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New course beginning 2013



Training Courses at the Chestnut school (Amatsu Ryoho) We provide professional training courses in;
A) Japanese massage with acupressure (Anma and Amatsu therapy Qualification) B) Japanese physical medicine and Integrated Physical medicine (Sekkotsu)

C) Integrated acupuncture (Using minimum needles!) Would you like to learn a recession proof professional qualification? Our courses are designed and structured to teach you natural time proven methods that work – which is why our clinic holds such a high reputation around the world. These are not a “quick” therapy course but true natural medicine approach.

Japanese and Chinese medicine is often “listed” as a complimentary therapy. Yet these natural ways of health have thousands of years of time proven effectiveness! Modern “Western medicine” is maybe complimentary to us? Our approach works – which is why we are internationally recognised and receive people from around the world.

We provide professional training courses where you can learn to “truly” help other people as you live a natural life with nature. Being Oriental based you need to grasp some oriental philosophy but our courses are practical – meaning from day one, you learn the practical skills to help other people!

Our teachers include some of the highest qualified and experienced people in the world.

Mr Chris Roworth was one of the first “Complimentary medicine practitioners” to work within the NHS – working within 3 GP’s surgeries and teaching and treating within two major hospitals. Chris holds Master teacher/practitioner of Japanese Amatsu medicine (Hichibuku tradition) and holds diplomas in; Western physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, hypnotherapy, NLP, Allergy elimination technique, Cranial Osteopathy, Visceral massage, etc. “Chris” is also a 5th degree black belt in Aikido and a 10th degree black belt (Judan – ku – 15th Dan) in traditional martial arts.

Mr’s Nichi O’Neill holds multiple qualifications in Western Holistic massage, Pain relief acupuncture, Japanese Amatsu medicine, Reiki, NLP, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, Anma, Japanese physical medicine, etc. Nichi has treated along with Chris – top Hollywood stars including; Anne Hathaway, Chris Hemsworth, etc. Nichi has also taught throughout

Europe and in Japan. Nichi has a touch skill to be marvelled at! Nichi is also a 4 th Dan in traditional martial arts and a former gymnast!

Mr Andrew Young – who lived in Japan for over 17 years (Fluent in English, Japanese and German) who is one of the top translators for Dr Hatsumi of the Bujinkan dojo, Andrew is a qualified engineer and translator who holds qualifications in Japanese massage, Oriental physical medicine, Self treatment and skill enhancement etc. Andrew is also a 10th Dan in Japanese martial arts and holds black belts in many arts.

Guest teachers on our courses include; Practitioners of many different therapies, who include; State registered physiotherapists, highly acclaimed Osteopaths and Acupuncturists, People from Europe (Not just the UK) Highly regarded martial arts masters, Top sports persons, Stunt team members, Nutritionists and people from around the world who come together to share knowledge and skill!

We provide these courses to help you learn how to help other people.

Before you embark on any of our courses we tell you truthfully and honestly – yes we teach in a relaxed and informal way – but you have to work hard with fun and enjoyment!

We try to make your learning fun. You will have to learn some theory (For ever!) but our courses are practical, where the emphasis is on assessment and treatment. We minimize the theory to emphasise practical ways of real treatment.

You can learn these ways to become a professional practitioner or simply to help your family? But we ask for 120% commitment please.

Please read our course programmes – think about if you really want to learn the natural ways of life, become a true practitioner of these ways and decide if you can truly commit to learning these recession proof ways of helping other people?

This is a great career choice – But to help other people (and yes animals) you need to embrace these ways, in the words of many masters “You cannot give away, what you do not have in abundance” relating to using these ways on ourselves. Emphasis on practical skills with appropriate theory enables you to achieve the highest standards of safe and competent practice - leading to professional earning capabilities.

This is not a therapy! – But a true holistic treatment and lifestyle! You can learn each bit to qualify in each part and earn money as you learn.

Please enrol early to avoid disappointment The Chestnut School

A: Japanese massage with Acupressure (Anma)

After completing this massage course with acupressure you should be able to treat a variety of musculo-skeletal conditions with confidence and be effective in bringing relief to your clients. It will also give you a solid foundation to expand your therapeutic skills.

