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It is unclear whether those statements before the Miranda rights warning would be admissible in a criminal trial and, if not, whether prosecutors even need them to win a conviction. Officials said physical evidence, including a 9 mm handgun and pieces of a remote-control device commonly used in toys, was recovered from the scene. The suspect, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, told authorities that his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, only recently recruited him to be part of the attack, two U.S. officials said. The CIA, however, named Tamerlan to a terrorist database 18 months ago, officials said Wednesday, an acknowledgment that will undoubtedly prompt congressional inquiry about whether investigators took warnings from Russian intelligence officials seriously enough. The U.S. officials who spoke to The Associated Press were close to the investigation but insisted on anonymity because
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Suspect reportedly admits role
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev spoke before being warned, officials say. Probe looks to Russia.

BOSTON — The surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings acknowledged to the FBI his role in the attacks but did so before he was advised of his constitutional rights to keep quiet and seek a lawyer, officials said Wednesday.

Berwick woman convicted of arson
Gail Schneider, 44, found to have set Conyngham fire that caused $1.3 million in damage.
By SHEENA DELAZIO [email protected]

A police captain holds his cap Wednesday while entering a memorial service for fallen MIT police officer Sean Collier.


Hazleton hospital in merger
Greater Hazleton Health Alliance soon will be part of Lehigh Valley Health Network.
By ANDREW M. SEDER [email protected]



HAZLETON — The everchanging face of local health care is once again going under the knife after Wednesday’s announcement that the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance will soon be part of the Lehigh Valley Health Network. At an official announcement Wednesday at the hospital, James Edwards, president and chief executive officer of the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance, said “Both organizations value their people and realize that’s where the care starts. That’s what has made working together a natural fit and what makes merging a logical choice.” The announcement comes four years after a partnership between the two nonprofit health-care organizations was established and follows similar mergers, purchases and affiliations between other hospitals in the region: • In 2012, Danville-based Geisinger Health System, which operates Geisinger Wyoming Valley in Plains Township and Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre hospitals in Luzerne County, acquired Community Hospital of Scranton. • In recent years the for-profit Community Health System, of
See MERGER, Page 10A

ewel, a Dromedary camel, is one of several camels that are part of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus that opens performances this evening at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Wilkes-Barre Township. The circus will be at the arena through Sunday. For a story on some of the lives of circus performers, see page 3A.


Sheriff’s stance on high-powered weaponry debated
Lackawanna, Monroe counterparts differ on county sheriff’s actions.
By JENNIFER LEARN-ANDES [email protected]

Sheriffs in two neighboring counties have differing views on Luzerne County Interim Sheriff John Robshaw’s refusal to sign off on paperwork needed for citizens to buy machine

guns, short-barrel shotguns and rifles and silencers. The federal form to transfer these type of National Firearms Act, or “Class III,” weapons from dealers to individuals requires the signature of the “chief law enforcement officer” in that jurisdiction. The officer is typically the county sheriff in Pennsylvania, though police chiefs and district attorneys also could

qualify. The issue came up locally because Foster Township resident Thomas F. Braddock Jr. sent a letter to Luzerne County officials this week complaining about Robshaw’s failure to consider his transfer request for a fully automatic machine gun he wants for his collection and investment purposes. Robshaw said he won’t sign off on any such requests

because he opposes civilians acquiring automatic guns and silencers and doesn’t want to be responsible if one of these weapons is used in a crime. Lackawanna County Sheriff John Szymanski said he has taken the same stance as Robshaw since the Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.
See GUN, Page 10A

WILKES-BARRE — A Berwick woman was convicted Wednesday on seven charges relating to a September 2010 fire in Conyngham that caused $1.3 million in damage. Gail Schneider, 44, was found guilty of five counts of arson, one count of reckless burning and one count of criminal Schneider mischief after a Luzerne County jury deliberated for about 90 minutes. Prosecutors say Schneider set the blaze in retaliation for being evicted from the Lantern Lane, South Main Street, building in September 2009 after an incident with her neighbor, Nicole Buak. Schneider’s attorneys argued during the seven-day trial that the fire was not intentionally set but rather was caused by an electrical problem in the building. “I have a sense of peace … and closure,” Buak said after hearing the verdict. “Justice was served today. I don’t have to live in fear anymore.” Prosecutors say Schneider was evicted from the building after Buak had called the police on Schneider twice one evening complaining of noise. Buak testified during the trial that she saw Schneider near her vehicle and then run away. She went to see why Schneider was near her vehicle when she noticed the word “die” carved into her door and then a scratch on her vehicle. “I’m very glad today is over with,” Buak said. “It was hard to watch everything you’ve worked for … just go away.” Assistant District Attorney Shannon Crake requested that Schneider’s bail be revoked and that she be taken to the Luzerne County Correctional Facility beSee GUILTY, Page 10A

NFL draft day changed Trippi’s fortunes
At 92, Pittston native, taken first in 1945, is the oldest living No. 1 pick
By BILL O’BOYLE [email protected]


in 1999

PITTSTON — When the National Football League announced its No. 1 draft pick in 1945, there wasn’t any fanfare like you can see tonight on the NFL Network and ESPN. But you can be sure that the residents of

Pittston knew who went first — it was the city’s favorite son, Charley Trippi, halfback from the University of Georgia via Pittston High School who was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals. Trippi, now 92, lives in Athens, Ga., and is the oldest living NFL No. 1 pick. USA Today published a feature story about Trippi,

and Wednesday he talked to The Times Leader about his career and his life growing up in Pittston. Growing up in the coal mining town of Pittston was a challenge, Trippi said. “My dad was a miner,” he said. “I
See TRIPPI, Page 10A


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PSU has one less Lion
Key player to transfer SPORTS, 1B




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Court serving needs of the mentally ill
Six graduated Wednesday from county’s alternative sentencing program.
By SHEENA DELAZIO [email protected]

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WILKES-BARRE — Luzerne County Specialty Court graduate Kelly said Wednesday she could have gone to prison for screwing up and committing a crime. But, instead, she found the two-year program that was able to get her on the right track, give her a second chance in life and allow her to be a mother to her 3-year-old son. “Now, I’m independent. I’m a strong woman. I don’t know what I would have done (without specialty court),” said Kelly, who did not disclose her last name. “Having depression, or other mental illnesses, doesn’t mean you have to stop living.” Kelly was one of six people who graduated from the program Wednesday. Now in its fourth year, the program saves tax dollars that would be spent on prison lodging while addressing mental illnesses and increasing public safety. Two others, including a military veteran, were accepted into the program Wednesday. “This program is a success because of the people in it,” said county Judge William Amesbury, who presides over the court. “We’re working for the betterment of all.” As of Wednesday, 23 county residents have completed the two-year program. Most offenders who end up in the program face non-violent misdemeanor or felony charges, though some with violent charges might be accepted on a case-by-case basis. A team reviews offenders’ criminal history and psychological assessments before voting whether to ac-

cept them into the program. The illnesses of past participants have included major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. Their crimes have ranged from theft and trespassing to terroristic threats and arson. Due to state law and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations, participants of the program cannot be identified. The two clients accepted into the program Wednesday included Joseph, a veteran who will work with the Veterans Administration to complete his program. Joseph was charged with several crimes that he agreed to plead guilty to Wednesday, including criminal conspiracy, retail theft, theft from a motor vehicle, simple assault and resisting arrest. Geri also was accepted into the program and agreed to plead guilty to a charge of retail theft. Geri and Joseph will each serve two years in the program, which is a supervised probationary period. “If you should not be successful (in completing the program), I could sentence you,” Amesbury told the two. Other graduates expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in the program and for helping them through a tough time in their lives. “I’ve come a long way,” said Marty. “It’s easy to be negative. But you’re getting help … that’s how you have to look at it.” Graduates T.J. and Mary, who have produced art that adorns Amesbury’s courtroom, said they both have learned lessons thanks to their time in the program. “I hope to never be in trouble again,” T.J. said. “They taught me how to trust others … how to deal with pain, suffering and (emotions),” Mary said.

Donna Kanka, grandmother of Megan Kanka, after whom Megan’s Law is named, lights her candle at the Victims Resource Center ‘Take Back the Night’ event Wednesday.

Rally gives voice to victims
Victims Resource Center holds W-B event to highlight Victims’ Rights Week.
By STEVE MOCARSKY [email protected]

Ongoing contract dispute discussed at WA meeting
By SUSAN DENNEY Times Leader Correspondent

WILKES-BARRE — He was only 8 years old when the sexual abuse began. “My (relative) showed me what he wanted me to do. I couldn’t understand why he wanted me to do it, but I did it anyway. I made him happy. I remember him telling me not to tell anyone, and I don’t know why, but I felt dirty,” George Steltz told dozens of onlookers who attended a rally Wednesday in downtown Wilkes-Barre to support victims of sexual abuse and crime. The Take Back the Night march and rally, organized by the Victims Resource Center in observance of Sexual Abuse Awareness Month and Victims’ Rights Week, followed a march around Public Square that ended on the lawn of Kirby Health Center on North Franklin Street. Steltz, of Hanover Township, said his abuse continued — at the hands of his relative, then by boys in the neighborhood who also told him not to tell anyone, some of them threatening him if he did. “Grown men started using me, too,” he said. “I was a good target — quiet and submissive.” In adulthood, the abuse plagued him. By 35, he lost his

job, wife, children and house, started drinking and considered suicide, he said. Then a friend pointed him to the Victims Resource Center, where he learned a lot, but “most importantly, that it wasn’t my fault,” he said. Now 47 and a math major at Luzerne County Community College, Steltz finally feels in control of his life. He urged those in the crowd, which included many King’s College and Wilkes University students, to “not be zebras. Let’s stand together, be vigilant and take back the night.” Victims’ family members also spoke at the rally. Donna Kanka, of Monroe Township, N.J., told how her granddaughter, Megan Kanka, was abducted, raped and murdered in 1994 at the hands of a twice-convicted sex offender who lived across the street with two other sex offenders. Neither neighborhood residents nor police knew of their background. “If we knew, we would have (told) her not to go near those people (and) to be careful,” Kanka said. A campaign started by Megan’s family spurred the New Jersey Legislature to pass Megan’s Law, which requires the registration of convicted sexual predators. Every other state followed suit. Susan Hooper described how her brother, Robert Curley, died of thallium poisoning in 1991 at the hands of his wife, Joann Curley, who killed him for his

life insurance. Joann Curley was sentenced to 10 to 20 years in prison. Hooper and hundreds of others wrote to the state parole board every year after Joann Curley became eligible for parole, asking that it be denied — and it has been — but Hooper has long wished to address the parole board in person. “They need to feel the impact crime has had on victims and their families, not just read it on paper,” she said. Hooper thanked state Sen. Lisa Baker, R-Lehman Township, for sponsoring Senate Bill 508, which would permit a crime victim or a member of the victim’s family to testify to the parole board. The bill passed the Senate 50-0 and is in the House Judiciary Committee. Citizens’ Voice reporter Mike Sisak described how difficult it was for victims to testify at former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky’s trial and reiterated why most of the victims didn’t report the abuse. Each one thought he was the only victim, said Sisak, who covered the trial last year. Luzerne County Councilman Harry Haas said that becoming a father to his 1-month-old daughter changed his perspective. “Now I worry about her, and I worry about her potentially becoming a victim someday,” he said. “So I salute everybody who has come out tonight to not be a victim (and) also to protect those who can’t protect themselves.”

No player matched all five numbers in Wednesday’s “Cash 5” jackpot drawing. Thursday’s jackpot will be worth $325,000. Lottery officials reported 49 players matched four numbers, winning $368.50 each; 2,020 players matched three numbers, winning $15 each; and 26,914 players matched two numbers, winning $1 each.

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Work session and regular board meeting will be combined on May 28.

EXETER — A flier with the number 1,168, representing the number of days the Wyoming Area teachers have been without a contract, was passed out to those attending Tuesday’s School Board meeting as contentious negotiations continued. District Financial Manager Tom Melone presented an updated budget that was more favorable than his last projected budget. His revised budget still predicts a $333,000 shortfall if taxes are raised to the limit allowed by the state. He said that without a tax increase, an additional $535,000 would be added to the shortfall. Board Treasurer Frank Casarella said the board still hoped to adopt a budget that does not call for a tax increase. The budget news brought a response from teachers union President Melissa Dolman. “At what point do you plan for a teacher contract?” she asked the board. “When are you gonna bend?” Board member Gil Dominick responded. Dolman replied the union had proposed quite a bend at the last negotiating session. The next negotiations be-

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tween the board and the teachers union are set for May 1. In another matter, the agenda called for accepting bids for football equipment, but Mary Louise Degnan, who serves as bid chairman for the board, didn’t ask for a motion to approve the bids. Degnan said she knew nothing about the bids and had not been involved in any step in the opening and accepting of them. Casarella made the motion to accept the bids. The motion passed but Degnan, Carl Yorina, Elizabeth Gober-Mangan and Estelle Campenni voted against accepting the bids. In other matters: · Superintendent Ray Bernardi said the Secondary Center had won a silver medal in academic achievement from the U.S. News and World Report list of best high schools. · A resident said a blog article had published leaks from board contract negotiations with Bernardi. · The board approved head fall coach positions.

they were not authorized to discuss the case with reporters. Tamerlan, whom authorities have described as the driving force behind the plot, was killed in a shootout with police. Dzhokhar is recovering in a hospital from injuries sustained during a getaway attempt. Authorities had previously said Dzhokhar exchanged gunfire with them for more than an hour Friday night before they captured him inside a boat covered by a tarp in a suburban Boston neighborhood backyard. But two U.S. officials said Wednesday that he was unarmed when captured, raising questions about the gunfire and how he was injured. More than 4,000 mourners at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology paid tribute to a campus police officer who authorities say was gunned down by the bombing suspects. Among the speakers in Cambridge, just outside Boston, was Vice President Joe Biden, who condemned the bombing suspects as “two twisted, perverted, cowardly, knockoff jihadis.” Investigators have said the

brothers appeared to have been radicalized through jihadist materials on the Internet and have found no evidence tying them to a terrorist group. Dzhokhar told the FBI that they were angry about the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the killing of Muslims there, officials said. How much of those conversations will end up in court is unclear. The FBI normally tells suspects they have the right to remain silent before questioning them so all their statements can be used against them. Under pressure from Congress, however, the Department of Justice has said investigators might wait until they have gathered intelligence about other threats before reading those rights in terrorism cases. The American Civil Liberties Union has expressed concern about that. Regardless, investigators have found pieces of remote-control equipment among the debris and were analyzing them, officials said. One official described the detonator as “close-controlled,” meaning it had to be triggered within several blocks of the bombs. They also recovered a 9 mm handgun believed to have been used by Tamerlan from the site of a Thursday night gunbattle

that injured a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority officer, two U.S. officials said. The officials told the AP that no gun was found in the boat. Boston police Commissioner Ed Davis said earlier that shots were fired from inside the boat. Asked whether the suspect had a gun in the boat, Davis said, “I’m not going to talk about that.” Kurt Schwartz, director of the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency, did respond to the report. “Within half a mile of where this person was captured, a police officer was shot. And I know who shot him,” Schwartz said. “And there were three bombs that went off, and I know where those bombs came from. … To me, it does not change anything. This guy was captured alive and will survive. True or not true, it doesn’t change anything for me.” Dzhokhar’s public defender had no comment on the matter Wednesday. His father has called him a “true angel,” and an aunt has insisted he’s not guilty. The suspects’ parents, Anzor Tsarnaev and Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, plan to fly to the U.S. from Russia on Thursday, the father was quoted as telling the Russian state news agency RIA Novosti.

The Times Leader strives to correct errors, clarify stories and update them promptly. Corrections will appear in this spot. If you have information to help us correct an inaccuracy or cover an issue more thoroughly, call the newsroom at 829-7242.

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MaineToday Media, publisher of the Portland Press Herald, is accusing former Times Leader publisher Richard Connor of misusing more than $500,000 in company money while he also headed MTM, the Press Herald reported Wednesday. Connor, who ran The Times Leader since his Wilkes-Barre Publishing Co. bought the paper in 2006 and also ran MTM since June 2009 until he left both companies in 2011, gave himself unauthorized salary increases, according to a memo released to MTM employees on Wednesday by the company’s current publisher, Lisa DeSisto, the Press Herald reported. Desisto wrote that the company’s insurer has reimbursed MTM $537,988.68, minus a $50,000 deductible. Connor told the Press Herald he is being wrongly accused and that he tried to clear up financial questions with MTM before his departure, but that the company Connor wouldn’t cooperate. Connor said most of the expenses that MTM claims were misused were legitimate and he was ready to sort things out with the insurer. “They’re wrong, and they’re lying,” he said of the details disclosed in the memo. “It’s going to get resolved, and get resolved in my favor,” Connor told the newspaper. Wilkes-Barre Publishing filed a federal lawsuit against Connor in May 2012, alleging he has failed to repay $250,000 in loans the company made to him. Connor disputes those claims, alleging the company failed to give him credit for pay cuts and bonuses he was owed but did not accept. A trial is pending.

Former publisher accused


Hawkeye contractor cuts hours
Wilkes-Barre Area revenue loss leads to cuts for company that watches cameras.
By JERRY LYNOTT [email protected]

average of 12.6 a day, starting May 1. It has been monitoring the cameras around the clock at a command center in Wilkes-Barre Police Department headquarters. The decision by the board of the Wilkes-Barre Area School District on April 8 to reject a three-year, $270,000 contract with Hawkeye led to the reduction in hours. Greg Barrouk, a city employee and member of the Hawkeye board, thanked Legion for its help. “It’s been a rough couple months for us since hearing the school board is relinquishing their funding to (Hawkeye),” he said. Hawkeye has a contract with the Wilkes-Barre Parking Authority and was paid $15,428 for February and March.




WILKES-BARRE — Facing a loss of revenue, Hawkeye Security Solutions accepted a cut in hours from the contractor monitoring the city’s camera surveillance system. After a closed-door session near the end of its monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon at City Hall, the board of the non-profit organization overseeing the camera system approved the amendment proposed by Legion Security Services Inc. Legion agreed to cut its hours by nearly half to 88 hours a week, or an

The new arrangement with Legion keeps Hawkeye within budget until the end of the year, Barrouk said. The Legion reduction is the latest development for Hawkeye and the $2 million system that went on line in 2010. The system’s usefulness was questioned after 5-year-old Kevin Miller of Dallas was struck and fatally injured by a hit-and-run driver on West North Street in December. There were Hawkeye cameras in the area, but police released photos of the suspected hit-and-run car taken by security cameras at King’s College and a private business. Frank Majikes, Hawkeye board chairman, defended the system against the criticism and said the public needs to know the system is working. City police last week charged Thom-

as Letteer Jr., 23, of Plains Township, in the boy’s death. “Certainly this board is proud of the importance and the role that the camera system played in the arrest regarding that case,” Majikes said. The reduction applies only to Legion and the system will be monitored around the clock, Barrouk explained. Two police officers assigned to light duty work rather than patrol will work in the command center for consecutive eight-hour shifts. A Legion employee will round out the schedule and be paid $15 an hour. When no officers are available, Legion employees will work the shifts. The pay rate goes up to $22.50 an hour if Legion is required to fill a shift with less than three days notice, according to the amended contract.

Ex-convict possessed drugs, gun, police say
Michael Hughes, who was arrested in Kingston, allegedly had large amount of marijuana.
By EDWARD LEWIS [email protected]

Agents from the Attorney General’s Office arrested James Romano, 42, police chief of Scott Township, Lackawanna County, accusing him of intimidating a witness and instructing a victim or witness to withhold information from law enforcement, Attorney General Kathleen Kane has announced. In March, Romano, who is also a part-time officer in Dickson City, was investigating sexual misconduct charges he filed against a Lackawanna County high school teacher. Romano Investigators say Romano began a romantic relationship with a woman he was interviewing as part of that investigation, revealed confidential investigative information to her and told her she was “his favorite victim.” Romano is charged with two counts of intimidation of a witness or victim, and one count of obstructing administration of law or other governmental function. He was arraigned before Scranton District Judge Joanne Corbett and held on $150,000 bail.

Chief accused by state AG

Three daring circus performers, including Maria Dominguez, right, will ride motorcycles in this 12-foot Globe of Steel.

Thrill ride of a show
Circus brings peril, pachyderms to single-ring performances this week in Wilkes-Barre Twp.
By JERRY LYNOTT [email protected]

The Wyoming-West Wyoming Memorial Day Committee will meet on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the West Wyoming Borough building to discuss final preparations for the parade. Anyone who would like to be on this committee or help in any way is invited. Call 693-2109 with any questions.

Parade planning ahead

WILKES-BARRE TWP. — Amid the roar of motorcycles whizzing past her at breakneck speeds, walking on a high wire 22 feet above the floor and the 12-inch knives thrown at her, Maria Dominguez finds something magical. The mother of three boys thrives on the thrill of performing, a trait she acquired from her father, Gaston, who walked the high wire and painted his face as a circus clown. She spent three months with him in Mexico in 1997, traveling from her native Chile, and hasn’t turned back. She’s part of the Lopez Troupe in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Gold Edition Fully Charged show

at the Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza this week. It’s a smaller version of the threering show, featuring only one ring. There are elephants and horses, camels and dogs, and performers who dance and sing to lasers and LEDs. The audience can sit ringside, close enough to see and hear the sights and sounds. Dominguez knows all about close. She is one of three motorcyclists circling inside The Globe of Steel. The bikes reach speeds up to 65 mph while spinning around the 12-foot diameter cage. At one point, the lights shut off in the arena and the LEDs on the motorcycles criss-cross in a dizzying pattern. “It’s very dangerous, but at the same time it’s really cool,” Dominguez said. “There’s no room for mistakes.” It took two years of practice before she could master the Globe and join her husband, Jonathan, and his broth-

er Johan. She exits for a bit during the show to make room for Johan’s wife, Erika, to step inside, allowing the remaining riders to dodge her. As workers raised the rigging with speakers, lights and curtains for the show, the menacing, black steel ball was parked off to the side for assembly. Dominguez, a petite 30-year-old, rejoins her husband on the high wire, something she learned from her father starting on a wire only 2 feet off the ground. The husband and wife work without either a net or safety lines. Dominguez said he is the only performer in the world who does a handstand atop a bicycle on the wire. The troupe squeezes in a knifethrowing act for the performance, too. Dominguez said she’s not afraid and hasn’t been injured by the razor-sharp
See CIRCUS, Page 4A

KINGSTON — Michael Hughes, who served a state sentence for marijuana trafficking, again is facing charges he was in possession of a large amount of the drug. Hughes, 27, whose addresses were listed as Knox Street, Hanover Township, and Warner Street, Plains Township, was arrested after police allegedly found a large Hughes amount of marijuana and a loaded handgun with an altered serial number inside his vehicle during a traffic stop Tuesday night on Pierce Street. An arrest warrant was issued for Hughes on Monday after a state police Vice and Narcotics Unit allegedly discovered a marijuana packaging operation inside a Knox Street residence that authorities say he shared with Marisa Ginanni, 26, in August. Hughes was arraigned Wednesday on charges of possession and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance and firearm offenses. He was jailed at the Luzerne County Correctional Facility for lack of $70,000 bail. Ginanni was arraigned Wednesday afternoon on two counts of possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance, and one count each of possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. She was released on $5,000 unsecured bail. Hughes was paroled from state prison in June 2008 after serving a two-year sentence for heading a marijuana trafficking ring with his mother, Kathryn Hughes, 56, and fire-bombing a house on Poplar Street, Kingston, in December 2006, according to court records. Hughes also served time for shootSee HUGHES, Page 4A

Business owners, entrepreneurs and the community are invited to the Best Tasting Lemonade Contest at the Greater Pittston YMCA, 10 N. Main St., 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. The children of the YMCA will be setting up their business, The Lemonade Stand, during the Healthy Kids Day Event and are raising money for their program. There will be local celebrity judges and prizes. This contest leads up to Lemonade Day — NEPA on May 4. Those registered for Lemonade Day and who would like to participate, should email [email protected] before Friday. There is still time to register your child for Lemonade Day — NEPA 2013. Learn more at www.nepa. lemonadeday.org or call 570-690-2446.

Lemonade contest planned

Four area high schools make the grade in national magazine
U.S. News & World Report awards Wyoming Area, Hanover Area, Pittston Area and Wyo. Valley West.
By JERRY LYNOTT [email protected]

Four Luzerne County high schools received high rankings from the latest U.S. News & Report. The Wyoming Area Secondary Center earned a silver medal award in the magazine’s 2013 ranking of top performing schools released Tuesday. Hanover Area Junior Senior High School, Pittston Area High School and

Wyoming Valley West Senior High School earned bronze medals. The magazine compiles its list after analyzing 21,035 public schools in 49 states and the District of Columbia based on state, federal and independent data. The schools are ranked on how well they serve all students, with particular attention paid to the following areas: overall performance on state reading and math tests, better than the state average performance for least advantaged students and performance on college-level Advanced Placement

(AP) or International Baccalaureate exams. Data analyzed was from the 2010-11 school year. Based on those criteria, Wyoming Area ranked 61st in the state and 2,067 nationally. The school has 20 percent participation rate in AP courses and exams. The school has 1,198 students and 75 teachers. The makeup is 52 percent female, 48 percent male and has a 4 percent minority enrollment. The bronze awards did not come with a state or national ranking. Hanover Area has 945 students and

62 teachers. The makeup is 50 percent male and 50 percent female. Total minority enrollment is 11 percent. The AP participation rate is 16 percent. Pittston Area has 1,089 students and 61 teachers. The makeup is 54 percent male and 46 percent female. Total minority enrollment is 5 percent. The AP participation rate is 14 percent. Wyoming Valley West has the largest student body of 1,336. The makeup is 51 percent male and 49 percent female. Total minority enrollment is 13 percent. The AP participation rate is 4 percent.


June 9, 2012. A passenger in the vehicle, Justin Kay, was seriously injured and required surgery, according to the criminal complaint. WRIGHT TWP. — A Berwick man recently waived his right to a preliminary hearing on charges he sent threatening and disturbing text messages to an ex-girlfriend and her mother. Darin Gross, 45, of Knob Mountain Road, waived 15 counts of harassment and four counts of terroristic threats to Luzerne County Court. Wright Township police allege Gross sent multiple threatening and vulgar text messages to his ex-girlfriend and her mother on March 28, according to the criminal complaint. SCRANTON — A Pittston man was sentenced Tuesday in federal court on a drug charge. U.S. District Court Judge Edwin M. Kosik sentenced Richard A. Burgio, 50, to 18 months in prison for distributing cocaine on numerous occasions in Luzerne County from 2010 to April 18, 2012. Burgio was also ordered to serve two years of supervised release.


TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com

WILKES-BARRE — A city man who prosecutors say slashed a teen boy in the head with a machete was found not guilty Wednesday of the most serious charge. Junior Alberto Diaz Reyes, 26, of South Grant Street, was found not guilty of a charge of aggravated assault, but was convicted of additional charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct. Prosecutors withdrew a summary charge of harassment. A jury, which was selected Monday, deliberated for about two hours Wednesday before reaching a verdict. Judge Lesa Gelb sentenced Diaz Reyes to one to two months in prison and one year probation. Diaz Reyes had already served the maximum and was released from prison Wednesday pending any other detainers. Assistant District Attorney William Finnegan prosecuted the case. Diaz Reyes was represented by attorney William Watt. Police allege Diaz-Reyes swung a machete in June 2011 that slashed a 16-year-old boy in the forehead during an argument in the area of East Northampton and South Grant streets. The boy was taken to Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township, where he was treated for lacerations to his forehead, injuries to his left eye and a fractured skull, police said. WEST PITTSTON — A man accused of raping a girl and sexually assaulting another girl will face charges in Luzerne County Court. John A. Cooke, 36, of West Pittston, appeared Wednesday for a preliminary hearing before District Judge Joseph Carmody who sent charges of rape of a child, aggravated indecent assault, dissemination of sexual material to a minor and indecent assault to county court. West Pittston police allege Cooke sexually assaulted the two girls from January 2009 to June 2012, and showed one of the girls movies of pornography from January 2009 to June 2012, according to the criminal complaints. WEST PITTSTON — A Pittston woman recently waived her right to a preliminary hearing on charges she stole money while employed at Uni-Mart in Exeter. Jessica Elizabeth Yanetti, 28, of William Street, waived charges of theft and receiving stolen property to Luzerne County Court. Exeter police allege Yanetti stole $5,086 over two months while employed as a clerk at Unimart on Wyoming Avenue. She was fired on Sept. 29, according to the criminal complaint. SUGARLOAF — A Butler Township man recently waived his right to a preliminary hearing on charges he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana when he crashed his vehicle. Giovanni Mazzola, 23, of Rock Shore Drive, Drums, waived charges of aggravated assault by vehicle while driving under the influence, driving under the influence, careless driving and speeding to Luzerne County Court. Police withdrew a second count of aggravated assault by vehicle, two counts of driving under the influence, and reckless driving against Mazzola. Butler Township police allege Mazzola had a blood alcohol level of .178 percent and had marijuana in his system when he crashed his 2011 Toyota Corolla, which rolled several times on North Hunter Highway on

Continued from Page 3A

blades that come within inches of her body. The danger is real, and so is this audience’s reaction — another reason why Dominguez chose the circus life. “I like the high adrenaline,” she said. She has traveled to Canada, Mexico and Latin America and is glad to perform before crowds made up of children, teenagers and adults. With all the entertainment options available, the circus is still one of the few that can bring fami-

lies together, she said. Doing her part behind the scenes, Jessica Clowers tends the menagerie of three camels, a miniature horse, two ponies, two horses, dogs and two Asian elephants. The 32-year-old veterinary technician is on-call around the clock and makes the rounds daily to check on them. The performers have emergency medical technicians for injuries, she said. “I’m here for the animals,” Clowers said. Today is her birthday and she expects some hi-jinks from the clowns. She’ll be watching out, she said, for a pie in the face. tenced to nine to 23 months in jail for driving her son when he shot up the two residential buildings, and 48 months probation for her role in the marijuana trafficking ring, court records state. According to the latest criminal complaints: State police troopers served a search warrant at Hughes’ residence on Knox Street, allegedly finding marijuana, hashish, prescription tablets,


Workers hang banners at Mohegan Sun Arena Wednesday. The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus opens 7 p.m. today.


Continued from Page 3A

ing at an apartment building in Sherman Hills, Wilkes-Barre, and a house on Church Street, Edwardsville, in retaliation for a home invasion at his thenresidence on Second Avenue, Kingston, all on July 17, 2004, according to court records. Kathryn Hughes was sen-

drug packaging materials, marijuana blunts and a scale. An arrest warrant was issued by District Judge Joseph Halesey in Hanover Township on Monday. Kingston police spotted Hughes driving a Ford Explorer on Winola Avenue at about 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. He stopped on Pierce Street and was arrested. A search of the Ford allegedly revealed a magazine holding

five rounds and a backpack containing three plastic tubes of marijuana, a large bag of marijuana and a loaded 380-caliber handgun with an altered serial number, the complaint states. Hughes allegedly told police he obtained the gun in place of a drug debt and purchased $1,200 worth of marijuana to sell for profit. Preliminary hearings on the separate set of charges are scheduled on May 1.


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Poll: Few plan for their elder years Was feud
Age-denying Americans must consider long-term care costs, pollsters say.
The Associated Press


An officer plays ‘Taps’ at a memorial ceremony Wednesday at the site of the fire and explosion in West, Texas. The fertilizer plant that exploded in Central Texas last week, killing at least 14 people, could have stored up to 270 tons of ammonium nitrate. But investigators say they don’t know how much of the explosive chemical was kept at the company because of gaps in government regulations. Investigators are trying to determine the cause of the blast.

Texas plant blast questions remain

WASHINGTON — We’re in denial: Americans underestimate their chances of needing long-term care as they get older — and are taking few steps to get ready. A new poll examined how people 40 and over are preparing for this difficult and often pricey reality of aging and found two-thirds say they’ve done little to no planning. In fact, 3 in 10 would rather not think about getting older at all. Only a quarter predict it’s very likely that they’ll personally need help getting around or caring for them-

selves during their senior years, according to the poll by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. That’s a surprise considering the poll found more than half of the 40-plus crowd already have been caregivers for an impaired relative or friend — seeing from the other side the kind of assistance they, too, are likely to need later on. “I didn’t think I was old. I still don’t think I’m old,” explained retired schoolteacher Malinda Bowman, 60, of Laura, Ohio. Bowman has been a caregiver twice, first for her grandmother. Then after her father died in 2006, Bowman moved in with her mother, caring for her until her death in January. Yet Bowman has made few plans for herself.

“I guess I was focused on caring for my grandmother and mom and dad, so I didn’t really think about myself,” she said. “Everything we had was devoted to taking care of them.” The poll found most people expect family to step up if they need long-term care — even though 6 in 10 haven’t talked with loved ones about the possibility and how they’d like it to work. Bowman said she’s healthy now but expects to need help someday from her two grown sons. Last month, prompted by a brother’s fall and blood clot, she began the conversation by telling her youngest son about her living will and life insurance policy. “I need to plan eventually,” she acknowledged.

A new AP-NORC Center poll finds that few Americans age 40 or over think they will personally require long-term assistance, though nearly half recognize most people do need it.
How likely do you think it is that you will personally require ongoing living assistance some day? Extremely/ Very likely

Long-term care planning not a priority

Somewhat likely

Not too/ Don’t know, refused Not at all likely
32 2

Which of the following statements best describes your view about the type of people who are likely to require ongoing living assistance as they grow older? Only people who become seriously ill or who have severe mobility problems
16% 33

Just about everyone will require ongoing living assistance at some point
48 3

People who have moderate or serious illnesses or mobility problems

Don’t know, refused

a factor in ricin mailings?
Everett Dutschke of Tupelo, Miss., becomes focus of feds’ probe into poison letters.
The Associated Press

How much planning, if any, did you do/have you done for your own needs for ongoing living assistance? A great deal/ A moderate amount Quite a bit
16% 19

Only a little/None at all

NOTE: Poll of 1,019 adults at least 40 years old conducted Feb. 21-March 27, 2013; margin of error ±4.1 percentage points. SOURCE: AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research AP

Government figures show nearly 7 in 10 Americans will need long-term care at some point after they reach age 65, whether it’s from a relative, a home health aide, assisted living or a nursing home.

Despite cracks in building, garment workers remained on job


Gay marriage bill passed
hode Island senators put the state on the path Wednesday to becoming the 10th state to allow same-sex couples to marry. The gay marriage legislation easily passed the Rhode Island House in January, and the Senate vote was seen as the true test. The bill passed 26-12, and now returns to the House for a largely procedural vote, likely next week, before going to Gov. Lincoln Chafee, who supports the legislation. “This is a historic piece of legislation, one that literally has been in the works for more than 20 years,” said Sen. Donna Nesselbush, D-Pawtucket, the bill’s main sponsor in the Senate.

Immigration reform urged
Former Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush urged the nation to change its immigration and education systems to ensure a robust American economy in remarks Wednesday before the World Affairs Council in Dallas. A suburb away, former first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton was delivering her first paid speech since leaving the helm of the State Department earlier this year. The dueling appearances came on the eve of the opening of George W. Bush’s presidential library, stoking speculation about each of their own political futures. Both are considered strong White House contenders should each seek the presidency in 2016.


Rescue workers use cloths to bring down a survivor after an eight-story building housing several garment factories collapsed Wednesday in Savar, near Dhaka, Bangladesh.

87 die in factory collapse
By JULHAS ALAM Associated Press

Palestinians appeal to pope
Palestinians in this Christian village are hoping the new pope can succeed where others have failed — pressing Israel to drop plans to build a stretch of its West Bank separation barrier through their picturesque valley. Since Vatican properties are affected, residents have appealed to the Roman Catholic Church to use more of its significant influence in the Holy Land to reroute the barrier, even as local Catholic leaders hold a special protest Mass in threatened orchards each week. The Vatican has called on Israel not to seize the lands, but local Palestinian Catholics want the new pontiff to lean more heavily on Israel. Israel has been building the barrier since 2002 in response to a wave of suicide bombings early last decade that killed hundreds of people. Israel says the barrier is needed to keep out Palestinian attackers.

SAVAR, Bangladesh — Rescuers tried to free dozens of people believed trapped in the concrete rubble after an eight-story building that housed garment factories collapsed, killing at least 87. Workers had complained about cracks in the structure before it came tumbling down, but were assured it was safe. Searchers cut holes in the jumbled mess of concrete with drills or their bare hands, passing water and flashlights to those pinned inside the building near Bangladesh’s capital of Dhaka. “I gave them whistles, water, torchlights. I heard them cry. We can’t leave them behind this way,” said fire official Abul Khayer. Rescue operations illuminated by floodlights continued through the night.

The disaster came less than five months after a factory fire killed 112 people and underscored the unsafe conditions in Bangladesh’s massive garment industry. Workers said they had hesitated to go to into the building on Wednesday morning because it had developed such large cracks a day earlier that it even drew the attention of local news channels. Abdur Rahim, who worked on the fifth floor, said a factory manager gave assurances that there was no problem, so employees went inside. “After about an hour or so, the building collapsed suddenly,” Rahim said. He next remembered regaining consciousness outside. On a visit to the site, Home Minister Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir told reporters the building had violated construction codes and “the culprits would be

punished.” Among the textile businesses in the building were Phantom Apparels Ltd., New Wave Style Ltd., New Wave Bottoms Ltd. and New Wave Brothers Ltd., which make clothing for major brands including The Children’s Place, Dress Barn and The Cato Corp. Jane Singer, a spokeswoman for The Children’s Place, said that “while one of the garment factories located in the building complex has produced apparel for The Children’s Place, none of our product was in production at the time of this accident.” “Our deepest sympathies go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy and their families,” Singer said in a statement. Dress Barn said that to its knowledge, it had “not purchased any clothing from that facility since 2010.”

OXFORD, Miss. — The investigation into poisoned letters mailed to President Barack Obama and others has shifted from an Elvis impersonator to his longtime foe, and authorities must now figure out if an online feud between the two men might have escalated into something more sinister. Paul Kevin Curtis, 45, was released from a north Mississippi jail on Tuesday and charges against him were dropped, Curtis nearly a week after authorities charged him with sending ricin-laced letters to the president, Republican U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker of Dutschke Mississippi and an 80-year-old Lee County, Miss., Justice Court judge, Sadie Holland. Before Curtis left jail, authorities had already descended on the home of 41-year-old Everett Dutschke in Tupelo, a northeast Mississippi town best known as the birthplace of the King himself. On Wednesday, they searched the site of a martial arts studio once operated by Dutschke, who hasn’t been arrested or charged. Curtis, who performs as Elvis and other celebrities, describes a bizarre, yearslong feud with the former martial arts instructor, but Dutschke insists he had nothing to do with the letters. The letters contained language identical to that found on Curtis’ Facebook page and other websites, making him an early suspect. Federal authorities have not said what led them to drop the charges against Curtis, and his lawyers say they’re not sure what new evidence the FBI has found. On Wednesday, dozens of investigators were searching at a small retail space where neighboring business owners said Dutschke used to operate a martial arts studio. Officers at the scene wouldn’t comment on what they were doing. Dutschke’s attorney, Lori Nail Basham, said Dutschke is “cooperating fully” with investigators. “The authorities state to me that no warrant has been issued for his arrest,” she said Wednesday afternoon. Dutschke was seen outside the studio watching the search on Wednesday. Both men say they have met Wicker, and they each have a connection to Holland, who received one of the ricin letters.

Marathon quiz show ahead
NBC says it’s planning a 12-daylong, around-the-clock competition show to air this fall. The network said Wednesday that the trivia-based game show, “The Million Second Quiz,” will air live in prime time from a specially built studio in the heart of Manhattan. This hourglassshaped complex will also serve as the living quarters of the four finalists. When the 12 days — or 1 million seconds — draw to a close, the winner could claim a cash prize of as much as $10 million. Viewers will be able to play along in real time and sync to the prime-time broadcast. NBC’s president of alternative and late night programming calls the show “a game, a social experiment and a live interactive event.”


Floodwaters drop but tension still high in the Midwest
Residents wary of pressure on levees until water drops below flood stage.
The Associated Press

PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. — Slowly retreating floodwaters gave Midwesterners some hope Wednesday that the worst was over, but many worried that the earthen and daysold sandbag levees along the Illinois and Mississippi rivers could still fail. Fast-moving currents were testing makeshift protections around Dutchtown, Mo., where the Mississippi was expected to rise well above flood stage later this week and potentially send water into

the scattered homes and businesses that comprise the tiny, unprotected river town. In downtown Peoria, Ill., tens of thousands of white and yellow sandbags stacked 3 feet high lined blocks of the scenic riverfront, holding back Illinois River waters that already reached a 70-year high and surrounded the visitors’ center and restaurants in the 114-year-old former train depot. Across the street, smaller sandbag walls blocked riverside pedestrian access to the headquarters of heavy equipment maker Caterpillar and the city’s arts and culture museum. Despite the receding water, city leaders were reluctant to


Steve Peters, property manager of the Lakeview Apartments, uses a makeshift bridge to access dry land Wednesday in Peoria Heights, Ill.

issue an all-clear. “I’m very pleased so far, but we’re not out of the woods,”

Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich said. “The water’s going to stay up for a while.”

Higher water levels over extended periods of time put significant pressure on levees regardless of how well they’re built. Sandbag walls are particularly vulnerable because of their porous nature, and concerns persisted along the Mississippi River in southeast Missouri, where smaller levees had been overtopped or breached. Elsewhere, there were no reports of other significant Midwestern population centers in peril, but high water bedeviled business and home owners who are assessing the damage across multiple states. About a dozen northern Indiana homes were condemned and as many as 200 were damaged by flooding in Kokomo.


JOSEPH JOHN GILCHRIST SR., 59, died Tuesday, April 23, 2013. Born Dec. 11, 1953, he was a son of the late William S. Sr. and Rose Marie Ross Gilchrist. Preceding him in death was his brother, John. Surviving are children, Krista (Eric) Bertocki, Duryea, Marisa (Larry) Semenza, Old Forge, Joseph John Jr. (Paula) Gilchrist, Moosic; nine grandchildren; sister, Barbara Abbott (Russell), Old Forge; brother, William S. Gilchrist Jr. (Josephine), Moosic; former wife, Debbie Gilchrist, Pittston; nieces and nephews. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. Saturday at St. Mary of the Assumption Roman Catholic Church, Prince of Peace Parish, Old Forge. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at Thomas P. Kearney Funeral Home Inc., 517 N. Main St., Old Forge. JOHN ‘JACK’ FEDOR, 68, of Kingston, passed away on Wednesday at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Nat & Gawlas Funeral Home, 89 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre. HENRY ‘HANK’ RICHARD KOSEK, 84, of Wilkes-Barre, died Tuesday at home. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main St., Plains Township. A complete obituary will be in Friday’s newspaper.


TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com

ROBERT F. WALLACE, Wyoming, died Tuesday, a son of the late Al J. and Martha Sadownick Wallace. Also preceding him in death was his stepmother, Carole Ott Wallace. Surviving are wife, Bonnie (Ostrowski); son, Robert E., Joliet, Mont.; sister, Jean Norton (William), Hudson, Fla; stepbrother, James; uncle, Frank, Clearwater, Fla.; brotherin-law, Leon Ostrowski (Dolores), Mountain Top; sister-in-law, Catherine Ostrowski, Newtown section of Hanover Township; nieces and nephews. Funeral 9:15 a.m. Saturday at Lehman Family Funeral Service Inc., 689 Hazle Ave., Wilkes-Barre. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish, Swoyersville. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home. For information, visit www.lehmanfuneralhome.com. GARY D. STOODLEY, 57, passed away Tuesday at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Funeral arrangements are pending from the Stanley S. Stegura Funeral Home Inc., Nanticoke. CATHERINE PAUL, 74, of Wilkes-Barre, passed away on Wednesday in Hospice Community Care at Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre. Funeral arrangements are pending. Mrs. Paul’s complete obituary with service information will be in Friday’s edition of the newspaper.

Alberta Casella
April 24, 2013
lberta Casella, 85, a resident of Wilkes-Barre, died Wednesday, April 24, 2013, in Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Mrs. Casella was born in WilkesBarre, a daughter of the late Joseph and Grace Lyn Ahouse. She attended the Wilkes-Barre Township schools. She had been employed in garment manufacturing most of her working life and had worked for several Wyoming Valley garment companies including the Cohen Fein Co., LA Dress Co., Margie Kay Co. and H.G. Alter Co. prior to her retirement in 1990. She was a member of the First Assembly of God and a former member of the Christian Assembly, both of Wilkes-Barre. She was a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of Wyoming Valley Lodge 36, Fraternal Order of Police, Wilkes-Barre, the ILGWU and the Five Points Senior Citizens, Wilkes-Barre. Alberta was a devoted mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, sister and aunt who was happiest when cooking for and visiting with her family. She also treasured traveling with her husband to many distant destinations. She was preceded in death by brothers, Carl, Joseph and Harry Ahouse; and sisters, Ida Snyder, Grace Strawbridge and Beatrice Colleran. Surviving are her husband of almost 67 years, Alfred A. Casella, at home; children, Edward Casella and his wife, Alice Marie, Wilkes-Barre, Mrs. Albert Calo and her husband, Peter, Voorhees,

Charles ‘Charlie’ Ray Tyler Sr.
April 24, 2013



Pedro Jose Molina
April 22, 2013

N.J., Mrs. Marion Drago and her husband, Anthony, Wilkes-Barre, and Mrs. Angela Michael and her husband, Robert, Jackson Township; seven grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; her granddog, Champ; and several nieces and nephews. Funeral will be held at 9:30 a.m. Saturday at the First Assembly of God, 424 Stanton St., WilkesBarre, with Jason Gornicz, Sandy Piccone and D. J. Paglia, pastors, officiating. Interment will be in Maple Hill Cemetery, Hanover Township. Friends may call at the H. Merritt Hughes Funeral Home Inc., a Golden Rule Funeral Home, 451 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, from 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Those attending the funeral service are asked to go directly to the church. The family requests that flowers be omitted and that memorial donations in Mrs. Casella’s name be made to the First Assembly of God, 424 Stanton St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18702.


edro Jose Molina, 68, of Hunlock Creek, fell asleep in death on Monday, April 22, 2013, at Hospice Community Care, Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre. Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, he was a son of the late Julio Molina and Alejandrina Torres Molina. Before his retirement, he was employed as a CNC operator at Modern Plastics, Wilkes-Barre, and previously worked in the garment industry in the Wyoming Valley area as well as in New York City. After his retirement, he was also employed at the Mohegan Sun Arena. Pedro was a member of the Muhlenberg Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

He was preceded in death by his sister, Milagros Molina Mercado; two infant sisters; and his nephew Jason Torres. Pedro is survived by his wife of 38 years, Eleanor; sister, Maria E. Torres and her husband, Rafael Torres Sr., Sinking Springs, Pa.; sister, Aida Molina Torres; and 12 nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held Saturday at 6 p.m. at the Wilkes-Barre congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1240 Scott St., Wilkes-Barre, with Frank Tibus officiating. Arrangements are by the Clarke Piatt Funeral Home Inc., 6 Sunset Lake Road, Hunlock Creek.

Kathryn ‘Kathy’ M. Wanyo
April 20, 2013

Henry P. Kurello
April 23, 2013


ANSILIO - Joan, celebration of life 9:30 a.m. Friday at Richard H. Disque Funeral Home Inc., 2940 Memorial Highway, Dallas. Funeral Mass 10 a.m. in Gate of Heaven Church, Dallas. Friends may call 6 to 8 p.m. today. COOPER - Robert, funeral 9 a.m. Friday at McGoff-Hughes Funeral Home Inc., 1401 Capouse Ave., Scranton. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in St. Paul’s Church, 1510 Penn Ave., Scranton. Friends may call 4 to 8 p.m. today. DENMON - Florence, funeral 11 a.m. Saturday at Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home, 73 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock. Friends may call 10 a.m. until services. GIACOMETTI - Victor, funeral 9:30 a.m. today at Victor M. Ferri Funeral Home, 522 Fallon St., Old Forge. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in St. Mary of the Assumption Church (Prince of Peace Parish), West Grace and Lawrence streets, Old Forge. GRESKIEWICZ - Joseph, funeral 8:45 a.m. Friday at Corcoran Funeral Home Inc., 20 S. Main St., Plains Township. Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. in Our Lady of Hope Parish, St. Mary’s Maternity Church, 40 Park Ave., WilkesBarre. Friends may call 5 to 7 p.m. today at the funeral home. HOLTON - Richard, funeral 11 a.m. today at Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home Inc., 73 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock. HOWARD - Darnell, friends may call 5 to 7 p.m. today at Kniffen O’Malley Funeral Home Inc., 465 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre. Remembrance service will follow. JACOBS - Frank, friends may call 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday at Gubbiotti Funeral Home, 1030 Wyoming Ave., Exeter. Services will follow. KING - Patricia, Mass of Christian Burial 9:30 a.m. Friday in Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, 339 N. Maple Ave., Kingston. Friends may call 5 to 8 p.m. today at Hugh B. Hughes & Son Inc., Funeral Home, 1044 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort. KORPUSIK - Walter Jr., funeral Mass of Christian Burial 1 p.m. Friday in Our Lady of Hope Church, Wilkes-Barre. MELOVITZ - Ronald, funeral 10 a.m. today at S.J. Grontkowski Funeral Home, 530 W. Main St., Plymouth. Mass of Christian Burial 10:30 a.m. in St. John the Baptist Church, 126 Nesbitt St., Larksville. MOLITORIS - Gerald, funeral 9:30 a.m. Saturday at Earl W. Lohman Funeral Home Inc., 14 W. Green St., Nanticoke. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in St. Faustina Kowalska Parish, at the St. Mary’s Czestochowa Church site, 1030 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke. Friends may call 8 a.m. until services. MOSES - Kathleen, funeral 9:30 a.m. Friday at Betz-Jastremski Funeral Home Inc., 568 Bennett St., Luzerne. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in Holy Family Parish. Friends may call 6 to 8 p.m. today at the funeral home. ORAZI - Mary, funeral 9:30 a.m. Friday at Mayo Funeral Home Inc., 77 N. Main St., Shickshinny. Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. in Holy Spirit Parish/St. Mary’s Church, Mocanaqua. Friends may call 8:30 a.m. until services. SHERIDAN - Margaret, Mass of Christian Burial 10 a.m. Friday in Church of the Nativity BVM, Tunkhannock. Friends may call 4 to 7 p.m. today at SheldonKukuchka Funeral Home Inc., 73 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock. STUBBS - Anna, funeral 9:45 a.m. today at Corcoran Funeral Home Inc., 20 S. Main St., Plains Township. Mass of Christian Burial 10:30 a.m. in Holy Family Church, Sugar Notch. TURNER - Dorothy, memorial service 11 a.m. Saturday in Church of Christ Uniting, 776 Market St., Kingston. ZMIEJKO - Dorothy, funeral 11 a.m. today at Lehman Family Funeral Service Inc., 403 Berwick St., White Haven. Friends may call 10:30 a.m. until service.

athryn “Kathy” M. Wanyo, 49, of Wilkes-Barre, passed away Saturday, April 20, 2013, at Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, Plains Township. Born in Wilkes-Barre on Oct. 7, 1963, she was a daughter of Kay Liparula Blyth and the late John Wanyo. Kathy was a graduate of Coughlin High School, attended Keystone College and graduated suma cum laude with a bachelor of science in information technology. She was employed by Lord & Taylor in the loss-prevention department. Kathy was a loving daughter, sister, aunt, niece and cousin who loved her family and will truly be missed. Kathy was an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Philadelphia Flyers. She enjoyed traveling to see them play. Kathy loved listening to music. Her sense of humor, smile and laughter will be missed by all who knew her. Preceding her in death were her grandparents, Catherine and John Liparula; cousin, Johnny Liparula; and her beloved partner, Eugene Perrins. Surviving are her mother, Kay Liparula Blyth; stepdad, Bob, Sarasota, Fla.; brothers, Wayne and Kurt Wanyo; sister-in-law, Liz Wanyo; nephew, Quinn Wanyo; and aunts, uncles and cousins. She also leaves behind her loyal pets, Ruby, Stella and Francis. A celebration of Kathy’s life will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday at the Yeosock Funeral Home, 40 S. Main St., Plains Township. Relatives and friends may call from 1 p.m. until time of service. Memorial donations in Kathy’s name can be made to the Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation, 235 MacThompson Road, Cochran, GA 31014.


enry P. Kurello, 94, of Hanover Township, passed away on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. He was born in Hanover Township on Feb. 3, 1919, a son of the late Phillip J. and Genevieve Szalkucki Kurello. He was a graduate of Hanover Township High School. Henry was a U.S. Army Air Corps veteran, serving during World War II in the European theater of operations. For many years, he operated the family business, Phil’s Cafe, in Hanover Township. Henry was a member of St. Robert Bellarmine Parish at St. Aloysius Church, Wilkes-Barre. He was preceded in death by a sister, Jean Van Wicklen. Henry is survived by brothers and sisters, Dr. Edward Kurello, Hanover Township, Stacia Moore, Hanover Township, Leonard Kurello, Forest, Va., and Helen Graves, Weston, Vt.; several nieces and nephews; and beloved companion, Ann Ritchey, a resident of the Hampton House. Funeral services will be held on Saturday at 9 a.m. from the Nat & Gawlas Funeral Home, 89 Park Ave., Wilkes-Barre, with a Mass of Christian Burial to follow at 9:30 a.m. in St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, St. Aloysius Church, Barney and Division streets, Wilkes-Barre. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hanover Township. Friends may call on Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home. Online condolences may be sent by visiting Henry’s obituary at www.natandgawlasfuneralhome.com.

harles “Charlie” Ray Tyler Sr., 76, of the South Auburn area of Meshoppen, passed away on Wednesday morning, April 24, 2013, at the Wyalusing Personal Care Home, Wyalusing, where he had been a resident for the last year and half. He was born in Sayre on Feb. 3, 1937, a son of the late Ralph and Evelyn Purdy Tyler. Growing up in South Auburn, Charlie was a member of the graduating class of 1954 from the Meshoppen High School. For many years, Charlie and his family owned and operated a dairy farm in South Auburn. After this, he moved his family near Lawton, Pa., where they ran the Susquehanna County Home. Charlie and his family then moved in the 1970s to Canton, N.Y., where they owned and operated a restaurant. After moving back to the South Auburn area in the early 1980s and building a new home near the old family farmstead, he and his son, Tony, owned and operated AC Milk Hauling for more than 15 years, until his retirement. He then turned the business over to his son. Charlie served his country stateside with the U.S. Air Force from February 1955 until December 1958. Being a true homeboy of South Auburn, Charlie attended the South Auburn United Methodist Church. He attended and helped at many functions at the South Auburn Grange 1188. Charlie was a member of the Rought Hall Post 510 American Legion, Black Walnut, and the Franklin Lodge 263 F&AM Masonic Lodge, Laceyville. He was also a member of the Meshoppen Rod and Gun Club and the Meshoppen Men’s Club. For the last few years, he was an avid golfer. Charlie had memberships and belonged to golf leagues at Shadowbrook and Stone Hedge Golf Courses, Tunkhannock, and Tall Pines Golf Course, Friendsville. Throughout his entire life, he enjoyed hunting and fishing in the area and also made many trips to the western United States for hunting and to Canada for fishing trips. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by two sisters, Isabelle Condor and Nancy Crisman; and four brothers, Carlton Tyler, Lester Tyler, Levi Tyler and Cyrus Tyler.

He is survived by his three sons, Michael Ray and his wife, Lisa Tyler, Meshoppen, Anthony Paul Tyler, Meshoppen, and Charles Ray “CB” Jr. and his wife, Carisa Tyler, Tunkhannock; grandchildren, Michael Jay and his wife, Courtney Tyler, Lawton, Anthony Ray and his wife, Love Tyler, South Auburn, Melinda Rose and her husband, Paul Schopperth, Montrose, Stephanie Marie Tyler and her husband, Pete Busha, Randolph, Vt., Bridget Lynn and her husband, Brian Kelly, Lawton, and Ava Rose Tyler and Tierney Hayden Tyler, both of Tunkhannock; nine and counting great-grandchildren; brother, Richard Tyler, N.C.; sister-in-law, Nancy Tyler, South Auburn; brother-inlaw, Paul Crisman, Wyalusing; and many nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be held on Tuesday at 11 a.m. from the Sheldon Funeral Home, Main Street, Meshoppen, with the Rev. Mike Conroy of the Grace Fellowship Church, Tunkhannock, officiating. Interment will be in the Jersey Hill Cemetery. Family and friends may call at the funeral home on Monday from 6 to 8 p.m. and on Tuesday from 10 a.m. until the time of the service. Masonic services will be held on Monday at 7:45 p.m. by members of the Franklin Lodge 263 F&AM. Graveside military services will be at the Jersey Hill Cemetery by the members of the Rought Hall Post 510 American Legion, the Dennis Strong Post 457 American Legion and the Endless Mountains VFW Post 3583. In lieu of flowers, those wishing may make memorial donations to the South Auburn Grange 1188, c/o Mrs. Nellie Benninger, 191 Sharkey Lane, Meshoppen, PA 18630.

Craig Cody Zavada
April 24, 2013


raig Cody Zavada passed away on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, after a long illness, surrounded by his loving partner, Brandon; mother, Toni Ann of Wilkes-Barre; and sisters, Danielle, of Philadelphia, and Tara, of Wilkes-Barre. Preceding him in passing on were his father, James; paternal grandfather, Frank; and maternal grandmother, Betty. He is also survived by his besties; nephew, Trenton; his creative staff; nieces, Lily and Emme; maternal grandfather, Tony; paternal grandmother, Helen; his IGs, Bella, Lucca, Nicco and Sofia; and many other loving family members. A going-home celebration will be held on Saturday at 11 a.m. at The Berean Lighthouse, 2 W. Green St., Nanticoke. Friends may call from 9 a.m. until the time of service.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the SPCA of Luzerne County, 524 E. Main St., WilkesBarre, PA 18702, or The Berean Lighthouse, 2 W. Green St., Nanticoke, PA 18634. Arrangements made by KniffenO’Malley Funeral Home Inc, Wilkes-Barre.


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ThuRSDAy, ApRIL 25, 2013


Marion E. Wilson
April 22, 2013

Maria R. Pendleton
April 22, 2013

Joan Ansilio
April 23, 2013


arion E. Wilson, 93, of Dallas, passed away Monday, April 22, 2013, at Mercy Center, Dallas, surrounded by her loving family. She was a daughter of the late Henry and Clara Bentley. A graduate of Kingston High School, Marion enjoyed a rewarding 27-year career with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where she directed community development, affordable housing and farm ownership programs in Luzerne and Wyoming counties. One of her outstanding accomplishments was bringing to fruition the Meadows Long-Term Care Facility in Dallas. After the death of her husband, Harry W. Wilson Sr., she raised and educated their family. She went on to earn a bachelor of arts degree in English from King’s College, Wilkes-Barre, at the age of 64 and a master of arts degree in organizational management from Misericordia University, Dallas, at the age of 72. Prior to her illness, Marion was planning to pursue her doctorate degree. She was also a real estate broker and appraiser for 20 years. In addition to her parents and husband, Marion was preceded in death by her son, Paul. She is survived by her daughters, Maryann, Dallas, Judy Patsalos and her husband, George, Riverdale, N.Y., and Michele Rawls and her husband, Melva, Bassett, Va.; sons, Harry W. Jr. and his wife, Anne, Tunkhannock, Joseph and his wife, Ja-


net, Buffalo, N.Y., James and his wife, Charlotte, Kennesaw, Ga., Charles and his wife, Lynn, Dallas, Richard and his wife, Karen, Marietta, Ga., and Stephen, Riverview, Fla.; daughter-in-law, Mary Lou Wilson, Charlotte, N.C.; 21 grandchildren; and one greatgranddaughter. Marion’s family expresses their appreciation to the staff of Mercy Center and the Meadows for the excellent sustained care she received. They also acknowledge the sociability and kindness she enjoyed from other residents and, in particular, the Sisters of Mercy. Funeral will be held privately at the convenience of the family per Marion’s wishes. Arrangements by the Richard H. Disque Funeral Home Inc., 2940 Memorial Highway, Dallas. Donations in Marion’s memory would be very much welcomed by the Back Mountain Memorial Library, 96 Huntsville Road, Dallas, PA 18612.

aria R. Pendleton, 95, of Dallas, passed away April 22, 2013, at Keystone Garden Estates in Larksville. She was born March 9, 1918, a daughter of the late Charles and Mary Yauk Raklewicz. She was a graduate of St. Ann’s Academy in Wilkes-Barre and Bloomsburg College. Maria taught school in Connecticut for several years. She then joined the Red Cross and lived in Japan for three years. Upon her return, she moved to Washington, D.C., and worked for the U.S. Post Office Civil Service Committee for more than 30 years. After retirement, she moved to Dallas to be closer to her family. She was preceded in death by her brother, Charles J. Rakleweicz, and his wife, Matilda, Harveys Lake. Surviving are nephew, Michael C. Raklewicz, M.D., Harveys Lake; nieces, Suzanne Cogswell, Dallas, and Pamela Story, Hope, Idaho; great-niece, Amanda Cogswell, Los Angeles; and great-


nephew, Zachary Raklewicz, Harveys Lake. Her family thanks the staff at Keystone Gardens for their caring and compassion to Maria. Services will be private at the convenience of the family. Interment will be at St. Casimir’s Cemetery, Muhlenberg. Contributions may be made to Hospice of the Sacred Heart or a charity of the donor’s choice. Arrangements provided by Auer Cremation Services of Pennsylvania Inc.

Joseph M. Mikelski
April 23, 2013


Stephen Robert Herr
April 15, 2013


tephen Robert Herr, 58, of Pine Grove Mills, Pa., died at home after a brief but valiant battle with cancer, surrounded by his family and wife, Kathleen Wajda Herr, as he peacefully passed on. Kathy is the daughter of Sophie and the late Casimer “Mike” Wajda, Wilkes-Barre. Steve was a 1972 graduate of Ephrata Area High School, and attained an associate of arts in communications and a bachelor of science in business management from Penn State University. In his teen years, he played organ and keyboard with bands including Jericho and the original Tom Slick and the Thunderbolt Grease Slappers, playing throughout eastern Pa. and N.J. He had an extensive knowledge of music, lyrics and bands, and shared this with others enthusiastically. Steve was a partner in Herr Brothers Antiques, employed by Dank’s, State College, and by HRB Singer, State College, as a buyer and contract administrator. In 1985, he and his wife, Kathy, embarked on a new venture: restoring the Odd Fellows Lodge and transforming it into The Old Oak Tavern in Pine Grove Mills. After nine years, Steve and Kathy were blessed with a daughter, Victoria Stephanie, Baltimore, and two years later, a son, Alexander William, at home. Steve fell in love with his best friend and wife when she was 18 and he 19, and they have been together ever since. In their 28 years, they did everything together and he will remain in her heart forever. Steve enjoyed playing Hammond organs and acquiring antiques and old radios. Most recently, he had the privilege of working with his son, Alex, on his Eagle Scout project for the Boy Scouts. Renovating old homes and prop-

erties and taking on the surprises that come with these challenges were some of Steve and Kathy’s passions. They enjoyed boating and fishing at Raystown Lake and relaxing at the cabin in Vosburg and the cottage in Mount Gretna. Steve was technically gifted and was able to take apart, repair and reassemble almost anything. As co-proprietor of the Old Oak Tavern, he was very social and enjoyed engaging in conversations with friends and patrons. Steve and Kathy gathered annually with college friends for a “Big Chill” weekend, always an event to remember. He was known for his great sense of humor and will be greatly missed by many. He was preceded in death by his father, Harold “Doc” Herr; and brother, William H. Herr. In addition to his wife and children, Steve leaves behind his mother, F. Joan Clelan, and her companion, Robert M. Lauman, Cornwall, Pa.; siblings, Jeffrey B. Herr and his companion, Joella Wilson, Lebanon, Kathleen J. Herr, Lancaster, and Heidi H., wife of Thomas A. Kecskemethy, Wallingford, Pa; five stepbrothers; two stepsisters; four nieces; and six nephews. Steve was loved very dearly by both his and Kathy’s families. Steve was a caring and giving person and made the choice to donate his body for medical research to help others. A gathering to celebrate Steve’s life will be held at a later date. In lieu of flowers, donations can be directed to the Herr College Fund, c/o First National Bank, 2591 Park Center Blvd., State College, PA 16801. Online condolences can be emailed to [email protected]

oseph M. Mikelski, of Plains Township, passed away Tuesday evening. Born and raised in Plains Township, he was a son of the late Michael J. and Eleanor Allen Mikelski. He was educated in the Plains Township schools and was a graduate of Plains Memorial High School, Class of 1955. He attended East Stroudsburg State Teachers College and was a graduate of Eckels College of Mortuary Science. He was associated with the family business until 2012. He was retired from the Plains Township Police Department and was a member of Ss. Peter & Paul Church, Plains Township. He is preceded in death by his wife, the former Elizabeth Basarab, who passed away in 2003; and brother, Michael J. Mikelski Jr. He is survived by his son, Joseph, and his wife, Donna, Plains Township; daughter, Karen Khalife, and her husband, Gabriel, Upper Macungie; granddaughter, Sarah Mikelski; and grandsons,

oan Ansilio, 82, of Dallas, died peacefully on April 23, 2013, at Hospice Community Care in Geisinger South Wilkes-Barre. Born in Newark on Oct. 1, 1930, she was a daughter of Bernadine and Clarke Hines. She grew up in Wilkes-Barre and graduated from Coughlin High School, Class of 1948. After graduation, she worked at Pomeroy’s for a brief time. She and her husband, Philip, celebrated 61 years of marriage on July 9, 2012. They resided in Dallas for most of their life together. Upon retirement, they spent the winter months in Boca Raton, Fla. Joan’s life was filled with love, mercy, kindness, compassion and gentleness toward her family, friends and church. Her greatest enjoyment was cooking family meals, shopping with her daughter and especially being with her grandsons. They were her pride and joy, and through her actions she shared her beautiful approach to spirituality. Joan was dedicated to her Catholic faith, a pro-life supporter and devoted to the Blessed Mother. She was an active member of Gate of Heaven Church and its Altar and Rosary Society, and served as Eucharistic minister for many years. She truly enjoyed helping others and volunteered countless hours at the Mercy Center, Dallas, and the Mercy Hospital Auxiliary, Wilkes-Barre. Her husband, Philip, who passed away on Sept. 2, 2012, preceded Joan in death.

