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Toilet Compartments

Toilet compartments are built to be adaptable to any type of public restroom. They are essential to providing restroom visitors with privacy and comfort. Partition designs are also meant to be aesthetically complimentary to interior architecture. Choosing the right type of divider is essential to establishing the emotional tone of the restroom. There are few public restrooms that do not have some kind of toilet dividers. New constructions include them as a standard line item. Remodels also have many new options in divider mounting to accommodate older buildings like never before. Interiors in commerce, administrative centers, government buildings, military barracks, schools, and transportation centers can all be accommodated. Toilet compartments are manufactured from several unique materials. They can be made from powder coated metal, stainless steel, solid plastic, or phenolic. Powder coated metal compartments are made from 100 percent recycled metal content. One of the biggest benefits they offer is fire resistance. Powder coated metal compartments are also the least expensive to install. This makes them an excellent choice for remodels operating on a tight budget. Additionally, the wide range of designer colors they can be purchased in makes it easy to compliment new floors, ceilings, and walls. Stainless steel partitions are the more expensive of course. Stainless steel is known for its resiliency, longevity, and hygienic nature. Any medical facility looking to give their patients the utmost in sanitation should invest in stainless steel toilet compartments. They will not rust, and they are resistant to the bacterial buildup. For low traffic areas where vandalism is infrequent, plastic is the least expensive material that offers low maintenance durability. Plastic partitions resist water absorption, which makes them ideal for hot, humid climates. Water resistance also prevents ink from graffiti from setting into the plastic. Cleaning crews can easily wipe down these dividers when written on and restore their appearance almost immediately. . Phenolic toilet partitions function like super plastic compartments, although they are not made from plastic. Phenolic is a very special material made from a blend of compressed fibers and resin. It is resistant to water, oil, and bacteria. It is even easier to clean than plastic, impervious to damage from chemicals, and hygienic for sterile environments. Any unit can be made fully ADA compliant. Another very important fact is that different buildings have different interior architecture in their restrooms. Toilet compartments are built custom to the dimensions individual public restrooms. Because different types of buildings have different types of interiors, dividers are also made so they can be mounted in four different ways. One way to mount dividers is to attach them from the ceiling. Because they do not touch the floor, ceiling hung partitions are the best way to conserve floor space in very small restrooms. Floor mounted partitions are used in remodels where either the ceiling cannot be penetrate, or it cannot be feasibly reached due to height. Builders can also mount partitions by attached them to both the floor and the ceiling. They are also easy

to install and very cost effective as well. The most stable and vandal resistant mount, however, is floor mounted with an overhead brace. Toilet compartments reinforced in this manner are almost as sturdy as a solid wall because the brace that penetrates the ceiling runs parallel to the top of the divider to reinforce its center of gravity.

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