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Oniana, Lester M. BSEcE-5

GSM-Based Auto-Dialing Water Level Monitoring System

Mobile phone technology today has been widely used because it is accessible in many areas. This project aims to monitor areas that are flood prone, it can monitor water levels in a certain area, if the device detects that the water rises in a certain level, it will send a text message to the person who is monitoring. If the water increases continually until it reaches the level that is already dangerous, then the person will now receive a call from the device.

Licot, Mary Grace Ann V.


Automated Street Light Switching with Power during Power Interruption

Many barangay offices today has difficulty on saving money, one of their problems is how to manage the street lights because it is one of the reasons why they are paying big for electricity consumption. This project aims to reduce the power consumption of barangay offices because of not turning off the street lights during morning. This project can also be used when there is power interruption, like of what happened on the Sendong tragedy, many of people have died because the incident was happened during midnight and there is no light during that time because of power interruption. This project is not only use to save money but it can also save life in a simple way.

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