She will be deeply missed by her daughter, Terry, and son-inlaw, Stephen Clemente; grandsons, Michael and Jeffrey; sister, Beverly Williams and her husband, John; brother-in-law, Tom Ansilio and his wife, Louise; and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins. Joan’s family is grateful for the all the love, support and kindness of Keystone Gardens Estates during this past year. A celebration of Joan’s life will be held Friday at 9:30 a.m. from the Richard H. Disque Funeral Home Inc., 2940 Memorial Highway, Dallas, with Funeral Mass at 10 a.m. at Gate of Heaven Church, Dallas. The Rev. Daniel Toomey, pastor, will officiate. Interment will be in Mount Olivet Cemetery, Carverton. Friends may call 6 to 8 p.m. today. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to The Sisters of Mercy, P.O. Box 370, Dallas, PA 18612, or a charity of the donor’s choice.

Morris ‘Butch’ Tosh
April 23, 2013
Joseph, Gabriel and Andrew Khalife. Funeral services will be held Friday at 9 a.m. from the Michael J. Mikelski Funeral Home, 293 S. River St., Plains Township. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 9:30 a.m. at Ss Peter & Paul Church, Plains Township. Interment will be at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Carverton section of Kingston Township. Friends may call at the funeral home today from 5 to 8 p.m. M o r r i s “Butch” Tosh, of South Main Street, WilkesBarre, passed away Tuesday at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital. Born Sept. 26, 1940 in Hanover Township, he was a son of the late Robert and Alice Wildrick Tosh. He attended Hanover area schools and formerly worked for the Wilkes-Barre Area School District as a custodian for more than 26 years, retiring in 2002. He was a member of St. Mary’s Church of the Immaculate Conception, Wilkes-Barre. Butch and his wife, the former Joan Galoardi, would have celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary on April 29, 2013. In addition to his wife, he is survived by his son, Michael Tosh, and his companion, Rhonda Hart, Shavertown; daughter, Mary Alice, and her husband, Daniel Erickson, Wilkes-Barre; grandchildren, Daniel and his wife, Leslie Erickson, Wilkes-Barre, and Erica Tosh and her companion, Mike

Julius Joe Stanwick
March 30, 2013


ulius Joe Stanwick, 91, a resident of Florida for many years, passed away at 12:25 p.m. on Saturday, March 30, 2013, at The Beckett House at New Concord. He was born Jan. 10, 1922, in Adena, Ohio, a son of the late Boleck and Frances Pavlock Stankiewicz. He was the owner and operator of the Stanwick Hardware Store for 40 years. He attended the Naval School at Atlantic City and at Virginia Beach, Va. He served our country and protected our freedom by serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II aboard the USS Tucker destroyer as a radar operator at combat information center. He was a longtime member of the Bradenton Shuffle Club and VFW Post 525 in Adena. In addition to his parents, he

was preceded in death by his wife, Nora Jane Stanwick; 10 brothers and sisters; and his companion, Wilma Haas. Surviving are a son, Patrick L. Stanwick, Ariz.; daughter, Virginia Stanwick, Ind.; three grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; and two great-great grandchildren. No calling hours or services will be held. A graveside service will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday at Olive Branch Cemetery, Harrisville, Ohio. To send a note of condolence to the Stanwick family, visit www. snoufferfuneralhome.com, find us on Facebook or call our caring staff at 740-450-8000.

Kane; greatgrandchildren, Madison, Gabriella, Ilah, Michael (Butch), DJ, Nicholas and Kayleigh; brothers and sisters, Connie McConnell, Hanover Township, Lois VanDuzer, Palm Harbor, Fla., Alice Jones, Nanticoke, Robert and his wife, Betty Tosh, Albany, Ga., Jim and his wife, Rosalie Tosh, Deland, Fla., Carl and his wife, Becky Tosh, Newville, Pa., and David and his wife, Ellen Tosh, West Pittston; several nieces and nephews; sister-in-law, Georgeann, and her husband, Joe Smith; and brother-in-law, Frank, and his wife, Judy Galoardi. Funeral will be held Saturday at 8:30 a.m. from Mamary-Durkin Funeral Service, 59 Parrish St., Wilkes-Barre. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held in St. Mary’s Church at 9 a.m. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hanover Township. Friends may call Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. at the funeral home.

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ThuRSDAy, ApRIL 25, 2013


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Mildred M. Burcha
April 23, 2013

Richard H. Holton
April 21, 2013

John Bednarski
April 24, 2013


ildred M. Burcha, 83, a resident of Kingston Commons and formerly of Wilkes-Barre Township, died Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at Kingston Commons, where she had been a guest for the past several years. Mrs. Burcha was born in Wilkes-Barre, a daughter of the late John and Mary Dembiec Boczar. She was a graduate of WilkesBarre Township High School and of Empire Beauty School, WilkesBarre. She had been a beautician for some time and had also been employed at Penn State Belt and Buckle Co., Wilkes-Barre Township; the St. Therese Residence, Wilkes-Barre, and in the cafeteria at the Heights-Murray Elementary School, Wilkes-Barre Area School District, prior to her retirement. She was a member of Resurrection of the Lord Polish National Catholic Church, Edwardsville, and of the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union. She was preceded in death by her husband, Charles Burcha, who died in 1994; brother, John Boczar; and sister, Mrs. Lucille Slivoski. Surviving are daughters, Mrs. Carol Basta and her husband, the Rev. Fr. Thomas M. Basta, New Port Richey, Fla., Mrs. Mary Ann Susek and her husband, Dr. James F. Susek, Plains Township, and Mrs. Lorraine Stefanski and her husband, Joseph, WilkesBarre Township; grandchildren, Jennifer and Angela Basta, Mehgan, Lauren, Heather and Ryan Susek, and Joe, Jason and Jackie Stefanski; and several nieces and nephews.


The Burcha Family would especially like to thank Mildred’s physicians, nurses and the staff of Kingston Commons for their kindness, care and concern for her during the years that she spent under their care. Funeral will be Friday at 9:45 a.m. from the H. Merritt Hughes Funeral Home Inc., a Golden Rule Funeral Home, 451 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10:30 a.m. in Resurrection of the Lord Polish National Catholic Church, 55 Zerby Ave., Edwardsville. The Rev. Pawel Filit, pastor, and the Rev. Thomas M. Basta, son-in-law of the deceased, will be celebrants. Interment will be in Holy Cross National Catholic Parish Cemetery, Wilkes-Barre Township. Friends may call Friday at the funeral home from 9 a.m. until time of services. The family requests that flowers be omitted and that donations be made in Mrs. Burcha’s name to Resurrection of the Lord Polish National Catholic Church, 35 Zerby Ave., Edwardsville, PA 18704.

ichard H. Holton, of Tunkhannock, passed away Sunday evening in Geisinger Community Medical Center Hospice Unit. He was born in Tunkhannock on May 31, 1921, a son of the late Edward Haulton and Alice Baker Holton. Dick was a 1939 graduate of Tunkhannock High School and a proud U.S. Navy veteran of World War II. Prior to his retirement in 1983, had been employed for 42 years as a communications installer for Western Electric/Bell Telephone. He was a member of the Triton Hose Company, a former member of the Tunkhannock Moose Lodge, a charter member of the Fraternal Order of the Eagles, Tunkhannock, VFW Post 769, the Dennis Strong American Legion Post 457 and the Communications Workers of America. He attended the Tunkhannock United Methodist Church. Dick was known to all as “Shorty,” and when asked how he was doing, he always responded, “Terrible, but thanks for asking.” He was a loving father and grandfather and always enjoyed large gatherings with his family and friends. He was preceded in death by his wife of 56 years, Elizabeth Larkin Holton; son, Robert Holton; and grandson, John W. Evans. Surviving are a son, Charles


and wife, Mickey Holton, Tunkhannock; daughters, Linda and husband, William Evans, Wilkes-Barre, Beverly and husband, Richard James, Dallas, Mary Alice and husband, James Osterhout, Tunkhannock, and Jennifer Very, Nicholson; daughter-in-law, Cindy Holton, Tunkhannock; 10 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren; several cousins; and a great-granddaughter expected in August. Funeral services will be held today at 11 a.m. from the Sheldon-Kukuchka Funeral Home Inc., 73 W. Tioga St., Tunkhannock, with Pastor Peter Geschwindner officiating. Interment will be in Sunnyside Cemetery, Tunkhannock. Online condolences may be sent to the family at www.sheldonkukuchkafuneralhome.com.

ohn Bednarski, 65, of Kingston, passed away at his home on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Born Feb. 14, 1948 in Hanover Township, he was a son of the late John and Agnes Swedo Bednarski. He was a graduate of Hanover Area High School and a member of Holy Parish Family, Luzerne. He was a U.S. Army veteran and served with the Pennsylvania National Guard, 109th Field Artillery, for six years. He was employed at MotorWorld as a pre-owned automobile salesman since 2004. Prior to this, he was employed at J & B Automobile Cars, Motor Twins and Coccia Ford. Throughout his life, John greatly enjoyed to hunt, fish and spend time working in his yard. He was an avid Philadelphia sports fan and enjoyed John Wayne movies. His greatest joy was spending time with his children. Surviving are his children, John R. Bednarski, Kingston, Heather Soska and her husband, Matthew, Kingston, and Kimberly Bednarski, Afghanistan; former wife, Nancy (Marks) Bednarski; brother and sisters, Terri Gula and her husband, Jim, Hanover Township, Ann Henry and her husband, Jack, Shavertown, James Bednarski and his wife, Annie, Wilkes-Barre, Jean Torporcer and her husband, Bernie, Hanover Township, Mary

Spess and her husband, George, Shavertown, Donna Rigol and her husband, Dave, Wilkes-Barre, Maria Bailey and her husband, Scott, Hanover Township, and Judi Mumie, Drums; and numerous nieces and nephews. Family and friends are invited to meet for Mass of Christian Burial on Monday at 10 a.m. in Holy Family Parish, 574 Bennett St., Luzerne. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Nativity Cemetery, Plymouth Township. Family and friends may call Sunday from 2 to 6 p.m. at the S.J. Grontkowski Funeral Home, 530 W. Main St., Plymouth. Please visit www.sjgrontkowskifuneralhome.com for directions or to submit online condolences to John’s family.

Walter William Korpusik Jr.
April 20, 2013
alter William Korpusik Jr., 88, of Wood Duck Lane, Tariffville, Conn., beloved husband of the late Stella (Subsak) Korpusik, died Saturday, April 20, 2013, at his home. He was born May 25, 1924 in Wilkes-Barre, a son of the late Walter William Korpusik and Mary (Danielchek) Korpusik. He lived in Wilkes-Barre for many years before moving to Tariffville 13 years ago to be closer to his daughters. Walter was a veteran of World War II, having served in the U.S. Navy. He ultimately retired from the U.S. Navy Reserves. Mr. Korpusik was a kitchen supervisor for the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary prior to his retirement. He was a member of Our Lady of Hope Church, Wilkes-Barre, and the American Legion. Walter enjoyed playing with his grandsons, gardening, cooking, reading

Anthony Delmonte
April 23, 2013
nthony Delmonte, 89, of Dupont, died Tuesday, April 23, 2013, peacefully at home. Born in Hughestown on March 1, 1924, he was a son of the late Daniel and Anna (Rubino) Delmonte. After graduation from Hughestown High School, Anthony served with the 1st Marine Division in the Pacific theater during World War II, participating in the Guadalcanal Campaign and Peleliu Island. He was mentioned in several books about the actions of 1st Marine Divisions during those campaigns. Anthony retired from the Tobyhanna Army Depot. He was a member of the 1st Marine Division Association and St. Joseph Marello Parish, Pittston. He was a devoted and loving husband. He and his wife, the former Mary Marancik, recently celebrated 63 years of marriage. They enjoyed time spent with their many nieces and nephews. In addition to his parents, An-

James Edward Tommor
April 20, 2013



ames Edward Tommor, 65, of Bethlehem, passed away unexpectedly Saturday in Susquehanna Township. Born in Bethlehem, he was a son of the late Charles C. and Agnes M. Gallagher Tommor. Mr. Tommor was a graduate of Allentown Central Catholic High School and Temple University. In addition to his parents, he was preceded in death by his brother, Thomas, and sister, Mary. Surviving are his brother, Charles J., Bethlehem; sister, Molly Bacak, Bethlehem; son, Trent Tolene; and one nephew. Funeral will be held Friday

with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Faustina Parish, 520 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke. Family and friends are asked to go directly to the church, as there will be no procession from the funeral home. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Hanover Township. There will be no calling hours. Arrangements by Kearney Funeral Home Inc., 173 E. Green St., Nanticoke. To leave online condolences, visit the funeral home’s website at www.kearneyfuneralhomeinc. com.


and decorating for holidays. He was preceded in death by his brother, John Korpusik. He is survived by his two daughters, Mary Korpusik and her husband, Murty Bhamidipati, and Stella Korpusik Teller and her husband, Michael, all of Simsbury, Conn.; and two grandsons, Arjun Walter and Ravi Robert Bhamidipati. A funeral Mass of Christian Burial will be held at Our Lady of Hope Church in Wilkes-Barre on Friday at 1 p.m., followed by burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery. Memorial donations in Walter’s name may be made to Simsbury Volunteer Ambulance Association, P.O. Box 301, Simsbury, CT 06070. To offer his family online condolences, please visit Walter’s Book of Memories at www.vincentfuneralhome.com.


thony was preceded in death by his brothers, Ralph, Michael, Joseph and Daniel; sisters, Julia Terry, Grace Garuba and Minnie Caputo. Surviving, in addition to his wife, Mary (Marancik) Delmonte, are brothers, James and John Delmonte, Hughestown; and many nieces and nephews. Funeral services will be Saturday at 9:30 a.m. from the Peter J. Adonizio Funeral Home, 251 William St., Pittston, with a Mass of Christian Burial at 10 a.m. in St. Joseph Marello Parish, 237 William St., Pittston. Interment will follow in St. Michael’s Byzantine Catholic Cemetery, Union Street, Pittston. Friends may call Friday from 5 to 8 p.m. at the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 501 St. Jude Place, Memphis, TN 38105. Online condolences may be made at www.peterjadoniziofuneralhome.com.

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Country Club Shopping Center, Dallas PA

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Anchored by Thomas’ Super Foodtown with 6 inline tenants. Center has strong sales volume and is located on the coming home side of Route 309, which is also the main thruway from Wyoming County to/from Wilkes-Barre.

THE LOCATION: Country Club Shopping Center is located on the through way to/ from Tunkhannock (Wyoming County). Major Employers include Dallas School District, Misercordia University, Frontier Communications & Proctor & Gamble Mehoopany Plant. Also located in the Marcellus Shale region. Current Tenants: Thomas’ Super Foodtown, Malcolm’s Haircutters, Country Club Laundrymat, Steven’s Town & Country Cleaners, Junuzzi’s Pizza, Proctor & Gamble Federal Credit Union & Radio Shack.

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2,800 SF - located on the top (10th) floor. Overlooking the Wyoming Valley. Tenant improvement allowance. Call for more details.

FOR LEASE Dallas Shopping Center 1,200 SF Space is between Peking Chef & The Medicine Shoppe
Shopping Center is located in the heart of the Back Mountain prior to the Route 309/415 split. Center has two entrances, traffic light and a traffic count of approximately 32,000 cars daily.


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THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAge 9A



ReCeNT TRAFFIC ments too painful for the average jam in Harrisburg was motorist. created by the type of At a time when gasoline roupileup Pennsylvania tinely costs more than three motorists don’t mind a bit. dollars a gallon, the proposed inState lawmakers, other public crease in wholesale fuel charges officials, and business, would add only about labor, transit, and rec- The blueprint, 26 cents a gallon to reation-trails advocates pump prices over five collided in their sup- which is generat- years. That may seem port of a long-awaited ing bipartisan steep compared with state transportation support, includes the current 32 cents funding plan. per gallon in gasoline $2.5 billion a The blueprint, which surcharges, but weekly is generating biparti- year to fix high- it amounts to what san support, includes ways, bridges, many drivers spend for $2.5 billion a year to fix and mass transit a large coffee. highways, bridges, and Moreover, by turnsystems around ing to fuel taxes, the mass transit systems the state. around the state. state would spread the It appears that Pennburden more fairly to sylvania is finally ready to ad- long-haul truckers who ply the dress its long-deferred transpor- state’s roads — particularly, I-80 tation needs. — but have avoided shouldering The aggressive plan presented transportation costs built into by House Transportation Com- higher tolls along the Pennsylvamittee Chairman John Rafferty nia Turnpike. (R., Montgomery) would deliver In another savvy move, Rafprecisely what Gov. Corbett’s ferty’s proposal also provides own advisory panel recommend- funding for bicycling and peed two years ago. Beyond repair- destrian initiatives, meaning ing roads and bridges, it would Pennsylvanians who get around provide critical funding for SeP- under their own power would TA and other transit agencies to see gains. improve safety and meet riderCorbett’s transportation chief, ship demands. Barry Schoch, attended the Rafferty’s plan smartly builds funding bill announcement last on the more modest transpor- week, but didn’t fully endorse tation proposal the governor the more costly Rafferty plan. included in his budget proposal But it’s clear that between in February. He ratchets up Cor- the governor’s plan and the legbett’s plan for higher licensing islator’s initiative, a solution to and registration fees by increas- funding the state’s critical transing surcharges on speeding portation needs should not be tickets and for other driving vio- too far down the road. lations without making the payThe Philadelphia Inquirer

Raise gas prices to bolster transit


Writer says our behavior strays from God’s word S


“They said: ‘The weather’s fine, but there aren’t enough air traffic controllers.’ People were just kind of rolling their eyes.”
Travel writer Tim Leffel Who had just boarded a US Airways plane from Charlotte, N.C., to Tampa, Fla., when the flight crew told passengers to head back to the terminal.


He BOy SCOUTS of After an outcry on all sides, it America have offered a is now proposed that gays be alcompromise on mem- lowed as scouts nationwide but bership for gays that that adults who are homosexual is guaranteed to make almost still be barred from being leadeveryone unhappy. It’s as if the ers. That half-loaf will be submitorganization is working on a ted for a vote next month to the badge for waffle makBSA’s National Couning rather than bravely It’s as if the cil. declaring a sensible, organization is This is not about sexoverdue change. ualizing the scouting In an attempt to working on a movement. Indeed, the move from old-fash- badge for waffle proposed compromise ioned prejudice when making rather has specific language obsession about sexual emphasizing that “any than bravely orientation is on the sexual conduct, whethwane in American life, declaring a er heterosexual or hothe organization’s na- sensible, overdue mosexual, by youth of tional leadership pre- change. scouting age is conviously had proposed trary to the virtues of that individual troops scouting.” and troop sponsors be A real resolution allowed to accept homosexuals would accept gays, adults and as scouts and leaders. youths, as people worthy of reLeaving the issue to local spect and dignity, something dechoice would have been no solu- nied to them often in the name tion; imagine a U.S. military in of morality. There’s no going which some bases are integrated halves on that. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and others are not.


Scout compromise is unsatisfying

o-called gay marriage is a contradiction in terms. Webster’s Dictionary defines “gay” as homosexual, and as such “gays” cannot be married under national law. Marriage is between one man and one woman. How do I know this? The Bible tells us that God created man and woman and told them to increase and multiply, Genesis I: 27, 28; and in Scripture; “What God has joined together let no man put asunder…” Is not the practice between “gays” really sodomy, or am I missing something? Webster’s Dictionary defines sodomy in part as “any sexual intercourse held to be abnormal.” And if so, what did God, our creator, say about this? In the Bible we read that God destroyed two cities, Sodom, hence the word Sodomy, and Gomorrah, because of their sinful behavior. In Genesis, 19:15-25, we are told that Lot and his wife and family were told to flee Sodom before God destroyed both cities by fire, the inhabitants and the plants of the soil. Let me emphasize that I am not judging individuals who may be “gay,” God will judge each one of us individually. We do, however, need to get our train in this country back on the track lest we stray any farther from the behavior that our Creator demands of us. God is a patient and forgiving God, but we should learn from Scripture that he is not one to torment too far. We have been given much in this country, and we should abide by the natural laws, God’s law. We must stop killing unborn children and killing “suspected militants” with missiles from drones, killing innocent people in the way. No wonder others hate us.

panicked in the face of the media’s rush to judgment. They commissioned and accepted a flawed Freeh Report without examination. They surrendered to NCAA sanctions without a challenge and they have spent millions of our dollars seemingly to protect and promote themselves instead of defending our university. We owe it to future generations to pay forward the values and benefits we have enjoyed as proud Penn Staters. There is no room in effective governance for incompetence, arrogance or excuses. It is time to step up and show the world that Penn State’s best years are still to come. The election of Bill Association members received ballots via email on April 10. The deadline to submit ballots to the university is May 2. Any alumni who are not members may request a ballot from the board of trustees office at [email protected] More information is also available at www.billoldsey.com. Please join me in supporting Bill Oldsey, ballot #36. For the glory of Old State.

Edward L. Armuski PSU Class of 1977 Madisonville

leave them on the edge of poverty. A good example is Walmart. The largest employer in the United States, has the most workers on public assistance. Several years ago the company went from regular shifts to flexible shifts, downgrading workers’ statuses so they would not qualify for health benefits. As we are aware, politicians are trying to cut out Medicare. Many other big corporations are doing the same. A Walmart study cost taxpayers 1 billion a year. One question asked: Is the minimum wage too low? This question should be asked to the working poor. $7.25 an hour has been frozen since 2009. The Unite States sends billions and billions of dollars to foreign countries and still they ask for more. It’s never enough. The working people are on the edge of poverty, many losing their homes they cannot afford to keep. Is this the “American Dream?” I don’t think so. So continues the greed factor for big corporations.
Robert Dougherty Waymart

Voters must vote smarter Former educator lauds to have good government Coughlin teacher’s efforts D I
o you want better government? Going to Harrisburg and Washington to “throw the bums out” won’t work. The “bums” were elected by the voters in general elections. So, what’s the solution? The answer is to encourage, support and elect leaders at all levels of government who believe in public service and in good government to run for office. Michael Bloomberg, an independent; John Huntsman, a Republican; and Bill Richardson, a Democrat are a few examples. To make government better means that taxpayers must be willing to pay for public funding of short election campaigns. Candidates would have access to free media advertising. This would eliminate the influence of corporations and the wealthy. Voting to elect candidates who are antigovernment and who oppose paying taxes only makes government worse. In short, if we want better government, then we must be smarter voters who know that good government isn’t free or cheap, but that is costs less in the long run than government that is bought and paid for by well-financed special interest groups and their lobbyists.

Tom Guirk Quinn Dunmore

Reader urges support for PSU trustee hopeful I

Editorial Board
PRASHANT SHITUT President and CEO JOSEPH BUTKIEWICZ Vice President/Executive Editor

am writing to inform your readers of the upcoming election for trustees at Penn State University. My good friend and fraternity brother, William F. Oldsey, Class of 1976, has recently announced his candidacy. Bill has spent his entire professional career in the educational publishing industry. He has devoted many years to supporting education at Penn State which led to his being named an Alumni Fellow in 2009. Bill also comes from a family with roots in the Wilkes-Barre area, and he is committed to doing everything possible to restore the rightful place of honor for the university and that of the late Coach Joe Paterno. The past year has been the most difficult in our history. Unfortunately, many of those entrusted with leadership at Penn State have failed to lead. They

David L. Faust Selinsgrove

Save the working people from the brink of poverty W

ithin the past two months state Rep. Phyllis Mundy sponsored a House bill to do away with the Delaware tax loophole. As expected, Republican House Representatives who voted killed the bill. There are millions who have jobs that

read with interest the comments from James Brown of Plains Township headlined “Area’s school districts are lagging in good results.” He makes many valid points. Absolutely those results are poor-and if teachers aren’t teaching or students aren’t learning, changes must be made or we will never see any improvement in those scores. However, despite only hearing in the press of failings in our public schools, there is a brighter, more positive reality. There are many outstanding teachers, at every level, throughout this valley who are doing amazing things every day. We simply never hear about them. One such example of a brilliant point of light is Gerald Gillis, a mathematics teacher at James M. Coughlin High School. For the past two years, every student in his Advanced Placement Calculus class has scored a perfect “5” in the A.P. exam. As a retired A.P. teacher, I can assure you that these results are absolutely remarkable and unique. To be sure, these results are a testimonial to both the high caliber of student and to the entire mathematics faculty at Coughlin for preparing those students for the rigor of Gillis’s class. In light of all of the negative press that they have been bombarded with, it would be wise for the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board to recognize, publicize, and honor outstanding achievements that are happening in their classrooms-they should begin by honoring Gillis.
Robert Smith Forty Fort




hopes the Hazleton community will not view Lehigh Valley as an interloper. “We’re ready to do that with you, not to you,” Swinfard said. At separate meetings in April, the boards of both organizations signed a formal agreement to allow a full asset merger of the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance into Lehigh Valley Health Network. Brian Downs, a spokesman for the network , said that because the deal is for a full asset merger, there is no price tag attached because there is no sale being made. Downs said the merger transaction must be reviewed and approved by the Federal Trade Commission, the state Attorney General’s Office and the state Department of Health. Once all that is done, the merger date will be determined and so will additional details. When the merger is complete, the 150-bed Hazleton General Hospital and the Hazleton Health and Wellness Center will remain separate entities under Lehigh Valley Health Network, officials said. Trippi was always a little apprehensive when he was a child, he said, but he always felt confident about his athletic ability. And he proved it through his career: • Trippi was a two-time AllAmerican at Georgia. • He was named Most Valuable Player in Georgia’s 9-0 victory over UCLA in the 1943 Rose Bowl, outshining teammate and Heisman Trophy winner Frank Sinwich. Georgia finished the season at 11-1 and the consensus national champion. • Trippi won the Maxwell Award in 1946 and finished runner-up to Army’s Glenn Davis in the Heisman Trophy voting. • Drafted by the NFL’s Chicago Cardinals as the top over-

The board of directors will remain in place, but networkappointed members will have a majority of the seats. The Alliance Medical Group will become a separate division of the Lehigh Valley Physician Group. Edwards said there are no plans for reductions in staff, though the opposite is possible. “We would anticipate growth,” Edwards said. “Growth means more jobs.” Thomas Kennedy, chairman of the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance Board of Directors, made the formal announcement and said the plans have been in the works for more than a year. He called the decision “absolutely the right thing to do.” William Hecht, the chairman of the Lehigh Valley Health Network Board of Directors, also praised the merger and called it “a giant first step in enhancing the health and well being in both communities.” Donna Palermo, the president of the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, called the proposed merger “a great all pick in 1945, Trippi served in the military in World War II and returned to Georgia to complete his degree, playing for the Bulldogs in 1945 and 1946. • Trippi played in the NFL for nine years; he later coached in Chicago for five years and five years at Georgia. • He played baseball for the Southern Association’s Atlanta Crackers before joining the NFL; he hit .334 in 106 games. • Trippi played in the 1947 NFL Championship Game when the Cardinals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, 28-21. Trippi wore basketball shoes because the field was icy; he ran for 206 yards and scored two touchdowns — a 44-yard run and a 75-yard punt return.

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com
1996 with the consolidation of Hazleton’s two hospitals, Hazleton General and Hazleton-St. Joseph. The Lehigh Valley Health Network employs 12,000 and includes two full-service hospitals: Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township — which includes an additional clinical campus, Lehigh Valley Hospital-17th Street in Allentown — and Lehigh Valley Hospital-Muhlenberg in Bethlehem. Lehigh Valley acquired the Muhlenberg hospital 15 years ago. Pending regulatory approval, officials from the two systems said they plan to do a needs assessment to determine how the merged organization can meet the health care needs of the expanded Lehigh Valley Health Network community. Until approval is given, both systems will continue operating as they have. The pending sale of the former St. Joseph’s Hospital also will move forward, and Edwards said he believes that deal will close before the merger approval is granted. said. “Every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas they all gather here. I love to play with the grandkids. We have a great time.” Trippi signed a four-year deal with the Cardinals for $100,000 for four years. According to The USA Today article, Trippi decided to attend Georgia on the recommendation of Harold Ketran, a former Georgia player who had opened a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Wilkes-Barre. Ketran gave Trippi a job driving soda trucks in the summer. Trippi lives in Athens, where he became successful as a real estate developer. He attends as many Georgia Bulldog home games as possible. ers who don’t want to wear ear plugs, he said. The difficulty obtaining sheriff approval is prompting more people to resort to creating special trusts to assume ownership of Class III weapons, Scoda said. The federal government still conducts background checks of the primary trustee, but approval of the local chief law enforcement officer is not required for these transfers, he said. Braddock is considering a trust. Scoda said the background check is “more thorough” for individual transfers than trusts. Attorney David Goldman, managing partner of Apple Law Firm PLLC, said his Floridabased firm “created the concept of gun trusts” about six years ago. The trusts have become increasingly popular across the country, and Goldman doesn’t agree with news articles describing them as a “loophole.” “The loophole is that sheriffs are given the arbitrary ability to make decisions without evaluating somebody. A background check is still conducted, but the local sheriff doesn’t get to insert his personal beliefs into Second Amendment rights,” Goldman said.

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Franklin Tenn., has acquired eight hospitals in the region: Wilkes-Barre General, Tyler Hospital in Tunkhannock, Special Care Hospital in Nanticoke, First Hospital in Kingston and the former Mercy and Moses Taylor hospitals in Scranton, Mid-Valley Hospital in Peckville and Berwick Hospital. Edwards said that the successful relationship between the two systems led to discussions about how to continually strengthen the relationship.


Hazleton General Hospital staff await Wednesday’s announcement that the Greater Hazleton Health Alliance and the Lehigh Valley Health Network are merging.

Benefits explained

“It’s really a natural progression,” Edwards said. “As we discussed how to move forward, it really made sense.” Dr. Ronald Swinfard, president and CEO of the Lehigh Valley Health Network, said the partnership benefits both systems and he sees the ability to expand offerings available to Hazleton patients. He said he

benefit to our community and our citizens.” “People who currently travel out of our area, mostly to Lehigh Valley, can now receive their care here locally,” said Palermo who, along with Hazleton Mayor Joe Yannuzzi, was in the audience to hear the announcement. Mergers, acquisitions and closures have become the norm

in health care in recent years as population shift, rising costs and greater demand for certain services have caused many systems to make changes. The Greater Hazleton Health Alliance, which employs more than 1,000, itself was among those at the forefront of health alliances for the greater good of a community. It was formed in

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said. “I used to greet him at the door when he came home from work. He was always tired, and I could see the pain in his eyes.” Feeding five kids was difficult, and after seeing the struggles of his parents, Trippi said, he came up with a game plan.

Door to future

“I knew if I could excel in baseball or football or both, I could get a scholarship, go to college and find a career to benefit me in the future,” Trippi said. “Once I got to Georgia, doors opened up for me.”

• Trippi played halfback for four seasons before switching to quarterback for two seasons, then back to offensive halfback for one season; he switched to defense in 1954 and 1955. He was also the Cardinals’ punter and he excelled on special teams. • He is the only player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame with at least 1,000 yards of receiving, passing and rushing. “It makes me feel good,” Trippi said, reflecting on his athletic career. “I’m grateful for all the opportunities I had in football and baseball.” He grew up at 90 E. Railroad St. After graduating from Pittston, he attended LaSalle Military Academy in Long Isthese transfers likely have no idea what’s going on in our county, so they’re asking the chief law enforcement officer to determine if that person has a good reputation,” Martin said. He said he wants to be involved in actively monitoring and tracking who has Class III items. “I’d like to know if there are 20 people in my county who have suppressors (silencers),” Martin said. “To me, it’s public safety.” The federal form requires chief law enforcement officers to certify they have no information indicating the applicant will use the transferred item for an illegal purpose. Martin begins by reviewing the application and verifying applicants’ county residency. He said he may reject applications from county newcomers if he can’t gather enough information about them. He also completes background and criminal history checks, including a search for district judge-level summary offenses such as disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. Braddock said he turned to the Luzerne County sheriff for his transfer because his municipality does not have a local police force. Kingston Police Chief Keith Keiper, who is active with the Luzerne County Chiefs of Police

land, N.Y. He was recruited by several major colleges. “Notre Dame came to my house wanting to recruit me,” he said. “But I had already committed to Georgia.” He watches the NFL draft on TV, he said, but not as intently as he has in the past. He’s not jealous of the multimillion-dollar contracts of today. “We get a good pension from the NFL,” he said. The memories of a storied football career remain fresh in his mind, but Trippi plays a different game these days against much smaller competitors. “I have 15 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren,” he

Draws NFL pension

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cause of her conviction. “She is a danger to the community. … She is a flight risk,” Crake said. “I’m concerned for the safety of the victims in this case.” County Judge David Lupas said that for those reasons he was granting Crake’s request. Schneider was handcuffed in the courtroom and later taken by the sheriff’s department to the county prison, where she will remain until she is sentenced on June 24. “I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Crake said of the verdict and for the closure it brings to everyone involved. “The responsible party is being held accountable. It’s relief.” Crake said arson cases are among the hardest to try, and she is thankful for the work of Cpl. Shawn Hilbert and Trooper James Surmick. “It was a team effort,” she said. Schneider testified Tuesday she did not start the fire, and although she had some problems with Buak and the owner of the property, Kenneth Temborski, she had moved on with her life.

“I have a sense of peace … and closure. Justice was served today. I don’t have to live in fear anymore.”

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Nicole Buak Former neighbor of Gail Schneider

Schneider said she endured a “nightmare interrogation” by officers and was being accused of setting the blaze because of coincidences. She had gone to a Conyngham bar that night and just happened to be in the area. But she said nothing as she left the courthouse early Wednesday evening. Her attorneys left the courthouse soon after the verdict was read. Temborski, who had to rebuild the Lantern Lane building, but with only one floor and four tenants as opposed to two floors and eight tenants before the fire, said he also is glad the case is over after almost three years. “There are no winners here. Hopefully, we can get on with our lives,” Temborski said. “This isn’t a win — it’s justice.”
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport through 7 p.m. Wed.

Szymanski said the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives does its own extensive background checks and ultimately decides if these transfers are approved, prompting him to question why county sheriffs are drawn into the process. “Why do we have to sign off? I feel very uncomfortable signing for an automatic firearm or silencer. God forbid something happens. Then people will turn around and say I signed it,” Szymanski said. “We don’t think sheriffs should be involved, period.” Monroe County Sheriff Todd Martin said he believes the signoff is required as an extra precaution to make the federal bureau aware of any local law enforcement concerns about applicants. Martin said he won’t critique the approach of counterparts because they have discretion over how they handle such requests, but he embraces the opportunity to evaluate and review applicants and considers it part of his job. “I feel we’re part of the process. The officials approving

Pocono viewpoint

Association, said he has never received requests to sign transfers and hasn’t heard of any approved by other municipal chiefs. County District Attorney Stefanie Salavantis said she never received a transfer request and does not know if her office would process them or forward them to the sheriff’s office, which already handles concealed weapon permits. Applicants must pay a $200 transfer fee, submit two sets of fingerprints and passport photos. Chris Scoda, owner of gun dealer Advanced Arms LLC in Pittston, said the two previous Luzerne County sheriffs approved Class III transfer requests after conducting background checks. “For the current acting sheriff not to want to sign is kind of odd. I don’t think personal beliefs belong in that position,” Scoda said. He said the federal review of transfer applications is a “very intensive process” involving the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He disputed the perception silencers are being purchased for crime. Silencers have become more popular for target shooting and hunting because they reduce weapon recoil and noise pollution for neighbors and shoot-

Gun trusts



Sunrise Today 6:09 a.m. Sunset Today 7:54 p.m. Moonrise Today 8:06 p.m. Moonset Today 5:51 a.m.

Shown is today’s weather. Temperatures are today’s highs and tonight’s lows.

61° 35°

Partly sunny


TEMPERATURES High/low Normal high/low Record high Record low PRECIPITATION 24 hrs ending 7 p.m. Month to date Normal m-t-d Year to date Normal y-t-d HEATING DEGREE DAYS

Syracuse 55/33

Seattle 68/46 Billings 65/41 Winnipeg 44/32 Toronto 52/34 Detroit 52/33 Montreal 54/38

75°/38° 63°/41° 88° (1908) 25° (1930) 0.00" 1.60" 2.66" 6.57" 9.61"

Albany 60/33

Binghamton 53/33 Towanda 59/32 Poughkeepsie 62/33
San Francisco 61/48 Los Angeles 67/56

Minneapolis 50/42 Chicago 55/38 Kansas City 63/46

Mostly sunny

Partly sunny

Clouds and sun

62° 36° 68° 39° 71° 42°

Yesterday Month to date Season to date Last season to date Normal season to date RIVER LEVELS Susquehanna
Wilkes-Barre Towanda

Degree days are an indicator of energy needs. The more the total degree days, the more energy is necessary to heat.

8 391 5540 4714 5883

In feet as of 7 a.m. Wednesday.

7.07 4.23 2.90 4.00


Fld Stg
22 16 16 18

Sun and clouds

69° 44° 72° 49° 66° 52°
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A shower A blend of sun and in the clouds afternoon

-1.16 -0.67 +0.01 -0.09

Bethlehem Port Jervis


Scranton 59/36 Wilkes-Barre Williamsport 61/35 New York Apr 25 May 2 61/37 63/47 Pottsville New First State College 61/37 Allentown 57/33 61/35 Harrisburg Reading Philadelphia 62/36 May 9 May 18 61/39 65/44 THE POCONOS Highs: 52-58. Lows: 29-35. Partly sunny and cooler today. Partly cloudy tonight. Sunshine and patchy clouds tomorrow. THE JERSEY SHORE Highs: 57-63. Lows: 41-47. Partly sunny today. A moonlit sky tonight. Mostly sunny tomorrow. Saturday and Sunday: partly sunny. THE FINGER LAKES Highs: 52-58. Lows: 30-36. Partly sunny and cooler today with a passing shower during the afternoon. NEW YORK CITY High: 63. Low: 47. Sunshine and patchy clouds today. Partly cloudy tonight. Mostly sunny tomorrow. PHILADELPHIA High: 65. Low: 44. Mostly sunny and cooler but pleasant today. A moonlit sky tonight. Mostly sunny tomorrow.



New York 63/47 Washington 65/45

Denver 64/38

El Paso 85/58 Houston 70/58 Monterrey 70/61

Atlanta 69/47

Chihuahua 88/56

Miami 84/71

Summary: Cooler air is in store for much of the East today, while snow showers dot the Great Lakes along with chilly air. Rain will fall on coastal Texas and part of northern Florida. The Plains and West will be dry.
Anchorage Baltimore Boston Buffalo Charlotte Chicago Cleveland Dallas Denver

Shown are noon positions of weather systems and precipitation today. Temperature bands are highs for the day.

Today 48/31/s 64/40/s 63/43/pc 53/34/pc 70/44/s 55/38/pc 51/33/sh 71/56/s 64/38/s

Fri 48/34/s 66/41/s 58/41/pc 56/38/pc 72/49/s 66/44/pc 57/45/pc 75/66/t 65/42/pc

Honolulu Indianapolis Las Vegas Milwaukee New Orleans Norfolk Okla. City Orlando Phoenix

Today 85/72/s 57/36/pc 83/64/pc 51/37/pc 75/60/pc 59/47/pc 69/49/pc 87/64/pc 86/65/pc

Fri 85/69/s 64/46/pc 86/64/s 62/44/pc 80/62/pc 64/47/s 65/55/r 84/64/pc 91/68/s

Pittsburgh Portland, ME St. Louis San Francisco Seattle Wash., DC

Today Fri 56/32/pc 61/38/s 62/36/pc 57/36/pc 60/45/s 64/48/sh 61/48/s 65/48/s 68/46/s 65/45/pc 65/45/s 68/48/s

Key: s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice.

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Johnson’s homer can’t save RailRiders Bench leaving Lions
Tape-measure shot isn’t enough to overcome bullpen breakdown
By PAUL SOKOLOSKI [email protected]






MOOSIC - For the longest time, Cody Johnson wondered how long it would take him to turn on the power. And when he unleashed it, the ball jumped from his bat with an awesome display of brute strength. Johnson’s first home run of the season cleared the grassy knoll, hit the back of the walkway and onehopped off the rocks in right field Wednesday for the longest home run See RIDERS, Page 6B

at revamped PNC Field. That blast - which traveled some 450 feet in the fourth inning - wasn’t quite enough to save the Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre RailRiders from falling 5-4 to Columbus in a morning matinee game. But it did make Johnson feel a lot better about himself after a slow start to the season. “It just felt good to get that

Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre RailRiders shortstop Gil Velazquez, left, applies a late tag to Columbus’ Matt Carson after stealing second base at PNC Field in Moosic on Wednesday afternoon.

Departure leaves Penn State with just two quarterbacks on scholarship for 2013 season.
By DEREK LEVARSE [email protected]


Kenseth With the first pick... hit with penalty
Illegal connecting rod lands team one of largest penalties in NASCAR history.
By JENNA FRYER AP Auto Racing Writer



CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In one of the largest penalties in history, NASCAR stripped Matt Kenseth of everything but the trophy from his victory at Kansas after his engine failed a post-race inspection. NASCAR said Wednesday one of the eight connecting rods in the engine of the No. 20 Toyota did not meet Kenseth the minimum weight requirement. Although it was potentially a quality control issue by engine provider Toyota Racing Development — and one that gave no advantage to Kenseth in Sunday’s race — NASCAR levied a severe penalty against a Sprint Cup team for the second week in a row. Kenseth was stripped of 50 driver points in the standings — he earned only 48 points for the victory — and NASCAR also erased the three bonus points he earned for the win that would have been applied in seeding for the Chase for the Sprint Cup championship. In addition, the victory will not be credited toward his eligibility for a wild card berth in the Chase. So, although Kenseth has two wins on the year, the Kansas win does not count in any form toward his Chase eligibility. Kenseth also lost his pole award, which could hurt his eligibility for next year’s Sprint Unlimited exhibition race. NASCAR suspended crew chief Jason Ratcliff for six races, fined him $200,000 and placed him on probation until the end of the year. And in a rare move, car owner Joe Gibbs had his owner’s license suspended for the next six races and he won’t earn car owner points during that time. He also was docked 50 car owner points. Toyota, which supplies the JGR engines through Costa
See NASCAR, Page 6B

Central Michigan offensive linesman Eric Fisher blocks against Western Kentucky during the second half of the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl NCAA college football game at Ford Field in Detroit. Only twice since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 has an offensive tackle been drafted first overall. On Thursday night, the Kansas City Chiefs could make it three.


Spring practice exit interviews came and went. Steven Bench didn’t get the answer he was hoping for. As he did last April, Penn State coach Bill O’Brien sat down with players individually for some honest discussions following the Blue-White Game. Bench left his meeting pessimistic about his chances to start at quarterback this season and has made the decision to transfer at the end of the spring semester. Penn State confirmed the departure on Wednesday afternoon. “After meeting with Steven, he informed me he wants to play elsewhere,” O’Brien said in a release. “We want what is best for Steven. I want to thank him for his contributions to the program. We wish Steven the best in the future and will assist him any way we can.” The move leaves junior college transfer Tyler Ferguson and incoming freshman Christian Hackenberg as the top candidates to start under center when the Nittany Lions face Syracuse on Aug. 31. Ferguson was rated by some recruiting services as the No. 2-rated JUCO quarterback to sign over the winter. Hackenberg is considered by many to be the country’s top pure drop-back passer coming out of high school in this past recruiting class. Austin Whipple and D.J. Crook
See BENCH, Page 6B

Quarterbacks bring intrigue for wrong reasons
was Tannehill last year, Jake Locker (eighth overall) and Christian Ponder (12th) in 2011 and Tim Tebow (25th) in 2010. The Denver Broncos even traded up to get This year’s batch of signalTebow, who had a secondcallers has five who have round grade at best. been projected to go in the Josh Freeman (17th) was first round in any of hundreds of mock drafts drafted much higher than expected in 2009. floating in cyberspace. None, though, are close Same with Joe Flacco (18th) in 2008, and he is to the talent of Robert Griffin III or Andrew the only one who has had any real success. Luck, who went one-two last year. Where Smith goes is the biggest intrigue. He’s Heck, they’re not even close to Ryan Tannewas projected as high as second overall by a punhill, who the Miami Dolphins overdrafted at the dit at cbssports.com a week ago. Now the NFL eighth spot. Network reported there’s a chance he can freefall So where does this bunch, headed by West like Brady Quinn and Aaron Rodgers did. Virginia’s Geno Smith, fit into the draft picture? Before that, get ready for linemen, plenty of Well, over the past five drafts, a quarterback linemen, on both side of the ball to dominate the first round. was selected much higher than expected. It
ROUND 1: 8 p.m. today. TV Coverage: The story of last year’ NFL ESPN, NFL Network Draft was quaterbacks. It is ROUNDS 2-3: 6:30 p.m. Friday. TV Coverage: ESPN, NFL Network again this year, but not for ROUNDS 4-7: noon Saturday. TV Covthe same reason. erage: ESPN, NFL Network
By JOHN ERZAR [email protected]


1. KANSAS CITY – Luke Joeckel, T, Texas A&M Chiefs have uncertainty at the tackle spots with Eric Winston released and Branden Albert playing under the franchise tag. 2. JACKSONVILLE – Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida The Jags are often unpredictable, taking players expected to go lower in the first round. Help is needed up front where they had just 20 sacks. 3. OAKLAND – Eric Fisher, T, Central Michigan Help is needed on both sides of the line. Left tackles, though, are harder to find than defensive lineman, so the Raiders go that way.
See DRAFT, Page 6B

Penn State quarterback Steven Bench warms up before the start of Saturday’s Blue-White Game in State College.



Valley West defeats Lake-Lehman
By JOHN ERZAR [email protected]


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KINGSTON — Bad breaks and bad luck couldn’t continue for both Wyoming Valley West and Lake-Lehman on Wednesday. After all, they had to play each other in a matchup of snake-bitten softball teams. And good fortune finally shined on the Spartans. Valley West jumped out quickly then supported freshman Chloe Ruckle’s pitch- See SOFTBALL, Page 4B

ing with flawless defense as the Spartans posted an 8-0 victory over Lehman WEST in a Wyoming Valley Conference interdivisional contest. LEHMAN “Everybody did their job,” Valley West coach Desiree Hooper said. “We had an inspira-


Wyoming Valley West’s Leanne Dellarte slides into home during a high school softball game against Lake-Lehman Wednesday afternoon. The Spartans won the game 8-0.


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Pocono Downs Results Tuesday First - $10,000 Trot 1:55.1 1-Jedrik Hanover (Mi Simons) 4.60 2.80 2.20 6-Cds Eldorado (Ja Morrill Jr) 5.20 3.40 5-Anastasia Willie (Ro Pierce) 3.00 EXACTA (1-6) $19.20 50 CENT TRIFECTA (1-6-5) $73.40 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $18.35 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (1-6-5-9) $707.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $35.37 Second - $9,000 Pace 1:52.3 3-Joltin’ Colt (An McCarthy) 4.80 2.60 2.40 2-Appley Ever After (Er Carlson) 3.60 2.40 5-Not This Time (Br Simpson) 2.80 EXACTA (3-2) $15.20 50 CENT TRIFECTA (3-2-5) $52.80 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $13.20 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (3-2-5-6) $265.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $13.28 DAILY DOUBLE (1-3) $16.80 Third - $12,000 Trot 1:58.0 1-Louise Kemp (An McCarthy) 3.00 2.80 2.40 4-Ms Wiggins (Th Jackson) 11.80 4.00 5-Dixie Glide (Ja Morrill Jr) 2.20 EXACTA (1-4) $37.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (1-4-5) $72.40 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $18.10 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (1-4-5-2) $728.80 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $36.44 PICK 3 - 15% TAKEOUT (1-3-1) $29.40 PICK 3 - 15% TAKEOUT (1-3-8) $29.40 Scratched: Piney’s Schooner Fourth - $13,000 Pace 1:52.4 5-Jones Beach (Ra Schnittker) 2.10 2.10 2.10 3-Denver Artist (Ma Kakaley) 3.00 2.40 2-Tulfra (An McCarthy) 2.60 EXACTA (5-3) $7.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (5-3-2) $20.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $5.00 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (5-3-2-6) $85.60 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $4.28 Fifth - $8,500 Trot 1:57.0 8-Fool’s Revenue (Th Jackson) 4.20 2.60 2.20 2-Big Z Miranda (Ja Morrill Jr) 2.60 2.10 3-Streetwise Hall (Ge Napolitano Jr) 2.20 EXACTA (8-2) $8.00 50 CENT TRIFECTA (8-2-3) $24.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $6.15 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (8-2-3-6) $58.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $2.92 Scratched: Wuthering Hanover Sixth - $13,000 Pace 1:52.0 9-Some Kinda Beach (M Miller) 2.60 2.20 2.10 3-Beachfront (Ge Napolitano Jr) 7.00 4.60 1-Nassau County (An McCarthy) 16.80 EXACTA (9-3) $33.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (9-3-1-6) $528.60 50 CENT TRIFECTA (50 Cent) $132.15 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (9-3-1-6) $3,335.40 10 CENT SUPERFECTA (10 Cent) $166.77 PICK 3 - 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L AT E S T L I n E
MAjOR LEAGUE BASEBALL FAVORITE National League at Philadelphia -170/+160 at New York Chicago at Arizona at Detroit at Boston at New York at Chicago Texas at Oakland Los Angeles FAVORITE Tonight Miami at Chicago at Memphis Tomorrow at Boston 3 183½ 212 NHL FAVORITE N.Y. Rangers LINE -150/+130 UNDERDOG at Carolina Ottawa at Florida Nashville New York Denver at Golden State 1 7½ 3½ 194 181 at Milwaukee Brooklyn -105/-105 -110/+100 -140/+130 -185/+175 -250/+220 -140/+130 -135/+125 -125/+115 -120/+110 -130/+120 NBA PLAYOFFS LINE O/U UNDERDOG at Washington -140/+130 Pittsburgh Los Angeles Cincinnati at Miami Colorado Kansas City Houston Toronto Tampa Bay at Minnesota Baltimore at Seattle HORSE Verrazano Orb Revolutionary Palace Malice Goldencents Itsmyluckyday Java’s War Mylute Overanalyze Vyjack Black Onyx Will Take Charge Governor Charlie Lines of Battle Oxbow Frac Daddy Tiz A Minister Charming Kitten Code West Falling Sky Golden Soul Power Broker NAME OF LINE UNDERDOG FAVORITE at Winnipeg at St. Louis at Dallas at Vancouver at Boston LINE -115/-105 -250/+210 -120/+100 -150/+130 -250/+210 UNDERDOG Montreal Calgary Columbus Anaheim Tampa Bay

CAMPS/CLINICS Curry & Powlus Quarterback Skills Camp is Saturday, May 25, at Crispin Field in Berwick for boys age 9 through graduating seniors. It will be under the direction of Berwick football coach George Curry and Ron Powlus Sr., a 30-year coaching veteran. Fee is $50 and includes T-shirt, lunch, refreshments and instructional packet. Checks made payable to Curry QB Camps Inc., can be sent to C&P Quarterback Camp, c/o George Curry, 305 Summerhill Ave., Berwick, Pa., 18603. For more information, visit www.curryqbcamps.org. Dallas Mountaineer Aquatic Club is hosting a Fitter and Faster Clinic with three-time Olympian Peter Vanderkaay on Saturday, May 11, at the Dallas Middle School natatorium. For more information, visit www.dmacswimming.org or call Beth Redington at 239-3575. Misericordia University Summer Baseball Camp is open for registration. The camp runs July 8-12 and is open to players age 7-12. For mor information, visit athletics. misericordia.edu or call 674-1868. Wilkes University Women’s Basketball Shooting Clinic will be Saturday, April 27, in the Wilkes University gym.The clinic will start at 9 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. It is open to all girls in middle and high school. The cost is $60 per participant. For more information, including group discounts, email [email protected] MEETINGS GAR Memorial High School Football Booster Club will meet Thursday, April 25, at 7 p.m. in the Choral Room at the high school. Northeastern Pennsylvania Women’s Golf Association will hold its Spring Meeting at Glen Oak Country Club on Friday, April 26, at 11 a.m. Executive Committee will meet at 10 a.m. Pittston Area Cheerleading Booster Club will have a reorganizational meeting May 1 at 7 p.m. at Savo’s. Election of officers will be taking place at this meeting. Sand Springs Thursday Night Men’s Mad Hackers League will have its annual meeting Thursday, May 2, at 4 p.m. in its clubhouse restaurant. For more information, call 788-5845. Wyoming Area Boys Soccer Parents will have a meeting Tuesday, April 30, at 6 p.m. at the Secondary Center. Wyoming Area Baseball Diamond Club will hold a meeting on Tuesday, April 30, at 7 p.m. in Room 129 of the Secondary Center. REGISTRATIONS/TRYOUTS Back Mountain Youth Soccer Association will hold registration for the fall intramural season Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Dallas Middle School’s cafeteria. Players must be 5 years old before Aug. 1. Proof of age needed for new players. Bear Creek Bobcats Youth Soccer registration for the fall will be held Sunday, April 28, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Bear Creek Community Charter School. Players must be at least 4 years old by July 31, and born on or after Aug. 1, 1995. Players do not need to reside in Bear Creek Twp. If you have any questions, email Billie Jo at [email protected] or John at [email protected] Dallas Junior Mounts Football and Cheerleading Association will hold registration at the Dallas American Legion on Thursday, April 25, from 6-9 p.m. Any boy or girl who is 5 years old by Aug. 1 is eligible. Ed-Lark Hurricanes Football and Cheer signups are on the following dates: Sunday, April 28, from 12:30-3 p.m.; Monday, May 6, from 5-7 p.m.; Thursday, May 16, from 5-7 p.m. Signups will be at the Edwardsville Borough building. The cost is $40 for the first child and $5 for each additional child. Football and Cheerleading Signups for Wyoming/West Wyoming/ Exeter Panthers will be held at the Panther Field behind St. Cecilias Church on Saturday, April 27 from noon to 2 p.m. There is a $65 sign up fee. For more information, call Donna at 693-1999. Greater Pittston Stoners Youth Soccer will have fall registration for U6-U18 on April 27 from 1-3 p.m., May 7 from 6:30-8:30 p.m., and future dates. Signups will be at Exeter Scout Home, located in the rear of the Exeter municipal building at the corner of Wyoming Avenue and Lincoln Street. New players must show a birth certificate and must turn 5 by Aug. 1. Heights Packers Football and Cheerleading Registrations for boys and girls between the ages of 6-12 will be held at Stanton Lanes on Sunday, April 28, between 2-4 p.m. Participants must be 6 years old by Aug. 1 and provide a copy of a birth certificate. If you have any questions, email [email protected] The cost for registrations is $30 for one child, $45 for two children and $60 per family. For more information, visit www.heightspackers.webs.com.
NEWARK BEARS — Signed RHPs Leondy Perez and Fray Martinez. Traded INF John Welch to Rockland for a player to be named. QUEBEC CAPITALES — Signed LHP Casey Harman. ROCKALND BOULDERS — Released OF Qualon Millender. Frontier League EVANSVILLE OTTERS — Signed LHP Matt Barger. FLORENCE FREEDOM — Signed C Collin Janssen. GATEWAY GRIZZLIES — Signed INF L.J. Watson. NORMAL CORNBELTERS — Released RHP Brendon Smith. SCHAUMBURG BOOMERS — Signed RHP James Bierlein, RHP Troy Marks, OF Mike Bolling and OF Trevor Willis. TRAVERSE CITY BEACH BUMS — Signed OF Matt Marquis. WINDY CITY THUNDERBOLTS — Signed INF Tyler Diaz. National Basketball Association CLEVELAND CAVALIERS — Named Mike Brown coach. National Football League ARIZONA CARDINALS — Signed WR Jarett Dillard, OL Paul Fanaika, WR Robert Gill and TE Alex Gottlieb. GREEN BAY PACKERS — Released RB Brandon Saine and LB D.J. Smith. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS — Signed FB Chris Gronkowski. National Hockey League NHL — Suspended Los Angeles F Dustin Brown two games for elbowing Minnesota F Jason Pominville during Tuesday’s game. ANAHEIM DUCKS — Recalled G Frederik Andersen and Fs Patrick Maroon and Devante SmithPelly from Norfolk (AHL). Reassigned G Igor Bobkov to Norfolk. CAROLINA HURRICANES — Reassigned C Riley Nash and F Tim Wallace to Charlotte (AHL) and recalled Wallace and RW Jared Staal from Charlotte. MINNESOTA WILD — Reassigned F Stephane Veilleux to Houston (AHL). NASHVILE PREDATORS — Signed LW Miikka Salomaki to a three-year, entry-level contract. VANCOUVER CANUCKS — Recalled G Joe Cannata from Chicago (AHL). WASHINGTON CAPITALS — Re-signed Fs Eric Fehr and Aaron Volpatti to two-year contracts. American Hockey League SAN ANTONIO RAMPAGE — Reassigned G Brian Foster to Cincinnati (ECHL). NASCAR — Docked Sprint Cup driver Matt Kenseth 50 driver points and three bonus points; suspended crew chief Jason Ratcliff six races, fined him $200,000 and placed him on probation until the end of the year; and suspended the owner’s license of Joe Gibbs six races and docked him 50 car owner points for failing a post-race inspection after Sunday’s race. Docked Craftsman Trucks Series driver Johnny Sauter 25 points and suspended crew chief Joe Shear four races and fined him $10,000 for an illegal fuel cell used during Saturday’s race. ASA/USA SOFTBALL — Named Craig Cress executive director, effective Nov. 15. NCAA — Announced the resignation of associate director of enforcement Marcus Wilson to become associate athletic director for compliance at Maryland. ECAC — Named Ben Rosenfeld director of sport administration/championships, Katie Hartman Boldvich coordinator of sport administration/ leagues and affiliates and Joyce Lambert administrative assistant to the commissioner. FLORIDA — Announced football G Jessamens Dunker will transfer. LIMESTONE — Named Ted Soenksen offensive line coach and recruiting coordinator. PENN STATE — Announced QB Steven Bench will transfer. SOUTHERN CAL — Announced C Dewayne Dedmon will enter the NBA draft. UTEP — Named Scott Stoker defensive coordinator. WISCONSIN-WHITEWATER — Named Alan Hensell wide receivers coach. WOFFORD — Named Dustin Kerns men’s assistant basketball coach.

HORSE RACING Kentucky Derby Odds CURRENT OPENING ODDS 5-1 6-1 7-1 10-1 12-1 12-1 12-1 12-1 12-1 15-1 20-1 20-1 25-1 25-1 30-1 40-1 40-1 50-1 50-1 50-1 50-1 50-1 ODDS 125-1 200-1 100-1 150-1 80-1 80-1 80-1 150-1 125-1 125-1 125-1 200-1 200-1 300-1 200-1 150-1 75-1 300-1 250-1 200-1 200-1 125-1 75-1

American League

Normandy Invasion 10-1

4½ 179½ L.A. Clippers

HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL Wyoming Area at Dallas, 4:15 p.m. HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL (4:15 p.m.) Coughlin at Tunkhannock Crestwood at Lake-Lehman Nanticoke at Dallas Pittston Area at Berwick Wyoming Valley West at Wyoming Area HIGH SCHOOL BOYS LACROSSE North Pocono at Delaware Valley, 4:15 p.m. Scranton Prep at Lake-Lehman, 5 p.m. Tunkhannock at Crestwood, 5:30 p.m. COLLEGE BASEBALL King’s at DeSales, 3:30 p.m. Misericordia at Wilkes, 3:30 p.m. MEN’S COLLEGE TENNIS Wilkes at Bloomsburg, 6 p.m. WOMEN’S COLLEGE TENNIS Wilkes at Bloomsburg, 6 p.m.

at Washington -110/-110 Toronto Pittsburgh at Detroit -190/+165 -250/+210

N.Y. Islanders -125/+105 at Philadelphia -120/+100 at New Jersey

HIGH SCHOOL SOFTBALL Hazleton Area vs. Berks Catholic, 11 a.m. at Blue Mountain H.S. HIGH SCHOOL BOYS LACROSSE Delaware Valley at Minisink (N.Y.), 11 a.m. Selinsgrove at Crestwood, 11 a.m. Bellefonte at Lake-Lehman, 1 p.m. Danville at Crestwood, 1:30 p.m. Danville vs. Dallas, at Crestwood Selinsgrove vs. Dallas, at Crestwood HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS LACROSSE Lewisburg at Dallas, 11 a.m. Warwick at Delaware Valley, 11 a.m. COLLEGE BASEBALL Wilkes at Misericordia, DH, noon DeSales at King’s, DH, 1 p.m. COLLEGE SOFTBALL King’s at DeSales, DH, 1 p.m. Misericordia at Wilkes, DH, 1 p.m. MEN’S COLLEGE LACROSSE King’s at FDU-Florham, 1 p.m. Misericordia at Arcadia, 1 p.m. WOMEN’S COLLEGE LACROSSE Manhattanville at Wilkes, noon Arcadia at Misericordia, 1 p.m. FDU-Florham at King’s, 1 p.m. MEN’S COLLEGE TENNIS Arcadia at Misericordia, 1 p.m. Eastern at King’s, 1 p.m. Wilkes at Elizabethtown, 2 p.m. WOMEN’S COLLEGE TENNIS Wilkes at Elizabethtown, 11 a.m. Arcadia at Misericordia, 1 p.m. Eastern at King’s, 1 p.m.

COLLEGE BASEBALL Wilkes at Keuka, DH, 1 p.m. COLLEGE SOFTBALL Marywood at Wilkes, DH, 1 p.m.

