype 0565 (Retirement Plan Val. Res.)

PS0566 PS0567 PS0568 PS0569 PS0570 PS0571 PS0572 PS0573 PS0574 PS0576 PS0578 PS0579 PS0580 PS0581

US Pension Plan QDRO Information HR PS Australia:Data Container HR PS Australia: Anniversary Date History Pension Payments HR-GB: Offshore tax infotype (JY, GY, IoM) HR-GB: Offshore social security (JY, GY) Absence Scheme Override HR-Public Sector: Australia HR-PS Austria: Extension for IT Contract Elements PBS Accumulators HR Master Record Infotype 0579 (Ext. Wage Components) Previous Employment Tax Details Housing ( HRA / CLA / COA )

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Table Name Short text PS0582 Exemptions PS0583 Car & Conveyance -India PS0584 Structure for Income from Other sources(Form -12-C) PS0585 Section 80 deductions for India PS0586 Investment details for India PS0587 Provident Fund Contribution for India PS0588 Other statutory deductions for India PS0589 Indiviuval Reimbursements PS0590 Furnishing scheme -India PS0591 Nominations PS0592 HR Master Record: Infotype 0592 (Foreign Public Sector) PS0593 PS0595 PS0596 PS0597 PS0598 PS0600 PS0601 PS0602 PS0611 PS0612 PS0613 PS0614 PS0615 PS0616 PS0617

Rehabilitants HR Master Record: Infotype 0595 (Family-Related Bonuses) PhilHealth Infotype Fields Part Time Work During ParentalLeave Personnel master record infotype 0598 (Dismissal Protection) Employer Statement Absence Quotas (Infotype Structure 0601) HR Master Record: Infotyp 0602 (Retirement Plan Cumulation) Garnishments: Management Data Garnishments: Interest Sick Leave Donations HR Master data: infotype HESA Master data (0614) HR Master data: infotype HESA Contract Data (0615) HR Master data: HESA data submitted HR Master data: Clinical Details (GB)

PS0618 PS0619 PS0622 PS0623 PS0624 PS0625 PS0626 PS0628 PS0629 PS0630 PS0631 PS0632 PS0633 PS0634

HR Master data: Academic qualification (GB) HR-AU-PS : Equity and Diversity HR BPS: Contract elements: additional infotype Career History (Public Sector Belgium) HR Master data: Professional qualification (GB) Infotype 0002 -Personal Data Payment Summary Infotype Fields PAISY: SRT 21 (Special Date Functions) PAISY: P5 (Payroll Acct Carried) PAISY: SRT 11 (Special Information) PAISY: Subrecord Type 15 (Garnishment) HR Master Record: Infotype 0632 (Semiretirement A) EEO Complaint Tracking Philippines Previous Employer Information Info-type

/14 13:00:24 14/40


Table Name Short text PS0645 Work relationship termination, Venezuela PS0646 PS0647 PS0648 HR Master Record: Infotype 0648 (Pay Scale Bar Pointing) PS0649 Belgian Public Sector Social Insurance PS0650 Statements: Federal Employment Office PS0651 Statements: Social Insurance Agency PS0652 Statements: Training Data PS0653 Statements: Local Authorities, Courts, Insur. Companies, etc PS0654 Personnel master record infotype 0654 (Termination) PS0655 ESS: Remuneration Statement PS0656 Nature of Actions PS0659 HR master record for INAIL administration PS0661 Termination working relationship Brazil PS0662 HR Master Record: Infotype 0662 (Semiretirement A -Suppl.) PS0665 PS0666 Fields for "Planning of Personnel Costs" (0666) PS0671 HR Master Record -Infotype 0671 (COBRA Flex. Spending Acct) PS0672 FMLA Event Infotype PS0672_2 Enhanced Structure PS0672 PS0672_DISP Enhanced Structure PS0672 for Display PS0694 Indonesian Previous Employment Details PS0695 Infotype 0001 -Organizational assignment PS0696 Sick Leave Donation PS0697 Drug screening PS0698 Loan master record supplement for KR PS0699 Pers. Master Record Infotype 0699 (German Pension Reform D) PS0700 Electronic Data Exchange PS0701 Data Container for Termination Organiser PS0702 HR Master Record: Infotype 0702 (Documents) PS0703 HR Master Record: Infotype 0703 (Dependent Documents) PS0704 HR Master Record: Infotype 0704 (Dependant Information) PS0705 HR Master Record: Infotype 0705 (Checklist Items) PS0706 HR Master Record: Infotype 0706 (Compensation Package Offer) PS0707 HR Master Record: Infotype 0707 (Activation Details) PS0708 HR Master Record: Infotype 0708 (Global Commuting) PS07 Person ID PS0710 HR Master Record: Infotype 0710 (Global Assignment Details) PS0711 PS0712 Personnel assignment for process controling /14 13:00:24 15/40


Table Name Short text PS0713 Work relationship termination PS0714 Social Insurance contribution models PS0715 Assignment Status PS0716 Business scenario management PS0717 Benefit point account PS0718 Benefit point system request PS0722 Infotype 0722 (Global Payroll: Type of Data Exchange) PS0723 Infotype 0723 (Global Payroll: Payroll Status) PS0724 Financing Status PS0725 Foreign income SARS codes (South Africa) PS0734 Infotype 0008 (Basic pay) PS0735 PS0736 PS0737 PS0738 PS0739 PS0741 PS0742 PS0743 PS0744 PS0745 PS0746 PS0747 PS0748 PS0751 PS0752

HR Master Record: Infotype 0735 (Dimona B) Alimony order for Brazil Alimony debit for Brazil Alimony adjustment for Brazil Structure for Employee Stock Option -IT0739 Structure for Employee Stock Option -IT0741 HDB Concession HR Master Record Infotype 0743(Discipline) HR Master Record Infotype 0744(Blacklist) ZFA Notifications in Public Sector HR Master Record Infotype 0746 (ZfA Request for Bonus) HR Master Record IT 0747 (Child Data for Request for Bonus) External Relationship HR Master Record: Infotype 0751 (Company Pension Plan AT) Declaration of Purchase of Land/Houses/Other Property

PS0753 PS0754 PS0755 PS0756 PS0757 PS0758 PS0759 PS0760 PS0761 PS0762 PS0763 PS0764 PS0768 PS0780

Declaration of Shares in Private/Non-listed Public Company Declaration of Interest in Business Firms Declaration of Non-Indebtedness/Indebte Non-Indebtedness/Indebtedness dness Public Sector Loan Infotype 0756 HR-GB: Working Tax Credit HR Master Record: Infotype 0758 (Compensation Program) HR Master Record: Infotype 0759 (Compensation Process) HR Master Record: Infotype 0760 (Comp. Eligibility Override) HR Master Record: Infotype 0761 (LTI Grant) HR Master Record: Infotype 0762 (LTI Exercising) HR Master Record: Infotype 0763 (LTI Participant Data) Personnel Master Record Infotype 0764 ('Wet Poortwachter') FDI data structure Pension -Income from Wages Imputation (Employer Data)

