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Treasurer with 23 years experience looking for a Executive position.



LISA ALEXANDER [email protected] 214 S. White Cloud Cir, Henderson, NV 89074 Mobile: 702-376-1676 PROFESSIONAL SKILLS * Treasury Management; Trading / Asset & Liability Management*: cash management , money market, repo, fixed income, market / credit derivatives, asset & liabili ty modeling and management, market / rate / volume modeling, treasury accounting . * Treasury Strategy / Financial Engineering / Structured Products / Risk Managem ent*: portfolio construction, trading, deposit and loan pricing and hedging stra tegy, risk simulations, structured products, documentation, value at risk, risk & return optimization, and budgeting. ________________________________________ EXPERIENCE * Senior Vice President, US Bank, Treasury, Asset & Liability Management, Los An geles, CA 10/09 - 1/10 * Overview: Cal National was acquired by USBank via FDIC. Interfaced with regul ators, Federal Reserve, FHLB, and brokers. Managed merger of portfolio and tran sition of correspondent accounts. Used leadership skills to manage employees th rough significant change and uncertainty. * Senior Vice President/Treasurer, California National Bank, Los Angeles, CA 08/01 - 10/09 * Overview: Headed the Treasury Department and formed the Bank's Treasury strate gy and management of the Bank's investment portfolio. Responsible for balance sh eet management and capital planning. Investments, liquidity management, dealing in money market instruments, structured products designed for balance sheet man agement including investments/hedging and all related analytics. Established pol icy. Chairman of ALCO, member of risk committee, CRA committee, liquidity risk m anagement committee. Managed VP of Asset/Liability modeling (QRM). Presented T reasury report to the Board of Directors. Handled complex and confidential an alytics for CEO. Monitored credit risk of all investments. * Asset and Liability Management (ALM), Portfolio Analytics & Asset Allocation / Liability Diversification: Built portfolio risk & return / funding cost optimiz ation models, risk adjusted return analyses, RAROC, and ROE for ALM and strategi c planning. Conducted a wide range of ad hoc analyses on ALM; asset allocation / liability diversification. Modeling term structure of interest rates, rate and volume of B/S & I/S items. Reviewed net interest income and net economical valu e at risk analyses. Initiated and priced retail products and debt. Created poli cy, assessed disaster planning and business risk - updated for new regulatory ru les. Traded whole loans, ran bidding, reviewed/negotiated sale and servicing ag reement. * Treasury Strategy: Worked closely with CFO and CEO for building trading, inves tment and funding strategies; pricing and analyzing complex deals; financial-eng ineering transaction structures; performing risk & return and portfolio optimiza tion analyses; and quantifying asset and liability management framework. Designe d, developed and implemented sound quantitative analyses ensuring that high qual ity, timely and critical pricing, trading, hedging, risk and performance analyse s are available. Advised and coached finance department. * Corporate Treasury: Analyzed acquisitions, departmental and product profitabil ity, financial strategies, and funding alternatives. Daily activities incorporat ed all typical treasury activities of a financial institution including securiti es, MM and repo transactions, and hedging. * Vice President, People's Bank of California, Treasury, Los Angeles , CA 1995 - 08/01 * Pricing, Financial Engineering & Quantitative Strategies: Ensured continual im provement of analytical approaches for pricing retail products, trading, hedging , risk management and performance assessment through simulations and risk impact models within a financial engineering framework. Monitored and computed duratio n, convexity, swap, credit and option adjusted spread of fixed income securities to maximize portfolio performance. Monitored economy and fixed income markets.

Built models to quantify the asset/liability and credit risk of the fixed inco me portfolio. * Portfolio Management: Priced structured products in areas of fixed income, lia bilities, and lending. Updated index rates bank-wide and recommended changes bas ed on rate projections. Tracked basis in markets to identify trade opportunitie s and hedge alternatives. Also acquainted with the documentation of structured p roducts and transactions, review of offerings, ISDA, and borrowing contracts. * Risk Management: Originated projects dealing with the improving portfolio mark et risk, capital adequacy, liquidity, earnings, and profitability. Managed portf olio disposition of acquired institutions. Computed VaR of trades, ran scenario analyses and stress loss tests. Also conveyed same analyses for market benchmar ks and performance comparison. Explored P&L and positional impacts of market and interest rate movements. Created annual budget and resulting liquidity and per formance ratios. Quantified portfolio size and stop-loss limits, monitored breac hes and credit deterioration. Advised on investment alternatives through analysi s of credit, price, market and liquidity risk, and ROI analyses. * Treasury Accounting & Middle Office: Had hands-on experience in accounting of treasury products regarding principle and interest adjustments, debt service, ge neral ledger entries, level yield, accrual adjustments and reconciliation. Devel oped the bank's securities accounting system utilizing different valuation techn iques for FAS115 defined portfolios. Designed models and systems to monitor coun terparty risk, Reg F limits, and controlling collateral pledges. * AVP/Portfolio Analyst, Southern California Savings and Loan, Treasury, Beverly Hills, CA 1989 - 1995 * Settled trades, reverse repo, dollar rolls, and Led financial engineering and market risk management in the treasury. Excelled at a wide range of financial en gineering tools and real life practices. * Developed the TB-13 values of hedge instruments, FFIEC tests of CMO's, valuati on and hedging schemes of derivatives. Designed structured products for private banking clients. Completed quarterly regulatory reporting (CMR) and monthly ALC O and Board reporting. * Designed automated liquidity model and daily management reports for balance sh eet changes, including deposit trends. * Experienced in all typical treasury functions. Managed the cash flow of the in stitution. ________________________________________ EDUCATION & ACADEMIC HONORS * Skills & Training: Bloomberg, Bond Math University, Excel. President: Sung ard User Advisory Group * Pacific Coast Banking School, University of Washington 2003-2 006 Graduated with Honors, Thesis: Customer Relationship Management. * B.S. Finance, California State University Graduated summa cum laude. 3.83 GPA. 1990

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