W H AT ’ S O n T V
8 p.m. ESPN2 — Alabama at LSU


9 a.m. TGC — European PGA Tour, Ballantine’s Championship, first round, at Seoul, South Korea (sameday tape) 12:30 p.m. TGC — LPGA, North Texas Shootout, first round, at Irving, Texas 3 p.m. TGC — PGA Tour, Zurich Classic, first round, at New Orleans 1 p.m. CSN, ROOT – Pittsburgh at Philadelphia SNY – L.A. Dodgers at N.Y. Mets 7 p.m. MLB — Cincinnati at Washington YES – Toronto at N.Y. Yankees 7 p.m. TNT — Playoffs, first round, game 3, Miami at Milwaukee 9:30 p.m. TNT — Playoffs, first round, game 3, L.A. Clippers at Memphis 8 p.m. ESPN — Draft, round 1, at New York 7 p.m. CSN, PLUS2 — N.Y. Islanders at Philadelphia MSG — N.Y. Rangers at Carolina 7:30 p.m. NBCSN, PLUS, ROOT — Pittsburgh at New Jersey 10 p.m. NHL — Anaheim at Vancouver

x-Sunday, May 5: Portland at Syracuse, 7:30 p.m. Binghamton vs. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Saturday, April 27: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton at Binghamton, 7:05 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton at Binghamton, 5:05 p.m. Thursday, May 2: Binghamton at WilkesBarre/Scranton, 7:05 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Binghamton at WilkesBarre/Scranton, 7:05 p.m. x-Monday, May 6: Wilkes-Barre/Scranton at Binghamton, 7:05 p.m. WESTERN CONFERENCE Texas vs. Milwaukee Friday, April 26: Texas at Milwaukee, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 27: Texas at Milwaukee, 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 1: Milwaukee at Texas, 8:30 p.m. x-Friday, May 3: Milwaukee at Texas, 8:30 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Milwaukee at Texas, 8 p.m. Toronto vs. Rochester Saturday, April 27: Rochester at Toronto, 3 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Rochester at Toronto, 3 p.m. Wednesday, May 1: Toronto at Rochester, 7 p.m. x-Thursday, May 2: Toronto at Rochester, 7 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Rochester at Toronto, 3 p.m. Grand Rapids vs. Houston Friday, April 26: Grand Rapids at Houston, 8:05 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Grand Rapids at Houston, 6:05 p.m. Wednesday, May 1: Houston at Grand Rapids, 7 p.m. x-Friday, May 3: Houston at Grand Rapids, 7 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Houston at Grand Rapids, 7 p.m. Charlotte vs. Oklahoma City Friday, April 26: Charlotte at Oklahoma City, 8 p.m. Saturday, April 27: Charlotte at Oklahoma City, 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 1: Oklahoma City at Charlotte, 7 p.m. x-Friday, May 3: Oklahoma City at Charlotte, 7 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Oklahoma City at Charlotte, 7 p.m. EASTERN CONFERENCE Atlantic Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA z-Pittsburgh 46 35 11 0 70 155 113 x-N.Y. Islanders 46 24 16 6 54 137 135 N.Y. Rangers 46 24 18 4 52 122 109 New Jersey 46 18 18 10 46 109 123 Philadelphia 46 21 22 3 45 129 139 Northeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA x-Boston 45 27 13 5 59 125 102 x-Montreal 46 27 14 5 59 141 123 x-Toronto 46 25 16 5 55 140 129 Ottawa 45 23 16 6 52 109 99 Buffalo 47 20 21 6 46 123 142 Southeast Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA y-Washington 46 26 18 2 54 145 126 Winnipeg 47 24 20 3 51 126 140 Carolina 46 19 24 3 41 122 148 Tampa Bay 46 18 24 4 40 145 143 Florida 46 14 26 6 34 107 164 WESTERN CONFERENCE Central Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA z-Chicago 45 34 6 5 73 147 97 x-St. Louis 46 27 17 2 56 122 113 Detroit 46 22 16 8 52 116 113 Columbus 46 22 17 7 51 114 117 Nashville 46 16 21 9 41 108 131 Northwest Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA y-Vancouver 46 26 13 7 59 124 111 Minnesota 46 25 18 3 53 118 120 Calgary 46 19 23 4 42 126 153 Edmonton 45 17 21 7 41 111 127 Colorado 46 15 24 7 37 110 145 Pacific Division GP W L OT Pts GF GA y-Anaheim 46 29 11 6 64 134 112 x-San Jose 46 25 14 7 57 121 111 x-Los Angeles 47 26 16 5 57 130 116 Dallas 46 22 20 4 48 129 136 Phoenix 45 19 18 8 46 114 122 NOTE: Two points for a win, one point for overtime loss. x-clinched playoff spot y-clinched division z-clinched conference Tuesday’s Games Carolina 4, N.Y. Islanders 3, SO New Jersey 3, Montreal 2 Washington 5, Winnipeg 3 Philadelphia 5, Boston 2 Florida 3, N.Y. Rangers 2 Buffalo 4, Pittsburgh 2 St. Louis 3, Colorado 1 Nashville 4, Calgary 3 Minnesota 2, Los Angeles 1 San Jose 3, Dallas 2 Wednesday’s Games Tampa Bay 5, Toronto 2 Detroit 3, Los Angeles 1 Chicago at Edmonton, (n) San Jose at Phoenix, (n) Thursday’s Games N.Y. Islanders at Philadelphia, 7 p.m. Ottawa at Washington, 7 p.m. N.Y. Rangers at Carolina, 7 p.m. Pittsburgh at New Jersey, 7:30 p.m. Toronto at Florida, 7:30 p.m. Nashville at Detroit, 7:30 p.m. Tampa Bay at Boston, 7:30 p.m. Montreal at Winnipeg, 8 p.m. Calgary at St. Louis, 8 p.m. Columbus at Dallas, 8:30 p.m. Anaheim at Vancouver, 10 p.m. Friday’s Games N.Y. Islanders at Buffalo, 7 p.m. Edmonton at Minnesota, 8 p.m. Calgary at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Colorado at Phoenix, 10 p.m.




x-Friday, May 3: New York at Boston, TBA x-Sunday, May 5: Boston at New York, TBA Indiana 2, Atlanta 0 Sunday, April 21: Indiana 107, Atlanta 90 Wednesday, April 24: Indiana 113, Atlanta 98 Saturday, April 27: Indiana at Atlanta, 7 p.m. Monday, April 29: Indiana at Atlanta, 7:30 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 1: Atlanta at Indiana, TBA x-Friday, May 3: Indiana at Atlanta, TBA x-Sunday, May 5: Atlanta at Indiana, TBA Brooklyn 1, Chicago 1 Saturday, April 20: Brooklyn 106, Chicago 89 Monday, April 22: Chicago 90, Brooklyn 82 Thursday, April 25: Brooklyn at Chicago, 8:30 p.m. Saturday, April 27: Brooklyn at Chicago, 2 p.m. Monday, April 29: Chicago at Brooklyn, 7 p.m. x-Thursday, May 2: Brooklyn at Chicago, TBA x-Saturday, May 4: Chicago at Brooklyn, TBA WESTERN CONFERENCE Oklahoma City 2, Houston 0 Sunday, April 21: Oklahoma City 120, Houston 91 Wednesday, April 24: Oklahoma City 105, Houston 102 Saturday, April 27: Oklahoma City at Houston, 9:30 p.m. Monday, April 29: Oklahoma City at Houston, 9:30 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 1: Houston at Oklahoma City, TBA x-Friday, May 3: Oklahoma City at Houston, TBA x-Sunday, May 5: Houston at Oklahoma City, TBA San Antonio 1, L.A. Lakers 0 Sunday, April 21: San Antonio 91, L.A. Lakers 79 Wednesday, April 24: L.A. Lakers at San Antonio, 9:30 p.m. Friday, April 26: San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, 10:30 p.m. Sunday, April 28: San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, 7 p.m. x-Tuesday, April 30: L.A. Lakers at San Antonio, TBA x-Thursday, May 2: San Antonio at L.A. Lakers, TBA x-Saturday, May 4: L.A. Lakers at San Antonio, TBA Denver 1, Golden State 1 Saturday, April 20: Denver 97, Golden State 95 Tuesday, April 23: Golden State 131, Denver 117 Friday, April 26: Denver at Golden State, 10:30 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Denver at Golden State, 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 30: Golden State at Denver, TBA x-Thursday, May 2: Denver at Golden State, TBA x-Saturday, May 4: Golden State at Denver, TBA L.A. Clippers 2, Memphis 0 Saturday, April 20: L.A. Clippers 112, Memphia 91 Monday, April 22: L.A. Clippers 93, Memphis 91 Thursday, April 25: L.A. Clippers at Memphis, 9:30 p.m. Saturday, April 27: L.A. Clippers at Memphis, 4:30 p.m. x-Tuesday, April 30: Memphis at L.A. Clippers, TBA x-Friday, May 3: L.A. Clippers at Memphis, TBA x-Sunday, May 5: Memphis at L.A. Clippers, TBA

NFL Draft Order
To be held April 25-27 at New York Pk. Team W 1. Kansas City 2 2. Jacksonville 2 3. Oakland 4 4. Philadelphia 4 5. Detroit 4 6. Cleveland 5 7. Arizona 5 8. Buffalo 6 9. N.Y. Jets 6 10. Tennessee 6 11. San Diego 7 12. Miami 7 13. N.Y. Jets (from TB) 7 14. Carolina 7 15. New Orleans 7 16. St. Louis 7 17. Pittsburgh 8 18. Dallas 8 19. N.Y. Giants 9 20. Chicago 10 21. Cincinnati 10 22. St. Louis (from Wash.) 10 23. Minnesota 10 24. Indianapolis 11 25. Minnesota (from Sea.) 11 26. Green Bay 11 27. Houston 12 28. Denver 13 29. New England 12 30. Atlanta 13 31. San Francisco 11 32. Baltimore 10 L 14 14 12 12 12 11 11 10 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 8 8 8 7 6 6 6 6 5 5 5 4 3 4 3 4 6 T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 Win Pct .125 .125 .250 .250 .250 .313 .313 .375 .375 .375 .438 .438 .438 .438 .438 .469 .500 .500 .563 .625 .625 .625 .625 .688 .688 .688 .750 .813 .750 .813 .719 .625 Opp Pct .516 .539 .469 .508 .566 .508 .559 .480 .512 .512 .457 .500 .502 .516 .521 .539 .465 .523 .521 .512 .438 .494 .520 .441 .504 .508 .496 .457 .496 .422 .504 .496

W L Pct. GB Buffalo (Blue Jays) 13 4 .765 — Pawtucket (Red Sox) 12 7 .632 2 Scrans-Barre (Yankees) 9 9 .500 4½ Syracuse (Nationals) 8 10 .444 5½ Lehigh Valley (Phillies) 8 11 .421 6 Rochester (Twins) 5 14 .263 9 South Division W L Pct. GB Durham (Rays) 14 6 .700 — Norfolk (Orioles) 11 9 .550 3 Gwinnett (Braves) 10 11 .476 4½ Charlotte (White Sox) 7 14 .333 7½ West Division W L Pct. GB Indianapolis (Pirates) 14 7 .667 — Columbus (Indians) 10 10 .500 3½ Louisville (Reds) 10 10 .500 3½ Toledo (Tigers) 6 15 .286 8 Wednesday’s Games Columbus 5, Scranton/Wilkes-Barre 4 Indianapolis 4, Lehigh Valley 1, 1st game Charlotte 6, Norfolk 5 Durham 9, Toledo 8 Lehigh Valley 6, Indianapolis 3, 2nd game Rochester 6, Syracuse 5, 11 innings, susp., rain Pawtucket at Buffalo, ppd., rain Gwinnett 7, Louisville 3 Thursday’s Games Pawtucket at Buffalo, 12:30 p.m., 1st game Pawtucket at Buffalo, 3 p.m., 2nd game Rochester 6, Syracuse 5, 11 innings, comp. of susp. game Rochester at Syracuse, 6 p.m. Gwinnett at Louisville, 6:35 p.m. Columbus at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 6:35 p.m. Toledo at Durham, 7:05 p.m. Lehigh Valley at Indianapolis, 7:05 p.m. Norfolk at Charlotte, 7:15 p.m. Friday’s Games Pawtucket at Buffalo, 6:05 p.m. Gwinnett at Louisville, 6:35 p.m. Rochester at Syracuse, 7 p.m. Toledo at Durham, 7:05 p.m. Columbus at Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, 7:05 p.m. Norfolk at Charlotte, 7:15 p.m. Lehigh Valley at Indianapolis, 7:15 p.m. Eastern Division North Division

International League





WEST SIDE LEAGUE Standings: 1. Alley Cats 36-16; 2. Bekins 3319; 3. Strike Force 30-22; 4. McCarthy’s 29-23; 5. The Wise Guys 26.5-25.5; 6. Handicapers 26.525.5; 7. Steelers 24-28; 8. The Dude Abides 24-28; 9. 3 Fingers Deep 21-31; 10. Wild Ones 21-31. High Series: 1. Ray Stavish 614; 2. Mike Zimmerman 597; 3. Joe Heater 574.


Kingston Rec. Center
Monday Standings: 1. South Side 2-0; 2. Westmoreland Club 2-0; 3. Bulls 1-1; 4. Mark’s Pub 1-1; 5. Pizza Bella 1-1; 6. Swamp Donks 1-1; 7. Malacari’s 0-2; 8. Murphy’s 0-2. Tuesday Standings: 1. Cobra’s 2-0; 2. Tipsy Turtles 2-0; 3. Ball Busters 1-1; 4. Del Balso 1-1; 5. Gladiators 1-1; 6. PT’s Late Nite 1-1; 7. Chacko’s 0-2; 8. WMPA 0-2. Wednesday Standings: 1. Button Oil 2-0; 2. Blowin Gravy 1-0; 3. OverPour 1-0; 4. Mutants 0-2; 5. State Farm 0-1; 6. PAV 1-1. Thursday Standings: 1. Milwaukee’s Best 2-0; 2. Stell Enterprises 2-0; 3. Bottom Oil 1-0; 4. Del Balso 1-1; 5. Plymouth Graphics 1-1; 6. Januzzi’s 1-1; 7. JJ’s 1-1; 8. Marvel’s 0-1; 9. BOS 0-2; 10. La Tolteca 0-2; 11. Old Dogs 0-2.

American League BALTIMORE ORIOLES — Recalled RHP Josh Stinson from Frederick (Carolina). Optioned RHP Alex Burnett to Norfolk (IL). Sent RHP Steve Johnson to Norfolk for a rehab assignment. BOSTON RED SOX — Sent LHP Craig Breslow to Portland (EL) for a rehab assignment. Optioned RHP Steven Wright to Pawtucket (IL). Recalled RHP Daniel Bard from Portland. CLEVELAND INDIANS — Reinstated C Lou Marson from the 15-day DL. Optioned C Yan Gomes to Columbus (IL). Assigned RHP Fernando Nieve outright to Columbus. DETROIT TIGERS — Selected the contract of RHP Jose Valverde from Lakeland (FSL). Designated LHP Duane Below for assignment. HOUSTON ASTROS — Placed OF Justin Maxwell on the 15-day DL. Recalled OF Robbie Grossman from Oklahoma City (PCL). LOS ANGELES ANGELS — Optioned INF Tommy Field to Salt Lake (PCL). Recalled LHP Nick Maronde from Arkansas (TL). TAMPA BAY RAYS — Sent DH Luke Scott to Charlotte (IL) for a rehab assignment. TORONTO BLUE JAYS — Designated RHP Ramon Ortiz for assignment. National League ATLANTA BRAVES — Placed OF Jason Heyward on the 15-day DL, retroactive to April 21. Recalled INF Tyler Pastornicky from Gwinnett (IL). COLORADO ROCKIES — Recalled RHP Tyler Chatwood from Colorado Springs (PCL). Optioned RHP Rob Scahill to Colorado Springs. LOS ANGELES DODGERS — Reinstated LHP Ted Lilly from the 15-day DL. Optioned C Tim Federowicz to Albuquerque (PCL). MILWAUKEE BREWERS — Sent RHP Mark Rogers to Huntsville (SL) for a rehab assignment. PITTSBURGH PIRATES — Sent RHP Charlie Morton to Altoona (EL) for a rehab assignment. SAN DIEGO PADRES — Reinstated OF Carlos Quentin from suspension. Selected the contract of LHP Robbie Erlin from Tucson (PCL). Optioned RHP Thad Weber to Tucson. Transferred INF Logan Forsythe from the 15-day to the 60-day DL. American Association AMARILLO SOX — Released RHP Paul Koss. FARGO-MOORHEAD REDHAWKS — Released INF Eric Campbell and RHP Kyle Dahman. GRAND PRAIRIE AIR HOGS — Signed OF Keanon Simon and RHP Justin Erasmus. Released INF German Duran. SIOUX CITY EXPLORERS — Signed OF Brandon Newton and INF Jorge Delgado. Released RHP Ty Marotz. WICHITA WINGNUTS — Released INF MarcAnthony Tarantola. Can-Am League NEW JERSEY JACKALS — Signed INF Jeremy Barnes and 1B Chris Duffy.


Modern Lanes

LADY BIRDS Standings: 1. Robins 34-26; 2. Flamingos 33.526.5; 3. Tweety Birds 31.5-28.5; 4. Blue Jays 30.529.5; 5. Seagulls 26.5-33.5; 6. Parakeets 24-36. High Series: 1. Judy Krifka 531; 2. Mary Kay Stetina 522; 3. Therese Wrubel 515. MIxED Standings: 1. Santey Builders 42-14; 2. Always 3 Minus 2 40-26; 3. Beer Nutz 31-25; 4. B.U.I. 3125; 5. Outlaws 28-28; 6. Loooves Head-Pin 27-29; 7. Impact Players 26-30; 8. Yeah Buddy! 22-34; 9. #Figjam 21-35; 10. Gutter Rats 0-52. High Game Men: 1. Berny Gober 300; 2. John Martin 300; 3. Mark Mancini 289. High Game Women: 1. Alyssa Fedor 269; 2. Noelle Mancini 236; 3. Emily Tisdel 213. High Series Men: 1. Berny Gober 796; 2. Mark Mancini 780; 3. Jason Blydenburg 768; High Series Women: 1. Alyssa Fedor 752; 2. Noelle Mancini 623; 3. Emily Tisdel 589. SATURDAY Standings: 1. Aces + Eights 40-16; 2. Loooves Head-Pin 38-18; 3. Who That? 33-23; 4. Cruze 3125; 5. Unforgiven 30.5-25.5; 6. The Voodoo Croo 30-26; 7. Rainbow Warriors 29-27; 8. Family Ties +1 26-30; 9. NERMC 17.5-38.5. High Game Men: 1. Lester Bennet 247; 2. Jim Norton Sr. 244; 3. Brad Williams 234. High Game Women: 1. Noelle Mancini 257; 2. Terri Norton 213; 3. Linda Lee 149. High Series Men: 1. Lester Bennet 668; 2. Jim Norton Sr. 643; 3. Brad Williams 641. High Series Women: 1. Noelle Mancini 629; 2. Terri Norton 602; 3. Linda Lee 434.


AHL Playoffs
CONFERENCE QUARTERFINALS BEST-OF-5 (x-if necessary) EASTERN CONFERENCE Providence vs. Hershey Friday, April 26: Hershey at Providence, 7:05 p.m. p.m. Sunday, April 28: Hershey at Providence, 3:05 p.m. Saturday, May 4: Providence at Hershey, 7 p.m. x-Sunday, May 5: Providence at Hershey, 5 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 8: Hershey at Providence, 7:05 p.m. Springfield vs. Manchester Saturday, April 27: Manchester at Springfield, 7 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Manchester at Springfield, 4 p.m. Thursday, May 2: Springfield at Manchester, 7 p.m. x-Saturday, May 4: Springfield at Manchester, 7 p.m. x-Sunday, May 5: Manchester at Springfield, 4 p.m. Syracuse vs. Portland Saturday, April 27: Portland at Syracuse, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Portland at Syracuse, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, May 2: Syracuse at Portland, 7 p.m. x-Friday, May 3: Syracuse at Portland, 7 p.m.

Eastern League
W 11 10 11 11 9 9 L 8 8 9 9 10 11 Pct. .579 .556 .550 .550 .474 .450 GB — ½ ½ ½ 2 2½

Portland (Red Sox) Reading (Phillies) Binghamton (Mets) Trenton (Yankees) New Britain (Twins) New Hampshire (Jays) Western Division


NBA Playoffs
FIRST ROUND (Best-of-7, x-if necessary) EASTERN CONFERENCE Miami 2, Milwaukee 0 Sunday, April 21: Miami 110, Milwaukee 87 Tuesday, April 23: Miami 98, Milwaukee 86 Thursday, April 25: Miami at Milwaukee, 7 p.m. Sunday, April 28: Miami at Milwaukee, 3:30 p.m. x-Tuesday, April 30: Milwaukee at Miami, TBA x-Thursday, May 2: Miami at Milwaukee, TBA x-Saturday, May 4: Milwaukee at Miami, TBA New York 2, Boston 0 Saturday, April 20: New York 85, Boston 78 Tuesday, April 23: New York 87, Boston 71 Friday, April 26: New York at Boston, 8 p.m. Sunday, April 28: New York at Boston, 1 p.m. x-Wednesday, May 1: Boston at New York, TBA

Wyoming Valley CC
TUESDAY TOURNAMENT First: Pat Alansky, Rebecca Kulbaski, Cassie Obeid, Julia Chmielowski. Second: Dorothy Simon, Donna Long, Marie Mihalos, Jeanne Elinsky. Third: Linda Shypulefski, Joyce Gelli, Maureen Umphred, Nancy McLaughlin. Birdies: Rebecca Kulbaski (No. 9). Chip-ins: Marie Mihalos (No. 3); Peg Thomas (No. 10); Huguette Beccaris (No. 9). Closest to the pin: Rebecca Kulbaski (No. 5); Huguette Beccaris (No. 13).

W L Pct. GB Erie (Tigers) 10 8 .556 — Bowie (Orioles) 10 10 .500 1 Richmond (Giants) 10 11 .476 1½ Harrisburg (Nationals) 9 10 .474 1½ Altoona (Pirates) 9 11 .450 2 Akron (Indians) 8 12 .400 3 Wednesday’s Games Altoona 6, Richmond 2 Bowie at Erie, ppd., rain New Britain 5, New Hampshire 0, 1st game Binghamton 8, Portland 6 Akron 5, Trenton 4 Reading at Harrisburg, (n) New Hampshire 3, New Britain 0, 2nd game Thursday’s Games New Britain at New Hampshire, 10:35 a.m. Friday’s Games Erie at Altoona, 6:30 p.m. Richmond at New Britain, 6:35 p.m. Akron at Binghamton, 7:05 p.m. Portland at Trenton, 7:05 p.m. Harrisburg at Bowie, 7:05 p.m. New Hampshire at Reading, 7:05 p.m.

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S P O R T S M L B S TA N D I N g S • S TAT S
East Division Boston Baltimore New York Tampa Bay Toronto Central Division Kansas City Minnesota Detroit Cleveland Chicago West Division Texas Oakland Los Angeles Seattle Houston East Division Atlanta New York Washington Philadelphia Miami Central Division St. Louis Cincinnati Milwaukee Pittsburgh Chicago West Division Colorado San Francisco Arizona Los Angeles San Diego W 14 12 11 10 9 W 10 9 10 8 8 W 13 13 8 8 7 W 15 10 10 9 5 W 13 13 11 12 6 W 14 13 12 9 5 L 7 9 9 11 13 L 8 8 9 11 12 L 7 9 11 15 14 L 6 9 11 13 16 L 8 9 8 9 14 L 7 9 9 11 15

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAge 3B

N AT I o N A L L e A g U e

Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins, left, is called out at second base by umpire Mike Muchlinski, right, under a tag by Pittsburgh Pirates second baseman Neil Walker during the first inning Wednesday in Philadelphia.


Inge delivers in pinch for visiting Pirates
The Associated Press

AMERICAN LEAGUE Pct GB WCGB .667 — — .571 2 — .550 2½ ½ .476 4 2 .409 5½ 3½ Pct GB WCGB .556 — — .529 ½ 1 .526 ½ 1 .421 2½ 3 .400 3 3½ Pct GB WCGB .650 — — .591 1 — .421 4½ 3 .348 6½ 5 .333 6½ 5 NATIONAL LEAGUE Pct GB WCGB .714 — — .526 4 1½ .476 5 2½ .409 6½ 4 .238 10 7½ Pct GB WCGB .619 — — .591 ½ — .579 1 ½ .571 1 ½ .300 6½ 6 Pct GB WCGB .667 — — .591 1½ — .571 2 ½ .450 4½ 3 .250 8½ 7

L10 7-3 6-4 6-4 6-4 4-6 L10 5-5 5-5 5-5 4-6 4-6 L10 6-4 4-6 6-4 3-7 3-7 L10 5-5 5-5 3-7 3-7 3-7 L10 6-4 8-2 9-1 7-3 2-8 L10 7-3 5-5 5-5 3-7 3-7

Str Home Away W-1 7-5 7-2 L-1 7-5 5-4 L-1 5-4 6-5 W-1 8-4 2-7 W-1 5-8 4-5 Str Home Away L-1 4-2 6-6 L-1 5-4 4-4 W-1 5-2 5-7 L-1 2-6 6-5 W-1 5-5 3-7 Str Home Away L-1 7-2 6-5 L-1 6-4 7-5 W-1 6-5 2-6 L-2 4-6 4-9 W-2 4-8 3-6 Str Home Away L-1 6-2 9-4 W-1 7-4 3-5 L-4 6-6 4-5 L-2 6-7 3-6 W-1 2-7 3-9 Str Home Away W-3 4-2 9-6 W-1 12-4 1-5 W-9 7-5 4-3 W-2 8-4 4-5 L-1 3-5 3-9 Str Home Away W-1 9-3 5-4 L-2 8-4 5-5 W-2 5-4 7-5 L-1 4-5 5-6 L-5 1-7 4-8

Cardinals 4, Nationals 2 Washington ab r h bi ab r h bi MCrpnt 3b 4 2 3 0 Span cf 4 0 1 0 Craig 1b 4 0 0 0 Werth rf 4 1 1 1 Hollidy lf 4 1 3 1 Harper lf 3 0 0 1 Beltran rf 3 1 0 0 TMoore 1b 2 0 1 0 Rosnthl p 0 0 0 0 LaRoch ph-1b 1 0 0 0 Mujica p 0 0 0 0 Dsmnd ss 4 0 1 0 YMolin c 4 0 1 2 Espinos 2b 4 0 0 0 Descals 2b 4 0 0 1 Rendon 3b 4 0 1 0 SRonsn cf-rf 3 0 0 0 JSolano c 4 0 1 0 Kozma ss 4 0 1 0 Strasrg p 2 1 1 0 JGarci p 2 0 0 0 Lmrdzz ph 1 0 0 0 J.Kelly p 0 0 0 0 Storen p 0 0 0 0 Jay ph-cf 2 0 1 0 Duke p 0 0 0 0 Totals 34 4 9 4 Totals 33 2 7 2 St. Louis 300 000 010— 4 Washington 000 001 010— 2 E—Rendon (2). DP—St. Louis 1, Washington 2. LOB—St. Louis 5, Washington 6. 2B—M.Carpenter 2 (8), T.Moore (3). HR—Werth (4). SB—S. Robinson (1), Desmond (3). CS—J.Solano (1). IP H R ER BB SO St. Louis J.Garcia W,2-1 5 2-3 4 1 1 1 3 J.Kelly H,2 1 1-3 2 0 0 0 2 Rosenthal H,6 1 1 1 1 1 2 Mujica S,4-4 1 0 0 0 0 0 Washington Strasburg L,1-4 7 5 3 3 1 7 Storen 1 3 1 1 0 1 Duke 1 1 0 0 1 0 Umpires—Home, Jim Joyce; First, Jeff Nelson; Second, Jim Wolf; Third, Cory Blaser. T—2:54. A—33,694 (41,418). St. Louis Reds 1, Cubs 0 Cincinnati ab r h bi ab r h bi DeJess cf 4 0 0 0 Choo cf 4 0 2 0 Borbon lf 3 0 1 0 Cozart ss 4 0 1 0 Sappelt ph 1 0 0 0 Votto 1b 4 0 1 0 SCastro ss 4 0 1 0 Phillips 2b 4 0 0 0 Rizzo 1b 4 0 1 0 Bruce rf 4 0 1 0 Schrhlt rf 3 0 0 0 Frazier 3b 2 1 1 1 Hairstn ph 1 0 0 0 Paul lf 1 0 0 0 DNavrr c 2 0 0 0 Heisey lf 0 0 0 0 TrWood pr 0 0 0 0 Mesorc c 3 0 1 0 Castillo c 0 0 0 0 Latos p 3 0 1 0 Valuen 2b 3 0 1 0 Broxtn p 0 0 0 0 Ransm 3b 2 0 1 0 Chpmn p 0 0 0 0 Smrdzj p 1 0 0 0 Camp p 0 0 0 0 ASorin ph 1 0 0 0 Russell p 0 0 0 0 Totals 29 0 5 0 Totals 29 1 8 1 Chicago 000 000 000— 0 Cincinnati 000 001 00x— 1 DP—Chicago 2. LOB—Chicago 5, Cincinnati 7. 2B—Borbon (1). HR—Frazier (6). CS—S.Castro (1), Votto (1). S—Ransom, Samardzija. IP H R ER BB SO Chicago Samardzija L,1-4 6 7 1 1 3 8 Camp 1 1 0 0 0 1 Russell 1 0 0 0 0 1 Cincinnati Latos W,1-0 7 4 0 0 1 4 Broxton H,2 1 0 0 0 0 1 Chapman S,4-4 1 1 0 0 0 1 Latos pitched to 2 batters in the 8th. WP—Samardzija. Umpires—Home, Jordan Baker; First, Tim McClelland; Second, Jerry Meals; Third, Marvin Hudson. T—2:44. A—16,426 (42,319). Chicago Astros 10, Mariners 3 Houston ab r h bi ab r h bi EnChvz cf 5 1 2 0 Grssmn cf 5 1 2 0 Seager 3b 2 0 1 0 Altuve 2b 4 0 0 0 KMorls dh 4 0 0 0 B.Laird 1b 4 1 3 4 Morse rf 4 0 1 0 C.Pena dh 4 0 0 0 Smoak 1b 3 1 1 1 Carter lf 3 2 1 1 Ibanez lf 4 0 0 0 Corprn c 3 2 1 0 Shppch c 4 0 0 0 RCeden ss 4 2 3 3 Ackley 2b 4 1 3 0 Dmngz 3b 4 1 2 2 Andino ss 3 0 1 1 Barnes rf 4 1 2 0 Totals 33 3 9 2 Totals 35101410 Seattle 000 001 002— 3 Houston 010 315 00x— 10 DP—Seattle 2, Houston 2. LOB—Seattle 7, Houston 4. 2B—Ackley (3), Grossman 2 (2), B.Laird 2 (2), R.Cedeno (2). HR—Smoak (1), B.Laird (2), Carter (5), R.Cedeno (1). SB—Barnes (2). CS—En.Chavez (2), Barnes (1). IP H R ER BB SO Seattle J.Saunders L,1-3 5 11 8 8 2 2 Beavan 3 3 2 2 0 5 Houston Harrell W,2-2 7 6 1 1 2 5 R.Cruz 1 0 0 0 2 1 Clemens 1 3 2 2 0 0 J.Saunders pitched to 3 batters in the 6th. HBP—by J.Saunders (Corporan). Umpires—Home, Tom Hallion; First, Phil Cuzzi; Second, Chris Guccione; Third, Ron Kulpa. T—2:44. A—11,686 (42,060). Seattle Diamondbacks 3, Giants 2, 10 innings Arizona San Francisco ab r h bi ab r h bi Pollock cf 5 0 1 1 Pagan cf 4 0 0 0 Prado 3b 5 0 0 0 Scutaro 2b 5 0 1 0 Gldsch 1b 3 1 1 0 Gaudin p 0 0 0 0 C.Ross rf 4 0 1 0 J.Lopez p 0 0 0 0 MMntr c 4 0 0 0 Sandovl 3b 5 0 0 0 AMarte lf 3 0 1 0 Pence rf 4 0 1 0 Bell p 0 0 0 0 Belt 1b 4 0 1 0 JoWilsn ph 1 0 0 0 GBlanc lf 4 1 1 0 DHrndz p 0 0 0 0 Arias ph 1 0 0 0 ErChvz ph 0 0 0 0 BCrwfr ss 4 1 3 2 Nieves ph 0 0 0 1 Quiroz c 2 0 0 0 MtRynl p 0 0 0 0 Noonan ph-2b 1 0 0 0 Gregrs ss 5 1 2 0 Bmgrn p 2 0 0 0 Pnngtn 2b 3 0 0 0 SCasill p 0 0 0 0 Kenndy p 2 0 0 0 Mijares p 0 0 0 0 Ziegler p 0 0 0 0 Romo p 0 0 0 0 Hinske ph 1 0 1 0 Posey ph-c 1 0 1 0 GParra pr-lf 1 1 1 1 Totals 37 3 8 3 Totals 37 2 8 2 Arizona 000 000 011 1— 3 San Francisco 000 000 101 0— 2 E—Scutaro (2). LOB—Arizona 10, San Francisco 10. 2B—C.Ross (3), Gregorius 2 (4), Hinske (1), Scutaro (5), Belt (4), B.Crawford (5). HR—B. Crawford (4). S—Bumgarner. SF—Nieves. IP H R ER BB SO Arizona Kennedy 6 4 1 1 2 4 Ziegler 1 0 0 0 0 1 Bell 1 1 0 0 0 1 D.Hernandez W,1-1 BS,2-2 1 2 1 1 1 0 Mat.Reynolds S,2-2 1 1 0 0 0 1 San Francisco Bumgarner 7 1-3 5 1 1 1 7 S.Casilla 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 Mijares 2-3 2 1 1 1 1 Romo 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Gaudin L,0-1 1-3 1 1 1 2 0 J.Lopez 2-3 0 0 0 0 1 Kennedy pitched to 2 batters in the 7th. HBP—by Kennedy (Quiroz). WP—Bumgarner. Umpires—Home, Eric Cooper; First, Angel Hernandez; Second, Doug Eddings; Third, John Tumpane. T—3:37. A—41,756 (41,915). Marlins 8, Twins 5 Second Game Minnesota ab r h bi ab r h bi Coghln lf 5 0 1 0 Dozier 2b 4 1 0 0 Polanc 3b 5 1 1 0 Mauer dh 4 0 2 1 Stanton rf 4 2 2 2 Arcia lf 5 0 1 0 Dobbs dh 5 1 2 0 Mornea 1b 5 0 0 0 Ruggin cf 5 2 1 1 Doumit c 4 1 1 0 Brantly c 5 0 3 4 Parmel rf 4 0 0 0 Valaika ss 4 0 2 1 EEscor ss 3 2 3 0 Mahny 1b 5 1 2 0 Hicks cf 2 1 1 1 DSolan 2b 4 1 2 0 Carroll 3b 4 0 1 1 Totals 42 816 8 Totals 35 5 9 3 Miami 310 010 210 —8 Minnesota 003 001 010 —5 E-Mahoney (1). DP-Miami 1, Minnesota 1. LOBMiami 9, Minnesota 8. 2B-Stanton (3), Brantly 2 (6), Mahoney (1), Doumit (6). 3B-E.Escobar (1). SF-Hicks. IP H R ER BB SO Miami Nolasco W,1-2 5 6 3 2 1 4 A.Ramos H,3 1 1 1 1 2 0 M.Dunn H,3 2 2 1 1 0 3 Cishek S,2-3 1 0 0 0 1 1 Minnesota Pelfrey L,2-2 4 2-3 9 5 5 1 2 Swarzak 1 2-3 3 2 2 1 0 Pressly 1 2-3 3 1 1 0 0 P.Hernandez 1 1 0 0 0 0 WP-Nolasco. PB-Brantly. Umpires-Home, Lance Barksdale; First, D.J. Reyburn; Second, Vic Carapazza; Third, David Rackley. T-3:41. A-23,300 (39,021). Miami Astros 3, Mariners 2 Houston ab r h bi ab r h bi EnChvz cf 4 0 1 1 Altuve 2b 4 1 1 0 Seager 3b 3 0 1 0 FMrtnz dh 4 0 1 0 KMorls dh 3 1 2 1 B.Laird ph-dh 1 0 0 0 Morse rf 4 0 2 0 JCastro c 3 1 1 0 Smoak 1b 4 0 2 0 Carter lf 4 0 1 0 Ibanez lf 4 0 0 0 C.Pena 1b 2 0 0 0 JMontr c 4 0 0 0 Maxwll cf 1 0 0 1 Ackley 2b 4 1 1 0 Barnes cf 2 0 1 0 Ryan ss 2 0 0 0 Ankiel rf 4 0 0 0 Andino ph-ss 2 0 0 0 Dmngz 3b 4 0 2 0 MGnzlz ss 3 1 1 1 Totals 34 2 9 2 Totals 32 3 8 2 Seattle 010 000 010 —2 Houston 102 000 00x —3 E-Ibanez (2), Andino (2). DP-Houston 1. LOBSeattle 7, Houston 11. 2B-En.Chavez (2), Dominguez (4). HR-K.Morales (3), Ma.Gonzalez (3). SB-J.Castro (1). S-Ma.Gonzalez. IP H R ER BB SO Seattle Iwakuma L,2-1 5 6 3 2 3 11 Noesi 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 Seattle

Furbush 1 1 0 0 0 2 Medina 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 O.Perez 1 0 0 0 1 2 Houston B.Norris W,3-2 5 8 1 1 2 2 Blackley H,1 2 1 1 1 0 1 Ambriz H,3 1 0 0 0 0 2 Veras S,2-3 1 0 0 0 0 2 Blackley pitched to 1 batter in the 8th. HBP-by Iwakuma (Maxwell). WP-Iwakuma. Umpires-Home, Chris Guccione; First, Tom Hallion; Second, Phil Cuzzi; Third, Ron Kulpa. T-3:13. A-13,929 (42,060). Marlins 8, Twins 5 Minnesota r h bi ab r h bi Coghln lf 0 1 0 Dozier 2b 4 1 0 0 Polanc 3b 1 1 0 Mauer dh 4 0 2 1 Stanton rf 2 2 2 Arcia lf 5 0 1 0 Dobbs dh 1 2 0 Mornea 1b 5 0 0 0 Ruggin cf 2 1 1 Doumit c 4 1 1 0 Brantly c 0 3 4 Parmel rf 4 0 0 0 Valaika ss 0 2 1 EEscor ss 3 2 3 0 Mahny 1b 1 2 0 Hicks cf 2 1 1 1 DSolan 2b 1 2 0 Carroll 3b 4 0 1 1 Totals 816 8 Totals 35 5 9 3 Miami 310 010 210 —8 Minnesota 003 001 010 —5 E-Mahoney (1). DP-Miami 1, Minnesota 1. LOBMiami 9, Minnesota 8. 2B-Stanton (3), Brantly 2 (6), Mahoney (1), Doumit (6). 3B-E.Escobar (1). SF-Hicks. IP H R ER BB SO Miami Nolasco W,1-2 5 6 3 2 1 4 A.Ramos H,3 1 1 1 1 2 0 M.Dunn H,3 2 2 1 1 0 3 Cishek S,2-3 1 0 0 0 1 1 Minnesota Pelfrey L,2-2 4 2-3 9 5 5 1 2 Swarzak 1 2-3 3 2 2 1 0 Pressly 1 2-3 3 1 1 0 0 P.Hernandez 1 1 0 0 0 0 WP-Nolasco. PB-Brantly. Umpires-Home, Lance Barksdale; First, D.J. Reyburn; Second, Vic Carapazza; Third, David Rackley. T-3:41. A-23,300 (39,021). Miami ab 5 5 4 5 5 5 4 5 4 42 Dodgers 7, Mets 2 New York ab r h bi ab r h bi Crwfrd lf 5 0 0 0 RTejad ss 3 1 0 0 Guerrir p 0 0 0 0 DnMrp 2b 4 0 2 1 Wall p 0 0 0 0 Famili p 0 0 0 0 M.Ellis 2b 5 2 4 4 DWrght 3b 3 0 1 1 Kemp cf 5 0 2 0 Buck c 3 0 0 0 AdGnzl 1b 4 2 1 0 Byrd rf 4 0 0 0 HrstnJr 3b 2 0 0 0 Duda lf 4 0 0 0 Belisari p 0 0 0 0 Turner 1b-2b 4 0 0 0 PRdrgz p 0 0 0 0 Cowgill cf 2 0 0 0 Fdrwcz ph 1 0 0 0 Atchisn p 0 0 0 0 Schmkr lf 1 0 0 0 Lyon p 0 0 0 0 Ethier rf 4 1 1 0 Vldspn ph 1 0 0 0 A.Ellis c 3 0 1 2 Edgin p 0 0 0 0 Sellers ss 4 1 3 1 I.Davis 1b 1 0 0 0 Kershw p 2 0 0 0 Niese p 0 0 0 0 Uribe 3b 1 1 0 0 Carson p 0 1 0 0 Lagars cf 2 0 1 0 Totals 37 712 7 Totals 31 2 4 2 Los Angeles 010 010 320 —7 New York 002 000 000 —2 E-Kemp (3). DP-New York 2. LOB-Los Angeles 7, New York 6. 2B-Kemp (5), Ethier (4), A.Ellis (5). HR-M.Ellis 2 (2). IP H R ER BB SO Los Angeles Kershaw 5 3 2 2 4 5 Belisario W,1-2 1 0 0 0 0 2 P.Rodriguez H,5 1 1 0 0 0 1 Guerrier 1 0 0 0 0 0 Wall 1 0 0 0 0 2 New York Niese 2 1-3 3 1 1 3 1 Carson 2 1-3 2 1 1 0 1 Atchison 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Lyon L,1-1 1 2 3 3 1 1 Edgin 1-3 4 2 2 0 0 Familia 1 2-3 1 0 0 0 3 Umpires-Home, Mike Winters; First, Mark Wegner; Second, Tony Randazzo; Third, Tim Timmons. T-3:36. A-21,135 (41,922). Los Angeles Braves 10, Rockies 2 Second Game Colorado ab r h bi ab r h bi R.Pena 2b 4 1 2 0 EYong lf 5 1 3 1 BUpton cf 4 1 1 2 Fowler cf 5 0 2 0 J.Upton lf 4 2 2 2 Tlwtzk ss 4 0 0 0 Walden p 0 0 0 0 Cuddyr rf 4 0 2 1 FFrmn 1b 3 2 0 0 Pachec 1b 4 0 2 0 JFrncs 3b 5 2 2 3 Rutledg 2b 4 0 1 0 G.Laird c 5 1 2 2 Brignc 3b 3 0 0 0 Smmns ss 5 1 2 0 Outmn p 0 0 0 0 JSchafr rf 4 0 2 1 WLopez p 0 0 0 0 Tehern p 2 0 1 0 Nelson ph 1 0 0 0 Pstrnck ph 1 0 0 0 Torreal c 4 1 1 0 Gearrin p 0 0 0 0 Garlnd p 2 0 0 0 RJhnsn lf 0 0 0 0 JHerrr 3b 2 0 1 0 Totals 37101410Totals 38 212 2 Atlanta 000 321 004 —10 Colorado 001 000 001 — 2 E-F.Freeman (1). DP-Colorado 1. LOB-Atlanta 7, Colorado 9. 2B-R.Pena (2), J.Upton (5), J.Francisco (1). HR-B.Upton (3), J.Upton (11), J.Francisco (4). SB-G.Laird (1), E.Young (2), Fowler (3). S-Teheran. SF-B.Upton. IP H R ER BB SO Atlanta Teheran W,1-0 7 8 1 1 0 3 Gearrin 1 1 0 0 0 1 Walden 1 3 1 1 0 0 Colorado Garland L,2-1 6 10 6 6 4 1 Outman 2 1-3 3 4 4 1 4 W.Lopez 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 Umpires-Home, Wally Bell; First, Mike Everitt; Second, Marty Foster; Third, Lance Barrett. T-2:51. A-21,724 (50,398). Atlanta Brewers 6, Padres 3 San Diego ab r h bi ab r h bi Aoki rf 5 1 1 0 EvCarr ss 4 0 0 0 Segura ss 5 1 3 1 Venale cf 3 1 2 1 Braun lf 4 0 0 1 Headly 3b 3 1 0 0 Lucroy c 4 0 1 2 Quentin lf 3 0 1 1 Weeks 2b 3 1 0 0 Alonso 1b 4 0 1 1 CGomz cf 3 1 2 0 Denorfi rf 4 0 1 0 YBtncr 3b 4 1 2 2 Gyorko 2b 4 0 1 0 AlGnzlz 1b 4 1 1 0 Hundly c 4 1 2 0 Gallard p 3 0 1 0 Richrd p 0 0 0 0 Grzlny p 0 0 0 0 Weber p 2 0 0 0 LSchfr ph 1 0 0 0 Brach p 0 0 0 0 Axford p 0 0 0 0 Amarst ph 1 0 0 0 Hndrsn p 0 0 0 0 Thayer p 0 0 0 0 Street p 0 0 0 0 Kotsay ph 1 0 0 0 Totals 36 611 6 Totals 33 3 8 3 Milwaukee 150 000 000 —6 San Diego 210 000 000 —3 DP-Milwaukee 2. LOB-Milwaukee 7, San Diego 9. 2B-Lucroy (1), C.Gomez (3), Gallardo (1), Hundley (7). 3B-Segura (2). SB-Segura (6), C.Gomez (2), Venable (3). CS-Lucroy (1), C.Gomez (2). IP H R ER BB SO Milwaukee Gallardo W,2-1 6 2-3 8 3 3 5 2 Gorzelanny H,4 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Axford H,4 1 0 0 0 0 1 Henderson S,5-5 1 0 0 0 1 2 San Diego Richard L,0-2 1 2-3 6 6 6 2 1 Weber 4 1-3 2 0 0 1 4 Brach 1 1 0 0 0 1 Thayer 1 1 0 0 0 1 Street 1 1 0 0 1 0 Umpires-Home, Gary Darling; First, Paul Emmel; Second, Bruce Dreckman; Third, Clint Fagan. T-3:08. A-19,560 (42,524). Milwaukee Diamondbacks 6, Giants 4 San Francisco ab r h bi ab r h bi GParra lf 6 1 1 1 Pagan cf 5 0 2 0 Prado 2b 5 2 1 0 Scutaro 2b 5 0 0 0 Gldsch 1b 5 1 2 3 Sandovl 3b 5 0 2 0 MMntr c 5 0 1 1 Posey c 4 0 1 0 C.Ross rf 4 0 2 0 Pence rf 5 1 3 0 ErChvz 3b 4 0 1 0 Arias 1b 3 0 0 0 Pollock cf 5 0 0 0 Belt ph-1b 2 1 2 2 Gregrs ss 5 1 1 0 Torres lf 5 1 1 0 Corbin p 3 0 1 0 BCrwfr ss 5 1 1 1 DHrndz p 0 0 0 0 M.Cain p 1 0 0 0 Hinske ph 1 0 0 0 Quiroz ph 1 0 0 0 Putz p 0 0 0 0 J.Lopez p 0 0 0 0 Ziegler p 0 0 0 0 Kontos p 0 0 0 0 AMarte ph 1 1 0 0 HSnchz ph 1 0 0 1 MtRynl p 0 0 0 0 Machi p 0 0 0 0 GBlanc ph 1 0 0 0 Romo p 0 0 0 0 SCasill p 0 0 0 0 Totals 44 610 5 Totals 43 412 4 Arizona 202 000 000 02 —6 San Francisco 000 000 022 00 —4 E-Sandoval (2), Belt (1), B.Crawford (3). DPArizona 1, San Francisco 1. LOB-Arizona 8, San Francisco 7. 2B-G.Parra (8), Goldschmidt (6), Gregorius (2), Corbin (1), Pagan (4), Sandoval (4), Pence (3). 3B-B.Crawford (1). HR-Goldschmidt (4), Belt (1). CS-G.Parra (3). IP H R ER BB SO Arizona Corbin 7 1-3 6 2 2 0 7 D.Hernandez H,5 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 Putz BS,3-6 1 2 2 2 0 1 Ziegler W,1-0 1 2 0 0 1 0 Mat.Reynolds S,1-1 1 1 0 0 0 0 San Francisco M.Cain 6 5 4 3 1 6 J.Lopez 2-3 1 0 0 0 2 Kontos 11-3 1 0 0 1 2 Machi 1 0 0 0 0 1 Romo 1 1 0 0 1 0 S.Casilla L,2-2 1 2 2 1 0 0 WP-Corbin, S.Casilla. Umpires-Home, John Tumpane; First, Eric Cooper; Second, Angel Hernandez; Third, Doug Eddings. T-3:22. A-41,955 (41,915). Arizona

PHILADELPHIA — Pinch hitter Brandon Inge hit a tiebreaking RBI single in the eighth inning and the Pittsburgh Pirates rallied to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 5-3 Wednesday night. Roy Halladay pitched six innings of one-hit ball and Chase Utley and Ryan Howard hit upper-deck solo homers off Wandy Rodriguez, but Mike Adams (1-2) couldn’t protect an eighthinning lead. Pedro Alvarez hit a solo homer off Antonio Bastardo in the seventh and his RBI single in the fourth was the only hit off Halladay. Vin Mazzaro (1-0) retired the four batters he faced to earn the win. Mark Melancon worked the eighth and Jason Grilli finished for his ninth save in nine tries.

Cardinals 4, Nationals 2

WASHINGTON — Yadier Molina hit a two-run single off Stephen Strasburg during St. Louis’ three-run first inning, and the Cardinals beat the Nationals to complete a sweep and give Washington’s All-Star ace the only four-start losing streak of his young career. Jaime Garcia (2-1) allowed a run on Bryce Harper’s sixth-inning groundout, but otherwise added to the offensive struggles of the Nationals, who have lost six consecutive home games and nine of their last 12 overall to fall to 10-11.

Rockies 6, Braves 5, 12 innings

Mets 7, Dodgers 3, 10 inn.

NEW YORK -- Jordany Valdespin hit a grand slam in the 10th inning and the New York Mets rallied past the Los Angeles Dodgers to save early sensation Matt Harvey from his first loss of the season. David Wright tied it with a two-out single in the ninth off Los Angeles closer Brandon League, handed his first blown save in six chances. Matt Kemp hit his first homer of the year and drove in three runs as the Dodgers grabbed a 3-1 lead against Harvey. The budding Mets ace pitched pretty well, though, and was bailed out when his teammates rallied late.

DENVER — Wilin Rosario scored from second on Yorvit Torrealba’s single to left and the Colorado Rockies rallied to beat the Atlanta Braves in 12 innings. Michael Cuddyer and Josh Rutledge homered for the Rockies. CINCINNATI — Mat Latos pitched four-hit ball into the eighth inning, Todd Frazier hit a long home run and the Cincinnati Reds beat the Chicago Cubs.

AMERICAN LEAGUE Tuesday’s Games Minnesota 4, Miami 3, 1st game Oakland 13, Boston 0, 7 innings Baltimore 4, Toronto 3 Kansas City at Detroit, ppd., rain N.Y. Yankees 4, Tampa Bay 3 Miami 8, Minnesota 5, 2nd game Houston 3, Seattle 2 Cleveland at Chicago, ppd., rain L.A. Angels 5, Texas 4, 11 innings Wednesday’s Games Toronto 6, Baltimore 5, 11 innings Chicago White Sox 3, Cleveland 2 Houston 10, Seattle 3 Boston 6, Oakland 5 Tampa Bay 3, N.Y. Yankees 0 Detroit 7, Kansas City 5 Texas at L.A. Angels, (n) Thursday’s Games Kansas City (Shields 1-2) at Detroit (Verlander 2-2), 1:05 p.m. Houston (Humber 0-4) at Boston (Buchholz 4-0), 6:35 p.m. Toronto (Buehrle 1-0) at N.Y. Yankees (Kuroda 2-1), 7:05 p.m. Tampa Bay (Hellickson 1-1) at Chicago White Sox (Sale 1-2), 8:10 p.m. Texas (Tepesch 1-1) at Minnesota (Worley 0-2), 8:10 p.m. Baltimore (Hammel 2-1) at Oakland (Parker 0-3), 10:05 p.m. L.A. Angels (Richards 1-0) at Seattle (Maurer 1-3), 10:10 p.m. Friday’s Games Atlanta at Detroit, 7:05 p.m. Toronto at N.Y. Yankees, 7:05 p.m. Houston at Boston, 7:10 p.m. Cleveland at Kansas City, 8:10 p.m. Tampa Bay at Chicago White Sox, 8:10 p.m. Texas at Minnesota, 8:10 p.m. Baltimore at Oakland, 10:05 p.m. L.A. Angels at Seattle, 10:10 p.m.
Pirates 5, Phillies 3 Philadelphia ab r h bi ab r h bi SMarte lf 4 1 2 1 Rollins ss 5 0 2 0 Snider rf 4 0 1 1 Utley 2b 5 1 2 1 Melncn p 0 0 0 0 MYong 3b 4 0 0 0 McKnr ph 1 0 0 0 Howard 1b 4 1 1 1 Grilli p 0 0 0 0 Mayrry rf 3 0 0 0 McCtch cf 3 0 0 0 Brown lf 4 0 2 0 GJones 1b 2 1 0 0 Revere cf 4 1 1 0 Inge ph-1b 1 0 1 1 Quinter c 2 0 1 0 Walker 2b 3 0 0 0 L.Nix ph 1 0 0 0 PAlvrz 3b 4 1 2 2 Hallady p 2 0 0 0 RMartn c 4 0 0 0 Frndsn ph 1 0 1 1 JMcDnl ss 2 0 0 0 Bastrd p 0 0 0 0 GSnchz ph 1 0 0 0 MAdms p 0 0 0 0 Barmes ss 1 1 1 0 Horst p 0 0 0 0 WRdrg p 2 0 0 0 Carrer ph 0 0 0 0 Tabata ph-rf 1 1 0 0 Totals 33 5 7 5 Totals 35 310 3 Pittsburgh 000 100 121— 5 Philadelphia 100 101 000— 3 E—Walker (2). DP—Pittsburgh 2, Philadelphia 1. LOB—Pittsburgh 6, Philadelphia 8. 2B—Rollins (8). 3B—S.Marte (3). HR—P.Alvarez (4), Utley (4), Howard (2). SB—S.Marte 2 (5). IP H R ER BB SO Pittsburgh W.Rodriguez 5 2-3 9 3 3 2 5 Mazzaro W,1-0 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 Melancon H,8 1 1 0 0 0 0 Grilli S,9-9 1 0 0 0 0 1 Philadelphia Halladay 6 1 1 1 2 8 Bastardo H,2 1 1 1 1 0 0 Mi.Adams L,1-2 BS,1-1 0 2 2 2 2 0 Horst 2 3 1 1 0 0 Mi.Adams pitched to 4 batters in the 8th. HBP—by Grilli (Carrera), by Halladay (Walker). PB—R.Martin. Umpires—Home, Dan Iassogna; First, Mark Carlson; Second, Mike Muchlinski; Third, Brian Knight. T—3:03. A—32,158 (43,651). Red Sox 6, Athletics 5 Oakland Boston ab r h bi ab r h bi Crisp cf 4 0 0 0 Ellsury cf 4 1 1 0 DNorrs c 3 0 0 0 Victorn rf 4 1 1 1 Jaso ph 1 0 0 0 Carp lf 0 0 0 0 S.Smith lf 4 0 0 0 Pedroia 2b 5 1 2 0 Lowrie ss 5 1 3 0 D.Ortiz dh 4 1 2 1 Dnldsn 3b 4 1 2 1 Napoli 1b 2 1 1 1 Moss 1b 4 1 1 0 JGoms lf 1 0 0 0 CYoung rf 3 2 2 4 Nava ph-lf-rf 2 0 2 1 Freimn dh 1 0 0 0 Mdlrks 3b 4 1 0 0 Reddck ph-dh 1 0 0 0 Drew ss 4 0 1 2 Parrino 2b 3 0 1 0 D.Ross c 4 0 0 0 Sogard ph-2b 1 0 0 0 Totals 34 5 9 5 Totals 34 610 6 Oakland 000 300 110— 5 Boston 000 330 00x— 6 DP—Boston 2. LOB—Oakland 8, Boston 9. 2B—Lowrie (9), Donaldson (6), Victorino (2), Pedroia (3), D.Ortiz (3), Napoli (10). 3B—Drew (1). HR—C.Young 2 (4). SB—Donaldson (1), C.Young (5), Ellsbury (10). IP H R ER BB SO Oakland Anderson L,1-4 4 8 6 6 2 5 Resop 1-3 1 0 0 0 0 Blevins 2 0 0 0 0 1 Neshek 2-3 1 0 0 0 1 Balfour 1 0 0 0 2 2 Boston Lester W,4-0 5 2-3 6 3 3 6 5 Tazawa H,6 1 2 1 1 0 0 A.Miller H,2 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 Uehara H,6 1 1 1 1 0 2 A.Bailey S,5-6 1 0 0 0 0 3 Anderson pitched to 4 batters in the 5th. HBP—by Resop (Napoli). Umpires—Home, Jerry Layne; First, Greg Gibson; Second, Mike Estabrook; Third, Hunter Wendelstedt. T—3:40. A—29,274 (37,071). Pittsburgh White Sox 3, Indians 2 Chicago ab r h bi ab r h bi Brantly lf 4 1 2 0 De Aza lf 3 1 1 0 Kipnis 2b 4 0 1 1 Kppngr 2b-1b 4 1 2 1 MrRynl 1b 3 0 1 1 Rios rf 4 1 1 2 Swisher dh 3 0 0 0 A.Dunn 1b 1 0 0 0 Raburn rf 4 0 0 0 Greene pr-2b 0 0 0 0 Aviles ss 4 0 1 0 Konerk dh 3 0 0 0 Chsnhll 3b 3 0 0 0 Wise pr-dh 0 0 0 0 Marson c 3 0 0 0 Gillaspi 3b 3 0 0 0 Stubbs cf 2 1 0 0 AlRmrz ss 4 0 1 0 Flowrs c 3 0 0 0 Tekotte cf 2 0 0 0 Totals 30 2 5 2 Totals 27 3 5 3 Cleveland 000 002 000— 2 Chicago 100 020 00x— 3 DP—Cleveland 2, Chicago 1. LOB—Cleveland 5, Chicago 7. 2B—Mar.Reynolds (5). HR—Rios (6). SB—Kipnis 2 (4), De Aza (2), Al.Ramirez (2). SF—Mar.Reynolds. IP H R ER BB SO Cleveland McAllister L,1-3 5 2-3 5 3 3 5 4 R.Hill 2-3 0 0 0 0 2 Shaw 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 Hagadone 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 J.Smith 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Chicago Quintana W,2-0 5 4 2 2 2 3 N.Jones H,2 2 0 0 0 1 1 Thornton H,5 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Crain H,4 1-3 0 0 0 0 1 A.Reed S,6-6 1 1 0 0 0 1 Quintana pitched to 3 batters in the 6th. Shaw pitched to 2 batters in the 8th. HBP—by Shaw (Konerko). Umpires—Home, Chris Conroy; First, Paul Schrieber; Second, Chad Fairchild; Third, Jeff Kellogg. T—3:02. A—16,765 (40,615). Cleveland

NATIONAL LEAGUE Tuesday’s Games Minnesota 4, Miami 3, 1st game Atlanta 4, Colorado 3, 1st game Pittsburgh 2, Philadelphia 0 St. Louis 2, Washington 0 Chicago Cubs 4, Cincinnati 2, 10 innings L.A. Dodgers 7, N.Y. Mets 2 Miami 8, Minnesota 5, 2nd game Atlanta 10, Colorado 2, 2nd game Milwaukee 6, San Diego 3 Arizona 6, San Francisco 4, 11 innings Wednesday’s Games Cincinnati 1, Chicago Cubs 0 St. Louis 4, Washington 2 Colorado 6, Atlanta 5, 12 innings Arizona 3, San Francisco 2, 10 innings Pittsburgh 5, Philadelphia 3 N.Y. Mets 7, L.A. Dodgers 3, 10 innings Milwaukee at San Diego, (n) Thursday’s Games Pittsburgh (Ja.McDonald 2-2) at Philadelphia (Lee 2-1), 1:05 p.m. L.A. Dodgers (Ryu 2-1) at N.Y. Mets (Hefner 0-2), 1:10 p.m. Cincinnati (Arroyo 2-1) at Washington (G.Gonzalez 1-1), 7:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs (E.Jackson 0-3) at Miami (Slowey 0-2), 7:10 p.m. Colorado (J.De La Rosa 2-1) at Arizona (Cahill 0-3), 9:40 p.m. Friday’s Games Atlanta at Detroit, 7:05 p.m. Cincinnati at Washington, 7:05 p.m. Chicago Cubs at Miami, 7:10 p.m. Philadelphia at N.Y. Mets, 7:10 p.m. Pittsburgh at St. Louis, 8:15 p.m. Colorado at Arizona, 9:40 p.m. Milwaukee at L.A. Dodgers, 10:10 p.m. San Francisco at San Diego, 10:10 p.m.

Reds 1, Cubs 0

Diamondbacks 3, Giants 2, 10 innings

SAN FRANCISCO — Pinch hitter Will Nieves delivered a sacrifice fly in the 10th inning to lift the Arizona Diamondbacks to a victory over the San Francisco Giants.


Cobb’s gem helps Rays chill Yanks in Tampa
The Associated Press

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Alex Cobb scattered three hits over 8 1-3 innings, Ben Zobrist drove in two runs and the Tampa Bay Rays beat the New York Yankees 3-0 on Wednesday. Cobb (3-1) gave up only two hits through the eighth — Eduardo Nunez’s second-inning single and an infield single by Jayson Nix in the sixth. The right-hander, who struck out seven and walked one, was replaced by Fernando Rodney after giving up a one-out single in the ninth to Brett Gardner. After allowing Ichiro Suzuki’s single, Rodney completed his third save by retiring Robinson Cano and Travis Hafner. Zobrist put the Rays up 2-0 on a two-out, two-run double off Andy Pettitte (3-1) in the fifth.

gust. He missed 71 of the final 72 games last season and all of spring training with an Achilles tendon injury.

Blue Jays 6, Orioles 5, 11 Innings

Red Sox 6, Athletics 5

BALTIMORE — Jim Johnson walked Maicer Izturis with the bases loaded in the 11th inning to force in the tiebreaking run, and the Blue Jays beat the Orioles to avert a three-game sweep and end Baltimore’s run of consecutive extra-inning victories at 17. The Blue Jays hit four home runs, but the decisive run came without Izturis taking a swing. With two outs in the 11th, J.P. Arencibia and Munenori Kawaski singled before Johnson (1-2) hit Brett Lawrie with a pitch and issued a four-pitch walk to Izturis, the No. 9 hitter in the lineup.

Rays 3, Yankees 0 Tampa Bay ab r h bi ab r h bi Gardnr cf 4 0 1 0 Jnnngs cf 4 0 1 0 ISuzuki lf 4 0 1 0 RRorts 2b 4 0 0 0 Cano 2b 4 0 0 0 Zobrist rf-ss 4 0 2 2 Hafner dh 3 0 0 0 Longori 3b 4 0 0 0 Cervelli c 3 0 0 0 SRdrgz 1b 3 1 2 1 Overay 1b 3 0 0 0 Loney 1b 0 0 0 0 Nunez ss 3 0 1 0 YEscor ss 3 0 1 0 Boesch rf 3 0 0 0 Fuld rf 1 0 1 0 J.Nix 3b 3 0 1 0 Duncan dh 2 0 0 0 Joyce ph-dh 1 0 0 0 JMolin c 3 1 0 0 KJhnsn lf 3 1 1 0 Totals 30 0 4 0 Totals 32 3 8 3 New York 000 000 000— 0 Tampa Bay 000 021 00x— 3 E—Boesch (1). DP—Tampa Bay 1. LOB—New York 4, Tampa Bay 8. 2B—Zobrist (5). HR—S.Rodriguez (1). IP H R ER BB SO New York Pettitte L,3-1 6 7 3 2 1 10 Kelley 2 1 0 0 1 3 Tampa Bay Cobb W,3-1 8 1-3 3 0 0 1 7 Rodney S,3-4 2-3 1 0 0 0 0 HBP—by Pettitte (J.Molina). Umpires—Home, Sam Holbrook; First, Paul Nauert; Second, Andy Fletcher; Third, Rob Drake. T—2:44. A—19,177 (34,078). Blue Jays 6, Orioles 5, 11 innings Toronto Baltimore ab r h bi ab r h bi RDavis lf 6 1 1 1 McLoth lf 3 3 2 1 Bonifac 2b-cf 5 0 0 0 Machd 3b 5 0 2 1 Bautist rf 5 1 1 1 Markks rf 5 0 0 1 Encrnc 1b 4 1 1 1 A.Jones cf 5 0 1 1 MeCarr dh 4 1 0 0 C.Davis 1b 5 0 0 0 Arencii c 5 2 3 2 Hardy ss 5 0 1 0 Rasms cf 3 0 0 0 Reimld dh 4 1 1 0 DeRosa ph 1 0 0 0 Flahrty 2b 4 1 1 1 Kawsk ss 1 0 1 0 Tegrdn c 4 0 0 0 Lawrie 3b 3 0 0 0 Dickrsn ph 1 0 0 0 MIzturs ss-2b 4 0 1 1 Totals 41 6 8 6 Totals 41 5 8 5 Toronto 021 101 000 01 — 6 Baltimore 101 000 300 00 — 5 E—Bautista (1), Lawrie (3). LOB—Toronto 7, Baltimore 7. 2B—Arencibia (6), McLouth (5), A.Jones (8), Flaherty (1). 3B—Machado (1). HR—R.Davis (1), Bautista (5), Encarnacion (4), Arencibia (8). SB—McLouth (5). S—Flaherty. IP H R ER BB SO Toronto Morrow 6 1-3 3 4 3 3 4 Loup BS,1-2 2-3 2 1 1 0 0 Oliver 2 1 0 0 0 1 E.Rogers W,1-1 1 2 0 0 0 0 Janssen S,6-6 1 0 0 0 0 2 Baltimore Stinson 5 2-3 5 5 5 1 3 Tom.Hunter 1 1-3 0 0 0 1 0 O’Day 1 1-3 0 0 0 1 1 Patton 1 1-3 1 0 0 0 2 Ji.Johnson L,1-2 1 2 1 1 1 0 Matusz 1-3 0 0 0 0 0 HBP—by Ji.Johnson (Lawrie). Umpires—Home, Mike DiMuro; First, Dan Bellino; Second, Ted Barrett; Third, Alfonso Marquez. T—3:25. A—14,981 (45,971). New York Rockies 6, Braves 5, 12 innings Colorado ab r h bi ab r h bi R.Pena ss-3b 5 0 0 0 EYong rf-2b 6 0 1 0 BUpton cf 5 0 0 0 Fowler cf 5 0 2 2 J.Upton lf 4 1 2 0 CGnzlz lf 5 0 0 0 FFrmn 1b 5 1 1 1 Rosario c 6 1 2 0 Gattis c 5 1 1 0 Cuddyr 1b-rf 5 1 1 1 JFrncs 3b 4 1 2 1 Rutledg 2b 5 1 1 1 Smmns pr-ss 1 0 0 0 Belisle p 1 0 0 0 Uggla 2b 5 1 2 0 Nelson 3b 3 1 2 0 JSchafr rf 3 0 1 1 Ottavin p 0 0 0 0 THudsn p 3 0 1 1 Brothrs p 0 0 0 0 Avilan p 0 0 0 0 Pachec ph 1 0 0 0 OFlhrt p 0 0 0 0 RBtncr p 0 0 0 0 RJhnsn ph 1 0 0 0 Torreal ph-1b 1 0 1 1 Kimrel p 0 0 0 0 JHerrr ss-3b 4 1 3 0 Gearrin p 0 0 0 0 Chatwd p 2 0 1 1 Walden p 0 0 0 0 Brignc 3b 1 0 0 0 Pstrnck ph 1 0 0 0 Tlwtzk ph-ss 2 1 1 0 Ayala p 0 0 0 0 Totals 42 510 4 Totals 47 615 6 Atlanta 000 302 000 000 — 5 Colorado 020 100 002 001 — 6 One out when winning run scored. E—J.Herrera (1), Rutledge (1). DP—Atlanta 2, Colorado 4. LOB—Atlanta 6, Colorado 12. 2B—F. Freeman (2), Gattis (4), Uggla (1), Fowler (3), Rosario (2), J.Herrera (1). 3B—E.Young (3), Nelson (2). HR—Cuddyer (5), Rutledge (3). SB—J.Schafer (3). CS—J.Schafer (1). IP H R ER BB SO Atlanta T.Hudson 6 6 3 3 2 3 Avilan H,3 1 1 0 0 0 0 O’Flaherty H,7 1 2 0 0 0 0 Kimbrel BS,1-9 1 3 2 2 1 2 Gearrin 1 0 0 0 0 1 Walden 1 1 0 0 0 1 Ayala L,0-1 1-3 2 1 1 1 1 Colorado Chatwood 6 9 5 4 3 3 Ottavino 2 1 0 0 0 3 Brothers 1 0 0 0 1 1 R.Betancourt 1 0 0 0 1 1 Belisle W,1-1 2 0 0 0 0 2 HBP—by Gearrin (Torrealba). WP—Chatwood. Balk—Brothers. Umpires—Home, Mike Everitt; First, Marty Foster; Second, Scott Barry; Third, Wally Bell. T—3:48. A—35,234 (50,398). Atlanta


BOSTON — Stephen Drew hit a two-run triple, David Ortiz had two hits and drove in a run and the Boston Red Sox beat the Oakland Athletics. It was Boston’s ninth win in 12 games and came after a 13-0 loss to Oakland a night earlier. Chris Young had a three-run homer and a solo shot for the Athletics, who finished a sixgame road trip 1-5. They were swept at the Tampa Bay Rays over the weekend. Ortiz is 8 for 16 since returning to the lineup on Saturday for the first time since last Au-

White Sox 3, Indians 2

CHICAGO — Alex Rios hit a two-run homer and the White Sox beat the Indians to stop a four-game losing streak.

