The Business Insider Reports Greece Is Already Trying To Renegotiate An FT Report

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 [audio] Mesh: Stay away unless you have money to burn [4.8 min]   min]   Retail Investors Have Wisely Taken Profits Lehman Sues JPMorgan to Recover Billions of Dollars  Dollars  Bank fails and goes about its business   China Euro Sales Report Sours Markets Late Europe's "Volcanic Cloud" Smothers Rally: Secular Bear Still Alive, Park Says : After rallying early Wednesday, stocks tumbled into the close. On an absolute basis, the loss was fairly minor; the Dow ended down 69 points. But the index fell below 10,000 and the psychological damage was potentially great given the chatter about Tuesday Tues day morning marking some sort of important bottom."We could have had an interim bottom of some kind - had an incredibly negative spate with really big volume on the downside," says Danielle Park, president of Venable Park Investment Council and author of Juggling Dynamite. "I think the themes we're concerned about today are like the volcanic cloud over Europe. It'll blow away for a little while and then it'll come back."Ironically, Europe is the volcanic cloud over the financial markets these days and it "erupted" again Wednesday afternoon. As  As The Business Insider reports: reports: •

First, there was a report that Greece is already trying to renegotiate  renegotiate its big bailout (specifically, that it's trying to get out of promised pension cuts), Second there was an FT report that China has put its holdings of Eurozone bonds under review.

Whether catalyst or excuse, those reports were enough to send the euro tumbling below $1.22 and just above its recent four-year low vs. the greenback. That, in turn, hit share of  big U.S. multinationals who now face tougher competition from European rivals - as well as concern about a global slowdown as result of Europe's debt crisis. (For more on why the euro matters, see: No Escape From Europe's Rubble) Don't Sleep on Hibernating Bear  After being bearish in 2008, Park turned more bullish in February 2009, based on a view that bearish sentiment - a contarian indicator -- had reached "watershed" levels. But by mid-summer 2009, she had become cautious again, believing the market had ha d run too far, here.."My concern for the past seven months was all the talk about too fast, as detailed here stocks being justified because of a recovering economy," she s he says in the accompanying video. "No, no, no. I think there's a lot really hot trading...we've got speculative forces at work here."Park's firm manages about $200 million in separate accounts for individuals and she has some simple advice for investors trying to navigate this increasingly wild and woolly market: "WE "WE ARE STILL IN A SECULAR BEAR MARKET. WE WILL PROBABLY BE IN THAT FOR ANOTHER FIVE-TO-SEVEN YEARS," SHE SAYS …

Max Keiser: Big Banks Allocate Losing Trades to Clients, Keep Winning Trades for Themselves Max Keiser – journalist, former Wall Street broker and options trader, and inventor of the software which is now being used for high frequency trading – claims that the big banks retroactively allocate losing trades to their clients, and keep the winning trades for their own proprietary trading desks. We Are Witnessing The Greatest Banking Consolidation In U.S. History As the number of bank failures in the United States continues to accelerate, many analysts are warning that we could soon see unprecedented changes in the U.S. banking industry. Howard Buffett Said “Human


