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The Henley MBA
Your best possible outcome

Choosing your MBA is one of the most personal decisions you will ever make
At Henley Business School, we know that when you are considering an MBA, it is because you are ready to change your life. We understand the importance of finding the MBA that matches your personal and professional goals. You may not even know what those goals are yet; we can help you to determine and achieve them. The world-famous Henley MBA brings out the strengths that you are already proud of, and the talents that you never knew you had. We engage individuals to become great professionals and outstanding leaders.

Why a Henley MBA?
Choosing Henley means you are choosing one of the most respected MBAs in the world. Our programmes provide skills and knowledge, coupled with a deeper understanding of yourself and the impact that you have as a person and leader, brought out through in-depth and reflective personal development. nn Henley holds triple-accredited status from the UK, European and US accrediting bodies (AMBA, EQUIS, AACSB), placing us among the top 1% of global business schools nn We are truly international, with a global focus to our syllabus content and research, enriching study trips and an international cohort. Henley really has the measure of the world nn Henley has offices and associates in Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malta, South Africa and Trinidad nn We challenge you and we challenge ourselves. We know that better answers are found through intelligent curiosity and informed debate, and we apply our knowledge with consideration and confidence nn We have a strong heritage but with a clear focus on the contemporary issues shaping our changing world. nn Henley has a far-reaching international network of alumni, with more than 56,000 based in over 150 countries. It is the combination of these qualities and approaches that makes Henley so distinctive, and the experience so powerful.

Which MBA are you?
Henley offers three modes of learning to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments.

The Henley Full-time MBA
For those that are at an early point in their career and are looking to make an immediate change, or seeking broader expertise for career advancement; perhaps to your first management role within 12 months. Designed to harness your real potential, the Full-time MBA will provide you with the knowledge, skills and strength to earn your place among the next generation of business leaders – all in just one year. Get where you want to be, faster.

Participants will need to devote considerable time to their studies so you will need to consider how this programme fits around your work and personal life.

The Henley Flexible Executive MBA
(Enhanced Distance Learning MBA) For those looking for a flexible work/life balance to enhance your management skills while continuing your current professional activities. Engage with the future on your own terms. Designed for mid-career managers with at least three years’ management experience, this flexible MBA is taught in the UK or at one of our international locations, and allows you to continue working full-time. Fitting into your schedule, the programme takes a minimum of 30 months.

The Henley Executive MBA
For highly experienced practising managers, often well advanced in their career or on track for advancement to senior management. Over 21 months this transformational programme focuses on leadership and personal development to build confident, assured leaders.

Confidence Both in your skills and knowledge as a business professional, and in yourself as an intuitive and intelligent leader. Direction Your career outcomes and aspirations will become even clearer, and well within your reach. We achieve this together, through guidance on both a personal and an academic level, interaction with talented class members and outstanding faculty. Skill Gain both knowledge and expertise, as well as the ability to impart that knowledge and guide others with intelligence and consideration. Networks Engaging with Henley means that you are connected to a top-tier international network of over 56,000 alumni, businesses and influencers worldwide. We guide you in how to make these connections work for you and your goals. An ongoing relationship We know that once you connect with Henley Business School, you will always be engaged with our community, wherever you live or work. Your continued success reflects our excellence and we give you the power to achieve your best possible outcome.

The Henley experience
Henley has two spectacular campuses in the UK, each designed to provide the optimal learning and development experience. Greenlands campus, on the banks of the river in Henley-on-Thames, is the ideal place to reflect and to be inspired. Our Executive and Flexible Executive MBA activities are based here. Whiteknights, in Reading, is a thriving, dynamic knowledge hub, making it the ideal location for our Full-time MBA. On both campuses we place great importance on your personal development with support and business coaching. You learn with a diverse international peer group in workshops and individually. You also work collaboratively in high-performing learning teams on company projects designed to address specific challenges within business. The Henley experience is highly interactive with many opportunities to network and build relationships. It helps you understand why our international alumni include some of the world’s most influential and inspiring business leaders. Outside of the UK, Henley Business School operates in 17 countries, with offices in Finland, Germany, Hong Kong and South Africa – plus established partnerships in Ireland, Malta, Denmark and Trinidad, we can offer our students a truly international experience.

Supporting you
Personal development
At Henley, personal development is woven into the fabric of the MBA and is an assessed module complemented by four interactive workshops. We take a wholeperson approach, which means we begin by acknowledging the complexity of balancing work, home, study and career, as well as planning for the challenge to engage with the world that will come with a senior management role. Reflection, dialogue and goal-setting are at the heart of personal development at Henley. Personal development is the first activity on the programme and over three stages the module gradually explores the themes of perspective, relationships and purpose in ever-widening contexts. You will be surprised just how much you can learn about yourself when you learn how to listen to and share with each other and your management experience plays just as important a role in this aspect of the MBA as it does in any other. The ability to find personal fulfilment whilst also driving wealth creation for organisations and communities, all with character and integrity, requires self-awareness and humility. The central message is that this is a personal journey in search of the better question, not the better answer.

Career development
We understand that one of your key motivations for taking the Henley MBA is to accelerate your career. For those of you who are self-sponsored you are probably rethinking your career direction, so work starts from day one on career planning. It is so vital we have placed it at the heart of the programme. Henley’s career service provides a number of workshops to help develop the skills required to promote yourself during and after your MBA.

You will have the opportunity to access our Career Development Services, including: nn Access to career coaches nn Access to our networking portal, HENLEYnetworker, a dedicated career networking and recruitment platform nn The opportunity to choose a mentor nn One-to-one coaching sessions nn Specialist career support nn Industry or recruitment networking events nn Dedicated career workshops nn Access to our online career library and databases.

Talk to us
In the UK contact the Henley team about the right Henley MBA for you. Phone: +44 (0)1491 418 803 Email: [email protected] To study outside the UK, please see our website for contact details for our international partners:

Meet us
We travel the world looking for the next generation of outstanding professionals. Look out for an upcoming MBA event at Henley Business School or near you. Find out more at

Henley. Engaging business.

Henley Business School
For more information, please contact: Henley Business School Greenlands Henley-on-Thames Oxfordshire RG9 3AU United Kingdom [email protected] Tel + 44 (0)1491 418 803

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