Astros 10, Mariners 3

HOUSTON — Chris Carter, Ronny Cedeno and Brandon Laird homered, Lucas Harrell pitched seven innings, and the Astros beat the Mariners.

Tigers 7, Royals 5

DETROIT — Jose Valverde returned to Detroit with a save and Victor Martinez drove in a pair of runs to help the Tigers beat the Royals.



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Crestwood clinches division
DALLAS — Crestwood defeated Dallas 4-1 Wednesday afternoon in a WVC tennis matchup to clinch the Class 3A division for the second year in a row. The Comets will be the second seed in the District 2 tournament when it begins on May 7.

Tigers stave off WVW
The Times Leader staff

SINGLES: 1. Ross Gladey (CR) def. Francois Ross (DAL) 6-1, 6-3; 2. Alex Machalick (CRE) def. Tyler Tuck 7-6,(7-4), 6-0, 3. Rafael Estrada (CRE) def. Frank Hullihen 6-1, 6-2 DOUBLES: 1. Aleksey Gitelson/Steve Wempa (DAL) def. Neil Patel/Nikhil Patel 6-4, 7-6, (7-4) 2. Briley Marchetti/Jacob Popowycz (CR) def. Calton Powell/Nick Muldoon 6-1, 6-1.

Wyoming Seminary 5, Hazleton Area 0

SINGLES: 1. Henry Cornell def. Wister Yuhas 6-3, 6-0, 2. Chris Kim def. Mauro Notaro 6-2, 6-0, 3. Will Xu def. Anthony Sidari 6-1, 6-1 DOUBLES: 1. Matt Cartwright/Matt Obeid def. Austin Yevak/Adam Gralla 6-0, 7-5, 2. Sam Desai/Peter Valentine def. Nico Makuta/Josh Provost 6-3, 6-0

Wyoming Seminary picked up a win on the road, shutting out Hazleton Area.

Coughlin’s Nathaniela Bourdeau leads the way to the finish line in the girls 100-meter dash at Wyoming Valley West’s Huber Track in Plymouth during Wednesday’s WVC track & field meet. Bourdeau set a track record with a time of 12.6 seconds.


Wyoming Valley WestAB R H Jeremy Sabecky cf 3 0 0 Ricky Stayer rf 3 0 0 Dan Flaherty p 0 0 0 Ryan Hogan dh 3 0 1 Nick Hogan lf 3 0 0 Mike Leonard 2b 3 0 0 Evan McCue 1b 3 0 0 Matt Labashosky 3b 3 0 0 Chris McCue ss 3 1 2 Colin Harrison c 2 0 0 Totals 26 1 3 Tunkhannock AB R H Jordan Faux 2b 3 0 0 Sean Soltysiak 1b 3 0 0 Josh McClain 3b 2 1 1 Brett Soltysiak pr 0 0 0 Jeremy Lee rf 3 1 1 Ty Weiss p 3 0 2 Cody Brown ss 2 0 1 Si Bernosky c 3 0 0 Ryan Weiss lf 1 0 0 Lance Sherry cf 2 0 0 Totals 22 2 5 Valley West 000 010 Tunkhannock 200 000 Valley West IP H Flaherty (L, 1-2) 6.0 5 Tunkhannock IP H T. Weiss (W, 2-0) 7.0 3

TUNKHANNOCK — Jeremy Lee’s two-run homer in the first inning was all Tunkhannock would need on Wednesday, edging Wyoming Valley West 2-1 in a WVC interdivisional game. Ty Weiss tossed a threehitter for the Tigers (5-2) and struck out four with no walks. He added two hits including a double at the plate. Jeremy Sabecky knocked in the run for the Spartans (4-4).
BI 2B 3B HR 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 BI 2B 3B HR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 1 0 1 0— 1 x— 2 R ER BB SO 2 2 3 4 R ER BB SO 1 1 0 4

Holy Redeemer AB R H Jeremy Worlinsky p 4 1 1 Michael Kosik cf 4 0 1 Tommy Cosgrove rf 4 0 1 Jim Strickland ss 3 0 1 Eric Kerr lf 2 0 1 Matt Dacey 1b 3 0 0 Brian Leighton c 0 0 0 Vito Malacari dh 3 0 1 Nick Oley 3b 2 0 0 Alex Stashik ph 1 0 0 John Yurkoski 2b 2 0 0 Totals 28 1 6 Berwick AB R H Anthony Melito ss 3 1 1 Will Morales cf 2 1 1 T.J. Lashock 3b 3 1 1 Kyle Miller p 2 0 0 Jordan Stout c 3 0 2 Eric May lf 3 0 0 Joe Favata rf 2 0 1 Cody Talanca 1b 0 0 0 Zach Kyttle 2 0 0 Zach Andress ph 1 0 0 Kevin Laubach 2b 1 0 0 Totals 22 3 6 Holy Redeemer 001 000 Berwick 003 000 Holy Redeemer IP H Worlinsky (L, 0-2) 6.0 6 Berwick IP H Miller (W, 2-0) 7.0 6

T.J. Lashock, Jordan Stout and Eric May each knocked in a run in the bottom of the third for the lead, and Miller made it stand up for Berwick (6-2). Eric Kerr doubled and drove in the lone run for the Royals (1-6).

BI 2B 3B HR 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 0 0 BI 2B 3B HR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0— 1 x— 3 R ER BB SO 3 3 3 2 R ER BB SO 1 1 3 12

Dallas 10, Crestwood 2

Berwick 4, Wyoming Valley West 1

SINGLES: 1. Luke Whitenight (BER) def. Pat Antall 6-4, 6-0; 2. Dominic Scicchatino (BER) def. Piere DeWael 2-6, 6-2, 6-3; 3. Brian Novitski (WVW) def. Blake Whitemire 6-2, 6-2. DOUBLES: 1. Cole Gardner/Nick Oliver (BER) def. Chris Bloom/Dan Miller 3-6, 6-1, 7-6; 2. Arlinson Reyes/James Garringer (BER) def. Anthony Barbose/Nick Vitanovec 6-1, 6-0.

Berwick rebounded from a slip up at No. 3 singles to sweep doubles play and secure a victory against Wyoming Valley West.

Track records fall at Valley West
The Times Leader

Wyoming Area 7, Hazleton Area 3

Holy Redeemer 4, Wyoming Area 1

SINGLES: 1. Pat Loftus (HR) def. Nick Leon 6-4, 6-3; 2. Mike Werbin (WA) def. Cameron Pinto 6-0, 6-0; 3. Tyler Elias (HR) def. Aaron Carter 7-5, 4-0 (injury default). DOUBLES: 1. Josh Wychock/Chris Pawlenok (HR) def. Tom Rose/Ken Morgan 7-6 (7-5), 6-2; 2. Robert Dougherty/Ennio Mancuso (HR) def. Evan Rido/ Mike Cipriani 7-5, 7-5.

Pat Loftus and Tyler Elias won at singles for Redeemer while the doubles teams swept Wyoming Area. Wyoming Area’s Mike Werbin won at No. 2 singles without surrendering a point.

KINGSTON — Coughlin’s 400-meter relay team of Corey Keen, Zac Evans, Pat Malone and Mujahid Chesson set a track record that also tied a Crusader record in the time of 43.2 seconds in a 105-45 defeat of Wyoming Valley West in a Wyoming Valley Conference boys track and field meet Wednesday afternoon. Anthony Khalife added wins in the shot put and discus for Coughlin, which won 13 events overall, sweeping both the 300 hurdles and high jump. Valley West’s Will Butkiewicz set a track record with a time of 2:02 in the 800.

DAL Borland, 3. DAL Mattson; JAVELIN: 1. DAL Kozloski 144’6, 2. DAL Simonovich, 3. BER Lee; 1600 RELAY: 1. DAL (Dyrli, Morris, Ehret, DeAngelo) 3:45; HIGH JUMP: 1. BER Bigel 5’10, 2. BER Hampton, 3. DAL Morris.

BOYS VOLLEYBALL Crestwood 3, Tunkhannock 0

Crestwood 25 25 25 Tunkhannock 12 19 18 CR: Price 21 service points, 14 assists, 5 digs; Nick Banos 13 kills, 6 assists, 5 service points; Gavin Lewis 8 service points, 6 digs. TUN: Luke Cruver 3 kills, 2 digs, 1 block; Zach Daniels 3 digs, 3 service points.

Crestwood posted a sweep of the Tigers thanks in part to Kyle Price’s 21 service points and 14 assists. Nick Banos added 13 kills for the Comets.

3200 RELAY: 1. COU (Slenzak, Z. Mykulyn, T. Mykulyn, Hinkle) 8:47; 110 HURDLES: 1. COU Moorehead 15.0, 2. WVW Bunch, 3. COU McDonald; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. WVW Bunch 41’10, 2. COU keen, 3. COU Flaherty; 100 DASH: 1. WVW Ortiz 10.9, 2. COU CHesson, 3. COU Evans; 1600 RUN: 1. COU Sadvary 4:53, 2. WVW Emaller, 3. WVW Sutphen; SHOT PUT: 1. COU Khalife 43’2, 2. WVW Elbattah, 3. WVW Le; 400 DASH: 1. COU Derenti 52.2, 2. COU Bordeau, 3. WVW Donovan; 400 RELAY: 1. COU (Keen, Evans, Malone, Chesson) 43.2; 300 HURDLES: 1. COU McDonald 41.7, 2. COU Moorehead, 3. COU Stavinski; POLE VAULT: 1. WVW Moran 11’6, 2. COU Strait, 3. COU Boris; DISCUS: 1. COU Khalife 133’3, 2. COU Scupski, 3. WVW Yaglowski; LONG JUMP: 1. WVW Bunch 20’6, 2. COU Malone, 3. WVW Yushinski; 800 RUN: 1. WVW Butkiewicz 2:02, 2. COU SLenzak, 3. COU Z. Mykulyn; 200 DASH: 1. COU Malone 22.4, 2. COU Chesson, 3. WVW Ortiz; 3200 RUN: 1. COU Sadvary 10:40, 2. WVW Williams, 3. WVW Austin; JAVELIN: 1. COU Pilch 165’5, 2. COU Post, 3. WVW Davison; 1600 RELAY: 1. COU Chesson, Malone, Delanti, Bordeau) 3:43; HIGH JUMP: 1. COU Flaherty 6’3, 2. COU Post, 3. COU Moorehead.

Hazleton Area won 15 events, sweeping the triple jump, 100, 200 and 800. Hamlet Ventura finished first Dallas 103, Berwick 47 Dallas opened up the record in the 110 hurdles and the 100 and 200 for the Cougars, while book in a win at home against Berwick. Ryan Minnick took home the Katie Kravitsky won the triple and long jumps. 3200 RELAY: 1. HA (Rivera, Nester, Anziani, high jump after clearing a Hierro) 9:36; 110 HURDLES: 1. HA Ventura 15.8, height of five feet and two 2. CR Walsh, 3. HA Morales; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. HA Minnick 40’5, 2. HA Brennan, 3. HA Chura; inches, good for a tie of the 100 DASH: 1. HA Ventura 11.1, 2. HA Barlow, 3. HA Fisher; 1600 RUN: 1.HA Fetterman 5:07, school record while Danielle 2. HA Pecora, 3. CR McGuire SHOT PUT: 1. HA Spencer cleared eight feet and Martin 39-8, 2. HA Seach, 3. CR Bekanich; 400 DASH: 1. HA Striner 52.7, 2. HA Myers, 3. CR eight inches in the pole vault, Ritz; 400 RELAY: 1. HA (Ventura, Barlow, Fisher, Petrilla) 43.8; 300 HURDLES: 1. HA Morales good for a new school record. 44.9, 2. CR Walsh, 3. HA Chura; POLE VAULT: Ashley Kotasky won both 1. HA Pilecki 11’6, 2. CR Cornelius, 3. CR Lukashefski; DISCUS: 1. HA Finkelstein 134’6, 2. HA Martin, 3. CR Bekanich; LONG JUMP: 1.HA hurdle events for the Bulldogs.
Minnick 19’10, 2. CR Merges, 3. HA Minnick; 800 RUN: 1. HA Fetterman 2:16, 2. HA Myers, 3. HA Minnick; 200 DASH: 1. HA ventura 22.5, 2. HA Barlow, 3. HA fisher; 3200 RUN: 1. HA Pecora 10:59, 2. CR McGuire, 3. HA Steiner; JAVELIN: 1. CR Truschel 143, 2. CR Ross, 3. HA Zukoski; 1600 RELAY: 1. CR (Cornelius, Ritz, George, Filipzyk) 3:52; HIGH JUMP: 1. CR Walsh 5’10, 2. HA Petrilla, 3. HA Brennan.

Hazleton Area 112, Crestwood 38

Tooley, 3. COU Patel; DISCUS: 1. WVW Gadomski 94’7, 2. WVW Yaglowski, 3. WVW Heckman, 3. COU Musto; LONG JUMP: 1. COU Castellana 15’5, 2. COU Tona, 3. WVW Temerantz; 800 RUN: 1. WVW Plant 2:36, 2. WVW Park, 3. COU Paddock; 200 DASH: 1. COU Bourdeau 26.6, 2. WVW Delevan, 3. WVW Sott; 3200 RUN: 1. COU Mericle 13:22, 2. WVW Park, 3. WVW Paddock; JAVELIN: 1. WVW Gadomski 87’11, 2. WVW Caprari, 3. WVW Kane; 1600 RELAY: 1. COU (Tona, Fazzi, Bourdeau, Bourdeau) 4:31; HIGH JUMP: 1. WVW Cain 4’8, 2. COU Castellana, 3. WVW Usefara.

GIRLS Wyoming Valley West 87.5, Coughlin 61.5

Hazleton Area 3, Lake-Lehman 2

Dallas 110, Berwick 40

Lake-Lehman 21 9 25 25 9 Hazleton Area 25 25 18 20 15 LL: Masters 14 service points, 11 kills, 7 digs, 4 blocks; Mike Hartman 9 kills, 4 digs; Joe Wojcik 26 assists, 5 digs HAZ: Barron 39 assists, 4 digs, 6 service points; Rodriguez 22 digs; Rojas 23 service points, 13 digs, 6 kills, 5 aces; Alex Gregoire 12 kills; Paul Collado 13 kills, 3 blocks; Rich Abreu 7 kills, 3 blocks

Hazleton Area outlasted the Black Knights for a win at home. Brett Barron dished out 39 assists for the Cougars, while Carlos Rodriguez notched 22 digs and Omar Rojas added 23 service points. Joe Wojcik tallied 26 assists for Lake-Lehman, which won the third and fourth games by the scores of 25-18 and 25-20. Kevin Masters added 14 service points and 11 kills.

BOYS LACROSSE Crestwood 19, North Pocono 3

Jay Popson poured in six goals in Crestwood’s defeat of North Pocono. Steve Roberts added four goals in five assists for the Comets, while Brian Collins added a hat trick and four helpers.

3200 RELAY: 1. DAL (DeLuca, Dyrli, Borland, Ehret); 110 HURDLES: 1. DAL Harding 16.2, 2. DAL Lewis, 3. BER Dennis; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. DAL Kozloski 41’1, 2. DAL Simonovich, 3. BER Masteller; 100 DASH: 1. BER Mejia 11.2, 2. BER Steuber, 3. DAL Lewis; 1600 RUN: 1. DAL DeLuca 4:56, 2. DAL Borland, 3. DAL Mattson. SHOT PUT: 1. BER Harter 51.3, 2. DAL Simonovich, 3. DAL Bullock; 400 DASH: 1. DAL Ehret 52.7, 2. BER MEjia, 3. DAL Cave; 400 RELAY: 1. DAL (Lewis, Mkattah, Zumchak, DeAngelo) 45.9; 300 HURDLES: 1. DAL Morris 46.1, 2. BER Ryman 46.5, 3. DAL Lewis; POLE VAULT: 1. DAL Harding 13’, 2. DAL Luksic, 3. BER Harter; DISCUS: 1. DAL Mihal 122’3, 2. DAL L. Bullock, 3. DAL Simonovich; LONG JUMP: 1. DAL Kozloski 18’6, 2. DAL Kalo, 3. BER Masteller; 800 RUN: 1.DAL Dyrli 2:11, 2. BER Hampton, 3. BER Mejin; 200 DASH: 1. BER Steber 23.2, 2. DAL Zumchak, 3. DAL Morris; 3200 RUN: 1. DAL DeLuca 10:43, 2.

Dallas won 14 events in a victory over Berwick at home, earning sweeps in the 1600 and 3200. Dominic DeLuca finished first in the mile and two-mile for the Mountainners and was also a part of the winning 3200 relay team. Ryan Kozloski added wins in the triple and long jumps. Arlent Mejia won the 100 dash for the Bulldogs.

3200 RELAY: 1. WVW (Paddock, Plant, Tyler, Park) 12:45; 110 HURDLES: 1. COU Tona 18.6, 2. WVW Musto, 3. WVW Romanowski; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. COU Castellana 32’5, 2. COU Sukowski, 3. WVW Cain; 100 DASH: 1. COU Bourdeau 12.6, 2. WVW Derr, 3. WVW Sott; 1600 RUN: 1. WVW Plant, 5:40, 2. WVW Merick, 3. WVW Wood; SHOT PUT: 1. WVW Musto 25’11, 2. WVW Purcell, 3. COU Krosge; 400 DASH: 1.COU Bourdeau 61.1, 2. COU Fazzi, 3. WVW Menzel; 400 RELAY: 1. WVW (Sott, Libby, Delevan, Derr) 53.1; 300 HURDLES: 1. COU Tona 49.6, 2. COU Froelick, 3. WVW ROmanowski; POLE VAULT: 1. COU McGrane 8’6, 2. WVW

A sweep in the mile turned the score in Wyoming Valley West’s favor and the Spartans cobbled together enough wins and second- or third-place finishes to keep Coughlin at bay in a win at home. Alexandria Plant led the way in the 1600 for the Spartans, finishing first with a time of 5:40. Plant also won the 800 and was part of the winning 3200 relay team. Gabby Gadomski captured the javelin and discus throws for Valley West. Nathaniela Bourdeau won the 100 meter dash in a new track-record time of 12.6 seconds while Tamar Bourdeau won the 400 dash with a time of 61.1, also a new track record.

3200 RELAY: 1. DAL (Rome, Grose, Grose, Dissinger) 10:44; 110 HURDLES: 1. BER Kotasky 17.1, 2. DAL Adams, 3. DAL Spencer; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. DAN Van Deutch 34’6, 2. BER Sheptock, 3. DAL Gross0; 100 DASH: 1. DAL Gawlas 12.3, 2. DAL Darbenzio, 3. BER Hall; 1600 RUN: 1. DAL Oremus 5:23, 2. DAL R. Rome, 3. DAL Grosse; SHOT PUT: 1.DAL Kochansk 32’8, 2. BER Weigano, 3. BER Machado; 400 DASH: 1. DAL Mattson 63.2, 2. BER Hartman, 3. DAL Grose; 400 RELAY: 1. DAL (Darbenzio, VanDuetsch, Spencer, Gawlas) 52.0; 300 HURDLES: 1. BER Kotasky 53.1, 2. DAL Becker, 3. DAL Adams; POLE VAULT: 1. DAL SPencer 8’8, 2. BER Prebola, 3. BER Simonios; DISCUS: 1. BER Seely 99-6, 2. BER K. Coulstone, 3. BER R. Coulstone; LONG JUMP: 1.DAN VanDeutch 15’10, 2. BER Sheptock, 3. BER Morgani; 800 RUN: 1. DAL Oreamus 2:33, 2. DAL Grose, 3. BER Conklin; 200 DASH: 1. DAL Gawlas 26.1, 2. HER Shetoil, 3. DAL Darbanzo; 3200 RUN: 1. DAL Rome 12:19, 2. DAL Dissinger, 3. DAL Grose; JAVELIN: 1. DAL Kravitz 112’2, 2. BER Reigel, 3. BER Seely; 1600 RELAY: 1. DAL (Galwas, Becker, VanDeutch, Matyson) 4:20; HIGH JUMP: 1. DAL Kravitsky 5’2, 2. DAL Athenholt, 3. BER Kotarsey.

Hazleton Area AB Dave Klein rf 4 Joe Baran cf 3 Sal Biasi ss 4 Tony Craig c 3 Tony Hernandez p 0 Robbie John dh 3 Jonathan Sullivan 3b 4 Jared Carrelli 1b 3 Chris Panzarella 2b 3 Kyle Klein lf 3 Totals 30 Wyoming Area AB Nick O’Brien cf 4 Mike Carey 2b 4 Joe Gavenonis p 4 Trent Grove c 2 Bart Chupka 3b 2 Bryant Clark lf 0 Jake Granteed ss 3 Tyler Wrubel rf 0 Zach Lopatka dh 3 Brian Mapes rf 0 Jordan Zezza 1b 3 Erik Walkowiak lf-p 3 Totals 28 Hazleton Area 012 Wyoming Area 020 Hazleton Area Hernandez (L, 1-0) Wyoming Area Gavenonis (W, 2-1) Walkowiak

The Warriors broke a 3-3 tie with two runs in the bottom of the fifth and pulled away from the Cougars late. Bart Chupka homered for Wyoming Area (4-3) and drove in two runs along with Nick O’Brien. Joe Gavenonis struck out seven for the win. Robbie John finished with a double and an RBI for Hazleton Area (5-3).
R H 1 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 3 7 R H 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0 2 2 1 0 7 7 000 122 IP H 6.0 7 IP H 6.1 7 0.2 0 BI 2B 3B HR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 0 BI 2B 3B HR 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 5 0 0 1 0— 3 x— 7 R ER BB SO 7 5 2 3 R ER BB SO 3 2 2 7 0 0 0 0

Berwick 3, Holy Redeemer 1
Rebounding from two close losses, the Bulldogs got seven strong innings from Kyle Miller, who struck out 12 in the complete-game victory.

Dallas AB Ryan Zapoticky cf-rf 3 Brian Goode rf 0 Nigel Stearns p-cf 2 Mike Carey ph 1 Greg Petorak ss 3 Brian Stepniak 1b 4 Rory Mullin 1b 0 Bill Gately c 3 Eric Zawatski rf 3 Rosario Bevevino p 1 Domenic Oliveri lf 3 John Murray ph 1 Justin Brojakowski 3b 2 Jon Strausser ph 0 Jordan McCrumm 2b 2 Peter Kuritz ph 1 Totals 29 Crestwood AB Tyler Sadvary 2b 2 Corey Eyerman 2b 1 Drew Munisteri cf 2 Brett Chupka ph 1 Anthony Caladie 3b 3 Josh Grzech 3b 0 Brian Markowski p-lf 1 John Chupka lf 1 Jon Wychock 1b 0 Freudy Reyes pr 0 Tom O’Connell 1b 1 Curt Yenchik c 1 Shawn Engler ph 1 Tom Goyne rf 1 Ethan Markowski p 0 Ryan Murphy p 0 Eric Rinehimer p 0 Justin Rinehimer dh 1 Abhay Metgud lf-rf 1 Tyler Jones rf 0 Elliot Snyder ss 1 Aaron Piavis ph 1 Totals 18 Dallas 430 Crestwood 020 Dallas Stearns (W, 2-1) Bevevino Crestwood B. Markowski (L, 2-2) E. Markowski Murphy E. Rinehimer

Dallas’ day was highlighted by a triple play in the fifth inning as the Mountaineers shut out host Crestwood over the final five frames. Brian Stepniak doubled twice and drove in four runs for the Mounts (5-2). Nigel Stearns and Greg Petorak had two hits apiece. Crestwood (4-5) got an RBI from Justin Rinehimer and Elliot Snyder.
R H 1 1 0 0 3 2 0 0 3 2 2 2 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 9 R H 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 3 300 000 IP H 4.+ 2 3.0 1 IP H 1.2 6 2.1 3 2.0 0 1.0 0 BI 2B 3B HR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 4 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 2 0 0 BI 2B 3B HR 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 0— 10 0— 2 R ER BB SO 2 2 8 4 0 0 1 3 R ER BB SO 7 5 2 0 3 3 1 4 0 0 1 3 0 0 2 2


Hazleton Area 97, Crestwood 53

3200 RELAY: 1.HA 10:41; 110 HURDLES: 1. HA Sitch 16.5, 2. CR Wojnar, 3. HA Yurchak; TRIPLE JUMP: 1. HA Sitch 34’4, 2. HA James, 3. HA Petrone; 100 DASH: 1. HA Malone 12.6, 2. CR Reyes, 3. HA McCann; 1600 RUN: 1. HA Buehrle 5:18, 2. HA Marchetti, 3. CR Kachel; SHOT PUT: 1. CR Womer 29’7, 2. CR Bonnevier, 3. HA Cabrera; 400 DASH: 1. HA Walspe 63.3, 2. HA Reed, 3. CR Krupski; 400 RELAY: 1. HA 52.8; 300 HURDLES: 1. CR Bennett 51.4, 2. CR Kendra, 3. HA Miller; POLE VAULT: 1. HA Malone 9’6, 2. CR Bennett, 3. HA Belushko; DISCUS: 1. HA Crawford 92’5, 2. CR Bonnevier, 2. HA Perez; LONG JUMP: 1. HA Sitch 15’8, 2. HA Dedics, 3. CR Dow; 800 RUN: 1. HA Buehrle 2:31, 2. HA Marchetti, 3. CR Krupski; 200 DASH: 1.CR Reyers 27.9, 2. HA McCann, 3. CR Stopper; 3200 RUN: 1. CR Kachel 12:58, 2. HA Papp, 3. HA Marchetti; JAVELIN: 1. CR Deluca 95’1, 2. HA Rudenko, 3. HA Henchinski; 1600 RELAY: 1. HA 4:30; HIGH JUMP: 1. CR Katulka 4’10, 2. HA James, 3. CR Krupski.

Hazleton Area set up a big lead early on and held off Crestwood thanks to three wins from Alyssa Sitch (110 hurdles, triple jump, long jump). Nicole Buehrle added wins in the 1600 and 800 for the Cougars.

Berwick hands Cougars their first loss of season
The Times Leader staff

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GIRLS LACROSSE Dallas 9, Crestwood 8

Cara Pricher’s five goals led the Mountaineers past Crestwood in a game played Tuesday. Kelsie Davis added a pair of scores for Dallas. Daniella Callaghan and Lizzy Dessoye each scored three times for the Comets.

COLLEGE LACROSSE DeSales 11, Kings 6

King’s couldn’t hold on to a halftime lead and fell at home to DeSales. Lenny Fox led the Monarchs with a hat trick, while Kevin Sweeney, Kieran McMahon and Mike O’Brien also scored.

tional speaker yesterday in (former player and cancer survivor) Jess Ras and the girls really took it to heart. They wanted it as bad as anybody could want anything.” Valley West (3-5 Div. 1) entered the game with three losses by one run and two more by two runs. But the Spartans broke out of the gates quickly as singles by Sabrina Hamersley, Kelcie Senchak and Casey Dolan — along with two Lehman errors — meant a 3-0 lead after one inning. Danielle Grega and Senchak each tripled and scored in the third for a 5-0 lead. Senchak’s triple was indica-

tive of Lehman’s season as the ball skimmed off the top of the outfielder’s glove. The Black Knights (0-8 Div. 2) have had things go wrong too many times, leaving them one of two WVC teams without a victory. Like Wednesday. Lehman hit plenty of balls hard, but right at Valley West fielders. Dolan, the Valley West shortstop, ended up with six assists on groundouts and three putouts on popups. Earlier in the week, it was a 2-1 loss to Nanticoke. “We’re hitting the ball hard, but we’re hitting it at them,” Lehman coach Wayne Oplinger said. “Every ball the other team hits falls in between us, goes an inch over our glove, goes an inch below our glove. Those are facts. How do we change that? I don’t know.” Lehman had a couple scor-

ing chances, the final with one out in the seventh when Vickey Cadwalader doubled. Ruckle, though, got the next two batters to post her second shutout in four games.
Lake-Lehman AB R H BI 2B 3B HR Lexi Oplinger ss 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sarah Stacey 3b 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lacey Miller 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 Sarah Schuler rf 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 Brit Meeker c 3 0 1 0 0 0 0 Vickey Cadwalader 1b 3 0 1 0 1 0 0 Jordan Hodle p 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 Miranda Dembowski cf 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 Brandie Brennan dp 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Kirsten Cope lf 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 20 0 3 0 0 0 0 Valley West AB R H BI 2B 3B HR Sabrina Hamersley cf 4 2 2 1 0 0 0 Danielle Grega 2b 4 1 2 1 0 1 0 Megan Kane 1b 4 1 0 0 0 0 0 Kelcie Senchak dp 4 2 1 2 0 1 0 Sarah Fugate rf 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 Casey Dolan ss 4 0 1 1 0 0 0 Chloe Ruckle p 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 Halley Gayoski ph 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 Leanne Dellarte lf 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 Kymber Letteer c 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 Sami Amato 3b 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals 33 8 8 5 0 2 0 Lake-Lehman 000 000 0 — 0 Wyoming Valley West 302 300 x — 8 Lehman IP H R ER BB SO Hodle (0-5) 6 8 8 3 0 2 Valley West IP H R ER BB SO Ruckle (3-5) 7 IP 3 0 0 2 2

Berwick 000 060 0 — 6 Hazleton Area 100 040 0 — 5 WP — Margaret Bridge (5-2) 7 IP, 10 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 3 K. LP — Becky Demko (6-1) 7 IP, 8 H, 6 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 6 K. 2B — Abby Remley (B), Bridget Orlando (B), Abby Sachse (H), Justine Rossi (H). Top hitters — BER, Bridge 2 singles, 2 RBI; Courtney Hummel 2 singles, 2 RBI. HAZ, Maria Trivelpiece 4-4, 2 runs; MacKenzie Yori 2-2.

HAZLETON — Berwick scored six unearned runs in the fifth inning Wednesday as the Dawgs defeated previously unbeaten Hazleton Area 6-5 in Wyoming Valley Conference softball. Winning pitcher Margaret Bridge led Berwick at the plate with two singles and two RBI. Courtney Hummell also had two hits and two RBI. Maria Trivelpiece was 4-for-4 with two runs for Hazleton Area. Abby Sachse had an RBI double and RBI single.

ER, 2 BB, 2 K. Top hitters — WA, Bree Bednarski 2-4, 2 runs; Nicole Turner, 1-4, 2 runs, RBI; Emily Wolfgang 3-4, 1 run RBI; Kat Sokirka 2-4, 2 runs, RBI. NAN — Rachel Roccograndi 1-4, RBI; Taylor Briggs 1-3, RBI.

Ryleigh Fitch hit a three-run homer in the top of the seventh and Tunkhannock held off a Crestwood rally to post a victory. The Tigers scored four times in the seventh to take a 6-2 lead. Crestwood came back in the bottom of the frame as Rachel Ritz and Ashley Casem opened with singles and Mel Snyder followed with a three-run homer. Ashlee Olenginski then doubled, but the Comets couldn’t get the tying run across the plate.
Tunkhannock 101 000 4 — 6 Crestwood 101 000 3 — 5 WP — Kirsten Gilpin (3-2) 7 IP, 11 H, 5 R, 4 ER, 1 BB, 3 SO. LP — Alyssa Davies (4-3) 7 IP, 10 H, 6 R , 5 ER, 0 BB, 8 K. 2B — Ashlee Olenginski (C), Meghan Waite (C). HR — Ryleigh Fitch (T), Mel Snyder (C). Top hitters — TUN, Molly Hampsey 2-4, 2 runs, RBI; Jess Brennan (T) 2-4. CRE. Rachel Ritz 3-3, Waite 2-3.

Tunkhannock 6, Crestwood 5

Wyoming Area 9, Nanticoke 2

Wyoming Area 500 210 1 — 9 Nanticoke 010 000 1 — 2 WP — Alex Holtz (5-2) 7 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 EWR, 4 BB, 2 K. LP — Allie Matulewski (3-2) 7 IP, 11 H, 9 R, 1

Wyoming Area scored five times in its first trip to the plate and never looked back as the Warriors defeated Nanticoke. Alex Holtz throw a two-hit complete game for Wyoming Area, which improved to 5-3 in Division 2. Bree Bednarski and Kat Sokirka each had two hits and scored twice. Emily Wolfgang had three singles. Taylor Briggs and Rachel Roccograndi each had an RBI for Nanticoke, which fell to 6-2 in Division 1.

Holy Redeemer 12, Northwest 0

Holy Redeemer 012 420 3 — 12 Northwest 000 000 0 — 0 WP — Kaya Swanek (4-0) 7 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 5 K. LP — Kelsey Yustat (5-2) 7 IP, 12 H, 12 R, 7 ER, 3 BB, 4 K. 2B — Kaitlyn Kaluzny (HR), Kasey Miller (HR). HR — Chelsea Skrepenak (HR) 3, Swanek (HR). Top hitters — HR, Skrepenak 3-4; Swanek 2-4; Kaluzny 2-4; Miller 3-4. NWT — Olivia McCorkel 2-3; Emily Gleco 2-2.

Chelsea Skrepenak hit three home runs and winning pitcher Kaya Swanek added another as the Royals rolled to a victory. Kasey Miller was 3-for-4 as Redeemer pounded out 12 hits. Emily Gleco and Olivia McCorkel had two hits each for Northwest.


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will be joined this summer by fellow walk-on Jack Seymour to round out the quarterback stable for this season. Bench, meanwhile, will hunt around for a new school where he may be able to start immediately. Because he is leaving before the start of preseason camp, Bench is eligible to play immediately for another FBS school in 2013. With the exception of the most recent recruiting class, all Penn State players are permitted to transfer without penalty until camp opens because of the NCAA sanctions imposed last July. “I’ve decided to leave Penn State and go to a school that will give me the opportunity to compete for the QB spot and reach my full potential,” Bench wrote on his Twitter account. “Thanks for the love and support. I appreciate it more than y’all know.” The south Georgia native was one of the very first recruits brought in by O’Brien’s overhauled coaching staff. A verbal commitment to Rice, Bench jumped on a scholarship offer from Penn State in the month before national signing day. When he arrived in the summer of 2012, Bench made a quick impression on the team in preseason camp. With Rob Bolden having transferred and Paul Jones struggling, Bench claimed the top backup spot behind Matt McGloin by the time the season started. It was Bench who took the field in Week 2 when Matt McGloin had to briefly leave the game with an injury. His first collegiate play came on a fourth down on the road at Virginia. He finished out the half against the Cavaliers, going 2-for-7 for 12 yards while adding 18 on the

ground. The son of a high school coach, Bench picked things up quickly before hitting a wall midway through his true freshman season. He made only the briefest of cameos the rest of the campaign, going 0-for-1 against Purdue. Though he didn’t play much last season, he had the advantage of a year learning O’Brien’s offense. And he was one of the most outgoing members of the Lions’ 2012 recruiting class, choosing to come to Penn State at its lowest point. On Saturday at the BlueWhite Game, Bench and Ferguson both went 9-of-15 passes and directed two touchdown drives. O’Brien said afterward he wasn’t close to naming a starter, but did hint that he would likely have to keep the competition to two quarterbacks once camp opened. “It’s very difficult to get three quarterbacks reps during training camp, so we’ll have to evaluate that over the next couple of months, how we are going to do that, if we are going to do that,” O’Brien said. “Only one quarterback can play at a time, in my opinion, so we have to do a good job of making sure we know where these two guys stand and make sure they know where they stand. “And then when training camp starts, we have to get Christian some reps and let him get in there and compete and see how that goes. We’re a long way off from that but it is a decision that has to be made at some point in time.”

33. JACKSONVILLE — EJ Manuel, QB, Florida State 34. SAN FRANCISCO — Matt Elam, S, Florida 35. PHILADELPHIA — Menelik Watson, T, Florida State 36. DETROIT — Margus Hunt, DE, SMU 37. CINCINNATI (from Oakland) — Kevin Minter, LB, LSU 38. ARIZONA — Matt Barkley, QB, USC CLEVELAND — used in supplemental draft 39. NEW YORK JETS — Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida State 40. TENNESSEE — Robert Woods, WR, USC 41. BUFFALO — Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse 42. MIAMI — Justin Pugh, T, Syracuse 43. TAMPA BAY — Zach Ertz, TE, Stanford 44. CAROLINA — Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee NEW ORLEANS — forfeited 45. SAN DIEGO — Kyle Long, T, Oregon 46. ST. LOUIS — Alec Ogletree, LB, Georgia 47. DALLAS — Darius Slay, CB, Missouri 48. PITTSBURGH — Jesse Williams, DT, Alabama 49. NEW YORK GIANTS — Terron Armstead, T, Arkansas Pine-Bluff 50. CHICAGO — Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas State 51. WASHINGTON — Quinton Patton, WR, Louisianna Tech 52. MINNESOTA — Kawann Short, DT, Purdue 53. CINCINNATI — Damonte Moore, DE, Texas A&M 54. MIAMI (from Indianapolis) — Larry Warford, G, Kentucky 55. GREEN BAY — D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston 56. SEATTLE — Datone Jones, DE, UCLA 57. HOUSTON — Brian Schwenke, C/G, California 58. DENVER — Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State 59. NEW ENGLAND — Markus Wheaton, WR, Oregon State 60. ATLANTA — David Amerson, CB, North Carolina State 61. SAN FRANCISCO — Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor 62. BALTIMORE — John Jenkins, DT, Georgia
By JOHN ERZAR [email protected]

Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick (32) looks up as Detroit Red Wings left wing Justin Abdelkader (8) celebrates the goal by teammate center Pavel Datsyuk during the second period of an NHL game in Detroit on Wednesday.


Red Wings defeat Kings to boost postseason hopes
The Associated Press

Zwinak on the shelf

Penn State also announced Wednesday that top tailback Zach Zwinak suffered a left wrist injury early in the BlueWhite Game and that he will be ready to play in the season opener.

DETROIT — Jordin Tootoo netted the go-ahead goal early in the third period, and Johan Franzen scored on a power play with 6:26 left, lifting the Detroit Red Wings to a 3-1 win Wednesday night over the Los Angeles Kings and into eighth place in the Western Conference. Detroit is one point ahead of Columbus and one behind seventh-place Minnesota. All three teams have two games remaining. The Red Wings are aiming to extend their postseason streak to 22, the longest in North American professional sports. Detroit’s Jimmy Howard made 23 saves and Pavel Datsyuk scored a game-tying goal midway through the second period. The Dallas Stars, who are four points behind Detroit, host Columbus on Thursday and Detroit on Saturday.

Lightning 5, Maple Leafs 2

TAMPA, Fla. — Martin St. Louis scored three goals and the Tampa Bay Lightning snapped a six-game losing streak with a victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs. St. Louis, who has 16 goals this season, took over the lead in the NHL scoring race with 58 points — two more than teammate Steven Stamkos and injured Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby. Stamkos scored his 29th goal, two behind NHL-leading Alex Ovechkin of Washington, and added an assist. St. Louis’ goal in the second period came off wrist shot off a slick pass from behind the net by Nate Thompson. In the third period, with the Lightning leading 3-2, St. Louis got to a rebound of Keith Aulie’s slap shot off the boards and slipped the puck past goalie James Reimer.

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T H E T. L . E X P R E S S
The RailRiders bullpen imploded while failing to protect a two-run lead, as Columbus scored three times in the eighth inning to pull off the victory. Jeremy Hermida blasted a game-tying two-run homer and Matt Carson scored the winning run on a bases-loaded fielder’s choice. Cody Johnson launched a monstrous home run for the RailRiders first run estimated to be a 450-some foot shot - for the longest blast at the recently-revamped park. RailRiders at the plate: Addison Maruszak had two hits, including an RBI single, after entering the game for ailing outfielder Thomas Neal following the first inning. Johnson unloaded his first home run of the young season. David Adams delivered a bases-loaded, two-run single to put the RailRiders ahead in the seventh inning. And Corban Joseph and Bobby Wilson both doubled and scored runs. It was a four-walk day for Dan Johnson before he flew out to end the game in his only official at-bat. RailRiders on the mound: Ryan Pope came out of the bullpen to make an emergency start because of Friday’s rainout, and allowed two runs while keeping the game manageable through his 3 1/3 innings. Relievers Mark Montgomery and Josh Spence were solid through the sixth inning, but it was a rough outing for Cody Eppley, who pitched out of deep trouble in the seventh before surrendering the game-winning, three-run rally in the eighth. Sam Demel allowed an inherited runner to score the winning run. Play of the game: Third baseman David Adams made two of them. His first was a spectacular backhanded stab of a bullet down the third base line, but he needed nifty glovework on the short-hopped throw from first baseman Dan Johnson to retire Matt Lawson. That stranded Columbus runners on second and third to end the seventh inning, keeping the game tied at 2-all. In the eighth, Adams made a great diving grab of Cedric Hunter’s bunt attempt. Attendance: 5,756 Time of Game: 3:35 Today’s Game: The RailRiders try to get back on the winning track against Columbus at 6:35 p.m. today at PNC Field. Today’s Probables: Former big leaguer Chien-Ming Wang, a righthander who’s 1-0 for the RailRiders and didn’t allow a run in his first start, opposes Columbus RHP Carlos Carrasco, who’s making his first appearance of the season. Riding the Rails: After drilling a one-out double in the bottom of the first inning, Scranton/WilkesBarre outfielder Neal didn’t come out for the second inning. He said the move was precationary, since he felt a little something grab in his hamstring during the earlymorning game. Also, the battle turned into a marathon partly because the team’s combined to allow 14 walks, with RailRiders pitching surrendering six of them. On Deck: The set with Columbus, as well as the homestand, comes to a close Friday, when the RailRiders send Brett Marshall to the mound looking for his first win. On the Radio: All games can be heard on WYCK 1340-AM, 1400-AM and 100.7 FM. HOW THEY SCORED COLUMBUS SECOND: Matt Carson started the inning with a single off the glove of third baseman David Adams, the first of three straight hits off Ryan Pope. Cedric Hunter followed with a sharp single to right field, sending Carson to third base. Mike McDade then cued an opposite field single to left, bringing home Carson. COLUMBUS 1-0. COLUMBUS THIRD: Tim Fedroff led off with a homer onto the grassy birm in right field. COLUMBUS 2-0. RAILRIDERS FOURTH: Cody Johnson did Fedroff one batter, launching a towering two-out solo homer over the grass and onto the walkway before it one-hopped against the rocks in right field for the longest home run at revamped PNC Field. COLUMBUS 2-1. RAILRIDERS FIFTH: Bobby Wilson doubled to center field, then scampered to third base when Columbus right fielder Jeremy Hermida caught a pop by Gil Velazquez on the run in foul territory. One out later, Addison Maruszak looped a single in front of a diving Hermida to score Wilson. RAILRIDERS 2, COLUMBUS 2. RAILRIDERS SEVENTH: Corban Joseph, Zoilo Almonte and Dan Johnson all drew walks to fill the bases with two outs. David Adams delivered Joseph and Almonte by lining a two-run single to center field. RAILRIDERS 4-2. COLUMBUS EIGHTH: Ryan Ruhlinger singled to left field, then Hermida followed with a long home run to right field, tying the game. Carson reached base on a slow-rolling single to third base, and McDade and Juan Diaz both drew one-out walks to fill the bases. Carson scored when pinch hitter Cord Phelps reached on a fielder’s choice. COLUMBUS 5-4.

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monkey off my back. Finally!” Johnson said. He nearly knocked that monkey to moon. Johnson, who clubbed 16 homers in 59 games for DoubleA Trenton last season, sent a towering moonshot well over the right field wall against Columbus starter Trevor Bauer to provide the RailRiders with their first run. On the list of impressive homers going back to the old park’s history, the blast rivaled Darryl Strawberry’s bomb off the center field rocks during a 1995 game - when the place had a double deck and was called Lackawanna County Stadium. “I got it good,” Johnson smiled. “He left a first-pitch changeup up in the zone. The ball came in where I was swinging.” Unfortunately for the RailRiders, it didn’t make a huge difference in the outcome. Regular reliever Ryan Pope gave them a chance, coming out of the bullpen and limiting Co-

lumbus to two runs over 3 1/3 innings. David Adams delivered two runs with a bases-loaded single in the seventh inning - to go along with two sterling defensive plays at third base - as the RailRiders took a 4-2 lead. And Johnson’s fourth-inning blast came an inning before the RailRiders tied the game when Bobby Wilson doubled and scored on Addison Maruszak’s two-out looping single in the fifth. But all that work was wasted by a breakdown from Scranton/ Wilkes-Barre’s normally-reliable bullpen. Adams’ nifty backhanded play at third stranded two runners in scoring position in the top of the seventh inning, setting up a tie-breaking single by Adams in the bottom of the frame for a 4-2 RailRiders lead. But the late relievers couldn’t hold it. Ryan Rohlinger singled to start the eighth, then Jeremy Hermida crushed a game-tying, two-run homer off Cody Eppley. Matt Carson followed with a slow-rolling infield hit to third base, finishing Eppley’s outing. Ex-major leaguer Sam Demel - who’s been outstanding with

men on base, was victimized by a day that saw both teams combine for 14 walks. He issued the last two free passes of the game, filling the bases with Clippers, before Cord Phelps reached on a fielder’s choice to score Carson with what proved to be the winning run. “Everybody’s out on the field, you’ve got long counts, it’s hard to really stay on your toes,” said Johnson of a drawn-out affair that last 3 hours, 35 minutes. He didn’t have to deal with that dilemma in the field, though. Johnson hit out of the designated hitter spot in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre’s lineup, and drew two walks himself after clubbing the home run that gave him a 1-for-2 day. That hit raised Johnson’s average to .143 on the season. “Just haven’t been seeing the ball well, not giving myself enough time,” Johnson said. “Had a rough start to the season.” It got rougher just after the International League season opened, when Johnson left the team for six games due to a family matter. “My mother had heart surgery, that’s what I was gone for

a week,” said Johnson, adding his mom is recovering well. “I’m just happy to have that burden off me. It’s a lot easier to focus now.” He, along with everyone else, watched with amazement as he nearly sent his first homer as a RailRider soaring out of sight. “”It was just a great feeling,” Johnson said. “Huge relief.”
Clippers 5, RailRiders 4 RailRiders ab r h bi ab r h bi Fedrof lf 4 1 2 1 Joseph 2b 4 1 1 0 Lawson 2b 5 0 0 0 Neal rf 1 0 1 0 LHernan 3b 2 0 0 0 Marusk rf 4 0 2 1 Rohling 3b 2 1 1 0 Almonte lf 4 1 0 0 Hermida rf 5 1 2 2 DJhnsn 1b 1 0 0 0 Carson dh 3 2 2 0 Adams 3b 4 0 1 2 Hunter cf 4 0 1 0 CJhnsn dh 2 1 1 1 McDade 1b 3 0 2 1 Mesa cf 3 0 0 0 Diaz ss 3 0 1 0 Wilson c 4 1 1 0 Perez c 3 0 0 0 Velqzez ss 4 0 0 0 Phelps ph 1 0 0 1 Santos c 0 0 0 0 Totals 35 511 5 Totals 31 4 7 4 Columbus 011 000 030— 5 RailRiders 000 110 200— 4 E — Joseph (2). DP — Columbus 2, RailRiders 2. LOB — Columbus 9, RailRiders 9. 2B — Fedroff (2), Diaz (3), Neal (6), Joseph (6), Wilson (2). HR — Fedroff (1), Hermida (3), C. Johnson (1). SB — Carson (2). IP H R ER BB SO Columbus Bauer 5 5 2 2 2 8 Barnes 1 0 0 0 2 1 Gil W, 2-0 1 2 2 2 4 1 Langwell H, 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 Guilmet S,6 1 0 0 0 0 1 RailRiders Pope 3 1-3 5 2 2 1 3 Montgomery 2 0 0 0 3 1 Spoence 2-3 0 0 0 0 0 Eppley L, 1-1 1 5 3 3 0 1 Demel 2 1 0 0 2 0 HBP — by Barnes (Mesa). WP — Barnes 2. Umpires — HP Jon Byrne, 1B Adam Hamari, 3B Doug Vines. T — 3:35. A — 5,756. Columbus

4. PHILADELPHIA – Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah The Eagles did a lot in free agency to fix the perimeters of the defense, but they need help inside. But if an offensive tackle falls … 5. DETROIT – Ezekiel Ansah, DE, Brigham Young Lions hope the disruptive but inexperienced Ansah can ease the pain of losing top sacker Cliff Arvil to free agency. A lineman seems a certainty. 6. CLEVELAND – Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama After spending big to patch up the front of the defense, the Browns pick a corner to pair with Joe Haden in the secondary. 7. ARIZONA – Lane Johnson, T, Oklahoma This is a bit high for Johnson, but the talent level among the left tackle prospects drops off dramatically after him. A QB comes later. 8. BUFFALO – Chance Warmack, G, Alabama Guard positions are a mess, but so is quarterback. Don’t be shocked if the Bills trade for a late firstround pick to take Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib. 9. NEW YORK JETS – Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State Rhodes is a big, physical corner who will fill the void left by the trade of Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay. Could end up better than Milliner. 10. TENNESSEE – Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri The Titans need a disruptive force inside for a defense that allowed 4.2 yards per carry and surrendered 471 points. 11. SAN DIEGO – Dion Jordan, DE, Oregon Leading sacker Shaun Phillips is a free agent and might not be back. Jordan is an overrated prospect, going as high as two in some mocks. 12. MIAMI – Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington The Dolphins made a big splash in free agency, but still need more help defensively. The corner talent drops after the first three prospects. 13. NEW YORK JETS – Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia The Mark Sanchez era ends, but things might not pan out with Smith, who is the most overrated player in the draft. 14. CAROLINA – D.J. Fluker, T, Alabama Fluker brings toughness and versatility to an offensive line that could have issues at the tackle spots this coming season. 15. NEW ORLEANS – Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia The Saints are moving to a 3-4 defense and Jones would provide an edge rusher. A lack of a secondround pick could cause a trade down . 16. ST. LOUIS – Tavon Austin, WR, West Virginia Small but creative playmaker who made Geno Smith look better than he is. The Rams sorely need some playmakers. 17. PITTSBURGH – Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU The Steelers defense finished with just 37 sacks and didn’t get enough

production from the edge. They hope Mingo could provide it. 18. DALLAS – Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina The Cowboys need help on both lines. It just depends who’s available at the time, although a receiver is a possibility. 19. NEW YORK GIANTS – Sylvester Williams, DT, North Carolina The Giants must get better up front after allowing 4.6 yards per carry. Williams will give them a guy who can plug up the middle. 20. CHICAGO – Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee The Bears could go in several directions, but definitely need someone to work opposite of Brandon Marshall. 21. CINCINNATI – Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas The Bengals are solid at the cornerback spots, but there is uncertainty at the safety positions with Chris Crocker unlikely to be back. 22. ST. LOUIS – Eddie Lacy, RB, Alabama This is a bit high for Lacy, but with Steven Jackson gone the Rams need a workhorse back and there’s not many in this draft. 23. MINNESOTA – DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson There is a glaring need at receiver, especially with Percy Harvin gone. Hopkins could be better than receivers picked ahead of him. 24. INDIANAPOLIS – Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State The Colts patched up several holes in free agency, so they won’t have to reach for a certain position. Werner was a top-10 pick entering the season. 25. MINNESOTA – Manti Te’o, LB, Notre Dame The strange girlfriend story aside, Te’o is a heck of a football player who can solidify the middle of the Vikings’ defense. 26. GREEN BAY — Eric Reid, S, LSU The Packers went heavy on defense in last year’s draft, with their first six picks on that side of the ball. The trend continues. 27. HOUSTON – Keenan Allen, WR, California The Texans need a big, physical receiver to work opposite and be the heir apparent to Andre Johnson, whose been in the league over a decade. 28. DENVER – Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State The Broncos were solid up front, but age is a concern. Plus, two D-line contributors are free agents, leaving the position thin. 29. NEW ENGLAND – Jamar Taylor, CB, Boise State The Patriots showed how venerable they are in the secondary in the AFC title game when Aqin Talib was injured. 30. ATLANTA – Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame Tony Gonzalez is coming back for one more year, so Eifert will be able to learn under one of the best tight ends ever. 31. SAN FRANCISCO – Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State The secondary was the only weak spot – as shown in the Super Bowl – that keeps the defense from being the NFL’s best. 32. BALTIMORE – Jonathan Cyprien, S, Florida International Big safety to help fill a huge void, but the Ravens are a good candidate to trade down with a team looking for a quarterback.

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Calif.-based TRD, also lost five points in the manufacturer standings. The penalty to Kenseth, who held off Kasey Kahne of Hendrick Motorsports to earn his second win of the season, dropped him from eighth to 14th in the standings. JGR said it would appeal the penalty. “It is our understanding that one of the eight connecting rods on the engine was ruled too

light,” the statement said. “We are working with our partners at TRD on this issue.” Lee White, president of TRD, said the connecting road was three grams underweight and JGR had nothing to do with the mistake. “We take full responsibility for this issue with the engine. JGR is not involved in the process of selecting parts or assembling the Cup Series engines,” White said. “It was a simple oversight on TRD’s part and there was no intent to deceive, or to gain any type of competitive advantage.”

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Payerl ready to grind out playoff goals
By TOM VENESKY [email protected]

Saturday WBS Penguins at Binghamton 7:05 p.m. Sunday WBS Penguins at Binghamton 5:05 p.m. Thursday Binghamton at WBS Penguins 7:05 p.m. May 4 Binghamton atWBS Penguins 7:05 p.m. May 6 WBS Penguins at Binghamton 7:05 p.m.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant (35) shoots as Houston Rockets center Omer Asik defends in the first quarter of Game 2 of of a first-round NBA playoff series in Oklahoma City on Wednesday.


Thunder blows lead, hangs on for victory
OKLAHOMA CITY — Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook each scored 29 points, and the Oklahoma City Thunder recovered after squandering a 15-point lead in the fourth quarter to beat the Houston Rockets 105-102 on Wednesday night and take a 2-0 series lead. Durant hit the go-ahead 3-pointer with 2:28 to play, and the Thunder didn’t relinquish the lead after that. Durant missed a free throw with 1 second left, but Houston was out of timeouts and Carlos Delfino couldn’t connect on a desperation shot at the final buzzer. James Harden scored 36 points and spearheaded a 21-2 comeback that wiped away the big deficit and put the Rockets up 95-91.

Memphis' Gasol wins defensive player honors
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- Grizzlies center Marc Gasol has won his first NBA Defensive Player of the Year award after anchoring the league's stingiest defense. Gasol received 212 points and 30 first-place votes to edge Miami's LeBron James, who had 149 points and 18 first-place votes, the NBA announced Wednesday. "It's a great honor," Memphis coach Lionel Hollins said. "Marc's played well. There's a lot of other guys that are worthy, you know. They saw fit to give Marc the award, and he was deserving." The 7-foot-1 Spaniard averaged 1.7 blocks and 1.0 steals.

Pacers 113, Hawks 98

INDIANAPOLIS — Paul George followed his triple-double by scoring a playoff careerhigh 27 points to lead Indiana past Atlanta. The Pacers lead the best-ofseven first-round series 2-0 and have won four straight home games over the Hawks. It’s the first time Indiana has held a 2-0 series lead since the 2004 Eastern Conference semifinals.

How does a player who spends the regular season going to the dirty areas, banging along the boards and posting in front of the net elevate his game for the playoffs? He does it with more determination. That’s Adam Payerl’s game plan as he prepares to play in his first AHL postseason this Saturday when the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Penguins travel to Binghamton for Game 1 against the Senators. The 6-3, 216-pound Payerl has established himself as a rugged power forward during his rookie season with the Penguins. He consistently played a gritty game all regular season, and now he could play an even bigger role in the playoffs - a time when unsung heroes emerge. And it’s usually those who spend the season grinding away on the bottom lines that find goal-scoring success in the playoffs. “Goal scoring is a whole different ballgame in the playoffs,” said team leading scorer Chad Kolarik. “You’re not going to see a lot of the tic-tac-toe plays, the pretty goals. It’s going to be a lot of grind and go to the net hard. “Guys that didn’t have a ton of goals during the year, but they’re going to be key parts in the playoffs.” Such a scenario happens every year, Kolarik said, pointing to Washington’s Joel Ward as an example. When Ward played with Nashville two seasons ago, he tallied 10 goals in 80 regular

score goals in the playoffs,” Payerl said.


season games, but went on to post seven goals in 12 playoff contests that year. Payerl, who scored three goals in 44 regular season games, could be in store for similar postseason glory. He likes to mention another NHL player who went from bottom line grinder to playoff hero Max Talbot, who scored two goals in Game 7 of the Finals to propel Pittsburgh to the Stanley Cup in 2009. “Guys like that end up winning games for their team in the playoffs,” Payerl said. But what does a player whose style already includes playing in the dirty areas need to do differently to find playoff success? Well, Payerl already knows what his plan is. “It’s just a matter of having more determination and will to put the puck in the net. You can get to the dirty areas, but it’s not the same when you go there and bear down that extra little bit to

The Penguins enter the postseason with five players who scored at least 20 goals in the regular season (Chad Kolarik-31, Derek Nesbitt-26, Trevor Smith-23, Riley Holzapfel-21 and Paul Thompson-20). Binghamton had no 20 goal scorers in the regular season, so one would assume that offense would be a Penguin advantage. Not so fast. Head coach John Hynes admitted this his team does have good depth on offense, but the goal stats from the regular season don’t mean as much in the playoffs. “The most important thing isn’t about what happened in the regular season, but about playing your best hockey going into and through the playoffs,” Hynes said. “That’s our focus.” Kolarik agreed. “I don’t think anyone has an advantage in this series. Both teams have played well against each other and I expect it to be a great series,” he said. Still, Nesbitt said there is a benefit to playing on a team with so many proven goal scorers. He spent the majority of the regular season with Peoria and was the only player to top the 20-goal mark. “There’s not as much pressure to score as there is when you’re the only guy. Where I came from it was a little more pressure every night,” Nesbitt said. “Now, to be able to spread it around is a huge plus.”
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Cowboys Stadium to host championship
By RALPH D. RUSSO AP College Football Writer

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PASADENA, Calif. — The first championship game in the College Football Playoff will be held at Cowboys Stadium. The BCS conference commissioners announced Wednesday that Arlington, Texas, edged Tampa, Fla., in the bidding to be the site of the first title game in the new playoff system. “The stadium itself was the biggest determiner,” BCS executive director Bill Hancock said about the $1.2 billion dollar, state-of-the-art home of the NFL’s Cowboys and the Cotton Bowl. “It’s still the stadium with a capital ‘T.’” The game will be held Jan. 12, 2015. The final three sites for the semifinal rotation also were announced and Cowboys Stadium came up a winner again. The Cotton Bowl will be part of the six-bowl rotation, along with the Chick-fil-A Bowl in Atlanta and the Fiesta Bowl in Glendale, Ariz. The Holiday Bowl in San Diego also bid for a spot in the semifinal rotation, but couldn’t pull the upset. The Rose, Orange and Sugar bowls are already part of the semifinal rotation. The Rose and Sugar will host the first semifinals Jan. 1, 2015, The next season, the Cotton and Orange bowls will host the semifinals on New Year’s Eve. The semis will be played in the Fiesta and Chick-fil-A bowls after the 2016 season.

For the Cotton Bowl and its organizers, landing a spot in the rotation and the first title game is the culmination of a long slow return to prominence for a game with a rich history. The game dates to 1937 and has hosted some of the most memorable matchups in college football, including Notre Dame’s stirring comeback victory led by Joe Montana against Houston in the 1979 game. But when the Bowl Championship Series was implemented in 1998, the Cotton Bowl was left out and lost much of its luster. Organizers for years tried to break into the BCS, but couldn’t overcome the limitations of their antiquated namesake stadium in Dallas. Things turned for the Cotton Bowl when it moved out of the

old stadium at the fairgrounds in CHEVROLET `97 2010 and into Cowboys Stadium. LUMINA LS Cotton Bowl organizers again Fully equipped, cold air conditioning. started to push for inclusion in New tires. 68,000 miles. $1,975 the BCS. The game was moved 570-299-0772 to primetime , and with its 421 Boats & Southeastern Conference-Big 12 Marinas matchup, had all the trimmings MASTERCRAFT ‘95 of a BCS event, even without its JET DUO stamp of approval. Kraze jet ski with trailer & custom Doyouneedmorespace? When the conference commis- cover. $1,000. OBO. A yard or garage sale 570-840-4112 sioners announced last year that in classified is the best way LINEUP the BCS would be abandoned tocleanoutyourclosets! for a four-team playoff starting ASUCCESSFULSALE You’re in bussiness with classified! INCLASSIFIED! in 2014, with the championship Doyouneedmorespace? game bid out like a Super Bowl, A yard or garage sale it was all but assumed the Cotin classified is the best way ton Bowl would be part of the new system and that Cowboys tocleanoutyourclosets! 700 You’re in bussiness MERCHANDISE Stadium would be a strong canwith classified! 746 Garage Sales/ didate to eventually host a cham- 451 Trucks/ Estate Sales/ pionship game. SUVs/Vans Flea Markets They didn’t have to wait long DODGE `05 to accomplish both goals.
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Saturday April 27th in the Parish Hall 212 Wyoming Ave. Dupont. Dinner includes: Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, bread, dessert & beverage Cost of the ticket is $8.00 for adults & $4.00 for children 12 years of age & under. Serving is 4pm to 7pm. Tickets are available at the door. PLEASE JOIN US & ENJOY! Call 654-4262 for more information & 654-0345 the day of the dinner.

132 West Union St. Sat. 9 until 1 Country and household items, girls, boys and women’s clothes, toys and more. All must go!

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60 CARROLL ST Fri., & Sat. 9:30-4:00 New costume jewelry, sunglasses, & lots more! SHAVERTOWN

305 River St. (Corner of River & Butler) Sat., April 27, 8:00-3:00 Contents of lovely home. Living room, drop leaf table, tables, chairs, lamps, Kitchen set with hutch, many kitchen items, Noritake and Stangle dishware, glassware, All window curtains, 3 bedroom suites, desk, chests, books, holiday, Lawn furniture, costume jewelry, tools, basement, garage. Too much to list, all prices to sell!

Garden tools and equipment, snow shoes, weights, furniture, table saw, electric fencing, log splitter, rugs, shelves, etc. No early birds!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOWNSIZING SALE April 27 - 8 to 3

165 Dug Road



Find Something? Lose Something? Get it back where it belongs with a Lost/Found ad! 570-829-7130

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130!