/14 13:00:24 16/40


Table Name Short text PS0781 Pension -Imputation of Income from Wages (Income Data) PS0782 Pension -Imputation of Further Pension Payments PS0783 Fields for Infotype 0783 (job title) PS0784 Information Query -Family Court PS0785 Verdict Information -Family Court PS0786 Reduction Sec. 57 PS0787 General Data Sec. 50 a,b,d,e PSPA PS0788 Child-Rearing/Care Periods Sec. 50 a,b,d BeamtVG PS0789 Bonus Times for Sec. 50 a,b,d,e BeamtVG PS0790 Bonuses Sec. 50 a, b, d, e BeamtVG PS0792 Structure for IT 792 -Additional Organizational Data PS0793 HR-GB: Payment made in error PS0794 HR Master Record Infotype 0794 (Pensioner Notific. A) PS0795 Structure for Certificate/License Infotype PS0796 Certificate: Work Assignments PS0797 Municipality Statutory Payment Submit PS0799 AFI message data PS0800 Material Assignment PS0801 DEIG Addresses PS0802 Disciplinary Punishments PS0803 Military Seniority (Defense) PS0804 Personal Markings PS0805 Decorations -Defense PS0806 Training Programs PS0807 PS0808 HR Master Record Infotype 0808 (Wage Return) PS08 HR Master Record: Infotype 0542 (Additional Y.E.A. Data KR) PS0812 HR Master Record: Infotype 0812 (Medical expense for DME) PS0813 Historical Side Charge Bonus Point A PS0814 Additional US Federal Information PS0815 Additional Payments on Additional Check PS0816 EIC Authentication Information PS0817 Income Tax Withholding Variation(Australia) PS0818 New pension Taiwan PS0827 US Effort Reporting : Infotype View for IT0027 PS0845 Work Relationships PS0846 Infotype Reimbursements PS0848 HR Master Record: Infotype 0848 (Bursary Payments) PS0849 Payment summary for country version AU PS0850 Eligible Termination Payment for country version AU /14 13:00:24 17/40


Table Name Short text PS0851 Shukko Cost Charging PS0852 Shukko Cost Charging Adjustment Infotype PS0853 Infotype View for P0395 PS0854 HR Master Record for Infotype 0854 (Life-Course Sav. Scheme) PS0858 HR Master Record: Infotype 0858 (Donation expense) PS0860 Disciplinary Measure Infotype PS0861 Award Information PS0862 PS0863 PS0864 PS0865 Infotype 0865 (Mobility) PS0873 Limits or arrears for garnishment France PS0874 HR Master Record: Infotype 0874 (Predet. PAYE & NIC Adj) PS0875 Family links PS0876 Harmful working conditions registration PS0879 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0879 (Adj.Proc.for PR Calc) PS0881 Korea employee and dependents expense information PS0882 Basic Data for Retroactive Pension Insurance PS0883 Entitlement Periods PS0884 Retroactive Pension Insurance -Calculation PS0887 Garnishments (Spain) PS0888 HR Master Record: Infotype 0888 (Pre-paid & DC Plan) PS0889 HR Master Record: Infotype 0889 (DB & EPF Plan) PS0890 HR Master Record: Infotype 0888 (Benefit Point Sys. Mgmt) PS0893 HR Master Data Infotype 0893 (Daily Work Schedule Info) PS0894 US Employee Tax Arrangement PS0895 US Tax Withholding Form PS0896 Reimbursement PS0897 HR Master Record Infotype 0897 (Flexible Benefits NL) PS0899 Mobility PS00 Human Resources Master Record Infotype 00 (Sales Data) PS01 HR Master Record: Infotype 01 (Purchasing Data) PS02 Employees Increment processing data PS03 HR Master Record: Infotype 03 (Benefit Resource Mgmt) PS04 HR Master Record Infotype 04 (Garnishment Seizable Amount) PS06 Infotype 06 : Data for Correspondence Letter PS08 HR Master Record Infotype 08 (Info for Annual Income Chk) PS US Claims configuration PS41 Personnal assignments eligible for recovery(CE) PS42 HR Master Record Infotype 42 (Capital Payment) /14 13:00:24 18/40


Table Name Short text PS58 Additional Contract Elements Data(NPO) PS59 Additional Family Data(NPO) PS60 Mobility and Hardship Allowance (NPO) PS61 Pension Fund (NPO) PS62 Rental Subsidy/Deduction (NPO) PS63 UN Agency for Loan or Secondment (NPO) PS64 UN Personnel Numbers (NPO) PS65 HR master data: Infotype 65: Education Grant PS68 [email protected] PS74 PY-IN-PS:Additional data for reservation PS76 IT for local taxes per pernr (Austria) PS77 Register for Maternity Pay PS78 HR Master Record Infotype 78 (Pension Contribution A) PS79 HR Master Record Infotype 79 (Pension A) PS80 HR Master Record IT 80 ([Further] Training Costs) PS98 Disability information (Infotype View for IT-0077) PS2001 Personnel Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences) PS2001_2 Enhanced Structure PS2001 PS2002 HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances) PS2003 HR Time Record: Infotype 2003 (Substitutions) PS2004 HR Time Record: Infotype 2004 (Availability) PS2005 HR Time Record: Infotype 2005 (Overtime) PS2006 HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas) PS2007 HR Time Record: Infotype 2007 (Attendance Quotas) PS2010 HR Time Record: Infotype 2010 (Employee Remuneration Info.) PS2011 HR Time Record: Infotype 2011 (Time Events) PS2012 HR Time Record: Infotype 2012 (Time Transfer Specifications) PS2013 HR Time Record: Infotype 2013 (Quota Corrections) PS2052 HR Time Record: Infotype 2052 (Weekly Calendar) PS2500 Infotype for Personal Work Schedule PS2501 Time and Labor Infotype PS2502 Quota Statuses Infotype PS3140 HR Master Record: Infotype 3140 (Child/Nursing Care Leave) PS3200 HR Master Record for Infotype 3200 (Flex. Benefit Plans) PS3202 Infotype Labour Relations (ZA) PS3203 HR Master Record: Infotype 3203 (Leaving Infomation) PS3204 HR Master Record: Infotype 3204 (Retirement Allowance JP) PS3205 HR Master Record: Infotype 3205 (Heavy Labor Position A) PS3206 DMA Split PS3207 Infotype additional payments Belcotax /14 13:00:24 19/40


Table Name Short text PS3208 Personnel Master Record Infotype 0185 Identification SEA JP PS32 PA-PA-IT: Infotype View PS3210 HR Master Record Infotype 3210 (Add. Terms of Employment) PS3211 HR Master Record: Infotype 3211 (Contract Elements CN) PS3212 HR Master Record: Infotype 3212 (Special Payment CN) PS3213 Pensions PS3214 HR Master Record: Infotype 3214 (Juridical data) PS3214_0008 Structure of Infotype 3214 subtype 0003 0004 0005 PS3214_0014 Structure for infotype (3214) subtype 0003 -0004 -0005 PS3214_0015 Structure of infotype 3214 subtype 0003 0004 0005 PS3214_GLOB Structure for infotype (3214) subtype 0003 -0004 -0005 PS3214_MANSS Structure of infotype (3214) subtype 0002 PS3214_PROVV Structure of infotype 3214 subtype 0001 PS3215 HR Master Record: Infotype 3215 (4.2.1 SWF Staff Details) PS3216 SWF Contract Details PS3217 HR Master Record: Infotype 3217(SWF Qualifications) PS3218 Performance appraisal results PS3223 HR Master Record: Infotype 3223 (Deduction TW) PS3224 Contract Termination (CN) PS3225 Course Results PS3226 Employee-Dependents Association (CL) PS3227 Tax Data (CL) PS3228 XSS Online Election PS3229 Absences: Additional information PS3230 Infotype 3230 Non-Recurring Payments (PA-PF-CH) PS3231 [email protected] Spain PS3232 HR Master Record: Infotype 3232 (Reduced Hours Austria) PS3233 HR Master Record: Infotype 3233 (Reserve Basis A) PS3235 Garnishments (Chile) PS3236 Reserved for Molga 39 (Chile) PS3238 HR Master Record: Infotype 3238 (Payment After Leaving A) PS3239 Payroll Infotype PS3243 HR GB: Infotype 3243 for Electronic Communication PS3244 NPO Place of Residence PS3246 HR Master Record for Infotype 3246 (Legal Hold) PS3248 HR Master Record: Infotype 3248 (Illness Notif. from ELDA A) PS3249 HR Master Record for Infotype 3250 (Electr. Illn. Reporting) PS3250 HR Master Record for Infotype 3250 (Electr. Illn. Reporting) PS3270 HR Master Record: Infotype 3270 (Comp. Indemnity Definition) PS3271 HR Master Record: Infotype 3271 (C.I. Payments) /14 13:00:24 20/40


