TC4U Malpractice Policy

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Malpractice Policy

Total Communication 4 U, as do Signature, treats any example of malpractice with the greatest seriousness, and will take action in any case where malpractice is confirmed. Examples constituting malpractice might include:  Fraudulent claims for certification;

 Non-approved assessor claiming approved status;

 Deliberate breach of examination or other regulations.

TC4U, an Approved Centre, must report any cases of suspected malpractice to Signature immediately. Failure to do so may have implications for the issue of certificates and the future acceptance of entries from us. Signature will report  all significant cases of malpractice to the Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) immediately, and all other cases upon request. Signature will investigate  cases of suspected malpractice in the following manner:  Evidence will be collected from persons alleging malpractice;  

 Counter-evidence will be collected from persons denying malpractice; 

 All evidence will be examined by Signature using processes that may have one or more stages. The process may require the involvement of any of the following:



- centre Co-director(s); - Signature staff; - other interested parties.   If the above procedures do not resolve the issue, an independent Appeals Panel, supplemented if necessary with a subject expert for advice only, will be asked to adjudicate. All parties involved may make representations to the panel. The decision of this panel is final;

 Outcome of procedure may result in:

- candidate(s) work declared invalid; - centre approval withdrawn; - assessor/verifier accreditation withdrawn; - malpractice not found; - where appropriate, information passed to other awarding bodies/other agencies; - other appropriate outcome.   Outcome of procedure recorded and where necessary reported to Ofqual. Where malpractice involves misuse of certificates, Signature will inform Ofqual and agree appropriate action. 

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