The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

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The American Musical and Dramatic Academy
Application Essay Template
Please complete the following form and attach it to your online application or mail it to the AMDA
campus where you plan to begin studying:
New York Admissions Office – 211 West 61st Street, New York, NY 10023
Los Angeles Admissions Office – 6305 Yucca Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028

First Name: Frankie
Last Name: Nevin
Date: 6/16/15
Campus of Interest: New York

Through your essays we hope to get to know you better. This is an important part of our
admission process. Use as much space as necessary to fully answer each question.

New students and international students please respond to the following
questions for your essays:
Essay # 1 – Describe a challenging experience in your life and what you learned from it.
Type response here:

Essay # 2 – What are your interests and career goals?
Type response here: creating a beautiful city with music

Essay # 3 – Choose two people whom you admire in the performing arts and explain why.
Type response here: Barbra Streisand

AMDA graduates pursuing a BFA please respond to the following question for
your essay:
Essay # 1 – Why do you want to enroll in AMDA’s BFA Degree Program?
Type response here:

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