The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

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The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

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The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers, which are cited to justify it. President John F. Kennedy Address to newspaper publishers, April 27, 1961. (1 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The 35th President of the United States of America moments before his martyrdom

'The Craft' 'The Old Religion'...

Baphomet making the sign of St. John

Let the 'Oblations' begin... (2 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

'Getting a Grip'...

'On the Square'...

'Freemasonry is not A religion, Freemasonry IS religion'... (3 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

'We're just a charity, we're no different than your golf club or bowling league'...

"All secret, oath bound, political parties are dangerous to any nation." President Ulysses S. Grant

'Freemasonry is not a Secret Society, Freemasonry is a Society with Secrets'...

The following instruction sets out guidance governing the membership by members of the armed forces of societies such as freemasons: there is no intention or policy to preclude service personnel from membership of any lawful and benevolent organisation. However, involvement in organisations of a secretive nature, such as the freemasons, carries with it the risk of establishing disparate loyalties which may have a destabilising influence on the chain of command, not least by the perception of preferential treatment and undue influence. While membership of such organisations is clearly a matter for the individuals concerned, serving personnel should not encourage (4 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

or promote membership amongst their colleagues, meetings should not be held on MOD premises, and use should not be made of any MOD property. Ministry of Defense United Kingdon New 2001 Department Policy on Freemasonry in the Military

Many secrets...

"I saw a code of Masonic legislation adapted to prostrate every principle of equal justice and to corrupt every sentiment of virtuous feeling in the soul of him who bound his allegiance to it. "I saw the practice of common honesty, the kindness of Christian benevolence, even the abstinence of atrocious crimes; limited exclusively by lawless oaths and barbarous penalties, to the social relations between the Brotherhood and the Craft. I saw slander organize into a secret, widespread (5 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

and affiliated agency....I saw self-invoked imprecations of throats cut from ear to ear, of hearts and vitals torn out and cast off and hung on spires. I saw wine drunk from a human skull with solemn invocation of all the sins of its owner upon the head of him who drank it." President John Quincy Adams

Brother Timothy McVeigh 32°

A more modern example of the potential for problems within Masonic lodges is the "P2" incident in Italy. This involved the masonic lodge Propaganda Massonica (recognised by the English Grand Lodge in 1972) and its Master, Licio Gelli. A chance discovery by police involving a financial swindle uncovered a membership of P2 which included 43 MPs (including 3 cabinet ministers), 43 generals, 8 admirals (including all the armed forces chiefs), all of the heads of the security services, and hundreds of public servants and diplomats. A subsequent Parliamentary inquiry established that the lodge was the focus of nothing less than a right wing conspiracy to take over Italy. Martin Short Inside the Brotherhood 537-563 London: Harper Collins, 1997 (6 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

'God's Banker' Roberto Calvi, P2 Found hanged under London's Blackfriars Bridge One of the symbols used by Italian Freemasonry is a Black Friar...

'Il Cavaliere' Silvio Berlusconi, P2 Italy's Wealthiest Man and new Prime Minister...

What matter the means as long as one arrives at the end? Honre-Gabriel Riquetti, Comte de Mirabeau 'The Great Terror' Revolutionary and Freemason Paris, 1789

Brother Napoleon Bonaparte Hegemonic Dictator and Destroyer of Europe

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) was initiated into Army Philadelphe Lodge in 1798. His brothers, Joseph, Lucian, Louis and Jerome, were also Freemasons. Five of the six members of Napoleon's Grand Councel of the Empire were Freemasons, as were six of the nine Imperial Officers and 22 of the 30 Marshals of France. But Freemasonry is democratic, loyal, a-political, and peaceful right? (7 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Grand Master Guiseppi Mazzini 33° Founder of Italian Freemasonry Revolutionary Terrorist Leader Sicilian Gangster Mafia Founder

Mazzini Authorizes Thefts, Arson, Poisoning. Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti. M.A.F.I.A. Andrew Varna World Underworld, Page 58 Museum Press London, 1957

Brother Adam Weishaupt Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati

By this plan we shall direct all mankind. In this manner, and by the simplest means, we shall set all in motion and in flames. Spartacus (Weishaupt, a Professor) to Cato (Zwack, a Lawyer) On founding of the Illuminati in 1776 (8 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Ingolstadt, Germany

The Seal of the Illuminati

Let the Brother be brought to Light...

I declare and I challenge all mankind to contradict my declaration, that no man can give any account of the order of Freemasonry, of it's origin, of it's history, of it's object, nor any explanation of it's mysteries and symbols, which does not leave the mind in total uncertainty on all these points. Every man is entitled therefore, to give any explanation of the symbols and a system of the doctrine that he can render palatable. Hence have sprung up that variety of systems, which for twenty years has divided the order. The simple tale of the English, and the fifty degrees of the French, and the Knights of Baron Hunde, are equally authentic, and have equally had the support of intelligent and zealous brethren. These systems are (9 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

in fact but one. They have all sprung from the Blue Lodge of three degrees. Adam Weishaupt

'The Hidden Hand'...

It is useless to deny, because it is impossible to conceal, that a great part of Europe--the whole of Italy and France and a great portion of Germany, to say nothing of other countries--is covered with a network of these secret (10 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

societies, just as the superficies of the earth is now being covered with railroads. Benjamin Disraeli July 14, 1856

J. Wilkes Booth

Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth. In an act that would haunt Andrew Johnson during his impeachment trial; just seven hours before Lincoln's assassination, John Wilkes Booth left a note at Vice President Andrew Johnson's residence that read "Don't wish to disturb you. Are you at home? J. Wilkes Booth."

Vice President Andrew Johnson Among the many parallels and co-incidences that are widely and often commented on between John F. Kennedy's and Abraham Lincoln's Presidency and Assassination are the following points that have been overlooked: 1. Both assassinations involve an elaborate conspiracy which implicates many prominent men, most of whom who turn out to have 'met on the level and parted on the square'. 2. Both assasinated Presidents are not Freemasons. 3. Both assasinated Presidents are replaced by Vice-Presidents who are Freemasons. (11 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Shortly after his impeachment investigation began, Albert Pike and Gen. Gordon Granger met with President Andrew Johnson for some three hours at the White House. Soon afterwards, when Granger was summoned before the Judiciary Committee, he was asked to disclose the substance of that conversation with the president. Granger testified: They [President Johnson and Pike] talked a great deal about Masonry. More about that than anything else. And from what they talked about between them, I gathered that he [Pike] was the superior of the President in Masonry. I understood from the meeting that the president was his subordinate in Masonry....

Gavrillo Princip Member of Black Hand Masonry Assassin of Heir to Austro-Hungarian Throne (12 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
The Destruction and Slaughter of a Generation

During the trial of Archduke Ferdinand's killer, Gavrillo Princep testified that his colleague, Ciganovich, "told me he was a Freemason" and "on another occasion told me that the Heir Apparent had been condemned to death by a Freemason's lodge." Moreover, another of the accused assassins, Chabrinovitch, testified that Major Tankositch, one of the plotters, was a Freemason. Mary Edith Durham The Sarajevo Crime, pages 85 - 86 George Allyn and Unwinn, Ltd. London, 1925

'More light please'...

The Sun, the Moon, and the Master of the Lodge... (13 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

It was during that period that I became interested in freemasonry. ... In the eighteenth century freemasonry became expressive of a militant policy of enlightenment, as in the case of the Illuminati, who were the forerunners of the revolution; on its left it culminated in the Carbonari. Freemasons counted among their members both Louis XVI and the Dr. Guillotin who invented the guillotine. In southern Germany freemasonry assumed an openly revolutionary character, whereas at the court of Catherine the Great it was a masquerade reflecting the aristocratic and bureaucratic hierarchy. A freemason Novikov was exiled to Siberia by a freemason Empress. I discontinued my work on freemasonry to take up the study of Marxian economics. ... The work on freemasonry acted as a sort of test for these hypotheses. ... I think this influenced the whole course of my intellectual development. Leon Trotsky My Life: The Rise and Fall of a Dictator pages 124-127

Looking towards the EAST, the place of Masonic LIGHT...

