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2011 CTS Technical Interview Questions:  * Is it possible to delete Symbolic Map? What is the impactness if we delete  symbolic map? * How to open a Database using Unix Command Please Do Reply   * SRUCTURE PROGRAMMING * define switch statement? * What will happen if we write code like: try{}catch(exception e)catch(IOExc eption i) * in my application i am getting different errors at same place. how i captu re that errors using less code in qtp.   * What is the default size allocated for array in the statement if size not specified " int a[] " * deleted What is the difference LMT DLT? control file? * of control filebetween how will u & recover * A file has 1000 lines and i want to display only 1st line how to do it? pl s me * you need to deliver the product on monday, but in friday ur test cases get  crashed, what you will do? why we have to give GL no. between 6 to 10 ? * why java does compile time polymorphism at run time ? * what are the row and column separations in Flat Files * Write a program using micrprocessor? * What is interrupt? * What is the difference between microprocessors and micro controllers? * What is coaxial cable? * What is optical fiber? * * * *

What is CDMA? how to enable conection poole shrinking?? what is diff btwn JNDI&JDBC? as a test eng, tell me ur challenges? aug 6. plz answer


* How to extract original records at one target & Duplicate records at one t arget? {with out using EXPRESION transformation and sequence generator transform ation?}<-this is important * what do you mean LD_LIBRARY_PATH? What LD_LIBRARY_PATH does * How we will handle the Page Breaking in Smart Form?   * what is ur testing process in ur compnay?expalin from starting req phase t o last phase brifely? * when will we go for unconnected lookup transformation in Informatica? * write the regular expression for date format of mm/dd/yy? * * * *

Explain Localization Testing ? Define Fuzz testing? Explain All-pairs testing? How to test cookies in Manual testing and how to disable cookies?

* What is cookies?How do you test cookies? * what is test plan * HI Experts, What is BULK mode and NORMAL mode, Which one gives better perf ormance. How? Please Explain with an example...! It will help's me a lot. Thanks  In advance. * Hi Experts, Performance Wise Which transformation is better in LOOKUP AND JOINER TRansformations? Why? Can anybody please explain it ? Please help me out from this Question. Thanks In Advance. * write a query to get maximum salary from the employers table without dupli cates....kindly help me Source as 1 1 2 2 3 3 How to get target as 1 2 3 and 1 2 3 * How can we submit a form without a submit button?

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