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1) Architecture and why Teradata
2) Utilities in detail.. Case Study : if we want to load 3 files everyday at dif
ferent different time but in same table. And later 1st run of everyday will be t
runcate and load. (Hint : 1st run will be truncate and load and rest will be jus
t insert)
3) Select Emp_id from Employee table whose age is least in every department. (DO
B is a field present in table)
4) Phone number problem (Row to Column and then Column to row both)
5) Select Emp_ID and his Manager_id from Emp Detail table. Emp_Detail column has
structure like (EMP_ID, Emp_Name, Manager_id)
6) Skewness factor and its remedy
7) Suppose if i have 25 columns combination as primary index and if i fire a que
ry on 1 column. How it will work and what is the issue and how to correct it.
8) GTT and Volatile table difference. Can we collect Stats on both ?
9) Fallback, no fallback and Journals
10) Set and Multiset
11) How to remove dulpicates from table
12) How we will load multiple files from Fload Utilities
13) What are the types of Spaces and how joins will work on spaces ?

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