During this one year course you will learn;

 Self treatment which builds into remedial exercise for clients  Standard orthopaedic physical medicine assessment of posture and function  Muscle testing of Walking, Bending, turning and the 30 major muscles

 Soft tissue massage techniques, using dry technique, oils and cupping  Treatment protocols for sports injuries and common physical ailments  Our Japanese head to toe balancing routine from the Hichibuku tradition  The use of 30 Acupressure points in assessment and treatment  Visceral massage (Ampuka) using respiratory assisted balancing  Indications and contraindications for Anma balancing  Kinesiology the study of muscles in movement and posture  Nutritional basics in physical health and wellbeing  Business ethics and how to run a business  Personal health and energy to help others  Japanese language and culture  Balancing of the extremities using acupressure and massage  Etc

Qualification: Certificate in Japanese Massage with Acupressure (Anma)

Delivery: By directed home study and monthly practical tuition over 12 months

Cost: £2,150.00 or by payment option of £600.00 enrolment and 11 months of £160pcm

Entry: Open to anyone of reasonable health and fitness (Complete our application form for enrolment consideration)

Practical tuition for this course commences in May 18th-19th 2013 with a two day weekend. In preparation we encourage early enrolment to commence our home study modules. Please note all of our courses are limited in numbers to ensure the highest level of tuition. Currently 5 people are enrolled on this course with only 3 vacancies available

Please note that the emphasis on all of our courses is the “Practical” use and application of these ways to help other people. During which you learn natural self treatment methods to improve your own health as you develop skills of standard assessment and diagnosis’s, massage and acupressure techniques used in treatment/balancing all with our unique head to toe balancing routine.

B: Japanese Physical Medicine and Integrated Physical Medicine (Sekkotsu)

After completing this course you will have the skills and abilities to assess/diagnose, back pain (Vertebral imbalances, Sacro-iliac strain, Lumbago, Sciatica, wry neck, etc) common sports injuries, joint strains, muscle pulls, ligament imbalances, repetitive strain injuries, work and lifestyle conditions and basic nutritional factors in health.

During this 18 month course you will learn;

 Pelvic assessment/diagnosis and treatment  Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine; assessment and treatment protocols  Assessment and treatment procedures of the upper extremity (Shoulder to fingers)  Assessment and treatment procedures of the lower extremity (Hip to toes)  Advanced visceral methods of Ampuka with acupressure and magnets  M.E.T. (Muscle energy technique) In treatment and recovery  Lymphatic drainage methods with Neuro lymphatic massage  Cranial Sacral and fascia balancing; with intrinsic and Extrinsic adaptation  Assessment/Diagnosis and treatment of the most common physical ailments  Nutritional consideration and advice for physical ailments and injuries  Western Osteopathy/Chiropractic and Japanese “Sekkotsu” treatments  The integration of “therapies” inside Japanese Physical medicine  Japanese, Chinese and Western joint correction methods

 How to teach Chi Gung and Taikiyoku to people  Etc – oh so much more!

Qualification: This is a Multi professional qualification with Diploma’s in Japanese Physical medicine, Integrated Physical Medicine and a teachers licence in Chinese Chi Gong and Japanese Taikiyoku – which we encourage you to teach!

Delivery: By directed home study and monthly practical tuition over 18 months

Cost: £3,380.00 or by payment option of £600.00 enrolment and Standing order of £180pcm

Entry: Qualification in our Japanese massage with acupressure or people who hold qualifications in massage, cupping and shiatsu or similar qualifications. Consideration will be given to people with professional qualifications in multiple therapies/disciplines. Please note priority will be given to students and graduates of our Japanese massage with acupressure courses.

Practical tuition for this course is scheduled to commence in September 2014 with a two day course. Early booking is encouraged for this course

C: Integrated acupuncture

In our acupuncture course we bring together Japanese acupuncture, Chinese Acupuncture, Pain relief acupuncture and the latest research methods from around the world. Our approach is to use the minimum number of needles to the greatest effect. Rarely will needles be used in the localised area, which is not true acupuncture! During this course you will learn;

 Selection of the major acupuncture points around the body

 Point combinations for physical ailments and injuries  The use of 8 flow acupuncture and moxibustion
 Moxa treatments and Magnetic applications

 Nutritional considerations in physical health  Nutritional considerations in internal health  Use of the minimum number of needles in treatment  Directing energy through the needles  Common herbal formulas to use with acupuncture  Restoration of Libido  Fertility treatment protocols  Hormonal imbalances (PMS/PMT) treatments  Use of magnets on children  Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese and ECIWO Acupuncture  Health, safety, clean needling technique  The use of colour and Kanji in treatment  Mind/Emotional treatment methods  Why Acupuncture with physical medicine is Vital for health  Etc

Qualification: This is a Multi professional qualification with Diploma’s in Japanese acupuncture, Pain relief acupuncture, Integrated modern Acupuncture and Holistic effective acupuncture –“That works!”

Delivery: By directed home study and monthly practical tuition over 18 months

Cost: To be set in 2014

Entry: Qualification in Japanese and integrated physical medicine. We are sorry but prior to doing this course you will have to qualify in Japanese physical medicine and integrated physical medicine.

Please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

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