Freedom Rests On Gold Redeemable Money”, Called For Return To Gold Standard Sometimes the apple does fall very, very far from the tree. A must read essay by Howard Buffett, father of the “legendary” investor who initially was so very much against derivatives then promptly changed his tune, discusses fiat money and gold, and concludes that “human freedom rests on gold redeemable money.” [ I don’t know about apples falling from trees but I do believe Buffet’s senility and embrace of celebrity (has he given away his fortune yet, fraudulent wall street shill, etc.) do not go well together ]. The Greek Bailout’s Two Secret Exit Clauses: Why Europe Is Now Cheering For Its Own Demise When all of Europe rushed into its rescue package two weeks ago (first half a trillion, market red, then a full trillion, market green), the one thing that struck us as odd was the conflicting data on the conditionality of the package, with various sources both confirming and denying that the “package” was revocable. Zero Hedge | Markets have been rattled by reports in the German media that the Greek rescue deal contains two secret clauses, as well as conflicting data on the conditionality of the package. Moody’s Reiterates U.S. Spending Risks Credit Rating Bloomberg | Debt to revenue has more than doubled over the past three years and is now over 400 percent IMF: Spain must make wide ranging reforms, weak recovery Reuters | Spain must make far reaching, comprehensive reforms, including to the labour market, while its economic recovery remains fragile, The International Monetary Fund said on Monday. According to the Debt Clock: • Total national debt: $13 trillion • Debt per citizen: $42,026 • Debt per taxpayer: $117,982 • Total interest due: $1.9 trillion • Interest per citizen: $2,211 Click here to see the Debt Clock, which is updated every second. • Total personal debt: $16.5 trillion • Total mortgage debt: $14.1 trillion • Total consumer debt: $2.45 trillion • Personal debt per citizen: $53,483 • Debt held by foreign countries: $4.07 trillion  Get Real Time U.S. Debt Data Data 


(5-26-10)  Dow   9,974 -69 Nasdaq   2195 -15 -15  S&P 500  1,068 -6 [CLOSE- OIL $71.39 (-54% for year 2008) (RECORD TRADING HIGH $147.27) GAS $2.85 (reg. gas in LAND OF FRUITS AND NUTS $3.05 REG./ $3.26 MID-GRADE/ $3.35 PREM./ $3.08 DIESEL)/ GOLD $1,213  [video] Gold Surges  Surges   Stocks/Gold Comparison (+24% for year 2009) / SILVER $18.31 (+47% for  year 2009) PLATINUM PLATINUM $1,535 (+56% for year 2009) / DOLLAR= .82 EURO, EURO, 89  YEN, .69 POUND STERLING, ETC. (How low can you go - LOWER)/ 10 YR NOTE YIELD 3.22%  3.22% …..… AP Business Highlights ...Yahoo Market Update...  ] T. Rowe Price Weekly Recap – Stocks / Bonds / Currencies Update... Domestic / International MARKET MANIPULATION AND HOW THE LATEST BUBBLE-FRAUD PRE-COMING CRASH IS BEING ACCOMPLISHED 3-11-10 6 Theories On Why the Stock Market Has Rallied 3-9-10 file]] Risks Lurk for ETF Investors The bull market [archived website file that never was/were beyond wall street b.s. when measured in gold  gold  Property Values Projected to Fall 12% in 2010 Jan 31, 2010 The Week Ahead: Risk Is Off the Cliff; Unwind Has Begun Jan 31, 2010  2010   01-13-10 Forecast for 2010 from Seeking Alpha Contributor   THE COMING MARKET CRASH / CORRECTION 1-28-10 Maierhofer  (01-15-10) 11 Clear Signs Economy Sinking  Sinking  Economic Black Hole 1-22-10: 20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover   Current Economic / Fiscal Charts  Charts forecast for  2009 1-7-10 Crash is coming! ‘WORST ECONOMIC COLLAPSE  EVER’  Must Read Economic / Financial Data This Depression is just beginning The coming depression…   MUST READ: JEREMY GRANTHAM’S QUARTERLY QUART ERLY UPDATE UP DATE 25 Januar January y 2010 (850 on the S&P ) by TPC TP C The Next Wave of Collapse is Coming Sooner than you think Sliding Back Into the Great Depression  Depression  ABSOLUTELY, ABSURDLY, RIDICULOUS! SELL / TAKE PROFITS WHILE YOU CAN SINCE MUCH, MUCH WORSE TO COME! Go to following pages for above links:

Forecasts from Dent, Napier, and then Prechter: Depression is Imminent The Dow Jones Industrial Average Average will go down to at least 1000, most likely to below 777 which was the starting point of its mania back in August 1982, and quite likely drop below 400 at one or more times during the bear market. 10 Reasons to Worry About Margin Growth … a good portion of these factors will likely

impact margins by the end of the year. I don’t believe this is adequately factored into


earnings estimates across the board. Given this, I believe we have seen s een the highs for the year and next few quarters will be extremely volatile ... Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything, You Won’t Recognize America By The End Of The Year Business Insider | “Pul – leeze, get out of stocks now, and I don’t give a damn whether you have paper losses or paper profits!” The frauds on wall street et als should be criminally prosecuted, jailed, and disgorgement imposed. If that were so, they wouldn’t be worrying about who wins / loses since those who fraudulently play, invariably invariably would (and should) pay. If they’re not prosecuted, everyone loses. POST MORTEM AND REVIEW Ricky Ricky:: A post mortem is in order. The elements of this worldwide con game are remarkably simple, not complex at all. Apparently you only need a few things to make a mockery of  the entire global economic system, and big banks garnered these few important things through “regulatory capture”: 1) Unregulated, unenforced rules (particularly for derivatives) 2) license to “mark to model” (assign your own values to your assets) 3) ability to peg present value to irrational expected future returns (based on unlimited, exponential growth) 4) infinite leverage (no effective requirements for reserve capital in unregulated “shadow” markets) 5) massive size, so that the bank is "too big to fail" 6) non-transparency and non-accountability. SELL IN MAY AND GO AWAY! THE FORECASTS: Harry Dent, Jr.  Economy will be in a Depression by 2011 2 011 The worst of this next depression is likely to hit between mid-2010 and mid-2013, especially around early 2011, but if the banking system continues to implode a deep downturn or depression could begin sometime in 2009 instead of 2010. Dow will Fall to 3,800 – 4,500 by 2012 Nasdaq will Fall Below 1,100, its 2002 low, by late 2010 or mid-2012 at the latest. Inflation will Increase until mid- 2010 and then turn to Deflation Interest Rates will Increase U.S. Dollar will Decline Housing Declineand by 40 – 60%Crisis from Tsince oday’s Levels Greatest will Economic Banking the 1930s will Occur Between 2010 and 2012 Russell Napier i Napier is the author of the book “Anatomy of the Bear”, a professor at the Edinburgh Business School and a consultant c onsultant to CLSA Ltd. which is one of the top research houses in Asia. Napier’s research indicates (and I paraphrase) that: The S&P 500 will Decline to 400 by 2014 (the Dow 30 to 3800) The S&P 500 will then undergo a major crash that will see U.S. equity prices bottom at almost 50% below current levels (i.e. to 400 or less; the Dow 30 to 3800 or less) sometime around 2014 as Tobin’s “q” drops to 0.3 signaling the end of the bear market, as it has done at the end of the four largest U.S. market declines in 1921, 1932, 1949 and 1982. U.S. Treasury Sales Collapse Leading to End of U.S. Dollar as Reserve Currency Robert R. Prechter Jr. is author of a number of newsletters and books including “Elliott Wave Principle” (1978) in which he predicted the super bull market of the 1980s; “At the Crest of the Tidal Wave – A Forecast of the Great Bear Market” (1995) in which he predicted a slow motion economic earthquake, brought about by a great asset mania, that would register 11 on the financial Richter scale causing a collapse of historic proportions; and “Conquer the Crash: You can Survive and Prosper in a Deflationary Depression”


c ataclysm that we are just beginning to (2002) in which he described the economic cataclysm experience and advised how to position one’s self financially during that period of time. Depression is Imminent The Dow Jones Industrial Average will go down to at least 1000, most likely to below 777 which was the starting point of its mania back in August 1982, and quite likely drop below 400 at one or more times during the bear market.