And our expression, that our Lodges extend upwards to the Heavens, comes from the Persian and Druidic custom of having to their Temples no roofs but the sky. (14 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Illustrious Albert Pike 33° ' Morals and Dogma, page 366.

Death, Birth, and Resurrection The 'poor candidate in a state of darkness' is 'made a Mason' when he is 'born again' into the 'light' of the ancient pagan religion of Freemasonry via the occult waterless baptism ritual. Merry Mithras...

A daemonibus docetur, de daemonibus docet, et ad daemones ducit. It is taught by the demons, it teaches about the demons, and it leads to the demons. St. Albertus Magnus (15 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Brother Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. His cheeky 'slip' was neither forgotten, nor forgiven... But Mozart joined Freemasonry An international Secret Society. With symbols and ritual and mystery, And Hiram Abiff in its third degree. With passwords, and handshakes, and door knocks. And covert signs when they are needed, But most of all, an oath of secrecy, Which each Mason is warned, must be heeded. Now Mozart's final opera (The Magic Flute) Was a peculiar one it would seem, For the story of this opera Contained a strange Masonic theme. But more than this it so happened, Or maybe it was meant to be In this work, Mozart "leaked out" Masonic secrets Perhaps a bit carelessly. "NO ONE IS TO REVEAL OUR SECRETS" Thunders the Worshipful Master from his stand, Or he will be dealt a fatal blow From the vindictive Masonic Hand. Yes - When a Mason discloses the secrets, He somehow meets with a tragic fate. As did, for example, William Morgan, At a somewhat later date. Now, curiously enough with Mozart, Shortly after this opera's premier, The composer was to meet with death, Though he was only in his thirty-sixth year. For to reveal the secrets of this order Is to its members a serious sin. And so til this day some have wondered: Did the Masons do Mozart in? (16 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

We've got some 'pull' with that 'fellow'...

Worshipful Master: * * *. (Strikes his gavel three times.) WM: Brother ______, if you are still willing to take the Obligation, say "I", repeat your name in full, and repeat after me. Candidate: I, _____ ______, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God and this Worshipful Lodge of Master Masons, erected to Him and dedicated to the memory of the Holy Saints John, do hereby and hereon solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will keep and conceal and never reveal any of the secrets belonging to the Degree of Master Mason, which I have received, am about to receive, or may be hereafter instructed in, to any person unless it shall be to a worthy Brother Master Mason, or within the body of a just and duly constituted Lodge of such, and not unto him or them until by due trial, strict examination, or lawful Masonic information, I shall have found him or them justly entitled to receive the same. Question: Why does Freemasonry dedicate itself to John the Baptist and John the Evangelist but not have any mention of Jesus Christ in its 'charges' or rituals? Answer: As an organization comprised of a plurality of religious faiths, it is not to be expected that any one religion should be represented except to deceive the naive and ignorant. The John's are allusions or references to alternative forms of "christianity" in which Jesus Christ is man only, not God-man, begotten not made from God. These alternatives are called "gnostic", heretical syncretistic sects that mix Hellenistic pagan religions with Neo-Platonism. Question: Why does Freemasonry forbid the use of Jesus Christ in place of the 'Great Architect of the Universe' in open lodge but contradistinctly emphasise the 'Holy Saints John'? Answer: See response supra. (17 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Question: Does Freemasonry have any relation to the heretical Johannite Sects of the Mid East known as the 'St. John Christians' who revere John the Baptist but despise Jesus Christ who they term the 'Vomiter of Lies'? Answer: Yes. The Johannite link is an allusion to a secret church of St John, i.e. a gnostic sect of Nestorian/Gnostic Christians who deny the Divinity of Jesus Christ. The use of the Johns is to lull Christians into acceptance of Freemasonry's religious allusions as legitimate. They are not legitimate references, but deceptive pretences designed to seduce the naive. The latent meaning is that the order is the secret church of Jesus Christ. This is a lie, but the naive are allowed to conclude this if they so wish. Masons actually who seek light/understanding are lead into the darkness of moral corruption and ego defence mechanisms. They are allowed to believe and speak nonsense under the auspices of the order by men, their dominant masters who know better but must conceal the Truth from their submissives. Question: Was not the Knights Templar accused of ascribing to the same Johannite Heresy, and does not Freemasonry promote itself in secret as being the direct descendants of the Knights Templar? Their Jesus is not the Christ but a man only. It is an organization of blasphemy to normative Christians which stands in agreement with the abuse of the Christian Bible and St. John and denial of Jesus Christ as true God and true man. It is a fraud designed to deceive the public and masons into thinking that they can be masons and Christians too. That is not possible, save as a Christian heretic or apostate which denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. Note well that St. John omits the institution of the Holy Eucharist during the seder meal on Holy thursday, according to the Scriptural narrative. The other, Synoptic Gospels' authors declare the divinity of Jesus Christ and that the sacraments through His church are instituted by Him for the salvation of all believers. Freemasonry is a counterfeit salvation into selfabsorption and delusion that seduces seekers from their faith, so they use as a pretence and facade, the most gnostic of the Evangelists to hide the order's animus to the claims of religion, any religion. The mason is gradually seduced away from normative morality into a new age world of false morality in which the member withdraws from his former life's attachments and substitutes them with Freemasonry's false promises. the member becomes thusly increasingly dependent upon the order as a parental surrogate and authority figure until the member is so completely dependent upon the order that he will lie or commit criminal acts on its behalf, for he has nothing else in this world or the next to sustain him and dare not oppose the peer pressure of his fellow masons' retaliation. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will support the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of the State of Nevada, also all the laws, rules, and edicts of the same, or of any other Grand Lodge from whose jurisdiction I may hereafter hail; together with the by-laws, rules, and regulations of this or any other Lodge of which I may become a member, so far as the same shall come to my knowledge. Question: What about the laws of the STATE of Nevada? Civil laws pursuant to the obligation may be circumvented at will. A noticeable omission that subordinates obedience to civil laws at best and subverts them at worst, by alienating the allegiance of the member from the family and state and religion to the Order who becomes the members family and authority. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will answer and obey all due signs and regular summons sent me from the body of a just and duly constituted Lodge of Master Masons, or handed me by a worthy Brother of this degree, if within the length of my cable-tow. Question: But isn't Masonry Free? (18 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Answer: There are initiation fees and annual dues to be paid. The true cost is the de-individuation of one's personality by submission to the mob mind of the masonic cult. Instead of knowledge and liberty, the mason grows ignorant and bondaged within a guilded cage of degrees designed to dazzle the neurotic mind from realizing the process of debasement into which it has willing succumbed. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will help, aid, and assist all poor and distressed Master Masons, their widows and orphans, they applying to me as such, I finding them worthy, and can do so without material to myself or family. Question: What about all poor and distressed NON Masons, their widows, and orphans? Answer: Masonry is a cult based upon mediocrity and mendacity. It is elitist, racist and misogynist. Masons come firstly. The notion of masons advocating democratic freedoms and rights is pure nonsense. It is a deceptive lie. Their practical volume of the sacred law is the book for tyrants by Machiavelli called The Prince, or the egotistic selfishness of the philosopher Ayn Rand (a woman!), who advocated a might is right, laissez-faire capitalism with no regard for social welfare for the disadvantaged. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will keep the secrets of a worthy Brother Master Mason, when communicated to me as such, as secure and inviolate in my breast as they were in his before communication. Question: Then why does Masonry claim it is only the "Means of Recognition" that are kept secret? Answer: Masonic propaganda through the internet is a deliberate means of deception, by evasion, deception and denial of the Truth. There is much that they need to keep secret, and much fraud that they need to perpetrate to lure in new members. It is not what they say, it what they conceal that the public needs to know. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not give the Grand The High Sign Hailing Sign of Distress of a Master Mason, except for the benefit of the Craft while at work or for the instruction of a Brother, unless I am in real distress; and should I see the sign given, or hear the word spoken, I will hasten to the relief of the person so giving it. Question: What about when a NON Mason gives a sign of distress? Answer: No obligation required. Typical of an elitist and anti-social cult. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not give the substitute for the Master• Word in any other way or manner than that in which I receive it, which will be on the Five points of Fellowship, and at low breath. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not wrong, cheat, nor defraud a Master Masons Lodge, or a worthy Brother of this degree to the value of anything, knowingly, nor suffer it to be done by another, if in my power to prevent. Question: What about wronging, cheating, or defrauding a NON Mason? Answer: See previous response, supra. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not knowingly strike a Brother Master Mason, nor otherwise do him personal violence in anger, except in the necessary of myself, family or property. Question: What about striking or doing personal violence in anger to a NON Mason? Answer: See previous response, supra. (19 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not have illicit carnal intercourse with a Master Mason• wife, widow, mother, sister or daughter, nor suffer it to be done by another if in my power to prevent. Question: What about not having illicit carnal intercourse with a NON Mason's wife, widow, mother, sister, or daughter? Answer: See previous response, supra. Question: What about not having illicit carnal intercourse with a Master Masons SON? Answer: See previous response, supra. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not be present at the initiating, passing, or raising of an old man in dotage, a young man under age, an irreligious libertine, an atheist, a person of unsound mind, or a woman, knowing them to be such. Question: But doesn't Freemasonry claim to be responsible for the concepts of Freedom of Conscience, Equality, Liberty, and Justice? Answer: Any claim to liberty and justice made by the Craft are lies designed to dupe the ignorant. It is an elitist cult infested with dominants who lure and seduce morally weak individuals into dependence upon them as submissive masons. Comment: Another Masonism it seems. Up is down and down is up. Furthermore: I do promise and swear that I will not be present at the initiating, passing, or raising of a candidate clandestinely, nor hold Masonic intercourse with a clandestine Mason, or with one who has been suspended or expelled, knowing him to be such, until duly restored. Question: You mean like how the Fascist P2 Lodge of Italy, Argentina, Chile, Greece, France, Switzerland, Britain, and the U.S. was counted as 'regular' by you because it was a 'regular' and 'duely constituted' lodge of the Grand Orient of Italy who you had granted 'regular recognition' to, but how you consider African-American Prince Hall Masonry 'irregular' and 'clandestine' because they are not 'men free born and well recommended'? Answer: Neurotic masons need to blind themselves to the facts of criminal activities of masons to preserve their dependence upon the masters of the order unperturbed by Truth. Denial and disavowal is their mantra. To all of which I do solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or secret evasion of mind in me whatsoever; binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my body severed in twain, my bowels taken thence, and with my body burned to ashes, and the ashes thereof scattered to the four winds of Heaven, that there might remain neither track, trace nor remembrance among man or Masons of so vile and perjured a wretch as I should be, should I ever knowingly or willfully violate this, my solemn Obligation of a Master Mason. So help me God and make me steadfast to keep and perform the same. Question: But Freemasonry isn't a cult right? Answer: It is assuredly a behavioural programming cult comprised of dominants and submissive in a symbiotic relationship of mutual exploitation. (20 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
WM: In token of your sincerity, kiss the Holy Bible on which your hands rest. Comment: But remember Brother the oaths you took were only to other FreeMasons... WM: Senior Deacon, remove the cable-tow; we now hold this Brother by a stronger tie. WM: Brother ______, in your present situation, what do you most desire? Candidate: Further Light in Masonry (prompted). Worshipful Master: Let the Brother be brought to Light. Comment: The Light of Lucifer... Comment: Obviously .... † Mike Restivo Demitted Mason Toronto, Canada

