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How is the Toyota Prius affecting the way oil companies are dealing with the impact of emissions into the atmosphere?
The Electric Car vs Oil Lobbies 1. Companies such as General Electric are beginning to allow support for companies such as Tesla and Toyota to produce cars that emit no emissions whatsoever in order to reduce their companies' carbon footprint by placing electric car charging machines in gas stations nationwide. Toyota's Prius is a contributing factor to reducing emissions around the world and can get up to 50 miles to the gallon (MPG). 2. Oil companies are extremely greedy when it comes to making money. There are trillions of gallons of oil left in the world. 47 Cubic Miles of Oil(CMO) to be exact. We consume about 1 CMO per year. 3. The environmental impact that oil lobbies have employed have reached out to film makers such a James Cameron. The director appeared on a CNN special called 'The Special Debate for Earth's Frontiers: The Future of Energy. Here, Cameron openly states "What I see in the U.S is the oil and coal lobbies spending massive amounts of money on a disinformation campaign that is used to discredit science and steer public opinion away from any sense of social responsibility about climate change."

The Toyota Prius is partially run on the electric motor and In light acceleration, the Prius runs

solely on the electric motor and when the driver accelerates to a much quicker pace, the engine is then run through normal fuel. 5. Oil companies had the upper hand during the 21st century since there were more advantages than disadvantages. Such advantages included Automatic starters, cheaper oil and mass production. This made it cheaper for consumers to run cars. However, smog became an issue. Asthma, lung and respiratory problems are a threat to all- even children of young ages.

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