Together Again

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After Horizon's childhood sweetheart Blaine moves away, she transfers schools. But once there she meets another Blaine. Could it be her childhood sweetheart?



I have the oddest name in the history of my family. My name is Horizon Carter Moore, my twin sister is Kayla Marie. Everyone at school loves it, except for the guy I like. When he hears my name he scrunches up is nose. Another guy doesn't like it but I don't know him and or care about him. But I have since moved into a different school. I'm starting today, I don't know anyone, and no one knows me. "Horizon! Get up!" My mom yelled up the stairs. "I'm up! I'm up!" I yelled walking down the stairs dressed and ready. "Mom, why does Horizon get to go to a different school and I still have to go to the old one?" My sister asked. "Because she asked."My mom said smiling at me. "But we are twins." Kayla whined. "Tell me something I don't know." My mom said laughing. I stared out the back window at the house behind us. "Horizon, Blaine isn't coming back." Kayla said touching my shoulder. "That's not why I watch." I said. "Yes it is." She said. "How do you know?" I asked. "You two were childhood sweethearts. You will always watch for him." She said. Blaine and I were childhood sweethearts, but he moved seven years ago. I have one old picture of him and I. We were nine, I'm sixteen and I still watch for him. I remember he always used to whisper 'I think Horizon is the best name ever' in my ear, it always made me hug him. Blaine Thomas Robinson will always be in my memory. "Horizon, your bus is here." My mom said pointing out the window. I nodded and walked out and got on. I was the first stop, so I sat in the first seat. After a couple stops the bus filled up. "Can I sit with you?" A girl asked. "Yeah." I said. She sat down and looked at me. "I'm Melody. But call me Mel." She said holding her hand out towards me "I'm Horizon." I said shaking her hand. "That's pretty." She said smiling her braces showing. I smiled

showing my braces to her. "Do those bug you?" She asked pointing at my snakebites "Not really because I have the hoops in. If they were studs yeah I think it might." I said. "My mom won't let me get my tongue or lip pierced. But she let me get my belly button done." She said lifting her shirt up a bit "I've got my tongue, lip and belly button." I said showing her them. "Cool. Is this your first year going here?" She asked. "Yeah, yours?" I asked. "Nope. I went here as a freshman last year." She said. "I went to the one across the freeway from here." I said. "I heard they have a lot of fights." She said. "They do." I said. She smiled and laughed. The bus stopped outside of the school and everyone piled off the bus. Melody broke away from me saying she'd see me at lunch and joined a bunch of other girls. She looked as though she forgot something and ran back over towards me and took my cell phone out of my pocket, dialed something and gave it back. She ran back to the crowd, I looked down at my phone. "Melody Marie Morrison." I read out loud and smiled. I looked down at my schedule and walked off to my class. I walked into my math class and walked into a tall guy, he had snakebites, a tongue ring and glasses. He was really cute. "Sorry." He said in a deep voice. "Your fine." I said meaning it both ways. He smiled and walked to his seat, I sat in the seat two rows over from him in the very back. Then Melody walked in and spotted me, she came over and sat in front of me. The teacher started roll call, them she got to a familiar name. "Blaine Richards?" She called. The guy I walked into said here. I really thought it was going to be my Blaine. "Horizon Moore?" "Here." I called out. I looked over at the Blaine guy, he was staring. The day went on and on. Then finally the final bell rang, I walked past the Blaine kid going to my bus.

"Could that really be her?" He whispered to himself. He swayed to the left and bumped me "Oh, I'm sorry." He said smiling at me. "It's okay. I'm Horizon by the way." I said. "I'm Blaine." He said. "How was your first day of sophomore year?" I asked. "It seemed to drag on and on." He said. "Mine too, math is my worst class." I said. "I can help you out, if you help me in science." He said smiling. "Deal." I said. He held his hand out and I shook it. Melody was waiting for me when I got onto the bus after the Blaine guy walked away. "Blaine? You've got a thing for Blaine?" She asked. "No, we are study partners now. But he is cute." I said. She smiled and pushed my arm. After everyone was off of then bus it was my stop. "Have a nice day miss." The bus driver said. I nodded and ran up my driveway. "How was school?" My mom asked. "It was fantastical!" I yelled. "Wow excited much." Kayla said dropping her school bag on the kitchen floor with a thud. "I just had a good day." I said smiling and walking up to my room. Kayla followed me. "You met a guy." She said. "Maybe." I said. "Name?" "Blaine." "Robinson?!" She squealed. "Richards." I said looking down at my hands "I'm sorry sis. I guess you two were never supposed to be." She said hugging me. It's been about two months since school started. "Horizon!" Blaine called after me as I was getting on the bus. "Yeah?" I asked turning around. "I've got science and I'm stuck." He said adjusting his glasses.