2 year health guaranteed, references available. $475. Call or Text: 570-765-1914


2355 Huntsville Rd




May 18th • Mid Mezzanine Seating • $165 pp June 1st • Yankee Stadium • $109 pp



Newer tires, ideal delivery van, or for flea markets $1,000 (570) 287-8410


Sail with Frankie in the morning aboard the Explorer! August 3 – 8 • $999 pp August 31st • Met Life Stadium • Upper Level $169 pp Lower Level $189 pp
601 Market St., Kingston, PA


Very Low Mileage, 52,000. Car was garaged kept, and owned by a nonsmoker. $17,000. (570) 474-0595


Fri., Sat., Sun. ???? 9-????? 4/26 4/27 and 4/28? baby furniture, albums, household much more


90 West Liberty St. SAT., & SUN. 8AM TO 3PM CLEANING OUT 2 HOMES 2 stained glass chandeliers, household items, new & old stuff. Don’t Miss This One!


Looking for that special place called home? Classified will address Your needs. Open the door with classified!

518 Customer Support/Client Care

120 OPENINGS!! All shifts. Apply today, work tomorrow. Drug screen and criminal background required. (Save time, apply online) www.one sourcehrsolutions. com 1124 Highway 315 Wilkes Barre 18702 or call 570-825-2105

38 Valley View Dr. Sat., Apr. 27, 10-3 No early birds! Lots of Stuff. New & used. Something for everyone. Lots of books.



P inna cle R eh a b ilit at ion

K n ee/R ep l acem en t?
K evin M . B arno M PT

K evin M . B a rno , M P T • K . B ridgetB a rno , P T Sha ro n M a rra nca , M P T • H a l G la tz, M P T M a ria H a ll, P TA • W illia m M o ntro s s , M P T

Shopping for a new apartment? CO VE R E D B Y M E D ICAR E ! Classified lets AL L M AJO R INSUR ANCE S ACCE PTE D you compare costs E xp ert p hysi caltherap y cl ose to hom e K . B rid get B arno PT without hassle K . B rid get B arno PT 520 T hird A ve. • K in gston • 714-6460 or worry! 201 Sou th M ain St. • P ittston • 602-1933 Get moving w w w .pin n aclereh abilitation .n et with classified!

O ur experthands-on treatm entw illim prove your m obility,increase your strength and decrease your pain. B e able to w alk an d clim b stairs pain free!


HADDONFIELD HILLS Sat. Apr. 27th, 8-3 Items large & small, furniture, tools, power equipment, pellet stove, boat trailer, housewares, clothing, etc. DURYEA

Blueberry Hill Estates 705 BlueBerry Dr. Sat. 8 until 2 Exercise equipment, patio furniture, children items, clothes, home decor and much more!

116 BENT PINE TRAIL SAT., APRIL 27th 8:00-4:00 DIRECTIONS: 81 S. to exit 145. Take 93 S. to right onto Deer Run Rd. than left onto Bent Pine Trail. ENTIRE CONTENTS OF HOME Including oak bedroom set, living room furniture, dining table & chairs, kitchenware, glassware, jewelry, linens, holiday, vintage clothes, lawn and garden, wooden extension ladder, Craftsman riding tractor 17 hp, 42 '', electric start, Craftsman lawn mower with mulcher, self propelled and much more. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED SALE BY COOK & COOK ESTATE LIQUIDATORS WWW.COOKANDCOOKESTATELIQUIDATORS.COM

Estates 17 Garage Sales Saturday, April 27 8:00 AM-NOON Rain or Shine River Street in Plains to West Saylor to East Saylor to Lombardo Drive. 30 in” flat screen TV, 32” LED TV, 55” Flat screen TV, 69” 1080 HD plasma TV, American Girl dolls, Antique Upright Piano (Vose and Sons) Antique scale, Antiques, army footlocker, baby clothes, barstools, bikes, bouncing chair, cabinets, car seats, cash register, cell phones, chair and ottoman, children’s clothing, cleaning supplies, Coach purses, collectibles, crafts, crib, dishwasher, drop ceiling blocks, ellipticals (commercial) fire place screen/tools, furniture, George Forman grill, Gravity Edge, Haitian Metal work and Oil Paintings, Health and Beauty, Jewelry, lawn/garden, mens clothing, Nordic Track, oak hutch, Papasan chairs, PetSafe wireless containment system, prom gowns, purses, quilts,quilt rack, refrigerator (side by side) rower (commercial) school uniform approved teen clothing, seasonal/holiday. Sports equipment, Star Trek models and toys. Strollers, suitcases, super single waterbed frame. Tools, toys, treadmill, (commercial) turntable, TV stand, upright bikes (commercial) upright cooler, vending machine (commercial) Vera Bradley, water cooler, WII Games, Wine Racks, Women’s Clothing. Something for Everyone! MOST ITEMS REDUCED AT 11:30AM. EARLY


Saturday April 27th 8am-4pm Plenty of vendors and a lot of homemade food! 570-675-3375



Apartments/ Unfurnished

26 Michelle Drive, Birchwood Estates, Sat., April 27 8 AM to 2 PM. 3-Family Sale Girls Junior clothes sizes 2 to 6 including like-new prom gowns, vanity table, Girls Toddler clothes sizes 6 to 18 months gently used or with tags still on, miscellaneous baby items & toys, household, retro/ antique items, electronics, etc. MOUNTAIN TOP


Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!


2 bedrooms, 2nd floor. Off street parking. Heat, hot water & trash included. Coin op washer/dryer. $625/month, references, security & lease. Available May 1st Call 570-760-4830


38 Park Avenue Sat., Apr. 27th, 10-3 Toys, women's clothing, golf clubs furniture, household 160 Fairway Drive Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tropical cana bulbs, TV, dining set, cocktail table, desk or podium and chair, bedrails, child tables and chairs, gulf clubs, bike, hummel, art work, holiday, religious, vintage, old bird cage stand, toys and games, house hold, Le Crueset pots, clothes for everyone, especially children, linens, fabrics ($1 a yard) Quilt tops and quilts, quilts and sewing stuff, jewelry, books, VHS tapes, electronics, something for everyone!

Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club


LEXINGTON VILLAGE 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher & washer/dryer provided. Attached garage. Pet friendly. Water, sewer & trash included. 59 Agostina Drive 570-735-3500


Don’t Miss!


Trucksville UM Church 40 Knob Hill Road 570-696-3897 Fri. 4/26 5:308:30pm; Sat. 4/27 8am-noon Collectibles, furniture, books, clothing, housewares, jewelry, seasonal, children’s items, snack and bakery. Great Prices For Tough Economy!

of Times Leader readers read the Classified section.
*2008 Pulse Research




What Do You Have To Sell Today?
Call 829-7130 to place your ad.

46 Farmhouse Rd. Sat., Apr. 27th, 9-3 Yamaha organ, machinist’s tools, & tool box, new double hung vinyl windows, furniture, pictures, glassware, cooking utensils, & much more!

536 and 556 Fifth Street Manor Sat. & Sun. 8am-2pm Toys, clothing, baby, child, adult & household items.





IN BRIEF Healthlaw featurestalls

House Republicans have put off a vote on legislation to rescue a main feature of President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul — affordable coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions — after it ran into strong opposition from conservatives and Democrats. The legislation is a departure from past GOP efforts to kill the Affordable Health Care Act outright, and faced a White House veto threat. Democrats are against it because it would bail out the struggling program to help those with pre-existing conditions get insurance by raiding a disease prevention provision the administration says is essential. Conservative groups also urged Republicans to vote against it, saying it perpetuated the federal role in health care.

By PHILIP ELLIOTT The Associated Press

No increase to students’ econ savvy
WASHINGTON — The Wall Street meltdown of 2008 and the ensuing recession did little to help make high school seniors financially savvy and less than half of them have a solid understanding of economics, according to an Education Department report released Tuesday. In real terms, that might mean that students might have difficulty understanding the impact of a poor credit rating, the relationship between consumer spending and higher unemployment or how inflation can eat away at pay raises. Students’ scores of economic literacy changed little between 2006 and 2012, suggesting that the national discussion about the millions of jobs that were lost and homes that were foreclosed didn’t translate to higher academic achievement. During that period, several states added an economics course to high school offerings and some started requiring it to earn a diploma. “It is astonishing that high school seniors do not know more about how economics affects their wallets, their country and the world at a pivotal time in their lives, whether they choose to enter the workforce or pursue higher education,” said David Driscoll, chair of the National Assessment Governing Board, which runs the federal tests. “We need to do more to educate all students in economics so they can make informed decisions, whether they are negotiating a car loan, voting or reading financial news.”

FordMotor profitrises

Ford Motor Co.’s first-quarter profit rose 15 percent to a $1.6 billion thanks to record earnings in North America and strong sales in China. The automaker lost money again in Europe, although it sees some hints of improvement there. Ford earned 40 cents per share, up from 35 cents in the same quarter a year ago. Without one-time charges, including restructuring costs in Europe, Ford would have earned 41 cents. That beat Wall Street’s forecast of 37 cents, according to analysts polled by FactSet. Ford earned $2.4 billion in North America, the highest quarterly total since the company began reporting results regionally in 2000.

Members of the band Lady Antebellum, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood have said they credit their career in part to sales made through iTunes.


iTunes celebrates a decade
By NEKESA MUMBI MOODY AP Entertainment Writer

Britainmay see recession

Recession may just be a word. But in Britain it may become a habit — and a dangerous one at that. It’s possible that official figures on first quarter economic growth, to be released today, could show the country is back in recession, and tension is building. Although economists on average expect growth of 0.1 percent on the quarter, they warn it would take the smallest statistical variation to put the figure in negative territory. That would place the country in recession, typically defined as two consecutive quarters of economic contraction. Another recession — the third since the 2008 financial crisis — is already being referred to with foreboding in the media as a “Triple Dip.” Experts warn that its confirmation would create a wave of negative media attention that would scare consumers away from spending, feeding into a vicious cycle that has the economy flat-lining. GAS PRICES
Average price of a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline:

NEW YORK — When Apple launched its iTunes music store a decade ago amid the ashes of Napster, the music industry — reeling from the effects of online piracy — was anxious to see how the new music service would shake out. “The sky was falling, and iTunes provided a place where we were going to monetize music and in theory stem the tide of piracy. So, it was certainly a solution for the time,” said Michael McDonald, who co-founded ATO Records with Dave Matthews and whose Mick Management roster includes John

Mayer and Ray LaMontagne. The iTunes music store became much more than a solution; it changed how we consume music and access entertainment. It’s not only music’s biggest retailer, it also dominates the digital video market, capturing 67 percent of the TV show sale market and 65 percent of the movie sale market, according to information company NPD group. Its apps are the most profitable, it has expanded to books and magazines, and it is now available in 119 countries. This week, iTunes posted a record $2.4 billion in revenue in first-quarter earnings. “They revolutionized the retail landscape by making a truly interactive and

very user-friendly space and platform, and they managed to do it by keeping a great music experience attached to what was very difficult technology,” said Scott Borchetta, head of Big Machine Records, home to Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts. But as iTunes celebrates its 10-year mark Sunday, it faces renewed scrutiny on how it will continue to dominate in the next decade — or whether it can. With competition from subscription services like Spotify and other services like Amazon.com, Netflix, Hulu and others, iTunes will likely need to reinvent itself to remain at the top of the digital entertainment perch.





Source: AAA report for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton area

S&P 500 1,578.79



NASDAQ 3,269.65


Spring is upon us, and summer is closing in. I’m starting to see cyclists everywhere as the weather warms up. I’ve noted that many riders are using a variety of apps, for a variety of reasons. GPS-enabled applications to track their progress, speed and route. Apps that remind you when it’s time to hydrate. Even good ol’ fashioned music apps. But what happens when your battery dies? What do you do then? For people on extended bike rides, all of those apps use up a whole ton of power. Sure, there are power packs, extended batteries and all sorts of other gadgets and gizmos you can use to keep your phone charged, but at some

Cyclists harness pedal power for phone battery with ‘Atom’



DOW 14,676.30


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn +10.1 +2.1 +12.6 +12.1 +10.7 +8.4 +0.8 +7.8 +8.2 +4.2 +10.1 +9.0 +3.6 +8.6 +11.0 +12.1 +7.4 +2.0 +9.2 +11.6 +13.1 +9.3 +5.7 +5.4 +5.7 +11.8 +10.1 +9.4 +8.1 -1.5


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn +.18 -1.8

Mutual Funds
YTD NAV Chg %Rtn Name


point, you’re going to run out of power. More to the point, all of that represents extra weight you’ve got to lug around. A company called Siva Cycle has stepped in to solve this problem with a product called “Atom,” a small generator and battery pack that mounts to the frame of a bicycle. The Atom has a USB port, so devices can be charged using their standard cables, and the power output is the same as a computer’s USB power jack, so, according to the company, it will charge a device just as quickly as a desktop computer. Using bicycles to generate power is nothing new; dynamo-type generators have been powering lights on bicycles for decades.

The Atom is different — it uses a magnetic rotor mounted on the actual hub of the bicycle wheel to generate electricity, without generating additional drag on the wheel itself. Out of the box, the Atom comes with the generator itself, a removable battery pack with a USB plug, a 3-foot-long adhesive ribbon cord that carries the power from the generator to wherever your device is stored and some other accessories to help mount the device. According to the company, no tools other than those required to remove the bicycle wheel are required.
10-YR T-NOTE 1.71%

The Atom will fit any bike with a hub flange less than 3 inches in diameter and a minimum of 20mm of space between the wheel dropout and the hub flange. Bikes with disc brakes may need to mount the Atom on the front wheel, provided that there is clearance, but a separate version for bikes with disc brakes is in the works. The Atom is a Kickstarter project and is not yet available for purchase; it’s set to begin shipping in November for early adapters who contribute $85 or more to the campaign. After that, it will retail for $105. For more information on the Atom, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/ projects/332999904/the-siva-cycleatom-powering-your-life-one-pedal-a.


RUSSELL 2000 934.11



6-MO T-BILLS .09%




YTD NAV Chg %Rtn


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn +10.4 +11.9 +2.6 -3.6 +10.4 +6.7 +11.4 +3.7 +8.3 +8.2 +11.4 +10.6 -3.0 +11.3 +11.6 +11.9 +8.1 +17.0 +5.0 +6.9 +3.0 +2.9 -1.8 +9.7 +10.6 +7.9 -0.8 +2.7 +12.9 +1.0 +6.1 +7.2 +0.3 +8.7 +2.1 +14.3 +14.2 +3.6 +9.2 +11.4 +11.3 +17.3 +13.4 +6.7 +7.4 +13.0 +3.2 +4.1 +11.1 +0.6 +0.6 +9.1 +8.4


YTD NAV Chg %Rtn +.01 +.01 -.39 -.93 +.01 +.06 +.02 +.03 +.02 +.02 +.03 +.15 +.23 +.92 +.02 +.06 +.07 +.33 +.07 ... ... +.33 -.32 -.33 -.05 +.07 +.28 ... ... +.17 +.04 +.04 +.09 +.06 +.11 +.02 +.05 +.07 +.04 +.07 +.04 ... ... ... ... +.13 +.03 +.04 +.04 +.12 +.22 -.06 +.03 +.02 +.06 +.04 +.07 +.35 +.19 +2.8 +2.9 +17.8 +17.8 +1.4 +0.4 +0.4 +0.4 +11.4 +11.4 +11.5 +7.6 +4.3 +4.3 +2.7 +9.4 +13.4 +13.4 +13.4 +1.2 +0.6 -24.5 +15.6 +15.7 +14.3 +13.8 +13.8 +0.7 +0.7 +12.7 +9.6 +9.7 +12.1 +6.2 +13.3 +5.3 +6.1 +7.4 +8.0 +8.4 +6.8 +0.7 +0.7 +0.7 +0.7 +4.2 +11.5 +11.5 +11.4 +7.6 +10.0 +8.7 +14.0 +5.4 +5.5 +8.4 +8.4 +11.5 +11.5

52-WEEK HIGH LOW 90.34 76.11 42.53 32.75 45.89 37.00 33.28 21.63 34.28 24.38 402.09 341.98 12.94 6.72 29.13 19.30 14.99 3.50 58.50 43.08 66.94 39.01 42.96 35.58 42.61 28.09 29.95 25.38 48.59 20.71 53.65 34.78 58.67 43.59 60.24 34.00 8.42 4.74 15.75 11.14 5.15 3.06 18.80 13.06 9.81 5.14 72.70 51.91 91.42 61.87

Stocks of Local Interest
TKR APD AWK APU WTR ADM AZO BAC BK BONT CVS CI KO CMCSA CBU CYH CORE EMR ETE ETM FCS FTR G HHS HNZ HSY DIV 2.84 1.00 3.20 .70 .76 ... .04 .60 .20 .90 .04 1.12 .78 1.08 .25 .76 1.64 2.58 ... ... .40 .18 .34 2.06 1.68 LAST 85.80 41.15 45.41 32.12 32.39 383.95 12.31 27.85 13.69 57.58 65.22 42.15 40.67 28.77 42.80 52.69 55.28 58.90 8.28 12.12 4.04 18.55 7.48 72.40 89.34 CHG +.62 -.01 +.46 -.16 -.16 +.33 +.24 +.31 +.43 -.44 -.42 -.55 -.23 -.21 +.34 -.23 +.64 +.05 +.30 -.04 -.01 +.11 -.05 -.06 -1.91 YTD %CHG 52-WEEK HIGH LOW NAME Lowes M&T Bk McDnlds Mondelez NBT Bcp NexstarB PNC PPL Corp PennaRE PepsiCo PhilipMor ProctGam Prudentl RiteAid SLM Cp SLM pfB TJX UGI Corp VerizonCm WalMart WeisMk WellsFargo TKR LOW MTB MCD MDLZ NBTB NXST PNC PPL PEI PEP PM PG PRU RAD SLM SLMBP TJX UGI VZ WMT WMK WFC DIV .64 2.80 3.08 .52 .80 .48 1.76 1.47 .72 2.15 3.40 2.41 1.60 ... .60 2.07 .58 1.08 2.06 1.88 1.20 1.20 LAST 37.71 99.92 101.02 31.46 20.03 22.45 68.44 32.80 19.87 82.34 94.05 77.12 58.34 2.58 20.68 60.50 47.42 40.16 51.80 78.03 42.51 37.34 +2.1 +10.8 +17.2 +26.4 +18.3 +8.3 +6.0 +8.4 +12.6 +19.1 +22.0 +16.3 +8.9 +5.2 +39.2 +11.3 +4.4 +29.5 +18.6 -15.8 -5.7 +19.7 +26.8 +25.5 +23.7 39.98 105.90 103.70 32.02 22.89 23.11 67.89 32.70 19.86 84.32 96.60 82.54 61.94 2.52 21.02 62.97 48.83 41.07 52.49 79.28 45.96 38.20 24.76 76.92 83.31 24.05 18.92 6.00 53.36 26.91 11.81 65.68 81.10 59.07 44.47 .95 12.85 42.35 39.46 26.30 38.41 57.18 37.65 29.80



CRUDE OIL $91.43


Nick DeLorenzo is director of interactive and new media for The Times Leader. Email him at [email protected]





NAME AirProd AmWtrWks Amerigas AquaAm ArchDan AutoZone BkofAm BkNYMel BonTon CVS Care Cigna CocaCola s Comcast CmtyBkSy CmtyHlt CoreMark EmersonEl EngyTEq Entercom FairchldS FrontierCm Genpact HarteHnk Heinz Hershey

CHG -.30 +.36 +1.26 -.40 -.13 -.26 +1.23 +.10 +.44 -1.76 +.45 -4.82 +.40 +.09 +.28 -.45 +.26 -.10 -.52 -1.06 +.74 +.21

YTD %CHG +6.2 +1.5 +14.5 +23.6 -1.2 +112.0 +17.4 +14.6 +12.6 +20.3 +12.4 +13.6 +9.4 +89.7 +20.7 +14.2 +11.7 +22.8 +19.7 +14.4 +8.5 +9.2

Alliance Bernstein CoreOppA m 15.39 -.03 GlblRskAllB m15.69 +.06 American Cent IncGroA m 30.62 +.02 ValueInv 7.13 +.02 American Funds AMCAPA m 24.02 -.02 BalA m 22.02 +.06 BondA m 12.96 ... CapIncBuA m 56.40 +.08 CpWldGrIA m 40.09 +.14 EurPacGrA m 42.96 +.28 FnInvA m 44.79 +.12 GrthAmA m 37.45 -.01 HiIncA m 11.54 +.02 IncAmerA m 19.45 +.04 InvCoAmA m 33.35 +.07 MutualA m 31.61 -.01 NewPerspA m33.58 +.09 NwWrldA m 55.59 +.27 SmCpWldA m43.59 +.12 WAMutInvA m34.66 +.03 Baron Asset b 55.30 -.01 BlackRock EqDivI 21.67 +.05 GlobAlcA m 20.86 +.10 GlobAlcC m 19.37 +.09 GlobAlcI 20.96 +.09 CGM Focus 32.76 +.16 Mutual 31.30 +.13 Realty 32.13 -.06 Columbia AcornZ 32.93 +.04 DFA EmMkCrEqI 20.08 +.09

EmMktValI 29.30 DWS-Scudder EnhEMFIS d 11.30 HlthCareS d 30.96 LAEqS d 32.88 Davis NYVentA m 38.92 NYVentC m 37.42 Dodge & Cox Bal 85.07 Income 13.92 IntlStk 36.71 Stock 136.61 Dreyfus TechGrA f 34.45 Eaton Vance HiIncOppA m 4.65 HiIncOppB m 4.66 NatlMuniA m 10.34 NatlMuniB m 10.34 PAMuniA m 9.18 FPA Cres d 30.46 Fidelity AstMgr20 13.40 Bal 21.39 BlChGrow 53.55 Contra 84.20 DivrIntl d 31.99 ExpMulNat d 23.81 Free2020 15.00 Free2030 15.08 GrowCo 101.86 LatinAm d 44.72 LowPriStk d 44.06 Magellan 79.73 Overseas d 34.80 Puritan 20.51

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StratInc 11.40 ... +1.5 TotalBd 11.00 ... +1.3 Value 86.10 +.54 +12.8 Fidelity Advisor NewInsI 25.21 -.04 +9.5 ValStratT m 32.56 +.25 +10.6 Fidelity Select Gold d 24.40+1.40 -34.0 Pharm d 17.32 -.12 +17.1 Fidelity Spartan 500IdxAdvtg 55.97 +.01 +11.4 500IdxInstl 55.97 +.01 +11.4 500IdxInv 55.96 +.01 +11.4 TotMktIdAg d 45.84 +.04 +11.5 First Eagle GlbA m 51.41 +.47 +5.8 FrankTemp-Franklin CA TF A m 7.55 ... +1.5 Income A m 2.34 +.01 +6.5 Income C m 2.37 +.02 +6.7 FrankTemp-Mutual Discov Z 31.29 +.16 +9.3 Euro Z 22.33 +.18 +5.6 Shares Z 24.91 +.15 +10.8 FrankTemp-Templeton GlBond A m 13.60 +.02 +2.9 GlBondAdv 13.56 +.02 +2.9 Growth A m 21.10 +.18 +8.6 Harbor CapApInst 45.83 -.12 +7.8 IntlInstl d 64.24 +.56 +3.4 INVESCO ConstellB m 22.75 -.02 +7.2 GlobQuantvCoreA m12.85+.06 +12.9 PacGrowB m 21.79 +.12 +7.4 JPMorgan CoreBondSelect12.08+.01 +0.8

Foreign Exchange & Metals
CURRENCY CLOSE USD per British Pound 1.5268 Canadian Dollar 1.0255 USD per Euro 1.3021 Japanese Yen 99.51 Mexican Peso 12.2086 METALS Copper Gold Platinum Silver Palladium PVS. +.0024 -.0011 +.0030 +.07 -.0484 6MO. 1YR. %CH. AGO AGO +.16% 1.6036 1.6133 -.11% .9940 .9887 +.23% 1.2973 1.3189 +.07% 79.78 81.26 -.40% 12.9777 13.1828 6MO. 1YR. %CH. AGO AGO +2.07 -11.69 -14.66 +1.05 -16.30 -13.28 +0.92 -8.36 -7.37 +0.07 -27.74 -24.78 -0.85 +12.38 +1.83

CLOSE PVS. 3.16 3.09 1423.40 1408.60 1429.80 1416.80 22.83 22.81 666.45 672.15

John Hancock LifBa1 b 14.27 +.03 +5.6 LifGr1 b 14.41 +.03 +7.0 RegBankA m 15.44 +.08 +8.6 SovInvA m 17.41 -.04 +8.9 TaxFBdA m 10.46 ... +1.0 Lazard EmgMkEqtI d 19.23 +.06 -1.6 Loomis Sayles BdInstl 15.56 +.04 +4.1 Lord Abbett ShDurIncA m 4.65 ... +1.1 MFS MAInvA m 23.66 ... +10.1 MAInvC m 22.81 ... +9.9 Merger Merger b 15.90 +.01 +0.4 Metropolitan West TotRetBdI 10.99 +.02 +1.9 TotRtBd b 11.00 +.03 +1.9 Mutual Series Beacon Z 14.66 +.07 +9.7 Neuberger Berman SmCpGrInv 20.86 +.01 +8.5 Oakmark EqIncI 29.88 +.26 +4.8 Intl I 22.87 +.20 +9.3 Oppenheimer CapApB m 45.70 +.06 +7.9 DevMktA m 35.18 +.23 -0.3 DevMktY 34.80 +.23 -0.2 PIMCO AllAssetI 12.74 +.05 +2.2 AllAuthIn 11.07 +.04 +0.7 ComRlRStI 6.25 +.03 -5.4 HiYldIs 9.78 +.02 +3.4 LowDrIs 10.53 +.01 +0.9 TotRetA m 11.32 +.01 +1.4 TotRetAdm b 11.32 +.01 +1.5 TotRetC m 11.32 +.01 +1.2 TotRetIs 11.32 +.01 +1.5 TotRetrnD b 11.32 +.01 +1.5 TotlRetnP 11.32 +.01 +1.5 Permanent Portfolio 47.31 +.17 -2.7 Principal SAMConGrB m15.54+.03 +7.9 Prudential JenMCGrA m 33.76 -.01 +8.1 Prudential Investmen 2020FocA m 17.28 +.07 +8.3 BlendA m 19.95 +.05 +8.2 EqOppA m 17.33 +.09 +9.3 HiYieldA m 5.81 +.01 +3.8 IntlEqtyA m 6.73 +.05 +7.2 IntlValA m 20.89 +.19 +4.9 JennGrA m 22.49 -.06 +7.7 NaturResA m 43.36 ... -3.8 SmallCoA m 24.32 +.04 +8.5 UtilityA m 13.76 +.03 +15.8

ValueA m 17.24 +.13 Putnam GrowIncB m 16.32 +.09 IncomeA m 7.38 ... Royce LowStkSer m 13.34 +.19 OpportInv d 13.19 +.11 ValPlSvc m 14.75 +.03 Schwab S&P500Sel d 24.71 ... Scout Interntl d 34.60 +.27 T Rowe Price BlChpGr 49.41 -.02 CapApprec 24.07 +.04 DivGrow 29.26 ... DivrSmCap d 19.29 +.01 EmMktStk d 33.03 +.10 EqIndex d 42.56 ... EqtyInc 29.40 +.15 FinSer 16.72 +.10 GrowStk 40.84 -.08 HealthSci 48.22 -.70 HiYield d 7.19 +.01 IntlDisc d 49.27 +.27 IntlStk d 14.83 +.09 IntlStkAd m 14.76 +.09 LatinAm d 37.34 +.25 MediaTele 58.46 -.24 MidCpGr 62.45 -.09 NewAmGro 38.75 +.02 NewAsia d 16.68 +.06 NewEra 43.04 +.67 NewHoriz 37.45 +.09 NewIncome 9.87 ... Rtmt2020 18.97 +.04 Rtmt2030 20.28 +.05 ShTmBond 4.84 ... SmCpVal d 42.58 +.24 TaxFHiYld d 12.02 ... Value 30.15 +.01 ValueAd b 29.83 +.01 Thornburg IntlValI d 29.00 +.36 Tweedy, Browne GlobVal d 25.37 +.01 Vanguard 500Adml 145.64 +.02 500Inv 145.63 +.02 CapOp 39.43 -.25 CapVal 12.58 +.13 Convrt 13.44 +.09 DevMktIdx 10.47 +.09 DivGr 18.80 +.01 EnergyInv 60.96 +.88 EurIdxAdm 62.73 +.57 Explr 88.28 +.16 GNMA 10.89 -.01 GNMAAdml 10.89 -.01 GlbEq 20.37 +.08 GrowthEq 13.31 -.03

HYCor 6.17 HYCorAdml 6.17 HltCrAdml 69.44 HlthCare 164.59 ITGradeAd 10.27 InfPrtAdm 28.56 InfPrtI 11.63 InflaPro 14.54 InstIdxI 144.71 InstPlus 144.72 InstTStPl 35.84 IntlExpIn 15.83 IntlStkIdxAdm 26.05 IntlStkIdxIPls 104.19 LTInvGr 10.94 MidCapGr 22.28 MidCp 25.47 MidCpAdml 115.62 MidCpIst 25.54 MuIntAdml 14.41 MuLtdAdml 11.16 PrecMtls 12.03 Prmcp 80.35 PrmcpAdml 83.36 PrmcpCorI 17.07 REITIdx 24.68 REITIdxAd 105.31 STCor 10.82 STGradeAd 10.82 SelValu 23.65 SmGthIdx 27.44 SmGthIst 27.49 StSmCpEq 24.34 Star 22.09 StratgcEq 24.31 TgtRe2015 14.09 TgtRe2020 25.28 TgtRe2030 25.11 TgtRe2035 15.22 TgtRe2040 25.12 Tgtet2025 14.51 TotBdAdml 11.07 TotBdInst 11.07 TotBdMkInv 11.07 TotBdMkSig 11.07 TotIntl 15.57 TotStIAdm 39.56 TotStIIns 39.57 TotStIdx 39.55 TxMIntlAdm 12.06 TxMSCAdm 34.26 USGro 23.10 USValue 13.52 WellsI 25.24 WellsIAdm 61.16 Welltn 36.47 WelltnAdm 62.99 WndsIIAdm 58.14 WndsrII 32.75 Wells Fargo DvrCpBldA f 7.81

Combined Stocks
Name Last Chg %YTD +.89 -1.96 -.69 +.08 -.26 +.29 -.10 ... +.26 -.03 +.98 -7.83 +1.75 +.06 -.67 +.31 +.96 +.87 -.06 +.46 +1.23 +.01 +.14 -.32 -.91 +.07 -.13 +2.65 -.85 +.06 +.45 -.69 +.18 +.19 -.68 -2.9 +9.9 +16.5 +8.8 +41.3 -3.1 +23.7 +13.0 +19.3 +17.7 +17.8 +21.7 +12.1 +11.6 -23.8 +17.1 +21.0 +8.0 +54.9 +1.1 +8.8 +52.7 +19.6 +4.3 +5.8 +19.0 +52.0 +20.5 +28.6 +12.1 +38.2 +21.1 +19.7 +21.6 +32.0 Name Last Chg %YTD -.21 -.32 ... -.79 +.80 -.52 +.66 -2.06 -3.53 -.61 +.48 +.27 +.72 +.22 +2.59 -.09 +.34 +.09 -.65 +.11 +.97 +.51 +.07 +.26 +.31 +.16 +.46 +.44 +.64 -.17 +.82 +.62 +.25 +.45 +.29 -9.4 -6.5 +25.7 -5.2 +9.4 +3.8 +19.1 +19.4 +12.8 +20.3 +.5 +13.0 +9.7 +14.2 +1.6 +21.0 -1.5 -2.9 +24.4 +18.0 +6.6 -.5 +15.0 +17.3 +17.1 -11.0 +8.2 +17.6 +4.4 +7.5 +5.6 +10.0 +23.0 +18.7 +24.9 Name Last Chg %YTD +.13 +.37 +.34 +1.29 +.27 +.26 +.01 -.18 -.03 +.22 +.10 +.36 +4.63 +.46 -1.34 -2.76 +.23 +1.23 +.34 +.48 +.38 +.29 +.34 +.11 +1.91 +.19 -.10 +.07 -.61 -.78 ... +1.44 +.73 +.10 +.81 +3.3 +1.8 +6.1 +3.0 +68.4 +10.6 +60.7 +.7 +2.9 +12.2 +18.8 +43.4 +3.6 +4.6 +22.1 +37.7 +18.1 +18.0 +8.9 -11.0 +23.8 +10.0 -41.2 -3.2 +32.4 +39.2 +18.5 +17.9 +32.1 +5.1 -2.8 +5.6 +13.0 +.1 +21.7 Name Last Chg %YTD +.55 +.82 -1.06 +.75 -1.08 +.14 -2.09 -.26 -.08 +.06 +.45 -2.05 -2.28 +.94 +.63 +.87 +.62 +.09 +.68 -.44 +.28 +.18 -.12 +.78 -.68 +.58 +1.16 -.16 -.04 +1.60 -.01 +.03 -.24 +1.90 +.45 +11.6 +21.8 +20.4 +11.6 +17.2 +15.6 +22.5 +15.2 +32.9 -9.6 +3.6 +12.7 +13.6 +28.6 +5.9 +9.2 -4.9 +14.2 +2.3 +11.2 +22.5 -4.4 -5.2 +10.4 +17.1 +16.3 +18.9 +12.2 +4.5 +19.3 +7.1 +5.5 +19.1 -26.1 +16.4 Name Last Chg %YTD +.08 -.15 -.92 +.13 +2.28 +1.38 -1.70 -.02 +2.64 -.15 +.30 -.34 +.19 +.18 +.10 -.37 +.35 -.48 +.42 +.05 +3.16 +.08 +.29 -.12 ... +.74 +.59 +1.26 +.51 +.82 +.70 +3.63 +.50 +1.23 +1.27 +25.1 +19.2 +21.2 +15.0 +9.2 +1.2 +24.8 -2.8 +10.1 +15.9 +19.0 +20.4 +18.8 +7.1 +14.6 -8.7 +10.5 +22.0 +18.3 +38.7 +3.0 +17.3 +8.4 +27.1 +49.5 +1.0 +11.1 +2.8 +2.5 -3.9 -3.6 +14.0 +56.2 +5.6 -33.7 Name Last Chg %YTD +.03 -.18 -.62 +.08 +.28 -.01 -.29 +.11 +.02 -.14 +.58 +1.38 +.04 +.48 -.81 +.17 +.59 +.11 -.13 -4.10 -.24 +.88 -.89 -.16 +.20 -.55 +.22 +.66 -2.75 +.33 -.02 +2.13 +.26 -.07 +4.50 +8.5 +47.2 +12.2 +31.1 +13.0 +25.0 +10.6 +11.2 +17.8 +24.2 +4.0 +25.3 +3.9 +16.2 +24.6 +8.7 -4.5 +9.8 +17.2 -4.8 +13.3 -28.5 +12.2 -2.7 +7.9 +23.3 +20.3 +12.9 +17.2 +17.2 +5.2 +16.9 +16.8 +22.7 +3.4 AFLAC 51.56 AT&T Inc 37.04 AbtLab s 36.52 AMD 2.61 AlaskaAir 60.88 Alcoa 8.41 Allstate 49.70 Altria 35.53 AEP 50.90 AmExp 67.42 AmIntlGrp 41.60 Amgen 104.93 Anadarko 83.32 Annaly 15.67 Apple Inc 405.46 AutoData 66.67 AveryD 42.25 Avnet 33.07 Avon 22.24 BP PLC 42.08 BakrHu 44.44 BallardPw .93 BarnesNob 18.05 Baxter 69.53 Beam Inc 64.64 BerkH B 106.75 BlockHR 28.22 Boeing 90.83 BrMySq 41.45 Brunswick 32.60 Buckeye 62.75 CBS B 46.06 CMS Eng 29.18 CSX 23.99 CampSp 46.05 Carnival 33.32 Caterpillar 83.78 CenterPnt 24.19 CntryLink 37.10 Chevron 118.28 Cisco 20.39 Citigroup 47.12 Clorox 87.42 ColgPal 117.90 ConAgra 35.48 ConocPhil s58.26 ConEd 62.77 Corning 13.85 CrownHold 42.04 Cummins 110.08 DTE 72.68 Deere 85.12 Diebold 29.73 Disney 61.94 DomRescs 61.12 Dover 70.07 DowChm 32.17 DryShips 1.84 DuPont 52.75 DukeEn rs 74.72 EMC Cp 22.52 Eaton 58.62 EdisonInt 53.15 EmersonEl 55.28 EnbrdgEPt 29.98 Energen 47.61 Entergy 70.12 EntPrPt 61.62 Ericsson 11.99 Exelon 37.16 ExxonMbl 89.43 FMC Cp s 59.56 Fastenal 49.49 FedExCp 94.46 Fifth&Pac 20.97 FirstEngy 46.17 Fonar 6.96 FootLockr 32.34 FordM 13.33 Gannett 20.20 Gap 36.87 GenCorp 13.12 GenDynam 71.73 GenElec 21.96 GenMills 49.34 GileadSci s 50.57 GlaxoSKln 51.35 Hallibrtn 40.92 HarleyD 53.20 HarrisCorp 43.58 HartfdFn 27.78 HawaiiEl 27.66 HeclaM 3.43 Heico s 43.35 Hess 70.12 HewlettP 19.84 HomeDp 73.28 HonwllIntl 74.83 Hormel 41.24 Humana 72.10 INTL FCSt 16.93 ITW 64.20 IngerRd 54.18 IBM 191.71 IntPap 48.50 JPMorgCh 48.72 JacobsEng 51.87 JohnJn 84.39 JohnsnCtl 34.24 Kellogg 65.43 Keycorp 9.73 KimbClk 103.40 KindME 91.92 Kroger 34.59 Kulicke 10.84 L Brands 48.74 LancastrC 77.97 LillyEli 56.05 LincNat 33.31 LockhdM 97.69 Loews 44.51 LaPac 18.37 MDU Res 24.26 MarathnO 31.37 MarIntA 41.43 Masco 20.31 McDrmInt 10.54 McGrwH 51.81 McKesson 107.01 Merck 47.95 MetLife 38.32 Microsoft 31.76 MorgStan 21.45 NCR Corp 26.62 NatFuGas 60.47 NatGrid 61.52 NY Times 9.00 NewellRub 26.52 NewmtM 34.33 NextEraEn 80.56 NiSource 31.14 NikeB s 61.53 NorflkSo 74.92 NoestUt 44.93 NorthropG 73.77 Nucor 43.68 NustarEn 53.00 NvMAd 14.78 OcciPet 84.33 OfficeMax 11.31 Olin 25.69 ONEOK s 51.49 PG&E Cp 47.75 PPG 144.98 PPL Corp 32.80 PVR Ptrs 23.73 PepBoy 10.86 Pfizer 30.60 PinWst 60.33 PitnyBw 14.76 Praxair 112.77 PSEG 35.89 PulteGrp 19.69 Questar 25.11 RadioShk 3.17 Raytheon 58.13 ReynAmer 46.02 RockwlAut 86.30 Rowan 32.05 RoyDShllB 68.09 RoyDShllA 66.47 Ryder 56.94 Safeway 28.26 Schlmbrg 73.17 SilvWhtn g 23.91 SiriusXM 3.14 SonyCp 16.49 SouthnCo 48.03 SwstAirl 13.42 SpectraEn 30.95 SprintNex 7.09 Sysco 34.72 TECO 18.64 Target 69.71 TenetHlt rs 40.32 Tenneco 36.51 Tesoro 55.20 Textron 25.76 3M Co 107.87 TimeWarn 59.59 Timken 52.00 Titan Intl 20.74 UnilevNV 42.06 UnionPac 147.30 Unisys 16.47 UPS B 83.50 USSteel 17.06 UtdTech 92.00 VarianMed 68.35 VectorGp 16.04 ViacomB 65.01 WestarEn 34.42 Weyerhsr 31.41 Whrlpl 119.25 WmsCos 38.38 Windstrm 8.71 Wynn 131.50 XcelEngy 31.19 Xerox 8.37 YumBrnds 68.65

+.01 +11.9






It’s truly an addiction — of the most colorful sort

Engaged? Manage your mother-in-law
MCT Wire Services

Michelle Bankes of Luzerne plays the computer game Candy Crush Saga earlier this week as her daughter Lily, 5, watches.



t’s their secret pleasure, of sorts. Despite hectic lives with spouses, children and jobs, Michelle Bankes, Wendy Vandegrift and many others — even, we’re told, a Catholic nun — somehow steal away time to rearrange candy on a computer screen. These “candy crushers” are among the millions who have become hooked on the online game Candy Crush Saga, which many play through Facebook. The game has become one of the most popular online games, surpassing even FarmVille 2, according to websites such as medium.com, games.com and The New York Daily News.

By JOE SYLVESTER - [email protected]

Gamers have a ‘crush’ on

“I’ve played other games, (but) I lose interest,” Bankes, 27, of Luzerne, said. Candy Crush Saga is different. “I don’t know what it is; I guess because it does change as you go on,” she said. Candy Crush Saga was launched for the first time on Facebook almost exactly a year ago, according to the game’s developer, King.com. Now it is the most popular game and overall app on the social network, the company said. “It is the first game to unseat the previous leader, Zynga, from this cov-

eted spot in several years. According to AppData (http://www.appdata. com/), the game is estimated to have more than 15 million daily players on Facebook alone,” King reported The company’s latest figures show the game is played more than 80 million times a day across both Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices) mobile platforms – on top of the gameplay on Facebook. “We feel this popularity is due to the fact that Candy Crush Saga is a perfectly ‘snackable’ or ‘bite-sized’ game,

See CANDY, Page 4C

The to-do list for your wedding seems endless, but one thing you won’t want to forget is deciding how to “manage” your future mother-in-law. “Your fiance’s mother is not your mother, and she’s also not really your friend — yet she’s about to become a big part of what you hope will be the rest of your life,” says Deanna Brann, Ph.D., author of “Reluctantly Related: Secrets to Getting Along with Your Motherin-Law or Daughter-in-Law,” and “Mothers-in-Law and Daughters-inLaw Say the Darndest Things.” Dealing with your future motherin-law isn’t nearly as difficult as you may fear, though, Brann says. Keep in mind that she is not sure how things are supposed to be either. The situation is just as new to her as it is to you. Here are some tips from Brann for starting out on the right foot and setting the tone for how your relationship will go. • Decide what you will call her. Figuring out what you are comfortable calling your future mother-in-law may not seem like a big deal to you, but it’s a really big deal to her. Once you’ve made the decision, talk with her about your choice so she can get used to it. Let her wear it for a while. • Give her a piece of the action. Let her be part of the preparations — as well as the wedding itself. You can assign her major duties or small tasks, but be sure to give her something to do that she can feel good about that will ensure she won’t feel pushed aside or ignored. • Ask her for input. Remember, this is her child’s wedding, too. You don’t have to let her make the most critical decisions, but asking her for her opinion will make her feel valued. • Let her join in the fun. If you’re having a “nail” day or other excursion that includes your mother and bridesmaids, consider asking your future mother-in-law to come along. You don’t have to ask her every time, but extending a few invitations assures her that you want her to be a part of your new life with her son. • Share with her. Keep her updated on the wedding plans and share some of the funny stories with her. Many mothers of the groom feel as though the wedding is happening around them, with them being merely passive observers instead of key players. Help her to have some special memories that she can share with her friends, too. Above all, remember to speak and act with kindness and compassion. Your efforts will go a long way toward ensuring that everyone lives happily ever after.

By CHIARA ATIK HowAboutWe.com

What causes someone to become a stalker?
Actor Hugh Jackman recently made headlines when he was confronted by a stalker as he left a gym in New York City. Katherine Thurston, 47, followed the actor from his home to the gym, where she chased him with an electric razor (reportedly full of her pubic hair) and repeatedly declared her love. It wasn’t the first time Thurston had accosted Jackman. He and his family reported seeing her outside their home, as well as his children’s school. Many news outlets wanted to focus on the hilarity of the situation. But the important question

So what conclusions has science drawn? We do know that there appear to be two types of stalkers: those who go after a former romantic partner, and those, like Thurston, who pursue an acquaintance or a stranger.

in this situation is what causes someone to stalk? Sure, Hugh is a tall and handsome celebrity, and some of us might follow him around for a minute to snap a photo. But what is happening in the mind of a person who goes to such lengths to repeat-

edly follow a celebrity to work, break into his or her house and even threaten his or her family? What is happening in the brain of someone who stalks? It’s a question science has been trying to answer even before stalking was criminalized in California back in 1990. So what conclusions has science drawn? We do know that there appear to be two types of stalkers: those who go after a former romantic partner, and those, like Thurston, who pursue an acquaintance or a stranger. In short, these “romantic” stalkers are much like addicts — but their heroin of choice just

happens to be a past lover. In stalking cases involving former partners, researchers like Rutgers University’s Helen Fisher believe that stalking behaviors may be linked to some kind of overactivity in the love areas of the brain. She suggests that this heightened activity in the brain’s reward and love systems are behind a “romantic” stalker’s focus, attention, impulsivity and obsession. It’s a form of love — but taken way, way beyond the pale. The second type of stalker is a bit harder to explain. Here’s what we do know: Studies sug-


See STALKER, Page 4C

Police say 47-year-old Kathleen Thurston is charged with stalking Hugh Jackman after approaching him, crying and shouting, and throwing a razor at the Australian actor while he was working out at a gym in New York.

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The Sinus and Allergy Center

Valley ENT can help. We offer:
• Allergy Testing, Shots and Drops • Balloon Sinusplasty • Endoscopic Sinus Surgery • Minimally Invasive Nasal Surgery

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New machine burns up to 526% more calories than aerobic exercise
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Exercises all 620 body muscles in 10 minutes and flattens abs like a board

By John Whitehead, Media Services

Endless Youth and has announced the Total10™ which is being heralded by health and fitness professionals as the best exercise machine in history. The Total-10™ burns up to 526% more calories per minute of workout than aerobic exercise. The Total-10™ provides both aerobic and resistance exercise at the same time. It exercises all of the body’s 620 muscles in 10 minutes. The Total-10 ™ is the perfect exercise machine for the young, old, and even the disabled. It does not cause injuries like other forms of exercise because it does not put stress on the joints or the back. It mimics swimming. Studies show the public is very uneducated about fitness, losing weight and shaping their bodies. This is why the majority of attempts to lose weight and shape the body usually fail. As a consumer writer, I found even I was very uneducated. I got a major education from Dave Dearth, Chief of Staff for Personal Training at Endless Youth and Life®. Dearth is a Certified Professional Body Builder who has won the titles of “Mr. America” (officially called the Nationals), and “Mr. Universe” (officially called the Internationals). It is well known among fitness professionals that Professional Body Builders know more about losing weight and body shaping than any other professional group including doctors. This is because their livelihood depends on it. For a quick education, here is my interview with Dave Dearth. Q: Is it true that you are friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno who played the Incredible Hulk on TV? A: Actually, I am friends with nearly all of the Professional Body Builders. We are a close knit group because there are very few of us. There has only been in history a little over 200 male Professional Body Builders which requires that you are certified and get a pro card from the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB). Yes, I am friends with Arnold and Lou. I have worked closely with Arnold on a number of fitness projects. Q: So, as one of the ultimate experts on fitness, losing weight, and body shaping, how do you rate the Total-10™? A: I have studied the scientific data from the university studies on the Total10™. I have used it myself, and I have my clients using it. I can say with expert authority that the Total-10™ is indeed the best exercise machine in history for the average person. Q: Can you substantiate that with facts? A: Yes I can. The Total10™ provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise at the same time. Anaerobic exercise is also called resistance exercise which means you apply resistance to the movement of muscles with weights, bands, or other techniques. Aerobic exercise

After you workout on the Total-10 ™ Also perfect for seniors and you will never want anything else people with disabilities

Front slides into back for compact storage.

Takes as little as 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week to lose weight fast, get flat abs and shape your body.

No impact, no injuries. People with arthritis, bad backs and bad joints can do it easily. Also strengthens bones.

Flattens and firms abs like a board

You shed body fat much faster than with aerobic exercise
uses only oxygen for energy. Anaerobic puts such a demand on the body that both oxygen and body chemicals are needed for energy. The Total-10 ™ has adjustable pedal resistance, adjustable elastic band resistance and the exercise ball induces extra resistance to the core muscles which is mostly your abdominal muscles. Here it is in a nutshell. The biggest cause of health problems and disabilities is Inadequate Muscle Demand. To remedy this, you need to do exercise that provides Adequate Muscle Demand. When you break a bone in your arm and put it in a cast, your muscles and bones deteriorate in a matter of weeks. When astronauts go into space, their muscles and bones deteriorate in a few weeks because of weightlessness. Contrary to popular belief, things like cleaning house, walking or aerobic exercise are not going to provide Adequate Muscle Demand. It is a law of nature that you USE IT OR LOSE IT. Aerobic exercise is good for cardiovascular health. But, if you only do aerobic exercise, your muscles and bones will deteriorate because there is not enough demand put on them to maintain their mass and strength. Bicycles, spin-bikes, treadmills and ellipticals will not do the job because they do not get resistance exercise to the upper body. The Total-10 ™ for the first time in history, in one machine, provides the fastest, safest, the most pleasant and most fun way to exercise all of the body’s 620 muscles with Adequate Muscle Demand in10 minutes. When you do resistance exercise, it triggers what we call the Healthy Chain Reaction or HCR. Q: Can you explain HCR? A: Your body has adaption mechanisms which enables it to change to meet demands. When you do resistance exercise, the body’s adaption mechanisms perceive that you will need stronger muscles in the future. So, it starts a chain reaction to provide you with stronger muscles. First, the body must strengthen your bones to support the stronger muscles. Therefore, your bones get denser and harder. For example, Professional Body Builders who do extreme resistance exercise get bones like steel. One who was a friend of mine got into a terrible car accident with enough force to fracture his back even with his hardened bones. Orthopedic surgeons normally staple a fracture together.But, his orthopedic surgeon was finding that the staples were bending when he was trying to insert them into the bone with his staple device. The surgeon had to use a high speed drill with diamond tips to drill holes in the body builder’s bones so that he could pin the fracture together. I have a 71 year old male client that I have trained for the past 17 years who uses heavy resistance and aerobic exercise. He is stronger and can run faster than 90% of men in their twenties. One day he slipped on ice in the front of his house and went down a long flight of concrete steps. He had welts all over his body but not a single broken bone because his bones were that hard. The Total-10™ will definitely help seniors get stronger and denser bones so they do not fall and break bones which is the leading cause of nursing home admissions. When you do resistance exercise it depletes some of

your muscle tissue which the body has to replace. This and having to build up your bones causes your body to increase the performance of all of your organs and glands in order to provide the building blocks for the stronger muscles and bones. It also improves the performance of your brain which is well documented in scientific studies. Your hair, skin and nails will also dramatically improve in appearance. It will literally de-age you. Q: Why does resistance exercise burn up to 526% more calories than aerobic exercise? A: There are many reasons. First the depleted muscle tissue must be replaced which burns a lot of calories. Most of the replacement is done within 72 hours. Second, your muscles go into a state of partial constriction for 72 hours after resistance exercise. This partial constriction also burns a lot of calories. The building of bones and organs also contributes to calorie burning. Therefore, your body is burning extra calories for 72 hours after the workout, even while you are sleeping. Most of the calorie burning from resistance exercise takes place after your workout. With aerobic exercise, you stop burning 90% of extra calories when you stop working out. A University of Akron study proved that the Total10™ burned 22% more calories than a spin-bike during a 40 minute workout. A spin-bike does provide resistance to the lower body but not the upper body. A University of Illinois study shows that, in a one hour workout plus 39 hours after the workout, resistance exercise burned a total of 1,236 calories and aerobic exercise burned a total of 235 calories. Therefore, resistance exercise burned 526% more calories than aerobic exercise. Most Professional Body Builders who do extreme resistance exercise burn over 7,000 calories a day. Q: Does the Total-10™ shorten the time it takes to do old-style aerobic and resistance exercise each week? A: Yes it does. This is because, with the Total10™, you are doing aerobic and anaerobic exercise simultaneously and you are doing it in a very efficient manner. You are not getting up and moving from ma-

chine to machine or having to set aside times to do resistance exercise then aerobic exercise. I have estimated I can cut my clients’ workout time by 50% with the Total-10 ™ and get better results. Q: What kind of results have you experienced with your clients? A: People who said that they could never lose weight before shed body fat rapidly. Their muscles became firm and shaped. Their abdominal muscles became firm and flattened like a board. You get good results working out 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week, better results 20 minutes, 3 times a week and great results 30 minutes, 3 times a week. Can you spare 50 minutes to 1-1/2 hours a week to get super fit and attractive and avoid disabilities? They say swimmers have the best looking bodies. This is because swimming also provides both aerobic and anaerobic exercise in a very efficient way. With the Total-10™, you are, in effect, swimming in air.

Q: How can my readers get a Total-10™? A:You have to try the Total-10™ to really appreciate it. Once you have worked out on the Total-10™, you will never want anything else. Even people who have disabilities like arthritis, bad joints and bad backs cannot believe how easy and comfortable it is to do a Total10™ workout. Today we are providing a major offer on the Total10 ™ . I am offering your readers a major discount of $200.00 off the regular price, plus free shipping and handling if they respond in the next 10 days. There is a 30-day unconditional satisfaction guarantee. Return shipping is paid. Try it free for 30 days. But there is a strict limit of 3 Total-10™s at this major discount and free shipping and handling – no exceptions please. END OF INTERVIEW Readers who wish to take advantage of this free 30-day trial and discount offer, please see the information below:

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Account No. _______________________ Exp. Date ____/____ Signature ___________________________________________


Endless Youth and Life Offer Code K1208 7800 Whipple Ave. N.W. Canton, OH 44767

tiMEs lEadEr www.timesleader.com


thursday, april 25, 2013 page 3C


Isabella S. Buckland
Dylan James Domzalski, son of Jim and Jenn Domzalski, Mountain Top, is celebrating his sixth birthday today, April 25. Dylan is a grandson of Gene and Arlene Domzalski, Mountain Top, and Greg and Nancy Tingley, Mifflinville. He has a sister, Emma, 9.

Dylan J. Domzalski

Emily G. Wrobleski

Sierra N. Hines

Emily Gale Wrobleski, daughter of Ryan and Whitney Wrobleski, Laurel Lakes, is celebrating her 11th birthday today, April 25. Emily is a granddaughter of Ron and Charleen Wrobleski, Kingston, and George and Robbie Peterson, Mountain Top. She is a great-granddaughter of Bud Irvin, North Carolina. Emily has two brothers, Aaron, 16, and Colin, 12.

Sierra Nicole Hines, daughter of David Allen Hines, Kingston, and Donna Gatcha Hines, WilkesBarre Township, is celebrating her 10th birthday today, April 25. Sierra is a granddaughter of Michael and Rose Gatcha, Bear Creek Township, and the late Gertrude A. Hines. She has a brother, Jonathan, 12, and a sister, Arianna, 6.

Isabella Sophia Buckland, daughter of Matt and Kimberly Buckland, Larksville, is celebrating her 10th birthday today, April 25. Isabella is a granddaughter of John and Sharon Buckland, Warrior Run, and the late Robert and Dolores Peeler. She is a great-granddaughter of Jane Shaffer, Hanover Township, and the late Joseph and Sophie Kolhan, August and Anna Peeler, Raymond and Mildred Buckland and Clyde Shaffer. Bella has a brother, Colton, 13.

Pittston Leo’s Club volunteers at pancake breakfast

Members of the Pittston Area Leo’s Club recently provided a helping hand at the Dupont Volunteer annual pancake breakfast. Servers, from left, are Dominique DelPriore, Lea Garibaldi, Andrea Stephenson, Megan Dougherty, Rosemary Ritsick, Alia Gestl and Marie Terese Fox.

Caitlyn C. Sekelsky, daughter of Stan and Andrea Sekelsky, Plains Township, is celebrating her sixth birthday today, April 25. Caitlyn is a granddaughter of Lorraine Shimko and the late Joseph Shimko, Wilkes-Barre, and Pearl Sekelsky, Jessup. She has a brother, Tyler, 14.

Caitlyn C. Sekelsky

Torey L. and Eugene J. Burke Jr.

Torey Lee Burke, daughter of Gene and Amy Burke, Kingston, is celebrating her fifth birthday today, April 25. Her brother, Eugene James Burke Jr., is celebrating his second birthday today as well. Torey and Eugene Jr. are the grandchildren of Eugene and Peggy Burke, WilkesBarre; Rick Ash, Inkerman; and Sandra Ash, Mountain Top. They are the great-grandchildren of Peg Dubaskas, Kingston, and Marie Saxe, Inkerman. Torey and Eugene Jr. have a sister Chloe, 9. ing provided by John Delmore at 1-334-745-4168. HANOVER HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1963 reunion committee has mailed and emailed out invitations for the 50th anniversary reunion to be held on Aug. 24. Class members who have not received notification can contact Woody at 696-3401 or Bob at 256-3281. LARKSVILLE HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1960 is having a get together at 7 p.m. on July 20 at Keeley’s Ale House and Grille, 199 Division St., Pringle. All class members and guests are welcome. Call Irene Sodak at 779-2640 by June 7 for details and reservations. NORTHEAST HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1963 will meet at 7 p.m. on Wednesday in the VFW hall, Stephenson Street, Duryea. Plans for a 50th anniversary reunion will be discussed. All classmates are urged to attend. Contact Michael Hopkins at 4570413 with any questions.

Brianna Siena Carrozza, daughter of Ross and Lisa Carrozza, Duryea, is celebrating her eighth birthday today, April 25. Brianna is a granddaughter of Wanda Pelucacci, Scranton; the late Roland Pelucacci; and the late Gerald and Dolores Carrozza.

Brianna S. Carrozza

Women’s club donates books to elementary school
The Northeastern General Federation of Women’s Club donated books to Shelly Liva’s second-grade class at Heights-Murray Elementary School during Read Across America Week. Each student in the class received a book and Liva was able to update her classroom library. At the book presentation, from left, are Helen M. Semanski, coordinating teacher, and Marge Koval, co-chairman and fundraising.

Editor’s Note: To have your announcement published in this column please submit the information to Reunions, The Times Leader, 15 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711. Email submissions must be sent to [email protected] Please type “Reunion News” in the subject line. The deadline is each Monday for all copy. COUGHLIN HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1959 will meet at 6 p.m. on May 16 at Andy Perugino’s Restaurant, 258 Charles St., Luzerne. Plans for the 55th anniversary reunion to be held Oct. 11, 2014, at the Genetti Hotel and Conference Center will be discussed. All class members and spouses are invited. DALLAS HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1969 will meet at 6:30 p.m. on May 9 at Metro, Twin Stacks complex, Dallas. Plans for the 45th anniversary

reunion to be held on Aug. 23, 2014, at Appletree Terrace will be discussed. All classmates and spouses are invited. EXETER HIGH SCHOOL Graduates that have been out of school for 50 years or longer are invited to the next meeting of the reunion planning committee from 2-4 p.m. today at the Avenue Diner. GAR MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL Class of 1952 is holding its monthly luncheon at 1 p.m. on April 30 at the Wyoming Diner, 22 Wyoming Ave., Wyoming. All classmates and spouses are invited. Class of 1953 is holding its 60th anniversary reunion at 3:30 p.m. on July 20 at the East Mountain Inn, Wilkes-Barre. All classmates have been contacted. A final planning committee meeting will take place at noon on May 20 at Norm’s Pizza and Eatery, North Sherman Street, Wilkes-Barre. All classmates are invited. Reunion updates are be-

Birthdays (ages 1-16) will be published free of charge
Photographs and information must be received two full weeks before your child’s birthday. Your information must be typed or computer-generated. Include your name and your relationship to the child (parent, grandparent or legal guardians only, please), your child’s name, age and birthday, parents’, grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ names and their towns of residence, any siblings and their ages. Don’t forget to include a daytime contact phone number. Email your birthday announcement to [email protected] or send it to: Times Leader Birthdays, 15 North Main St., Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711-0250. You also may use the form under the People tab on www.timesleader.com.


Schuyler Avenue Elementary announces star students
Schuyler Avenue Elementary School, Wyoming Valley West School District, recently announced the Star Students for the month of March. Awarded students have exemplary behavior and have displayed positive attitudes towards themselves, their school and teachers. Award winners, from left, first row, are Scott Greene, Madison Warnack, Mackenzie Benjamin and Savannah Serrano. Second row: Zacara Biggs, Montana Conden, Alexis Corbett and Leila McGraw. Third row: William Murray, Madison Dennis, Sebastian Favata, Stephen Cheetham, Giana Rossi and Jasmine Sims . Fourth row: Wendy Patton, head teacher; Irvin DeRemer, director of elementary education; Maylan Nicholson, guidance counselor; and Barry Rogers, principal.

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l i f e

www.timesleader.com TIMES LEADER
games.” As of Friday, she was stuck at Level 110 for a couple of weeks. “I’m getting Gray to the point of frustration,” Gray said. But a cousin, a Catholic nun who also plays the game, tells her not to get discouraged. She sees friends who have paid for extras to get to the next level, though there is no guarantee the 99 cents paid for the extras will get them to the next level. Some people play the game on their phones. Gray said she doesn’t play nearly as much as some colleagues she saw at a trauma conference recently. “I was really psyched to be there,” she said. “I looked over at my colleague, and she’s playing Candy Crush (on her phone). I said, ‘Are you serious?’ ” Gray plays the game to try to decompress, she said, noting some strategy is involved. “I think it starts out as a form of relaxation,” Gray said. “It’s also as a form of avoidance.” She said people who spend a majority of their relaxation or downtime playing Candy Crush or any games leave less time for interaction with other people, though playing the game with friends on Facebook does create a sort of community. “If they’re paying for it, spending money, giving out their credit-card number, if they’re spending a couple hundred dollars, that’s a problem,” she said. It’s also a problem if it’s taking up too much of your time and you’re not getting things done, if it’s taking time away from your family or work, Gray said. “You should find something to enrich yourself that’s more active and engaging,” Gray advised. “Discipline yourself; say you’re only going to play for a half hour tonight or you’re not going to play at all.”

Continued from Page 1C

Continued from Page 1C

meaning you can pick it up and play it for 1-2 minutes or for hours – making it an ideal game for when you are commuting, waiting in line or simply taking a break,” the company said. The game is also easy to learn yet difficult to master. The ‘tasty’ challenges Playing Candy Crush Saga initially involves matching three or more colorful pictures of hard candy and jelly beans on a board but gradually offers other challenges. Obstacles such as jelly appear and must be removed. The game includes audio of pleasant background music and voice-overs congratulating players on moves with phrases such as “Tasty!” and “Sugar Rush! In another phase of the game called Ingredients, ingredients appear, and players must collect them and bring them to their delivery point. In Time Limited, players must reach the score required to earn at least one star, and in Candy Order, players collect a number of candies before running out of moves. Friends playing on Facebook can ask for help via extra “lives” or moves from friends. The game is free for the most part; players can pay 99 cents or more to buy extra tools or “lives” to help them advance to the next level. Bankes, who’s been playing for about three or four months, was stuck at Level 305 last week but by Monday was working on 307. Getting that far is no small feat. She did it with some help from her fellow players. “There’ll be different things you have to beat,” she said. “The farther you get in the game, they add other things.” The game developers keep adding more levels, too. There were as many as 350 last week. Bankes said her playing time varies, and she plays either on her phone or on her home computer. “On an average day, like an

The Candy Crush Saga screen at Level 307.


hour or two total,” she said. “A few minutes here and there. It’s not like an obsession or something.” She only paid for some extra moves one time. “I was stuck on a level for two or three weeks,” Bankes recalled. “I paid 90 cents and got five extra moves and got off the level. There are times I don’t want to keep playing. It gets aggravating, but I keep playing.” Her husband, Roger, plays, as does her daughter, who is 5 and doesn’t have a full understanding of the game. Michelle and Roger also have a son who is 3.

Wilkes-Barre native Wendy Vandegrift, 47, a married paralegal with three children who lives in Dover, Del., and plays Candy Crush Saga, said she keeps the game in perspective. “I play almost every day,” she wrote in an online response. But, she pointed out, she only plays for “probably an hour” each day, and she’s “definitely not hooked. I can stop whenever I want.” “It’s a fun, challenging, sometimes frustrating game,” Vandegrift said, adding “I NEVER pay for anything.” As of last week, she was stuck

at Level 165 for two weeks. A form of frustration, avoidance Marie Gray, Ph.D., a certified psychologist and an adjunct psychology professor at Misericordia University, can understand people’s attraction to Candy Crush Saga. She knows people who play quite a bit. She also has been playing for about two months, though she limits herself to just playing after dinner. “My children are grown; I’m a grandmother,” she said. “My kids think it’s really funny I’m playing these games. I was always dead-set against video

gest that most stranger stalkers have some type of psychiatric diagnosis. In fact, a recent study by researchers at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that individuals who stalk strangers are more likely to have a psychopathology. Generally, it’s some type of personality disorder — characterized by an inability to conform to social norms and expectations when it comes to relating to others. In other words, most stranger-stalkers are mentally ill. It can be easy to dismiss stalking. One U.S. prosecutor even said, “no blood, no crime.” And seemingly outrageous stories about celebrities don’t make it any easier to take seriously. But being stalked is no joke — it can imprison the victim in his or her own life and leave them extremely vulnerable to harm. And most stalkers, whether they fall into the romantic or stranger category, require mental-health intervention. Because both cases, unfortunately, can lead to violence. The psychopathology involved means that an individual may become increasingly obsessive over time, and the “increased rejection” only makes it more difficult to control impulsive behaviors. There’s still a lot that needs to be understood about the science of stalking; many interested researchers believe it has been woefully understudied. But the one big takeaway is this: If you have been or are being stalked, alert the authorities immediately. Don’t wait until things go too far.


