The Spin-Masters of Colombo

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The Spin-Masters Of Colombo
| By Tisaranee Gunasekara

"I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law ... I will perform non-combatant service in the armed forces of the United States ... I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation ... so help me God. " he !ath of "llegiance taken by all naturalised "mericans (February 13 !"1# Colombo Sri $anka Guar%ian& Spinning is an integral component of YARNS Governance Rajapaksa. "Those who can not tolerate the country s growth after the !ra"ication of Terrorism are trying to take #! to the electric $%A&R"' thun"ere" (resi"ent Rajapaksa' with an eye )n elections. The &nternational $riminal $ourt has no $ompetence to impose $apital punishment' irrespective of the Gravity of the *+r,. !ven if (resi"ent Rajapaksa is e-tra"ite"' trie" an" convicte" +y the &$$' he can not +e sent to The %ague at the electric .ecause there is no electric $%A&R $%A&R/

Truth prosaic +ut that "oes not accor" with the role of heroic' self0sacrificing martyr is our thespian $urrently enacting (resi"ent. So Yarn a+out the electric chairs 0 to "eceive the economically0+ur"ene" gain voter an" his 1 her sympathy' Season this

election. Now that the Rs. 233million +y the Rajapaksas to +ri+e American politicians attempt has faile"' an" 4ashington will present another resolution in Geneva' Yankee0+ashing will make a come+ack in noisy $olom+o. %ow #ANY of those foot0sol"iers who tru"ge an" howl against Rajapaksa American intervention know that the super0 patriotic Gota+haya Rajapaksa an" .asil Rajapaksa have two patriae 0 Sri 5anka an" the 6nite" States of America7 Naturalise" To +ecome a 6.S. citi8en' a kikom+e has to file an application' (ay a fee' face sit for an interview an" an )ral )n 6.S. %istory an" civics test an" an !nglish test. The 9inal step Step is the )aths $eremony "uring which the new Recruit "enounces all allegiances to his 1 her lan" of +irth an" ple"ges total fi"elity to 6nite" States of America. American citi8ens are reporte"ly naturalise" Gota+haya an" .asil Rajapaksa. &f so' they woul" have file" Their N0:33 application' pai" the fees' face" the interview an" passe" tests Their $iti8enship an" 5anguage. They woul" have taken the oath of Allegiance' renouncing an" a+juring their loyalty to Sri 5anka' an" swearing allegiance to America. 5ater ;it woul" +e interesting to "iscover when< they woul" have o+taine" "ual0 citi8enship in Sri 5anka' just +y paying a fee an" signing some forms. .asil an" Gota+haya Rajapaksa +eing case" 5ankans voluntarily an" +ecame Americans. Neither was +eing persecute"= +oth left in Search of greener pastures. Their #otherlan" They willingly gave up to +ecome citi8ens of the Richest country in the worl". .oth woul" have spent entire Their 5ives in America' if their +rother "i" not +ecome the (resi"ent of Sri 5anka. .asil an" Gota+haya Rajapaksa 5ankan an" if American citi8ens are' "o they owe primary loyalty to which country7 &f they claim that they are Sri 5ankans love %eart an" soul an" love" every Their #otherlan" As no man +efore his #otherlan"' Then they were perpetrating a lie 4hen they ple"ge" to "a+solutely an" entirely renounce an" a+jure All Allegiance an" 9&>!5&TY ... to any foreign State ... of ... which & have heretofore +een a citi8en ...."7 &f' for !-ample' Their country' America' enter into hostilities with $hina' an" $iti8en Gota+haya is calle" to +ear arms on +ehalf of the 6nite" States an" $iti8en .asil is summone" to perform non0com+atant service in the arme" forces of the 6nite" States ' as per their freely given ple"ge' what will they "o7 At the commencement of his campaign against .ritish $olonial Rule' #ahatma Gan"hi Returne" )n the me"al +estowe" +y him for the help he ren"ere" the .ritish Sovereign .ritish sol"iers "uring the .oer 4ar. Gota+haya an" .asil Rajapaksa 4hy "o remain citi8ens of a country which' they claim ' is conspiring to "estroy >ivi"e an" Their .elove" Sri 5anka7 &sn t #ahin"a Rajapaksa even a +it pertur+e" an" sa""ene" that his .rothers $ontinue Their Allegiance to a country which' accor"ing to him' is ma""ene" +y envy at his Great ?ictory' an" is conspiring with other envious powers' to sen" him to the electric chair 7