Table Name Short text PS3273 HR Master Record: Infotype 3273 -SI compensation payment PS3274 HR Master Record: Infotype 3274 (Pension Return APG) PS3275 Pension variant (Norway) PS3290 Pension Equalization Payment BAV: Court Request PS3291 Pension Equalization Payment BAV: Court Decision PS3292 Structure for Infotype View 3292 (GB Residence Status) PS3293 Infotype Different Financing Requirement PS3294 HR IE: Infotype 3294 for Electronic Communication PS3297 Pension Auto Enrolment PS3298 French infotype view for infotype 0713 PS3301 Social Insurance Qatar PS3302 Additional Personal Data for QA PS3303 Additional Addresses Info QA PS3304 Additional Family (Infotype View 0021) QA PS3305 Additional Personal ID QA PS3306 Additional Contract Elements QA PS3307 Occupational Hazard in Qatar PS3308 Leave Passage QA PS33 Sanction PS3313 Loans Add-ons for Qatar PS3314 Secondment Employee QA PS3315 Part-time Employee QA PS3316 French infotype view for infotype 0016 PS3317 Petty Cash in Qatar PS3318 Structure for it3318 PS3319 Declaration status PS3326 HR Master Record: Infotype 3326 (Fiche 281.25) PS3330 HR Master Record: Infotype 3330 -Sickness certificate PS3331 HR Master Record: Infotype 3331 (DAQ -Employee Follow-up) PS3335 Infotype: Pension(PBS) QA PS3336 Infotype: Previous Employer QA PS3337 Education for Qatar Public Sector PS3338 Discipline Qatar Public Sector PS3339 Infotype: Pension Service Payment (PBS) QA PS3340 PS structure for Corrections infotype PS3341 Infotype View: Infotype 0008 (NPO) PS3346 HR-GB: Additional Personal Data PS3347 Periods Released from Work A PS3348 Payment Summary Foriegn Employment for country version AU PS3349 New Employer Details -Qatar /14 13:00:24 21/40


Table Name Short text PS3351 Additional Personal Data for KW PS3352 Additional Family Member for KW PS3353 Leave Passage by Amount KW PS3354 Social Security (PIFSS) Information KW PS3355 HR Master Record Infotype 3355 (Absence Quota Groups) PS3357 Leave Passage by Tickets KW PS3359 HR IE : PRD Details infotype PS3361 Additional Contract Elements for KW PS3363 Additional info for EDAG (NO) PS3364 Personnel Master Record Infotype 3364 PS3365 Additional Address Information(TH) PS3399 Infotype View: Infotype 0006 (NPO) PS3527 Additional Personal Data (CN) PS3528 Previous Employer Information PS3529 Additional Education (CN) PS3530 Additional Awards/Penalties (CN) PS3531 Qualification Certificate (CN) PS3532 HR Master Record: Infotype 3532 (Supplementary Insurance) PS3533 HR Master Record: Infotype 3533 (Corporate Pension Plan) PS3534 Off Position (CN) PS3538 HR Master Record: Infotype 3538 (Retirement Pension Plan) PS3542 HR Master Record: Infotype 3542 (Previous Employers KR) PS3743 India Public Sector Disciplinary Actions PS3893 Time Account Status PS3894 Total Values Planned Working Times for Factoring PS4000 Infotype 4000: Applicant Events PS4001 Infotype 4001: Applications PS4002 Infotype 4002: Vacancy Assignment PS4003 Infotype 4003: Applicant Activities PS4004 Infotype 4004: Status of Actions PS4005 Infotype 4005 (Applicant's Personnel Number) PS9000 HR Master Record: Infotype 9000 (SK Number) PS9004 SK Resign-Radiobuttons with Regret or Without Regret PS90 Payment Gateway PS9010 Infotype COP PS9022 Sertifikasi Manajement Resiko (SMR) PS9045 Infotype Liabilities PS9057 Membership -Additional Field PS9100 Benefit Penempatan PS9101 HR Master Record: Infotype 9200 (SPD -Perjalanan Dinas) /14 13:00:24 22/40


Table Name Short text PS9501 WWTD PS9600 COP PS9601 COP Action PS9602 COP Vehicle PS9603 COP Insurance PSACL_FLAGS_TAB PS Project and Network ACL Flags PSACL_ST Structure for PS Profile PSACL_TAB Table for PS ACL Integration PSACR PSA Document Currencies PSACTID_EXT External Format of PS Operation PSACT_EXT External Format of PS Operation PSACT_FCATALOG iPPE Field Catalog for PS Operation PSADR RE: Partner -Personal Guarantor's Address and Addit.Fields PSAHD PSA Document Header PSAIT PSA Document Items PSARC_HLP1 Help function structure for project archive PSARC_ID Identification of data object PSARC_RUNS Archiving Session List PSA_CALC PSA calculation data PSA_CURR PSC currencies PSA_DISP Display fields for PSC documents PSA_LD_UPDATE PSC ledger update structure PSA_LIFT_VOL PSA Lifting Volumes PSA_LIFT_VOL_REV PSA Lifting Volumes Revised PSA_PERIOD_RANGE PSA period range PSA_PRINT_VALUES PSA Print Values PSA_PRODDATE_RANGE PSA Range for Production Date PSA_SEARCH_STRUCT Search Structure for F4 Search Help in PSAs PSA_TERMINAL_RANGE PSA Range for Terminal PSA_TEXT PSA text table PSBAPI_NETW_KEY Key of Network: Temporary & Final PSBAPI_PROJ_KEY Key of Project Definition/WBS: Temporary & Final PSBM_ALERT PS Budget Monitoring Alerts PSBM_EVENT PS Budget Monitoring Events PSBM_REPORT Budget Monitoring Reports PSBM_REPORT_T Budget Monitoring Reports PSBM_RULES Budget Monitoring Rules PSBM_RULES_T Budget Monitoring Rules PSBM_S_USER_RULE PS Budget Monitoring User Rule PSBM_TEXTS PS Budget Monitoring text objects /14 13:00:24 23/40