We must turn our attention to an ideal that has always been of concern to men aspiring to the regeneration of all mankind - the liberation of the entire world and the establishment of the republic of brotherhood and world peace. Among the many remedies, there is one which we must never forget: the total annihilation of Catholicism and even of Christianity. What we must wait for is a pope suitable to our purposes because with such a pope, we could effectively crush the Rock on which God built his Church. Seek a pope fitting our description. Induce the clergy to march under your banner in the belief that they are marching under the papal banner. Make the younger, secular clergy, and even the religious, receptive to our doctrines. Grand Master, Grand Orient of France Grand Master, Grand Orient of Austria Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Prussia Grand Master, Grand Orient of Italy The Permanent Instruction (21 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The 47th Proposition of Hades...

Mitre Square Where Jack the Ripper roamed 'The Juwes are the men that will not be blamed for nothing'...

'Jubela, Jubelo, Jubelum'

First, Jubela "that my throat had been cut across, my tongue torn out, and my body buried in the rough sands of the sea, at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows twice in twenty-four hours, ere I had been accessory to the death of so good a man as our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff!" (22 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
The second, Jubelo "that my left breast had been torn open and my heart and vitals taken from thence and thrown over my left shoulder, carried into the valley of Jehosaphat, and there to become a prey to the wild beasts of the field and vultures of the air, ere I had conspired the death of so good a man as our Grand Master, Hiram Abiff!"

The third, Jubelum "that my body had been severed in two in the midst, and divided to the north and south, my bowels burnt to ashes in the center, and the ashes scattered by the four winds of heaven, that there might not the least track or remembrance remain among men, or Masons, of so vile and perjured a wretch as I am; ah, Jubela and Jubelo, it was I that struck him harder than you both. It was I that gave him the fatal blow; it was I that killed him outright;"

'The Legend of the Three Ruffians' The 'Blood Oaths' for the 1st? 2nd? and 3rd?..

The 'Examination of a Visitor' portion of this page was posted in January of 2001 by someone in the usenet newsgroup alt.freemasonry and received the following veiled threat of bodily and deadly injury towards the webmaster of this site in a post by the Freemason 'SSG Russo'. Just another unbelievable example of the violent temper, "zeal for the fraternity" - and mindlessness - of "Active" Freemassonry. The Google Cache is here. From: SSG Russo ([email protected]) Subject: Re: Freemasonry Examine for Visitor Newsgroups: alt.freemasonry View: Complete Thread (16 articles) | Original Format Date: 2001-01-14 05:10:04 PST The foolish and ignorant anti who produced this is in error. A due examination includes more than grips and words. You must walk the Tilers sword and pass HIS examination. As you have so denoted, many of the secrets of Masonry have been divulged, therefore the examinations are more stringent, being necessary to weed out those unworthy professing to be Masons. May the GAOTU exact due retribution upon your soul for divulging Masonic information in such a manner, and for the sole purpose of being mean spirited. May you find yourself paying due penance in the afterlife, as one unworthy to enter the gates of Heaven. May your inability to hold your tongue leave you without one, where it shall be buried in the sands of the sea, between low and high tides--an unholy place preventing future repentance and entrance into heaven. May your heart be eaten by buzzards, and other predatory birds. May the remainder of your viscera be taken and burned and scattered over vast distances. Such is the holy and noble curse I may place upon you. May your nightmares come true. (23 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Jason C. Russo Blandford #3 A.F.&A.M.