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Kardashians Inter- E! News (N) He’s Just Not That Into You (PG-13, ‘09) ›› Ben Chelsea E! News view Affleck, Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore. Lately (5:00) SportsCenter Special: On SportsCen- 2013 NFL Draft From Radio City Music Hall in New York. (N) (Live) (CC) SportsCenESPN the Clock (N) (Live) (CC) ter ter SportsCenter (N) (Live) (CC) College Softball Alabama at LSU. (N) (Live) Baseball Tonight (N) SportsCen- SportsNaESPN2 (Live) (CC) ter tion Remember the Titans (PG, ‘00) ››› Denzel Remember the Titans (PG, ‘00) ››› Denzel The 700 Club (CC) FAM Washington, Will Patton, Donald Adeosun Faison. Washington, Will Patton, Donald Adeosun Faison. (TVG) Chopped “Raw Sweet Genius “Fiery Chopped “Plenty of Chef Wanted With Giving You the Busi- Chopped FOOD Enthusiasm” Genius” Fish” Anne Burrell (N) ness (N) Special Report With FOX Report With The O’Reilly Factor Hannity (N) On Record, Greta The O’Reilly Factor FNC Bret Baier (N) Shepard Smith (N) (CC) Van Susteren (CC) Brady Brady Brady Brady Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier Frasier HALL Bunch Bunch Bunch Bunch (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVG) (TVPG) (TVG) (TVPG) Swamp People (CC) Swamp People (CC) Swamp People Swamp People (N) Chasing Chasing Counting Counting HIST (TVPG) (TVPG) “Cursed” (TVPG) (CC) (TVPG) Tail (N) Tail (N) Cars Cars My First My First Hunters House Income Property Rehab Rehab House Hunters Flip It to Win It (CC) H&G Place Place Int’l Hunters (CC) (TVG) Addict Addict Hunters Int’l (TVG) Project Runway (CC) Project Runway (CC) Project Runway (CC) Project Runway “Finale: Part 2” The (:01) Project Runway LIF (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) designers show their collections. 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Catwoman V for Vendetta (R, ‘06) ››› Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Sin City (R, ‘05) SYFY Stephen Rea. A vigilante fights a fascist government. ››› Jessica Alba. King of Seinfeld Seinfeld Seinfeld Family Guy (CC) Big Bang Big Bang Men at Big Bang Conan (CC) (TV14) TBS Queens (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) (TV14) Theory Theory Work (N) Theory Dream Wife (‘53) ›› Cary Grant, Debo- Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines Bite the Bullet (PG, ‘75) ››› TCM rah Kerr, Walter Pidgeon. (CC) Gene Hackman. (G, ‘65) ››› Stuart Whitman, Sarah Miles. (CC) Worst Worst Worst Worst Worst Worst Worst Worst NY Ink (N) (CC) Worst Worst TLC Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos (TV14) Tattoos Tattoos Castle “A Death in NBA Basketball Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks. (N) NBA Basketball Los Angeles Clippers at Memphis TNT the Family” (TVPG) (Live) (CC) Grizzlies. (N) (Live) (CC) Advent. Regular Regular Annoying Incred. Regular King of King of American American Family Family TOON Time Show Show Orange Crew Show the Hill the Hill Dad Dad Guy (CC) Guy (CC) Bizarre Foods With Man v. Man v. Mysteries at the Mysteries at the Mysteries at the Mysteries at the TRVL Andrew Zimmern Food Food Museum (TVPG) Museum (N) (TVPG) Museum (TVPG) Museum (TVPG) (5:48) Golden Golden Golden Golden Golden Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Love-Ray- Love-Ray- King of King of TVLD M*A*S*H Girls Girls Girls Girls Girls mond mond mond mond Queens Queens NCIS “Guilty PleaNCIS “Moonlighting” NCIS “Obsession” NCIS “The Good The Moment (N) (CC) (:01) Psych (CC) USA sure” (CC) (TV14) (CC) (TV14) (CC) (TVPG) Son” (TVPG) (TVPG) (TVPG) Austin Powers in Goldmember (PG- I’m Married to A... A The Gossip Game Love & Hip Hop: Master of the Mix VH-1 13, ‘02) ›› Mike Myers, Beyoncé Knowles. sexologist. (TV14) (TV14) Atlanta (TV14) (TVPG) Charmed (CC) Braxton Family Braxton Family Braxton Family Val- Braxton Family Braxton Family WE (TVPG) Values Values ues (N) Values Values Old Chris- Old Chris- America’s Funniest How I Met How I Met How I Met How I Met News at Funny America’s Funniest WGN-A tine tine Home Videos (CC) Nine Videos Home Videos (CC) Jentastic Ghost Topic A: Live at Five Legally Beaten Gloves Storm Late Edition Classified Beaten WYLN Sweet Detect. Speaking Path Politics Path Howcast Howcast Howcast Howcast Howcast Howcast Howcast Howcast Koldcast Koldcast EP Daily AdrenaYOUTO TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV Presents Presents (TVG) lina Phil Spector (6:15) (‘13) Al Pacino, Helen Game of Thrones HBO Mirren, Chiwetel Ejiofor. Music producer (CC) (TVMA) Phil Spector stands trial for murder. (CC) Brokedown Palace (5:40)

2965 Memorial Hwy., Dallas




FREE Trip le Pa ne Up gra d e o n a ll Plygem L ifestyle W ind o w s


OBLIVION (XD) (PG-13) 1:30PM 4:30PM 7:30PM 10:30PM NEW MOVIE 42 (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 10:50AM 1:45PM 4:40PM 7:35PM 10:30PM NEW MOVIE CALL, THE (DIGITAL) (R) (11:50AM 2:20PM 4:40PM 7:05PM 9:25PM NOT ON WED. 4/24/13) CROODS, THE (3D) (PG) 2:15PM 7:15PM CROODS, THE (DIGITAL) (PG) 11:35AM 4:50PM 9:45PM EVIL DEAD (DIGITAL) (R) 11:15AM 12:40PM 1:50PM 3:00PM 4:05PM 5:15PM 6:35PM 7:55PM 8:50PM 10:15PM GI JOE: RETALIATION (3D) (PG-13) 11:25AM 4:45PM 10:05PM GI JOE: RETALIATION (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 2:00PM 7:20PM HOST, THE (2013) (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 11:40AM 3:45PM IDENTITY THIEF (DIGITAL) (R) 11:05AM 1:55PM 4:30PM 7:50PM 10:40PM JURASSIC PARK (2013) (3D) (PG-13) 1:25PM 4:25PM 7:25PM 10:25PM LORDS OF SALEM, THE (DIGITAL) (R) 11:10AM 1:40PM 4:10PM 7:10PM 9:40PM NEW MOVIE OBILIVION (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 11:30AM 12:30PM 2:30PM 3:30PM 5:30PM 6:30PM 8:30PM 9:30PM NEW MOVIE OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN (DIGITAL) (R) 12:25PM 3:15PM 6:40PM 10:00PM OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (3D) (PG) 12:55PM 6:55PM OZ: THE GREAT AND POWERFUL (DIGITAL) (PG) 3:55PM 10:10PM PLACE BEYOND THE PINES, THE (DIGITAL) (R) 12:50PM 4:00PM 7:10PM 10:20PM SCARY MOVIE 5 (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 11:55AM 2:05PM 2:50PM 4:15PM 6:25PM 7:40PM 8:35PM 10:45PM SIDE EFFECTS (DIGITAL) (R) 11:00AM 1:35PM 4:10PM 7:20PM 9:55PM NEW MOVIE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK (DIGITAL) (R) 11:45AM 5:00PM 9:50PM NEW MOVIE TRANCE (DIGITAL) (R) 7:00PM 9:30PM TYLER PERRY’S TEMPTATION (DIGITAL) (PG-13) 11:20AM 2:25PM (5:05PM 7:45PM NOT ON THURS. 4/25/13) 10:35PM
**Note**: Showtimes marked with a \”®”\ indicate reserved seating. You must be 17 with ID or accompanied by a parent to attend R rated features. Children under 6 may not attend R rated features after 6pm


All Stadium Seating and Dolby Surround Sound

**Oblivion – PG13 – 130 min – (1:30), (2:00), (4:15), (4:50), 7:05, 7:30, 9:40, 10:15 Oblivion -DBox Motion Seating - PG-13 130 min. (1:30), (4:15), 7:05, 9:40 **The Place Beyond The Pines – R – 150 min – (1:00), (4:00), 7:00, 10:00 Silver Linings Playbook - R - 130 min. (2:00), (4:40), 7:20, 10:00 Scary Movie 5 – PG13 – 95 min – (2:00), (2:35), (4:05), (5:00), 7:05, 7:40, 9:10, 9:50. 42 – PG13 – 135 min – (1:05), (1:40), (3:55), (4:25), 7:15, 7:35, 9:45, 10:15. Evil Dead – R – 100 min – (1:50), (4:10), 7:20, 9:40. ***Jurassic Park in RealD 3D – PG13 – 135 min – (1:20), (4:15), 7:15, 10:00 GI Joe: Retaliation – PG13 – 105 min – (1:10), (3:30), 7:00, 9:15. Olympus Has Fallen – R – 130 min – (1:45), (4:40), 7:30, 10:10. The Croods – PG – 110 min – (1:10), (3:40), 7:00, 9:30. Oz: The Great and Powerful 2D – PG – 140 min – (1:00), (4:00), 7:00, 9:50
THE MET OPERA 04/27/2013 - Giulio Cesare - 12:00PM - 275 min

Avoid the lines: Advance tickets available from Fandango.com
Rating Policy Parents and/or Guardians (Age 21 and older) must accompany all children under 17 to an R Rated feature *No passes accepted to these features. **No restricted discount tickets or passes accepted to these features. ***3D features are the regular admission price plus a surcharge of $2.50 D-Box Motion Seats are the admission price plus an $8.00 surcharge First Matinee $5.50 for all features (plus surcharge for 3D features).
• 3 Hrs. Free Parking At Participating Park & Locks with Theatre Validation

SPECIAL EVENTS Advance Tickets Available Now For Iron Man 3 OPENING 5/2/13 **Iron Man 3 -PG-13 - 140 min. 9 PM ***Iron Man 3 RealD 3D PG-13 - 140 min. 9 PM Iron Man 3 DBox Motion Seating PG-13 140 min. 9 P.M. All Showtimes Include Pre-Feature Content (Parenthesis Denotes Bargain Matinees)

825.4444 • rctheatres.com

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can provide immunity within days. Some agents have the capability to reproduce the disease on their own. On behalf of all of our part-time pets THANK YOU for visiting your veterinarian 5-6 weeks BEFORE vacation keep us all SAFE!

M axi m um Ef f i ci ency& Sound Cont r ol

Ro o fing & S id ing Exp erts To o !

824- 7220



Mary and Martha (‘13) ››› (:45) Veep (:15) Real Sex “Stocks Down, Sex Hilary Swank, Brenda Blethyn, (TVMA) Up” (CC) (TVMA) James Woods. (CC) The Descendants (R, ‘11) ››› George Game of Thrones (CC) (TVMA) Clooney. A man navigates unfamiliar waters after his wife’s accident. (CC)

HBO2 (PG-13, ‘99) ›› Claire Danes, (PG-13, ‘12) › Eddie Murphy,

A Thousand Words (7:25)

Kate Beckinsale. (CC) Kerry Washington. (CC) American Reunion (R, ‘12) ›› Jason Stash House (R, ‘12) Dolph Naughty Antitrust (6:10) (PG-13, ‘01) ›› Ryan Biggs. The gang from “American Pie” has Lundgren. Dave and Emma are Reunion MAX Phillippe. Software corporation offers a (11:40) imprisoned in their home. position to a computer genius. (CC) a high-school reunion. (CC) Contraband (5:15) Two Weeks Notice (7:15) (PG-13, ‘02) ›› Sandra Bullock. A millionaire confronts Wahlberg. (CC) his feelings for his lawyer. (CC) Eternal Sunshine 50/50 (R, ‘11) ››› Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Learning that he has cancer, a young SHO of the Spotless man vows to beat the odds. (CC) Mind (5:05) ››› Chernobyl Diaries (R, ‘12) Zane’s › Ingrid Bols Berdal, Jonathan Sex Chron. Sadowski, Devin Kelley. (CC) Real Steel (8:50) (PG-13, ‘11) ›› Hugh Jackman. A boxing promoter and his son build a robot fighter. (CC) Zane’s Sex Chron. Gigolos (N) (CC) (TVMA) The Debt (R, ‘10) ››› The Borgias (TVMA)

MMAX (R, ‘12) ›› Mark

STARZ (PG-13, ‘05) ››› (CC)

Memoirs of a Geisha (5:05) Christmas With the Kranks (7:35) (PG, Bad Santa (9:20) (R, ‘03) ››› Da Vinci’s Demons Billy Bob Thornton. (CC) (TVMA) ‘04) ›› Tim Allen, Dan Aykroyd. (CC)

tv talK todaY
6 a.m. FNC FOX and Friends (N) 7 a.m. 3, 22 CBS This Morning Author Sandra Lee; actress Laura Linney. (N) 7 a.m. 16 Good Morning America Actor Anthony Mackie; TV host Apolo Anton Ohno; Fallout Boy performs; actor Gabriel Mann. (N) 7 a.m. 28 Today Dancia Patrick; real estate; Jonas Brothers perform. (N) 7 a.m. CNN Starting Point (N)

8 a.m. 56 Better Pecan recipes; actress Vivica A. Fox; Dr. Lisa Masterson. (N) (TVPG) 9 a.m. 3 Anderson Live Tim Gunn; dog trainer Victoria Stilwell; co-host Erica Hill. (N) (TVG) 9 a.m. 16 Live! With Kelly and Michael Actress Laura Linney; Michael Buble performs. (N) (TVPG) 9 a.m. 53 Dr. Phil A 14-year-old is fixated on having a baby and has been trying to get pregnant. (N) (TV14)

9 a.m. FNC America’s Newsroom (N) 10 a.m. 16 The Ellen DeGeneres Show Justin Timberlake performs. (N) (TVG) 10 a.m. 53 The Steve Wilkos Show Teen Jonnesha accuses her aunt’s fiance of rape; Lasandra and Vanden accuse each other of cheating. (N) (TV14) 11 a.m. 56 Maury Maury’s hidden camera spies on boyfriends accused of cheating. (N) (TV14)

HEALTHY KIDS DAY® is THE day for kids to get a jump on a summer full of activities –from sports to crafts to learning– that will keep them growing and achieving. Join us and jumpstart a journey that lasts kids a day, a summer and, we hope, their entire future. Saturday, April 27, 2013, 10:00am-2:00pm First 100 children receive a FREE T-Shirt! Bounce House, Healthy Snack, Face Painting, Zumbatomic, Water Safety, Family Swim, Ronald McDonald Magic Show and MORE!


Wilkes-Barre Family YMCA 40 W. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18701 823-2191 WWW.WBYMCA.ORG

L I M I T E D T I M E O N LY !


NEW Model #1838 Stock #48254 MSRP: $19,200 LOW PAYMENT! *


With EXCEPTIONAL Inventory, Selection, Price, Quality & SAVINGS


• One of Pennsylvania’s largest inventories of Toyotas • Over 100 certified employees dedicated to serving you • 60,000 square-foot brand-new state-of-the-art facility • Brand new environmentally friendlyToyota Certified collision center • Luxury customer lounge with Wi-Fi and flat screen TVs for your comfort • ONLY Dunkin’ Donuts in a Toyota Dealership in the United States


MSRP $43,170 0
STK# V1037



per mo. for 36 mos. lease with $2,999 down NOW WITH % APR Lease for up to $ OR Bonus Cash!** 60 mos.† NEW






Model #2532 Stock #48241 MSRP: $24,140 LOW PAYMENT! *



per mo. for 36 mos. lease with $2,999 down NOW WITH % APR Lease for up to $ OR Bonus Cash!** 60 mos.† NEW




Hours: Monday-Friday 9-8pm ; Saturday 9-5pm

* Sale price plus tax & tags. $2500 Volvo Allowance applied.








Model #4432 Stock #48161 MSRP: $25,920

2013 RAV4 LE AWD


per mo. for 36 mos. lease with $2,999 down NOW WITH .49% APR Toyota Trade Lease for up to $ OR Bonus Cash!** 60 mos.†† †

3 0




Model #6948 Stock #47407 MSRP: $32,995 LOW PAYMENT! *



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5D/5E Series Utility Tractors




Dependable John Deere PowerTech™ diesel engines


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per mo. for 36 mos. lease with $2,999 down NOW WITH % APR Bonus for up to $ OR Cash!** 60 mos.†






wi ith the p purch hase of f 2 or more implements*





1023E Sub-Compact Utility Tractor
22.4 engine hp† Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmission AutoConnect™ Auto Au toCo Conn nnect™ drive-over mower available

For the past four years, Toyota Scion of Scranton was recognized with the prestigious President’s Award for excellence in each of a series of categories, including Customer Sales Satisfaction and Customer Service Satisfaction.

erence! We Make The Diff
Lindsey Lawn & Garden
New Milford, PA Port Crane, NY

3E Series Utility Tractors
31.4-37.1 engine hp† Twin Touch™ hydrostatic transmissions Electro-hydraulic PTO engagement

Big Flats, NY Apalachin, NY 134 Daniel Zenker Dr.

Ashley, PA

Honesdale, PA 237 Sunrise Ave.

*Offer ends April 30, 2013. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial. Some restrictions apply; other special rates and terms may be available, so see your dealer for

*All offers end close of business Tuesday, April 30, 2013 or while supplies last. All offers exclude 1st payment, tax, tags, $125 processing fee and $650 acquisition fee on lease offers. Quantities as of 04/17/2013 and include both in-stock and incoming units for all model years and trim level for the series described. †0% APR for up to 60 months is based on 12,000 miles per year. No security deposit required for all leases. 60 monthly payments of $16.67 for each $1,000 borrowed. ††0.9% APR for up to 60 months is based on 12,000 miles per year. No security deposit required for all leases. 60 monthly payments of $17.05 for each $1,000 borrowed. †††3.49% APR for up to 60 months is based on 12,000 miles per year. No security deposit required for all leases. 60 monthly payments of $18.37 for each $1,000 borrowed. All lease and APR offers require tier 1 plus credit approval through Toyota Financial Services. **Cash Back offers includes funds from Toyota of Scranton, Toyota Financial Services or Toyota Motor Sales. Vehicle must be in stock units. Bonus Cash, Lease Bonus Cash, Toyota Trade Lease Bonus Cash and Customer Cash must lease or finance with Toyota Financial Services. Conquest Cash is available on leases or purchases. Must trade any non-Toyota car, truck, van or SUV. See dealer for details. College grad and military rebates are not included. Prior sales excluded. With approved credit only. Some restrictions may apply. See dealer for details. Pictures may not represent actual units. Dealer not responsible for typographical errors. 2013 Impact Advertising 13TSS-NVC-WTL042513-SpringSalesDrive

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com


THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 Page 7C

Stranger’s encouraging words helped inspire woman toward her goal
Dear Abby: I was moved by the letter from “Losing Slowly in Ohio” (Jan. 14), who is 50 pounds overweight and walks every day with her friend to lose weight. She said that almost daily people made fun of them. My heart goes out to her. I was in her shoes once. With diet and exercise I lost more than 60 pounds, and I’ve kept it off. But I was never ridiculed as she was. On the contrary, one day after I had just begun a daily 1-mile jog and was struggling to keep going, I passed by a man who cheerfully called out to me to “keep at it, and one day you’ll be a 10!”

Abby, I can’t tell you what that meant to me. I thought about his encouragement whenever I felt hopeless and was thinking of giving up. The memory of his kind words inspired me to go on. Thirty years later, I still think about his encouragement with amazement and gratitude. We all have a choice: We can be kind to each other and offer friends and strangers alike support for the challenges we all face, or we can make ourselves feel superior by being cruel and demeaning. In the end, our choice shapes our character and we receive what we give, so we must

choose wisely. I’m sorry that “Losing” has met with only ignorant jerks so far. I would be honored to pay it forward and tell her how incredibly brave she is, and to encourage her to stick with it. Because she has the courage to keep exercising in the face of constant humiliation, I know without a doubt that she will reach her goals. — Wendy in Colorado Dear Wendy: Thank you for your upbeat response. Many other readers were quick to “weigh in” with letters of support for “Losing Slowly”: Dear Abby: Please let “Losing Slowly” know she has another option to continue her new, healthy lifestyle in a safe environment. I have worked in

malls for years, and they have all had a mall walkers’ club. The mall allows people in to walk, including many seniors, before it opens in the morning. There she will have access to a place where everyone is on the same page. The walkers are safe from traffic, the climate, and morons who have the manners of a junkyard dog. The regulars there can tell her how many miles they can cover. It’s a great society of people who support and root for each other. — Never Giving Up in Southern California Dear Abby: I would suggest the two ladies create T-shirts that read “At Least We’re Trying!” and watch the

jeers turn into cheers. — Carol in Wisconsin Dear Abby: I applaud her effort and your response, but may I raise the issue of people like myself who are ridiculed about being too THIN? Strangers say things like “Eat something, or the wind will blow you away!” Please remind your readers that making fun of very thin people is just as hurtful as doing it to overweight individuals. — Wisp of a Woman in the West
To receive a collection of Abby’s most memorable — and most frequently requested — poems and essays, send a business-sized, self-addressed envelope, plus check or money order for $3.95 ($4.50 in Canada) to: Dear Abby’s “Keepers,” P.O. Box 447, Mount Morris, IL 61054-0447. (Postage is included.)



ARIES (March 21-April 19). If you request things repeatedly, you’ll sound like a nag, and you’ll be tuned out. So instead, you’ll take matters into your own hands and make it look like fun, too. TAURUS (April 20-May 20). The task you’ve been dreading won’t be so bad. Today’s high energy level will make it easier. Once you get over your initial resistance, it will be smooth sailing. GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Crowds can cause you stress, especially when you have to keep track of someone or stick with a group. Evening offers just the tranquility you need to calm your nerves. CANCER (June 22-July 22). Does acting “as if” something is true really make it so? Test the theory by assuming a warm familiarity with someone you hardly know. You’ll be surprised at how little time it takes to feel like you’re old friends. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). Perhaps one of the most important efforts you can make right now is simply to get more sleep. Taking great care of yourself will set you up to do optimal work in the days to come. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your manner of speaking may be different from that of others, but oh, how you get your point across! The language of emotions is universal, at least in the way you’re communicating now. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). The difficulties of the past have made you strong and determined to do something remarkable with your life. Those who’ve had it easy will be affected by the future you create. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your talents will be highlighted, especially your artistic and interpersonal gifts. This creates a sheen of glamour around you, and you’ll enjoy how others react to you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You have many friends, but the one who encourages you to give full, enthusiastic expression to your ideas is truly special and will be cherished as such. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). As your guiding planet pulls across the sky from the sun, you might be tempted to do whatever it takes to reach a goal. Take a step back and think about this. A righteous process is the ultimate success. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). The reason you go forward with duties you aren’t thrilled to carry out is that you know a valuable secret: The bigger life happens beyond the small world of what you want to do. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Your understanding of human motivation and behavior will save you from a hassle — that is if you act on what you instinctively know. Don’t be swayed by strong personalities. Stand up for yourself. TODAY’S BIRTHDAY (April 25). Your limited view of yourself will be challenged this year. You’ll rip up the plan and love how your life follows a natural course through the next seven weeks. Then it’s back to the drawing board, and a new goal shapes your decisions. Cancer and Sagittarius people adore you. Your lucky numbers are: 6, 4, 33, 12 and 30.



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Dear Abby: PO Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA 90069

! ! d e t i v n I e r ’ u Yo

Thursday & Friday 8 AM to 5 PM | Saturday 8 AM to 2 PM

3 1 0 2 E S U O H April 25-27 OPEN
$44,0 ouse Sale Pr 00* i
ce Open H


$45,5 ouse Sale Pr 00* i
L45TLB-LB Loader, backhoe, front & rear aux, 18” bucket, 3 pt hitch List Price: $51,403

Open H

SVL75 Compact track loader 75 HP, ROPS List Price: $49,558

APR Financing AsLowAs &InstantCashRebates


B3200HSD 32 HP, 4WD, hydro Deck sold separately List Price: $16,505

$12,2 ouse Sale Pr 00* i

Open H

$14,7 ouse Sale Pr 50* i
Open H

Open H

BX2360V 23 HP, 60” deck Blade sold separately List Price: $13,735


Sale Pr 9* ice


e l a S t s e g Big Of ear The Y

ZG127S-54 27 HP, gas, 54” deck, 4 Yr/300 Hr warranty List Price: $6,300

Sale Pr 0* ice Open H ouse

C.H. Waltz Sons, Inc.

Route 309 in Dallas

Valid April 25-27, 2013
Only redeemable at 2852 State Route 309 Dallas, PA 18612

GR2020GA-48 20 HP gas engine, 4WD, 48” deck, turf tires List Price: $8,362

Thursday & Friday 8 AM - 5 PM Saturday 8 AM - 2 PM

10% OFF Parts & 5% OFF Oil

$0 Down, 0% A.P.R. for 60 months on Kubota ZD, BX, B, L, M, and TLB Models: $0 down, 0% A.P.R. financing for terms up to 60 months on purchases of select new Kubota equipment from available inventory at participating dealers through 5/31/2013. Example: A 60-month monthly installment repayment term at 0% A.P.R. requires 60 payments of $16.67 per $1,000 borrowed. 0% A.P.R. interest is available to customers if no dealer documentation preparation fee is charged. Dealer charge for document preparation fee shall be in accordance with state laws. Only Kubota and select Kubota performance-matched Land Pride and equipment is eligible. Inclusion of ineligible equipment may result in a higher blended A.P.R. Not available for Rental, National Accounts or Governmental customers. 0% A.P.R. and low rate financing may not be available with customer instant rebate (C.I.R.) offers. Financing is available through Kubota Credit Corporation, U.S.A., 3401 Del Amo Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503; subject to credit approval. Some exceptions apply. Offer expires 5/31/2013. See us for details on these and other low-rate options or go to www.kubota.com for more information.



TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com




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110 Lost


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Used Tires & Batteries for $20 & Up

ESTATE NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Grant Letters of Administration granted to Vincent Walters in the Estate of Paul Lawrence Walters, Deceased, late of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, who died August 30, 2012. All persons indebted to said Estate required to make payment and those having any claims or demands are to present the same without delay unto the Administrator in the care of the undersigned. Patrick J. Aregood, Esquire. 1218 South Main St. Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 18706

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ESTATE NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Letters of Administration CTA have been issued to Alice G. Baer in the Estate of Helga K. Munoz, Deceased, who died January 15, 2013, late of the City of Wilkes-Barre, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. All creditors are requested to present their claims and all persons indebted to the decedent will make payment to the aforementioned Administrator or her attorney. Rosenn, Jenkins & Greenwald, LLP 15 S. Franklin Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711

ESTATE NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Grant of Letters Testamentary granted to Judy Finn in the Estate of Roscoe Rishcoff a/k/a Roscoe M. Rishcoff Deceased, late of Hunlock Creek, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, who died February 27, 2013. All persons indebted to said Estate are required to make payment and those having any claims or demands are to present the same without delay unto the Executor in care of the undersigned. Patrick J. Aregood, Esq. 1218 South Main St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706

Saturday 12:30 on Friday Sunday 4:00 pm on Friday Monday 4:30 pm on Friday Tuesday 4:00 pm on Monday Wednesday 4:00 pm on Tuesday Thursday 4:00 pm on Wednesday Friday 4:00 pm on Thursday Holidays call for deadlines You may email your notices to [email protected] civitasmedia.com or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to The Times Leader 15 N. Main Street Wilkes-Barre, PA 18711 For additional information or questions regarding legal notices you may call Marti Peznowski at 570-970-7371 or 570-829-7130

LEGAL NOTICE INVITATION FOR BIDS SEALED BIDS will be received at the Newport Township Municipal Building, 1002 Center Street, Wanamie, PA 18634, until10 A.M. Local Time, May 6, 2013, and then publicly OPENED and READ ALOUD. A Contract may be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder at a meeting of the Board of Commissioners. TWO BIDS are invited for: Building Demolition/Site Clearance – 2 Properties 85 East Main Street and 67-69 Newport Street, Glen Lyon, PA The Township will select the lowest bidder for each property. CONTRACT DOCUMENTS are on file at Penneastern Engineers, 165 North WilkesBarre Boulevard, Wilkes-Barre, Pa 18702. COPIES of the Contract Documents may be obtained at a cost of Fifty Dollars ($25.00) per set during normal business hours. BID PROPOSALS are unique and must be upon the forms provided. Bids will be rejected from any bidder not registered with the Engineer. BID SECURITY in an amount equal to ten percent (10%) of the total bid shall be submitted with each bid, in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders. The Labor Standards, Wage Determination Decision, and Anti- Kickback regulations (29 CFR, Part 3) issued by the Secretary of Labor are included in the Contract Documents of this project and govern all work under the contracts. Non-discrimination in Employment – Bidders on this work will be required to comply with the President’s Executive Order #11246 and will be required to insure that employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against on the basis of their race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or familial status in employment or the provision of services. In addition to EEO Executive Order 11246, Contractors must also establish a 6.9% goal for female participation and a 0.6% goal for minority participation in the aggregate on-site construction workforce for contracts in excess of $10,000 as per the notice of requirement for affirmative action as contained in the contract documents. Attention is called to Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, 12 USC 179 LU and the Section 3 clause and regulations set forth in 24 CFR, Part 135. The Township of Newport reserves the right to reject any or all Bids or to waive informalities in the bidding and is an EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. BIDS may be held by the Township for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days from the date of the Opening of the Bids for the purpose of reviewing the bids, prior to awarding the Contract. In this period of time, no Bidder may withdraw his Bid. BY: Richard Zika, Township Manager


Legals/ Public Notices

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PUBLIC NOTICE The Northwest Area School District announces the following upcoming meetings to be held in the District Office Board Room: Building & Grounds Committee Meeting: Monday, April 29, 2013 at 4:00 PM Policy Committee Meeting: Tuesday, April 30, 2013 @ 4:30 PM

LEGAL NOTICE The regular meetings of the Boards of Directors of the City of Wilkes-Barre Industrial Development Authority and The Wilkes-Barre Economic Development Corporation will be held in the offices of the Authority, Suite 1203, 67-69 Public Square, WilkesBarre, Pennsylvania at 5:00 PM, on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

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FOUND. Cat, black, white and orange in area of St Benedict’s Church, Austin Ave., Parsons. light green flea collar. 570-822-9561

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412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

Doyouneedmore space? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way to cleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!





MSRP $19,020

Doyouneedmore space? Ayardorgaragesale in classified is thebestway to cleanoutyourclosets! You’rein bussiness withclassified!

Lease For


*Tax additional, Reg. additional, 39 month lease, 12,000 allowable miles per year, $2,100 due at signing. Must be approved through Ally S and A Tier only. 800+ CB score. Offer ends 4/30/13.


Per Month



412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

www.rjburnecadillac.com of Scranton - NEPA
2011 CTS AWD by Cadillac

6 to choose From Leather, XM, Onstar, $ Premium Car 5Yrs/50,000 mi
2009 DTS Luxury by Cadillac
White Diamond/ Shale Leather, Sunroof, Chrome Wheels, Heated Seats, Memory Settings, XM, OnStar, Only 40,150 Miles

2008 SRX AWD by Cadillac
Gold Mist/ Leather, 3rd Seat, Ultraview sunroof, Navigation, 18” Wheels, XM, OnStar

2009 DTS Luxury by Cadillac
Radiant Silver/ Titanium Leather, Heated & Cooled Seats, XM, OnStar, Sensors

2009 DTS by Cadillac

White Diamond/ Leather, Only 24,731 miles, Chromes, XM, OnStar, Heated Seats, Memory Seats

2009 CTS Luxury AWD
2 to Choose From
White Diamond/ Cashmere Sunroof, Heated & Memory Settings, All Wheel Drive, XM, Onstar, Only 22,087 Miles in the word





18,999 24,999 R.J. BURNE



*TAX & TAGS EXTRA NC + Non-Certified



1205 Wyoming Ave. RJ Burne Cadillac
From Wilkes-Barre to Scranton Expressway 8 Blocks on Wyoming Avenue

(570) 342-0107 • 1-888-880-6537 • www.rjburnecadillac.com

1205-1209 Wyoming Avenue, Scranton

Mon-Thurs 9-8 • Fri 9-5 • Sat 9-4


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THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 135 Legals/ Public Notices 380 Travel 380 Travel 412 Autos for Sale

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 412 Autos for Sale 412 Autos for Sale 412 Autos for Sale
One owner, auto, air. Warranty. $6,900

Legals/ Public Notices


MEETING NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Zoning Hearing Board of the Borough of West Pittston, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, shall convene a public hearing on Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 7:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, 555 Exeter Avenue, West Pittston, Pennsylvania 18643, to hear and decide the application of Sean Barnak, for a property located at 503 Luzerne Avenue, located in an R-2 Zoning District, seeking a dimensional variance for relief from the required side lot line setback and the rear lot line setback to allow the installation of an in-ground swimming pool. The Board will also consider applications for Variance from the Flood Plain Management provisions of the West Pittston Borough Zoning Ordinance, as enacted and effective as of Sept ember of 2011 for the following: 1) Anthony Shedd for a property located at 204 Wyoming Avenue; 2) Mr. & Mrs. John Purcell for a property located at 1 Linden Street; 3) Judy Barone for a property located at 1320 Susquehanna Avenue; and 4) Mr. & Mrs. James Stevenson for a property located at 11 Luzerne Avenue. A copy of the Zoning Permit Application is on file and available for public inspection at the Borough Secretary’s Office, 555 Exeter Avenue, West Pittston, PA 18643. Any person with a disability requiring special accommodation to attend this hearing should notify the Borough Secretary’s Office at 570-655-7782 as early as possible prior to this meeting. All interested parties wishing to present testimony are encouraged to attend this hearing. Issued by: Joseph D. Burke, Esquire Solicitor West Pittston Zoning Hearing Board

PUBLIC NOTICE SUGAR NOTCH BOROUGH ZONING HEARING BOARD NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at 7:00 P.M. at the Sugar Notch Borough Municipal Building, 742 Main Street, Sugar Notch, PA the following matters will be addressed: 1. The application of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Vinton requesting a variance from the parking requirements of the Sugar Notch Zoning Ordinance pertaining to parking for a multifamily dwelling and a dimensional variance for relief from the lot size requirement of 6,500 square feet. The property is located in an R2 Zone and is further identified as 695 Main Street, Sugar Notch, PA 18706. 2. Any and all other business to come before the Sugar Notch Borough Zoning Hearing Board. Any and all related documents regarding the above application have been filed in and are located at the Sugar Notch Borough Municipal Building, 742 Main Street, Sugar Notch, PA 18706 and may be examined by appointment or prior to the above scheduled hearing. Sugar Notch Borough Zoning Hearing Board

Sat. May 25th $169 Orchestra Seats

1009 Penn Ave Scranton 18509 Across from Scranton Prep

4 cylinder, grey, 9K. Factory Warranty. $18,995


Boats & Marinas




MATILDA July 17 $140 (Mezz Seats) MOTOWN ON BROADWAY
Orchestra Seats

Wed. Aug 7th $159

Wed. Aug. 7th $129
(Front Mezz)

New Lower Rates and Past Passenger Specials 9/14-9/22/2013 Sat. to Sun. Carnival Splendor to Turks, HalfMoonCay and Nassau Bus to NYC, Baggage Handling, All Taxes Plus the “The Chatter” Band performs From $799. per person

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MAFFEI Auto Sales

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales



CALL ROSEANN 4247 @ 655-4
To Reserve Your Seats

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Space Limited Call this week! 570-288-8747 1-800-545-7099



AUDI S5 CONV. Sprint blue, black / brown leather int., navigation, 7 spd auto turbo, AWD 10 CHEVY IMPALA LT silver, V6, 50k miles 08 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX blue, auto, V6 07 NISSAN SENTRA S black, auto, 4 cyl.. 07 BUICK LUCERNE CXL, silver, grey leather 06 AUDI A8L grey, blue leather, navigation AWD 05 AUDI A6 All Road. Green 2 tone, leather AWD 05 VW JETTA GLS grey, black leather, sunroof, alloys 04 CHEVY MALIBU LT Blue 04 NISSAN MAXIMA LS silver, auto, sunroof 03 SUZUKI AERO Silver, 5 speed 01 VOLVO V70 CROSS OVER SW, blue, blue leather, AWD 73 PORSCHE 914 green & black, 5 spd, 62k miles.




4 door, 4 cylinder. Excellent gas mileage. $5,495

444 Market St. Kingston

FISHING BOAT Tri-Hull 15.5’, fiberglass,cover, 9.9 hp Marlin outboard, 40lb. electric motor, extras, trailer. All great shape $2500. Moving. 290-4343, [email protected] yahoo.com

5 speed manual, sun roof, alloys, dk. blue, 62k. Warranty. $9,200

Boat? Car? Truck? Motorcycle? Airplane? Whatever it is, sell it with a Classified ad. 570-829-7130

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

Blue, leather heated seats. 100,000 miles, automatic, all power. Runs 110% $5,000, OBO (570)362-0581


Kraze jet ski with trailer & custom cover. $1,000. OBO. 570-840-4112


Standard.UNDER 5K MILES. Chrome engine, lower forks, primary covers, sprocket, matching flame grips/pegs, Sampson exhaust, mini sissy bar, power commander /high flow air cleaner, garage kept and new rear tire, Chopper Blue paint. Asking $10,900 obo. call Tony @ 570-905-7066



FORD ‘08 FOCUS SE Silver, black interior.
4 door sedan. Power windows and locks, CD. 104k highway miles. Runs excellent. $6800 negotiable. 570-578-9222

VW ‘04 JETTAS CHOOSE FROM 2 Starting at $7,350.
Leather or cloth, moonroof & warranties

Commercial Trucks & Equipment

To place your ad call...829-7130

Let the Community Know! Place your Classified Ad TODAY! 570-829-7130

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

6’ X 12’, tow behind. Turnkey operation. $14,000. 570-899-8478



93 UD Tow Truck with wheel lift. 64k. $8,995 ‘94 Jeep V8. Cherokee Runs great. Power windows & doors. $2,995 ‘96 F150 Pickup. auto, runs good. $2,495 Pontiac ‘96 Grand Prix. White, air, power windows & brakes, 4 door, runs good, 106K. $2,995 ‘01 Ford Taurus SES 4 door, air, power doors & windows. $2,995 ‘99 Chevy S10 Blazer 4 door, power windows, doors & seats. 126,000 miles. $3,995 ‘03 Ford Windstar 4 door, all power options. 96,000 miles. $4,300 ‘04 Nissan Armada, 7 passenger. 4wd. Excellent condition. $10,900 ‘09 Mercedes GL450, 7 passenger. Too many options to list. 30K miles. Garage kept. Cream puff. $42,500 Auto Sales 949 Wyoming Ave, Forty Fort




NYC Sat. May 18 Kips Bay Showhouse Roosevelt Island Via Tram/ FDR Memorial NYC Fathers Day Sun., June 16th Sneaker Sunday Brooklyn Flea Ground Zero Chelsea Market

ATVs/Dune Buggies

Only used for 50 hours Looks like new $3,500, OBO. $3,500. 570-702-6023

HONDA`05 450R


Autos under $5000

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!
145 Prayers
Thank you St. Jude for favor granted.

NYC Tues. July 16 High Tea & Tour of Gracie Mansion Morgan Library COMING UP Oct. 5 & 6 Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water/ Shanksville 9/11 Memorial ———————— ———— for more info 570-655-3420

08 JEEP PATRIOT SPORT black, 4 cyl. 5 speed 4x4 07 GMC YUKON 4X4 DENALI black, 3rd seat, Navigation 07 DODGE CARAVAN SXT green, 4 door, 7 pass mini van 06 HYUNDAI SANTA FE GLS grey V6 AWD ’06 PONTIAC MONTANNA AWD blue, entertainment center 7 pas senger mini van 06 HONDA PILOT EX silver, 3rd seat, 4x4 06 CHEVY 1500




415 Autos-Antique & Classic

Extra clean. $10,999

original 350 engine, black with white stripes, 63,000 miles. $23,500. 570-825-6259

CHEVROLET `70 CAMARO Z28 Arizona car, auto,

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

Garage kept, no rust, lots of chrome, black with teal green flake. Includes storage jack & 2 helmets. $3600 570-410-1026


Trucks/ SUVs/Vans



CHEVROLET PICK UP`99 S-10 ZR2 132,000 miles, red
in color, new tires, runs good. R-title, Must See! $3,200 Call after 3:30. (570) 825-0429

HARLEY DAVIDSON, 883. $2,500. 570-736-6555

MERCEDES ‘01 BENZ CLK 320 Coupe. 1 Owner.
MAFFEI Auto Sales

garage kept. 58,000 original miles. asking $8500. 570-8146091 or 825-8195

FORD `95 MUSTANG GT Mint condition.


444 Market St. Kingston

150 Special Notices
ADOPT A loving couple dreams of becoming a family. A life filled with love & opportunity awaits your newborn. Expenses paid. Nadine & Jeff 1-866-936-7580 ADOPTING YOUR NEWBORN is our dream. Endless love, joy, security awaits. Maryann and Matt 888-225-7173 Expenses Paid < < < < < <

93,000 & 96,000 miles. Prices Too Low to Print!


black, V6, 4x4 06 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO, gold, V6 4x4 06 JEEP COMMANDER black, 3rd seat, entertainment center, 4x4 06 DODGE DAKOTA black, 4 door, V8, 4x4 truck 06 DODGE RAM 1500 QUAD CAB, Black, V8, 4x4 truck 06 CHEVY TRAILBLAZER LS, SILVER, 4X4 05 DODGE DURANGO SXT blue, 3rd seat, 4x4 05 CHEVY COLORADO CLUB CAB grey 4x4 truck 05 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING, blue, 7 passenger mini van 05 MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR XLS silver, V6, 4x4 05 MERCURY MARINER PREMIUM. Seafoam green, leather, V6, FWD 05 MERCURY MARINER PREMIER white, tan leather, AWD 05 FORD ESCAPE XLT Red, V6 4x4 05 TOYOTA SIENNA LE gold, 7 passenger mini van 05 HYUNDAI TUSCON LX green auto, AWD 04 FORD EXPLORER XLT green 3rd seat 4x4 04 JEEP GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO silver V6, 4x4 04 CHEVY AVALANCHE LT green, grey leather, 4 door 4x4 truck 03 MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER XLS red, V6, 4x4 03 FORD F150 XLT SUPERCREW 4x4 truck, gold 02 DODGE DURANGO SLT blue, 3rd seat 4x4 02 TOYOTA TUNDRA SR5 XCAB TRUCK white 4x4 01 DODGE DAKOTA CLUB CAB SPORT blue, V6, 4x4 truck 01 FORD RANGER REG CAB TRUCK white, V6 2WD 01 DODGE RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SLT 5.9 liter, brown, 8’ box 4x4 truck 99 FORD F150 SUPER CAB, silver 4x4 truck


truck red, 4x4

windows & locks, CD- perfect inside and out. $9,000 firm. 287-1150 or 301-4102

NISSAN ‘07 ALTIMA SEDAN Automatic, power

1 owner, garage kept, 65k original miles, black with grey leather interior, all original & never seen snow. $7,995. Call 570-237-5119



Auto Accessories


Auto Services

SUNVISORS, Lund. 94-03 Dodge, $125, 99-06 Chevy Silverado, $150, 94-01 Dodge ram, $125. after 3pm 655-3197

We pick up 822-0995

SENECA LAKE Wine & Cheese Weekend Apr. 27 & 28 YANKEES vs. Orioles 4/14 vs Blue Jays 4/28 New Reduced Price Mention code “BASE” for more savings. Peddler’s Village Strawberry Festival May 4 Sight & Sound “Noah” Dinner @ Hershey Farm May 18 Philadelphia Sightseeing & Eastern State Penitentiary Tour 5/18 Niagara Falls June 7-9, includes 2 cruises, tours and 5 meals 1-800-432-8069

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ESTATE NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Letters Testamentary were granted April 5, 2013 in the Estate of Dorothy A. Sawicki a/k/a Dorothy Sawicki, deceased, late of Mountain Top, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, who died March 7, 2013. All persons indebted to said Estate are required to make payment and those having any claims or demands are to present the same without delay unto the Co-Executors, David J. Sawicki, Gerard J. Sawicki and Martina M. Mastrini, in care of the undersigned. Patrick J. Aregood, Esquire 1218 South Main St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706 TRUST NOTICE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the administration of an Agreement of Trust dated November 21, 1991, as amended on May 12, 2004, September 1, 2005 and July 28, 2011, of Frank J. Kaminski, Settlor, Late of Plains Township, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, who died on September 13, 2012. All creditors are requested to present their claims, and all persons indebted to Frank J. Kaminski should make payment to PNC Bank, N.A., Trustee, or its attorney at the following address: DAVID J. HARRIS, ESQUIRE 69 PUBLIC SQUARE, SUITE 700 WILKES-BARRE, PA 18701 (570) 823-9400

CHEVROLET `97 LUMINA LS Fully equipped, cold
air conditioning. New tires. 68,000 miles. $1,975 570-299-0772


1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

4 cyl. 5 speed. ECONOMY! $2995. 570-696-4377

72K original miles, clean CarFax, loaded-power everything, new tires, classic plates. Smoke Silver exterior, Brazilian Wine leather interior, hard AND soft top. Excellent condition, garage kept. Receipts for maintenance. $17K. Serious inquiries only. Call 570-359-3319



Auto Parts

TIRE SPOKES, beautiful. Four for $35. 570-735-8239 TIRES, (4) with MAG rims, 225-70-14, $60. (2) 205-55-16 $20. (1) 205-70-14, with rim, $20. 570-388-6089


All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted
Highest Prices Paid In CA$H

couple dreams of adopting a baby. Promises secure endless love. expenses Paid Alana & Ed 1-888-456-6648

ADOPTION: A loving devoted

Buying Junk Cars Used Cars & Trucks 574 -1275

transmission. 193k miles. Runs well, as is. REDUCED to $850, OBO. 570-240-7539

Line up a place to live in classified!
421 Boats & Marinas

570-288-8995 Forty Fort

Cars & Full Size Trucks. For prices... Lamoreaux Auto Parts 477-2562

Highest Prices Paid

4 door, 4 x4 LT Power windows & locks. Auto, 2 owners. Not a Nicer One! $3,995


leather, moon roof, 99k. Warranty. $8,495

HONDA ‘03 ACCORD EX-L V6, , black/tan

Love is sweet! Ask about the Famous Oyster Wedding Candy Rooms as a special treat for your guests! bridezella.net



from convenient locations in the Dallas & W-B area. Direct to NYC! Available every Saturday & select Sundays & Wednesdays through May. Go to martztrailways.com for full details and to purchase your e-ticket.


444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

112K miles. Blue, 5 speed. Air, power windows/locks, CD/cassette, Keyless entry, sunroof, new battery. Car drives and has current PA inspection. Slight rust on corner of passenger door. Clutch slips on hard acceleration. This is why its thousands less than Blue Book value. $6,500 OBO. Make an offer! Call 570-592-1629


board 85hp motor. Bikini top, trailer included. Runs excellent. $2,500, OBO. 570-714-3300 570-675-8693

BAYLINER ’88 CAPRI 171/2 ft. with out-

Motorcycle for sale? Let them see it here in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130



Real Estate Auction


Real Estate Auction


Real Estate Auction



LEAVE FROM PARK & RIDE Rt. 309 or Rt. 315

miles, 4 cylinder, great on gas $4,495

DODGE ‘99 STRATUS 71,000 original

Don’t Keep Your Practice a Secret!

570-760-2035 570-542-2277 Free Pickup!

back, motor replaced. Including trailer hitch. Reduced to $995 (570)333-4827 MANUAL Honda, 1999, CR-V manual, $2,800. 736-6555

FORD `87 ECONOLINE 350 CARGO VAN With 11’ extended

Call 829-7130 To Place Your Ad
310 Attorney Services 310 Attorney Services


Child Care

DAYCARE In my Kingston home.
Licensed. Infant to 6 years. 570-283-0336

Silver, 106K, looks & runs like new. $3,300, OBO 570-702-6023 570-814-2344


beige leather, moon roof. 73K Warranty $10,900.

CADILLAC ‘05 DEVILLE DTS Metallic green,

Guaranteed Low Fees Payment Plan! Colleen Metroka 570-592-4796
Mention this ad when you call!


Guaranteed Low Fees Payment Plan! Colleen Metroka 570-592-4796
Mention this ad when you call!


444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

DIVORCE No Fault $295 divorce295.com Atty. Kurlancheek 800-324-9748 W-B FREE Bankruptcy Consultation Payment plans. Carol Baltimore 570-822-1959

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Free Consultation. Contact Atty. Sherry Dalessandro 570-823-9006
Find homes for your kittens! Place an ad here! 570-829-7130

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380 Travel Black Lake, NY
Come relax & enjoy great fishing & tranquility at it’s finest. Housekeeping cottages on the water with all the amenities of home.

Doyouneedmore space? Ayardorgaragesale in classified is thebestway to cleanoutyourclosets! You’rein bussiness withclassified!

412 Autos for Sale

LEO’S AUTO SALES 93 Butler Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 570-825-8253 BMW ‘99 323 is 2 door, 6cyl, auto., 82,00 original miles. One owner. excellent condition $5,995 Current Inspection On All Vehicles DEALER


150 Special Notices

150 Special Notices

BUICK `97 LESABRE Excellent running
condition, maintenance free. $3,200. 570-287-0600 Black, V6 auto, 82,000 miles, all power, Good condition. $3,700. 570-868-6321

White, 4 door, good condition. 151,000 miles. Asking $2,700 570-954-7459

375 W Main St, Plymouth, PA 18651

Octagon Family Restaurant


(315) 375-8962
[email protected] lakemarine.com www.blacklake4fish.com

Call Now!


4 door sedan, auto, air, CD, 51,470 miles, Runs great, good gAs mileage, excellent condition. $9,000. (570) 459-0360


Large Pie for $7.95 In House Only.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Home of the Original ‘O-Bar’ Pizza

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 451 Trucks/ SUVs/Vans 451 Trucks/ SUVs/Vans 451 Trucks/ SUVs/Vans 451 Trucks/ SUVs/Vans 451 Trucks/ SUVs/Vans 457 Wanted to Buy Auto

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAGE 3D 518 Customer Support/Client Care
PART-TIME Bonner Chevrolet USED CAR DIVISION Clean driving record. Duties include washing, waxing & all functions related to used car sales & delivery. Call Dave “K” 570-288-0319

518 Customer Support/Client Care

527 Food Services/ Hospitality

Runs great! 211,000 miles, 4x4, new windshield, alternator, front wheel studs, spark plug wires, ignition module, brakes, throttle body gasket, 3 oxygen sensors, fuel pump, tank, & filter. New tires with alloy rims. New transmission. $4,000, OBO. 570-793-5593


6 cylinder, 4x4. Select Trac, silver, 105k. Very good condition. Fully Serviced. Warranty. $7,995


V6, light green/tan leather, one owner, 112k. Fully serviced. Extended Warranty. $9,850

LEXUS ’03 ES 300

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

Very Low Mileage, 52,000. Car was garaged kept, and owned by a nonsmoker. $17,000. (570) 474-0595


Regular cab, 4 x 2, 4 cylinder, white. 27K. Warranty. $10,595

MAFFEI Auto Sales

Collect cash, not dust! Clean out your basement, garage or attic and call the Classified department today at 570829-7130!

444 Market St. Kingston

All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted
Highest Prices Paid In CA$H



Building/ Construction/ Skilled Trades

JEEP ‘10 GRAND CHEROKEE LAREDO V6, 4x4, 29k, white.
Factory Warranty. $20,495

CHEVY ‘04 SILVERADO 2WD, 6 cyl. One

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

ver/grey, all options available. Excellent condition. Selling for medical reasons. Remaining warranty of 22 months. Originally $65,000, selling for. $42,500 570-288-0182

LINCOLN `11 NAVIGATOR 10,000 miles. Sil-

V6, AWD, red leather, sunroof. 95K, mint condition. Warranty. $12,995

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

5 yrs experience PA Drivers License a Must. Call 693.3735


SHEETROCKERS Looking for the right deal WANTED Must have at least
7 years exp. Own hand tools. Sub-contractors welcome. Must have workers comp. 207-692-3002


All shifts. Apply today, work tomorrow. Drug screen and criminal background required. (Save time, apply online) www.one sourcehrsolutions. com 1124 Highway 315 Wilkes Barre 18702 or call 825-2105



part time. Experienced only. Nanticoke area. 570-266-0941


Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified!
533 Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair

444 Market St. Kingston

MAFFEI Auto Sales

Selling your Camper? Place an ad and find a new owner. 570-829-7130

on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

GET THE WORD OUT with a Classified Ad. 570-829-7130


Education/ Training

owner. Extra Clean $5995. 570-696-4377

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

412 Autos for Sale

FULL TIME TEACHER WANTED working with young toddlers

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

4x4 Contractor’s cap. One Owner. NICE CLEAN TRUCK! $7995. 570-696-4377




Wilkes-Barre littlepeopleWB.com

Little People Day Care School 280 Hanover St



Experience preferred

For housing complex Freeland, PA. Duties:work orders & turn-overs Electric,plumbing, and janitorial exp necessary. email resume: [email protected] or fax: 845-636-2195



Auto Parts


Auto Parts


cloth interior, excellent condition. 88,000 miles. Dallas area. $9,000 570-690-4363

DODGE `05 DAKOTA SPORT Two door. 4 WD,







Job Seekers are looking here! Where's your ad? 570-829-7130 and ask for an employment specialist
Newer tires, ideal delivery van, or for flea markets $1,000 (570) 287-8410








Call for Details (570) 459-9901 Vehicles must be COMPLETE!! PLUS ENTER TO WIN $500 CASH!!


412 Autos for Sale 412 Autos for Sale






$7,425 $5,875


$9,450 $5,995 $4,250 $3,950 $4,450 $4,550

Call Dan Lane @

1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


$4,250 $6,425 $7,950 $6,525 $4,425



4 CYL, AUTO, A/C, ONLY 79K ....





4 CYL, 5 SPEED, A/C, 74K MILES 4 CYL, HATCHBACK, SHARP...............



6 speed, 2WD. EXTRA SHARP! $5995. 570-696-4377


4 CYL, AUTO, A/C ....................... 4 CYL, AUTO, A/C, ONLY 58K MILES



$4,550 $6,975 $5,475 $7,495


4 CYL, AUTO, A/C .......................





Power steering and power brakes, rebuilt engine with less than 10,000 miles. Good condition. $2,450 (570)885-0418





Tax and tags additional, not responsible for typographical errors.


1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park


197 West End Road, Wilkes-Barre, PA 18706


2003 Audi 225hp 87791 ......................... $12,990 2004 BMW 330Ci 80128 ..................... $13,499 2006 BMW 325xi 35196...................... $19,990 2006 BMW 330isport 66543 ........... $17,595 2006 Cadillac DTS 33265 ..................... $15,789 2002 Chevrolet Corvette 19123 ...... $24,649 2004 Chevrolet Venture 90840............ $5,400 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser 63774 ........ $6,999 2005 Dodge SRT-4 98710 ....................... $8,995 2007 Ford E350 Pass 56256 ............. $13,999 2006 Ford F150 Crew 72345 ............ $17,999 2006 Ford Must Conv 110258 .............. $9,376 2007 Ford Must GT 32569 ................. $18,498 2005 GMC Canyon Z85 70275 .......... $13,999 2006 Honda CR-V AWD SE 73435 .. $13,990 2007 Hyundai SF SE 80013 .................$11,999 2006 Jeep Commander 4WD 68574 $13,495 2012 Mazda i Sport 3963 .................. $16,656 2003 Mercedes-B C230 84555 ........... $9,786 2007 Mercedes-B CLK550 45000 .. $26,999 2007 Mini Cooper S 46153 ................ $14,568 2006 Nissan Frontier SE 75941 ...... $14,999 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix 58656.......... $8,999 2003 Porsche Boxter S 26998 ......... $24,998 2009 Suzuki SX4 AWD 30482 ........... $12,999 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser 4WD 56884 $21,756 2010 Volkswagen Tiguan SE 22065 $17,599
*Tax, tags & license fees not included.


1553 Main Street, Peckville, PA 18452

Leather, LIKE NEW! $3995. 570-696-4377


#Z2962, 5.7 L V8 350HP, 4 Speed Automatic Transmission w/ Overdrive, Sport Bucket Seats w/ Leather Trimmed, Fog Lamps, Dual Zone Climate Control, Power Options, Bose Stereo, 12 CD Remote Changer, Head-Up Display
#13123A, 6.0L V8 400HP AT, A/C, Sport Buckets, Heated Leather Seats, Alum. Wheels, Home Link Transmitter, Head-Up Display, Bose Stereo, Magnetic Selective Ride Control 1 OWNER #Z2971, 6.2L 436HP, 6 Speed AT, Grand Sport Silver Painted Alum. Wheels, Performance Sport Handling Labels, Head-Up Display, Heated Leather Seats, Removable Roof Panel, Bose Stereo, 1 OWNER #Z2957, 6.2L 430HP 6 Speed Manual Transmission, Z51 Performance Package, Removable Roof Panel, Electronic Instrumentation, Leather, Dual Zone Air Conditioning, CD/MP3, Sport Suspension, 1 OWNER #13521A, 6.0L 400HP, 6 Speed Manual Transmission, Leather, Chrome Aluminum Wheels, Magnetic Selective Ride Control, Large Cross Drilled Brake Rotors 1 OWNER #13705A, 6.2L 436HP, 6 Speed Paddle Shift Auto., Heated Leather Seats, Power Conv. Top, Head-Up Display, Navigation w/ CD, Performance Sport Handling Labels, Z16 Performance Pkg., 1 OWNER

W W W. VA L L E Y C H E V R O L E T. C O M



25 893
, ,


1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park

Fiberglass cap. ONE OWNER $7995. 570-696-4377





30 750





49 811


1518 8th Street Carverton, PA Near Francis Slocum St. Park 4X4, V6, DVD, 3rd row seat, LIKE NEW! $5995. 570-696-4377





2006, white. Engine, 4.7L, V8, 16V, 4WD, premium wheels, air, alarm system, ADJ AM/FM/CD, Sunroof, third seating, ABS brakes, onstar, towing package, safari wrap, and MUCH MORE! 88,000 miles, never off-road. Excellent condition. $13,600 (570)709-7210



30 898





38 953




52 780



#Z2950, V8 Auto., 12 CD Changer, Sport Leather Seats, Bose Stereo, Power Pedals, Fog Lamps, Memory Seats, Polished Aluminum Wheels, Head-Up Display, Dual Zone Climate Control, 1 OWNER






#13359C, V8, 4 + 3 Manual Transmission, Power Options, Tuned Port Injection, Removable Top





#Z2965, 5.7 V8 Automatic, Transmission, Adjustable Sport Suspension, Leather, Power Options, Borla Exhaust, Air Conditioning, Cruise Control




We will trade/buy any CORVETTE 1953 to 2013 * from Barn finds to Bloomington Gold Corvettes and anything in between!

4 cylinder, 5 speed, 124K. New inspection. solid Jeep. $5,195 (570)779-3890


*Prices plus tax & tags. Select pictures for illustration purposes only. Not Responsible for Typographical Errors. XM Satellite & OnStar Fees where applicable.


821-2772 • 1-800-444-7172

601 Kidder Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA


Hours: Mon.-Thurs.8:30-8:00pm; Friday 8:30-7:00pm; Saturday 8:30-5:00pm

Dave Grabinski - Rick Merrick

Qualified, experienced client consultants. Fully equipped service complex, & Trained Corvette Technicians.



TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com



YOUR PRICE $37,999 MSRP $41,010
A ll Wheel Drive, Leather Seats, CD, Message Center, Side Air Curtains, Fog Lamps, Personal Safety w/Anti-Theft Sys., SYNC, PL, PW, Rear Camera, Pwr. Moonroof, 18” A Alum. lum. Wheels

VIN #3LDR810944
*Tax and tags extra. Security deposit waived. All factory rebates applied including Factory Conquest Rebate. **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $645 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. Sale ends 4/30/13.





24 MOS.

YOUR PRICE $41,999 MSRP $48,005

VIN #2LDBL08538


. 9 %





YOUR PRICE $43,999 MSRP $48,560
VIN #1LDG615310

All Wheel W heel Drive, D rive, 3.7L V6, Premium Pkg., Auto. Temp Control, 18” Alum. Wheels, Advanced Trac, Leather Heated/Cooled Seats, Keyless Entry with Keypad, Satellite Radio, Side Air Curtains, CD, Reverse Sensing Sys., Pwr. Liftgate, HID Headlamps, MyLincoln Touch, Rear Camera, Remote Start, SYNC, Panoramic Roof, Wood Package

All Wheel W heel Drive, D rive, 3.7L V6, Remote Keyless Entry, Reverse Sensing, HID Headlamps, THX Sound Sys with CD, 19” Premium Alum. Wheels, Dual Zone Electronic Auto Temp Control, Pwr. Heat/Cool Leather Seats, SYNC, Personal Safety Sys., Safety Canopy Sys., Anti-Theft Sys., N avigation Sys, Rearview Camera



*Tax and tags extra. Security deposit waived. All factory rebates applied including Factory Conquest Rebate. . **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $645 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. Sale ends 4/30/13.



24 MOS.



*Tax and tags extra. Security deposit waived. All factory rebates applied including Factory Conquest Rebate. . **Lease payments based on 24 month lease 21,000 allowable miles. First months payment, $645 Bank Fee, and $2,500 down payment (cash or trade) due at delivery. Sale ends 4/30/13.

1.9% APR
Financing Available
for up to 60 Mos. With Approved With Approved Appro ved Credit Credit


24 MOS.


4 4 $$

Moonroof, Leather, Heated Seats, Some with Navigation


Moonroof, Leather, Heated, Navigation, Low Low Miles


25 , 990

2 2 $$

2 7 , 990

CALL NOW 8 23 -8888 O R 1 -8 00 -81 7-FORD



TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 542 Logistics/ Transportation 551 Other 630 Money To Loan
“We can erase your bad credit 100% GUARANTEED.” Attorneys for the Federal Trade Commission say they’ve never seen a legitimate credit repair operation. No one can legally remove accurate and timely information from your credit report. It’s a process that starts with you and involves time and a conscious effort to pay your debts. Learn about managing credit and debt at ftc. gov/credit. A message from The Times Leader and the FTC.

