The Path of Least Resistance

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The Path of Least Resistance



The Path of Least Resistance
"Act without action; work without effort. Taste without savouring. Magnify the small; increase the
few, repay ill-will with kindness."
"Plan the difficult when it is easy. Handle the big where it is small. The worlds hardest work begins
when it is easy. The worlds largest effort begins where it is small. Enlightened people, finally, take
no great action, and in that way, great is achieved."
"Those who commit easily inspire little trust. How easy to inspire hardness! Therefore,
enlightened people view all as difficult. Finally they have no difficulty!"
When enlightened people find that they must influence an ongoing process they will direct their
energy towards it's weakest and most receptive area. Once their influence is absorbed, they know
that the weakness will move to another location. They follow. Never do they find themselves in
direct confrontation with a formidable problem.
Just as a river finds it's way through a valley of boulders, enlightened people work their way
around areas of resistance, knowing that they will ultimately wear them down.
Thus an entire process can be influenced and controlled with small, non-confrontational actions.
Because enlightened people are serious-minded, they inspire trust and break down resistance.
Because they are subtle, their actions are appropriately restrained and do not interfere with the
natural cycle of events. In this way they avoid counter-reactions and achieve their aims. (63)

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