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Distance Learning MBA Lets Working People Expand Their Knowledge
MBA e.g. Master of Business Administration with its all kinds of specialisations is one of the world¶s most popular postgraduate courses. Like its name says, it teaches one to master all kinds of businesses and different fields a manager must cope with. Nowadays it is taught practically in every management school in the world. One can study it full-time or part-time; even through distance learning, with or without specialisations. Distance learning MBA is becoming more and more popular choice of studies due to working managers¶ wish to pursue a degree without having to quit their jobs. Moreover, most people choose management studies to enhance their careers which can be done by choosing an distance learning MBA course in various fields of business like marketing, IT, HR, finance and many more. There are options of Executive MBA, International MBA, general MBA and so on, so forth. Therefore, distance learning is a great opportunity for working people to still get a master-level education and nowadays the reputation of distance learning has improved to the same level as regular full time courses as well. Thou, there is no difference anymore how an MBA degree is acquired. Due to the increasing demand of distance learning MBA courses, new institutes and colleges are emerging quickly and offering many different opportunities to study all over the world. Even in India only one can find thousands of MBA offerers. Unfortunately not all institutes and programmes can offer students equal levels of quality in education. One should weigh long and hard before enrolling in any MBA institute. Also the prices are very different which does not automatically mean that only the most expensive MBA institutes are the best. OIBT ± Om Institute of Business & Technology , a new innovative higher education institute, is offering ten different specialisations for distance learning MBA courses in Vadodara and other cities in Gujarat, India in co-operation with a UGC approved university. One can choose to specialise in finance, banking, marketing, human resources management, information systems, healthcare etc. OIBT also offers an opportunity to gain a dual MBA with the same time as a regular MBA is achieved usually. Sikkim Manipal University¶s distance learning MBA is focusing on integrated perspective of management functioning and exposure to real -life cases/technical knowhow, core management modules with emphasis on elective modules and access to a broad base knowledge in core managerial skills. SMU-s MBA-DE is recognized by DEC, UGC, Ministry of HRD and employers across the country. Its minumum duration is two years.

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