Table Name Short text PSBM_URULE_OBJ Budget Monitoring User Rules Objects PSBM_USER_REPORT FM Budget Monitoring User Reports PSBM_USER_RULE Budget Monitoring User Rules PSBM_USER_RULE_T Budget Monitoring User Rules PSBOS_BATCH_PROCESS_OPT PSBOS_BATCH_PROCESS_OP T BOSPS Integration: Batch Processing Options PSBOS_CE_INDEX_CACHE_REC PSBOS_CE_INDEX_CACHE_R EC BOSPS Index Cache record PSBOS_CHANGE_TABLE_LINE PSBOS_CHANGE_TABLE_LIN E BOSPS Integration: Structure for cost item quantity chan ge PSBOS_COMPARISON_FIELD_ PSBOS_COMPARISON_FIELD _ BOSPS Integration: Batch Processing Comparison fields PSBOS_DATA_FOR_REVENUE_ PSBOS_DATA_FOR_REVENUE _ BOSPS Integration: Revenue Report Data PSBOS_DYNAMIC_SELECT_OP PSBOS_DYNAMIC_SELECT_O P BOSPS Integration: Dynamic Selection Options PSBOS_DYNAMIC_SELECT_PRI BOSPS Integration: Dynamic Selection Priorities PSBOS_DYNAMIC_SELECT_PRI PSBOS_FACTOR_4_COSTING BOSPS Factors for costing (Path/Header factors) PSBOS_FACTOR_4_COSTING_ PSBOS_FACTOR_4_COSTING _ BOSPS Factor for Costing PSBOS_PS_2_BOS_LINK BOSPS Integration: PS to BOS Link PSBOS_TRANSFER_DATA_REC PSBOS_TRANSFER_DATA_RE C BOSPS Integration: Transfer details for a BOS Costing It em PSBOS_TRANSFER_DETAILS_R PSBOS_TRANSFER_DETAILS _R BOSPS Integration: Transfer Record for one Costing Item   PSBOS_TRANSFER_QTYS_AND PSBOS_TRANSFER_QTYS_AN D BOSPS Integration: Transfer Quantities & Values PSBOS_TRANSFER_VALUES_T PSBOS_TRANSFER_VALUES_ T BOSPS Integration: Transfer values in various currencies   PSBOS_TRANS_QTYS_VALUES PSBOS_VALUE_AND_CURRENCY PSBOS_VALUE_AND_CURREN CY BOSPS Integration: Value and Currency PSBP_DI Sender Structure for Business Partner Transfer PSBROWSER_KEY Key Fiels for PS Structure Browser PSBT Bank Transfer PSBWACTDAT PSBW: Info Source for Network Activity Dates PSBWACTKBED Extraction Structure for Capacity Requirements for NWA PSBWCMPTXT Structure for Transferring Component Texts to BW PSBWERB_NAE Extract Structure: Inheritance Data for Activity Elements PSBWERB_NTW Extract Structure: Inheritance Data for Networks PSBWERB_NWA Extract Structure: Inheritance Data for Network Activities PSBWERB_ORD Extract Structure: Inheritance Data for Orders PSBWERB_WBS Extract Structure: Inheritance Data for WBS Elements PSBWMLSDAT PSBW: Info Source for Milestone Dates PSBWMLSTXT Transfer Structure for Milestone Texts into BW PSBWNAEDAT PSBW: Info Source for Network Activity Element Dates PSBWNAEKBED Extraction Structure for Cap. Requirements for Activity Itms PSBWNAETXT Transfer Structure for Activity Element Texts into BW PSBWNETDAT PSBW: Info Source for Network Dates PSBWNTWTXT Transfer Structure for Network Texts into BW PSBWNWATXT Transfer Structure for Network Activity Texts into BW PSBWPRJDAT PSBW: Info Source für Project Dates /14 13:00:24 24/40


Table Name Short text PSBWPRJTXT Transfer Structure for Project Definition Texts into BW PSBWWBSCSH PSBW: InfoSource: Payments for WBS Elements PSBWWBSDAT PSBW: Info Source for WBS Element Dates PSBWWBSTXT Transfer Structure for WBS Element Texts into BW PSCCR PSC document line item amounts PSCHD PSC document header PSCHD_BW_V BW View for Production Scheduler PSCIT PSC document line items PSCOURT Garnishment Order: Court PSCR Key for Indexing SAPscript Texts PSCREDITOR Garnishment order -International part PSCS_CASH_APPEND Include for Cash Enhancement PSCS_DATA_CSH Data Transfer Within PSCS Cash Extract Function Group PSCS_IFCSH PSCS: Cash Extraction Period Breakdown PSCTRL LDB PSJ: Top nodes PSC_ALV_TF PSC document header PSC_CALC PSC calculation data PSC_CURR PSC currencies PSC_DISP Display fields for PSC documents PSC_DISP_HD Display fields for PSC documents PSC_LD_UPDATE PSC ledger update structure PSC_TEXT PSC text table PSDISPO Assigned values for availability control PSDY01 Dummy structure under PRPS_R for access to CO object PSDY02 Dummy structure under AUFK1 for access to CO object PSDY03 Dummy structure under ACT01 for access to CO object PSDY04 Dummy structure under AUFK2 for access to CO object PSDY05 Dummy structure under AUFK3 for access to CO object PSDY06 Dummy structure under ACT03 for access to CO object PSDYIP LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMPR PSDYNP LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under AUFK PSDYNV LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under ACT01 PSDYOK LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RESB01 PSDYPD LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PROJ PSDYPEG LDB PSJ: Dummy Structure Under PEGOB PSDYPG LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under IMTP PSDYPR LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under PRPS_R PSDYRH LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under RSTHIE PSDYVB LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAP PSDYVK LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAK /14 13:00:24 25/40


Table Name Short text PSDYVP LDB PSJ: Dummy structure under VBAP (only for SAP use!!!) PSEISACC PS Key Figures: Accounting PSEISACC2 PS Key Figures: Accounting PSEISACT01 PS Key Figures: Activities PSEISAFKO PS Key Figures: PPC Order Header Data PSEISAFPO PS Key Figures: Order Item PSEISAUFK PS Key Figures: Order Master Data PSEISCUST PS Key Figures: Customer Enhancement PSEISELM_PS PS Key Figures: ELM_PS PSEISLOG PS Key Figures: Logistics PSEISLOG2 PS Key Figures: Logistics PSEISPROJ PS Key Figures: Project Master Data PSEISPRPS PS Key Figures: WBS Element Master Data PSEISPRTE PS Key Figures: Project Item Scheduling Data PSEISRESB01 PS Key Figures: Reservation/Secondary Requirement PSEISRSTHIE PS key figures: project hierarchy PSEN_ANNIVERSARY_YM Anniversary PSEN_CLG_WPERIOD_CTEXT From Highest Limited Period and Context PSEN_DURATION Duration in Years, Months, and Days PSEN_DURATION_DEC Duration in Years, Months, and Days with Decimals PSEN_DURATION_WEIGHT Duration Level of grading of weighting factor with/out cut PSEN_DURATION_YM Duration in Years and Months PSEN_DYN_CONDITION Dynamic Condition for Evaluation of a Selection Rule PSEN_INFTY_SELCT_DYN_CON PSEN_INFTY_SELCT_DYN_C ON Line of Dynamic Selection Condition of Infotype PSEN_KEY_PR_PERIOD Flagged Periods with Priority PSEN_KEY_WEIGHT_PERIOD Flagged, Weighted Periods PSEN_LGDESCRIPTION Legal Regulations PSEN_LOG_IDNR_PERIOD_INF PSEN_LOG_IDNR_PERIOD_I NF Infotype Texts of a Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_LOG_IDNR_SUB_PERIO PSEN_LOG_IDNR_SUB_PERI O Infotype Texts of a Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_LOG_PERIODS_PEAKS Log: Periods/Weighting/Duration for Import FM PSEN_LOG_PERIODS_TEXTS Log: Periods / Weighting / Duration / Text PSEN_LOG_PERIOD_INFTY Log: Period from Selection Rule and Infotype Text PSEN_LOG_PERNR_RESULT Output Structure for Test Utility for Emp. Per. Calculatio n PSEN_LOG_PERNR_SUBPER_R PSEN_LOG_PERNR_SUBPER_ R Output Structure for Debugger Empl. Period Calculation CE PSEN_LOG_PROCESS Log: Calculation Process PSEN_LOG_PROCESS_STEP Log: Process Step PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIODS_PE PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIODS_P E Log: Periods and Peaks of Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIODS_TE PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIODS_T E Log: Periods / Weighting / Duration / Text and Subperiod   PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIOD_INFTY PSEN_LOG_SUB_PERIOD_IN FTY Log: Periods and Peaks of Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_LOG_TABLE Output Structure for Employment Period Calculation Log /14 13:00:24 26/40


