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10 Kyle Cabatit
12-A Hurtado
SONA Take Home Quiz
Last Monday, the President of the Philippines delivered his State of the
Nation address, or SONA. Among many of the positive developments that he
said, P-Noy told us of the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and
Reconstruction. It was the response of the government to the crisis that
happened in Zamboanga earlier this year. Houses of countless innocents
were burned down despite having nothing to do with the conflict. In response
to the people who lost their homes, the government provided them with new
permanent housing units. To add to that, more housing units will be finished
by next year, and monetary assistance has already been provided to those
who want to rebuild their own homes.
This act of kindness by the
government shows us that through helping others, we can also gain lessons
that can help us in the future. Through this eco-policy, the government was
able to learn how to respond to crises like these, and hopefully, they will be
able to respond as potently in the future.
Another thing that P-Noy talked about in his SONA was how many lessfortunate Filipinos were receiving jobs and getting job training because of
TESDA. This stressed one of the points that Tulong Dunong taught us, which
is the preferential option for the poor. We who are privileged and live day by
day without worrying that we may not be alive by tomorrow should help
those who are not as fortunate as us. As such, TESDA offers countless
opportunities to those who are in need of it. Meanwhile, the TESDA trainees
showed us the Ignatian belief of finding God in all things. They were able to
strive and get the jobs despite the hardships that accompanied the courses
that they took because they knew that it was all for their families and for the
greater glory of God. Even though the odds were stacked against them, they
were able to shine in their respective batches and receive acknowledgement
from the president himself.
Through the SONA, I have learned that despite the different hardships
that the country is going through, there is still good happening in the
Philippines. The economy is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia,
more and more people are getting jobs, bans on our air industry have been
lifted, and countless infrastructure projects will be completed soon. It gives
us hope that the Philippines, despite being infested with crime and
corruption, can develop to become a country that we Filipinos could be proud

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