Thriller Treatment

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Treatment of a thriller for Media Studies AS



By Molly Murnaghan

Longline: A psychological thriller following the story of a man who finds
someones living his life, and there is no trace that he ever existed.

Plot: The film opens in a cafe with the protagonist, he’s eating his breakfast, he
then leaves the cafe. He then gets a text from the bank telling him that his card is going to run out soon. Realising this he returns to the cafe and collects his wallet, and the card is not his. He walks home and takes the key from his pocket, and puts it in the lock and when he arrives he realises his key doesn’t fit, and he tries to get it in. He steps back confused and angry, he then starts banging on the door. Then a old woman peeps through the curtain, and he doesn’t know who she is and she doesn’t know who he is. The old woman opens the front door and threatens to call the police, so he runs away. Looking at his watch he remembers he should be at his work in the meeting and wants something to still be the same, as he is convincing himself that it is a dream and it all will be resolved. He arrives at the front desk of the office building, but the secretary doesn’t know who is he is. He runs past her and in to the meeting only to find that it is now a completely different office, which he doesn’t recognise he goes in and he starts shouting “This is not funny, I need an explanation!” They look at him with no recognition. He is then asked to leave, he tries to explain what has happened and that he has worked there for the past five years but they think he is a lunatic so he gets escorted off the premises and told to never come back, or they will press charges. He decides to go back to his house and call the police to say that a old lady has broken in to his house, and locked him out. The police arrive and knock on the door, no one answers so they break down the door, once he is in the house he realises all of the decoration and furniture is not the same and not his, he tries explaining this to the police who arrest him. He gets taken to the police car and driven down to the station, once he is there they interrogate him on what’s happen and breathalyse him and get him to take a medical test. He no alcohol or drugs in his system and they will to get him his results later on that day, so they let him go. He decides he is going to ring his wife and tell her about what is going on, it rings endlessly and says the number is not recognised, this starts to panic him. He decides go to her work to see if she is still there as he knows that she is going to finish soon, he arrives at the reception and sits down. She walks out of her office and the receptionist says her husband his here so see him, as he is about to stand up, the man opposite does and he walks over and kisses her. The protagonist stands up and interrupts saying I’m you’re husband, who is this and she looks at him blankly and confused and says no he’s my husband, leave me alone. He is left at her work with his head in his hands, and he now knows his life with be the same again because someone is living his life. He leaves her office and is standing on the street bewildered what to do and where to go. He gets a call saying that he immediately needs to go down the police office for his medical results. He arrives at the police station, and two men come and try to put him straight jacket and tries to punch them to let go of him, so they inject him so he passes out and

By Molly Murnaghan

they take him off. He wakes up in a cell he starts to freak out and there is a woman there, so tells him to calm down, he demands to know why he is there. She says that he is too mentally unstable to be in contact with the general public, and will remain there until they think that he has made improvements. The shot closes as he is crying in the cell by himself as he has lost everything and has nothing to live for.

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