Table Name Short text PSEN_LOG_TABLE_CE Output Structure for Employment Period Calculation Log PSEN_LOG_WEIGHTED_PERIO PSEN_LOG_WEIGHTED_PERI O Log: Weighted Periods (End Result) PSEN_LOG_WEIGHTED_PERIO PSEN_LOG_WEIGHTED_PERI O Log: Part Periods Determined and S Classes Created PSEN_LOG_W_PERIODS_PEAKS PSEN_LOG_W_PERIODS_PEA KS Weighted Period with Corresponding Duration PSEN_OP_DURATION Interface: Operator, Duration PSEN_PEAK_BASE Peak with Duration PSEN_PEAK_CONTROL Evaluation Sample Control PSEN_PEAK_DEC Peak with Decimal Duration and Period PSEN_PEAK_DEC_BASE Peak with Decimal Duration PSEN_PEAK_DEC_TEXT Peak with Decimal Duration and Period with Text PSEN_PEAK_DEC_TEXT_IF Peak with Decimal Duration and Period with Text PSEN_PERIOD Period PSEN_PERIOD_DURATION Period and Duration PSEN_PERIOD_DURATION_U Period and Duration PSEN_PERIOD_PERNR Obsolete: Employment subperiod of an assignment PSEN_PERNR_ASSIGN_SUBPER PSEN_PERNR_ASSIGN_SUBP ER Subperiod of assignment for a concurrently employed per son PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_PEAK_D PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_PEAK _D Peaks and Selection Class for Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_W_PEA PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_W_PE A Weighting Peaks of Selection Class for Subperiod Assgnmt   PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_W_PERI PSEN_PERNR_SCLASS_W_PE RI Weighting Period of Selection Class for Subperiod Assig nment PSEN_PERNR_WEIGHT_PEAK_ PSEN_PERNR_WEIGHT_PEAK _ Weighting Peaks for Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_PERNR_WEIGHT_PERIOD PSEN_PERNR_WEIGHT_PERI OD Weighting Period for Subperiod of Assignment PSEN_PR_PERIOD Period with Priority PSEN_PSTEP_TSPST Interface: Override Valuation Model PSEN_P_WEIGHT Credit Factor PSEN_READ_PROCESS Interface: Read Calculation Process PSEN_SEL_CLASS_DURATION_ PSEN_SEL_CLASS_DURATIO N_ Selection Class with Duration of Maximum Value PSEN_SEL_CLASS_LGDESC Selection Class and its Legal Basis PSEN_SEL_CLASS_PEAK_DEC PSEN_SEL_CLASS_PEAK_DE C Duration of a Selection Class PSEN_SEL_CLASS_WGHT_PERI PSEN_SEL_CLASS_WGHT_PE RI Weighted Period of a Selection Class PSEN_SEL_CLASS_WGH_PEAK PSEN_SEL_CLASS_WGH_PEA K Peak of a Selection Class with Weighting Factor PSEN_SEL_RULE_DURATION Duration of Selection Rule PSEN_SEL_RULE_PEAK_DEC Duration of Selection Rule PSEN_SEL_RULE_PERIOD Period of Selection Rule PSEN_SEL_RULE_WGHT_PERI PSEN_SEL_RULE_WGHT_PER I Weighted Period of a Selection Rule PSEN_SITUATION_PERIOD Time Sequence: Detail PSEN_SUBPERIOD_PERNR Subperiod of assignment for a concurrently employed person PSEN_T525O_EXIT Different Values Table T525O PSEN_THC_DURATION Duration of Threshold/Max. Value (Selection Class) PSEN_THC_DURATION_WEIGHT PSEN_THC_DURATION_WEIG HT Limit of Threshold Value/Maximum Mass with Weighting PSEN_THC_DURATION_WEIGH PSEN_THC_DURATION_WEIG H Threshold Value/Maximum Mass to be Displayed /14 13:00:24 27/40


Table Name Short text PSEN_TREE_ITEM Tree Control for Employment Period Evaluation PSEN_TSPST_CONTROL Evaluation Sample Control PSEN_WEIGHT Weighting Factor (Denominator, Numerator) PSEN_WEIGHT_DURATION_DEC PSEN_WEIGHT_DURATION_D EC Duration in Years, Months, and Days with Decimals PSEN_WEIGHT_PEAK_DEC Weighted Peak with Decimal Duration PSEN_WEIGHT_PEAK_DEC_BA PSEN_WEIGHT_PEAK_DEC_B A Weighted Peak with Decimal Duration PSEN_WEIGHT_PERIOD Weighted Period PSEN_WEIGHT_PERIOD_TEXT PSEN_WEIGHT_PERIOD_TEX T Weighted Period with Text PSEN_WEIGHT_PERIOD_TEXT PSEN_WEIGHT_PERIOD_TEX T Weighted Period with Text PSEN_W_PERIOD_DURATION Weighted Period with Corresponding Duration PSEN_W_WEIGHT Weighting factor PSEN_W_WEIGHT_DISP Weighting Factor with Derived Properties PSEN_W_WEIGHT_PERIOD Weighted Period PSERB Inheritance data, Project System PSERBV Inheritance administration, Project System PSERBV_BW Admin.Table for Inheritance Extraction BW PSERBZ Inheritance run: Object assignments, Project System PSERB_INC Master data inheritance fields, Project System PSE_HR_MEDC structure for the form HR_SE_MEDC PSE_HR_SAF3 structure for the interface HR_SE_SAF3 PSE_HR_SE_MEDC structure for the form HR_SE_MEDC PSE_HR_SE_SAF3 structure for the interface HR_SE_SAF3 PSE_HR_SE_SKIR Structure for the interface HR_SE_SKIR PSE_HR_SKIR Structure for the interface HR_SE_SKIR PSE_RPCKU1S0_FORM create a file to be sending to the National tax board PSE_RPSSBKS0_SBC_FORM Structure for form HR_SE_SCB2 PSE_RPSSBSS0_SBC_FORM Structure for form HR_SE_SCB1 PSE_RPSSFDS0_HEADER_FORM PSE_RPSSFDS0_HEADER_FO RM Structure for report RPSSFDS0 PSE_RPSSFDS0_ITEM_FORM Structure for report RPSSFDS0 PSFACTS_FIELD_DESCRIPTORS PSFACTS_FIELD_DESCRIPT ORS Field Descriptors Structure for Facts Categories PSFC_COMP Component information for PSFC layout sets PSFC_DISP Help structure for display in production order PSFC_FRAME Printing: Size and position for frame PSFC_HEAD Header Information for PSFC Layout Sets PSFEE Service Charge PSFIXPI Fixed Payroll Infotype Fields PSFIZIN Transfer Item to Interest Calculation PSFMFPO FMFPO structure for PS System PSFM_FIELDS Fields for fund management in the Public Sector PSG01 Field String for Feature in T549B /14 13:00:24 28/40


Table Name Short text PSG02 Leave scheme records PSG03 Maximum number of absence days w/o proration PSG04 Field String for Feature in 25PR1 PSG05 Eligibility Criteria for Scheme Code and Division Code PSG07 HR-PS-SG: Structure for report (Employee Suggestion Scheme) PSG08 Pensions Scheme Records PSG08A HR-PS-SG: Structure for Pensions Non Qualifying Period PSG08B HR-PS-SG: Structure for Pensions Qualifying Period PSG08C Pensions Scheme Option Printing Values (SMARTFORM ONLY) PSG08D Pensions Scheme Records (SMARTFORM ONLY) PSG8A Pensions Scheme Component Printing Values PSG8B Pensions Scheme Option Printing Values PSG8C HR-PS-SG: Structure for Component Qualifying Period PSG8D Structure for feature 25PEN (HR-PS-SG Pensions Scheme) PSG8E HR-PS-SG: Field string for Feature 25INT (Interest rates) PSG8F HR-PS-SG: Structure for Pensions APE Valid Event Details PSG8G HR-PS-SG: Structure for Summary of Component Details PSGARD Garnishment debt -International Part PSGARNS Non-Exempt Amount PSGARO Garnishment order -International part PSGAROR Garnishment order -International part PSGARR Garnishment order -International part: 3rd party remittance PSGEN PS Key Figures: Logistics and Accounting PSGENACC PS Key Figures: Accounting PSGENACC2 PS Key Figures: Accounting PSGENERB PS Key Figures: ELM_PS PSGENLOG PS Key Figures: Logistics PSGENLOG2 PS Key Figures: Logistics PSGLFLEX00 General ledger: Transaction attributes PSGLFLEX00_INC General ledger: Transaction attributes PSGLFLEX01 General ledger: Technical fields PSGLFLEX01_INC General ledger: Technical fields PSGLFLEX02 General ledger: Main account assignment PSGLFLEX02_INC General ledger: Main account assignment PSGLFLEX03 General ledger: SAP additional account assignment PSGLFLEX03_DATA General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignmt in Data Part of LIs PSGLFLEX03_INC General ledger: SAP additional account assignment PSGLFLEX04 General ledger: Customer additional account assignment PSGLFLEX05 General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2 PSGLFLEX06 General ledger: Sender SAP additional account assignment /14 13:00:24 29/40


