The Qualities to Be a Good Teacher

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essay on qualities to be a good teacher



The qualities to be a good teacher
Assalamulaikum, my name is Saripah Aini binti Keling. My speech today is about
the qualities to be a good teacher.
We all have favourite and least favourite teachers when it comes to school.
Some may be boring, never laugh or smile, some just simply do not teach the
subject well, while other teachers make the class fun and easy to understand.
Teachers should have some specific qualities in order to be a good teacher.
First of all and what qualifies you to be called a teacher, must be the knowledge.
A good teacher should know the subject thoroughly, not just read and teach
what is written in the textbook, but beyond it. They should relate the subject
to the real life situation. In English Language we call it the authentic usage of
the language. For example, when a person was asked “Hello, how are you?”, most
teacher will teach with “I am fine, thank you” as the answer and drill it. But in
the authentic usage, it’s rare to hear people answer “I am fine” because mostly
people will reply with “I’m fine, thank you”. This kind of tiny details makes huge
impact on how your pupils see the usefulness of what you are teaching. And of
course, some pupils will experiment on it and compare it with what they see
around them. Thus, knowledge on the subject matter is very important. Not just
the theory per se, but the relevant and authentic usage in daily life should
follow. It is because, we need knowledge to deal with our everyday life.
Whatever new knowledge that can be applied in our daily situation might change
our perspective in viewing things and usually stays in our head longer.
Secondly, a good teacher should and must have a good communication skill. The
ability to pass the knowledge to others, and to ensure that they understand it,
definitely requires certain skills. During our teaching training, we learned about
pedagogy. Therefore, once you enter the class, get know your pupils, their
background and the prior knowledge. With the help of the pedagogy knowledge
that you have, you can design a lesson that will suit your pupils. So, how does it
relate to the communication skills? On how you present it to your pupils of
course! Your voice should be loud enough so that the pupils at the back can still
hear you. What you say should be clear and simple. You are teaching to make
them understand, not writing an essay for the exam. The choice of words is very
important. Avoid using bombastic words at all costs. Remember, you are not
impressing your lecturer with your wide range of vocabulary, but you are
teaching pupils who has little knowledge or know nothing at all on the subject
that you are going to teach them. For example, in Maths, don’t just simply told

them that two plus two equal to four. You can use the pencils to show them
about the equation. Show them two pencils then tell them this is two, then take
another two pencils and put it together with the previous two pencils so that
the pupils can see the addition in the amount of the pencils. So that’s how a
good teacher explain the concept of addition before writing down the equation
which some pupils might not even know what do the words plus and addition
mean. The next important thing to highlight in good communication skill is the
opportunity for the pupils to talk. A good teacher will ensure that the pupils
have the opportunity to question, to ask for clarification and to give their
opinions on what is being taught. When a question is asked it means that their
brains is working to process what you are delivering to them. On the other
hands, it shows their interest towards what you are teaching.
Another important quality is the sense of humour. Everyone loves a joyful
teacher rather than a serious one who never smile or laugh. The pupils really
enjoy the lesson if a teacher is joyful. If the teacher sees that her pupils are
so stressed in understanding what was being taught, she will come out with
something that will enlighten their mood. She might come out with some games
and the pupils will play in groups. Maybe put on a famous song for 2 minutes so
that everyone can sing it together. Or perhaps ask them to follow her to make 5
jumping jacks and they will laugh to see their teacher do jumping jacks in baju

So, those are the three qualities that I think a good teacher should have.

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