The Realization

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Zinzi 2
Giovanni Zinzi
Young 1st
English 1
22 January 2013
The Realization
My Fellow Americans, we are gathered here today to experience a speech so magnificent
that it will go down in history. Many debates will erect from this address. We, as Americans,
must understand that this speech is delivered at a very inopportune time. We must stay strong
through the criticism that may arise. We must understand what others don’t. Lastly, we must stay
united and proud! Because we are the United States of America! Ladies and gentleman, I stand
here today with a man with visions, a man that can lead us to a better understanding. Now, on
behalf of the great state of Texas, I present to you Mr. Giovanni Zinzi!
Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you all. Tonight is a particular
honor for me because, let’s face it, my presence on this stage is extravagantly unlikely. When I
was very young, my mother would constantly remind me of how grateful I should be. I did not
truly learn what her words meant till a few years ago. My encounter with a snake felt like a
predetermined death. I was in a trance, and then I was saved by a man next to me. That man was
Mexican. Daniel, the man who saved my life, would later become a very close friend. I see
America today and I picture a land of opportunity. Then I ask myself a question, “What is
holding us back?” That answer is much simpler than most people think. America is known as the
“land of opportunities”, and in reality this stereotype is more accurate than people would think.
Now I know that there are people in America struggling, but we are a strong nation when united.
The notion of us being a “land of opportunities” sets a higher standard for Americans

Zinzi 2
everywhere. My mother grew up in Mexico. She was born and raised in a small town in Mexico.
She grew up learning that hard work yielded achievements. She never thought of herself as
anything special, but her mother had larger dreams for her. Through hard work and perseverance
my mother moved to the United States and got a scholarship at Brown. She had never before
realized how the United States really was a land of freedom and opportunity. After her studies at
Brown, she led to create a company that strived during bad times. While studying at Brown, my
mother met my father through a college friend. My father was born in Brooklyn and raised in
Italy. His family was very poor, but his father knew he was something special. He, too, had big
dreams for my father. A common dream, comprising different parts of the world. My parents
went on to share an improbable love, and an abiding faith in the possibilities of this nation. They
led to give me an Italian name, and they accepted America as what it is and assimilated into it.
They stand here with me grateful for the diversity of my heritage. Fellow Americans, I have
pondered what is holding back our nation for many years now, and I have finally come to a
conclusion; Ethnocentrism. We as a nation need to understand that this “land of opportunities”
was meant to be shared. Our founding fathers were immigrants! We are immigrants as well! We
must accept the fact that we are not reaching our potential! We need to invite people with open
arms to our land, the land of opportunities. We are becoming more ethnocentric every day, and
we do not realize that we cannot strive without the help of others. Our stubbornness is our
ultimate downfall, because in the end two is better than one. Thank you everybody! God bless
you. Thank you.

Zinzi 2

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