Table Name Short text PSGLFLEX06_INC General Ledger: Sender Additional Acct Assgmt Public Sector PSGLFLEX07 General Ledger: Reserve Table 1 PSGLFLEX07_INC General Ledger PS: Fund, Grant and Functional Area PSGLFLEX08 General Ledger: Reserve Table 2 PSGLFLEXA General Ledger: Actual Line Items PSGLFLEXA_FS General Ledger Line Items PSGLFLEXB Generated Extract Structure for Table FMGLFLEXT PSGLFLEXKEY Structure with the keys of the flexible general ledger PSGLFLEXP General Ledger: Plan Line Items PSGLFLEXS Reporting for table PSGLFLEXT PSGLFLEXT General Ledger Public Sector: Total PSGLFLEXT_FS General Ledger Balances PSGLMIG_PROTOCOL rotocol for the Migration to the new Public Sector Template PSGL_EXTSTRUCT_LEAD Extraction Structure for the Leading Ledger PSGOTO Project System: Go to PS Objects PSGR Master item group PSGUID GUIDs for Project Definition PSGUIDBT Document Table for PS GUIDs PSGUID_OBJ_KEY Obsolete -Do Not Use PSGUID_OBJ_KEY_INT Obsolete -Do Not Use PSGUID_TS_GUID_FOR_EXTE PSGUID_TS_GUID_FOR_EXT E GUID for External Key PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY Object Key (External, Internal, Obj. No.) of GUID Link PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY_EXT External Object Key of GUID Link PSGUID_TS_OBJ_KEY_INT Object Key for GUID Link with Internal Numbers PSG_APE_MONTH HR-SG-PS: Interface to pass no. of month for APE computation PSG_CPF_REFUND HR PS SG: CPF Refund computations PSG_ERROR_MSG HR-SG-PS: Interface for passing Error message PSG_F4_LIST HR-SG-PS: Interface for passing Error message. PSG_FORM_IR21 IR21 Structure for PDF PSG_FORM_IR8A Temse vaiables for IR8A PSG_FORM_IR8S Structure for IR8S PDF PSG_FORM_SEL HR-GB: Selection screen and search help for Singapore PSG_PAST_SALARY HR PS SG: Past salary data for Pension refund calculations PSG_RPAPBSR0_PDF Structure for Print Letter of Appointment PSG_RPCTGMLR0_DTAB Prog RPCTGMLR0 convert SmartForm HR_SGGML22004 into PDF PSG_RPCTGMLR0_DTAB2 Prog RPCTGMLR0 convert SmartForm HR_SGGML52004 into PDF PSHD1 HR Master Record: Control Field PSHD1_ABA HR Master Data: Administration Fields PSHDR Headers for Infotype Records PSHDSVCI Personalized Screen Variants for FI Enjoy Transactions /14 13:00:24 30/40


Table Name Short text PSHFT Screen Fields for Generating Shift Schedule PSHIFT_PBS Shift Planning: Shift Abbreviation for Persons PSHL Text key for indexed objects in SAPfile PSHLP_CACHE_DB Maintains Project Cache Information PSHLP_CACHE_DS_ST Datasets stored in cache for each object PSHLP_CACHE_HEIR_ROOT PS Hierachy Cache Header PSHLP_CACHE_OBJNR_ST Object Number PSHLP_CACHE_OVERVIEW_ST PSHLP_CACHE_OVERVIEW_S T PS Cache Overview Information PSHLP_COMPARE_DRAFT_ST Compare Draft structure PSHLP_CUST_DPROF Dataset profile for user PSHLP_CUST_PROFT Test table for displaying different languages PSHLP_DATASELECT_ST Structure to display the datasets checkboxes. PSHLP_DATASET_DB To store the user specific datasets chosen PSHLP_DRAFT_CONTROL_ST Control structure for Draft Workbench PSHLP_DRAFT_DB Table holds Draft Workbench Information PSHLP_DRAFT_DB_SEL Structure to get lead selection in compare with DB PSHLP_DRAFT_LOCAL_ST Draft display structure PSHLP_DRAFT_ORG_ST Org structure for draft workbench PSHLP_DRAFT_SCREEN_ST Draft Screen Structure PSHLP_DRAFT_ST Draft display structure PSHLP_ENTRY_ST Structure to hold the entry data for project editor. PSHLP_FILTER_DATA_ST Filter data set structure for PS PSHLP_FILTER_DB Project Worklist -User Specific Filter Table PSHLP_HIERARCHY_DRAFT_ST PSHLP_HIERARCHY_DRAFT_ ST Hierarchy structure for PS PSHLP_HIERARCHY_ST Hierarchy structure for PS PSHLP_JEST_ST PS HLP Jest structure PSHLP_LOG_ADMIN1_ST PS log for Admin:Level 1 PSHLP_LOG_ADMIN2_ST PS Log: Admin Log Level 2 PSHLP_NETWWL_DB Network ACL Worklist PSHLP_OVIEW_FETCHED_ST Structure to store overview information PSHLP_PROJWL_DB Project Definition ACL Worklist PSHLP_PRPS_CONTEXT_ST PRPS Context PSHLP_PSTAB_ST WBS Update Structure PSHLP_WBSWL_DB WBS Elements ACL Worklist PSHMEM_CLUS_TAB Clustered Table for Shared Memory PSHWC Work Center Search Help Structute PSIND_BAP Hierarchy index graphic PSINFOFIELD Structure for Selected Key Figures in Tree Structure PSINFOTREE Tree Structure for Project Information System PSINFO_INDX System Table INDEX: Project Information System /14 13:00:24 31/40


Table Name Short text PSINFO_MENUS Functions in Project Information System PSINFO_TREEITEM Tree Control Item for Project Information System PSINFO_TREENODE Tree Control Node for Project Information System PSIS_CHANGE_DOC PS Information System: Issuing Change Documents PSIS_GEN_ACT01 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFFH Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFFH01 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFFL Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFIH Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFKO Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFPO Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFRU Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFVC Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFVU Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AFVV Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_AUFK Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EBAN_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EBAN_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EBKN_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EBKN_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKBE_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKET_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKET_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKKN_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKKN_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKPB_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKPB_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKPO_NP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_EKPO_PR Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_KBED01 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_KBED04 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_KBEZ Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_MLSTD Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_NEKO Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_NEPO Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_NETZ Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PLAF Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PROJ Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PRPS Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PRPS_R Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. /14 13:00:24 32/40