"(atriotism" wrote Am+rose .ierce "is a Stone an" As As As .lin" As a hea"less Goat irrational." 5ittle won"er that for charlatans' &T is the 4eapon of 9irst Resort. Gene'a is a (a)apaksa *roblem &n @[email protected]' (resi"ent Rajapaksa visite" the ?atican. "uring Their cor"ial "iscussion ' the (resi"ent an" the (ontiff e-presse" the hope "that a Glo+al joint solution correspon"ing to the legitimate !-pectations of #ay Soon +e 9oun" All the parties &nvolve"." Glo+al joint solution means a solution with a clear component &nternational. The (resi"ent woul" have consente" to this papal09ormula which contra"icts his own #antra of a home0grown solution .ecause he has no intention of implementing (lain form. They are just lies spun to +uy time' to "eflect criticism' to win a smile or' in this particular case' a politically0useful +lessing. The Tigers ha" a Stock0response whenever they were confronte" with the &ssue of $hil" conscription. 9irst' >enialA 4e "o not have a single $hil" Sol"ier = Then o+fuscationA 4e have a 9!4 $hil" sol"iers 4ar0orphans .ecause some a+solutely insiste" on joining = ne-t Solemn (romiseA 4e will release all chil" sol"iers +y. .. . !very spin0$ycle Stage0manage" will conclu"e with $ome0an"0see0for0 yourselves visits an" "emo+ilisation chara"es ; "emo+ilise #angerie much while hiking with a 9!4 $hil" sol"iers Secretly0up conscription<. The Rajapaksas are going the Tiger way. As the 55R$ was only inten"e" a cre"i+le counter to the >arusman Report' a Ruse for the Rajapaksas to si"estep the Accounta+ility0&ssue. fulfils The 55R$ Reports that o+ligation scrupulously= #il" &T also inclu"es some sensi+le criticisms an" a num+er of Recommen"ations' in the interests of cre"i+ility. commonplaces The Recommen"ations are nothing #ore than "emocratic an" goo" Governance. The current Geneva $risis stems 9rom the Rajapaksas unwillingness to implement even these une-ceptiona+le Recommen"ations' ma"e +y Their own commission. Take' for !-ample' the Rajapaksa a+out singing the National Anthem &ssue0ma"e in Tamil. .anning The 55R$ Report warne" that the Tamil National Anthem "create a #ajor irritant which woul" not +e con"ucive to fostering (ost0conflict Reconciliation" an" recommen"e" that "the practice of the National Anthem +eing sung simultaneously in two languages in the same time must +e maintaine" an" supporte" ... " Re0imposition of the Sinhala0)nly National Anthem was a petty0min"e" A$T of Revenge +y (resi"ent Rajapaksa. 9urious at +eing prevente" +y placar" (lacar" saying0wiel"ing .ritish 1 !6 Tamils 9rom a""ressing the )-for" 6nion for the Secon" Time' he con"emne" the singing of national anthem in Tamil as a "shortcoming that must +e rectifie""' "eclare"' anti0factually' that "in no other country was the national anthem use" in more than one language" an" +anne" the practice' via a ca+inet "ecision. Restoring the practice of singing the National Anthem in Tamil will help the Regime

(romote National Reconciliation an" internationally. ?ia a simple $a+inet "ecision e-pe"itiously &t $AN +e "one. Yet the Rajapaksas refuse. such is the infantilism of our rulers. Geneva is a pro+lem cause" +y the Rajapaksa Si+lings unwillingness to implement the Recommen"ations of Their own commission. Their Refusal has nothing to "o with mulish National National interests or sovereignty= &T stems 9rom Their +elate" recognition that even the #inimalist "emocratic safeguar"s recommen"e" +y the 55R$ are incompati+le with their "espotic project. An" for this refusal' motivate" purely +y power0hunger' familial0interests an" sheer piBue' Sri 5anka must pay the price' financially an" otherwise. References; The details are freely available on the net, including the official US website /? vgnextoid=64f22cac1551b210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=5efce bb7d4ff8210VgnVCM1000002 Incidentally the language test involves one line of reading and one line of dictation. "I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the armed forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God. " ? vgnextoid=facd6db8d7e37210VgnVCM100000082ca60aRCRD&vgnextchannel=dd7ff e9dd4aa3210VgnVCM100000b92ca60aRCRD The Devil's Dictionary Communiqué issued by the Holy See Press Office The Sunday Times - 12.12.2010

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