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAGE 5D 710 Appliances 732
MIXER, Sunbeam Mix Master, brown trim with all stainless steel metal, 12 speed, two bowls, small and large. 225 watts, beater and dough hooks. Excellent condition. $70 570-824-9049 REFRIGERATOR. Whirlpool. 6 years old. Excellent condition. $150 570-709-6664 VACUUMS, two, Bissell, upright, less than 2 years old. Excellent condition. 12 amps with onboard tools and 12” lighted glide path. Uses #7 filtrete bags. $40, OBO. Royal Hand, like new with onboard tools. Bagless, powerful suction. Needs filter cover. $35, OBO. 570-331-2975

Exercise Equipment


Furniture & Accessories


Furniture & Accessories


Furniture & Accessories


is now hiring *Local & Jockey Drivers *Regional drivers Must have Class A CDL. We are rapidly growing and offer competitive wages. Please call

DRIVERS Karchner Logistics


needed to escort oversized loads. MUST have a good driving record & experience. Opening for Lowboy Driver requires CDL. MUST have a good driving record. Rollback Driver requires a good driving record. We offer Top Wages & Benefits Package!! Apply in Person and ask for: PAUL or MIKE FALZONE TOWING SERVICE, INC. 271 N. Sherman St Wilkes Barre, PA 18702 570.823.2100


Is now hiring for the following part time positions: Security Officers and Produce Clerks. Previous experience preferred. Apply at: 400 South Main St., Wilkes Barre E.O.E

HARD CORE GYM, Plate loaded cable pulley machine; lat pull down, chest press, pec deck, leg ext, lower pulley for curling. $150. 570-868-6024 LEG EXTENSION MACHINE Hammer Strength ISO-Lateral. 4 years old, plate loaded, platinum frame, navy upholstery. New condition. $1000. SEATED L E G C U R L MACHINE , Hammer Strength ISOLateral. 4 years old, plate loaded, platinum frame, navy upholstery, New condition. $1000. Call Jim 570-855-9172 TRAINER, Elliptical, vision fitness, Excellent condition. Screen, exercise programs, heart rate monitor, 16 resistance levels. Space Saver unit. $600 570-814-9106

BAKER’S RACK gray steel with glass shelves & 4 stools. $195. Leave message for Florence. 570-474-5142 BED FRAME, polished brass, head board and footboard. 54”x75”, full size. Excellent condition. Free delivery within 10 miles. $300. 824-9049 BEDFRAMES, (2) twin, steel. Included head and foot pieces. $60 KITCHEN TABLE, 3 ft. X 4 ft. with two chairs and extra leaf. $100. OBO 570-693-1918 CHAIRS, (2) Genuine leather, custom made recliners. Taupe color, like new. $550 each. 570-675-5046 DESK, 8 drawer with lock, $50. DRESSER, 4 drawer, $30. ENTERTAINMENT CENTERS, (2) $30 each. CHINA CABINET and buffet, $90. COFFEE TABLE, made of wood and glass, $40. DINING ROOM SET, wooden, $50. KITCHEN SET, 2 piece, $150. 570-736-6555 FLOOR LAMP with 2 matching table lamps. Arts & Crafts style. White frosted glass shades & taupe metal bases. Excellent condition $50 for all. 570-825-2961 FURNITURE Antique cedar chest, Mahogany, $225. Dining room suite, Mahogany, $650. Curio Cabinet, Mahogany, lighted and mirrored $225. Antique Mahogany bedroom suite, dresser, vanity and wardrobe, $900. Bedroom suite, blondewood with double dresser and chest of drawers, $250. Victorian marble top table, $250. All in Excellent Condition! 570-696-1809

HUTCH, white metal with glass sliding doors on top and bottom cabinet. 65”Hx30”Wx20”D, $60. 570-655-1217 LOVE SEAT, Victorian, Cherry wood frame and tapestry upholstery. Paid 1,400 will sell for $600. Like new condition. 287-6327

WARDROBE/STORAGE cabinet. Sauder, 191/2x48x72. $40. 570-779-1414

Garage Sales/ 746 Estate Sales/ Flea Markets

Garage Sales/ Estate Sales/ Flea Markets




Garage Sales/ Estate Sales/ Flea Markets
Blueberry Hill Estates 705 BlueBerry Dr. Sat. 8 until 2 Exercise equipment, patio furniture, children items, clothes, home decor and much more! 90 West Liberty St. SAT., & SUN. 8AM TO 3PM CLEANING OUT 2 HOMES 2 stained glass chandeliers, household items, new & old stuff. Don’t Miss This One!

We Beat All Competitors Prices! Twin sets: $159 Full sets: $179 Queen sets: $239 All New American Made 570-288-1898

Mattress Guy

flowers on graves at the cemetery. Early start-physical labor. Work to be complete by May 26th. Ketler Florist & Greenhouse 1205 S Main St Hanover Township

SEASONAL HELP To clean and plant

Fri., Sat., Sun. ???? 9-????? 4/26 4/27 and 4/28? baby furniture, albums, household much more


Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!


702 Air Conditioners


Baby Items

SECTIONAL, brown and beige. FREE. 570-735-8239 SOFA BED, double, blue plaid, 5 years old, $300. OBO. 570-822-8380 SOFA, Benchcraft, leather, Bone, $300, (2) Chairs, Natuzzi leather, Burgundy, $550 both. Excellent condition, barely used.All 3 pieces for $750. Cash and carry, no checks. 570-825-5080 SOFA, CHAIR, OTTOMAN. Black Leather.$150 570-468-2168 STOOL, four leg oak framed, legs with upholstered lift-up seat, 3” deep, 18” H by 15” seat. Neutral upholstery. Recently purchased, $125, sell for $30 firm. CARPET, crescent shaped persian look, black on beige. 36” by 24” at widest point, new. $10. FLOOR LAMP, Pottery Barn, modern, adjustable. Brushed nickel finish on steel. Very stable. 40” tall. $200 OBO. 570-331-2975 TABLE, 2 tier circular, $125, Love Seat, $75, Chairs, (2) wing, $125 pair, Recliners, (20 $50 each, Table, drum, $100, Tables, end (2) $60 pair, Bookcase, $50, Mirror, $75, Screen, $50, Card table & chairs, $40, TABLE, Tv glass, $50, Lamp, antique cupid, $150 570-696-1809 TABLE, kitchen, wood with four chairs. Very good condition. $50. 570-388-6089 TABLE. drop leaf, 4 chairs. Approximately 42” long. $250. 288-5801 TABLE. Glass patio. 66 x 39. $80 570-545-7006 TABLE. Magazine. with marble top. $300.. KNEELERS, prayer, $50. 570-735-8730 WALL UNIT. Very good. 41/2x15x6. Top is glass enclosed, adjustable shelves, 2 large storage units. Very heavy, needs at least 2 people to move. Cash and carry. $70 570-779-2706

Decorative/Seasonal/Accent Pieces for sale. Purchase separately or all. Call 675-5046 after 6PM

BABY BASSINET, wicker, old time. $10 570-735-8239 BEDDING & DECOR Nursery, comforter, bed skirt, bumper, lamp and wall hanging, like new. $40, CAR SEAT, Evenflo, $20, ROCKER, Oak, Excellent, $25 570-256-0962 BOOSTER SEAT, Fisher Price deluxe, $6. DIAPER GENIE, $6. BABY BATH, $6. All in new condition. 570-788-0621 CRADLE, swing, aquarium, by Fisher Price, $30, 570-406-1353 Stroller, Deluxe Graco with umbrella. Excellent condition, paid $95, selling for $20. 570-288-0060 STROLLERS Graco Metro-Lite, blue /gray pattern. Chicco Capri, tangerine color. Both lightweight & easy to fold. Like new. $20 each. Call 570-883-7049. T R AV E L S Y S T E M . Graco. Excellent condition. Neutral Beige Color, 2 bases. $100 570-814-6167 9am 8pm

Looking for that special place called home? Classified will address Your needs. Open the door with classified!


AIR CONDITIONER, Haier 5000 BTU, used April 2012October 2012. Works great. $50. 570-331-2975 AIR CONDITIONER. Amana, 5000 BTU. $50. 570-826-9049 AIR CONDITIONER. Carrier, through the wall. 16,000 BTU 220v. $50 570-430-9077 AIR CONDITIONERS, Frigidaire, 5,000 BTU, $35. Goldstar (2), 5,000 BTU, $35 each. Haier, 5,000 BTU, $35. Carrier Siesta, 5,000 BTU, $35. 570-825-4031



FIREWOOD. Pine, large quantity for FREE. You Haul away. 570-472-3543 FIREWOOD. Several large trees cut down, pine and hardwood. Free if you cut and carry 570-788-4090

138 Mason St Sat, Apr. 27th, 8-? Boy’s, girl’s, women’s & men’s clothes, toys, books, household items & more!


548 Medical/Health
Looking for mature & compassionate people to work with elderly in their homes. Personal care & transportation required. All Shifts available. Call: 570-338-2681

Sales/Retail/ Business Development



Furnaces & Heaters

Full Time. Carpenter Dental 1086 Wyoming Ave., Forty Fort, 18704. Send Resume Attn: HR Dept Fax 570.714.5184 Email: Carpenter [email protected]ail.com


Hanover Green Buttonwood Korn Krest Nanticoke
• Are at least 14 years old • Are dependable • Have a great personality • Can work evenings & Saturdays •Would like to have fun while working with other teenagers


Antiques & Collectibles

AFFORDABLE, clean, safe and efficient wood heat. Central Boiler OUTDOOR WOOD FURNACE. Heats multiple buildings. B & C Wood Furnaces LLC 570-477-5692 HEATER portable outdoor water heater. Battery operated with battery charger. Coleman model#2300700. Used only several times. Excellent condition $100. 570-825-2961 HEATER, gas, capable of heating a 4 bedroom house. $800. 280-2472 HEATER, portable, propane gas. Used as a back up source. $250. 570-693-3978

38 Valley View Dr. Sat., Apr. 27, 10-3 No early birds! Lots of Stuff. New & used. Something for everyone. Lots of books.

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

305 River St. (Corner of River & Butler) Sat., April 27, 8:00-3:00 Contents of lovely home. Living room, drop leaf table, tables, chairs, lamps, Kitchen set with hutch, many kitchen items, Noritake and Stangle dishware, glassware, All window curtains, 3 bedroom suites, desk, chests, books, holiday, Lawn furniture, costume jewelry, tools, basement, garage. Too much to list, all prices to sell!


116 BENT PINE TRAIL SAT., APRIL 27th 8:00-4:00 DIRECTIONS: 81 S. to exit 145. Take 93 S. to right onto Deer Run Rd. than left onto Bent Pine Trail. ENTIRE CONTENTS OF HOME Including oak bedroom set, living room furniture, dining table & chairs, kitchenware, glassware, jewelry, linens, holiday, vintage clothes, lawn and garden, wooden extension ladder, Craftsman riding tractor 17 hp, 42 '', electric start, Craftsman lawn mower with mulcher, self propelled and much more. CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED SALE BY COOK & COOK ESTATE LIQUIDATORS WWW.COOKANDCOOKESTATELIQUIDATORS.COM

Certified Nursing Assistants Full Time & Part Time PA Certification required. High school diploma or GED required. Competitive rates RN Supervisors We are looking for RN’s with long term care experience to deliver high quality and compassionate care to our residents. Supervisory experience preferred. Full Time & Part Time RN’s & LPNs Full Time & Part Time Please apply on-line at www.berwickhospital.com EOE

Bikes, dolls, guns, Mining Items, trains & Musical Instruments, Hess. 474-9544

$ ANTIQUES BUYING $ Old Toys, model kits, ANTIQUES


Bridal Items

leave message

Then call Mr. John @ 735-8708

One item or entire contents of homes. 570-814-3371 570-328-4420 BASEBALL CARDS, (800) 1994 Topps, $8. Boston Red Sox, (150), $5. N.Y. Yankees, (150), $5. Very nice for a young baseball collector. 570-313-5214 or 570-313-3859 BASEBALL CARDS, 1992 score baseball (430) $10. Boston Red Sox (63), $3. N.Y. Mets, (50) $2.50. Philadelphia Phillies, (114) $6. Pittsburgh Pirates, (52) $2.50. Baltimore Orioles (109) $6. 570-313-5214 570-313-3859 BOOKS. War History collection on all wars of the United States and Foreign. 15 books. $30 Call Jim at 655-9474 [email protected] netzero.com DRESSER, low curved, $100, Secretary warm gold finish, $125, Dresser, tall with mirror, $150, Vanity, Petite style dresser, mirror, $125, Bed, full size, rounded footboard, $125, pair leather turn of the century rockers, $150, copper boiler, %65, cocoa cola clock, $30, pastel braided Pottery Barn rug, $60. Will email photos, call for details. 570-675-2057 TRAIN SET, Marx smoking train. Very good condition, 50 years old. $75 OBO. 570-779-7658 VANITY, Antique with mirror and 6 drawers. Good condition. $150 570-446-8672 WHEELBARROW with steel front wheel, $25 OBO. LOG ROLLING tool, $40. SHOVEL, old coal, $25. 693-1918 YEARBOOKS. Coughlin (30) ‘282000. GAR -(18)) ‘37-’06, Meyers (15) ‘53-’03, Pittston (6) ‘67-’75, WVW (12), 1967-2000,Kingston (11) ‘32-’52, Hazleton, (8) ‘40-’61, Plains, (3) ‘66-’68, Hanover ‘51-’74. Prices vary depending on condition. $20-$40 each. Call for further details & additional school editions. 570-8254721 [email protected] aol.com

WEDDING DRESS White beaded halter type. Pearls, full sip and veil included. Size 9/10. $120 for all. 570-655-1414 WEDDING DRESS. Off white with beautiful blue detail. Strapless with corset closure in back. Approximate size 10. $300 570-262-1396


Furniture & Accessories





AREA RUG, 8x10, cranberry with flower print, bound on all sides. Excellent condition, $65. 570-287-7379 BARSTOOLS, old time, hand made with pegs. Pair for $25. 570-735-8239

FURNITURE. Outdoor patio. Glass top cast aluminum dining table with 6 chairs PLUS 2 teak Adirondack chairs with foot stools. $500 all. 570-696-1869 FUTON, wood & metal frame. Burgundy and gray. Very good condition. $175. 817-9544 GLIDER and chair for a porch, $50 570-824-8810

HADDONFIELD HILLS Sat. Apr. 27th, 8-3 Items large & small, furniture, tools, power equipment, pellet stove, boat trailer, housewares, clothing, etc.




Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair


Installation/ Maintenance/ Repair

Saturday April 27th in the Parish Hall 212 Wyoming Ave. Dupont. Dinner includes: Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, bread, dessert & beverage Cost of the ticket is $8.00 for adults & $4.00 for children 12 years of age & under. Serving is 4pm to 7pm. Tickets are available at the door. PLEASE JOIN US & ENJOY! Call 654-4262 for more information & 654-0345 the day of the dinner. KINGSTON


Building Materials



DOOR, Stanley swinging door with grids $75. FIREPLACE 52” electric in walnut wood cabinet, 350 watt heater with remote. $300.570-288-2700 DOORS, (6) solid wood. Oak. $150 ea. MAILBOX, handmade, solid wrought iron. $100 570-735-8730 STORM DOOR, wooden glass, with screen. 30”X80” and wooden screen door, 30” X 80” both open on left, both for $25. WOOD PIECES, (2) pressure treated 2” X8” X6”, average, 25 pieces for $20. OBO 570-693-1918





Due To Continued Growth Lubricant & Oil Equipment Distributor based in Avoca, PA is looking for Experienced, Motivated, and Dependable People to Join Our Team.
Requirements: Valid CDL Class B license with Tanker & Hazmat endorsement. Minimum of 1 year driving experience, Tanker experience preferred. Territory includes counties throughout PA, NY, NJ, and DE. General warehouse work for bulk and package warehouse. Responsible for unloading and storage of incoming product and loading delivery trucks for next day deliveries and repackaging of bulk product. This position will be reporting to and working directly with the Controller and Accounting Manager. The candidate will be Team oriented, energetic and have a positive attitude. The successful candidate must also have the ability to work independently, be detailed oriented, manage multiple tasks, and recognize priorities. The ideal candidate should be well versed in all Accounts Payable functions, including Use Tax filings and voucher processing for multiple locations. Strong interactive and communicative skills, along with computer proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook are necessary. The successful candidate must have a minimum of three years experience working directly with Accounts Payable. Preferred method of applying for these positions is to visit our website to complete an online application. Competitive pay with experience factored. Full benefit package including health benefits, FSA, 401K, and paid time off. To obtain an application please visit our facility or you can visit our website at www.craftoilcorp.com

We have an immediate opening for (1) Experienced Auto Service Technician. Starting rates $15-$22 per hour! Must be PA licensed and have own tools. We offer an excellent benefit package. Come join our growing company! Apply in person or call. All replies will be strictly confidential.


CDL Driver

A PHENOMENAL PLACE TO WORK! PET STORE Sales & Pet Care. Groomer. Apply in person Pet Wonderland Wilkes Barre

OR FAX YOUR RESUME TO 609-317-1126

PART TIME RN/LPN AT BLACK CREEK, NUREMBURG, PA (3 DAYS) FULL TIME RN/LPN AT BLACK CREEK, NUREMBURG, PA FULL TIME RN/LPN AT FREELAND, FREELAND, PA Please go to www.rhcnepa.com for all information regarding where and to whom you send your resume, salary, location, and job functions. Do not call. EOE M/F/V/H AA


Warehouse Personnel

566 Sales/Business Development

566 Sales/Business Development

566 Sales/Business Development



Accounts Payable

Wyoming Valley Motors has immediate openings available for automotive salespersons. We are looking for self-motivated individuals with excellent people skills. Auto sales experience preferred but not required. Spanish speaking (bi-lingual) applicants are encouraged to apply. A clear driving record and valid PA driver’s license required. We do drug test all new hires. Send your resume to Anne D. Bazil at: Wyoming Valley Motors P.O. Box 1308 Kingston, PA 18704 [email protected] Fax: 570-718-6201 557 Project/ Program Management 557 Project/ Program Management 557 Project/ Program Management

132 West Union St. Sat. 9 until 1 Country and household items, girls, boys and women’s clothes, toys and more. All must go!

-Full TimeNow Open! Sovereign Commercial Services is seeking a full time addition for 4am-12noon MonFri. $10.50 to start. Position is located in Pittston area. Must be able to work in high lift and facility cleaning of warehouse. Great atmosphere. Benefits after 90 days with paid time off. Apply online at: www.sovereigncs. com EOE and Drug Free Workplace



COMMUNION SUIT, Boys. Navy, size 8 reg. comes with off white dress shirt. Excellent condition. $45. 570-609-5012 JACKET, brown leather. Size, 2XL, very heavy. New. $75. 570-388-6089 JACKETS, women’s, $2 each. 570-823-6986 MATERNITY CLOTHES. Summer. XL. 13 shirts, 1 dress, 3 pants. All for $30. Will deliver. 570-762-6322 RAIN COAT, ladies, size M, 1/2 length. for fishing and casual wear. Reversible. New. $5. 696-1927 WOMEN’S CLOTHING, misses size 12, capri’s, black, salmon, blue and white, shorts and jeans, like new. $5 each. 570-779-3841 Leave a message.

Village at Greenbriar Assisted Living

Garden tools and equipment, snow shoes, weights, furniture, table saw, electric fencing, log splitter, rugs, shelves, etc. No early birds!!!!!!!!!!!!

DOWNSIZING SALE April 27 - 8 to 3

165 Dug Road




Project/ Program Management


APPLY WITHIN: 4252 Memorial Highway Dallas, PA 18612


To apply in person: Craft Oil Corporation 837 Cherry Street Avoca, PA 18641 Fax- 570-451-0700
No Phone Calls Please. EOE

“Henkel is the name behind some of America’s best-known brands. From Dial® soap to Purex® laundry detergent, göt2b® hair styling products, and Loctite® adhesives, Henkel brands are part of your daily life.”

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale 600 FINANCIAL in classified is the best way Business tocleanoutyourclosets! 610 Opportunities You’re in bussiness with classified! VISUAL
551 Other

566 Sales/Business Development

566 Sales/Business Development

Henkel has an immediate opening for a Maintenance Manager position is located in West Hazleton, PA.
The primary responsibility of the Maintenance Manager is to ensure the production equipment is capable of delivering at expected operational efficiency and quality levels. The role also provides supervision of the budget, troubleshoots equipment issues, operates and maintains a controlled Maintenance Shop, and serves as a resource for Mechanical Resource personnel at the Hazleton Facility. This position is accountable to ensure that planned maintenance activities in production areas are effectively executed in a cost efficient manner.


Computer Equipment & Software

RMS offers motivated individuals an opportunity to earn the type of income they deserve and set their own work calendar while enjoying a change of scenery each week working a variety of prescheduled in-store promotions and sales events. We offer: • Flexible Hours • Consistent year-round income • Management Opportunities • Unlimited Income Potential Qualifications: • Strong communication skills & work ethic. • Minimum one year of Sales, Marketing, or Management experience. • Professional appearance & mature personality. • Some weekend availability required. • Driver’s license & insured vehicle required.

Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 40 N. Mtn. Blvd. Mt Top, PA On Saturday April 27, 2013 1:00 PM For more information & to make a Reservation to attend please call 570-474-2231 ext. 32 RSVP by April 26, 2013

COMMUNICATIONS BIZ FOR SALE B to B Services Repeat Client Base Low Overhead Great Location High Net to Gross No Experience Necessary Finance & Training Available 1-800-796-3234



MONITER , HP, almost new, $10. PRINTER, HP, $15. 570-288-4847 PRINTER, A10 HP, two years old, touch screen, easy to operate. Excellent condition. $35. 570-331-2975 SMART COVER. iPad mini. Dark Gray. Only $20 570-328-5611

-BS/BA degree with preference for Engineering graduates OR significant work experience that demonstrates technical skills, job knowledge, and personal characteristics listed in this position description -3 years experience in Maintaining and Operating manufacturing equipment and other production facility related equipment. -Demonstrated experience in implementing preventive/predictive maintenance systems -Experience with a CMMS preferred. -Must have strong leadership skills and excellent organizational skills -Basic knowledge and understanding of electrical control systems.

DRYER. GE electric. 5 cycle, heavy duty, extra large capacity. $175. 735-8730 FREEZER. Kenmore upright. 22x57, 6.5 cu ft. New in box, never opened, sacrifice $225. 570-457-7854 MICROWAVE, white, 900 watts. $20. 570-675-0005 MICROWAVE. Amana. Small. $20 570-545-7006 REFRIGERATOR. Black, Frigidaire Gallery. 18 cu. ft. with icemaker. New in Dec. ask $600 570-288-5801

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!


Exercise Equipment

To Apply: www.henkelna.com
And reference job number 6530US Maintenance Manager Details of this job can be found at the following address: http://recruitment.henkel.com/jpapps/henkel_us/jobs/jobview.jsp?requestno=RQ00018768&la ng=enus&fromoutside=zz EOE M/F/D/V

BIKE. Recumbent, pro form, carb counter, programmable, built in face fan, certified personal trainer protram. $65. TREADMILL, Tunture, fully adjustable, $25. 570-267-4844

CALL NOW: (888) 502-5521
(Leave message as directed) Apply Online: www.realmediasolutions.com (Serious inquiries only, please.)



TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com Medical Equipment 758 Miscellaneous
CHAR-BROIL, gas grill, $40 OBO. 570-262-9273 Ask for Jim. CROCHET COLLECTION, hand made crafts. Call for details. All for $15. 570-696-1927 DOOR new 46.5 x 7’ $200. karate sign 10’ high x 14’ wide $5. flexmaster $50. stereo $350. Lincoln desk & chair $300. dishes for 8 $10. bassinet $5. 570-823-4941 or 570-824-4794 DOORS, two, hardwood, 40x80, $75 each. 280-2472 ENCYCLOPEDIAs of United States History, set of four, $15. NURSING BOOKS, from Wilkes College 1978 to 1982, $2 a piece. DISHES, 8 piece place setting, $20. 570-822-9668 after 5 p.m. FREEZER. Relatively new. $35. Exercise bike. $20 570-829-0841 GRILL, Char-Broil, never used. Full gas tank, also brand new grill utensils included. $150. SWING, with canopy, good condition. $100. 570-655-0330 GRILL, charbroil, charcoal, $35. LETTER FOLDER, Pitney Bowes, $25. WINDOWSCREEN, Anderson, $15. 570-288-4847


Garage Sales/ 746 Estate Sales/ Flea Markets

Garage Sales/ 756 Estate Sales/ Flea Markets CANE,

758 Miscellaneous
TIRE, BF Goodrich, 215/75/R14, $20, Tub, sone laundry $45, Cabinet, Curio, $75, Chair mat, heavy plastic 48x60, $30, Sofa, chair,and ottoman, $125.570-868-4444 TIRES (2) Winterforce snow. 175/70R/ 13, mounted on ‘92 Geo Prizm rims. Like new, $100 for all 570-825-8438 TIRES 17” Good used set of four265/70/17. Asking $25. for all (570) 675-0005 TIRES: 4 Goodyear Eagle 20570R16, only 750 miles. $625. new. Sell for $475. 570-814-3673 TOOL BOX aluminum for pick-up truck. $100. Call Bob 570-822-2074 VACUUM, Hoover Deluxe, upright with attachments, mint condition, $40. MAILBOX, wallmount and lockable, new in the box, $10. 570-655-1217 VIDEO. Titanic A&E, 3 hours with historical newsreels, interviews, etc. New never opened. $5 570-654-1622 VINYL FENCING. Rails, top, bottom and side, slats, caps crowns, unused, $375 OBO. 570-650-3450 WAGON AMISH. Made in Lancaster. Speedway express series 500, pneumatic tires, 1000 lb capacity. Like new, cash and carry only. No checks. 570-825-5080 WHEELS, for stroller, carriage, wagon or lawn mower, (40) FREE. YEARBOOK, Kings College, (Regis) 1965, $20. BOTTLES, (30) very old, $.50 each. CANS, for beer, (200) very old, $.25 each. RECORDS, (50) each are $1 or less. OPENERS, for beer, (20) $.50 each. IRONS, (6) old electric, $1 each. MAGAZINES, (10) old, $1 each. FANS, (3) $3 each. OWNERS GUIDE, 1980 Ford, $1. 570-823-6986





906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale


Estates 17 Garage Sales Saturday, April 27 8:00 AM-NOON Rain or Shine River Street in Plains to West Saylor to East Saylor to Lombardo Drive. 30 in” flat screen TV, 32” LED TV, 55” Flat screen TV, 69” 1080 HD plasma TV, American Girl dolls, Antique Upright Piano (Vose and Sons) Antique scale, Antiques, army footlocker, baby clothes, barstools, bikes, bouncing chair, cabinets, car seats, cash register, cell phones, chair and ottoman, children’s clothing, cleaning supplies, Coach purses, collectibles, crafts, crib, dishwasher, drop ceiling blocks, ellipticals (commercial) fire place screen/tools, furniture, George Forman grill, Gravity Edge, Haitian Metal work and Oil Paintings, Health and Beauty, Jewelry, lawn/garden, mens clothing, Nordic Track, oak hutch, Papasan chairs, PetSafe wireless containment system, prom gowns, purses, quilts,quilt rack, refrigerator (side by side) rower (commercial) school uniform approved teen clothing, seasonal/holiday. Sports equipment, Star Trek models and toys. Strollers, suitcases, super single waterbed frame. Tools, toys, treadmill, (commercial) turntable, TV stand, upright bikes (commercial) upright cooler, vending machine (commercial) Vera Bradley, water cooler, WII Games, Wine Racks, Women’s Clothing. Something for Everyone! MOST ITEMS REDUCED AT 11:30AM. EARLY


aluminum, adjustable. $10. PORTA POTTY, $10. CRUTCHES, $10. SCOOTER, Pride Legend, 3 wheel, $500. OBO. 570-693-1918 LIFT CHAIR, electric, Rust colored, Velour, Tufted back and very good condition. $500. 570-693-3978 RECLINER LIFT CHAIR. Pride Mobility. Green. 375 lb weight limit. Seat is 22” wide. $300 FIRM. 696-2208. WHEEL CHAIR. Light weight transport. Easy to carry and use. $80 570-457-3486

TOOL CHEST Craftsman chest on wheels. Completely stocked with tools. $200. 825-2961 WRENCHES, (30) very old, $.25 each. BRACE AND BIT, $3. HAND AUGER, $3. CAR JACK, $3. FENCE CLAMPS, Galve (25) $.10 each. WHEEL BARROW, $4. 570-823-6986

810 Cats

ROTTIES HUSKIES Yorkies, Chihuahuas Labs & More Bloomsburg 389-7877 Hazleton 453-6900 Hanover 829-1922

ASHLEY $42,000


Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130

Estate Clean Out! Sat., 8:30 until 2 3313 SR 29 South Approx. 1/4 mile from Noxen United Methodist Church furniture, dishes, games, household items, furnishings and MUCH MORE!


Pet Supplies

786 Toys & Games
ROCK CLIMBING WALL/STEPS for 4 to 5 foot platform $120. Section 786 10 ft Yellow Wave Slide $20. 570-283-3951 ROCKING HORSE Hedstrom with clicking horse sounds. $50. Located in Falls. (570) 333-4325 SCOOTER, Razor Jr., Lil’ Kick, blue. Ages 3 and up, never used. Paid $30, selling for $15. 570-288-0060

All shots, neutered, tested,microchipped 824-4172, 9-9 only

CATS & KITTENS 12 weeks & up.

CAGE, FERRET, Deluxe. $100 570-545-7006 CAGE. Bird, extra large. $50. 570-313-7590 CAGE. Ferret/Hamster. Collapsible. Water bottle, good condition. $20 570-406-1353

68 N. Main St. MLS: 12-3845: Excellent investment property, 4 bedroom, large kitchen, living room, and dining room. Great price! Call Melissa 570-237-6384

Selling Your Furniture? Do it here in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130




WHEELCHAIR Electric, Jazzy 1113, 9 years old. Great shape, new wheels & batteries. Never used outdoors $1,300. 570-283-3157

7 weeks, 1st shots, parents on site. $250. 570-864-3257

BORDER COLLIE PUPPIES 2 male, 2 female,

AVOCA $59,900
906 Homes for Sale
Having trouble paying your mortgage? Falling behind on your payments? You may get mail from people who promise to forestall your foreclosure for a fee in advance. Report them to the Federal Trade Commission, the nation’s consumer protection agency. Call 1-877FTC-HELP or click on ftc.gov. A message from The Times Leader and the FTC. 902 William St. Corner lot in Pittston Twp., 2 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, move in condition. Newer gas furnace and hot water heater, new w/w carpet in dining room & living room. Large yard. www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-767 Tom Salvaggio 570-262-7716

6650 Bear Creek Blvd. A well maintained custom built two story home, nestled on two private acres with a circular driveway. Three bedrooms, large kitchen with center island, Master bedroom with two walk in closets, family room with fireplace, a formal dining room. $275,000 MLS#13-1063 Call Geri 570-862-7432 Lewith & Freeman 696-0888

758 Miscellaneous
60 CARROLL ST Fri., & Sat. 9:30-4:00 New costume jewelry, sunglasses, & lots more! PITTSTON The Times Leader will accept ads for used private party merchandise only for items totaling $1,000 or less. All items must be priced and state how many of each item. Your name address, email and phone number must be included. No ads for ticket sales accepted. Pet ads accepted if FREE ad must state FREE. You may place your ad online at timesleader.com, or email to [email protected] timesleader.com or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to Classified Free Ads: 15 N. Main Street, WilkesBarre, PA. SORRY NO PHONE CALLS.



Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

2 year health guaranteed, references available. $475. Call or Text: 570-765-1914


AKC registered. 1 sable male. Ready 4/24. 3 females, 3 males, black & party colored. 4/30. $550. Vet checked, first shots, wormed. 570-864-2643

4 bedroom home, new construction, with deck & patio. Public water & sewer, 2 car garage. $223,900 Lots Available Build To Suit Call 822-1139 or 829-0897


ULTIMATE EASY BAKE Oven-brand new, never used. $15. 570-883-7049.


7 Prospect Place (off of Butler) Sat. April 27 and Sun. April 28, 8 am to 3 pm. Toys, games, books, inversion table. Much more! (off of Butler) SHAVERTOWN



Stereo/TV/ Electronics

ENTERTAINMENT CENTER, Sauder, $75. 570-288-4847

170 E. Thomas St. Remodeled, 3 bedrooms 1 bath. Large fenced in back yard. $110,000. (570) 239-8556











Free Anytime Pickup 570-301-3602



Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs

8am-4pm Plenty of vendors and a lot of homemade food! 570-675-3375

2355 Huntsville Rd

Shopping for a new apartment? Classified lets you compare costs without hassle or worry! Get moving with classified!



38 Park Avenue Sat., Apr. 27th, 10-3 Toys, women's clothing, golf clubs furniture, household

The Times Leader will accept ads for used private party merchandise only for items totaling $1,000 or less. All items must be priced and state how many of each item. Your name address, email and phone number must be included. No ads for ticket sales accepted. Pet ads accepted if FREE ad must state FREE. You may place your ad online at timesleader.com, or email to [email protected] timesleader.com or fax to 570-831-7312 or mail to Classified Free Ads: 15 N. Main Street, WilkesBarre, PA. SORRY NO PHONE CALLS. AFGHANS, home made, $10, $15 and $25. RIMS, for a Jeep (4). $20. FISH TANK, $7. BODY SUIT, insulated for outdoors, size L, $10. FIREPLACE ANDIRONS, black metal, $20 OBO. 570-735-8239


KAYAK gray 14’ Wilderness touring double, excellent condition, includes paddles, electric motor, life vest $550. 570-474-0716 LADDER, pool/deck $25, GAME, Odyssey 2 video computer, 9 games, $200, TAPES, music 30 new, $20, AUDIO, old radio shows, $20, CAMERA, Nikon auto 35mm, $100. 570-299-5563 LOG SPLITTER. Ryobi. Good condition. 4 ton split capacity, $250. POOL PUMP, Hayward above ground. Good condition, 1 HP, $300. 570-779-9432 LUGGAGE, 45” expandable. Red. Brand new. $50 570-313-7590

LADDER, for a swimming pool, and a frame for a 4 ft. pool, $40. OBO 570-693-1918 SWIMMING POOL. Oval. 12x24x52. Pump and filter included. Must disassemble. $175 570-606-3372

Would you like to deliver newspapers as an Independent Contractor under an agreement with
Operate your own business with potential profits of up to $900.00 _________ per month.

796 Wanted to Buy Merchandise

Routes Currently Available:
Coal St. • Custer St. • Hayes Lane N. Meade St. • New Market St. 170 Daily Papers • 194 Sunday Papers $735 Monthly Profit


Musical Instruments


ORGAN, Conn, with rhythm box and bench. $50. 570-822-9668



Personal Electronics

PHONE. Uniden single handset cordless. Almost new. $25.570-472-2737 TELEPHONE. Uniden one handset cordless phone. Almost new. $25 570-287-7911


26 Michelle Drive, Birchwood Estates, Sat., April 27 8 AM to 2 PM. 3-Family Sale Girls Junior clothes sizes 2 to 6 including like-new prom gowns, vanity table, Girls Toddler clothes sizes 6 to 18 months gently used or with tags still on, miscellaneous baby items & toys, household, retro/ antique items, electronics, etc. LUZERNE


village.com (Former Walmart Bldg) Oak St. Pittston


(570)48GOLD8 (570)484-6538

776 Sporting Goods
BASEBALLS, (22) new, Wilson, in box $50. Trampoline springs, heavy duty, 5.5 inches long from hook to hook; 72 springs, $75 for all. OBO, 570-693-1918

Highest Cash PayOuts Guaranteed
Open 6 Days a We e k 10am-6pm C l o s e d T h u r s d a ys 1092 Highway 315 Blvd. (Plaza 315) 315N, 1/2 mile before Mohegan Sun Casino

205 Main Street. Red Hat items, jewelry, collectible, antiques, linens and vintage finds. Weds. Thurs.& Fri. 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. 570-714-7477 MOUNTAIN TOP

Trucksville UM Church 40 Knob Hill Road 570-696-3897 Fri. 4/26 5:308:30pm; Sat. 4/27 8am-noon Collectibles, furniture, books, clothing, housewares, jewelry, seasonal, children’s items, snack and bakery. Great Prices For Tough Economy!

All Junk Cars & Trucks Wanted
Highest Prices Paid In CA$H

30% off
all inventory owned by Merchants Village (Booth 262) Food, Home Goods, Health & Beauty Aids & Lots More! STOCK UP NOW! ON FRESH INVENTORY LAST CHANCE EVERYTHING MUST GO! 570-891-1972


Academy St. • Carey Ave. • Edison St. Elizabeth St. • Orchard St. • S. River St. 108 Daily Papers • 141 Sunday Papers $500 Monthly Profit


pink trim accents & wheels, white tires. Front & rear brakes plus coaster foot brake. Good condition $25. 570-814-9574 BOWLING EQUIPMENT, (2) bowling balls, one 10.5 LB light blue, Ebonite with bag, $25, and one 15 LB black Brunswick with bag, $25. SHOES, Men’s size 10 1/2, $5 and women’s size 9, $5. 570-760-3883 GOLF CLUB, Taylor, Made R11 driver, cost $400, will sell for $225. New condition. Call after 5 p.m. 570-675-0528 G U N C A B I N E T. holds 6 guns, etched glass doors. $45 570-332-2715 POOL TABLE, with table tennis. $300. Call from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. 735-7818 SKIS, 2 sets, cases are included. $50. 570-736-6555

20” GIRLS MURRAY “DAZZLER” Powder blue with


April 24- 1,428.50 We Pay At Least 80% of the London Fix Market Price for All Gold Jewelry
WilkesBarreGold.com or email us at [email protected] yahoo.com

London PM Gold Price

Broad St. • Market St. • Bryden St. Norman St. • Flag St. • Ford St. Parnell St. • Sunrise Dr. 139 Daily Papers • 140 Sunday Papers 149 Sunday Dispatch $765 Monthly Profit


Wanna make your car go fast? Place an ad in Classified! 570-829-7130.
566 Sales/Business Development

Call Rosemary to make an appointment at 570-829-7107
566 Sales/Business Development 566 Sales/Business Development 566 Sales/Business Development 566 Sales/Business Development

To place your ad Call Toll Free 1-800-427-8649
PITCHER SET, dry sink, six pieces, over 100 years old. Perfect condition. $400. 287-6327

160 Fairway Drive Friday and Saturday 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Tropical cana bulbs, TV, dining set, cocktail table, desk or podium and chair, bedrails, child tables and chairs, gulf clubs, bike, hummel, art work, holiday, religious, vintage, old bird cage stand, toys and games, house hold, Le Crueset pots, clothes for everyone, especially children, linens, fabrics ($1 a yard) Quilt tops and quilts, quilts and sewing stuff, jewelry, books, VHS tapes, electronics, something for everyone!

Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club

536 and 556 Fifth Street Manor Sat. & Sun. 8am-2pm Toys, clothing, baby, child, adult & household items.

BARBER CHAIR Early 1950’s Excellent Condition. $2,500. 570-288-8743 BED FRAME. $50, Various King bedding (2) Pillows, $10 each, Spread, $20, Spread, $25, Bed skirt and shams, $15, Mattress pad, $10, (8) sheet sets,$5-$15 set. 570-466-0827 BIKES. (1) Recumbent, pro form, carb counter, programmable, built in face fan. CPT program, $65. (3) Boys, 20” tires, $15 each, HOCKEY TABLE, Wilson, barely used, $50, DRESSER, grey and white, 5’ tall, $10, (25) DVD cases, $5. 570-430-6434 BOOKS, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” 1959-1960, $28. HOLSTER, belt, holds 22 bullets, size 36-38. $60. CARS, Bruce Lee, 1:24, car still in the box $15. Star Wars, Episode 1, car still in the box, $23. 570-574-0271 CART, fold-up, wheeled. Great for groceries, laundromat. 38” height. $20. CHAIR, heavy duty, steel, folds up. Like new, $20 OBO. 570-331-2975

A Civitas Media Company

752 Landscaping & Gardening
LAWN MOWER Poulan-pro push mower. Big wheel 22” cut. Easy adjust Wheels. New. $125. Call 570-833-8036 LAWN MOWER. John Deere JA62. 6HP, 21” cut with bagger, adjustable height and speed ADJ. Good condition. Runs well. Starts easily. $125 570-855-0095 570-696-1238 LAWNMOWER 21” Craftsman, rear bagger - mulcher 4.5 hp engine, excellent condition. $40. 570-735-6638 WINDMILL BLADES, (4) plastic, about 7” X 28”. Set of two for $25. 570-693-1918

POSTCARDS: Vintage folder, 1930’s. Harrisburg, Pa. 18 different views. like new, never mailed! $4. Laurel Line pictures. 3” x 5” copies of original postcards. 6 different showing stations at WilkesBarre, Pittston, Scranton & Rocky Glen. $5. all. Electric clothes iron repair kit by Rodale, 1940’s. 48 total parts (15 different) in original box & 3 victory (wwii) flat iron elements in original envelopes. all for $15.654-1622 SHEETS, two sets, new, twin size, $10 each or both for $16. 570-235-6056 SOFA, brown, $50. PICTURE LIGHT, motion and sound, $25. BREAD BOX, chrome front, $10. 570-675-0005 STOVE, Coal Burning, White Dickson. $550. CANES & WALKING sticks, over 30, made from slippery maple trees $5 each. Christmas & household items. over 200 items, Samsonite belt massager, luggage much more! all for $60! Telephone, used and working, $10 each. 735-2081

Digital Sales Specialist
Immediate opening for a resourceful, highly motivated, experienced Sales Specialist. If you are motivated by the ability to make more money by bringing in more sales, and have a persistent, professional business attitude, this is the opportunity for you. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of selling and leading digital sales efforts. This role will incorporate training and mentoring our existing sales staff in digital media solutions, as well as meeting and exceeding revenue targets. It requires the ability to create comprehensive marketing programs for clients, assist other reps with presentations, and identify and generate new digital sales opportunities. You are expected to be out in front of clients, closing sales. This is a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment. If you are hungry for a challenge and the opportunity for success, send a cover letter, resume and salary history to:


Televisions/ Accessories

TELEVISION. 13” Zenith color with remote. $25 570-313-7590 TELEVISION. 24” LCD. Remote, hmi inputs. Excellent condition. $75 570-288-3352



Don’t Miss!


FILTER. New Wet/dry Shop Vac Cartridge Filter. $5 570-406-1353 LADDER, extension, 36’, aluminum, heavier gauge. Dshaped rungs. Needs rope, $95. 570-696-1238 570-855-0095 LADDER. 24’ aluminum extension. Almost new. $85 Firm. 570-788-2388 STEP LADDER. 8’ wooden by Werner. Excellent condition. $20. 954-2029

[email protected] or

46 Farmhouse Rd. Sat., Apr. 27th, 9-3 Yamaha organ, machinist’s tools, & tool box, new double hung vinyl windows, furniture, pictures, glassware, cooking utensils, & much more!

Machinery & Equipment

GENERATOR. New, still in box. Predator 4000 watt portable. 2 year warranty. $360 firm. 570-788-2388 TILLER, garden. Troy Bilt. 6.5 HP, very good condition. $450. 881-3929

Denise Sellers VP/Chief Revenue Officer The Times Leader 15 N. Main St. Wilkes-Barre PA 18711

No telephone calls, please. We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to diversity in the workplace. As a company, we strive to be fair, accurate and informative. To our customers, we believe in delivering superior quality and service. Most importantly, we believe in the power of teamwork.

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 906 Homes for Sale

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAGE 7D 906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale


EXETER $69,900



KINGSTON $139,900

VICTORIAN Beautiful details throughout include exquisite woodwork, hardwood floors, stained glass. Open staircase, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 half baths. Second floor office, finished 3rd floor, in-ground pool & 3 car garage. MLS#12-698 $199,900 Call Patsy 570-204-0983

Newberry Estate The Greens 4,000 sq. ft. condo with view of ponds & golf course. Three bedrooms on 2 floors. 5 1/2 baths, 2 car garage & more. $425,000 MLS# 12-1480 Besecker Realty 570-675-3611 DALLAS TWP.

424 Simpson St. Good condition Cape Cod. 3 bedroom, 1 full bath in quiet neighborhood. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-4357 Brian Harashinski 570-237-0689

570-759-3300 DALLAS

This 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Cape Cod style home has so much to offer! Plenty of room for everyone. Master bedroom with walkin closet and full bath, family room with fireplace, recreation room with half bath in lower level. Hardwood floors on 1st floor, new windows, above ground pool. MLS #13-1109 $184,900 Tracy Zarola 574-6465

REDUCED 2691 Carpenter Rd. Magnificent raised ranch on estate setting. Total finished four bedroom, 2 bath home. This house features hardwood floors throughout. Finished basement with working fireplace. Large deck with swimming pool, two car detached garage set on 2.4 acres. MLS# 12-3158 $277,900 Dave Rubbico, Jr. 885-2693

It's that time again! Rent out your apartment with the Classifieds 570-829-7130

76 Main St. $69,900 Newly remodeled two bedroom home. Kitchen is very nice with granite counters and tile floor, bathroom is modern with tub surround, tile floor and granite vanity. New vinyl windows throughout. Off street parking for 2 cars. MLS #123966 For more information and photos visit www. atlasrealt y i n c . c o m . Call Charlie 570-829-6200


1156 Wyoming Ave. Large home with 4 bedrooms, yard with detached 2 car garage, private yard. Home needs a little updating but a great place to start! www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-865 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

BIG BASS LAKE REDUCED $120,000. This large Chalet has a full kitchen on the ground floor with full bath. Great for two families to share, or in-law’s quarters. In Big Bass Lake Community with indoor & outdoor pools, club house, gym & lakefront beaches. Conveniently located near Rts. 380, 435 & 307. Call Tom cell 516-507-9403

PRICE REDUCED! All ready for new owners! This home has been well cared for and will surprise you once inside. Spacious rooms with new sheet rock walls, soft carpeting. The basement is clean and dry with plenty of storage. Worth a look! #13-756 $67,000 Paul Pukatch 696-6559




HARDING $224,900
570-842-2300 HANOVER TWP.

DURYEA $339,900


Sell your own home! Place an ad HERE 570-829-7130
DURYEA OPEN HOUSE SUN MAY 5TH 12-2 1219 SOUTH ST Own this cozy 1/2 double for less than it costs to rent. $44,900 Ed Appnel 570-817-2500

Rubbico Real Estate, Inc. 826-1600 DRUMS



OPEN HOUSE Sun., Apr. 28th, 1-3 Nestled in the trees on a 1.5 acre corner lot. 4 bedroom, 2 bath home in Glendalough. MSL#13-693 $220,000 JOSEPH P. GILROY REAL ESTATE 288-1444 Call Brenda at 570-760-7999 to schedule your appointment

PRICE REDUCTION! BEECH MTN. LAKES Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1,800 sq. ft. home with lower level office, family room & laundry. Propane fireplace, 2 car garage. Quiet cul-de-sac, right near lake. MLS# 13-916 $167,500 Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

316 Raspberry Rd. Blueberry Hills Like new 2 story home with first floor master bedroom and bath. Inground pool on nice corner lot with fenced in yard. Sunroom, hardwood floors, 2 car garage, full unfinished basement www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 13-610 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


19 Thomas St. 4 bedroom, 2 bath with 2 car garage on quiet street. Super yard, home needs TLC, being sold AS IS. www.atlasrealtyinc.com. MLS 13-317 Call Tom 570-262-7716

2032 ROUTE 92 RIVER VIEWS PLUS EXTRA LOT ON RIVER. Just 1/4 miles from boat launch, this great ranch home is perched high enough to keep you dry, but close enough to watch the river roll by. Surrounded by nature, this home features large living room and eat in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, full unfinished basement. Ready to move right in and enjoy country living just minutes from downtown. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-79 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

Large 4 bedroom with master bedroom and bath on 1st floor. New gas furnace and water heater with updated electrical panel. Large lot with 1 car garage, nice location. www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Must be sold to settle estate MLS 13-294 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

64 Center St.

129 S. Dawes Ave. Three bedroom, 2 bath cape cod with central air, new windows, doors, carpets and tile floor. Full concrete basement with 9' ceilings. Walking distance to Wilkes Barre. Electric and Oil heat. MLS #123283. For more information and photos visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Tom 570-262-7716

Looking for that special place called home? Classified will address Your needs. Open the door with classified!

KINGSTON $139,900


209 Constitution Avenue Meticulously maintained 4 bedroom, 2 story, vinyl sided, 5 year old home situated on a generous lot. Large, modern kitchen, 3 baths, 1st floor family room, 2 car garage, deck and soooo much more! MLS #11-2429 $269,900 Call Florence Keplinger @ 715-7737

605 Apple Tree Rd Brick Ranch that needs nothing, located on over 1 acre lot with 2 car attached garage and 3 car detached. Modern kitchen with center island and granite countertops modern tile bath, gas fireplace, central air, full basement. This home could qualify for 100% financing through a rural housing mortgage. www.atlas realtyinc.com. MLS 12-3522. Lu Ann 570-602-9280



DURYEA $79,00


PRICE REDUCTION! BEECH MTN. LAKES Charming 3 bedroom, 2 bath 1,800 sq. ft. home with lower level office, family room & laundry. Propane fireplace, 2 car garage. Quiet cul-de-sac, right near lake. MLS# 13-916 $167,500 Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

Priced to sell on West Center Hill Rd. 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with finished basement. MLS 13-770 $134,900 JOSEPH P. GILROY REAL ESTATE 288-1444 Call Brenda at 570-760-7999 to schedule your appointment DALLAS

AFFORDABLE P RENOVATED E You’ll HOME! enjoy N the space of the living D room/dining room I open floor plan with N hardwood G floors. Large trendy kitchen with new appliances. Spacious 2 bedrooms and bath with tiled jetted tub for relaxing. Peace of mind with new furnace, hot water heater & electrical box. Plenty of parking and nice yard. MLS 13-96 Michele Hopkins 570-540-6046

Beautiful, Large Brick Home with 5 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 2 car garage, large fenced-in yard, sunporch. Patio, lots of closets & storage. Hardwood floors, large kitchen with appliances, 1st floor bedroom suite. 2nd kitchen in basement. Was an old rectory so has much room to entertain. Must see this home to appreciate all it has to offer. No Water 2011 Flood. MLS# 12-1536 $184,500 Linnea Holdren 570-371-1798

362 Susquehanna Avenue Completely remodeled, spectacular, 2 story Victorian home, with 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, new rear deck, full front porch, tiled baths & kitchen, granite countertops. All cherry hardwood floors throughout, all new stainless steel appliances & lighting. New oil furnace, washer/dryer in first floor bath. Great neighborhood, nice yard. $174,900 (30 year loan, $8,750 down, $887/month, 30 years @ 4.5%) NOT IN FLOOD 100% OWNER FINANCING AVAILABLE Call Bob at 570-654-1490

Smith Hourigan Group 474-6307 HANOVER TWP.

HARDING $249,900

PRICE REDUCED! 22 Wood Street Nice cottage with lake rights, close to the public boat dock. New kitchen & living room ceilings & insulation just completed. Enjoy this place during the Summer months or year round. Recently updated with new roof & floors. MLS# 12-3820 $64,900 Pat Doty 394-6901

184 Rock St. Spacious brick Ranch with 3 bedrooms, large living room with fireplace. 3 baths, large Florida room with AC. Full finished basement with 4th bedroom, 3/4 bath, large rec room with wet bar. Also a cedar closet and walk up attic. www. atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 12-3626 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

129 S. Dawes Ave. Three bedroom, 2 bath cape cod with central air, new windows, doors, carpets and tile floor. Full concrete basement with 9' ceilings. Walking distance to Wilkes Barre. Electric and Oil heat. MLS #123283. For more information and photos visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Tom 570-262-7716


SELECT GROUP 570-455-8521 570-455-8521 EDWARDSVILLE



This home has been totally renovated throughout & freshly painted on the outside! Moveright-in to this cozy home with 1 car detached garage, fenced yard & rear deck. Gas heat. Very nice. MLS#13-1399 $85,000 Lynda Rowinski 570-696-5418

NEW PRICE Stately brick 2 story, with in ground pool, covered patio, finished basement, fireplace & wood stove. 3 car attached garage, 5 car detached garage with apartment above. MLS #11-1242 $499,000 Call Joe 613-9080

Custom built colonial two-story. 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, two vehicle garage. View of the Wyoming Valley. Located on a dead end, private street, just minutes from the Wyoming Valley Country Club, Hanover Industrial Park, & public transportation. Sun room, family room with wood burning fireplace, hardwood floors on 1st & 2nd floors, 1st floor laundry room & bathroom. Central cooling fan. Lower level recreation room with bar, lots of closets & storage, coal/wood stove, office/5th bedroom & bath. MLS #12-4610 PRICE REDUCED TO $269,900 Louise Laine 283-9100 x20

1385 Mt. Zion Rd. Great country setting on 3.05 acres. Move in condition Ranch with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, inground swimming pool, hardwood floors. Finished basement with wet bar. 2 car garage, wrap around driveway. For more info and photos visit: www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 12-2270 Call Tom 570-262-7716

696-2468 HAZLETON


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283-9100 KINGSTON

VALLEY VIEW TOWNHOMES State of the art Townhomes conveniently located to I 80 & 81. Gorgeous interiors with many upgrades that are standard features. Natural gas heat and central air. Limited edition “Ridge” homes available with a “million dollar” view. Two car garage. Located in Butler Township just off the Airport Beltway. 100% financing is available to the qualified. Ask for Cheryl or Donna. MLS# 12-484 M.S. Pecora, Realtor 455-9463 or 436-3790

40 Friend St. MLS 12-3731 Well maintained 2story, 2 bedroom home, taxes less than $1,000 annually, large backyard, rear parking from access alley in back, large deck, modern kitchen. Call Melissa 570-237-6384

Inviting 4 bedroom home in great location - Huge living room with stone fireplace & display shelves leads to elegant office with handsome oak built-ins - Kitchen & family rooms share a large granite counter & open to a bright eating area with skylights. Master has hardwood & huge walkin closet - Accent lighting & great details throughout Wonderful yard. MLS #13-724 $325,000. Call Rhea Simms for details 570-696-6677

JENKINS TWP. $27,900



3 Crestview Drive Sprawling multilevel, well-constructed and continuously maintained. 5,428 sq. ft. of living space. Living room and formal dining room with two-way gas fireplace and hardwood flooring. Eat-in kitchen with island. Florida room with flagstone floor. 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 half-baths. Lower level recroom with fireplace and wet bar leads to heated, in-ground pool. Beautifully landscaped twoacre lot. $525,000. MLS#13-1309 Call Joe Moore 570-288-1401

FOR SALE BY OWNER 9 Westminster Dr. 4 bedroom brick ranch. 2,800 sq. ft. Totally renovated. 2 1/2 car garage. Low taxes, corner lot. See ZILLOW for details. $274,000. Call 570-878-3150

SUGARLOAF COUNTRY ESTATE Private 18 acre estate with southern exposure & panoramic views! Quality constructed & custom built, this New England split level offers 3-4 bedrooms, three baths, solarium with hot tub, two fireplaces, extra large gameroom & other attractive amenities! Matching 2 story brick barn, cozy “A” frame guest cottage & more......absolutely ideal for horses, mini farmette & children. 20 minutes from Wilkes-Barre & Pocono Resorts. Broker Owned Call Mike @ 570-455-9463 M.S. Pecora Realtor

226 Church St. Large 2 story with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. Extra large room sizes, stained glass and natural woodowork. Not flooded in 2011. MLS #13-190. For more information and photos visit atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Charlie 829-6200

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

NEW CONSTRUCTION 4 bedroom, 2.5 baths, Colonial 2 story. Upper scale neighborhood. 2 car garage, custom oak cabinets, granite countertops, Jacuzzi tub, 10x15 deck. Beautiful stone fireplace. $264,900 570-599-0825


Townhouse. Beautiful! Approximately 4.5 years old, 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, neutral colors throughout, modern and move in condition. Includes appliances and washer, dryer. Best location in the Village. Large, spacious deck, backs up to gorgeous private, wooded country view. $126,900 570-261-5260


Have a large family? Check out this 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Living room with gas fireplace, formal dining space, fully finished basement with wet bar. AS IS sale. MLS#12-3933 PRICE REDUCED TO $124,900 Christine Pieczynski 696-6569

310 LOCKVILLE RD. Restored 2 story colonial on 2.23 acres. Open family room to kitchen. original hardwood, bar, pool, new furnace with central air. Five car garage and much more. Perfect serene setting on corner lot. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS# 12-3496 A MUST SEE! REDUCED $259,900 Call Nancy Bohn 570-237-0752

Looking to buy a home? Place an ad here and let the sellers know! 570-829-7130

7 CONCORD DRIVE REDUCED PRICE! $229,900 Two story, 1,900 sq. ft., in Oakwood Park. 8 rooms, eat in kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large living room, family room with fireplace, dining room, sunroom with hardwood floors. Two car garage, central air. Lot 100’ x 125’. Move in Condition. Call Ed at 570-655-4294 for appointment.


151 E. PSaylor Ave. Fixer upper with E great potential in quiet neighN borhood. 3 bedrooms, D 1 bath with off street parking I and nice yard. Directions: Rt N 315, at light turn onto Laflin Rd to G bottom of hill. Turn right onto E. Saylor. atlasrealtyinc.co m MLS 12-3672 Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

171 Third Avenue. COMPARE WHAT YOU GET FOR YOUR MONEY! Modern and meticiously maintained 3 bedroom town house with 2 1/2 baths (master bath). Central air conditioning, family room, security system. Very low gas heating cost. Deck and patio, fenced yard, garage, Extras! MLS # 12-3011. (PHFA financing: $3,500 down, $532 a month, 4% interest, 30 years). $115,000. Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 570-822-5126.

2013 Chevy Silverado 1500 Ext Cab 4x4


DUPONT $84,895

PRICE REDUCED Beautiful brick ranch. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, family room, multiple fireplaces, Large eat-in kitchen. $177,700. (570) 590-4442


137 Lidy’s Road Large 4 bedroom, 2 story home with new roof and chimney liner in April 2013. Plenty of living space for the price. www. atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-215 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



- 11,841

39 ,840


Per Month for 39 Mos.


Silverados In Stock
Extended Cabs Crew Cabs 250 0’s 350 0’s Duramax Diesels Commercial

12 Available

269 27 ,999
Stk. #13569, Vortec 5.3L V8 6 Speed Automatic, Locking Rear Differential, Stabilitrak, Trailering Pkg., Aluminum Wheels, Dual Zone A/C, Bluetooth, CD w/ USB Port, Deep Tinted Glass, Off Road Suspension Pkg., PW, PDL, EZ-Lift Tailgate, Onstar, XM Satellite, Cruise & More

baths. Completely restored from top to bottom. Excellent location. $235,000 570-829-2022

DALLAS SALE BY OWNER 4 bedrooms, 2.5

229 Pringle Street Single home, 3 bedrooms. Remodeled, Kitchen & bath, concrete cellar, huge walk up attic, deck & new roof. 570-287-3927

KINGSTON For Sale by Owner.

At This Price



On Most 2013 Trucks




2013 SILVERADO 1500

*Price plus tax & tags. Price includes all applicable rebates - trade-in bonus cash (if applicable); Business Choice rebate (if applicable); All Star Edition (if applicable); Conquest private offers (if applicable); Truck Loyalty bonus cash (if applicable); LOW APR in lieu of certain rebates; Silverado (#13569) **Lease of $269 per month for 39 months plus tax, 10K miles per year, $2,999 plus tax & tags (cash or trade) due at lease signing (includes Owner Loyalty) to well qualified buyers; † See Dealer for Details; Artwork for illustration only. Not responsible for typographical errors. Must take delivery by 4/30/13.



821-2772 • 1-800-444-7172

601 Kidder Street, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Cars - Trucks - ATV’s - Campers Boats - Motorcycles YOU BRING IT... WE WILL TRADE IT!!



THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 906 Homes for Sale 906 Homes for Sale 906 Homes for Sale

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 906 Homes for Sale 906 Homes for Sale 906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

906 Homes for Sale

LAFLIN $109,000






147 Haverford Drive Nicely kept 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath townhome in desirable neighborhood. Great looking family room in lower level. Spacious rooms with plenty of closets. Outdoor patio with pavers and trees for privacy. Carpet, tiled kitchen counter and AC unit are ALL NEW! Move in condition. www. atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-909 Call Terry 570-885-3041

LAFLIN $254,900

111 Laflin Road Nice 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath Split Level home with hardwood floors, 1 car garage, large yard and covered patio in very convenient location. Great curb appeal and plenty of off street parking. Rt. 315 to light @ Laflin Rd. Turn west onto Laflin Rd. Home is on left. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-2852 Keri Best 570-885-5082


R. 1104 Springbrook Cape Cod home with endless possibilities. 3-4 bedroom, 1 bath, central air, plenty of storage. Enclosed porch, garage with carport. Situated on 3 lots. Directions: 181, Exit 180 Moosic (Rt. 11) L. onto 502, straight 1/2 mile. Turn R onto 8th St., up hill, turn left, house 3rd on right. www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-607 Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

Lovely 1/2 double sitting high on the hill in the Honeypot section of Nanticoke. Nice hardwood floors, original woodwork, generous room sizes & high ceilings make this home feel grand. Off street parking for 2 cars in front, & room for additional parking or garage in rear. $40,000 Call Christine 332-8832

1472 S. Hanover St. Well maintained bi-level house features 2 bedrooms, 1 3/4 baths, recreation room with propane stove. Wall to wall, 3 season porch. Professionally landscaped yard. Storage shed, new appliances, ceiling fans. Close to LCCC. $153,900. Call 570-735-7594 or 570-477-2410

613-9080 NANTICOKE

Amazing Property!!! Five bedrooms, 4 with private bath. spectacular master suite with sitting room + 3 room closet. Four fireplaces All hardwood floors. Gazebo style ceiling in library. 3 car garage. Resort-like yard with in-ground pool with cabana & outside bath. Adult amenities, full finished basement. PREQUALIFIED BUYERS ONLY MLS# 12-1091 Call Nancy Answini 570-237-5999 Joseph P. Gilroy Real Estate 570-288-1444

Nice building lot centrally located in the Back Mountain. Has it's own well and public sewer already in place. All set for you to start building! $47,000 Call Christine 332-8832


NEW LISTING! Charming chalet style home located on 4.05 acres in the beautiful Back Mountain area. House has been completely renovated. Living room has vaulted ceilings and new hardwood. With a two story Deck & small pond in the back yard. MLS #13-1222 $215,000 Call Dave, Sr. 881-7877

112 Clear Springs Court Updated townhouse, new granite countertops & vanities, new hardwood floors, full, finished, walk out basement with fireplace. $159,900 Call Joe


735 N. Washington Street Spacious 2 story, 3 bedrooms with 2 ca detached garage, good starter home, needs TLC. MLS #12 3887. For more information and pho tos visit www.atlasre altyinc.com. Call Tom 570-262-7716

Rubbico Real Estate 826-1600 NEW LISTING Midway Manor Traditional 2 story, 2-3 bedrooms, great closet space, 1.5 baths, garage, laundry room, 3 season porch, inground pool, gas 2 zone heat. MLS #13-1383 #$144,000 Besecker Realty 675-3611 SWOYERSVILLE $124,900 PRICE REDUCED! Mt. Zion Road. Single family two story - a place for kids! Four bedrooms & bath upstairs. 1st floor has formal dining room, living room, family room & laundry room. Master bedroom & bath added to the 1st floor. Good sized kitchen. 2,126 sq. ft. total on 1 acre. Wyoming Area School District. MLS # 13-700 $119,900 Call Ruth K. Smith 570-696-5411

PARSONS JUST LISTED $134,900 35 Wyndwood Dr. Like new 2 bedroom, 2 bath attached ranch. Upgraded kitchen, vaulted living room, sunroom, master bedroom www.35wyndwood .com Call Mark 215-275-0487 C-21 TRES 610-485-7200 ext 142

REDUCED $139,900



24 Fordham Road Great Split Level in Oakwood Park, Laflin. 13 rooms, 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths. 2 car garage and large corner lot. Lots of space for the large or growing family. www. atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-452 Call Charlie 570-829-6200



3 bedroom Bi-Level situated on lovely lot with formal dining room, lower level family room with gas fireplace, central air, conveniently located to interstates & Casino. A must see! MLS # 13-1100 $199,000 Marie Montante 881-0103

10 Fairfield Drive Exceptional & spacious custom built cedar home with open floor plan and all of the amenities situated on 2 lots in picturesque setting. Create memories in this 5 bedroom, 4 bath home with 18’ ceiling in living room, gas fireplace, granite kitchen, large 2 story foyer, huge finished lower level for entertaining with bar/full kitchen & wine cellar. Inground pool & hot tub. Directions: Rt 315 to Laflin Rd., right onto Oakwood Dr., right onto Fordham Rd, left onto Fairfield Dr., home is on the right. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-4063 Call Keri Best 570-885-5082




54 LOOP ROAD, GLEN SUMMIT, MOUNTAIN TOP Sun., April 7, 12 - 2 Sun., April 28, 12-2 Beautifully appointed home on 2 acres. Community amenities include private lake with sandy beach, tennis courts, trails for hikling & biking. This home boasts perennial gardens and mature landscaping, fenced rear yard enclosing 20 x 40 heated in-ground pool, raised garden, custom dog house and run. Entertain and dine on the wrap around porch with mahogany flooring and electric hurricane shutters. The residence features hardwood flooring, French doors, cherry kitchen, 3-4 bedrooms, updated heating/air. Emerygency generator for inclement weather. DIR: Rt. 309 South into MountainTop, left at 1st light, at the end of the road make a right on Rt. 437, turn left into Lake Road, right on Loop. MLS# 12-1647 PRICED TO SELL AT $399,000 Maribeth Jones 696-6565

25 W. Washington Move right into this very nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath home. Lots of natural woodwork and a beautiful stained glass window. Newer kitchen appliances and w/w carpeting. Supplement your heating with a recently installed wood pellet stove. New roof installed 11/17/12. This home also has a one car detached garage. MLS 12-2171 $76,000 John Polifka 570-704-6846 FIVE MOUNTAINS REALTY 570-542-2141 NANTICOKE

PITTSTON $114,900

10 Norman St. Very nice, classic two story brick home with large rooms, 4 bedrooms, plenty of baths, large basement, open deck and covered deck. Large eat in kitchen, plenty of off street parking. MLS #11-2887. For more information and photos visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Colleen 570-237-0415

GET THE WORD OUT with a Classified Ad. 570-829-7130

115 Hemlock St. Lots of updates in this roomy Cape Cod in a desirable neighborhood. Large eat in kitchen with new flooring. Finished basement with theater/rec room. Large level yard. Priced to sell! MLS 12-4231 Call Kevin Sobilo 570-817-0706

265 Kirmar Parkway. 3 bedroom Cape Cod style home on large lot with off street parking. 1st floor master bedroom, 2 season sunroom, partial finished basement, fenced yard, lots of storage, large modern eat in kitchen. MLS 13-1077 $89,900 ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. Patricia Lunski 570-735-7497 NANTICOKE

67 Carroll St. The WOW factor! Move right in and enjoy this renovated home with no worries! 3 bedrooms with lots of closet space. 2 full baths including a 4 piece master bath with custom tile work, open floor plan with modern kitchen with island, corner lot with off street parking and nice yard. Come and take a look! www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-863 Call Colleen 570-237-0415


NEW LISTING Miss the old fashioned front porch? Yesterday’s charm with today’s convenience can be found in this 3 bedroom, 1 bath traditional home on a quiet street. Offers formal living & dining rooms, kitchen & 1 car detached garage. MLS # 13-1111 $115,000 Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883

SWOYERSVILLE 187 Shoemaker St.

