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tmothy robert ratkowski 708 E. Howard St. Pasadena, CA 91104 # 213.309.3196 trgratkowski@gmail .com WORK EXPERIENCE: _ Designer/ Project Architect-Manager/ Construction Supervisor (2004-2009)
Bonura Building, Los Angeles, CA Design lead, construction documents, construction bids, project accounting, Management of project team and construction crew 20+ _Designer / Project Manager West Office exhibition Design, Oakland CA Exhibition Designer/production, project management _Designer Wilson Associates, Berkeley CA Project management/production for custom residential work. _Designer/Artist/Educator: Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena CA Design, Art Direction, Exhibition Design, Education. _ Principal/Designer: April 2001- present. (self employed) Codex (Creative Organization for Design Experimentation) S.F./ L.A. Exhibition Design, Art Direction, Set Design, Architecture, Furniture Design, Marketing/ Promotion Graphics, Product Design. _Project Designer / Manager: Cliff Garten Associates, Marina del Rey CA Artist- Design Development and Project Management of large-scale public art projects/sculpture. _ Project Design / Project Manager: Cheng Design and Construction, Berkeley CA Residential/ Kitchen/ Product Design, Project Management, Project Designer, Product Development, Construction Management. _Associate Designer: TLMS- Tanner Leddy Maytum Stacey, San Francisco CA School/Exhibition Design, Design Team Associate, Production Development, Graphic Presentations _ Architectural Associate: Ellerbe Becket , San Francisco CA Lead Design Team, Design Development/ Production, AutoCAD Production. Commercial/ Mixed-use Design. _Design Associate: Franklin D. Israel Assoc., Los Angeles CA Exhibition/ Performing Arts/ Residential Design. _Design Associate: Frank O. Gehry Associates, Los Angeles CA Museum/ Exhibition Design., Production, AutoCAD Production. _Exhibition Designer,/Curator: Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee WI Exhibition design, graphic design (catalog/show graphics), curatorial assistant, research assistant. Designer: October2002- May 2002.



Southern California Institute of Architecture, MA: 1996. Hoschule fur Agawandte Kunst, Vienna: 1994. University of Wisconsin, BS: 1992. University of Wisconsin, BFA: 1991. School of the Art Institute of Chicago: 1984-85. Exceptional freehand sketch (perspective), furniture design, set design, light construction, graphic design, model building, sculpture, photography. manual drafting, generate details, project management, mixed media, installation, painting, photography, drafting (manual).


COMPUTER SKILLS: Mac and PC, AutoCAD 2006, Pagemaker, Quark, Photoshop,
Vector Works, Word, Excel, Quark.

_MDB Design Group-555 Fillmore Residence, Pasadena CA _Pugh Scarpa- Salty Dog Recording Studios- Design Consultant/ Production. _Eric Rose Architects- Radio in the Nude- Design Consultant/Production. _Jerde Partnership- AutoCAD Production. _Ladowitz and Assoc- Pasadena Middle School- Design Consultant/Production.

_ MOCA Temporary- WHACK proposal- unbuilt 2007. _ Forestry Museum, Portland OR.- Exhibition Design 2004. _”Echo Park Arts Festival”l- Exhibition Design/Curator/ Installation/Builder 2001. _CCAC, San Francisco,”Search” with Randolph Designs and Gyroscape, 1999. “_SCI-Arc Thesis Show”- Planning/Design Installation 1996. _”Currents”- UWM Student Show- Installation/ Design 1992. _”Work Of Herebert Tulgren”, Charles Allis Art Museum- Designer/Curator/Installation 1992. Gallery/Museum Design, Exhibition Design, Construction, Curator, Installation Planning/Hanging, Show Installation, Graphic Design, Environmental Graphics, Framing.


_“Unseen Light” p.16.; Texas National, 2000. _ “Casa Dent”, p. 50-51; GA Projects 59, Vol. 2, 1999. _“C.M.U.E.”, p.59-60; Into the Oven/ Off-Ramp Publication, 1996 _“ Untitled Removal”, p.224; Artistic Freedom Under Attack, Vol. 2, 1994. _“Architecture Gagged” p.26; Architectural Record, Feb.’93. _”Image Removed”, p.5-7; Shephard Express, August’93. _”Next Age of Discovery”,p.27; Report ’92 _”Monsanto”,p39; ARCHIMAGE, 1992. _“Art Dispute” p. 13; UWM Post, Sept. ’92 _Walkers Point Ballet School”,p.10-11; ARCHIMAGE, 1990. SCI-Arc Design Scholarship, 1995.96. Chicago AIA Award Competition- Nomination, 1991(2),1992 (1). rd Chicago AIA Award Competition- 3 Place (Pavilion Expo ’92), 1992. SARUP Award- Honorable Mention (Monsanto Competition),1992. SARUP Award- Honorable Mention (Riverfront Project),1992. SARUP Award-Honorable Mention (Artist in Residence Center), 1991. SARUP Design Award- First Place (Pavilion Expo ’92), 1991. SARUP Design Award- First Place (Library), 1991. SARUP Design Award- First Place (Ballet School), 1991. Deans Honor List, U.W., 1989-1991. Frederic R. Layton Art Scholarship, 1989-1991.