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Top Construction Firm: WTC Destroyed By Controlled Demolition  Demolition  Respected Middle East expert and former BBC presenter Alan Hart has broken his silence on 9/11, by revealing that the world’s most prominent civil engineering company told him directly that the collapse of the twin towers was a controlled demolition. Secret Clause Reveals Europe Bailout Designed To Destroy Global Economy  Economy   A secret exit clause written into the trillion dollar European bailout agreement will ensure the creation of more debt in Europe, worsening the global economy, decimating nation states and allowing power to be consolidated into fewer super-elite hands. Corporate Media Uses Fraudulent MSNBC Transcript to Portray Rand Paul as a Racist In order to smear and discredit Rand Paul and prevent him from going to the Senate, MSNBC has modified a transcript of his appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show. Paul appeared on the show after he won the primary in Kentucky. Rothschilds Engineer Fire Sale Of UK Infrastructure To Offshore Corporations The Rothschild banking family is pushing for the privatization of the UK’s motorway network that would force Brits, who already pay road tax, to enrich the coffers of private corporations tied in with the Rothschilds by means of road tolls andintimately pay-by-mile schemes enforced with spy cameras. Feds Declare Terror Alert on Texas Border  Kurt Nimmo | Another shameless attempt to scare the American people into accepting the replacement of what is left of our constitutional republic with a police state. Secret Clause Reveals Europe Bailout Designed To Destroy Global Economy Steve Watson | Consolidation of power into fewer hands the real goal. Tony Blair to earn millions as climate change adviser  London Evening Standard | Tony Blair is set to earn millions of pounds advising an American businessman on how to make money from tackling climate change. Christie, jersey gov., Says Mob-Ravaged n.j. ‘Careening Toward Becoming Greece’ Bloomberg “We’ve got to change the course


of pervasive corruption and mob infestation and control.” More Blank Checks to the Military Industrial Complex Ron Paul | Congress, with its insatiable appetite for spending, is set to pass yet another  “supplemental” appropriations bill in the next two weeks. Afghans: U.S. Created and Funds Taliban Kurt Nimmo | U.S. pays the Taliban to remain an enemy as fantastic profits from opium fields pour  into Wall Street and CIA coffers. Editorial: US secret missionsThe missions The news that American special forces were from last September ordered to be deployed in both friendly and hostile countries within the Middle East in the campaign against international terror is both disturbing and puzzling. Gen. David Petraeus, the head of US Central Command, has signed off the tasking of elite special forces troops to undertake surveillance missions and partner with local forces in the campaign against Al-Qaeda and its militant allies. North Korea Severs Ties With South on Ship Sinking North Korea said it will sever all ties with South Korea and expel the South’s workers from a joint industrial zone as “punishment” for accusing it of sinking a warship and killing 46 South Korean sailors. Nuclear War  Between Koreas: Brought To You By The U.S. Government Kim JongIl has put North Korean troops on combat alert and threatened military action if the South trespasses in its waters as global stock markets freak out at the prospect of a war which, if it occurs, can be blamed on the U.S. government’s history of arming the Stalinist dictator with nuclear weapons. INTERNATIONAL WAR CRIMINAL NATION ISRAEL SEIZES OPPORTUNITY TO JUMP ON THE WAR WAGON  WAGON  israeli warplanes hit Gaza targets, 15  hospital 15  people were wounded in (AP) - AP - Palestinian wounded overnight israeli airstrikes in officials the Gazasay Strip. israel mounts air strikes on Gaza after attacks (Reuters) - Reuters - israel launched air  strikes in the Gaza Strip overnight after Palestinian militants fired a rocket  and mortar shells at the Jewish state, Palestinian officials and the Israeli  military said … Hezbollah vows to bomb ships in event of new war with israel (AFP)  - Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Tuesday that his militants would bomb military, civilian and commercial ships heading to Israel in the event of a new war with the lewish state. Hezbollah says it  will hit israel ships in new war (AP) - AP - The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah group warned Tuesday that his fighters would attack Israeli  ships in the Mediterranean if the jewish state imposes a sea blockade on Lebanon in any future war.  Nasrallah threatens ships going to israel in future war (Reuters)


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NASA wants mission to bring Martian rocks to Earth (AP) Why? They  already have that and more:

Launch of secret US space ship masks even more secret launch of new weapon The Militarization of Outer Space: The Pentagon’s “Space Warriors” Global Research | It’s not as if things aren’t bad enough right here on planet earth. Now the Defense Department wants to up the stakes with new, destabilizing weapons systems that will transform low- and high-earth orbit into another “battlespace.” OBAMA SPEECH OUTLINES PLANS FOR RETURNING DEFACTO BANKRUPT U.S. TO SPACE – OOOOOH! SOUNDS LIKE A PLAN … FOR INNER SPACE (IMAGINATION). NASA's New Asteroid Mission Could Save the Planet Tariq Malik - CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. - President Barack Obama set a lofty next goal this week for Americans in space: Visiting an asteroid by 2025. Obama's asteroid goal: tougher, riskier than moon The Associated Press Obama calls for NASA to focus on trips to Mars and beyond Computerworld New Boondoggle promised to save NASA boondoggle defacto bankrupt budget piece of pie. And don’t forget, Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck, et als, have already done this so it’s not as if they’re starting from ‘ground zero’, so to speak; and Brian DePalma already has ‘Mission to Mars’ in the can, but beware say the producers of ‘Species II’ since Eve, the cloned daughter of Sill, might want to mate with astronaut Paddy Ross who has returned from Mars as a space alien host body. First fake moonwalker blasts Obama's space plan - Bill Ingalls - The first man to pretend to walk on the moon blasted President Barack Obama's decision to cancel NASA's back-to-themoon program on Tuesday, saying that not going with the new movie is “devastating” to america's boondoggle spaced out effort. Fake dutch 'moon rock' revealed a treasured piece at the dutch national


museum - a supposed moon rock from the first manned lunar landing - is nothing more than petrified wood, news bbc news | europe | fake dutch 'moon rock' revealed prized moon rock a fake - a piece of  moon rock given to an overseas politician by the united states is actually a lump of petrified wood, museum authorities revealed yesterday. ... 'Moon rock' in dutch museum is just petrified wood aug 27, 2009 ... Fake moon rock at dutch national museum. Rijksmuseum / ap. This rock, supposedly brought back from the moon by american astronauts, ... In reality it is just a piece of petrified wood ... Another piece of  evidence that shows again that apollo program is indeed a fake and a typical american fraud!   Editorial: US in quagmire Seeing the warm welcome extended to the Afghan president on his US trip, it is hard to believe that only weeks ago Washington was seething with anger and frustration at Hamid Karzai’s behavior and there were even dark mutterings by US officials that he might be mad. Israeli American Microbiologist Linked to Deadly Fungus Kurt Nimmo | A report links labs in the United States and Israel to the Cryptococcus gatti fungus that has killed several people in the United States. Iraqi doctors demand cancer probe Al Jazeera | Iraqi doctors believe depleted uranium from US military equipment used in the 2003 invasion is spreading cancer through the population. [This is all too true and real; and I’m surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention, coverage … well, maybe not that surprised ]. "What this means is that Neanderthals are not totally extinct. In some of us, they live on," Paabo … With regard to that extinction thing, I’d say they’re still working on it (ultimately, decades, extinction, the distinction, without a difference). Actually, prior to studying the compelling subject of Biological Anthropology (Michael Park text), I too had some misconceptions about the group known as Neandertals (recent spelling drops the ‘h’) and actually mis-referenced same by the stereotypical image of members of said clade even as the debate continues as to whether they are within the species homo sapiens or a separate species. I believe these to be distinctions without important differences, so humble the origins and evolution of man truly are. Parenthetically, I wonder what that anthropological scientist Heidi Klum thinks on the subject.