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195 WHITE HAVEN

61 Puritan Lane Are you spending more than $400/mo on rent?? Owning this home could cost you less! With 3 bedrooms and a fenced in yard, this home makes a perfect place to start your homeownership experience. Ask me how! MLS #12-1823. For more information and photos visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Colleen 570-237-0415

Perfectly pretty two story, 3 bedroom starter home in immaculate condition on great street. MLS# 13-907 $59,500 Deanna Farrell 696-0894

570-696-3801 SHAVERTOWN

696-2600, Ext. 210 46 Old Mill Road Stunning English Tudor in a desirable neighborhood. Modern kitchen with cherry cabinets, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, island with Jenn air and tile floor. Separate glass surrounded breakfast room. Family room with gas fireplace, and hardwood floors. Formal dining room with bay window. French doors throughout. Master bedroom suite with master bath, walk-in closet and separate sitting room. Lower level rec-room and office. Two car garage. MLS#13-1076 $325,000 Call Sandra Gorman: 570-696-5408 Immaculate home in move-in condition just waiting for a new buyer. Oversized Bi-Level has many perks i.e., new eat-in kitchen, dining room with French doors to 4 season sunroom. Nice sized bedrooms. Lower level hosts family room with fireplace, den, laundry room and 3 Season Sunroom. Built-in 1 car garage & attached 2 car carport for extra coverage, large fenced yard. MLS#13-1396 $190,000 Lynda Rowinski 570-696-5418


38 E. Union Street Nice single, 3 bedrooms, gas heat, large yard. Central location. Affordable @ $64,900 TOWNE & COUNTRY REAL ESTATE Call 570-735-8932 or 570-542-5708 NANTICOKE



PLAINS TWP $189,900

Newer 2 story with large eat-in kitchen, center island, hardwood floors, full basement, central air & maintenance free deck. $179,900 MLS#13-1232 Call Tony 474-6307 or 715-7734

Totally Redone! This cozy Cape Cod has 3 bedrooms, 1 bath. Modern kitchen with granite countertops, ceramic tile backsplash and floor, all new hardwood throughout, new furnace, new wiring, new windows, duct work in place for central air, much more! Vinyl siding, large unfinished basement, deck, Off street parking. 24 hour notice to show. Asking $135,000. Call Don at 814-5072 Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

Beautiful 3 bedroom home tucked away on your own 46 acre retreat. This property offers a pond, stream, 2 decks & a screened in porch. Home offers 2 1/2 baths + 1st floor master bed room with deck. updated kitchen & skylights. Don’t pass this amazing opportunity by. Call for your showing today. MLS#13-995 $299,900 Call/text Donna 947-3824 or Tony at 855-2424

WILKES- BARRE $112,000

901-1020 WHITE HAVEN 501 Birch Lane

43 Richmont Ave. Worth more than listed price, this 3 bedroom, 2 bath Cape Cod home has central air, hardwood floors, fenced yard, above ground pool, modern kitchen and baths. www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-789 Tom Salvaggio 570-262-7716


Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

316 Cedar Manor Drive Bow Creek Manor. Meticulously maintained 4 bedroom, 3 1/2 bath, 2 story on almost 1 acre. Master bedroom suite. Two family rooms. Two fireplaces. Office/den. Central vac., security system. Many extras. Large deck overlooking a private wooded yard. 3 car garage. $355,000 MLS# 13-1360. Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty, Inc. 822-5126.

NEW LISTING 260-262 E. Green Street Double Block Plenty of parking with paved back alley. Close to LCCC. New roof installed in 2007 along with a kitchen & bath update in #260. MLS #13-694 $65,900 Call Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

25 Swallow St. Grand 2 story home with Victorial features, large eat in kitchen with laundry, 3/4 bath on first floor, 2nd bath with claw foot tub, lots of closet space. Move in ready, off street parking in rear. MLS 12-3926 Call Colleen 570-883-7594

20 Nittany Lane Affordable 3 level townhome features 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, lower level patio and upper level deck, gas fireplace, central air and vac and stereo system www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-871 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

50 Grandville Drive Outstanding 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath townhouse out of the flood zone. Formal dining room, family room, master bedroom suite, private guest suite also on upper level. Central air and central vacuum. Deck, garage + many extras. Freshly painted and carpeted, so move right in! PHFA financing $5,200 down, monthly payment $797. interest rate of 4%. $172,000. MLS # 13-195. Ask for Bob Kopec Humford Realty Inc 570-822-5126 WAPWALLOPEN 359 Pond Hill Mountain Road Beautiful 4 bedroom, 3 bath. Enjoy the amenities of a private lake, boating, basketball courts, etc. The home has wood floors and carpeting throughout. French doors in the kitchen that lead you out to the large rear deck for entertaining. The backyard has 2 utility sheds for storage MLS 12-1695 NEW PRICE $174,900 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

Smith Hourigan Group SHICKSHINNY LAKE

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PITTSTON $134,900

To place your ad Call Toll Free 1-800-427-8649

Lake Front Property at Shickshinny Lake! 4 Bedrooms, 2.75 baths, 2 kitchens, living room, large family room. 2 sunrooms, office & laundry room. Two car attached garage with paved driveway, above ground pool, dock & 100' lake frontage. $375,000 MLS #12-860 Kenneth Williams 570-542-2141



Five Mountains Realty
REDUCED! Great 3 bedroom, 1 bath with a large eat in kitchen & finished basement with a dry bar. Large fenced yard & extra lot included for additional parking. With-in walking distance of Wyoming Valley Mall! $129,000 MLS#12-2479 Dave Rubbico, Sr. 881-7877 SWEET VALLEY

Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195

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LARKSVILLE For Sale by Owner Must see, move in condition 3 bedroom ranch, nice neighborhood behind State St. Elementary Center. All new carpet, paint, interior doors, new tile countertops, tile floor, stainless steel appliances, 3 season patio, beautiful 16x34 in ground pool. $144,900. Call 570-301-7291 More info & photos on Zillow.com

MOUNTAINTOP 15 High St. Well kept newly remodeled, 2 story home, with modern kitchen, central air, new triple pane replacement windows and custom made blinds for each window. Home is in move in condition, with plaster walls and design ceilings, plus much, much more. A MUST SEE! MLS 13-1088 Fred Mecadon 570-817-5792

NEW LISTING OAKWOOD PARK If you like comfort & charm, you’ll love this sparkling 4,100 + sq. ft. 5 bedroom, 4 bath two story traditional home in perfect condition in a great neighborhood. Nothing to do but move right in. Offers formal living & dining rooms, 1st floor family room with fireplace, granite countertops in kitchen & baths, lower level recreation room with fireplace & wet bar. MLS #13-549 Only $335,000 Call Barbara Metcalf 570-696-0883

Search No More! This five-year old home is totally energy efficient & exquisitely designed. Every room has gorgeous details & lots of upgrades. The landscape is breathtaking & the location could not be better. This home truly stands out in every way! MLS# 13-1359 $389,900 Robert Altmayer 570-793-7999 Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340 NANTICOKE

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Rubbico Real Estate 826-1600 SHAVERTOWN

5 Pine Tree Road Five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, family, living, dining & laundry rooms. Eat in kitchen, finished basement with storage room, attached 2 car garage. Asking $255,000. For appointment call 570-474-5463


FLOOD ZONE Big corner lot, 3 bedroom ranch in a desirable location. 1.5 baths, one car attached garage. All appliances included. $130,000. 570-237-0184


PRICE REDUCED 1,460 sq. ft house. 2 or 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, gas heat. Can convert to two 1 bedroom apartments with separate entrances. MLS#13-472 $27,500 Call Dana Distasio 570-715-9333

1457 S. Hanover St. Beautiful Tudor style split level home. This home features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 baths, recreation room with a bar, wood burning stove, 2 tier patio, storage shed, fenced yard and 1 car garage. Security system and more. MLS 12-3292 $179,900 John Polifka 570-704-6846 Five Mountains Realty 570-542-2141 2 story, 2 bedroom with fenced in yard, great starter home. $59,900 Call Ed Appnel 570-817-2500

PITTSTON $89,900
2 years old, open floor plan, hardwood floors 1st & 2nd floors. 2 story great room with floor to ceiling fireplace, 3 sides brick exterior. Lower level finished with French doors out to patio, breathtaking views, upgraded landscaping with 3 waterfalls. MLS #12-4215 PRICE REDUCED $585,000 Call Geri 570-862-7432 Lewith & Freeman 696-0888

Inviting home with 90’ of lakefront & beautiful covered dock. Huge great room opens to kitchen & features handsome stone fireplace, custom built-ins & long window seat offering great views of the lake. First floor master walks out to beautiful 3 season porch which is also lakefront. Two large upstairs bedrooms can hold a crowd. Huge laundry/pantry made for entertaining. MLS# 11-2958 $299,000 Rhea Simms 570-696-6677

4 bedroom home features a great yard with over 2 acres of property. Situated across from a playground. Needs some TLC but come take a look, you wouldn’t want to miss out. There is a pond at the far end of the property that is used by all surrounding neighbors. This is an estate and is being sold as is. No sellers property disclosure. Will entertain offers in order to settle estate. MLS 11-962 $49,900 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

70 N. Meade 3BR, 1 bath in move in condition with new electric box, water heater, and plumbing. Off street parking in rear for 3 cars, good credit and your house, taxes & insurance would be under $400/month. MLS #12-3900. For more information and photos visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. Call Tom 570-262-7716

35 Hillard St. Hardwood floors, fenced in yard, large deck. Off street parking. 3 bedroom home with 1st floor laundry. Move in condition. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-1655 Colleen Turant 570-237-0415


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WILKES-BARRE 68 Jones Street



57 Dewitt St. Cute Cape Cod with 3 bedrooms, vinyl replacement windows, Pergo flooring and walk up attic. Put this one on your list. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 13-1038 CALL CHARLIE 570-829-6200


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EAST END SECTION Great starter home, 3 bedrooms, 1 modern bath. Updated kitchen, new roof, windows & furnace. Off street parking, fenced in back yard. New back porch. All appliances included. $42,500 570-235-1210 after 5:30 pm.


18 Prospect Street BY OWNER $26,900 3 bedroom,1 bath 570-970-0650 jtdproperties.com

This 2 story home features 3 bedrooms, 1 & 1.5 baths, an attached sunroom, private back yard, large living room all great for entertaining. Close to schools & shopping. $44,900. MLS 12-3211 Call Karen Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

Best of both worlds...Commercial space plus 2-3 bedroom home complete with detached garage and off street parking with yard. Home has been nicely remodeled with 1 3/4 baths, hardwood floors, move in condition. Commercial space is 14x26 with endless possibilities. www. atlasrealty inc.com MLS 13-982 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

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TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 906 Homes for Sale 906 Homes for Sale

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAGE 9D 909 Income & Commercial Properties 909 Income & Commercial Properties 909 Income & Commercial Properties 912 Lots & Acreage

906 Homes for Sale

912 Lots & Acreage
LAFLIN $32,900 Lot#9 Pinewood Dr

912 Lots & Acreage
SWOYERSVILLE 100 x 150, cleared, surveyed level building lot. Utilities are available. $24,900. Call: 570-288-4899




Apartments/ Unfurnished



PLYMOUTH $52,900
Bear Creek Blvd. Wonderful opportunity! Beautiful 3.45 acre wooded building lot for your new home. 200' frontage. MLS #13-157 $39,900 Mary Ann Desiderio 570-715-7733

77 Schuler St. NOTHING to do but move right in! This home has everything you need...3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, large fenced in yard, screened in porch, off street parking, quiet neighborhood. Home recently remodeled inside & out. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 13-467 Call Colleen 570-237-0415

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PRICE REDUCED Located on quiet Westminster Street. One story ranch home in very good condition with nice yard & off street parking. This 2 bedroom, 1 bath home features an eat-in kitchen with new appliances, which are included, living & dining rooms. Roof is 2 years old & new water heater recently installed in full, unfinished, dry, concrete basement with included washer and dryer. Virtually all furniture is included, if desired. Directions: From S. Main to Hanover St. to Westminster. MLS# 13-32 $59,000 Call Jim Banos 570-991-1883 Coldwell Banker Rundle Real Estate 570-474-2340

Build your new home in a great neighborhood. Convenient location near highways, airport, casino and shopping DIRECTIONS Rt 315 to laflin Rd; make left off Laflin Rd onto Pinewood Dr. Lot is on corner of Pinewood Dr. and Hickorywood Dr. MLS 13-23 atlas realtyinc.com Call Keri Best 570-885-5082

617 Willowcrest Dr. End unit. 2 bedroom townhome with master bath on 2nd floor. Needs a little TLC. MLS 13-569 Call Tom 570-262-7716


Landmark location ready for new life. Formerly used as a restaurant, can be converted into anything! Full bar area, & kitchen, multiple cool storage areas. Living & office space also available. Parking lot included. MLS#13-874 $115,900 Call Dave, Jr. 885-2693

Newly remodeled, immaculate office building. 1,600 sq. ft, central air, plenty of parking, abundant storage areas, h a n d i c a p p e d accessible. MLS #13-667 $79,900 Dana Distasio 570-9333

156 X 110 X 150 X 45

Need a Roommate? Place an ad and find one here! 570-829-7130
WANAMIE - LAND Center St. 1 plus acres. Wooded lot for sale. Build you home now! Public water and sewer available. ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 570-835-7494 Patricia Lunski WANAMIE - LAND Center St. Lot 4. Great views come with this vacant land. Lot measures 367x100. Public water and sewer available. build your home now! ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 570-735-7494 Patricia Lunski Level building lot. 50’ x 100’. All public utilities available. Asking $22.000 570-299-5415


Rubbico Real Estate 826-1600 HAZLETON R. 395 E. Washington St. Nice double block. Two bedrooms each side. Separate heat & electric. Close to College. Affordable @ $49,500 Towne & Country R.E. Co. 735-8932 or 542-5708

New Listing! Affordable for you!. Set back off Main st., this double block has had many updates. Unit #1: formal dining room 2 bedrooms, 1 bath and deck. Unit #2: spacious open floor plan, large living room, formal dining room, genuine hardwood floors, 4 bedrooms with new carpeting, 1.5 baths, lots of closet space and enclosed balcony. MLS 13-1176 Michele Hopkins 570-540-6046

AVAILABLE NOW Modern 2 bedroom, 2nd floor. Off street parking. Washer/ dryer hook-up in basement. Appliances. Bus stop at the door. Water Included. $575 + utilities & security. No pets. TRADEMARK REALTY GROUP 570-954-1992


Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307

Large 1 bedroom, living room, kitchen with appliances, tiled bath, deck. No Pets. $425. 570-696-1866


Goodleigh Manor. $75,000. Call Natalie 570-357-1138

DALLAS 2 acre property at

To place your ad call...829-7130

NEW LISTING! Charming bungalow style Cape Cod home with a unique layout & character galore. Four bedrooms, two baths and second floor great room. Corner lot, two-car garage, nice South WilkesBarre location. MLS#13-1295 $99,900 Karen Ryan 283-9100, ext. 14


159 Gardner Ave. Big Family wanted!! Great 5 Bedroom, with 2.5 baths, very well kept, move right in. Outside was total updated, New furnace and hot water heater too!!! MLS #13-1342 $125,000 Call Dave, Sr. 881-7877

REDUCED PRICE $242,000 Beautifully kept split level in desirable Barney Farms. 3 car attached garage, finished basement & attic. Landscaped lot, covered deck with custom pull down shades. Hardwood living room, formal dining room, cathedral ceilings in living room & kitchen. Full wet bar in finished basement, walk out patio for your parties/cookouts. MLS#12-1874 Ann Devereaux 570-212-2038 Classic Properties 570-587-7000 790 Northern Blvd. Clarks Summit, PA 18411

9 Pittston Ave P home 2 story E located in a very N privet setting. 3 bedrooms, 1.5 D baths and I workshop attached N to living space, G great for home business or the hobbyist. Low taxes, great community. Garage has 1 detached space and 1 built in. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 13-1009 CALL CHARLIE 570-829-6200

DALLAS Commercial Vacant Land EXCITING BUSINESS FOR SALE! Call if you have money. Call if you have experience in the restaurant business. This is one of the area’s most attractive & successful restaurant businesses. Turn key. $319,000 Maribeth Jones 696-6565

Build your new home in a great neighborhood. Convenient location near highways, airport, casino and shopping DIRECTIONS Rt 315 to laflin Rd; make left off Laflin Rd onto Pinewood Dr. Lot is on corner of Pinewood Dr. and Hickorywood Dr. MLS 13-23 atlas realtyinc.com Call Keri Best 570-885-5082 ATLAS REALTY, INC. 570-829-6200 BUILDING LOT REDUCED $28,500 Corner of Drake St. & Catherine, Moosic. 80x111 building lot with sewer & water available, in great area with newer homes. Corner lot. For more details visit www.atlasrealtyinc.com. MLS #12-1148. Call Charlie

LAFLIN $32,900 Lot#9 Pinewood Dr

156 X 110 X 150 X 45


Available May 1st. 3 bedroom, 2nd floor of century home in beautiful area. All appliances, heat & gas for dryer included. Lease, security & references required. No pets. $800/month. Call 570-675-2486


LANDMARK FOR SALE All brick bar/ restaurant/attached ranch home.... Historic, ultra successful & updated throughout. Turn key, licenses, fixtures, etc. Owner retiring....possible owner financing. MLS #11-420 M. S. PECORA, REALTOR 570-455-9463 or Cheryl at 570-436-3790 HUNTINGTON MILLS Great Old 80 Acre Farm, Location Next to Northwest High School with approx. 35 acres of fields & 45 acres wooded. Small pond, barn, old farmhouse with out buildings(in poor condition - little or no value) plenty of road frontage. MLS #13-807 $359,000 Call Richard Long 406-2438

PITTSTON $115,000

696-2600, ext. 210 142-144 Carroll St. Well maintained, fully rented 4 unit investment property in quiet neighborhood. Owner took good care of this property. www.atlas realtyinc.com. MLS 12-4514 Call Terry 570-885-3041 or Angie 570-885-4896 SWEET VALLEY 3.8 acres, zoned B2 commercial with home & pond. Priced for quick sale. High traffic area Located at the intersection of Rt. 118 & Main Road. $89,000 Call Richard Long 406-2438

2.12 acres of commercial land in a prime Back Mountain location. Ideal spot to build an office or professional building. Corner wooded lot. Water, electric & gas available to be run to site. Call Rhea for details MLS#12-4281 570-696-6677 $249,900

915 Manufactured Homes



GREENBRIAR RETIREMENT COMMUNITY Only eight lots left. Custom design you home the way you want it. Call 570-675-1300


This is a 2008 Park Model in beautiful Eagle Lake. Walk to the pool, tennis courts & basketball courts. This is the most beautiful Community in the Pocono's. Swim in the huge pool or lay in the sand at one of the lake front beaches. Call Tom 516-507-9403

HI-MEADOWS APARTMENTS 1075 Memorial Hwy. Low & Moderate Income Elderly Rentals Include: *Electric Range & Refrigerator *Off Street Parking *Community Room *Coin Operated Laundry *Elevator. *Video Surveilence Applications Accepted by Appointment 570-675-5944 8a.m. - 4 p.m. TDD Only, 1-800-654-5984 Voice Only, 1-800-654-5988 Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity DALLAS MEADOWS APARTMENTS 220 Lake St. Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,450. 570-675-6936, TDD 800-654-5984 8 am-4 pm, Mon-Fri. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE




603 Willowcrest Dr. Super end unit townhouse, no fees. 2 bedrooms, 3 baths, central air, electric heat, cathedral ceiling with skylights. Large family room with propane stove and it’s own ductless air. MLS 13-482 Call Tom 570-262-7716



575 Susquehanna Avenue Rubbico Real Estate 826-1600

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PITTSTON $129,900

WILKES-BARRE Owner Retiring Turn Key Night Club For Sale. Two full bars, game area. Four restrooms. Prime Location!!! Creative financing Available $80,000, Dave Rubbico, Jr. 885-2693

This scenic 2 acre building lot is perked and surveyed and ready for your dream home. This building lot package is $74,000. Located on Lake Louise Rd., within 1/2 mile of Twin Oak Golf Club. 570-820-5990 DALLAS TOWNSHIP 63 acres with about 5,000’ roadfront on 2 roads. All Wooded. $385,000. Call Besecker Realty 570-675-3611 Campground Road 1 acre with 173’ road frontage. Base installed for 140’ ft driveway. Partially cleared, private lot. close to schools. Lot will pass perk test. Asking $52,000. 570-675-4594.


1 mile south of L.C.C.C. Established developement with underground utilities including gas. Cleared lot. 100’ frontage x 158. $35,000. Lot 210 ‘ frontage 158’ deep on hill with great view $35,000. Call 570-736-6881




4 bedroom, 2 full bath in a great neighborhood. New windows entire home, finished lower level, detached garage, 4 season sunroom. Master suite has new full bath and large walk in closet. New above ground pool with deck. Must see! Motivated seller Reduced $173,000 570-885-6848


Income & Commercial Properties


BEAR CREEK $149,900

Two bedroom single home, owner willing to hold mortgage inhouse. There are no closing costs or bank fees involved. $59,000 or $350 a month toward purchase. $900 security deposit required and 1st months rent. 570-288-9050 after 5 p.m.


Commercial Properties


Commercial Properties

Park Office Building 400 Third Ave.

1255 Laurel Run P Rd. Bear Creek E Twp., large commercial N garage/warehouse on 1.214 D acres with additional 2 acre I 2 water parcel. wells. 2 newer N underground fuel tanks. May G zoning require approval. For more info and photos visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-208 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

Great opportunity for this 2,900 sq. ft. professional office building in high traffic area. Last used as a veterinary clinic, but is easily adapted for other uses. See how this space can be used for you! Open entry space, individual offices, full basement for storage, central air, and gas heat. Parking for 12 cars. MLS-12-416 $339,000 Call Rhea for details 570-696-6677

224 William St. Are you a hairdresser or barber? Need a space for an in home business? This might be just what you’re looking for. Well maintained 4 bedroom home with salon (previously a barber shop for 60 years). Very well established, high visibility location and additional home with 3 bedrooms currently rented to a tenant. Must be sold as one package. www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-216 Call Charlie 570-829-6200

Rubbico Real Estate 826-1600




2 bedrooms, 1 bath mobile home located in a park on a rented lot along a quiet, dead end road. Covered carport and shed. In good condition, but needs updating $6,500. OBO. 570-735-1376 570-994-6308


1 bedroom, 1st floor, stove & refrigerator. Washer/dryer hook up. $500/mo. + utilities, security & references 570-779-1684



30 E. Poplar St. Multi - Family 5 apartments and a 2 car garage, all rented. Off street parking for 8 cars. Great investment. www.atlasrealtyinc.com MLS 13-680 Tom Salvaggio 570-262-7716

KINGSTON 68 William St. Great investment property with 3 units and separate utilities. Each unit has 2 entrances and washer hook up. Roof is 5 years old. For more info visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com. MLS 12-1897 $69,900 Call Tom 570-262-7716


• 61 +/- Acres Nuangola $88,000 • 46 +/- Acres Hanover Twp. $69,000 • Highway Commercial KOZ Hanover Twp. 3+/Acres 11 +/- Acres •Wilkes-Barre Twp. Acreage Zoned R-3 • Sugar Notch Lot $11,800 See Additional Land for Sale at: www.earth conservancy.org Call: 570-823-3445 HANOVER TWP Slope St. Nice building lot with utilities available. Ideal home site. Affordable at $12,900 TOWNE & COUNTRY RE CO 570-735-8932 570-542-5708 HARVEYS LAKE

Price Reduction

Land For Sale


KING OF THE MOUNTAIN! Truly a 360 degree view from the highest point of this property. 48.49 acres to be sold as one parcel. Build your dream house here or buy and sub-divide. Will require well and septic system. Just minutes from Highway 315, near the Casino but very private. www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-4142 Only $149,000 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


Apartments/ Furnished

2 bedrooms, 2nd floor. Off street parking. Heat, hot water & trash included. Coin op washer/dryer. $625/month, references, security & lease. Available May 1st Call 570-760-4830




Officenter–250 250 Pierce Street

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Officenter–270 270 Pierce Street

New Bridge Center 480 Pierce Street

Commercial Building For Sale. 502 Market St, Kingston. 2000 Sq Ft $229,000 1-story, PRIME LOCATION with parking lot. Take a look. If interested, call 570-814-4940.

341 Wyoming Ave. 3 story Victorian home located in a high exposure area. Has all the lovely signature woodwork of a grand VIctorian of yesteryear! Can be restored for use as a residential home or a landlord investment. Currently subdivided into multiple office spaces and 2 apartments. MLS 12-617 $149,000 Jay A. Crossin EXT. 23 CROSSIN REAL ESTATE 570-288-0770 NANTICOKE

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Well established Italian Restaurant on the West Side with seating for 75. Business only includes good will, all furniture and fixtures, all kitchen equipment and delivery van for $150,000. Building sold separately. Restaurant on 1st floor and 2 bedroom luxury apartment on 2nd floor for $250,000. www.atlasrealty inc.com MLS 12-3433 Call Charlie

SHAVERTOWN Beautiful 1 acre building lot located in established back Mountain sub-division. Buy now and start building your dream home in the spring. Lot has underground utilities, public sewer and private well. MLS #13-137 $62,400 Christine Pieczynski 696-6569

Housing Available. Fully furnished move right in, all utilities included. 3 BEDROOM AVAILABLE $495 PER STUDENT Safe, secure premesis in great neighborhood. 3 minute walk to classes.Convenience and living at it’s best! Parents encouraged to visit home. 1 year lease beginning June 1st. Security, references and parental co-signer required. Call 570-592-3113 or email [email protected]


18 Filbert Street Spacious 1st floor 2 bedroom Duplex. Ideal for a professional. Four closets plus linen closet. Hardwood floors in living room, dining room and sunroom. Tile bathroom and kitchen floors. Gas log in fireplace, refrigerator, range and dishwasher, also located within first floor duplex are a washer and dryer. Covered back porch, flagstone garden patio with furniture, off street parking with large garage. A Must See! $850/month+ utilities. Security, Deposit and references required. 570-814-9847 1 bedroom, 2nd floor apt. Living room, kitchen, full bath, heat, hot water & garbage fee included. Tenant pays electric. $575/ month + security. Call or text 201-304-3469



696-2600 Don't miss this one! Partially cleared lot ready for you to build your home. It has the sewer permit already. Waiting for you to add the finishing touches to it. Great price!! MLS# 13-1291 $9,950 Call Pat Doty 394-6901 SHICKSHINNY 26 acres of mostly open land for a beautiful homesite near Shickshinny Lake. MLS #12-3394 $130,000 Ken Williams 542-8800 Five Mountains Realty 542-2141


ŠShort or long term ŠExcellent Neighborhood ŠPrivate Tenant Parking Š$600 includes all utilities. No pets. 570-822-9697





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36-38 E. Ridge St. Fully occupied commercial brick building with 4 tenant occupied apartments, 1 commercial space currently rented as a beauty salon, 3 car garage and storage space to rent. Apartments are all modern and remodeled with new wiring, plumbing, roof, separate utilities. Great income producing property in high traffic area. MLS 12-2619 $239,000 ANTONIK & ASSOCIATES, INC. 570-735-7494 Patricia Lunski SHICKSHINNY LAKE Well established meat and deli store with large variety of specialty items for sale. Homemade sausage, porkettaprosciutto, to mention a few. Owners will sty on to teach. give recipes and contacts. Also a newly remodeled apartment above store and 4 car garage to help pay the mortgage. MLS 13-535 For an appointment call: Fred Mecadon 570-817-5792 Everything is Ready! Just bring your business to this great location with over 15,000 sq. ft. of parking space. The building is equipped for fast food, restaurant, pizza, carry-out, etc. Will rent with option to buy. Excellent opportunity for the right party! $269,000 Call Ruth @ 570-696-1195 or 570-696-5411

696-2468 LEHMAN 9 Acres on Lehman Outlet Road. 470’ front, over 1,000’ deep. Wooded. $125,000. Call Besecker Realty 570-675-3611 SHICKSHINNY 23+/- acres of wooded land and farmland with barn in good condition and a nice travel trailer. Well on property. MLS#12-2572 $115,000 Ken Williams 542-8800 Five Mountains Realty 542-2141

Officenter–220 220 Pierce Street
93 Main St. Four units. 3 residential and one storefront.Great corner location, flood damaged home being sold as is. For more info visit: www.atlas realtyinc.com MLS 12-1948 Call Tom 570-262-7716

Professional Office Rentals
Full Service Leases • Custom Design • Renovations • Various Size Suites Available Medical, Legal, Commercial • Utilities • Parking • Janitorial Full Time Maintenance Staff Available

For Rental Information Call:

1-570-287-1161 www.lippiproperties.com

Smith Hourigan Group

CHOICE LOCATION A most unique & desirable lakefront property. This is an opportunity to purchase a centrally situated lot with an unmatched view of this beautiful lake. If you are looking for that special building site, this is it! MLS# 11-1269 $159,900 Call Dale Williams Five Mountains Realty 570-256-3343

Fully furnished, 1 bedroom, All appliances and most utilities included. Secure, private off street parking. Historic building is non smoking/no pets. Base rent $700/mo. Security, references required. View at houpthouse.com. 570-762-1453


KEN POLLOCK APARTMENTS 41 Depot Street Low and Moderate Income Elderly Rentals Include: * Electric Range & Refrigerator * Off Street Parking * Community Room * Coin Operated Laundry * Elevator * Video Surveilance Applications Accepted by Appointment 570-736-6965 8:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. TDD Only, 1-800-654-5984 Voice Only, 1-800-654-5988 Handicap Accessible Equal Housing Opportunity Newly remodeled 1 bedroom. New kitchen & bath. All new appliances, including washer & dryer. $500 + utilities. Call 570-881-0320



Apartments/ Unfurnished


1st floor apt, 4 rooms. Heat & hot water & garbage stickers included. New rugs. No petsno smoking. Close to bus stop. Off street parking, $550/per month + security. Call (570)814-4441


Efficiency, $350/per month, plus security. Includes water, sewer and garbage. Call (570) 690-4560


PAGE 10D 941

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941 Apartments/ Unfurnished 941

TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com Apartments/ Unfurnished 944 Commercial Properties 944 Commercial Properties

Apartments/ Unfurnished

bath. Includes, stove, wall to wall carpet, heat, water, sewage and trash. $450+security. No pets, No smoking. 570-829-0854

HANOVER GREEN Three rooms and


Clean & bright 3 bedroom apartments. Heat, water, garbage & sewer included with appliances. Off street parking. No pets, non smoking, not section 8 approved. References, security, first and last months rent. $725/month 570-852-0252


floor, 2 bedrooms, elevator, carpeted, entry system. Garage. Extra storage & cable TV included. Laundry facilities. Air Conditioned. Fine neighborhood. Convenient to bus & stores. No pets. References. Security. Lease. No smokers please. $785 + utilities. Call. 570-287-0900 KINGSTON

E. WALNUT ST. Light, bright, 3rd

AVAILABLE 2ND FLOOR UNIT! 1 bedroom apartments for elderly, disabled. Rents based on 30% of ADJ gross income. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. TTY711 or 570-474-5010 This institution is an equal opportunity provider & employer.


total remodel, great neighborhood. Fridge, stove, washer/dryer hook up. Water & sewer included. No smoking. Security & reference. $525/month. Call 570-693-1468

PLAINS 1st floor, 1 bedroom.

PLAINS VICTORIAN NEW - REMODELED DUPLEX. 1 bedrooms. Maple kitchen, built-in appliances, some aesthetic fireplaces (FIRST FLOOR BAY LIVING ROOM) Parking, Porches, Laundry. MANAGED SERVICES AMERICA REALTY 570-288-1422 NO PETS, EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION, 2 YEAR SAME RENTS.


3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, no pets. $850 + utilities, 1st month, last month + security deposit. Call 570-417-3427


317 N. Maple Ave. 2 story 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath @ $850. + utilities. Two story 3 bedroom, 2.5 baths @ $1,110. + utilities. Central heat & air, washer/dryer in unit, on site parking. 1 mo. security


No pets. Rents based on income start at $405 & $440. Handicap Accessible. Equal Housing Opportunity. 570474-5010 TTY711 This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 3 bedroom, all appliances included. No pets, no smoking. $650/ month + 1st, last & security. 570-578-8580


WILKES-BARRE Clean and comfortable front apartment of front and back duplex in nice area. $600/month i n c l u d e s washer/dryer hook up, eat-in kitchen, refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, front porch and shared storage shed. Plenty of off street parking . One year lease plus security required. Call Michael 570-760-4961

bedroom apartment, includes front porch. $475 per month + utilities. No pets, No smoking. available May 1. 570-693-1000

WEST WYOMING Cozy first floor, 1

1 or 2 bedroom. Heat & hot water included. Rent based on income. Call 570-472-9118





HANOVER TWP. Newly remodeled



2nd floor, recently renovated 2 bedrooms, 1 bath. All new floors throughout. Stove included. Heat, water & sewer included. References required. No smoking. $575/month + security. 570-237-0195


Second floor, 1 bedroom 1 bath, very nice. Gas heat, all appliances, washer & dryer, three season porch, off street parking. Nice neighborhood. No Pets. $565/month+utilities, security and references. 570-954-2972



Studio 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms, starting at $425. All utilities included. 570-826-1934


OFFICE SPACE Newly remodeled 120 sq. ft. All utilities included, except phone. $250/month. Lease. Call 570-602-1550


For lease. Available immediately, washer/dryer on premises, no pets. We have studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments. On site parking. Fridge & stove provided. 24/7 security camera presence & all doors electronically locked. 1 bedroom - $450. 2 bedroom - $550. Water & sewer paid 1 month security deposit. Email [email protected] hotmail.com or Call 570-208-9301 after 9:00 a.m. to schedule an appointment

By General Hospital Large 1 bedroom, hardwood floors, appliances. Eat in kitchen. Parking space available. $500/month + utilities. No pets. 570-540-5312 570-793-9449 WILKES-BARRE Š1 bedroom water included Š2 bedroom water included Š3 bedroom single HANOVER Š2 bedroom 1/2 double. Š3 bedroom single Š4 bedroom double LUZERNE Š2 bedroom, water included. PITTSTON ŠLarge 1 bed room water included McDermott & McDermott Real Estate Inc. Property Management 570-675-4025 (direct line) Mon-Fri. 8-7pm Sat. 8-noon


OFFICE SPACE Newly remodeled 120 sq. ft. All utilities included, except phone. $250/month. Lease. Call 570-602-1550


SWOYERSVILLE NEW LISTING Busy, high visibility location. Body shop, garage, car lot. Situated on over 1 acre with 9,000 sq. ft. of Commercial Space. $389,900 Call Joe 613-9080


roof & new garage doors. Over 1,200 sq. ft. $395/month. Call 570-881-0320

GLEN LYON GARAGE 3 bay garage, new

1,750 SQ. FT. & 2,400 SQ.FT OFFICE/RETAIL 2,000 FT. Fully Furnished With Cubicles. 570-829-1206 WAREHOUSE/ OFFICE SPACE 5,000 sq. ft. with parking lot. Office, 1,000 sq. ft. with 2,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Off I-81, Exit 165. Call 570-823-1719 Mon. through Fri. 7 am to 3 pm.


1st floor, 1 bedroom, refrigerator & stove. All electric. $425/ mo. + utilities & security. Call Natalie at 570-357-1138

2 bedroom , wall to wall carpet, appliances, Lake rights. Off street parking. No pets. Lease, security and references. 570-639-5920


Nice second floor 2 2 bedroom apartment. Stove, fridge, washer & dryer. Lots of storage space. $670. Heat included. $25 application Fee. Call 570-592-7336 Viewing May 2nd KINGSTON Recently remodeled 1st floor apartment with 1 bedroom, 1 bath & electric heat. Off street parking. No pets. Credit check & security deposit required. $575/month. Call Nicole Dominick @570-715-7757


Sell your own home! Place an ad HERE 570-829-7130

116 or 118 Main St. Near Kingston Corners. 2nd floor, newly remodeled, 4 rooms, bath, laundry room. Walk up attic, water, sewer & parking. No pets. No smoking. $525 & $575 + utilities. 570-288-9843


Heat & water included. 1 bed room, 1st floor, off street parking, coinop washer/dryer on premises, no pets. $495. Call 570-287-9631 or 570-417-4311


PLYMOUTH Large 1 bedroom apartment. $500/ month + security deposit. Heat, water, sewer, fridge & range included. Call Bernie at


2nd floor, very nice, 4 room apartment. Private parking. No pets. No smoking. $550/month + utilities, security & references. 570-655-2386 570-885-7763


Mayflower Crossing Apartments 570.822.3968 1, 2, 3 & 4 Bedrooms
- Light & bright open floor plans - All major appliances included - Pets welcome* - Close to everything - 24 hour emergency maintenance - Short term leases available

Wyoming Avenue, Various sized spaces available; 500 sq. ft. to 1,500. sq. ft. 570-696-1600



SHAVERTOWN One bedroom, living room & kitchen apartment. Security required. No pets. $500/month + utilities. Call Jolyn Bartoli 570-696-5425

E. W alnut St. 2nd floor. Located in quiet neighborhood. Kitchen, living room, dining room, sunroom, bath, 3 bedrooms; 2 large & 1 small. Lots of closets, built-in linen closet & hutch. Hardwood & carpeted floors. Fireplace. Storage room. Yard. Washer / dryer, stove / fridge. Heat and hot water included. 1 year lease + security. $950 570-283-4370


Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307

bedroom, 2nd floor, own deck, all utilities included except cooking gas. No pets. Lake rights, swimming & boating. $650/month. 570-477-5001

LAKE SILKWORTH Newly remodeled, 1

LEXINGTON VILLAGE 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartments. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher & washer/dryer provided. Attached garage. Pet friendly. Water, sewer & trash included. 59 Agostina Drive 570-735-3500


Smith Hourigan Group 570-696-1195 SHAVERTOWN 1 bedroom apartment with living room & kitchen. Freshly painted & ready for you to move in. Utilities included. One month security required. No smoking or pets. $750/month. Call Jolyn @ 570-696-1195 or 570-696-5425

BALTIMORE AVE 2nd floor. 1 bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen washer/ dryer hookup. Stove, fridge, no pets, no smoking. References. Off street parking. $550 & utilities, 1st & last month rent + security. 1 year lease. WYOMING AVE 2nd floor. 1 bedroom Includes stove & refrigerator. $600 month includes heat & water. Off street parking. No pets, no smoking. 1st & last month rent + security. 1 year lease. 570-655-9325 WEST PITTSTON Charming, spacious clean 1.5 bedroom. Washer/dryer hookup. Front porch, off street parking. Quiet neighborhood. No pets. $625/mo. includes water. 570-693-2148 or 570-654-6537


1 bedroom with study, off street parking, laundry facility. Includes heat and hot water, hardwood floors, appliances, Trash removal. $580/mo Call (570)821-5599

WILKES-BARRE 447 S. Franklin St.

Call TODAY For AVAILABILITY!! www.mayflower crossing.com
Certain Restrictions Apply*

Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

court basketball court with hardwood floors, men’s & ladies room and changing room. Could be put to any related use ie: fitness gym, basketball camp or anything that requires a large open space. Lots of free parking, heat and utilities are included. Rent is is $3,000 per month Call Charlie 570-829-6200

LAFLIN GYM FOR RENT Set up as a full



bedrooms. Includes all utilities, parking, laundry. No pets. From $390 to $675. Lease, security & references. 570-970-0847

WILKES-BARRE / KINGSTON Efficiency 1 & 2

113 Edison Street Quiet neighborhood. 2 bedroom apartments available for immediate occupancy. Heat & hot water included. 1 Bedroom $550 2 Bedroom $650. Call Jazmin 570-822-7944

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!
2 bedrooms, 2nd floor, recently remodeled. Washer & dryer hookup. Off street parking. No pets. $550/mo. includes water & sewer. 570-714-7272


108 S. Main Street 3,000 square feet. Suitable for many businesses. Plenty of Parking $600/month + security. 570-540-0746.


BEST $1 SQ. FT. LEASES YOU’LL EVER SEE! Warehouse, light manufacturing. Gas heat, sprinklers, overhead doors, parking for 30 cars. Yes, that $1 sq. ft. lease! We have 9,000 sq.ft., 27,000 sq.ft., and 32,000 sq. ft. Can combine. There is nothing this good! Sale or Lease Call Larry @ 570-696-4000 or 570-430-1565


Lease 20,000 sq. ft. I-81 on Casey Ave. Zoned M-3 for manufacturing, warehouse storage. Electric, gas heat, sprinkler. HE lighting, 21’ ceilings, 1 drive in & 3 dock doors. Can be subdivided. Call Bob Post 570-270-9255



wall, off-street parking, coin laundry, water, sewer & garbage included. $495/month + security & lease. HUD accepted. 570-687-6216 or 570-954-0727

LUZERNE 1 bedroom, wall to

1 living room, kitchen, 2nd floor, off street parking. Clean & neat. $440/month. New carpeting throughout, refrigerator & stove included. Available 5/1/13. Call Steve (570) 468-2488

PITTSTON bedroom, 1 bath,

WILKES-BARRE 1 bedroom, recently
refurbished, separate kitchen/ living room, tenant pays utilities. $465/480 + security. Call 570-401-9124

Formerly The Travel Lodge 497 Kidder St., Wilkes-Barre Rooms Starting at: Daily $44.99 + tax Weekly $189.99 + tax Microwave, Refrigerator, WiFi, HBO 570-823-8881 www.Wilkes BarreLodge.com

Smith Hourigan Group

Architect Designed Bright modern apartment; 2nd floor, galley kitchen, dining area, living room, 1 bedroom & bath. Gas heat, central air, ample storage, coin-op washer/ dryer on premises, off-street parking. Outside maintenance provided. Heat & utilities by tenant. No Pets. No Smoking. 1 month security, 1 year lease

2nd floor 1 bedroom, living room & bath. Kitchen, refrigerator, range, washer, dryer. Garbage & sewer paid. Off street parking, no pets or smoking. $450/month + utilities, security & references. 570-696-1763


bath. Washer/dryer hook up. Heat & hot water furnished. No smoking, no pets. Security & references. $695/mo. 570-654-1193

PITTSTON 2nd floor, 4 rooms &


1 bedroom, quiet area, nice sized closets, living room & kitchen. Water, sewer & trash included. Washer & dryer. No pets/smoking. $475 + electric. 570-262-5399


Modern 2 bedroom, 2nd floor. Includes stove & refrigerator. Laundry hook-up. Heated garage, off street parking. Heat, sewer, water & garbage included. $695/month + security & lease. No smoking or pets. 570-430-0123 Cozy 3 bedroom on 2 floors. $650/mo. 570-760-0511


basement cozy 1 bedroom, newly remodeled eat in kitchen, all appliances shared washer/dryer or hook up. Very energy efficient, Utilities by tenant Safe location, off street parking. Non-smoking, No pets. 1 year lease/security. $500 (267) 872 4825

SWOYERSVILLE 1st floor, 5 rooms +

floor, finished attic. $600/month + utilities. 570-299-5471


WEST PITTSTON GARDEN VILLAGE APARTMENTS 221 Fremont St. Housing for the elderly & mobility impaired; all utilities included. Federally subsidized program. Extremely low income persons encouraged to apply. Income less than $12,450. 570-655-6555 TDD 800-654-5984 8 am-4 pm Monday-Friday. EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE

2 bedroom apartment. 1 bath. Eat in kitchen. Closed in terrace. Full usable attic. $625 + utilities & security. Call: 718-809-3338


2nd floor efficiency, 1 room, kitchen, bath, back porch, attic storage. Landlord pays cable TV, all utilities, but electric. $450 + security. 570-362-0055


Lease Space Available, Light manufacturing, warehouse, office, includes all utilities with free parking. I will save you money!



Commercial Properties

2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment near General Hospital. No Pets. $525 + utilities, first, last + security deposit. 570-417-3427


PARK AVENUE 2nd floor, 1 bedroom. Water included. $500 + utilities, security & lease. No pets. 570-472-9494


GOOD LOCATION Attractive 5 room condo style, 2 floors. Includes hardwood floors, tile bath, enclosed sunporch, heated 1 1/2 garage & appliances. $875/month + utilities, security & references. 570-655-4311

It's that time again! Rent out your apartment with the Classifieds 570-829-7130
264 Academy St. 1.5 bedrooms, newly renovated building. Washer & dryer available. $600/mo. includes heat, hot water & parking. 646-712-1286 570-855-4744


Very Nice 2 bedroom. 2nd Floor $540 + utilities. Security, References, Background check. 570-332-8792



2nd floor, 2 bedroom, washer/dryer, fridge and stove, dishwasher, central air, electric heat, no pets, $600 Call John 570-654-1909

apartments. Starting at $440 and up. References required. Section 8 OK 570-357-0712


900 Sq. Ft. STORE RETAIL SPACE Will be vacant as of January 1, 2013 200 Spring St. Wilkes-Barre Great for a Barber Shop! Call Michael at 570-239-7213
Rte. 315 2,400 Sq. Ft. 1,200 Sq. Ft. Professional office space. Will divide office / retail Call 570-829-1206



COMPLEX, Easy interstate access. Lease 132,500 s.f., will subdivide, 12 loading docks, 30ft. ceilings, sprinkler, acres of parking. Offices available. Call 570-655-9732, X312



3002 N. Twp Blvd. Medical office for rent on the Pittston By-Pass. Highly visible location with plenty of parking. $1,800 sq. ft. of beautifully finished space can be used for any type office use. $1,750/ mo. plus utilities. MLS 13-098 Call Charlie 570-829-6200


Half Doubles

ASHLEY 1/2 double, 3 bedrooms, modern, new paint and carpet. $550 + utilities. security, references lease. No pets. 570332-1216/592-1328 2 bedroom, 6 rooms. Off street parking. Stove, fridge, washer & dryer. All gas. Modernized. No dogs. $600 + utilities. 570-417-5441




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TIMES LEADER www.timesleader.com 950 Half Doubles 950 Half Doubles 953 Houses for Rent
WARRIOR RUN 2 bedroom house in very nice neighborhood, large fenced yard, 1 & 3/4 baths, refrigerator, washer, dryer, air-conditioner. Pets are okay. $700/month + utilities. Call between 9am and 3 pm weekdays or 9am to 7pm weekends. (570) 822-3750 LARKSVILLE PACE STREET Single family home with five rooms, 2+ bedrooms & 1 bath. Dining room, deck & yard. Pets allowed. $760/month + utilities. Call Barbara Mark 696-5414

THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2013 PAGE 11D 962 Rooms

6 rooms. Newer gas stove and newer refrigerator. All windows are vinyl thermal pane. Steel insulated entry doors with dead bolts. Located on small quiet lane. Off street parking. Lease. $525 monthly + utilities. References checked. (570) 650-3803 KINGSTON 3 bedroom, 1 bath 1/2 double. Living room, dining room, eat-kitchen off street parking. No smoking, no pets. 1 year lease. $750. month + security. Call Rae 570-714-9234


HALF-DOUBLE Two bedrooms, new paint. Stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer included. NO Pets. $560 /month + security + utilities. References & credit check. 570-239-5322



Nice, clean furnished room, starting at $340. Efficiency at $450 month furnished with all utilities included. Off street parking. 570-718-0331

971 Vacation & Resort Properties

3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, large kitchen, dining & living rooms. Newly painted, gas heat. Close to shopping center. $750/month + utilities & security. 570-288-0510 KINGSTON


This beautiful, completely renovated 2 bedroom luxury apartment could be yours! All new high end amenities include: hardwood floors, gorgeous maple kitchen cabinets with granite countertops & stainless steel appliances. Spacious great room with gas fireplace. Tile bath, stacked washer/dryer. Large screened-in porch. Many large, convenient closets. Central A/C. New gas heating system. Huge attic for storage. “Must See!” $1,000 + utilities, lease & security. NO PETS, NO SMOKING 570-793-6294


Doyouneedmorespace? A yard or garage sale in classified is the best way tocleanoutyourclosets! You’re in bussiness with classified!

able, and will be accepting applications for membership. Gated Premises, adjoins public gulf course, 35 acre natural lake for fishing. Large shaded sites, with water and electric, showers and flush toilets. Nestled near orchards and produce farms in the hills between Dallas and Tunkhannock. For information and applications call: Call (570)-371-9770





Package includes a sales kit, garage sale signs, a FREE unsold merchandise ad, your sale mapped FREE online and on our mobile app.

971 Vacation & Resort Properties
Furnished Summer Home. Weekly and/ or Monthly. Starting June to end of August. Free boat slips. Call for details. 570-639-5041

Smith Hourigan Group 696-1195



Older charm, 1/2 double on residential street. 3 bedroom, bath, living & dining room combination. Updated kitchen with appliances (new gas range & dishwasher.) 1st floor laundry hookup. Gas heat. Attic storage space. Heat, utilities & outside maintenance by tenant. No pets. No smoking. 1 month security, 1 year lease.

of Casino) 2 bedroom, 1/2 double, includes modern kitchen, bath and living room. Plenty of off street parking and large yard. $550/mo + utilities. NO PETS. 1 year lease & security Call Charlie 570-829-1578

PLAINS TWP. (1.5 miles North

Available Immediately

Private setting, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home. Hardwood floors, area rugs, large kitchen, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator . Office and second floor bonus areas. Laundry hook up in basement, sewer and water included. Minimum outside maintenance. No Smoking, No Pets. $1,250/month and security, Lease and background check required. 570-678-5850


Need a Roommate? Place an ad and find one here! 570-829-7130

Looking for the right deal on an automobile? Turn to classified. It’s a showroom in print! Classified’s got the directions!

Plus a FREE BREAKFAST from McDonald’s.


1, 2, OR 3 DAYS


$ 1 5



CALL 800-273-7130

Large 1/2 double. Two large bedrooms, newly remodeled bathroom (used to be 3rd bedroom), large 3 car wide driveway, 1 1/2 bath. $650. month. Call Jeff 215 356-2338.


Professional Services Directory
Building & Remodeling 1054 Concrete & Masonry 1132 Handyman Services 1162 Landscaping/ Garden 1183
Brick, block, walks, drives, steps, stucco, stone, foundations, floors, etc. Lic. & Ins. 570-283-1245 or 570-328-1830

ROSEWOOD REALTY 570-287-6822

NANTICOKE Large 3 bedroom

with 2 full baths, includes Stove, Fridge, Washer & Dryer. Sewer and garbage also included. $750. a month. $40 application fee. 570-736-6068

3 bedroom, 1 bath off street parking 420 West Main St. $700 plus security and utilites. (570) 592-5030


MOUNTAIN TOP Recently remodeled home with 3 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths, washer/dryer. Full unfinished basement with workshop. Gas heat. No smoking. No pets. Credit check & security deposit required. 1 year lease. $1,150/ month. Call Nicole Dominick 570-715-7757


A/C & Refrigeration Services



Air Conditioning Free Estimates Licensed & Insured 570-332-0715

STRISH A/C Ductless / Central


SERVICE You Name It, We Can Do It! Over 30 Years Experience in General Construction Licensed & Insured

Mini Excavating New Landscapes/ Lawns. Retaining walls/patios. Call: 570-760-4814


50 Years Experience Stone mason, stucco, pre-cast stone, paving, custom cover & design. 570-301-8200


1231 Pool & Spa Repair/Services
Pool openings, liner changes, and installations. Patios, Decks and fencing. Insured. 570-592-2321


Smith Hourigan Group 570-474-6307

Appliance Service

To place your ad Call Toll Free 1-800-427-8649
great neighborhood, recently renovated, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, refrigerator and stove included. Offstreet parking, $750+ utilities, one year lease and security. No Pets. Call (570) 283-3086


Apartments/ Unfurnished

WEST PITTSTON Century home,

Wilkeswood Apartments
1 & 2 BR Apts 2 & 3 BR Townhomes

Beautiful, spacious 1 family house, 3 large bedrooms + additional room, 3 baths, large living room, dining room, eat-in kitchen. Private parking. $750/month +1 month’s security. Available now. Call 609-356-8416


We service all major brands.

A.R.T. APPLIANCE REPAIR 570-639-3001

Home Renovating. Siding and More! Licensed and Insured. FREE ESTIMATES!! 570-237-7318 PA040387

HUGHES Construction

Concrete, stucco, foundations, pavers, retaining wall systems, flagstone, brick work, chimneys repaired. Senior Citizen’s Discount 570-287-4144 or 570-760-0551



plumbing & all types of interior & exterior home repairs. 570-829-5318


mowing,mulching, power washing and more! Free Estimates 570-574-3406

JAY’S LAWN SERVICE Spring clean-ups,



BestDarnMovers Moving Helpers Call for Free Quote. We make moving easy. BestDarnMovers.com 570-852-9243

1249 Remodeling & Repairs


Landscaping, mowing, mulching, trimming, planting. Commercial & Residential. 570-332-7016


Painting & Wallpaper


953 Houses for Rent


STUDIO, 1 & 2 BEDROOMS •Equipped Kitchen •Free Cable •Wall to Wall Carpeting


Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Available immediately. Totally renovated! Living room with hardwood. Oak kitchen with granite tops & stainless steel appliances. Deck overlooking 150’ rear yard. Two baths, 34 bedrooms & family room. One car garage. Rent, $1,450/month + utilities. No pets. Call Kevin Smith 696-5420


11 Holiday Drive “A Place To Call Home” Spacious 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts. Gas heat included 24 hr. on-site Gym Community Room Swimming Pool Maintenance FREE Controlled Access Patio/Balcony and much more...
570-288-9019 www.sdkgreen acres.com Call today for move-in specials.


Smith Hourigan Group 696-1195


Two bedroom, 1 bath. New carpet, stove & refrigerator included. Washer /dryer hook up, yard patio & driveway. Trash & sewer included. $660/month + utilities & security. 570-650-2494 3 bedroom, gas heat, stove and washer included. New rugs, yard, no pets. $750 plus utilities and security 570-430-7901



luxurious 3 bedroom townhome features hardwood floors on main floor, finished basement, large master suite, private outdoor deck and back yard, off street parking, granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, DirecTV, highspeed internet, garbage, sewer, gas heat with brand new furnace, central air conditioning with brand new compressor, brand new carpeting on 2nd floor in all bedrooms, extra closet space, large basement storage room, wood blinds in aLL rooms, all yard maintenance and snow plowing included. This is an end unit with only one other unit attached. Rent is $1,400. per month & requires $1,250. security deposit. Minimum one year lease required. Must fill out credit application. NO PETS. 570-840-1960


Why Spend Hundreds on New or Used Appliances? Most problems with your appliances are usually simple and inexpensive to fix! Save your hard earned money, Let us take a look at it first! 30 years in the business. East Main Appliances 570-735-8271 Nanticoke

1057Construction & Building
FATHER & SON CONSTRUCTION Interior & Exterior Remodeling Jobs of All Sizes 570-814-4578 570-709-8826

Lending a hand since 1975. 570-824-6871


Hauling & Trucking


Chimney Service


Building & Remodeling

A-1 1 ABLE CHIMNEY Rebuild & Repair Chimneys. All types of Masonry. Liners Installed, Brick & Block, Roofs & Gutters. Licensed & Insured 570-735-2257


A.S.A.P Hauling Estate Cleanouts, Attics, Cellars, Garages, we’re cheaper than dumpsters!. Free Estimates, Same Day! 570-855-4588

LAWN CUT? LEAVES RAKED? GENERAL YARD WORK? MULCHING? Responsible Senior student. Mountain Top, White Haven, Drums & Conygham area.


A & N PAINTING SPRING SPECIAL $100 + materials for average size room. 18 years experience Power washing, sidewalks & decks, deck staining. 570-820-7832


Roofing & Siding

Sales, service, installation & repair. FULLY INSURED HIC# 065008 CALL JOE 570-735-8551 Cell 606-7489

Roofing, siding, gutters, insulation, decks, additions, windows, doors, masonry & concrete. Insured & Bonded.


Stainless Liners. Cleanings. Custom Sheet Metal Shop. 570-383-0644 1-800-943-1515 Call Now! CHRIS MOLESKY CHIMNEY SPECIALIST New, repair, rebuild, liners installed. Cleaning. Concrete & metal caps. Licensed & Insured 570-328-6257

CHIMNEY REPAIRS Parging. Stucco.


Call Justin 570-868-6134

Expert in Refinishing, Exterior Siding of any kind. You name it,we know how to paint it. Water Blasting, Many Ideas, Many Colors, 30 Years Experience. 570-313-2262

Advanced Paint Company

Your Roofing Specialist Free Estimates No Payment ‘til Job is 100% Complete 570-829-0239 570-824-6381 Roof Repairs & New Roofs. Shingle, Slate, Hot Built Up, Rubber, Gutters & Chimney Repairs. Year Round. Licensed/Insured ŠFREE EstimatesŠ *24 Hour Emergency Calls*

GILROY Construction


•Lawn Cutting •Shrub Trimming, •Mulching •Landscaping Services
25+ Years Exp. PA Landscaping & Lawn Service Inc. 570-287-4780


or just want to freshen up your home or business? Let us splash your int./ext. walls with
some vibrant colors!



Dry Wall
TREE/SHRUB REMOVAL REMOVAL DEMOLITION Estate Cleanout Free Estimates 24 HOUR SERVICE SMALL AND LARGE JOBS! 570-823-1811 570-239-0484 ALWAYS READY HAULING Property & Estate Cleanups, Attics, Cellars, Yards, Garages, Construction Sites, Flood Damage & More. CHEAPER THAN A DUMPSTER!! SAME DAY SERVICE Free Estimates 570-301-3754

Senior Citizens Discount!

ALL OLDER HOMES SPECIALIST 825-4268. Remodel / Repair Windows and Doors

State Lic. # PA057320

Hanging & Finishing Textured Ceilings Licensed & Insured Free Estimates


Reasonable prices with hard workers. FREE ESTIMATES! 570-328-5083


Cleaning & Maintainence




570-287-3331 FOR INFO or go to


Concrete & Masonry

ECONOLECTRIC No Job Too Small. Generator Installs. Residential & Commercial Free Estimates Licensed-Insured PA032422

TOUGH BRUSH & TALL GRASS Mowing, edging, mulching, shrubs & hedge shaping. Tree pruning. Garden tilling. Spring Clean Ups. Leaf removal. Weekly & bi-weekly lawn care. Accepting new customers. Fully Ins. Free Estimates 570-829-3261

Int/ Ext. painting, Power washing. Professional work at affordable rates. Free estimates. 570-288-0733


New Roofs & Repairs, Shingles, Rubber, Slate, Gutters, Chimney Repairs. Credit Cards Accepted FREE ESTIMATES! Licensed-Insured EMERGENCIES


Jim Harden

McManus Construction Licensed, Insured. Everyday Low Prices. 3,000 satisfied customers. 570-735-0846



Lawn Care


Licensed & Insured No job too small. Free Estimates.

& CONCRETE 570-824-0130


(570) 602-7840


Apartments/ Unfurnished


Apartments/ Unfurnished

room home. New kitchen & laminate floors. Gas fireplace & large back yard. $800/month + security. 570-239-3712

PITTSTON Attractive 3 bed-

SLEBODA ELECTRIC Master electrician Licensed & Insured Service Changes & Replacements. Generator Installs. 868-4469

Care Service FREE ESTIMATES Mike 570-357-8074 Leave Message AFFORDABLE LAWN SERVICES Greater Pittston Area. Mowing, Mulching, Tilling & Deck Washing. Call 570-885-5858 or 570-954-0438 for Free Estimate


Serra Painting Book Now For Spring & Save. All Work Guaranteed Satisfaction. 30 Yrs. Experience Powerwash & Paint Vinyl, Wood, Stucco Aluminum. Free Estimates You Can’t Lose! 570-822-3943


Roofing Siding Carpentry 40 yrs experience Licensed & Insured PA026102 Call Dan 570-881-1131 www.davejohnson remodeling.com Baths/Kitchens Carpentry A to Z


B.P. Home Repairs 570-825-4268 Brick, Block, Concrete, Sidewalks, Chimneys, Stucco. New Installation & Repairs COVERT & SONS CONCRETE CO.



Hauling Junk & Trash from Houses, Garages, Yards, Etc

Mike’s $5-Up

The good life... close at hand
• 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts.

Regions Best Address
• 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apts.





lous contemporary 1 bedroom. Gas heat, air, fully furnished, fireplace, hardwood & tile flooring, carpeting. Carport & lovely garden. Most utilities included. $975/month. 570-881-0320

SHAVERTOWN Beautiful, meticu-




home, 2 bedrooms, $675 a month.


All Types Of Work New or Remodeling Licensed & Insured Now Offering Plumbing, Heating/AC 570-406-6044


Discounts for Vets & Seniors Give us a Call, We’ll Beat Them All By 10% or More! 570-696-3488 or 570-239-2780

All types concrete and masonry work, foundation and chimney repair specials.

All Types Of Excavating, Demolition & Concrete Work. Lot clearing, pool closing & retaining walls, etc. Large & Small Jobs FREE ESTIMATES (570) 760-1497

826-1883 472-4321

Exterior, Free estimates, 30 yrs experience 570-826-1719 OR 570-704-8530


Licensed and Insured. 24 hour emergency services.

Shingled roofing, Rubber roofing, Gutters, Chimney Repairs. FREE ESTIMATES!




Spring Special 5%!


Tree Care

1162 Landscaping/ Garden

Lawns - Shrubs Tilling - Mulch Senior Discount Westside Specials Family Owned 570-287-3852



Fencing & Decks

Shedlarski Construction H I
Licensed, insured & PA registered. Kitchens, baths, vinyl siding & railings, replacement windows & doors, additions, garages, all phases of home renovations. Free Estimates 570-287-4067
Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130

61 E. Northampton St. Wilkes-Barre, PA 18701

• Affordable Senior Apartments • Income Eligibility Required • Utilities Included! • Low cable rates; • New appliances; • Laundry on site; • Activities! •Curbside Public Transportation

Clean, 5 room 2 bedroom, carpeting, hookups, yard, electric heat. $525 + utilities. No pets. 868-4444

All phases of masonry & concrete. Small jobs welcome. Senior discount. Free estimates. Licensed & Insured 288-1701/655-3505


SPRING SALE: Discounts on wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum and more! Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE! 570-602-0432


Vinyl, Chain Link, Aluminum, Wood. 570-709-3021

aerating, fertilizing, mulching, weeding, pruning, garden tilling. - Painting, fencing, stonewalls, power washing. - Tree and snow removal. Fully insured Credit cards accepted Commercial or Residential Please contact Roger: 570-760-7249 email: [email protected] Arbor Care & Landscaping Tree trimming, pruning & removal. Stump grinding, Cabling. Shrub & hedge sculpting & trimming. Spring cleanup, retaining walls and repair. Free Estimates Fully Insured 570-542-7265



Paving & Excavating

APEX TREE AND EARTH Tree removal Pruning, Stump Grinding, Hazard Tree Removal, Grading, Drainage, Lot Clearing.Insured. Reasonable Rates
Serving Wyoming Valley, Back Mountain and Surrounding areas.

*DRIVEWAYS *PARKING LOTS *ROADWAYS *HOT TAR & CHIP *SEAL COATING Licensed and Insured. Call Today For Your Free Estimate

Affordable, reliable, meticulous. Rates as low as $20. Emerald Green 570-825-4963



Removal, Trimming, Stump Grinding, etc. PA098936 570-574-5018


Please call 570-825-8594 D/TTY 800-654-5984

Neighborhood Lovely 2 bedroom, $600 Plus all utilities, security & background check. No pets. 570-766-1881


Stonework - stucco - concrete - patios - pavers - brick block - chimneys www.nepa masonryinc.com 570-466-2916 570-954-8308
Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130


1129 Gutter Repair & Cleaning
Window Cleaning Pressure washing Insured 570-288-6794
Purebred Animals? Sell them here with a classified ad! 570-829-7130


Specializing in grass cutting rates start at $20 Free Estimates 570-706-5035



Window Cleaning

Lic.# PA021520
Paving, Excavating, Sealcoating & Concrete. Fully Insured. Free Estimates. 570-417-5835

L & F, INC.


We Will Till & Fertilize Your Garden & Flower Beds. SPRING SPECIAL Free Garden Starter Kit With Every Job! Call 328-2755
Say it HERE in the Classifieds! 570-829-7130



PJ’s Window Cleaning & Janitorial Services Windows, Gutters, Carpets, Power washing and more. INSURED/BONDED. 570-283-9840

Need a Roommate? Place an ad and find one here! 570-829-7130

Wanna make your car go fast? Place an ad in Classified! 570-829-7130.

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