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Present Address / Permanent Address Contact No. / E-mail Address / Website

You should indicate here a specific objective in applying, e.g. to become a member of UP ALCHEMES. Avoid being too general and vague.

Educational Attainment
Inclusive Years School - Achievements

Co-Curricular Activities
Organization Inclusive Years • Position Held, Name of Project/Event (Inclusive Dates) – Provide a short description or the nature of your work / major contribution to the event.

Work Experience
Company Inclusive Years • Position Held (Inclusive Dates) – Provide a short description or the nature of your work.

Seminars Attended
Date Title of Seminar, Organizer, Venue

Other Data

• • • The maximum number of pages allowed for the resume is two pages but you are highly encouraged to keep it to just one page. Do not be limited to this template; this just serves as a guide. Feel free to personalize your resume to suit your personality. Visual appeal is a plus, but try to keep embellishments to the minimum. The resume is expected to come with a one-page cover letter. Several guides on how to write a cover letter could be found on the internet. You might want to try out this website: http://www.trincoll.edu/depts/career/guides/cover_ltr.shtml You are required to submit three (3) copies of the resume and the Project Proposal; only one copy of the cover letter is needed. Fasten them together using a stapler. Place the cover letter on top of these documents. The deadline is on March 10, 6:00PM.

• •

It could be helpful if you would consult people that already took up courses on business writing (such as English 30). Goodluck! –Ranel

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Project Title Project Location Contact Person Project Timeline Amount Requested

State the challenges identified, the rationale/need to address these challenges and the conditions to be changed by the project.

The objectives should describe the intended outcome of the project and should be SMART (Simple, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time-Bound). Indicate how the objectives will contribute to the achievement of the project, what difference the project will make and the time frame during which this will happen.

Describe the project activities indicating how the objectives will be accomplished, what will be done, who will do it, who are the implementers, partners and beneficiaries and when it will be done. Describe how the project will be sustainable after the funding period.

Describe how you are going to monitor and evaluate the project so as to assess progress during implementation and improve the project efficiency as the project moves along.

Indicate the estimated total cost of the project and also provide a detailed budget for these costs. State how you plan to acquire funding (e.g. fundraising, solicitation, sponsorships, etc.) for this project.

Provide any additional information in support of this proposal application

So basically, iisip kayo ng isang bagong event para sa UP ALCHEMES. Ginagawa ito kasi nga alam naming bago pa kayo sa organization kaya pwede pa kayong makapag-contribute ng mga fresh concepts na pwede naming magamit in the future. Sana makaisip kayo ng project in line with UP ALCHEMES’ mission-vision and its core values (SHAPE: service, humility, academics, professionalism, excellence). Pwede kayong mag-propose ng event na magfo-focus sa thrust ng home committee nyo, pero pwede rin naman na gumawa kayo ng isang bagong major event. :) Feel free to ask for advice from the Appcom, your buddy, or any ALCHEMES member. :)
Some of UP ALCHEMES’ past and current projects/events: ChE Summit, Research Fair, ChE Workshop, Edify, CEERS, Medical Mission, Marketing & Visual Arts Workshops, S@P, Lab Tour, ChEckBoard, ICOC, Sports Clinic, X Day, Rummage Sales, Bake Sales, Merchandise Sales

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