You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons...and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him...It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you're keeping your obligations. Ronayne Handbook of Masonry, page 183

Opening Oct. 19, 2001 is the Hughes Brothers film 'From Hell' starring Johnny Depp that explores in rich detail the Masonic Royalist Conspiracy known as 'The Jack the Ripper Murders'

'From Hell' Flash Intro (24 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Grand Lodge of Ontario, Canada Master Mason, Serial Killer, and Serial Rapist Paul Bernardo 'Freemasonry takes good men and makes them better' At one point Bernardo was on the top of the Police Department's suspect list when he was terrorizing women in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough with his years long rape spree. Police then strangely dropped him to the bottom of the list, later saying they didn't think he was a 'credible' suspect. Bernardo then graduated to his grisley mutilation killing rampage. Did the large Police Officer Masonic Lodge Membership cloud some Detectives judgement about 'Brother' Bernardo's suitability as a suspect? How many Scarborough Police Officers were members of Scarborough Rapist Paul Bernardo's Scarborough Masonic Lodge? Is Freemasonry the missing piece to the puzzle of how the Police could have failed for so long to stop Bernardo, including the ignoring of repeated tips about him, that has raised so many questions in the public's mind? (25 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

'A Web of Favoritism and Corruption'

Brother, foot to foot teaches you that you should, whenever asked, go on a brother's errand, if within the length of your cable-tow, even if you should have to go barefoot and bareheaded. Knee to knee, that you should always remember a Master Mason in your devotions to Almighty God. Breast to breast, that you should keep the Master Mason's secrets, when given to you in charge as such, as secure and inviolable in your breast as they were in his own before communicated to you. Hand to back, that you should support a Master Mason behind his back as before his face. Mouth to ear, that you should support his good name as well behind his back as before his face. 'The Five Points of Fellowship' Master Master Initiation Ritual

The committee feels that the link between Cosa Nostra and institutions is mostly through the "Massoneria" (freemasonry): The fundamental terrain on which the link between Cosa Nostra with public officials and private professions was created and reinforced is the Massoneria. The Massoneria bond serves to keep the relationship continuous and organic. The admission of members of Cosa Nostra, even at high levels, in Massoneria is not an occassional or episodical one, but a strategic choice. The oath of allegence to Cosa Nostra remains the pivot point around which "uomini d'onore" (men of honor) are prominently held. But the Massoneria associations offer the mafia a formidible instrument to extend their own power, to obtain favors and privileges in every field: both for the conclusion of big business and "fixing trials", as many collaborators with justice have revealed. Commissione Parlamentare d'inchiesta sul fenomeno della mafia e sulle altre associazioni criminali similari (CPA: Commissione Parlamentare Antimafia) Relazione sui Rapporti tra Mafia e Politica, Page 59 Roma, 1993 (26 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The Government called him Britain's Biggest Crime Boss - 'Worse than the Kray Brothers' The United Grand Lodge of England called him 'Worshipful Master'...

'Presiding in the East', 'Worshipful Master' Kenny Noye... The life of Kenneth Noye has been one of malevolence and corruption. It is an example of how someone eagerly embracing crime as a profession can accumulate enormous wealth and frightening power. Detectives untangling his network of corruption now believe that at least one prominent MP was in his pay. Such was the apprehension and nervousness created by the extent of Noye's corruption of the police that during the investigation into Stephen Cameron's murder officers were given around-the-clock protection from their colleagues. Others changed their telephone numbers. The Noye file on the case was restricted to less than a dozen senior officers. In 1977 after being arrested by Scotland Yard for receiving stolen goods Noye joined the Hammersmith Freemason's Lodge in west London. He was proposed and seconded by two Police Officers. He eventually rose to be the Master of the Lodge with the support of the membership of which the Police made up a sizeable proportion. Other Masons included dealers in gold and other precious metals. A little while later Noye was being helped out of an arrest by a detective who was a fellow Mason. One of Noye's police contacts was prepared to intervene on his behalf not just with fellow officers, but other law agencies. The detective approached a Customs officer investigating Noye in the early 80s and pressured him to "lay off". April 13, 2000 The Independent, U.K. (27 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
By Kim Sengupta and Paul Lashmar Additional articles

Membership of secret societies such as freemasonry can raise suspicions of a lack of impartiality or objectivity. It is therefore important the public know the facts. I think it is the case that the freemasons said they are not a secret society but a society with secrets. I think it is widely accepted that one secret they should not be keeping is who their members are in the criminal justice system. Jack Straw M.P. Home Secretary, United Kingdom 1997 Home Affairs Committee

The Three Pillars The 'True Blue' 'Square Club'... The Masonic symbology ("all seeing" eye, black and white tiles, triple turrents etc.) and terminology (Grand Lodge, Brethren, etc.) used by the premier Police Association is no co-incidence. Of all the professions the law enforcement and intelligence community have the highest percentage of members who are Freemasons. This also is no co-incidence as Freemasonry intentionally seeks out new recruits who it finds the most useful. Unfortunately organized crime has long been aware of this, and the more sophisticated criminals have used Freemasonry in their continual attempts to corrupt the justice system and 'gain an edge'. It is for this reason that the British Government has recently put in to place a registration system for all police officers, judges, magistrates, prosecutors, prison guards, and parole officers in the U.K. who are 'on the level'. Worshipful Master Noye was just the tip of the iceburg regarding corruption of police by criminals using the lodge system, and by crooked cops covering up for their activity by using their masonic 'cable tow'. (28 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The Three Pillars The G.L. of England's Logo The original Boyz in the Hood...

'Once a Mason, always a Mason'...

Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. (29 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

President Woodrow Wilson

On the obverse is an eagle whose dexter wing has thirty- two feathers, the number of ordinary degrees in Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The sinister wing has thirty-three feathers, the additional feather corresponding to the Thirty-Third Degree of the same Rite conferred for outstanding Masonic service. The tail feathers number nine, the number of degrees in the Chapter, Council, and Commandery of the York Rite of Freemasonry. Scottish Rite Masonry had its origin in France; the York Rite is sometimes called the American Rite; the eagle thus clothed represents the union of French and American Masons in the struggle for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity. The total number of feathers in the two wings is sixty-five which, by gematria, is the value of the Hebrew phrase YAM YAWCHOD (together in unity). This phrase appears in Psalm 133 as follows: "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity".

The shield on the eagle's breast affirms by its colors, valor (red), purity (white), and justice (blue), and reminds the Mason of the cardinal virtues. The value of these colors, by gematria, is 103, the value of the phrase EHBEN HA-ADAM (the stone of Adam) and suggests the perfect ashlar, or squared stone, of Freemasonry. One hundred and three is also the value of the noun BONAIM, a Rabbinical word signifying "builders, Masons." Thus the national colors spell out, by gematria, the name of the fraternity. (30 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

'I Cannot Tell A Lie' To a Brother Freemason...

LIBERTAS --The personification of liberty. Often used by usurpers claiming to restore the liberty of the Roman Republic. Attributes: pileus (pointed hat), scepter. (31 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

DIANA, DIANA LVCIFERA -- The Hellenistic goddess of the hunt and the moon goddess (Artemis); also the patroness of children. Attributes: crescent moon, torch, bow and arrow, hunting dog, stag. Titles: LUCIFERA (light-bringer), CONSERVATRIX, VICTRIX.

