The BCC Informer - March 2011

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Edition 1, March 2011

A Student Voice for Bunbury Catholic College

Fed up with injustice? Sick of your rights being violated? Tired of teachers treating you like dirt? Frustrated with the farcical "Student Leadership" ?

The BCC Informer aims to cultivate an attitude of awareness and action in regards to student affairs issues within the College. We endevour to produce a regular online publication as a platform for student grievances to be raised, as well as an outlet for more light-hearted school affairs. We are not an antischool organisation, nor a participant in the propogation of gossip and slander; on the contrary, we seek to make to the school a better place and propagate the truth. We currently consist of a small but dedicated group of students across several year groups. Many hands make light work - we would appreciate assistance in writing, editing, art, and design. If you think you can help out, please email at [email protected]

This publication is in no way affiliated with the administration of Bunbury Catholic College. The views expressed within are those of individual authors, and in no way reflect the opinions of this publication.

Corporal Punishment: The deliberate infliction of pain as retribution for an offence, or for the purpose of disciplining or reforming a wrongdoer... ( In recent weeks, we have received an unprecedented number of reports detailing threats of violence made against students by several teachers of the college. The first of these came from a Year Eight girl, who's maiden expereince of the school's disipline policy was had on camp, when a teacher (falsley) informed a group of students that other students were being made to stand outside in the dark and cold with their hands above their heads for several hours, as punishment for talking after lights-out. The teacher then threatned to inflict the same upon them. I personally observed another instance of such a threat as I walked through the school a short way into class time. A certain (rather notorious) religion teacher told a lower school student that unless he worked to a satisfactory level, he would be made to stand outside in the heat of the over-35 degree sun for the rest of the period. There can be no denying that being forced into a standing position in the sun for an extended time period on an excrutiatingly hot day constitues deliberate affliction of pain on the part of the teacher, or that being sleep deprived and and told to hold a painful stance for a long time poses a significant health and safety risk to students. I am yet to hear of such a threat being carried out, but a mere threat to commit assault constitutes a crime under the Criminal Code of Western Australia, not to mention a violation of school policy and the Christian ethos. "The policy seeks to create an environment of positive relationships and a sense of mutual respect, where all are encouraged to make responsible choices, recognise the rights of others and be accountable for the choices that are made. Guided by our College Motto ‘act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with our God’, we seek to create a community where all members learn to be effective and reflective citizens." The above text is an extract from Bunbury Catholic College's responsible behaviour policy. To those teachers who actively make violent threats towards students: Are you building positive relationships and mutual respect? Are you reflecting the behaviour which students should be demonstrating? Why not?

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Shaun Wong - Head Boy

W E WA N T TO M A K E T H I S PA P E R G R E AT ! T H E R E ' S P L E N T Y O F R O O M F O R E V E RY T H I N G F R O M C A R TO O N S TO OPINION PIECES TO F I C TO N ! I F YO U WA N T TO G E T I N VO LV E D , E M A I L [email protected]


"I'm not going to give out marks like a pedophile gives out candy" ~ Mr Eugene Dillema, Deputy Principal

if you've suffered from injustice at the hands of the school, or just want to raise an important issue, email at [email protected] to make your voice heard!

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