Table Name Short text PSIS_GEN_PRTE Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PSMLST Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PSTX Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_PSTX1 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_RESB01 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_RESB04 Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_VBAK Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSIS_GEN_VBAP Generated structure for LDB PSJ. Do not modify manually. PSJGNREP Assgt of reports generated for LDB PSJ to calling report PSJHIEDATA Hierarchy data to test LDB PSJ PSJ_AUFRUFE Internal management table for LDB PSJ (calls) PSJ_AUTH Authorizations for objects selected in LDB PSJ PSJ_AUTH_M Authorizations for Objects Selected in LDB PSJ + VSNMR PSJ_FLG_FIRST Fld Strg for LDB PSJ: Flag Indicating Whether Init.Necessary PSJ_HIE_INDX LDB PSJ: Indices for objects being upgraded PSJ_MEM_ID Memory ID for LDB PSJ PSJ_REQ_BY_CJDB ITABS which requested CJDB_GET_PROJECT_FROM_PSJ CJDB_GET_PROJECT_FROM_PSJ PSJ_VERSIONEN Internal Administration Table for LDB PSJ PSKEY Keys for HR Master Data PSKEY_ABA HR Master Data Key PSKOA Archive Objects Key for HR Master and Applicant Data PSKOB Key for applicant data archive object PSKW1 Status for Posting Day PSKW2 Exceptions for Posting Day PSKW2_LOCK PSKW3 Amounts for Day-End Closing PSKW4 Additional Data Funds Management for Dunning Procedure PSKW5 Additional Data for Public-Law Dunning Procedure PSLABS Certificate PSLART School Types PSLAWYER Plaintiff Lawyer PSLI Reference: Delivery from project PSLIB Document table for PSLI PSLMV Parameter for material variants selection_ PSLOG_CUS_DELE Customizing table to set the automatic deletion counter PSLOG_CUS_TAB Customizing table for the project editor PSLOG_MAIL_CNT Mail counter for PS log PSMASTDATA Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer PSMASTDATA1 Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer PSMASTDATA2 Master Data for Projects/WBS Elements in Report-Writer /14 13:00:24 33/40


Table Name Short text PSMATRUE Sub-quantity of IMSEG for material withdrawals (PS module) PSMERK Characteristics for summarization w/o class., Project System PSMFPTYPE Customizing table for Funded Program Type PSMFPTYPET Text table for customizing table PSMFPTYPE PSMLST Milestone I/O Table PSMLSTD_CONTEXT Context for Current WBS Element PSMLST_UPDATE_RELEVANT Fields from MLST (sim.vers.) that are relevant to the upd ate PSMLST_UPD_OP2VS Fields from PSMLST (sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSMLST_UPD_VS2OP Fields from PSMLST (sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSMLST_UPD_VS2VS Fields from PSMLST (sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSMMMM Empty template structure for PM01 PSM_ABADR_BUFFER buffer structure PSM_ABADR_BUFFER_RULE buffer for derivation rule PSM_ABADR_ID_INDEX index structure ABADR PSM_ABADR_RULE Structure for rule values PSM_ABADR_STEP_ALLOWED_ PSM_ABADR_STEP_ALLOWED _ step allowed fields PSM_ABADR_STEP_INFO Step Info PSM_ABADR_STEP_OVERVIEW PSM_ABADR_STEP_OVERVIE W Table structure for derivation step overview table PSM_ABADR_STRATEGY Strategy structure PSM_ABADR_STRATEGY_KEY Strategy key PSM_ACC_ALV_S_BPINDX03_L PSM_ACC_ALV_S_BPINDX03 _L Structure List Output BPINDX03 PSM_EC_ABADR_STRATEGY_K PSM_EC_ABADR_STRATEGY_ K Strategy key -EC PSM_ESOA_ACCOUNT_ASSIG Mapping Structure for Public sector account assignment PSM_ESOA_ACCOUNT_ASSIG_X PSM_ESOA_ACCOUNT_ASSIG _X Mapping Structure Public sector account assignment X PSM_ESOA_QRY_PROC_OPTIO PSM_ESOA_QRY_PROC_OPTI O Processing options for services queries (response) PSM_ESOA_QUERY_PROC_OP Processing options for services queries (query) PSM_INCL Enhancement fields for PSM PSM_MEASURET_REPL Structure for fuded program wrapper (text) PSM_MEASURET_REPL_TEXT Text structure for PSM_MEASURE_REPLICATE PSM_MEASURE_REPL Structure for Funded Program wrapper PSM_MEASURE_REPL_DATA Data Structure for PSM_MEASURE_REPLICATE PSM_MEASURE_REPL_INT Interface Structure for BAPIs (BUS0038) PSM_MEASURE_REPL_OUT Outbound structure for funded program wrapper PSM_S_RFFMRC03_LIST1 Structure for ALV output for Report -RFFMRC03 -List 1 PSM_S_RFFMRC03_LIST2 Fieldcatalog Structure for Report -RFFMRC03 -ALV Conversion   PSO01 Payment Requests (Local Authority) PSO02 Payment Request Structure (Local Government Screen) PSO02S Structure Payment Request -G/L Account Information PSO02S_SUBST PSO02S Fields for Substitution in Requests PSO02_SUBST PSO02 Fields for Substitution in Requests /14 13:00:24 34/40


Table Name Short text PSO03 Payment Request Structure (Local Authority Screen) PSO03S Payment Request Structure (Local Authority Screen) PSO04 Revenue Types PSO Revenue Types PSO06 Assign Revenue Type/Dunning Area PSO07 Assign Revenue Type/Commitment Item PSO08 Function PSO Tasks PSO Processors for Revenue Types/Release Groups PSO11 Assign Main to Secondary Revenue Types PSO12 Deduction reasons PSO13 Deduction Reasons (Texts) PSO14 Define Regions PSO Area (Texts) PSO16 Application PSO17 Use (Texts) PSO18 Formatted Address Data PSO19 Group Responsibility PSO Text Table PSO19 PSO21 Description (Customer/Vendor Supplement) PSO22 Set G/L Account-Relevant Information for Local Authorities PSO23 Summary Key, Closing Posting Day PSO24 Summary Key (Text) PSO Data elements for reports PSO26 Summarization Keys and Accounts PSO27 Objects PSO28 Objects (texts) PSO29 Object class PSO Object class (texts) PSO31 Allocation of customer/objects PSO32 Allocation of customer/revenue types/objects PSO33 F4 for dunning area PSO34 Allocation of revenue type to account group PSO Client-Dependent Settings for Local Authorities (Transfer) PSO36 Assignment Proposal FI Document Type to Request Category PSO37 Payment Block to be Set Automatically PSO38 Revenue Type Assignment to Object Class PSO39 Controlling Structure for Request Creation PSO Rounding Units PSO41 Assigning Request Category to Document Type /14 13:00:24 35/40


Table Name Short text PSO42 Controlling automatic approval and posting PSO42PRE Controlling autom. approvals and postings for View-Cluster PSO42_BLART Approve and Post Control Automatically (With BLART) PSO43 Global Settings for Requests/Financial Accounting PSO43USER Global Settings AO/FI IS-PS per USER (SAP internal only) PSO44 IS-PS-Specific Additional Fields PSO47 Assign Dunning Procedure to Dunning Area PSO48 Customer Assignment of BUSAB to Customer Master Record PSO48S Structure for Maintenance View PS048 PSO49 Assignment of User Role Codes and Names PSO49T User Roles PSO50 Stop Mass Processing Data for Invoice Reference PSO51 G/L Account Determination for Deferrals PSO52 Earmarked Funds Information for Standing Requests PSO53 Define Petty Amount Limits PSO54 Posting Information Small Amounts PSO55 Negative Posting in Requests PSO56 Customizing for Fixed Values on Initial Screen PSO57 Available Fields for Fixed Values on Request Screens PSOAC01 Customizing Local Authorities (Check Digit Procedure) PSOACCIT EA-PS: Payment Reconciliation PSOBFI FI Position (Day-end Closing) PSOBFI_INI PSOBFM FM Positions Table of Day-end Closing PSOBFM_INI PSOBJECT_H1 BOR Master Data for the Contract Object PSOBJECT_H3 BOR Accounting Data for the Contract Object PSOBKFI PSOBL Saving Changed Documents for Execution PSOBLAFST Assigning Field Selection String -> Document Type PSOB_DI All Data on Contract Object for Direct Input (S4) PSOB_DI_EXT Contract Object Data Transfer Technical View (S4 Extended) PSOFST Field Selection String and Fields for Requests PSOFST_FE Field Selection String and Fields for Requests PSOFST_FETX Texts for Field Selection String for Requests PSOFST_FL Fields for Field Selection String for Requests PSOKN Saving Changed Customers for Execution PSOKPF Recurring Request Document Header PSOLF Saving Changed Vendors for Execution PSOLL Shift Planning: Target Plan /14 13:00:24 36/40