"Want to come by my place, stay for dinner and then I'll help you, and you can help me?" I said asked. "It's a deal. But won't it be kind of late?" He asked. "My family eats dinner around-" I said. "4:30." We both said. "It was a guess." He said quickly. I smiled and got my pen out of my pocket, I wrote my address on his hand. "I'll be there at four twenty." He said running to his bus. "What was that about?" Mel asked me. "You are all up in my business aren't you Mel?" I asked. "That's what new best friends are for." She said. "Okay." I said. Mel smiled as she got off at her stop. Then it was my turn. I looked at my phone. 4:00 is what it read. I jogged into the house. "We have a guest for dinner tonight. He'll be here in twenty minutes." I said jogging upstairs. I dropped my stuff on my bed and sprawled across my floor. "Is it Blaine?" Kayla asked. "Yes, we are study partners." I said patting the floor next to me. She sat down. "Can I braid your hair?" She asked. "Yep." I said sitting up. She sat on my bed and I sat in front of her. She French braided my hair down the middle. Just then the doorbell rang. "That's him." I squeaked. Kayla got up and we raced down the stairs, when we got to the door we stopped real quick and acted all cool. I opened the door and he was standing there smiling, with his bag slung over one shoulder. "Hey Horizon." He said as I invited him in. "Hey Blaine, this is my twin sister Kayla." I said. "Can I talk to you?" Blaine asked. "Yep." I said. "Where can I put this?" He asked talking about his book bag. "Here, I'll take it to my room." I said taking it and jogging up to my room. When I came back down he was still standing there waiting.

"Want to talk outback?" I asked. "Yeah." He said. I led him though the kitchen, where my mom was still cooking dinner. "We'll be outback." I said as we passed through. She nodded and then we were outside. "Whatcha need?" I asked him. He took my arm and led me into the light coming from the window, he leaned down in my ear. But I couldn't help to look at my Blaine's old house. "Someone live there?" He asked. "Just an old friend used to, we were childhood sweethearts. I really miss him." I said. "Horizon." He said looking at me. "Yeah?" I asked. "I think Horizon is the best name ever." He whispered in my ear. "Blaine?" I asked. "Yes, it's me." He said. "But your last name?" I asked. "My mom died, I changed it to her last name." He said. I smiled and jumped on him surprising him, we both fell. "I missed you so much boy!" I yelled. "I missed you too." He said kissing me. "Dinner!" My mom yelled. I smiled and he pulled me up into his arms, I giggled. We went in hand and hand and my mom looked at us. "Umm?" She asked. "Mom, it's Blaine!" I yelled. "Blaine?" She asked. I pointed out the back window. "Oh! That Blaine!" She said smiling. "What's with all the yelling?" Kayla came down asking. "Hey Kayla Marie." Blaine said smiling. "How'd you know my middle name?" She asked him. "I've known..." He said. "Blaine?" She asked. "Mhm." "Oh My God!" She yelled. Blaine smiled. "I never forgot or stopped loving you." Blaine said in my ear as we

were studying. "I looked out that back window every morning." I said looking at my math book. "I knew it was you the first day." He said. "How?" I asked sounding stupid. "Horizon, who else has that awesome name!" He yelled. "The girl that moved out of your old house the other day, her name was Moon." I said smiling. "Still not as cool. I've came to a conclusion." He said. "What would that be?" I asked. "Richards doesn't sound as good as Robinson tacked onto your name." He said. I felt my face get hot. "It does!" He squealed, "Horizon Carter Richards, Horizon Carter Robinson." He said out loud. "I like it either way." I said. "Good, keep that thought for two more years." He said. I looked at him in question. "Will you marry me?".He asked. "I'm only 16." I said blushing. "Exactly. I'm going to ask you on you 18th birthday." He said. I kissed him and smiled. It's been two years. It's my 18th birthday, Blaine and I have been dating. I can't wait for him to ask, then the door bell went off. Kayla and I raced to the door, I won. When I got to the door Blaine was down on one knee. "Horizon, will you marry me?" He said. "Yes!" I yelled.

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