There is Nothing Better

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There Is Nothing Better
Ricardo Saúl LaRosa
There is nothing better, In this world, Than being with the one, You love, Feeling her hands, Feather softly, Upon my soul, There is nothing better, In this galaxy, Than kissing, Those lips, Of the one, Whom I adore, And love, There is nothing better, In the whole universe, Known, And unknown, Than being in love, A wonderful feeling, That poets dare not describe, There is nothing better, Than being with you, My love,The kisses, You shower me, Are blessings, From divinities,

There is nothing better, For me, In this life, Than knowing you, The happiness, You have given, Me, There is nothing better, My sweetnesss, Than when I hold you, In my arms, Feeling the warmth, Of your soul, Next to mine, There is nothing better, In my existence, Than kissing, Your tender lips, In the madness, Of our passions, My love…

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