We shall unleash the Nihilists and Atheists, and we shall provoke a formidable social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to the nations the effects of absolute atheism, origin of savagery and of the most bloody turmoil. Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time. Illustrious Albert Pike 33° Letter 15 August 1871 (32 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Addressed to Grand Master Guiseppie Mazzini 33° Archives British Museum London, England

There are three plans in action in America today and they all have different purposes. The first plan is God's plan, a nonsectarian plan; the second is the Roman Catholic plan, and this is a denominational or sectarian plan, and the third is the Communistic plan, an anticapitalist plan. God's plan is dedicated to the unification of all races, religions and creeds. This plan, dedicated to the new order of things, is to make all things new -- a new nation, a new race, a new civilization and a new religion, a nonsectarian religion that has already been recognized and called the religion of 'The Great Light.' Looking back into history, we can easily see that the Guiding Hand of Providence has chosen the Nordic people to bring in and unfold the new order of the world. Records clearly show that 95 per cent of the colonists were Nordics-Anglo-Saxons. Providence has chosen the Nordics because the Nordics have prepared themselves and have chosen God. They are not church worshippers, for they worship God's word--the Holy Bible. The Nordics are the great Bible-reading people of the world today, and the Nordics--AngloSaxons--were the first people to print the Holy Bible in great quantity, and they were known as the people of a book, that book being the Holy Bible. But, in order to read the Bible, it is necessary to know how to read. In the Nordic race there is no illiteracy. In Norway there has been no illiteracy for more than a hundred years. Another fact that shows clearly that the Nordics are God's chosen people this time is they are always looking for more light on the mission of life. Looking at their station of life, these great Biblereading people should open the eyes of the world. King Gustaf of Sweden is a great light in the nonsectarian Masonic Brotherhood, and King Haakon of Norway is a Masonic light in Norway. The late King Christian of Denmark was a Masonic spirit in his Denmark; also King George of England is a Masonic light to his Anglo-Saxon people. Just as Providence has chosen the Jewish race--the Children of Israel--to bring into the world righteousness by carrying the 'Ten Commandments' which emphasize 'Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy,' so also Providence has chosen the Nordic Race to unfold the 'New Age' of the world--a 'Novus Ordo Seclorum.' God's Plan in America Brother C. William Smith NEW AGE MAGAZINE, September 1950 The official organ of The Supreme Council 33rd Degree A. & A. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, S.J.U.S.A. Published at 1735 Sixteenth Street N.W., Washington, D.C.. (33 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The Grand Lodge of England's Coat of Arms Hooved Angels?

'A certain point within a circle'... (34 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

HRH giving the Master Mason's 'Grip'... The Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the Most Worshipful, His Royal Highness, Prince Edward George Nicholas Paul Patrick 33? Duke of Kent, Knight of the Garter, Field Marshall, GCMC, GCVO, ADC, Hereditary Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry. The previous Duke of Kent - George Edward Alexander Edmund was installed as Grand Master by King George VI in 1939. He died three years later in 1942 in a mysterious plane crash in Scotland, six months after it was alleged he and the Duke of Hamilton had kept a moonlight appointment with ReichFuerher Rudolf Hess on the Caledonian Moor. Historians tell us that the late Grand Master was Pro Nazi and travelled the Fatherland in order to better educate the King about National Socialism, so as to allow the Empire to "come to an understanding" with The New World Order, European Occultist's latest 'Great Work'. Go figure.

The Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret So Mote It Be...

The single fact that we owe not one single truth, not one idea in philosophy or religion to the Semitic race is, of itself, ample reward for years of study, and it is a fact indisputable, if I read the Veda and Zend Avesta alright. Illustrious Albert Pike (35 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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Qabalah and Freemasonry owe much to Sufism Sufism is the Mystical Occult Belief System of the Pan-Islamic Secret Society known as The Muslim Brotherhood...

"Noble" Knights of the Golden Circle...

As owner-publisher of the Memphis, Tennessee, Daily Appeal, Albert Pike wrote in an editorial on April 16, 1868: "With negroes for witnesses and jurors, the administration of justice becomes a blasphemous mockery. A Loyal League of negroes can cause any white man to be arrested, and can prove any charges it chooses to have made against him. ...The disenfranchised people of the South ... can find no protection for property, liberty or life, except in secret association.... We would unite every white man (36 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

in the South, who is opposed to negro suffrage, into one great Order of Southern Brotherhood, with an organization complete, active, vigorous, in which a few should execute the concentrated will of all, and whose very existence should be concealed from all but its members."

Atrium of the Supreme Council 33° Washington DC. Pike's bust can be seen in the distance on the landing of the Grand Staircase which leads up to the main temple room, which all 33?Masons must file past. Pike's mortal remains are interned in a crypt under the stairs, an occult consecration.

I took my obligation to White men, not to Negroes. When I have to accept Negroes as brothers or leave Masonry, I shall leave it. Illustrious Albert Pike 33° History and Evolution of Freemasonry, page 329 Delmar D. Darrah, The Charles T Powner Co. 1954 (37 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The Masonic Pope The only statue of a Confederate General in Washington D.C. is also that of a convicted war criminal, Arkansas KKK Grand Wizard, KKK Chief of Judiciary (it's enforcement and intelligence arm), and KKK founding "brain" - Illustrious Albert Pike 33° Sovereign Grand Commander of the Supreme Council 33? Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisidiction U.S.A., the Mother Supreme Council of the World. The statue sits beside the Department of Justice Building. In 1995 African-American and Anti-Racist Groups attempted to get the statue taken down but were out gunned by the Supreme Council 33?who were able to mobilize fellow Scottish Rite Freemason 'travelling men' inside the powerful ADL of the Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith, and intensively lobby Government officials into believing their fiction that "no primary sources existed for proof of General Pikes involvement in the KKK", and that even if there were "it happened a long time ago". (38 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

Illustrations of Masonry...

The new Israeli Supreme Court building in Jerusalem Notice the pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Horus (39 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch (40 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

The Kabbalist Cross A dying and resurrecting G-d Reborn Messiahism? Essenes so... The Grand Lodge of B'nai B'rith was founded by Freemasons, modelled on the Masonic lodge, and uses secret handshakes, passwords, and rituals based on Kabbalah as the 'foundation' for their "Mysteries", just like the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry does. Recently Mr. Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director was reported by to be working with the Grand Master of Anglo-American Freemasonry HRH The Duke of Kent, the founder of the 'Jerusalem Lodge' Grand Master of the Grand Orient of Italy Count Giuliano di Bernardo, and the Worshipful Master of the prestigious Quatuor Coronati Research Lodge Lord Northhampton, who has been atop the Temple Mount conducting "studies". Evidently these "Mystical Adepts" intend to reconstruct the 3,000 year old King Solomons Temple! One wonders if the 'Brethren of the Rosie Cross' have informed the current residents, or CNN, about their latest "Great Work"...

