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Technology Usage
I. Introduction:
A. Attention Getter: Can I have a raise of hands of those who used their cellphones, laptops or
their tablets within the past hour? !ait.. As" what did they use their cell phones for#
B. Audience $elevance: !e are all part of this new generation where technology is basically our
environ%ent and consists up %ost of our day, whether if it&s for school, to sociali'e or (ust for
si%ple entertain%ent. Technology does benefit us in ways, but I&d li"e to share with you how
it can affect us in bad ways in our %ental health, physical health and social relationships.
C. Credibility: The reason why I&d li"e to share with you this uni)ue "nowledge is because I
"now for a fact that technology does have it&s negative i%pact on our well*being, because
%ost of the proble%s that I had encountered with %y fa%ily, friends and school has %ostly
been caused by technology, and these proble%s were co%pletely unnecessary and a waste of
ti%e, especially since I need all the ti%e I can get for school, wor" and %y free ti%e.
D. Thesis and +review: ,very day technology is still being advanced and developed, which
%eans that our generation will have %ore e-cuses to be %ore dependent on technology. That
is why today I will be sharing with you how technology affects our %ental and physical
health, and our social life and why we should lessen our technology usage.
II. .+/: 0o let&s first tal" about how technology has a negative effect on our %ental health.
A. 0ub point A: 1id you "now that the increasing influence of technology on lifestyles has also
increased the nu%ber of people who are e-periencing depression? +sychologically, we can get
addicted to technology. According to 1r. Gary 0%all, director of the UC2A Center for
3euroscience and 4u%an 5ehavior at UC2A, had studies that the use of technology does
release the che%ical dopa%ine in people&s brains. 1opa%ine is the pleasure center of the
brain, which is considered the "ey opponent in %any addictive activities. I want to do a little
activity, I want the first 6 people in the front row to switch phones, how do you guys feel
about switching phones? 1o you guys feel nervous or insecurity when you have so%eone else
holding your phone? 7eeling this way shows a little bit how you need and want your phone to
feel a sense of security.
B. 0ub point 5: According to 8air A%ichai*4a%burger posted in his boo" 3ew 0cientist on
1ece%ber /9, :;;9, <Ti% =asser a psychologist of =no- College in Illinois research proves
that people who have have high values on %aterial goals are people who are unhappier than
those who are %aterialistic. .aterialis% is associated with lower self*estee%, greater
narcissis%, greater tendency to co%pare oneself unfavorably with other people, less e%pathy
and %ore conflict in relationships.> ?ne e-a%ple to prove that technology is associated with
low self*estee% is when people ta"e pictures now, we can edit it or photoshop it to %a"e it
loo" %ore appealing on the internet, and by having access to this * we loo" at ourselves in a
%ore attractive way, which %a"es us %ore addictive to technology. And this results into
narcissis%. 3arcissis% is the e-cessive or erotic interest in oneself and one&s physical
appearance, which also lessens e%pathy towards others, which I will e-plain in (ust a %inute.
Transition to .+:: 0o if you guys want to avoid getting slightly depressed or not get a little
addictive to technology, I suggest you guys thin" twice when you use technology, but now I&d
li"e to share with you how this can also affect your relationships with your fa%ily or friends and
even people you are barely %eeting.
III. .+:: The second reason why we should lessen our technology usage is because it has
negative effects on our social relationships with other people.
A. 0ub point A: 0o how does technology affect our relationships with our fa%ily and friends?
!hen I %entioned earlier in Ti% =asser&s words that technology lessens our e%pathy towards
others which creates %ore conflicts in relationships@ ,%pathy is the ability to understand and
share feelings with another.
B. 0ub point 5: And ,ven though technology does e-pand our co%%unication with others, it
does so%eti%es prevent us to physically interact and co%%unicate face to face. According to
1r. Gary 0%all&s studies, %ore people who have an-iety are %ore li"ely to rely on
technology. !hen we are too occupied using our s%art phones, the co%puter or playing video
ga%es too %uch, we are preventing ourselves fro% spending ti%e with our fa%ily or friends,
and even preventing ourselves fro% %a"ing new friends. 7or e-a%ple, when so%e people go
out with their fa%ily or friends or learning at school, so%eti%es we get distracted or bored
and we start using our phones for social websites li"e 7aceboo" and Instagra%@ and this does
affect our education and our relationship with others. That is why we should balance our use
of technology when it co%es to school, sociali'ing and entertain%ent.
Transition to .+A: 3ow that you "now how technology affects your %ental health, and has
negative effects on your relationships with others, I&% going to share with you how it affects our
physical health.
IB. .+A: 2ast but not least, technology does have a negative effect on our physical health.
A. 0ub point A: 0hawna !illia%s wrote on Culy D, :;;D on the 0tanford news that %ore children
are eating a lot of calories while watching TB. It&s already :;/A, and this was posted 9 years
ago. !ithin these 9 years, technology has greatly advanced to the point where we barely use
des"top co%puters, because we have fast internet and cool ga%es and applications on our
s%art phones, tablets and laptops.
B. 0ub point 5: Instead of using des"top co%puters, we can (ust lay around with our s%art
phones, tablets and laptops and get carried away with our social websites, ga%es and even
watch %ovies and shows on netfli-. Ta%ar 2ewin, a writer for the 3ew 8or" Ti%es published
on Canuary :;, :;/;, stated that <Those ages E to /E spend %ore than seven and a half hours a
day with such devices, co%pared with less than si- and a half hours five years ago, when the
study was last conducted.> It is o"ay to use these for our entertain%ent, but we should
carefully %anage our ti%e with these new gadgets. 7or e-a%ple, we should balance it out
with being physically active, li"e doing sports, wor"ing out at the gy%, or going out with
fa%ily or friends, because overusing technology also plays a big role in obesity
Transition to Conclusion: I hope you understand that technology doesn&t only benefit us, but that
you ladies and gentle%en are aware of it&s flaws, especially since we are constantly around
V. Conclusion:
A. $estate Thesis: Technology is basically our environ%ent and ta"es up %ost of our days@ It is
o"ay to use these cool technology, but we should be aware of the negative effects it can cause
us and why we should %anage our technology use wisely when it co%es to using it for school,
sociali'ing and entertain%ent.
B. $eview .+s: 0o let&s have a review on what I went over, so first we "now how technology
can affect our %ental health, along with our relationship with others and school, and last but
not least how technology does affect our physical health by being physically inactive because
of using our s%art phones or laptops too %uch.
C. Closing: 0o before you begin your day, (ust thin" about all the spontaneous things you can do
instead of (ust staying ho%e using your s%art phone, laptop or play video ga%es.

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