Telecom Industry Ver 1.0

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Telecom Industry Connecting the World

N Arjun

Telecom in the real sense means transfer of information
between two distant points in space

Telecom is a huge and varied bastion of technologies, companies, services and politics that is truly global in nature


Telecom stands as one of the most essential elements of the business world in terms of ³Connecting the World´ Volatile Sector

Regulatory discord Cut-throat competition Emergence of Technologies

Emergence of broadband & wireless technologies pose threat to carriers relying on aging infrastructure To survive, telecom carriers need to consider various options

Consolidation, Convergence, Costly Technological upgrades

Global Growth Patterns

Emerging Markets

Driving Volume Growth Low Tariffs (ARPUs)

Developed Markets

Low Subscriber Base Technological Advancements

Indian Telecom depends on the global telecom industry for technology platforms & network management While Indian market size attracts telecom giants

Indian Telecom - Scenario

India ± Fastest growing market in World ± 190 mn subscribers 4th largest mobile market growing at 6 mn Sub/month 4th largest internet market, 3rd largest by 2007 Voice Revenue dropping; PCOs - 4.5 mn @ CQGR of 7.22% Paying highest taxes and regulatory charges; Variable License fee


Data revenues ± 8.5% of service revenue against world avg of 16.5%

Content Services ± Music/Video etc Applications ± m Commerce/PVR Ticketing


Tele-density ± From 2% in 2000 to 15.44% in 2006 TEMA target of $100 bn for equipments in next 3 yrs IT & ITES Industry ± $35 bn with CAGR of 35%

Indian Telecom ± Global Reach
Bharti Seychelles Fixed, FWP, cellular 34000 (March 2006) Emtel of Mauritius, (Since 1998) private investors and the Gov of Seychelles

Co n ie

Se vice

S b c ibe

Pa ne

Telecom Seychelles

Jersey Telenet MTNL United Telecom (Since 2002) MTML (Since 2005) Reliance

State of Jersey

2G and 3G, ILD

Services from Oct 2006 45,032 (March 2006) 20000 (March 2006) TCIL VSNL, and NVPL Wholly owned subsidiary


CDMA-based WLL services CDMA-based WLL services ILD services to India, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Malaysia, NZ, Singapore, and UK


ndiaCall services (Since 2005)

US, UK and Canada

500,000 +



VSNL (acquired license in 2005)

South Africa Fixed (Services to commence in Aug-Sep 2006)

Transnet/ Transtel, Eskom, Nexus, Two, CommuniTel

Source: Voice & Data

Indian Telecom - Global Connecti it
Submarine Cable System Landing at Chennai, Mumbai, Cochin & Tuticorin

Mumbai Cochin Chennai Tuticorin FLAG SMW3 SMW2 SMW4 i2i TIIC SAFE Bharat Lanka

Year 1997 1998 1994 2005 2004 2005 2002 2006


Chennai Cochin Tuticorin

International Bandwidth Growth - India

350 300 I 250 G bps 200 150 100 50 0 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 Ye a r 2008-09 2009-10 B a n d w id th

205 118 61 33

I L Ma n a e d Da ta er i e To ta l

Source : Telegeography

on ersion: 1 Gbps ~ 6.4 TM 1

International Bandwidth Usage
2000 Australia China India Indonesia Japan Singapore Taiwan Thailand 9 16 2 1 39 7 8 1 2001 21 34 4 1 70 12 18 2 2002 27 56 5 2 87 19 30 3 2003 33 93 8 3 179 37 45 5 2004 54 178 16 5 283 57 88 6 2005 93 352 2006 157 602 2007 250 954

9 443 97 196 10

16 733 159 311 16

25 1176 256 508 26

*Source : Telegeography

‡ The above figure is for usage of bandwidth
‡ China has more than 10 times of higher bandwidth usage as comparison to India

Global Trends ± Connecting World
Con ergence & Mobility
Mobile Devices with voice, data & video Mobile Wireless Broadband Communications Fibre to Home
Public Safety

 Mobile Police &
Fire personnel devices  Interoperable Communications

Computers & IT

becomes Digital  Mobile Personal Digital Devices prevail
Consumer Electronics

 Laptops & Handheld
PCs  Entertainment major PC driver  IP to & in the Home  VoIP handsets

Connecting India to the World

Unified Licensing Telecom Technologies - Internet/Wimax/VOIP Reduced License Fees in Long Distance Sector Outsourcing Network Management to Global Manufacturers India - Telecom Equipment Manufacturing Base Convergence - ICT FDI Relaxation in Telecom (26% to &74%) - $2.67 bn Aug,06 Emergence of IT & ITES Sector Consolidation & Partnerships between Indian & Foreign Players viz. BT, AT&T , Aircel & Maxis

Telecom has attracted significant FDI and technology which has resulted in huge benefits to the Indian Telecom Growth

Connecting India to the World

Regulatory Policies

Lack of level playing field Across the world and within India Seamless Roaming Manufacture telecom equipment in India Passive Infrastructure Sharing

Penetration Level

Infrastructure Program


VoIP Value Added Services  Unutilized software capability Digital Divide

Non Availability of technology, equipment, network access for millions of poor

Indian Telecom

± Way Forward to being Global

Transparent and truly technology-neutral Government policies
Allow full range of private & Public Sector telco's to compete fairly and fully

Adequate spectrum in useable frequency bands advocated by the ITU to wireless service providers Low regulatory restrictions over new services such as Push-to-talk, IPenabled services, particularly Voice-Over IP (VoIP)

Ensure level playing field and ³No´ worse-off position for existing license holders

Duties on imported telecommunications and related equipment must be reduced to zero  To promote competition in IPLC ³Put in Right Policies´ for technology multinationals to build business in consumer end user device segments like mobile, handset, PC¶s and networking product manufacturing Acquisitions with ³Strategic´ intent

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