Thursday - September 20, 2012 - ForeclosureGate Gazette

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HOMEOWNERS NEWS Is A Public Service Homeowner Coalition and Cooperative, Created To Exchange News And Information And To Advance Justice For American Homeowners

WA STATE SUPREME COURT: "Simply put, if MERS does not hold the note, it is not a lawful beneficiary" Page 3: "A plain reading of the statute leads us to conclude that only the actual holder of the promissory note or other instrument evidencing the obligation may be a beneficiary with the power to appoint a trustee to proceed with a nonjudicial foreclosure on real property. Simply put, if MERS does not hold the note, it is not a lawful beneficiary….

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announces Consumer Advisory Board members The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) today announced the appointment of 25 consumer experts from outside the federal government to its newly-formed Consumer Advisory Board which will provide advice to CFPB leadership on a broad range of consumer financial issues and emerging market trends….

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Dozens of disgruntled homeowners walked along East 42nd St. in Manhattan last Thursday afternoon shouting, "Stand up, fight back," and "Freddie, Freddie, you can't hide, we can see your greedy side." Some spoke in hope that someone, other than themselves, would hear their voice. Their target was Freddie Mac, a federally chartered, shareholder-owned corporation that….

CA Enacts Foreclosure Legislation Codifying and Extending Provisions of the National Mortgage Settlement Earlier this year, the state attorneys general from California and 48 other states, the District of Columbia, and federal agencies entered into the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement (NMS) with the five largest mortgage loan servicers (Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase and Ally). Mortgage loan servicers collect from the borrower and remit to the mortgage holder….

Realtors group aims to influence politics in new ways The National Assn. of Realtors, a political heavyweight with a million-plus members, has embarked on two initiatives to ensure that when key votes are taken at all levels of government, the Realtors' point of view will be heard loud and clear. As part of a broader consumer outreach strategy, the Realtors group for the first time will engage consumers directly through emails and browser ads….

Revisiting Statements Around the Mortgage Settlement A little over six months ago, negotiations over the mortgage settlement concluded with a 49 state agreement to address robosigning and other predatory mortgage servicing and foreclosure practices. This was a pivotal moment, because it was possibly the last leverage point to look into problems with the securitization process that led to the financial crisis….

Foreclosure: Bank Owned Blight Take a look around your neighborhood, any neighborhood in Amerika and you will see vacant and abandoned homes that are falling into disrepair. Many times the homes have been abandoned by their rightful owners and many times the homes are languishing in a nether world…foreclosure not yet completed with ownership transferred to the bank that lied and committed fraud, fabricated some alleged right….

Advice for Arizonans on brink of foreclosure Here's some updated advice from one of Arizona's top housing advocates, Patricia Garcia Duarte, chief executive of Neighborhood Housing Services of Phoenix. Her first piece of advice for homeowners facing losing their homes is to call the Arizona Foreclosure Prevention Hotline....

$3.5 Million Settlement in Mortgage Bias Case A mortgage company has agreed to pay more than $3.5 million to settle allegations by federal prosecutors that it charged higher interest rates and fees on mortgages to nonwhite borrowers than to whites with similar financial backgrounds, federal officials announced on Tuesday….

>>>>>>> ‘Mortgage Seizure Via Eminent Domain For Community Stabilization’ Debate And News Updated Daily

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