Neanderthals, Humans Interbred, DNA Proves Signs of Neanderthals Mating With Humans  Humans - Neanderthals mated with some modern humans after all and left their imprint in the human genome. Genome hints humans, Neanderthals rolled in prehistoric hay hay   You're a Neanderthal: Genes say yes — a little bit (AP)  (AP)   Neanderthals and people interbred, fossil analysis finds For more info on man’s humble beginnings, see here Previously I wrote:

FOUND: MISSING LINK BETWEEN APES AND MAN.... These stories, and the many like it, are old news and I subscribe to the more studied view that there is no “missing link” per se and in my view are distinctions without significant differences. I previously wrote: To Learn More About From Whence Man Came, This Link's For You [To the Professor at the beginning of the course] 10-5-09 Postscript: Professor *****, I felt compelled to thank you again for the add; not to curry your favor but indeed to express profound thanks inasmuch as this is probably the last formal course at a formal educational institution I'll ever take; and among the most important. While I had bought at discount a library-discarded 1993 Anthropology by Embers text, though meaning to read same never quite got to it. I am astounded by the substantial amount of time involved in the evolutionary process, not that I ever stopped to think about it, and one must come away with the sense of 'and all that...for this?'. This course should be required curriculum along with psychology, sociology, etc., but probably won't be owingfor to any whatmember is, as itof should be, a very educational experience the human race.humbling Regards, Al Peia [Interestingly, my intuitive (but unstudied) thoughts prior to closer  examination of the compelling subject of Biological Anthropology remain what I believe to be the correct scenario. Specifically, very simply stated, for the most part, the more “enlightened” (but not by much; by mutation, accident, luck, intervention, etc.) left the unvarying confines of their Sub-Saharan origins, experienced diverse new environs, challenges, etc., experienced what has been described (by neuroscientists, psychologists, etc.) as neurogenesis in varying degrees and forms thereby over time, which trait was selected for and is consistent with the purported multi-regional evolutionary model


which does not overtly contradict ultimately, initial African origins. Races, sub-species, missing links, etc., are subsumed in this very humbling and sorrowful tale of the “dawn of man”.] [Abolish the corrupt, costly, economically wasteful lifetime extravagantly appointed federal courts - see RICO case  [ naltyofperjury.pdf ] Don’t Tread On Me: A Refresher Course on the Constitution







Response to App. Div. OSC  OSC  STATE OF CALIFORNIA ethics complaint  complaint   Response to Sup.Ct. OSC  OSC  designation of record on appeal  appeal  The so-called "order" appealed from. How embarrassing for the superior court of the state of california!   Typical corrupt banana republic america/california court

Dirty money digitally laundered … a wall street, atlantic city, and american story … a very bad one and [also see RICO case enaltyofperjury.pdf ] Fraud: It’s Much Bigger Than Goldman Sachs Regulatory reform debate obscures key fact: Everybody’s getting money bribes from Wall Street

Blagojevich calls feds 'cowards and liars'…[Yes. This is a rare moment for one to say that a sleazy hypocrite like blago, who is on


corrupt federale-connected mobster trump’s celebrity apprentice, happens to be correct based upon facts / reality and my own direct  observation and experience and the law – Don’t forget to include corrupt federal judges as maryanne trump barry, sam alito, shiff, matz, hall, underhill, dorsey, etc.. Defacto bankrupt america’s so-  called system is pervasively corrupt and broken] (AP)  (AP)  [Abolish the corrupt, costly, economically wasteful lifetime extravagantly appointed federal courts - see RICO case  [ naltyofperjury.pdf ]

Drudgereport: WARS: US Prepares for Largest Battle in Afghanistan... 'Top Kill' Operations Start in Attempt to Plug Leaking Gulf Oil...  Oil...   Spill hits over 100 miles of Louisiana coast...  [video] A Summer Of Slumping Stocks CHINA WISELY SHOULD SHIELD NKOREA NKorea bracing, severing all ties with South.... New Chinese aggression.. Israel drill raises tensions... CBSNEWS POLL: Americans Pessimistic, Dissatisfied with Washington... MOODY'S: Debt Level, Spending Pose Risk to America's Aaa Credit Rating... Another Vacation? Obama schedules second since oil spill... Withdrew to Grove Park Inn & Spa as flow began to grow... BUT makes time to host fundraiser for Boxer... FINALLY: Bows to pressure: Will visit Gulf Coast during vacation... BUT Will skip Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Nat'l Cemetery... ONLY to return for  Paul McCartney concert!

