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I write of hidden places within a city,
UFOs that travel faster than infnity
I sing of the famished souls across the world,
of confused women who think they are chubby and hurl
I sing of the breathtaking landscapes I’ve seen with my own two eyes,
no 3 by s
I write of anger so fery you could never control,
and still there are butter!ies and maypoles
I write of diverse ways of living, yet still people accept,
going back home every night even if it’s unkept
I sing of "aris, #ome, of getaways,
doing something you’re frightened by, even if it’s not your forte
I write a list of places to see before you die,
and all those will bring diamond tears to your eyes$
%&abrina 'erger
(arch, )*+*

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