Tau Correspondence

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Delivery to: Fio’ui Bork’an Alorai  Alorai  This communique must be delivered in confidence, so I will not be disclosing my name once this is done. If you are a true friend of mine you will be aware of who the sender is. Recent events have left me in a state of confusion. Since the bond was sealed my wife has found herself preoccupied. She does not wander from the abode, no, but she spends <i> Rotaa</i>, days, watching the world pass by, taking note on one of many pads. Some days I regret her decision to purchase them, but without such things she would have found herself bored regardless. I can only hope that she has not grown bored in her own way. But I do not bother you for boredom, dear friend, no. This is not what causes concern. What attracts my attention so dearly is the time time –  – this  this has persisted for nearly half a year. What do you do when the one who chose you falls out of living for half a <i> <i>Tau’cyr  Tau’cyr ?</i> ?</i> I worry for her, I really do. The physician I called examined her to the best of her ability; she refused the entire way, so my fortune to the Water Caste, for putting health above feelings to some degree at the least. Yet…she found nothing. Whatever this is, it isn’t medical. She isn’t ill, physically anyway.  anyway.  I’m hoping that perhaps that you have some other clue, some insight that I might not have. Maybe in my haste and worry my perception is somewhat blurry, and I may even be missing the obvious. Before you left for the Homeward shipyards I valued your council, and I still do. You notice things I do not and even things others would pass by and maybe now I need that more than ever. The overseers say this will reach you should I send it and now I’m placing my trust in yet more strangers on this delicate topic. The shipyards are one of our highest security zones, and most of the data sent in and out will be censored or in some way examined. On the understanding that I have no wish to discuss the dockyard secrets or anything else that comes in or out of those places, I ask you for aid. <i> Aun’ Ka</i> Ka</i>, by the Ethereals, I’d be asking them for aid would it not be a waste of their time. They have an empire to run…what are our trivial matters of domesticity compared to them, do you think? I wait for your reply. Praise for these anonymous tracers such status affords us, hmm? ***

Delivery to: [Encrypted] In recognition of our friendship, I will concede to your request to remain anonymous, but I don’t like it. We’re taught in the shipyards to not keep secrets. It hinders the work of our fellows fello ws and leads to


poor practise later down the line. We keep the secrets of the shipyards safe from the outside world, but that is for security, not spiteful deceit. As for your bonded partner, I am sorry to hear of the distance she has found growing between her and the world. She is <i>Kor’el</i> <i>Kor’el</i>,, yes? The intricacies of the Air Caste are usually beyond me, and the only idea that comes to mind is that perhaps she feels her life is too static. You know as well as I the wild spirit of the <i>Kor</i> and I believe that was what you said first attracted you to her. <i>Shas’Kor</i> is a well-made well -made couple if I ever saw one. As a messenger she was doubtless happy with her lot in life, but perhaps her promotion through the ranks bore more than just greater standing amongst her peers? I know I felt the allure of greater achievements when I stepped above the workmen. It is addictive in the extreme, more so if the promotions are given in quick succession. I would hazard a guess as to wanting to do more than this lifestyle allows her. I do not pretend to know her as you do, for you and I both know full-well that even were I of that mind I could not be as close to her as you are. So, from that which I recall from our conversations my best understanding is that perhaps she aspires to higher goals, perhaps a posting in the stratosphere stations or perhaps a starship? I do not know the regulations for such postings, but if you soon return to your duty, maybe you could attempt to secure her a place as a pilot? If you wish I can speak to the overseers here and discuss with them if such a swift transfer is possible. It may not be, but there is no harm in trying. It will not distract me from my duties. I await a response. Ui’Alorai   Ui’Alorai ***

Delivery to: Fio’ui Bork’an Alorai  Alorai  A posting posting on a warship? I don’t know. I am Fire Caste, and it is my duty and role in our society to perform acts that place me in peril, but I do not feel comfortable endangering the one I love. It is my place to defend our society, not hers. Even in retirement I am the defence and though I may no longer journey beyond the spheres of expansion I am amongst those to hold our planets against those who would invade. But…there is truth in your words, and rarely have you been wrong in the past. It may be true that she longs for a higher calling that I simply cannot see. I am not <i>Kor</i> and I do not understand them as well as her friends may do and I lack the pragmatism you have shown me. Perhaps that is why my Trial By Fire has been delayed.


  It does not make me comfortable to think of her in danger, and I would never wish it to be so, and now I find myself ignoring ig noring that very statement. Ask the overseers; see if such a transition is possible and if it can be done I will discuss it with her. She should decide, not I –  – her  her life is hers to live, though she has chosen to live it with me. Thank you for your counsel. Anonymous ***

Delivery to: [Encrypted] The overseers say it is possible. They also say that should she move to one of our warships that would become her home for the duration of her posting, though with you in mind I asked if the same was true for our system defence ships. They said it is. This is not an ideal situation I know and it is out of my control. I have asked and these are the answers I have to deliver. deliver. What you do from here is not some something thing I can be involved in, my de dear. ar. Your wife may need a change of pace, and her wife needs to be unburdened of the worry. Good luck. Ui’Alorai   Ui’Alorai ***

Delivery to: Fio’ui Bork’an Alorai  Alorai  My friend and colleague, I bring you news far more fortunate than any thus far! After we talked, it was agreed that she would attempt for a posting on a defence warship and that I would join her as soon as the job was approved. I am not sure how much I will be able to communicate with you, but with defence ships able to come into dock perhaps we can meet in person once again. I never spend more than a few weeks aboard a spaceship so I will wager that adjusting will not be a smooth process, so I may be rather ineffectual as a warrior for some time. Regardless, I am fortunate enough to be with her.


  Even after all the trouble I caused you, you still allow me this; I was to be your wife and now I am hers and still you give us this. Thank you. La’Eira   La’Eira

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