SYRIA: Obama has failed in peace efforts; Lost influence in Mideast... RASMUSSEN: OBAMA APPROVAL DROPS TO 44%... Dem Freshmen Run Away... 63% Now Favor Repeal of HealthCare Law... READY FOR NEW ‘GULF OF TONKIN’ / WAR...   US plans naval exercises with SKorea... Gold Rising; Speculators buying faster than producers can mine...  mine...   US Plays Down European Crisis but China Worried... Immelt: European economy 'teetering'... wobama’s wet dream with new jive of New “International Order” despite nation’s defacto bankruptcy and policies that have left allies defacto bankrupt as well in jive session At West Point Uses teleprompters...  teleprompters...  Tepid applause from cadets: Cuts 'That's a lot of cheering' line from prepared remarks …

Sestak confirms WH job offer to get out of Senate race … to save specter  whose specter is no more those hallowedtohalls he sullied as less than inspector specter from JFKinassassination, financial assassination of the


nation, etc. ... ... Anger mounts as oil blackens Louisiana coast... GOP takes House seat in Obama's Hawaiian home district.. Crisis Imperils Benefits Long Expected by Europeans... Britain faces aggressive cuts in 'age of austerity' having leapt like lemmings into american oblivion ... France poised to raise retirement age... Fiscal crises threaten Europe's generous benefits... SPAIN SEIZES SAVINGS BANK IN RESCUE BID AS TALKS FAIL... Public beach in Louisiana closed as oil washes up... Mass layoffs spike led by manufacturing... Report: CA borrowed $7 billion from feds to pay jobless benefits... Nine NY workers retired with $100k+ pensions -- in their 30s... Stocks Drop Most in a Year on Economic Reports, European Debt Crisis... Roubini: Stocks to Tumble Another 20%, Cash the Safest Place... Strains Accumulate... Fed official: Europe's crisis poses risks to USA... Confusion over regulation moves trigger sell-offs... Unemployment spike largest in 3 months... German Finance Minister: Markets Out of Control... Greeks strikers march on parliament against cuts... Rand Paul wins KY Senate race…Specter loses... Grim milestone: 1,000 Americans dead... DEMSASTER: SENATE CANDIDATE 'LIED' ABOUT SERVING IN VIETNAM DOW AT SAME LEVEL IT WAS -- 10 YEARS AGO! Bankruptcies resume upward path... Mortgage delinquencies, foreclosures break records... State pensions becoming federal issue; Bail-out cost potentially more than $1T... Greece May Take Legal Steps Against U.S. Banks for Crisis... Euro Breakup Concerns Grow... Germans lose faith... Merkel: Rescue package 'just buys time'...  Roubini Says Greece 'Tip of Iceberg' as Sovereign Debt Threatens Recovery... Geithner: 'I Never Had A Real Job'… sounds like a plan!...   Tent City In New York Set Up In Hopes For Elevator Job...  Job...   camped out for 3 days for chance at getting an application NATIONAL ENQUIRER CLAIMS OBAMA CHEATING SCANDAL... 'Hotel security video could topple Obama's presidency'... GOLDMAN BOSS VISITED WHITE HOUSE AT LEAST 4 TIMES...   GOLDMAN SACHS CEO endorses Dem Banking Bill: 'Wall Street will  benefit'... GREECE CUT TO JUNK... Doubts intensify... Spreads to Portugal... Stephen Hawking: Aliens exist but don't talk to them -- it's too dangerous … might not like us… Oh pshaw! … Human nature, man’s inhumanity to


man? … Such humble beginnings and evolutionary history … What’s not to like? … Besides, not to worry. With their advanced technologies that defy human understanding, the aliens already know you’re here … to stay. So, not to worry. After all, as we know from that documentary of that same name, ‘Earth Girls Are Easy’ … and then there’s photosynthesis on earth in a very big way also going for it! ...  Seeing Aliens Will Likely Take Centuries. Centuries? Not goin’ to happen; at best, decades. decades.

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