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The Tulsa Times
Tulsa, Oklahoma — Saturday, October 9, 1965

Breaking News:
High Schoolers fight in
a turf war and many are
injured - By Kurt Naguwa

Last night, a fist fight had broken out in
an empty lot at around seven o’clock, it
was between two groups of high
schoolers, many of which attend
Oklahoma High School, and a couple
adults that were just a little older by a
couple years. One group referred to
themselves as the “Greasers” and the
others the Socials. According to
eyewitnesses there were about 20
“Socials” and about 20 “Greasers” that
were in the fight. The “Greasers” have a
background of being poor, while the
“Socials” are the more wealthy. From a
few interviews from the “Socials”, this
fight was over the “Socials” coming into
the “Greasers Territory”. Crossing
“territory” was a big concern because a
boy was killed over there in the past
month, this was after beating up and
almost drowning a “Greaser”.

For the people that weren't caught in the
fight, they are still anonymous because
both sides agreed that the names
wouldn’t be told so nobody would go to
jail. Although nobody was hurt, viewers
noticed that almost everyone was
injured, but only a few were severely
injured. The fight ended with the
“Socials” retreating and the “Greasers”
winning the rumble, so the “Socials”
aren't allowed on that part of town now.

There were no deaths caused by the
fight, but one casualty after the fight.
One person that was involved in the fight
was Dallas Winston, one of three boys
who helped save the children
from the burning church. While
recovering in the hospital, Winston
threatened a nurse with a knife, so he
could leave the hospital. It was
confirmed by a few interviews that
Dallas Winston went to the fight after
leaving the hospital. Winston had a
previous records of juvenile detention, so
him being killed by the law on purpose is
a shock.

After winning he rushed to see his friend
Johnny and spread the news, just to see
him die in front of him. Later that night,
he pointed a gun at a cop and was shot
by the cop, almost like killing himself.
According to friends the gun was empty
and the stunt was intentional, “So, he
finally broke,” “Even Dally has a
breaking point,” said his friend Keith

Friends were devastated after the death
of Dallas and Johnny, out of all of their
friends, Ponyboy Curtis was impacted
the most. He was so devastated that he
made up stories about how everything
that Johnny did wrong he did. After the
death of Johnny Ponyboy made up more
and more stories, all stating that Johnny
was not dead. Ponyboy’s doctor stated,
“The kid has gone through a terrible loss,
all he needs is some time to let it sink in
that they're dead.” It was a very rough
night for all of these people.

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