The Cost of Compromise

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During the 1980's I was listening to some music one evening. One selection was based on an account in two Chronicles 20:1-30 and a singer referred to Jehoshaphat as the “good King Jehoshaphat.” While Jehoshaphat should certainly be numbered among the godly or somewhat godly kings of Israel, many overlook some important lessons this man had difficulty in learning. The fact is that Jehoshaphat had his flaws which need to be considered by us lest we make the same mistakes, especially as we approach the end of this age.The brief background for this is that sometime before Jehoshaphat reigned, Israel had split into two nations under King Rehoboam. They are biblically referred to as Judah and Israel and by scholars as the Southern and Northern Kingdoms. The first king of the Northern Kingdom, Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, was given the dubious distinction (1 Kings 22:52) that he “made Israel to sin” by initiating idol worship. Because of continued disregard for God’s commands Israel was the first to go into captivity.King Ahab was a very wicked king of Israel and was reigning at the time of Jehoshaphat. It is true that compared to Ahab and most other kings of Israel, Jehoshaphat, King of Judah, was “good.” Nonetheless, if we carefully read the record of his life an reign we see he had a tendency to spiritually compromise. For this article we specifically focus on 2 Chronicles 18:1-3, 18:28-19:3, and 20:35-21:4 to see his compromising moves and the results of them. I will not have all the text of those passages printed in this article, so if you do not have a Holy Bible you can look up these passages at or I recommend that you use the King James Version.I. Jehoshaphat Readily Compromised 18:1-3Jehoshaphat aligned himself with the Northern Kingdom through marriage. This was a fleshly choice instead of spiritual. We need to realize that we are spiritual creatures. We have a spirit which will return unto God after our death. Our physical and social life is passing away.



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