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In Heart Monitor , when Scott and Allison are in her bedroom.  Allison: "Take it off" Scott: "Are you sure?"  Allison: "Are you sure?" Scott: (laughs) "You're asking me if I'm okay taking off your  clothes?"  Allison: (laughs) "That was a stupid question" Scott: "Like, world record stupid" Oh, and the whole scene in Stiles bedroom when Derek is changing and Danny is drooling over him. Danny: "You're a terrible person" Stiles: "I know, it keeps me up at night"  And then just about any converstaions between Derek and Stiles (specifically when they are in Stiles's room in the last episode and Derek pins Stiles to the door and Stiles talks back to him) or whenever Stiles is talking to Scott about Allison and Stiles asks if he's thinking about sex or her naked or something and Scott is like "yes" no nonchalantly.  

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