Brotherly Love? In California court case, ADL still delaying disclosure of where it got and what it did with personal data on Anti-Apartheid and Pro-Palestinian activists Washington Report on Middle East Affairs December 1997, Page 57 By Kurt Holden In late 1992, the FBI informed the San Francisco police that one of its officers, Tom Gerard, had been secretly cooperating with a "spy," Roy Bullock, who had been secretly paid by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B'nai B'rith for over 30 years to infiltrate organizations which the ADL deemed hostile to Israel. Gerard was believed to have illegally turned over to Bullock material gathered from police files. Worse, the police previously had been ordered to destroy those files, which a court had ruled violated the civil rights of the people upon whom files had been opened. (41 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Bullock's job was to collect facts about "enemies of Israel" which were then organized in central ADL files in Los Angeles and New York, and used for confidential dissemination to the "active" Jewish community, which could be counted on to take "counter-action" to neutralize or discredit these "enemies." In the 1980s, Bullock's assignments had been expanded to include surveillance of individuals and organizations opposed to apartheid in South Africa, presumably because Israel and South Africa were allies, drawn to each other because both were resisting United Nations human rights resolutions regarding the Palestinians and indigenous South Africans. Bullock would ingratiate himself into Arab-American and anti-apartheid groups by indicating he was in sympathy with their goals. Attending their meetings and going into their homes, he would note their car license plates and, through "official friends" who were police officers or who had access to government records, try to get drivers' license numbers, P. O. boxes and criminal investigative reports, if such existed. FBI officials had become interested in 1992 when they discovered that in addition to collecting information for the ADL, Bullock and Gerard were selling information to South African intelligence agents. The San Francisco police, made up of officers largely of Irish and Italian ethnic backgrounds (and certainly not aware of the enormous political clout of the Jewish community), obtained search warrants and seized some 12 boxes of records at the ADL headquarters in Los Angeles and San Francisco in early 1993. [Under a separate "Arab" category he kept 77 files on 58 Arab-American organizations; among 647 groups described as "pinko," multiple files were maintained on the African National Congress and 47 other antiapartheid organizations, both here and South Africa-based. His surveillance of the latter reflected the ADL's desire, as part of Israel's "unofficial" U.S. propaganda arm, to neutralize critics of Israel's military and economic ties to the apartheid state, an effort, which, the records show, was largely successful. This eventually led him to do similar spying for the South African intelligence service together with his buddy, now retired San Francisco police inspector Tom Gerard who kept his own set of files (which is more than just a departmental no-no and has him already indicted and facing a possible conviction). Among the hundreds of other groups spied upon were such diverse organizations as the NAACP, the National Indian Treaty Council, Greenpeace, the Japanese-Americans Citizens League, the Centro Legal de La Raza, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Earth Island Institute and the Harvey Milk Gay and Lesbian Democratic Club. A half dozen American Jewish and Israeli groups also received his attention including the Jerusalem-based Alternative Information Center, Americans for Peace Now, Friends of Yesh G'vul, the International Jewish Peace Union and Israelis Against Occupation. There were also files on 20 Bay Area labor unions, plus the San Francisco Central Labor Council, the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, the Boycott Shell Committee, the Green Giant Frozen Food Workers Committee and the San Francisco Chapter of the Committee for Labor Union Women. In alphabetical order, files were maintained on: AFSCME Local 3218, AFT 151, AFSCME Local 3506, Carpenters Local 22, NABET Local 51, HERE Local 2, IAM Local 565, ILWU, ILWU Local 6, NALC Local 214, OCAW, OCAW 8149, Plumbers & Fitters Local 93; SEIU Local 535, SEIU Local 616; Teamster Local 921 (S.F. TDU), United Farm Workers and UTU Local 1730. In addition, records were kept on the Bay Area Network on Central America, the Portland Labor Committee on Central America, the Free South Africa Labor Committee and the Labor Committee on the Middle East. In Bullock's computer, all were labeled "pinko," (which in his interview with SFPD inspector Roth, he equated with "left wing.")] Subsequently they sent notices to some 12,000 people and organizations whose names were found in ADL's files. In at least two cases, they also provided such individuals with excerpts from ADL's files on them which obviously had come from confidential government records. Both individuals, Jeffrey Blankfort and Steve Zeltzer, were prominent Jewish advocates of fairness to Palestinians and for ending apartheid in South Africa. From those activities they already were aware that the ADL worked in cooperation with Israel's Mossad. The ADL worked in cooperation with Israel's Mossad In 1993 they and 17 other plaintiffs filed a class-action lawsuit in the San Francisco Superior Court. The suit has become known as Audrey Parks Shabbas, et al., plaintiffs, vs. Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, et al., defendants. In addition to the three above-named plaintiffs, others are Victor Ajlouny, Yigal Arens (son of former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens), Amal Barkouky-Winter, Manuel Dudum, Colin Edwards, Carol ElShaib, George Green, Paula Kotakis, Stephen Mashney, Helen Hooper McCloskey, Margaret Ann McCormack, Donald McGaffin, Anne Poirier, Agha Saeed, Jock Taft and Marianne Torres. Attorney for the plaintiffs is former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey, who practices law in Woodside, California. In fact, the suit was filed on behalf of two classes of individuals--those who opposed Israeli policies toward the Palestinians and those who opposed apartheid in South Africa. The lawsuit alleged an invasion of their privacy, citing a California law which imposes a minimum of 2,500 Dollars in punitive damages for each act of publication of confidential information obtained from governmental files. The ADL responded by arguing that it is a newsgathering organization and thus entitled to the reporter's privilege of keeping sources of information secret. (42 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
Under California law and a famous Supreme Court ruling known as the Mitchell decision, a plaintiff is barred from obtaining what a reporter claims is "privileged" information until the plaintiff can show that he has exhausted all other reasonable means of obtaining the facts necessary to prove his case, and has met four other requirements. For four and a half years, ADL refused to produce the information. An Order to Disclose Depositions were taken of ADL employees and law enforcement personnel, but ADL was able to withhold the information until Aug. 19, 1997, when Judge Alexander Saldamando of San Francisco ruled that ADL and the San Francisco police would have to disclose to the plaintiffs the illegally obtained information, from whom it had been obtained, and to whom it was sent. ADL has announced it will seek a writ from the Court of Appeals to block enforcement of Judge Saldamando's order. The result should be known by Oct. 30, which is the date ADL is required to produce the information. The stubborn refusal of ADL to reveal where it received its information, and to whom and for what purposes it was disclosed, promises many more revealing insights on the methods and motivations of this Americanincorporated organization which has been working diligently on behalf of the governments of Israel and apartheid South Africa. Kurt Holden is a free-lance writer who divides his time between the U.S. and the Middle East.

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They claim about 300 Million Dollars a year to hospitals and other institutions, which is good but not that much, considering that if every Mason contributes just 5 Dollars per week, they can collect 1.3 Billion Dollars per year... they are a good way to deceive the outsiders, like its secrecy, it is often a cloak to hide its real teachings and goals, and a good way to obtain propaganda... and even the so called "charity" is a way to get money for the Order: In 1985, "Circuses" of the Shriners generated 23 Million Dollars, and only 2% went to medical care of children. In 1984, out of 17 Million Dollars only 1% went to charity, the rest for the Order! Orlando Sentinel (43 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch

June 29, 1986.

Some of the Brethren Klowning around...

The Shrine's Ritual is taken from an Arabic Sufi Secret Sect Freemasonry & Qaballah Occultism owe much to Sufism The Muslim Brotherhood is a Sufi Secret Society A.A.O.N.M.S. - A MASON...

Shrine Circus escapes the scrutiny of governing bodies such as the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and local animal control agencies by not owning the animals used in its shows or possessing an exhibitor license. The animals are leased from outside companies, including Tarzan Zerbini Circus*, George Carden Circus*, Jordan World Circus*, Hawthorn Corporation*, Royal Hanneford Circus*, Franzen Bros. Circus*, and Circus Hollywood*, so Shrine Circus is not subject to citations under its name. Each Shrine Temple produces its own circus, so animal exhibits will vary from temple to temple and from year to year. Exhibitors of Shrine Circus-leased animals have failed to meet minimal federal standards for the care of animals used in exhibition as established in the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The USDA has cited Shrine Circus exhibitors for failure to provide veterinary care, adequate shelter from the elements, nutritious food, and clean water, as well as failure to handle animals in a manner that prevents trauma and harm and ensures public safety. Animals used by Shrine Circus have caused deaths and injuries. Contact PETA for documentation.

May 29, 2000: The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Shriners membership had dropped to 528,000 by 1999, from a peak of 940,000 in the 1980s. April 29, 2000: The Tebala Shrine in Rockford, Ill., reneged on assurances that it would not use exotic animals in the circus. Elephants, tigers, and lions were featured. April 13, 2000: An elephant named Tina used in Shrine Circuses was quarantined after testing positive for a human strain of tuberculosis. (44 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

