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About Us
 Dr.

Hulda Clark invented a parasite zapper that was
developed into more advanced device Super Ravo Zapper
which is the best Digital Rife & Clark Frequency Generator
for elimination of parasites by Hulda Clark remedies.
 Dr Hulda Clark was a renowned naturopath and author many
books which the basic one is The Cure for All Diseases. She
practiced alternative medicine with her invention zapper
which can zap parasites or that kill microbes and bacteria's
with mild electronic pulses to the body.
 We provide 

Super Ravo Zapper with memory of 700+ Programs
Diagnostic devices
Technical Support
Community Forums
Custom Programs

 Our devices are the next generation tool set for

your health.
 It provides a simple and user-friendly way to enrich
your life experience with fast programs and
powerful way how to get rid off pathogens, gain
more life energy and much more.
 Devices Available:

Super Ravo Zapper 
Plasma Generator RPZ14
F-scan3, F-scan Mobile, F-scan Compact
Bioresonance diagnostic devices


Available for everyone
All devices can work stand-alone
Using them together is shortcut to your health
Durable and proven by years of using
Supported by our technical and customer support
Uses software to eliminate man work
Built with passion to serve

Super Ravo Zapper

 Super Ravo Zapper Best Clark & Rife Digital

Frequency Generator

 Plasma Generator RPZ14 – The Best Rife Plasma

Tube Machine Frequency Generator


 F-scan Mobile – Frequency Digital Generator With

Scan Function

 F-scan Compact – Frequency Generator With Scan

Function (DIRP)

Hulda Regehr Clark and Zapper
Book: The Cure for All Diseases
 Hulda R. Clark discovered a very simple but effective

cure for cancer, AIDS, and many other serious diseases.
 She was an independent research scientist with
bachelor and master's degrees from the University of
Saskatchewan and a Ph.D. degree in physiology from
the University of Minnesota (1958).

 She discovered a zapper device with her son and

she found many ways how to treat all diseases by
her protocols that she stated later on in her books.
 Hulda Clark si known also for her Books:

 Address:

Super Ravo Zapper Service Center
4443 W Sunset Blvd, Ste B, Los
Angeles, CA 90027
 Phone and Fax:
 Business Email:
[email protected]

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