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          city, also spelt Indur , western Madhya Pradesh. The city is a major trunk road an
junction where metre-gauge and broad-gauge lines of the Western Railways meet, a
nd is located on the Saraswati and Khan streams, which are tributaries of the Si
pra river.
Indore was founded in 1715 as a trade market on the Narmada river valley route b
y local landowners, who erected Indreshwar Temple (1741), from which the name In
dore is derived. It became the capital of the former Indore princely state of th
e Maratha Holkars, and was the headquarters of the British Central India Agency
and also the summer capital of Madhya Bharat (1948-56).
The largest city in the state, Indore is the chief collecting and distributing
centre for western Madhya Pradesh as well as a commercial and industrial centre.
Major industries include manufacturing of textiles, tiles, cement, chemicals, t
ents, furniture, sporting goods, grain milling, and metalworking. There are auto
and cycle workshops and engineering works as well. Old industries, which contin
ue even today, include tanneries, oil mills, pottery, lac bangles as well as han
dloom weaving, printing and dyeing, and niwar making. Latta ( latha ) and Nainka
la are the types of cotton cloth manufactured here.
Indore is the seat of Devi Ahilya University (founded in 1964 as the University
of Indore), with numerous constituent and affiliated colleges in the city includ
ing the Holkar Science College and Indore Christian College. Some other notable
institutions are: the Centre for Advanced Technology (CAT), Department of Atomic
Energy; the Indian Institute of Management (IIM); Government Training Institute
for Women. Indore also has a number of Ayurvedic and allopathic hospitals and t
raining institutes.
Places of interest in Indore are the Indreshwar Temple, Harsiddhi temple, Kanch
Mandir (Jain), Rajawada, the Lalbagh palace and a number of other royal palaces
, cenotaphs, and chhatri s. Indore is also the headquarters of the Kasturbagram
Ashrams. Literacy rate in Indore is 64.21 per cent. Population (2001) 2,585,321.

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