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Uranus, the first Ruler of the Universe Uranus was the first ruler of the Universe and the god of the Sky. Uranus was created by Gaea in order to surround and cover her, but soon he became her mate and together they produced the remaining twelve Titans, three Cyclopes and three Hecatoncheires, hundred handed creatures, which Uranus used to loathe. The Castration of Uranus Fearful of his children overthrowing him, Uranus pushed his children one by one back into the womb of his wife Gaea. Every time this happened, Gaea was suffering over the loss of children and feeling outraged by this injustice. Until one day, she decided to hand an unbreakable sickle to her son Cronus, the youngest, but boldest of Gaea's children, giving him the order to castrate Uranus. Cronus obeyed and at that night he hid himself in his parents' bed; hence he managed to castrate his father while he was sleeping. The blood of Uranus then started splattering onto the earth, producing Erinyes (Furies), Giants, and Melian Nymphs. Afterwards, Cronus threw his father's genitals into the sea of Paphos in Cyprus, around which foams developed, transforming slowly into Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of Love. The Downfall of Uranus


Soon after Cronus drove his father from power, he brought back his brothers from the Tartarus and was crowned as the supreme ruler of the World.

Goddess Gaea, the Mother Earth Goddess Gaea (also known as Ge) was Mother Earth in ancient Greece. Gaea had come out of Chaos,a dark, silent, formless and infinite oddity with no trace of life. She was the eldest of all beings and the invulnerable, eternal goddess who was bringing rich blessings to both the Upper- and the Underworld. Children of Gaea Without the intervention of man, Gaea gave birth to the Mountains and the boundless Seas (the Pontus). Next, out of Gaea came Uranus, the Heaven, who would later on become Gaea's mate, covering her with his starry coat on all sides. The couple created twelve Titans, three Cyclopes and three "Hecatoncheires", strong creatures with hundred hands. Worshiping of Gaea


Gaea was particularly praised and worshiped by mankind and sacred oaths were made in her name, as she also possessed the precious gift of prophecy.


Family of Atlas Atlas was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Clymene and brother of Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius. He was married to the titaness Pleione who bore the seven sea deities with the name Pleiades ("the sailing") and special Nymphs with the name "Hesperides", also known

as the "Daughters of Evening". The Punishment of Atlas Contrary to his brothers, Atlas sided with the Titans during their War with the Olympian Gods and acted as their leader, threatening the Olympians constantly. However, the Olympian Gods managed to dethrone the Titans and cast all titans into Tartarus, the depths of the Underworld. Only Atlas became singled out and received the harshest punishment by King Zeus: he was doomed to hold up the heavens with bare hands and bear their weight on his shoulders forever. This way, Atlas became the first to know that the earth was spherical in shape. Furthermore, Atlas must have had a close relationship to the sea, since he knew all secrets of the sea ground.


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