The First Degree of Freemasonry Watch
February 11, 2000: The Albuquerque, N.M., shrine reneged on a promise to use an animal-free circus. The shrine featured numerous animal acts, including a killer elephant named Misty. January 26, 2000: A 4,500-pound female African elephant named Kenya, who had been featured in Shrine Circuses, attacked and killed a circus worker in Florida. The 18-year-old elephant knocked her to the ground and crushed her. October 15, 1999: The San Antonio Express-News reported, "The money coming from this weekend's [Alzafar Shrine] circus proceeds does not go toward the 22 childrens hospitals in the United States, Mexico, and Canada." April 29, 1999: As a result of sustaining multiple injuries from an elephant while performing for the Shrine Circus in Duluth, Minn., an animal handler was hospitalized in serious condition. March 1999: An evaluation by the Council of Better Business Bureaus determined that the Shriners did not meet its standards, which recommend that at least 50 percent of a charitys income be spent on programs directly related to the organizations stated purpose. According to the evaluation, Shriners had spent only 24 percent on program services. February 1999: During a risk management presentation to the Shrine Treasurers Association of North America, the Shriners learned that they had been provided by a circus insurance agent with a fraudulent certificate of insurance on a policy that did not exist after an attendee was injured at a Shrine Circus. November 13, 1998: The same tiger used in Shrine Circuses who killed his trainer on October 8, 1998, attacked and killed his owner in Newberry, Fla. The tiger was shot dead. October 8, 1998: A tiger attacked and killed his trainer in Newberry, Fla. The tiger, who had been featured in numerous Shrine Circuses, grabbed the trainer by the throat. May 15, 1997: A transient who came to Omaha, Neb., with the Shrine Circus was convicted of second-degree murder. The victims partially nude, badly decomposed body was found on June 16, 1995. She had been beaten to death with a chunk of concrete. April 13, 1997: A spooked elephant performing at a Shrine Circus in the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, slapped a handler with her trunk and bit him on the head and back, causing injuries serious enough to require hospitalization. March 18, 1997: A bear with the Shrine Circus in Grand Rapids, Mich., bit off the tip of a 2-year-old childs finger. There were no safety barriers around the bear cages, and 30 other children had been petting the bear. August 20, 1994: An elephant named Tyke who had rampaged at the Altoona, Pa., Shrine Circus on April 21, 1993, killed her trainer while performing in Honolulu, Hawaii, stomped on a circus groom, and injured a dozen spectators. April 1994: Three children were injured when an elephant giving rides at a Shrine-sponsored circus in Muskegon, Mich., fell into the passenger loading platform, spilling the riders and bending the platform. August 8, 1993: A Tucson, Ariz., Shrine Circus clown was arrested on charges of molesting three girls, ages 6, 7, and 10, he met at the circus. April 21, 1993: An elephant named Tyke charged through an arena entryway during a Shrine Circus performance in Altoona, Pa., ripping away part of the wall and causing 10,000 Thousand Dollars in damage. More than 3,000 children were in the audience, and one young girl was injured. July 8, 1990: A 600-pound tiger terrified hundreds of children and their parents when he ran loose for 15 minutes at the Shrine Circus at Mississaugas Square One mall in Ontario, Canada. 1978: A Hawthorn Corporation elephant performing in Chicago with the Shrine Circus picked up her trainer with her trunk and threw him into a pillar, killing him. * Factsheet available.

For more information, contact:
PETA 501 Front St. Norfolk, VA 23510 757-622-7382 (45 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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Sex show may harm Shriners' charities 'It will take a long time to regain the confidence of the community' Sun, Jan 28, 2001 By Kevin Rollason Winnipeg Free Press The Khartum Shriners are worried that sick children in Manitoba could suffer the fallout from a fund-raising scandal after an event for Shrine charities this week was revealed to have included sex acts and sexual fondling of nude performers. And Canada Safeway, one of the charity's major supporters, will be asking the Shriners for an explanation. Gervin Greasley, public relations director for the Khartum Shrine in Winnipeg, said he's worried about what will happen to the organization's fund-raising. "It will take a long time to live this down and regain the confidence of the community". On Thursday night at the Garden City Canad Inn, two Free Press reporters witnessed two female performers climb upon a banquet table, fondle each other, kiss and be touched by as many as eight men at one time. Some of the men were seen to pour beer on the women and put beer bottles between their legs. Patrons performed oral sex on the women in view of more than 100 men. At several points, the women tried to stop the men from fondling them, complaining they were in pain and discomfort... Elsewhere in the hotel, some patrons visited a guest room where a man at the door told them they could get sexual intercourse for 100 Dollars or oral sex for 75 Dollars. Organizers of the Shriners' Motor Patrol "V.I.P. Gentlemen's Dinner," attended by more than 400 men, told the Free Press on Friday that proceeds from the event would be used to cover motor patrol operations and support Shrine children's charities. The Manitoba Liquor Control Commission has launched an investigation, while the Winnipeg Police Service said it will investigate if formal complaints are brought to them. But Greasley said the local organization itself, affiliated with 525,000 male members belonging to 191 Shrine Temples across North America, is working quickly at damage control. At least one of the charity's major supporters, Canada Safeway, is looking for answers. (46 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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One member of the Daughters of the Nile, one of the women's arms of the Shriners, said yesterday she was "very disappointed" when she read about the event in the Free Press. "I don't understand the whole thing," she said. "Being a woman, I read it with disgust. Yesterday, the only three patrons drinking at the Shriners' Temple on Wilkes Avenue refused comment. Diane McGifford, provincial minister responsible for the status of women, said she will be talking tomorrow with Justice Minister Gord Mackintosh about the incident. "It appears something very degrading to women took place," McGifford said. "What seems apparent is although many people believe that men and women enjoy equal opportunities and are equally valued, that doesn't seem to be the case". McGifford said she hopes there were many men at the event who were disgusted with the goings-on. "They have daughters and wives too," she said. Noting the Shriners raise money so sick or burned Manitoba children can go out of province for help, McGifford said: "It just seems ironic of them -- we're going to help one group by dehumanizing another group". Naomi Levine, a Winnipeg lawyer and workplace dispute consultant, said she's shocked not only at the sex acts which went on at the banquet, but also at the fact that it involved Shriners. "It's extremely disappointing to see the Shriners can be so injudicious," Levine said. "It's certainly not consistent with the way they present themselves. "It smacks of indignity. It smacks of exploitation. There's just nothing positive about this and these are the persons who put on circuses for kids. "They should grease their brains and not their wheels".

Would-Be Shriner Says He Was Subjected to Painful Initiation Rites The Associated Press Domestic News PM Cycle November 20, 1991 LEXINGTON, Ky. - Michael G. Vaughan says he went to the Shrine temple to learn the secrets of the universe. What he learned, he says, is that the Shrine's initiation rites involve electric shocks and the humiliation of having one's underwear filled with strawberries and whipped cream. Now his lawsuit against the fraternity has become cloaked in nearly as much secrecy as the rites themselves. A judge has ordered all participants in the lawsuit not to divulge details of the case. The case file has been sealed. And only those directly involved with the lawsuit know when and where to meet for the trial Dec. 9. The lawsuit was filed last year by Vaughan, a 44-year-old brick mason who claims he was knocked unconscious and suffered other injuries during initiation rites in 1989 at the Oleika Shrine Temple in Lexington. He seeks an unspecified amount for medical bills, lost income and punitive damages. Before Circuit Judge George Barker issued a gag order last summer, Vaughan said in interviews that he wanted to become a Shriner because the group promised spiritual and emotional fulfillment. The Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine has about 725,000 members in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The group is renowned for its philanthropy: Its charitable foundation runs 19 orthopedic and three burn hospitals where needy children are treated free of charge. But Shriners also are famous for their love of fun. Temples hold circuses and football games, and Shriners driving miniature cars and boats and wearing Arabian costumes, turbans and fezzes are familiar sights at parades across America. "I assumed that the Shrine, as the word would imply, was like (God's) highest secret order, where a great secret (47 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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would be learned once you got it," Vaughan said. So, in 1989, he and about three dozen other initiates stood before an audience of Shriners and began a series of tests, which included walking on an electrified mat, sitting on an electrified bench and getting a jolt of electricity to their bare buttocks, the lawsuit says. At one point, the lawsuit says, Vaughan's shorts were taped to his legs and he suspected a nearby sinkful of strawberries, whipped cream and ice cream was to be poured into them. This last humiliation was not carried out, he says, because a table fell over and took him with it. The lawsuit says Vaughan hit his head on the floor and was knocked unconscious. Vaughan did not pay his dues and never returned to the temple. His lawsuit claims that the activities were painful and harmful and that he needed medical treatment because of them. He accuses the supervising Shriners of assault and fraud. A court-ordered videotape of the temple's initiation devices confirmed much of Vaughan's story, including the existence of the electrified bench and mat. Lawyers on both sides of the case and officials of the Oleika Shrine Temple refused to comment this week, citing the court order. Vaughan has an unlisted telephone number and could not be reached. In court documents, the temple denied several of the allegations but acknowledged that shocks "of less than one second" are administered during initiation. The Shriners denied Vaughan was knocked unconscious. Theodore Corsones, lawyer for the national Shriners' organization, said he could not comment on the case but that his own initiation as a Shriner was spiritually uplifting. He said he toured a Shriners hospital for crippled children. "As for what went on in Lexington, I haven't the foggiest because I wasn't there," Corsones said. Rules are issued each year on proper initiation techniques, he said. Robert E. Manley, whose Cincinnati law firm specializes in fraternity law, said at least 35 states, including Kentucky, have laws that ban hazing. Manley is not involved in Vaughan's lawsuit. Manely said he wasn't sure if Kentucky's hazing law would apply to the Shrine case. But if the allegations are true, Vaughan could file an assault and battery complaint, he said.

