Top b Schools in India

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Top b schools in india.

A business school is a university-level institution that confers degrees in Business Administration. It teaches topics such as accounting, administration,economics, finance, information systems, marketing, organizational behavior, public relations, strategy, human resource management, and quantitative methods..



‡ IIM has been established in 1961 with the collaboration of Government of India and Government of Gujarat.
‡ IIM Ahmedabad, The most Impressive and favorite business school among the students of India. IIM has secured many Top MBA College in India Awards for its excellent performance. ‡ IIM Ahmedabad is Attracting Business Students all across India to become most demanding business professionals. Another Golden feather in IIM Basket is, there are many success story and business Tycoons in India which has completed their MBA from IIM Ahmedabad one of the Top Colleges in India.

‡ Post Graduate Programme in Management IIM Ahmedabad ‡ PGPABM Post Graduate Programme in Agri-Business Management ‡ PGPPMP Post Graduate Programme in Public Management & Policy ‡ FPM- Fellow Programme in Management


‡ It was established in 1984. Mission:‡ IIML 's mission is to be a global, socially conscious and integrated school of management, towards management development, both in India and abroad. Goals:‡ Examining issues of high importance in management theory and practice. ‡ Publishing research-based knowledge in order to inform and improve management practice. ‡ Advising as to whether and to what extent models can be translated and applied by the practising managers.


‡ IIM Kozhikode, besides providing administrative assistance that facilitates research related activity in the Institute, also documents the status of research projects and maintains an updated list of faculty and staff publications and presentations. The Cell publishes all the research activities of IIM Kozhikode through its annual Research News Letter.

‡ Post Graduate Programme (PGP) ‡ Executive Postgraduate Programmes(EPGP)

Research ‡ Research forms an integral component of the faculty's work at IIM Kozhikode. Faculty members undertake research on a wide range of topics such as Global Competitiveness, WTO Research Centre, Kerala State Development Report, Development of Digital Library, Institutional Analysis of Collective Management of Minor Irrigation Works in Kerala, Developing a marketing information portal for selected agri-commodities (of Kerala) in the context of WTO induced market scenarios, Aspects of reliability modeling and their applications in industry.


‡ The IIM Calcutta becoming favorite Business school among nation s students. we would also request you to check out IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Lucknow, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Indore or IIM Bangalore, Prefer to complete their MBA with IIM Calcutta

‡ PGDM Post Graduate Diploma in Management ‡ PGDCM Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Management ‡ PGDBM Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM):


‡ Located in the heart of India s financial capital, Mumbai, SVKM s Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies is amongst the nation s prime educational and research institutions. With more than 9000 students spanning over 50 programs across 8 specialised schools, NMIMS has transformed itself from Mumbai s pride to become India s most sought after academic community.

‡ Our mission is to provide to the nation , good quality trained human resources who are socially sensitive , have inquisitive mind and the persistence to change their own and organisation s lives, and contribute to making india a knowledge super power and a world a better place to live. ‡ NMIMS is amongst a select group of Universities in India to have seven schools under one campus. This diversity amongst learning disciplines creates an environment where students and faculty from varied backgrounds are given a platform to network with each other by sharing ideas and perspectives.


‡ The Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (also referred to as IIM Lucknow or IIML), was established in 1984, by the Government of India, as a national level school of excellence in management science. It was the fourth Indian Institute of Management to be established in India

‡ The campus offers part-time programmes for working managers and professionals and residential programme for executives. ‡ IIM Lucknow offers one year full time MBAtype program called International Program in Management for Executives (IPMX) from the Noida campus.[12]


‡ The Indian Institute of Management Bangalore was established in 1973. ATMOSPHERE:‡ The campus has developed well. A large number of trees have been planted and a pleasant atmosphere created. The library is very well planned. The classrooms and the dormitories all conform to the master plan.

‡ The Executive Education Programmes comprise:Post-Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) Post Graduate Programme in Software Enterprise Management (PGSEM) Post Graduate Programme in Public Policy Management (PGPPM)


‡ XLRI was founded in 1949 by Fr Quinn Enright, S.J. in the Steel City of Jamshedpur. ‡ Mission ‡ To offer enriching learning experiences to aspiring managers ‡ To enable them to realize their full potential ‡ To ensure that they serve as agents of continuous improvement and change ‡ To encourage entrepreneurship and service ‡ To extend the frontiers of knowledge in management through cutting-edge research ‡ To disseminate knowledge through a portfolio of educational programs and publications

‡ XLRI has the best faculties from the academics as well as from the industry. The section provides full-time Faculty details as well as Visiting Faculty information which include Area of Specialization and Faculty Profile. This section also offers a Faculty Search option. Library ‡ The Library has adopted the Open Access System, which enables the readers to go to the bookshelves and select the books and other sources freely.

‡ All Top B-Schools are good in there own way i.e in terms of faculty,environment, depends on our intrest of courses which help us to select top b school..


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