TEACHING EXPERIENCE/ LECTURES: Lecture: “Work and Process” –A look at the methods and process to create my work
Santa Monica City College, May, 2002. Second year 2D class/ Prof. Nathan Otta. Invited Juror: Otis School of Art and Design, December 2001. Second Year Final Environmental Design Reviews/ Prof. Joe Day. Teaching Assistant: Installation Material and Meaning, Fall 1993. SCI-Arc(Vico Morcote, Switzerland) w/ Prof. Kathleen Kupper. Teaching Assistant: Adv. Drawing, Fall, 1993. SCI-Arc (Vico Morcote, Switzerland) w/ Prof. Eugene Kupper. Lecture: Deconstructing ‘Linea Occulte’-the writings of Eugene Kupper. 1993 SCI-Arc (Vico Morcote, Switzerland). Lecture: “Self Analysis of Criticism”- A close look at my own art work. 1993. SCI-Arc (Vico Morcote, Switzerland). Lecture: “Art Techniques and Mediums”, 1990. U.W.M. School of Architecture/ Intro Foundations class. Prof. Kent Keegan. Lecture: “Perspective/ Constructed and Sketched”, 1990. U.W.M. School Of Fine Arts/ Basic Drawing class, Prof. Allison Cooke. Teaching Assistant: Intro to Drawing, 1990. U.W.M., Intro to Drawing; w/ Prof. Allison Cooke.


_Blum & Poe (30k sq.ft. gallery construction) Culver City, CA 2008-9. Project Manager/ Construction Supervisor with Bonura Building. _ Marco’s Trattoria (resturant design & construction) West Hollywood, CA 2008. Project Designer-Manager/ Construction Supervisor with Bonura Building. _Cafe Marco’s (design & construction Coffee Shop) West Hollywood, CA 2007. Project Designer-Manager/ Construction Supervisor with Bonura Building. _ Callow Residence (Lloyd Wright Remodel), La Canada, CA 2006. Project Manager/ Construction Supervisor with Bonura Building. _Cort Remodel (Neutra Remodel), Woodland Hills, CA 2005. _ Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland CA. 2004. Cod(e)X- Principal in charge _555 Filmore residence (office addition); Pasadena, CA. Cod(e)X- Principal in charge, In collaboration with MBD Design Group; 2003. _Armory Nortwest ; Pasadena, CA. Cod(e)X-Principal in charge; 2002. _Hoblock Remodel; Silver Lake, CA. Cod(e)X - Principal in charge; 2002. _Hansen Loft Bathroom; Los Angeles, CA. Cod(e)X - Principal in charge, Design/ Build; 2001. _Echo Park Arts Festival/ Main Exhibition Design; Echo Park, CA. Cod(e)X-Principal in charge, Design/Build; 2001. _“Needle Me”- Stage Play; Los Angeles, CA. Cod(e)x- Principal in charge, Set Design/Art Direction/ Construction, 2001. _712 St. Loft Bathroom; Los Angeles, CA. Cod(e)X – Principal in charge, Design/Build; 2000. _Vital Vittles (entry gate); Berkely, CA. Sr. Designer- collaboration with Cheng Design; 2000. _Radio In The Nude ( recording studio); Santa Monica, CA. Design Consultant - Eric Rosen Designs; 2000. _Salty Dogs Studio (production studio); Santa Monica, CA. Design Consultant - Pugh Scarpa; 1999. _Misson St. Loft; San Francisco, CA. Cod(e)X – Principal in charge , Design/ Build; 1999. _Casa Dent; Culebra Puerto Rico. Project Designer - Cheng Design and Construction; 1999. _Barnes Residence; Marin Co., CA. Consultant/ Project Team - Lundberg Design; 1997. _California Center for the Arts College (CCAC); San Francisco, CA. Design Associate - Tanner Leddy Maytum Stacey; 1997. _U.C. Riverside Performing Arts Center Classrooms; Riverside, CA. Design Team - Frank Israel and Associates; 1996. _Guggenheim Museum in Bilbo; Bilbao, Spain. Design Team (tower) - Frank O. Gehry Associates, 1996. _“The Work Of Herbert Tullgren”, Milwaukee, WI. Exhibition Designer; Charles Allis Art Museum; 1992. _Western Building Products Showroom; Wauwatosa, WI. Production/Design Team - Stanner Architects; 1992.

DESIGN PROJECTS: _San Rafael Residence (Remodel/ new construction) Mt. Washington, CA 2008.
Project Designer-Manager/ Construction Supervisor with Bonura Building. _Ross Housing Project, West Los Algeles, CA. Cod(e)X- Principal in charge , Design/ Palnning; 2003. _Battishill Residence, Silverlake, CA. Cod(e)X- Principal in charge, Design; 2003. _Pasadena Middle School; Pasadena,CA. Design Consultant/ Production - Ladowicz & Associates; 1999. _Martin Residence; Palo Alto, CA. Project Designer - Cheng Design and Construction; 1999. _Busch Residence (remodel); San Anselmo, CA. Project Designer - Cheng Design and Construction; 1998. _Hal Riney & Partners (ad agency); San Francisco, CA. Project Designer - Tanner Leddy Maytum Stacey; 1997. _Heasong Pavillion, Inchon, Korea. Design Associate – Ellerbe Becket (S.F.); 1997. _Samsung Museum of Modern Art; Seoul, Korea. Design Team – Frank O. Gehry Associates; 1996. _Los Angeles Sports Arena; Los Angeles, CA. Design Consultant – Ellerbe Becket (K.C.); 1995.

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