Table Name Short text PSOOD Description (Customer/Vendor Attachment) PSOPER Structure for Changed Infotype Records (Personnel Admin.) PSORDER Changes in Logistics Order > PS Reporting, Avlblty Control PSOR_REORG Object List for Reorganization of Orders for Projects PSOSEC Recurring Request Document Segment, One-Time Data PSOSEG Document Parking Document Segment PSOSEGA Document Segment for Assets Document Parking PSOSEGD Document Segment: Recurring Request, Customer PSOSEGK Recurring Request Document Segment, Vendors PSOSEGS Recurring Request Document Segment, G/L Accounts PSOSET Document Segment for Standing Request Taxes PSOSUGG Default Values for Request Entry PSOTN Assign Request Categories to Number Range PSOTP Request Category Entity Table PSOTT Payment Request Document Category Texts (Local Authority) PSOTY Payment Request Document Categories (Local Authority) PSOWF Structure for List Representation of Request Headers PSOWF1 Variant-Dependent Data for Workflow Request (FMPSO) PSOWF1T Texts for Workflow Variants for Requests PSOWF2 Assigning Company Code, Document Type to Workflow Variant PSOWFH Help Fields for Workflow Requests (Object FMPSO) PSOXX Structure of Requests List Display PSO_BAL_01 Application Log: Log -Output Structure PSO_KBLE Structure for List View of Development Records PSPAR Transfer String for HR Infotype Dialog Modules PSPID_EXT External Format of WBS Element PSPID_RANG Ranges Table for PROJ-PSPID (Project Definition) PSPL Index project -> planned order PSPLIT HR: Structure for SPLIT-NATIO in payroll PSPPT_INDX System table INDX PSPP_INFO_COL Table for Info Columns Associated with a Variant PSPP_INFO_VAR Table for Variant Information for Info Column Grouping PSPP_INFO_VART Table for Variant Text for Info Column Grouping PSPP_SORT_DEF Name and Properties of a Sorting (Variant) PSPP_VAR Name and Characteristic of Sorting (Variant) PSPP_VAREMP Statistical Employee Sorting PSPP_VAROBJ Initial Objects for Statistical Sorting PSPP_VARSOR Generic Employee Sorting PSPP_VART Text Table for Sorting PSPROJ_CONTEXT Context for Current Project /14 13:00:24 37/40


Table Name Short text PSPRPS_CONTEXT Context for Current WBS Element PSPRTE_CONTEXT Context for Current WBS Element PSPR_GRP_IND Purchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS PSPR_GRP_IND_PR Grouping Indicators and purchase requisition numbers PSPR_GR_IND_REL Assignment of group indicator data PSP_FCATALOG Field Catalog for iPPE WBS Element PSP_OWAERS WBS and corresponding Object Currency PSRCNPARAM PS Reporting Parameters PSRDT Reclassification Date + Reclassification Type PSREF Assignment Values for HR Objects PSREF_CO CO Assignment Sizes for HR Objects PSREF_DYNP Attributes of Screen Fields in Structure PSREF excl. COBL PSREF_FI FI Assignment Sizes for HR Objects PSREF_FIELD Selection Fields for CO Object Types in Cost Assignment PSREF_PRZNT Assignment Sizes for HR Objects with Percentage Rates PSREF_REP Assignment Sizes for HR Objects (Extract from PSREF) PSRELP HR Master Data Buffer PSRFV Filter Value for Reclassification with Date PSSA_SEL PS Master Data Compare Reports: Selections PSSA_SEL_300 Parameter Consistency Checks Within a Project PSSKF_DEFAU_TAB Default SKF for the the Project Parameters PSSKF_DEFAU_VIW Maintenance view for the default SKF for the project paramet PSSKF_ENABLE_TAB activate deactivate SKF tab in the Project Builder PSSKF_ENABLE_VIW Activate SKF tab PSSKF_RATES_TAB Save the SKF rates for the calculation of the work duration. PST01 Tax Routine Input (D) PST02 Tax Routine Output (D) PST03 Gross Taxable Amounts (D) PSTABD Dialog structure PSTAB PSTAT Condensed status display PSTHIRD Third Pary Remittance PSTMV Internal settings for material variants selection PSTRANSFER Transfer PSTT PS texts (description) PSTX PS Texts (Header) PSTX1 PS Texts (Header) for Activity (1) PSTXB SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format PSTXD PS Text PSTX Dialog Structure PSTXH PTXD PS Text File Header PSTXR PS Text Structure for Project Reporting /14 13:00:24 38/40


Table Name Short text PSTXT STXT SPA/GPA parameters PSTXTGG STXT SPA/GPA parameters PSTXTHZ STXT SPA/GPA parameters PSTX_AUTH Results of mass authorization check for PS texts PSTX_UPDATE_RELEVANT ields from PSTX (sim.vers.) that are relevant to the update   PSTX_UPD_OP2VS Fields from PSTX(sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSTX_UPD_VS2OP Fields from PSTX(sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSTX_UPD_VS2VS Fields from PSTX(sim.vers.) NOT relevant to the update PSTY_RANGE Range for Item Category in Purchasing Document (PSTYP) PST_EXPL_SEL Dialog Structre for Structure Operation with Explosion PST_EXPL_SEL1 Dialog Structure for Structure Operation with Explosion 1 PST_EXPL_SEL2 Dialog Structure for Structure Operation with Explosion 1 PSV01 SI Attribute Figures (D) PSV02 SI Attribute Fields (D) PSV03 Transfer Structure of SI to Data Carrier (D) PSV04 Transfer Structure of SI Data for Official SI Key PSV05 Return Structure for Official SI Key PSVD_HIEBG Hierarchy code with index for PSVD_OBJEK PSVD_MKLEN Length of attributes within the hierarchy code PSVD_OBJEK Classified Objects PSVR Master alternative items PSVSNO Project Version Numbers PSWAO_COSTS PS: Cost Information for Project Definitions PSWAO_COSTS_PER Period data PSWAO_NETWORK PS Network for WAO PSWAO_NETW_SCHED_DEV Network Schedule Deviation PSWAO_NW_NAME PS Network Name and Short Text PSWAO_OBJECT PS Information for Business Object PSWAO_OBJECTS Objects for Dropdown Boxes PSWAO_PD_NAME PS Project Definition Name and Short Text PSWAO_PIGVALUES Graphical Output in PS MiniApp PSWAO_PROJECT_DEFINITION PSWAO_PROJECT_DEFINITI ON PS Project Definition for WAO PSWAO_S_SOURCE PS Search Engine Search Location PSWAO_WBS_ELEMENT PS WBS Element for WAO PSWAO_WBS_NAME PS WBS Element Name and Short Text PSWBS_EXT External Format of PS WBS Element PSXXXX Payroll Infotype PSYMB Symbolic Account Assignment PSYST System Fields for HR Infotypes (PA/Recruitment) PSZIN1 Proj.Interest Clc.: User Exit 1 /14 13:00:24 39/40


Table Name Short text PSZPP01 PS-CM: Payment Planning PSZZZZ Empty template structure for PM01 (View-Infotype) PSZ_KPP0SF PS CM: Cash Planning: Interface to Applic.-Specific Routines PS_FVKPA Contract Accounts with Account Holders PS_FVKPBA Select Contract Accounts by Partner Bank Details PS_FVKPG View of Selection of Account Holders for Account PS_FVKPS Contract Accounts Using Address Data from Shadow Table PS_TKA02 Assignment of company code(s) /14 13:00:24 40/40

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