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Fri, April 24, 1987 South Haven Daily Tribune South Haven Michigan Shrine Records Shocking Dear Ann Landers: That glowing letter about how much good the Shriners do was only half of the story. I believe you were taken in. The issue is not how much money the Shriners pass on to the hospitals they support but how much do the temples keep for themselves. The Orlando Sentinal did a terrific series on this subject recently. I am enclosing part one. It will tell you all you need to know. ---R.L., TIPP CITY, OHIO

DEAR TIPP: Thank you for your letter and part one of the series by Orlando Sentinel. John Haile, editor of the Sentinel sent me part two. I was distressed by the information contained in that prize-winning story. Shrine refers to their hospitals as "The soul of the Shrine"" and the Sentinal cited Internal Revenue Service records showing that although the Shrine is the richest charity in the nation, it gave its 22 hospitals for children less than one-third of the gross collected from the public in 1984. The REMAINDER was spent on food, travel, entertainment, fraternal ceremonies and fund-raising. The Sentinel reported that in 1985 the Shriners kept a whopping 71 percent of the money raised, about $21.7 million. This went to pay for a range of clubhouse expenses, including the upkeep of private bars, restaurants and golf courses. They also used the money to pay for conventions, travel and entertainment for their 880,000 members and, again, fund raising. The Shrine''s most lucrative source of income are the circuses throughout the country. They generate about $23 million in 1985, the paper reported. The records show that LESS THAN 2 percent, or $346,251, went to the medical care of the children. I find this shocking. In 1922 the Shriners established hospitals for burned and crippled children. Today they operate 19 orthopedic hospitals and three burn centers. I want to make it clear that I have received dozens of letters from readers who have told me they took their children to a Shrine hospital after a terrible accident, the youngsters received wonderful care and not one cent was charged. This an extraordinary testimony and a glowing tribute. The facts uncovered by the Orlando Sentinel''s investigative reporters in no way diminishes services performed by the Shrine hospitals. The complaint is that a great deal of money that people think is being given to help crippled and burned children never gets there. In all fairness, I want it understood that every penny sent directly to the hospitals is spent solely to help the children. Thousands of Shriners were appalled when the Orlando Sentinel made its findings known. They had no idea as to the financial workings of their fraternity. To their credit, many Shrine leaders are now demanding that the temples make clear whether fund-raisers benefit the children or the Shriners themselves. Four cheers for them. Postscript 15 years later nothing has changed, the current percentage is about 25 percent, the Shrine continues to be the wealthiest "charity" in the world with it's assets now around the $10 Billion Dollar mark. In 1998 the Shriners posted a $233 Million Dollar PROFIT, almost equal to the entire budget of the Shrine Hospital system. In 2001 the Shrine announced a new fundraising drive amid a glitzy national advertising campaign. In reality it is obvious this was little more than a P.R. and Membership Drive campaign for Freemasonry given the staggering excesses of funds raised over funds expended they already enjoy. The largest "charity" in North America continues to convey only a fraction of the funds it raises for legitimate charitible uses, unlike real charities like the Red Cross and Easter Seals where the percent going to end users is 80% or better. But then the Red Cross and Easter Seals don't have private bars, dinning rooms, meeting rooms, and Golf & Country Club/"Study Centers" to subsidise. (49 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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The oath of the Shrine A.A.O.N.M.S. (Shriners) concludes as follows: " willful violation whereof I may incur the fearful penalty of having my eyeballs pierced to the center with a three-edged blade, my feet flayed and I will be forced to walk the hot sands upon the sterile shores of the Red Sea, until the flaming sun shall strike me with livid plague, and may Allah the God of Arab, Muslim and Mohammedan, the God of our fathers support me to the entire fulfillment of the same, Amen, Amen, Amen."

The worm is turning Brethren...

Fictions are necessary to the people, and the Truth becomes deadly to those who are not strong enough to contemplate it in all its brilliance. In fact, what can there be in common between the vile multitude and sublime wisdom? The truth must be kept secret, and the masses need a teaching proportioned to their imperfect reason. Illustrious Albert Pike 33° (50 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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Sovereign Grand Commander Mother Supreme Council of the World THE SUPREME COUNCIL of the ThirtyThird and Last Degree Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Morals and Dogma, page 103 (51 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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F.G.A. (FREQUENTLY GIVEN ANSWERS) Dear Freemasons, Witches, Ascended Masters, and other New Age "adepts", Thinking of "straightening us out" about G-d, Messiah, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Hiram Abiff, Jahbulon, the coming New Age of "Light", and how stupid and mislead us Bible and Torah believers are? ----Original Message-----From: Freemasonry Watch To: Withheld Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 Subject: Re: masonry Wrong Karnak. YOU were the one to say that "Satan is good", therefore that makes YOU the Satanist. Get it? Probably not. All occultists like Satanists, Witches, Goddess Worshippers, Maitreya Channelers, Theosophists, and Freemasons say the same thing about Satan and Lucifer: "Satan doesn't exist", "Lucifer is not Satan", "Even if Satan did exist he is good", "Satan is doing God's will", "Satan does not oppose God", and "Lucifer is the Holy Spirit". Do you think you are the first New Age World Order occult wacko to e-mail me the above "revelations"? You all start off with playing silly cut and paste and deletion games, then deny your organization has any teachings contrary to Christianity or God(Jehova, the one you say is the bringer of darkness who is opposing Lucifer-Samael, the bringer of light.) in it, then switch to providing bizarre re-interpretatons of biblical verse. Well here are some other snippets from the Bible which you might want to consider as they completely contradict your "ascended masters". THE RETURN OF THE SEVENTY-TWO The seventy-two men came back in great joy, "Lord," the said, "even the demons obeyed us when we commanded them in your name!" Jesus answered them, "I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. Listen! I have given you authority, so that you can walk on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the Enemy, and nothing will hurt you. But don't be glad because the evil spirits obey you; rather be glad because your names are written in heaven." Luke 10:17-18 Here's another link for you from a Jewish Perspecitive that will explain what you are involved in: The Rainbow Swastika, A Report to the Jewish People about New Age Anti-Semitism Quite simply you only think you understand what you are involved in. You are being mislead by non-human forces.

God(The one who isn't the serpent of "wisdom" Lucifer-Samael) Bless, Freemasonry Watch P.S. Hiram Abiff wasn't the Messiah, and Jesus Christ wasn't a Freemason.

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Send us in confidence details of cases where you think Organized Freemasonry has personally hurt yourself, family, friends, aquaintances, or community. We would also appreciate any additional background information, (53 of 54) [9/11/2004 11:02:53 PM]

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links, and references on Freemasonry and the Occult. Help us take a bite out of Freemasonry.

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